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Novel Step-Down DC–DC Converters Based on the Inductor–Diode and Inductor–Capacitor–Diode Structures in a Two-Stage Buck Converter
Royal Jelly Ameliorates Behavioral Deficits, Cholinergic System Deficiency, and Autonomic Nervous Dysfunction in Ovariectomized Cholesterol-Fed Rabbits
The PB2 Polymerase Host Adaptation Substitutions Prime Avian Indonesia Sub Clade 2.1 H5N1 Viruses for Infecting Humans
EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces Using Motor-Imagery: Techniques and Challenges
Integration of Urban Freight Innovations: Sustainable Inner-Urban Intermodal Transportation in the Retail/Postal Industry
Polymer-Based Device Fabrication and Applications Using Direct Laser Writing Technology
Investigating the Formation of Structural Elements in Proteins Using Local Sequence-Dependent Information and a Heuristic Search Algorithm
Complementarity between Textural and Radiometric Indices From Airborne and Spaceborne Multi VHSR Data: Disentangling the Complexity of Heterogeneous Landscape Matrix
Dynamic Optimization of Boil-Off Gas Generation for Different Time Limits in Liquid Natural Gas Bunkering
Non-Volatile Metabolites from Trichoderma spp.
Power Balance Method using Coupled Shunt Inductor and Multiple-Input Transformer for ISOP LLC Converter
Recent Updates on the Use of Agro-Food Waste for Biogas Production
Techno-Economic Assessment of Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage Systems in a Typical Sugarcane Mill in Brazil
Validation of the Japanese Version of the Yale Food Addiction Scale 2.0 (J-YFAS 2.0)
Uncovering Female Child Sexual Offenders—Needs and Challenges for Practice and Research
Potential Use of Mobile Phone Applications for Self-Monitoring and Increasing Daily Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: A Systematized Review
Cu-Catalyzed Oxidative 3-Amination of Indoles via Formation of Indolyl(aryl)iodonium Imides Using o-Substituted (Diacetoxyiodo)arene as a High-Performance Hypervalent Iodine Compound
Increased Extracellular Matrix Protein Production in Chronic Diabetic Complications: Implications of Non-Coding RNAs
Ponderosa Pine Regeneration, Wildland Fuels Management, and Habitat Conservation: Identifying Trade-Offs Following Wildfire
Cost Savings of Using Updated Thai Red Cross Intradermal Regimen in a High-Throughput Anti-Rabies Clinic in New Delhi, India
Sulfide (Na2S) and Polysulfide (Na2S2) Interacting with Doxycycline Produce/Scavenge Superoxide and Hydroxyl Radicals and Induce/Inhibit DNA Cleavage
Ferrocene-Modified Polyelectrolyte Film-Coated Electrode and Its Application in Glucose Detection
Safety and Usefulness of Cryobiopsy and Stamp Cytology for the Diagnosis of Peripheral Pulmonary Lesions
Unified Fault-tolerant Control Strategy with Torque Ripple Compensation for Five-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Normal Decoupling
Development of Postural Stability Index to Distinguish Different Stability States
Mitochondrial Retrograde Signalling and Metabolic Alterations in the Tumour Microenvironment
The Multivariate Theory of Connections
Efficacy and Safety of Intravenous Thrombolysis in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke and Pre–Existing Disability
CO2 Flux from Volcanic Lakes in the Western Group of the Azores Archipelago (Portugal)
Concurrent Drought and Temperature Stress in Rice—A Possible Result of the Predicted Climate Change: Effects on Yield Attributes, Eating Characteristics, and Health Promoting Compounds
Protective Effects of Nargenicin A1 against Tacrolimus-Induced Oxidative Stress in Hirame Natural Embryo Cells
Modelling of Temperature Field and Stress–Strain State of the Workpiece with Plasma Coatings during Surface Grinding
Multiparametric Analytical Solution for the Eigenvalue Problem of FGM Porous Circular Plates
The Influence of DMDBS on Crystallization Behavior and Crystalline Morphology of Weakly-Phase-Separated Olefin Block Copolymer
Quenching and Partitioning of Multiphase Aluminum-Added Steels
“Divided by a Common Language”: The Use of Verbatim in Carol Ann Duffy and Rufus Norris’ My Country; A Work in Progress
Modelling the Impact of Transit Media on Information Spreading in an Urban Space Using Cellular Automata
A Systematic Review of Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics on Astragali Radix: Implications for Astragali Radix as a Personalized Medicine
Physalis peruviana-Derived 4β-Hydroxywithanolide E, a Novel Antagonist of Wnt Signaling, Inhibits Colorectal Cancer In Vitro and In Vivo
Influencing Mechanisms of a Crosswind on the Thermo-Hydraulic Characteristics of a Large-Scale Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger
Electrospinning of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposite Fibers
Energy-Efficient Nonuniform Content Edge Pre-Caching to Improve Quality of Service in Fog Radio Access Networks
Governing Integration: Insights from Integrating Implementation of European Water Policies
Structure and Neuroprotective Effect of Polysaccharide from Viscera Autolysates of Squid Ommastrephes bartrami
Retrospective Dynamic Inundation Mapping of Hurricane Harvey Flooding in the Houston Metropolitan Area Using High-Resolution Modeling and High-Performance Computing
Multilayer Bixin Microcapsules: The Impact of Native Carbohydrates on the Microencapsulation Efficiency and Dispersion Stability
Sulphated Polysaccharide from Acanthophora spicifera Induced Hevea brasiliensis Defense Responses Against Phytophthora palmivora Infection
A Water Quality Prediction Method Based on the Deep LSTM Network Considering Correlation in Smart Mariculture
R-DEHM: CSI-Based Robust Duration Estimation of Human Motion with WiFi
Effects of Cerium on Weld Solidification Crack Sensitivity of 441 Ferritic Stainless Steel
Effects of Different Dietary Calcium Levels on the Performance, Egg Quality, and Albumen Transparency of Laying Pigeons
A Lightweight, Robust Exploitation System for Temporal Stacks of UAS Data: Use Case for Forward-Deployed Military or Emergency Responders
Numerical Study of the Blood Flow in a Deformable Human Aorta
A New Phylogenetic Inference Based on Genetic Attribute Reduction for Morphological Data
Design of Gerotor Oil Pump with 2-Expanded Cardioids Lobe Shape for Noise Reduction
The Impact of Climate Change on Hydroecological Response in Chalk Streams
Numerical Investigation of SCR Mixer Design Optimization for Improved Performance
Photocatalytic Degradation of Profenofos and Triazophos Residues in the Chinese Cabbage, Brassica chinensis, Using Ce-Doped TiO2
Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Polylactic Acid (PLA)-Based Biocomposites by Incorporation of Nano-Graphite Fabricated with Fused Deposition Modeling
An Automated and Miniaturized Rotating-Disk Device for Rapid Nucleic Acid Extraction
Abiotic and Biotic Factors Influencing the Effect of Microplastic on Soil Aggregation
Urban Mapping Accuracy Enhancement in High-Rise Built-Up Areas Deployed by 3D-Orthorectification Correction from WorldView-3 and LiDAR Imageries
Base-Promoted SNAr Reactions of Fluoro- and Chloroarenes as a Route to N-Aryl Indoles and Carbazoles
Determinants of Undernutrition among Young Children Living in Soth Nikum District, Siem Reap, Cambodia
An Empirical Study of How the Learning Attitudes of College Students toward English E-Tutoring Websites Affect Site Sustainability
Probability Analysis of Hypertension-Related Symptoms Based on XGBoost and Clustering Algorithm
Correlative Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Angle-Resolved Composition Evolution of Thin Films Sputtered from a Compound Mo2BC Target
Molecular Mechanisms of Pulmonary Fibrogenesis and Its Progression to Lung Cancer: A Review
Heterogeneous Integration of GaN and BCD Technologies
Role of Arginase 2 in Systemic Metabolic Activity and Adipose Tissue Fatty Acid Metabolism in Diet-Induced Obese Mice
Effect of Phase Errors on a Quantum Control Protocol Using Fast Oscillations
Inspection of Reactor Steel Degradation by Magnetic Adaptive Testing
Optimization of Component Sizing for a Fuel Cell-Powered Truck to Minimize Ownership Cost
The Role of MicroRNAs in Hepatoblastoma Tumors
Critical Components Identification for Service-Oriented Systems
UV Irradiated Graphene-Based Nanocomposites: Change in the Mechanical Properties by Local HarmoniX Atomic Force Microscopy Detection
On the Design of Innovative Heterogeneous Sheet Metal Tests Using a Shape Optimization Approach
Undrained Behavior of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitated Sand with Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber
Ethylene Measurements from Sweet Fruits Flowers Using Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
Iron Sulfide Minerals as Potential Active Capping Materials for Mercury-Contaminated Sediment Remediation: A Minireview
Strategies to Circumvent Host Innate Immune Response by Hepatitis C Virus
A Haptic Model for the Quantum Phase of Fermions and Bosons in Hilbert Space Based on Knot Theory
Primary Cooking Fuel Choice and Respiratory Health Outcomes among Women in Charge of Household Cooking in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Cross-Sectional Study
Transition Metal Phosphides for the Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Waste Oils into Green Diesel
Effects of Hadron-Quark Phase Transitions in Hybrid Stars within the NJL Model
Pushing the Envelope: Developments in Neural Entrainment to Speech and the Biological Underpinnings of Prosody Perception
Overactive IGF1/Insulin Receptors and NRASQ61R Mutation Drive Mechanisms of Resistance to Pazopanib and Define Rational Combination Strategies to Treat Synovial Sarcoma
Simulating Sundowner Winds in Coastal Santa Barbara: Model Validation and Sensitivity
Factors Associated with Leptospirosis in Domestic Cattle in Salakphra Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand
Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Survey Mesocarnivores
Removing Pb(II) Ions from Aqueous Solution by a Promising Absorbent of Tannin-Immobilized Cellulose Microspheres
Combined Toxicity of Nitro-Substituted Benzenes and Zinc to Photobacterium Phosphoreum: Evaluation and QSAR Analysis
Food Preservative Capabilities of Grape (Vitis vinifera) and Clementine Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) By-products Extracts in South Africa
The Influence of Mg-Based Inclusions on the Grain Boundary Mobility of Austenite in SS400 Steel
Editorial for Special Issue “Arctic Mineral Resources: Science and Technology”
The Joint Effects of Precipitation Gradient and Afforestation on Soil Moisture across the Loess Plateau of China
Automatic Counting of in situ Rice Seedlings from UAV Images Based on a Deep Fully Convolutional Neural Network
AMPA Receptor Auxiliary Proteins of the CKAMP Family
Record. Reenact. Recycle. Notes on Shindō Kaneto’s Documentary Styles
Assessing the Ability of Image Based Point Clouds Captured from a UAV to Measure the Terrain in the Presence of Canopy Cover
CO2 Microwave Plasma—Catalytic Reactor for Efficient Reforming of Methane to Syngas
(Bio)degradable Polymeric Materials for Sustainable Future—Part 2: Degradation Studies of P(3HB-co-4HB)/Cork Composites in Different Environments
The Golden Egg: Nutritional Value, Bioactivities, and Emerging Benefits for Human Health
Ultrashort Echo Time Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (UTE-QSM) of Highly Concentrated Magnetic Nanoparticles: A Comparison Study about Different Sampling Strategies
Modelling of the Bearing Breakdown Resistance in Bearing Currents Problem of AC Motors
Effects of Spatial Pattern of Forest Vegetation on Urban Cooling in a Compact Megacity
Quasi-Static and Low-Velocity Impact Behavior of Intraply Hybrid Flax/Basalt Composites
MetaboAnalystR 2.0: From Raw Spectra to Biological Insights
Comparative Study of Pleurotus ostreatus Mushroom Grown on Modified PAN Nanofiber Mats
Mechanisms of Anticancer Drug Resistance in Hepatoblastoma
Facile Preparation of Highly Conductive Poly(amide-imide) Composite Films beyond 1000 S m−1 through Ternary Blend Strategy
Harvesting Design by Capital Return
Influence of the Tip Clearance on the Aeroelastic Characteristics of a Last Stage Steam Turbine
Implementation of Optimal Two-Stage Scheduling of Energy Storage System Based on Big-Data-Driven Forecasting—An Actual Case Study in a Campus Microgrid
N-Glycomic and Transcriptomic Changes Associated with CDX1 mRNA Expression in Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines
Optimization of Uruset Apple Vinegar Production Using Response Surface Methodology for the Enhanced Extraction of Bioactive Substances
Diagnosis of Intermittently Faulty Units at System Level
Near-Infrared Imaging of Artificial Enamel Caries Lesions with a Scanning Fiber Endoscope
A Two-Stage Decision Framework for Resolving Brownfield Conflicts
Effect of Nitric Acid Modification on Characteristics and Adsorption Properties of Lignite
Parent-of-Origin Effects in 15q11.2 BP1-BP2 Microdeletion (Burnside-Butler) Syndrome
An AC/DC Distribution Network DG Planning Problem: A Genetic-Ant Colony Hybrid Algorithm Approach
Application of ALD-Al2O3 in CdS/CdTe Thin-Film Solar Cells
Modelling the Association between Core and Discretionary Energy Intake in Adults with and without Obesity
Whole-Cell Multiparameter Assay for Ricin and Abrin Activity-Based Digital Holographic Microscopy
The Heretical, Heterodox Howl: Jackals in Pāli Buddhist Literature
Clinical Study for Silk Mat Application into Extraction Socket: A Split-Mouth, Randomized Clinical Trial
Variability in the Chemical Composition and In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation of Olive Cake By-Products
Optical Characterization and Photovoltaic Performance Evaluation of GaAs p-i-n Solar Cells with Various Metal Grid Spacings
Autonomous Soil Water Content Sensors Based on Bipolar Transistors Encapsulated in Porous Ceramic Blocks
Alpha6-Integrin Regulates FGFR1 Expression through the ZEB1/YAP1 Transcription Complex in Glioblastoma Stem Cells Resulting in Enhanced Proliferation and Stemness
Change in Renal Glomerular Collagens and Glomerular Filtration Barrier-Related Proteins in a Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colitis Mouse Model
The Effect of Epoxy Polymer Addition in Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Bi Solder Joints
Health Workers’ Perceptions and Expectations of the Role of the Pharmacist in Emergency Units: A Qualitative Study in Kupang, Indonesia
Effect of Temperature, Pressure, and Chemical Composition on the Electrical Conductivity of Schist: Implications for Electrical Structures under the Tibetan Plateau
Urban Trees and Their Impact on Local Ozone Concentration—A Microclimate Modeling Study
Three-Stage Single-Chambered Microbial Fuel Cell Biosensor Inoculated with Exiguobacterium aestuarii YC211 for Continuous Chromium (VI) Measurement
Construction of Carbon Microspheres-Based Silane Melamine Phosphate Hybrids for Flame Retardant Poly(ethylene Terephthalate)
Toward Sensor-Based Sleep Monitoring with Electrodermal Activity Measures
Power Allocation Optimization Design for the Quadrichromatic LED Based VLC Systems with Illumination Control
Impacts of Salinity Intrusion in Community Health: A Review of Experiences on Drinking Water Sodium from Coastal Areas of Bangladesh
An Effective Global Optimization Algorithm for Quadratic Programs with Quadratic Constraints
Optimizing Polymer Solar Cells Using Non-Halogenated Solvent Blends
Torque Optimal Allocation Strategy of All-Wheel Drive Electric Vehicle Based on Difference of Efficiency Characteristics between Axis Motors
The Life of a New York City Noise Sensor Network
Energy, Economy, and Environment: A Worldwide Research Update
A Method for Estimating Time-Dependent Corrosion Depth of Carbon and Weathering Steel Using an Atmospheric Corrosion Monitor Sensor
A 2.5 Gbps, 10-Lane, Low-Power, LVDS Transceiver in 28 nm CMOS Technology
A Biopsychosocial Model of Sex Differences in Children’s Eating Behaviors
Dirt, Saliva and Leprosy: Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Infectious Effects
Effects of Swell on Wave Height Distribution of Energy-Conserved Bimodal Seas
Simulation of Magnetodielectric Effect in Magnetorheological Elastomers
Monitoring-System Development for a Bottom-Set Gillnet through Time-Domain Dynamic Simulations
The Importance of Measuring Students’ Opinions and Attitudes
PLA/Graphene/MWCNT Composites with Improved Electrical and Thermal Properties Suitable for FDM 3D Printing Applications
Development of the Troponin Detection System Based on the Nanostructure
Dirty Banking: Probing the Gap in Sustainable Finance
d-, l- and d,l-Tryptophan-Based Polyamidoamino Acids: pH-Dependent Structuring and Fluorescent Properties
Human Vascular Pericytes and Cytomegalovirus Pathobiology
Assessing Spatial Accessibility to Hierarchical Urban Parks by Multi-Types of Travel Distance in Shenzhen, China
A Novel Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Method and Its Application to Source Contribution Quantitative Estimation
Online Distributed User Association for Heterogeneous Radio Access Network
K/Ka-Band Very High Data-Rate Receivers: A Viable Solution for Future Moon Exploration Missions
Fabrication of Nanopillar Crystalline ITO Thin Films with High Transmittance and IR Reflectance by RF Magnetron Sputtering
ProLo: Localization via Projection for Three-Dimensional Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks
Study on Dynamic Response Characteristics of Saturated Asphalt Pavement under Multi-Field Coupling
A Novel Three-Phase Six-Switch PFC Rectifier with Zero-Voltage-Switching and Zero-Current-Switching Features
Damage from Coexistence of Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Domains and Clustering of O Vacancies in PZT: An Elastic and Raman Study
Predictive Models of Double-Vibropolishing in Bowl System Using Artificial Intelligence Methods
A Compact UWB Antenna with Independently Controllable Notch Bands
HDAC2 Inhibitor Valproic Acid Increases Radiation Sensitivity of Drug-Resistant Melanoma Cells
Solar PV Grid Power Flow Analysis
MedChain: Efficient Healthcare Data Sharing via Blockchain
Pseudophosphatase MK-STYX Alters Histone Deacetylase 6 Cytoplasmic Localization, Decreases Its Phosphorylation, and Increases Detyrosination of Tubulin
“‘You Shall Love the Alien as Yourself’: Hope, Hospitality, and Love of the Stranger in the Teachings of Jesus”
High-Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) Reflects Disease Progression in Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF): Relationship with Lung Pathology
Catalytic Cracking of Biodiesel Waste Using Metal Supported SBA-15 Mesoporous Catalysts
Long Slender Piezo-Resistive Silicon Microprobes for Fast Measurements of Roughness and Mechanical Properties inside Micro-Holes with Diameters below 100 µm
Diversity, Disparity and Territorial Resilience in the Context of the Economic Crisis: An Analysis of Rural Areas in Southern Spain
Globalization and the Transformation of Political Attitude Structures at the Party Level in the Arab World: Insights from the Cases of Egypt and Jordan
Effects of Seed Size and Sand Burial on Germination and Early Growth of Seedlings for Coastal Pinus thunbergii Parl. in the Northern Shandong Peninsula, China
Spatial Correlation, Influencing Factors and Environmental Supervision on Mechanism Construction of Atmospheric Pollution: An Empirical Study on SO2 Emissions in China
Diabetes Screening Through Community Pharmacies in England: A Cost-Effectiveness Study
Processing Iron Oxide Nanoparticle-Loaded Composite Carbon Fiber and the Photosensitivity Characterization
Antifungal Activity of Eclipta alba Metabolites against Sorghum Pathogens
Integration of Convolutional Neural Networks and Object-Based Post-Classification Refinement for Land Use and Land Cover Mapping with Optical and SAR Data
Some Results on the Cohomology of Line Bundles on the Three Dimensional Flag Variety
A Numerical Investigation on Tidally Induced Sediment Transport and Morphological Changes with Changing Sea Level in South-East England
Review of Sensor Technologies in Animal Breeding: Phenotyping Behaviors of Laying Hens to Select Against Feather Pecking
Daily Accessed Street Greenery and Housing Price: Measuring Economic Performance of Human-Scale Streetscapes via New Urban Data
Performance Improvement of a Liquid Molten Salt Pump: Geometry Optimization and Experimental Verification
The Influence of AlN Intermediate Layer on the Structural and Chemical Properties of SiC Thin Films Produced by High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
Combination of Mac-2 Binding Protein Glycosylation Isomer and Up-To-Seven Criteria as a Useful Predictor for Child-Pugh Grade Deterioration after Transarterial Chemoembolization for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Advances in Molecular Mechanisms of Wheat Allergenicity in Animal Models: A Comprehensive Review
Catalytic Asymmetric Fluorination of Alkyl 1-indanone-2-carboxylates Ruled by Pybox-Eu(III) Combination
Aging and Pattern Complexity Effects on the Visual Span: Evidence from Chinese Character Recognition
Between Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses: NKG2A, NKG2C, and CD8+ T Cell Recognition of HLA-E Restricted Self-Peptides Acquired in the Absence of HLA-Ia
Exploring Urban Expansion and Socioeconomic Vitality Using NPP-VIIRS Data in Xia-Zhang-Quan, China
Mechanism Design for an Incentive Subsidy Scheme for Bus Transport
Application of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles to Improve the Efficiency of Anticancer Drugs
Influences of Interface Properties on the Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Asphalt Binder
Estimating the Seasonal Dynamics of the Leaf Area Index Using Piecewise LAI-VI Relationships Based on Phenophases
A New Adaptive Approach to Control Circulating and Output Current of Modular Multilevel Converter
Efficacy of Sweet Potato Starch-Based Coating to Improve Quality and Safety of Hen Eggs during Storage
Toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis-Derived Pesticidal Proteins Cry1Ab and Cry1Ba against Asian Citrus Psyllid, Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera)
The Influence of Internet Entrepreneur-Related Word-of-Mouth (WOM) on Corporate Image Association
DHFR Inhibitors: Reading the Past for Discovering Novel Anticancer Agents
The Molecular Mechanism of Vitamin E as a Bone-Protecting Agent: A Review on Current Evidence
C-Met as a Key Factor Responsible for Sustaining Undifferentiated Phenotype and Therapy Resistance in Renal Carcinomas
Visualizing Current and Future Climate Boundaries of the Conterminous United States: Implications for Forests
Impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance Information on Economic Performance: Evidence of a Corporate ‘Sustainability Advantage’ from Europe
Improvement of Colonic Immune Function with Soy Isoflavones in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Rats
CSR Maturity in Polish Listed Companies: A Qualitative Diagnosis Based on a Progression Model
Allergic Signs in Glioma Pathology: Current Knowledge and Future Perspectives
Perovskite CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots Prepared Using Discarded Lead–Acid Battery Recycled Waste
Effects of Pressure and Temperature on the Atomic Fluctuations of Dihydrofolate Reductase from a Psychropiezophile and a Mesophile
Scaling and Interactions of Linear and Ring Polymer Brushes via DPD Simulations
The Mangrove Forests Change and Impacts from Tropical Cyclones in the Philippines Using Time Series Satellite Imagery
The Spodoptera exigua ABCC2 Acts as a Cry1A Receptor Independently of its Nucleotide Binding Domain II
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Impacted CFRP by IR Thermography
Effect of Grain Size Distribution on Recrystallisation Kinetics in an Fe-30Ni Model Alloy
Large Anomalies in the Tropical Upper Troposphere Lower Stratosphere (UTLS) Trace Gases Observed during the Extreme 2015–16 El Niño Event by Using Satellite Measurements
Mycobacterium abscessus: Environmental Bacterium Turned Clinical Nightmare
Organic Food Purchases in an Emerging Market: The Influence of Consumers’ Personal Factors and Green Marketing Practices of Food Stores
Analysis and Optimization Strategy of Travel System for Urban Visually Impaired People
Differential Innate Immune Responses Elicited by Nipah Virus and Cedar Virus Correlate with Disparate In Vivo Pathogenesis in Hamsters
Governance and Degrowth. Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crisis in Latvia and Iceland
Construction of All-in-Focus Images Assisted by Depth Sensing
Micro-LEDs, a Manufacturability Perspective
Mechanisms of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
Vitamin A and Pregnancy: A Narrative Review
Arthritogenic Alphavirus-Induced Immunopathology and Targeting Host Inflammation as A Therapeutic Strategy for Alphaviral Disease
GPU-based Fast Motion Synthesis of Large Crowds Using Adaptive Multi-Joint Models
Eddy Current Transducer with Rotating Permanent Magnets to Test Planar Conducting Plates
Does Participation in Social Networks Foster Trust and Respect for Other People—Evidence from Poland
A Dual-Band Dual-Antenna System with Common-Metal Rim for Smartphone Applications
A Comparative Analysis of Sunshine Duration Effects in terms of Renewable Energy Production Rates on The LEED BD + C Projects in Turkey
Polarization Analysis of the Impact of Temporal Decorrelation in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Tomography
Crosstalk Between Mammalian Antiviral Pathways
Instability of Alien Chromosome Introgressions in Wheat Associated with Improper Positioning in the Nucleus
Microencapsulation of Salmonella-Specific Bacteriophage Felix O1 Using Spray-Drying in a pH-Responsive Formulation and Direct Compression Tableting of Powders into a Solid Oral Dosage Form
Phytoene Accumulation in the Novel Microalga Chlorococcum sp. Using the Pigment Synthesis Inhibitor Fluridone
Metastable State of Water and Performance of Osmotically Driven Membrane Processes
Rethinking the Dental Amalgam Dilemma: An Integrated Toxicological Approach
DFT Studies on the Antioxidant Activity of Naringenin and Its Derivatives: Effects of the Substituents at C3
Multi-Labeled Recognition of Distribution System Conditions by a Waveform Feature Learning Model
Energy Analysis of 4625 Office Buildings in South Korea
Use of Multifactorial Treatments to Address the Challenge of Translating Experimental Myocardial Infarct Reduction Strategies
Understanding Dante’s Comedy as Virtuous Friendship
Shrub Encroachment Shapes Soil Nutrient Concentration, Stoichiometry and Carbon Storage in an Abandoned Subalpine Grassland
Three-Dimensionally Structured Flexible Fog Harvesting Surfaces Inspired by Namib Desert Beetles
Implications on Livelihoods and the Environment of Uptake of Gasifier Cook Stoves among Kenya’s Rural Households
Electrode Placement in Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation—How Reliable Is the Determination of C3/C4?
Dissipation of Three Fungicides and Their Effects on Anthocyanins and Color of Monastrell Red Wines
Use of 13C-qNMR Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoids in Fibre-Type Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp)
Diode-Pumped Actively Q-Switched Nd:YVO4/RTP Intracavity Raman Laser at 1.49 µm
Numerical Analysis and Its Laboratory Verification in Bending Test of Glue Laminated Timber Pre-Cracked Beam
Efficacy and Metabolic Effect on Serum Lipids of Apremilast in Psoriatic Arthritis: A Case Report
Improved Performance of Graphene in Heat Dissipation when Combined with an Orientated Magnetic Carbon Fiber Skeleton under Low-Temperature Thermal Annealing
A Study on the Historical Materials of the Apollo Pythios Temple in Rhodes and the Evaluation of Potential Restoration Materials
Reliability-Aware Cooperative Routing with Adaptive Amplification for Underwater Acoustic Wireless Sensor Networks
Complementary Role of P2 and Adenosine Receptors in ATP Induced-Anti-Apoptotic Effects Against Hypoxic Injury of HUVECs
The Effect of Phase Angle on the Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life of a Titanium Metal Matrix Composite
Impact of Curcumin (with or without Piperine) on the Pharmacokinetics of Tamoxifen
The Clinical Features, Pathogenesis and Methotrexate Therapy of Chronic Chikungunya Arthritis
Impact of Increasing Maize Densities on Agronomic Performances and the Community Stability of Productivity of Maize/Peanut Intercropping Systems
Identification of Targetable Lesions in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer by Genome Profiling
Postprandial Metabolic Responses When Manipulating Timing and Composition of a Meal
Effect of a Modified Silicone as a Thickener on Rheology of Liquid CO2 and Its Fracturing Capacity
Distributed Reconciliation in Day-Ahead Wind Power Forecasting
3E-Analysis of a Bio-Solar CCHP System for the Andaman Islands, India—A Case Study
Generalizing Bogoliubov–Zubarev Theorem to Account for Pressure Fluctuations: Application to Relativistic Gas
Droplet Digital PCR Detection of the Erythropoietin Transgene from Horse Plasma and Urine for Gene-Doping Control
Micromechanical Modelling of the Cyclic Deformation Behavior of Martensitic SAE 4150—A Comparison of Different Kinematic Hardening Models
Mechanical Performance of Built-Up Columns Composed of Four Cold-Formed Square Steel Tubes
Accelerating Capoeira Regeneration on Degraded Pastures in the Northeastern Amazon by the Use of Pigs or Cattle
Controlled ATRP Synthesis of Novel Linear-Dendritic Block Copolymers and Their Directed Self-Assembly in Breath Figure Arrays
The Public Choice of Public Stadium Financing: Evidence from San Diego Referenda
A Novel Hexahedron Photonic Crystal Fiber in Terahertz Propagation: Design and Analysis
Removal of Multi-Class Antibiotic Drugs from Wastewater Using Water-Soluble Protein of Moringa stenopetala Seeds
Autophagy in Crotonaldehyde-Induced Endothelial Toxicity
Using the IBM SPSS SW Tool with Wavelet Transformation for CO2 Prediction within IoT in Smart Home Care
Biodegradable Foam Cushions as Ecofriendly Packaging Materials
Optimization of Cyanidin-3-O-galactoside Production from Aronia melanocarpa Elliot from Nonthermal Ultrasonic Extraction Process by Response Surface Methodology
Lamina Associated Domains and Gene Regulation in Development and Cancer
Effect of Heat Stress and Stocking Density on Growth Performance, Breast Meat Quality, and Intestinal Barrier Function in Broiler Chickens
Preventive Maintenance Topic Models for LNG Containment Systems of LNG Marine Carriers Using Dock Specifications
Synthesis of Carbon Showing Weak Antiferromagnetic Behavior at a Low Temperature
Two Birds, One Stone: Double Hits on Tumor Growth and Lymphangiogenesis by Targeting Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor 3
Accurate Multiple Ocean Bottom Seismometer Positioning in Shallow Water Using GNSS/Acoustic Technique
Phytochemical Diversity in Rhizomes of Three Reynoutria Species and their Antioxidant Activity Correlations Elucidated by LC-ESI-MS/MS Analysis.
Mechanochemically Synthesized Supported Magnetic Fe-Nanoparticles as Catalysts for Efficient Vanillin Production
Homogeneous Groups of Actors in an AHP-Local Decision Making Context: A Bayesian Analysis
Chiral Selectors in Capillary Electrophoresis: Trends During 2017–2018
Creative Character Education in Mathematics for Prospective Teachers
How Important are Cereals and Cereal Products in the Average Polish Diet?
Electromechanical Dynamics Model of Ultrasonic Transducer in Ultrasonic Machining Based on Equivalent Circuit Approach
Differential Regulation of Type I and Type III Interferon Signaling
Geographical Area Network—Structural Health Monitoring Utility Computing Model
The New Synthetic Serum-Free Medium OptiPASS Promotes High Proliferation and Drug Efficacy Prediction on Spheroids from MDA-MB-231 and SUM1315 Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Anti-Newtonian Expansions and the Functional Renormalization Group
A New GM(1,1) Model Based on Cubic Monotonicity-Preserving Interpolation Spline
Subsampling of Regional-Scale Database for improving Multivariate Analysis Interpretation of Groundwater Chemical Evolution and Ion Sources
Development of a PVDF Sensor Array for Measurement of the Dynamic Pressure Field of the Blade Tip in an Axial Flow Compressor
Development of Simple-to-Use Predictive Models to Determine Thermal Properties of Fe2O3/Water-Ethylene Glycol Nanofluid
A Peptide-Based HIV-1 Fusion Inhibitor with Two Tail-Anchors and Palmitic Acid Exhibits Substantially Improved In Vitro and Ex Vivo Anti-HIV-1 Activity and Prolonged In Vivo Half-Life
The Impact of Lignin Structural Diversity on Performance of Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF)-Starch Composite Films
Shallow-Water Habitat Mapping using Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging from an Unmanned Surface Vehicle: A Pilot Study
D-ark—a Shared Digital Performance Art Archive with a Modular Metadata Schema
Seismic Response of High-Rise Buildings Equipped with Base Isolation and Non-Traditional Tuned Mass Dampers
Combining a Fatigue Model and an Incremental Capacity Analysis on a Commercial NMC/Graphite Cell under Constant Current Cycling with and without Calendar Aging
Measuring Mechanism and Applications of Polymer-Based Flexible Sensors
Graphene Nanomaterials-Based Radio-Frequency/Microwave Biosensors for Biomaterials Detection
Improving Social Acceptance of Waste-to-Energy Incinerators in China: Role of Place Attachment, Trust, and Fairness
Improved Detection of Plasmon Waveguide Resonance Using Diverging Beam, Liquid Crystal Retarder, and Application to Lipid Orientation Determination
Interactions between Democracy and Environmental Quality: Toward a More Nuanced Understanding
A Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer-Based Resonant Sensor Array for Portable Volatile Organic Compound Detection with Wireless Systems
Assessing the Potentiality of Animal Fat Based-Bio Phase Change Materials (PCM) for Building Applications: An Innovative Multipurpose Thermal Investigation
Special Issue: Mass Spectrometric Proteomics
Quality Recovery or Low-End Recovery? Profitability and Environmental Impact of Durable Product Recovery
Low Temperature Synthesis of High-Density Carbon Nanotubes on Insulating Substrate
Two-step Synthesis of Solasodine Pivalate from Diosgenin Pivalate
Parametric Design of a Class of Full-Band Waveguide Differential Phase Shifters
Performance Analysis of Preemptive Priority Retrial Queueing System with Disaster under Working Breakdown Services
Integrated Renewable Energy System based on IREOM Model and Spatial–Temporal Series for Isolated Rural Areas in the Region of Valparaiso, Chile
Comparative Evaluation and Ranking of the European Countries Based on the Interdependence between Human Development and Internal Security Indicators
Function, Architecture, and Biogenesis of Reovirus Replication Neoorganelles
Short-Term Predictors for Weight Correction Success of the First Paediatric Weight Correction Programme in Children’s Clinical University Hospital in Riga
Why I Can’t, Won’t or Don’t Test for HIV: Insights from Australian Migrants Born in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia
Probability Distributions with Singularities
Impact of Anesthetics on Cardioprotection Induced by Pharmacological Preconditioning
Medication-Related Factors and Hospital Readmission in Older Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease
Plasma Soluble Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator Receptor Level as a Predictor of the Severity of Community-Acquired Pneumonia
XGBPRH: Prediction of Binding Hot Spots at Protein–RNA Interfaces Utilizing Extreme Gradient Boosting
Non-Pathogenic Mopeia Virus Induces More Robust Activation of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells than Lassa Virus
Wideband Printed Wide-Slot Antenna with Fork-Shaped Stub
The Effectiveness of a Resilience Intervention Program on Emotional Intelligence of Adolescent Students with Hearing Loss
Discovery of Small Molecules that Target Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-2 Signalling Pathway Employing Molecular Modelling Studies
An Interval Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Model for Flood Resources Allocation under Ecological Benefits as a Constraint Combined with Ecological Compensation Concept
Promethin Is a Conserved Seipin Partner Protein
Genes Located on 18q23 Are Epigenetic Markers and Have Prognostic Significance for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer
Fecal Immunochemical Tests for Colorectal Cancer Screening: Is Fecal Sampling from Multiple Sites Necessary?
Caliciviridae Other Than Noroviruses
A Novel Object-Based Deep Learning Framework for Semantic Segmentation of Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Data: Comparison with Convolutional and Fully Convolutional Networks
Strain Hardening, Damage and Fracture Behavior of Al-Added High Mn TWIP Steels
Morphodynamic Acceleration Techniques for Multi-Timescale Predictions of Complex Sandy Interventions
An Integrated Approach to Goal Selection in Mobile Robot Exploration
Rebuilding a Microwave Soil Moisture Product Using Random Forest Adopting AMSR-E/AMSR2 Brightness Temperature and SMAP over the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau, China
Predicting Rainfall and Runoff Through Satellite Soil Moisture Data and SWAT Modelling for a Poorly Gauged Basin in Iran
Sustaining Places: Sensibility Models as Decision Support Tools for Messy Problems
Perioperative Treatment in Resectable Gastric Cancer: Current Perspectives and Future Directions
Role of Silicon in Mitigation of Heavy Metal Stresses in Crop Plants
Modelling and Predicting the Growing Stock Volume in Small-Scale Plantation Forests of Tanzania Using Multi-Sensor Image Synergy
Post-Anthesis Photosynthetic Properties Provide Insights into Yield Potential of Tartary Buckwheat Cultivars
Different Approaches to Estimation of Drainage Density and Their Effect on the Erosion Potential Method
Resveratrol Inhibits the Migration and Metastasis of MDA-MB-231 Human Breast Cancer by Reversing TGF-β1-Induced Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Genotype-Related Differences in the Phenolic Compound Profile and Antioxidant Activity of Extracts from Olive (Olea europaea L.) Leaves
Coupling Effect of Porosity and Cell Size on the Deformation Behavior of Al Alloy Foam under Quasi-Static Compression
Characterization of the High-Affinity Drug Ligand Binding Site of Mouse Recombinant TSPO
HiXDraw: An Improved XDraw Algorithm Free of Chunk Distortion
Analysis of Electric Power Quantities of Road LED Luminaires under Sinusoidal and Non-Sinusoidal Conditions
Flavan-3-ols Content in Red Raspberry Leaves Increases under Blue Led-Light Irradiation
A Review on Anaerobic Co-Digestion with a Focus on the Microbial Populations and the Effect of Multi-Stage Digester Configuration
Numerical Simulation on Interfacial Characteristics in Supersonic Steam–Water Injector Using Particle Model Method
Solid-State Electrochemical Process and Performance Optimization of Memristive Materials and Devices
Progress in the Implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive through the Lens of the National Annual Reports
Semiactive Hybrid Energy Management System: A Solution for Electric Wheelchairs
Kinetics of Alkoxysilanes and Organoalkoxysilanes Polymerization: A Review
Efficient Extraction from Mice Feces for NMR Metabolomics Measurements with Special Emphasis on SCFAs
A Combined Approach of Field Data and Earth Observation for Coastal Risk Assessment
A New Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making Method Based on the Utility Transformation Functions
Antiviral Activity of Uridine Derivatives of 2-Deoxy Sugars against Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus
The Significance of Lactoperoxidase System in Oral Health: Application and Efficacy in Oral Hygiene Products
Wide Field of View Microwave Interferometric Radiometer Imaging
In Vitro Study for Lipolysis of Soybean Oil, Pomegranate Oil, and Their Blended and Interesterified Oils under a pH-Stat Model and a Simulated Model of Small Intestinal Digestion
The Authenticity of Myriad Things in the Zhuangzi
The Origin of a Coastal Indigenous Horse Breed in China Revealed by Genome-Wide SNP Data
Mathematical Modeling of Release Kinetics from Supramolecular Drug Delivery Systems
Understanding Hurricane Storm Surge Generation and Propagation Using a Forecasting Model, Forecast Advisories and Best Track in a Wind Model, and Observed Data—Case Study Hurricane Rita
Impact of Nutritional Changes on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Application of Fuzzy TOPSIS to Flood Hazard Mapping for Levee Failure
The Dielectric Properties Improvement of Cable Insulation Layer by Different Morphology Nanoparticles Doping into LDPE
DOA Estimation of Unknown Emitter Signal Based on Time Reversal and Coprime Array
Optimizing the Conditions of Metal Solidification with Vibration
A Comparative Study on Physiochemical, Thermomechanical, and Electrochemical Properties of Sulfonated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) Block Copolymer Membranes with and without Fe3O4 Nanoparticles
A Glossary of New Testament Narrative Criticism with Illustrations
Drug Transport across Porcine Intestine Using an Ussing Chamber System: Regional Differences and the Effect of P-Glycoprotein and CYP3A4 Activity on Drug Absorption
NMDA Receptor Model of Antipsychotic Drug-Induced Hypofrontality
Geological, Geochronological, and Geochemical Insights into the Formation of the Giant Pulang Porphyry Cu (–Mo–Au) Deposit in Northwestern Yunnan Province, SW China
Investigation and Evaluation of Energy Consumption Performance for Hospital Buildings in China
H2O and/or SO2 Tolerance of Cu-Mn/SAPO-34 Catalyst for NO Reduction with NH3 at Low Temperature
A Comparative Review of Manifold Learning Techniques for Hyperspectral and Polarimetric SAR Image Fusion
First Integrals of the May–Leonard Asymmetric System
Avrami Kinetic-Based Constitutive Relationship for Armco-Type Pure Iron in Hot Deformation
Interplay between the Endogenous Opioid System and Proteasome Complex: Beyond Signaling
A Proposed Index of the Implementation and Maturity of Circular Economy Practices—The Case of the Pulp and Paper Industries of Portugal and Spain
Identifying Causes for the Decline in International Arrivals to China−Perspective of Sustainable Inbound Tourism Development
A Computationally Assisted Ar I Emission Line Ratio Technique to Infer Electron Energy Distribution and Determine Other Plasma Parameters in Pulsed Low-Temperature Plasma
Combination of Global Features for the Automatic Quality Assessment of Retinal Images
CtACO1 Overexpression Resulted in the Alteration of the Flavonoids Profile of Safflower
Recent Advances in Protein Kinase Activity Analysis Based on Nanomaterials
The Observable Representation
Thermoelectric Energy Recovery in a Light-Duty Diesel Vehicle under Real-World Driving Conditions at Different Altitudes with Diesel, Biodiesel and GTL Fuels
Optimization Design of Oil-Immersed Air Core Coupling Reactor for a 160 kV Mechanical Direct Current Circuit Breaker
The Understanding Capacity and Information Dynamics in the Human Brain
A Fractional-Order Partially Non-Linear Model of a Laboratory Prototype of Hydraulic Canal System
Shoreline Dynamics and Evaluation of Cultural Heritage Sites on the Shores of Large Reservoirs: Kuibyshev Reservoir, Russian Federation
Irrigation Factor Approach Based on Soil Water Content: A Nectarine Orchard Case Study
Comparison of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emission for Three Steel Production Routes—Integrated Steel Plant Equipped with Blast Furnace, Oxygen Blast Furnace or COREX
Euclidean Space Controllability Conditions for Singularly Perturbed Linear Systems with Multiple State and Control Delays
A Driving Technique for AC-AC Direct Matrix Converters Based on Sigma-Delta Modulation
The Delta Subunit of Rod-Specific Photoreceptor cGMP Phosphodiesterase (PDE6D) Contributes to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression
Single-Sided Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer by A Three-Dimensional Coil Array
Cigarette Smoking Blunts Exercise-Induced Heart Rate Response among Young Adult Male Smokers
Bench-Scale Experiments on Effects of Pipe Flow and Entrapped Air in Soil Layer on Hillslope Landslides
The Effect of the Precursor Solution’s Pretreatment on the Properties and Microstructure of the SCS Final Nanomaterials
Integrated Parametric Shaping of Curvilinear Steel Bar Structures of Canopy Roofs
Spreading Speed in A Nonmonotone Equation with Dispersal and Delay
Hybrid Inference Based Scheduling Mechanism for Efficient Real Time Task and Resource Management in Smart Cars for Safe Driving
Why is NMNAT Protective against Neuronal Cell Death and Axon Degeneration, but Inhibitory of Axon Regeneration?
Dynamic SDN Controller Load Balancing
Health Assessment of Trace Metal Concentrations in Organic Fertilizer in Northern China
Protective Effects of Fermented Oyster Extract against RANKL-Induced Osteoclastogenesis through Scavenging ROS Generation in RAW 264.7 Cells
CARIB18: A Stable Geodetic Reference Frame for Geological Hazard Monitoring in the Caribbean Region
Synthesis of New GABAA Receptor Modulator with Pyrazolo[1,5-a]quinazoline (PQ) Scaffold
MicroRNA Shuttle from Cell-To-Cell by Exosomes and Its Impact in Cancer
A Multi-Index Analysis Approach to Heavy Metal Pollution Assessment in River Sediments in the Ponce Enríquez Area, Ecuador
“Our Self-Undoing”: Christina Rossetti’s Literary and Somatic Expressions of Graves’ Disease
Long-Term Effects of Initiating Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) in People with Type 1 Diabetes and Unsatisfactory Diabetes Control
The Internal Multidecadal Variability of SST in the Pacific and Its Impact on Air Temperature and Rainfall over Land in the Northern Hemisphere
Assessment of Ultrasound Assisted Extraction as an Alternative Method for the Extraction of Anthocyanins and Total Phenolic Compounds from Maqui Berries (Aristotelia chilensis (Mol.) Stuntz)
Tribological Behavior of TiC Particles Reinforced 316Lss Composite Fabricated Using Selective Laser Melting
Current Progress in Pharmacogenetics of Second-Line Antidiabetic Medications: Towards Precision Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes
Evaluation of Physicochemical Characteristics in Drinking Water Sources Emphasized on Fluoride: A Case Study of Yancheng, China
Biomimetic Membranes with Transmembrane Proteins: State-of-the-Art in Transmembrane Protein Applications
Endocrine Disrupting Compounds Removal Methods from Wastewater in the United Kingdom: A Review
Correction: Veen, D.; Stoel, D.; Schalken, N.; Mulder, K.; Van de Schoot, R. Using the Data Agreement Criterion to Rank Experts’ Beliefs. Entropy 2018, 20, 592
Nutrigenomics of Vitamin D
Engineering Pathways in Central Carbon Metabolism Help to Increase Glycan Production and Improve N-Type Glycosylation of Recombinant Proteins in E. coli
Synergetic Effect and Spatial-Temporal Evolution of Railway Transportation in Sustainable Development of Trade: An Empirical Study Based on the Belt and Road
Using Permutations for Hierarchical Clustering of Time Series
Global Epidemiology of Mucormycosis
Extrusion Compounding Process for the Development of Eco-Friendly SCG/PP Composite Pellets
Stimulated Raman Scattering in Alkali-Earth Tungstate and Molybdate Crystals at Both Stretching and Bending Raman Modes under Synchronous Picosecond Pumping with Multiple Pulse Shortening Down to 1 ps
Computational Programming as a Tool in the Teaching of Electromagnetism in Engineering Courses: Improving the Notion of Field
WNT3a and WNT5a Transported by Exosomes Activate WNT Signaling Pathways in Human Cardiac Fibroblasts
Using Flaming as an Alternative Method to Vine Suckering
A Novel Vector Control Strategy for a Six-Phase Induction Motor with Low Torque Ripples and Harmonic Currents
Active Transport, Not Device Use, Associates with Self-Reported School Week Physical Activity in Adolescents
Electric Properties of Molecule Zr2Fe Based on the Full Relativistic Theory
Sustainable Agri-Food Supply Chain Performance Measurement Model for GMO and Non-GMO Using Data Envelopment Analysis Method
Matrix Method for the Optimal Scale Selection of Multi-Scale Information Decision Systems
Trade Openness and Carbon Leakage: Empirical Evidence from China’s Industrial Sector
Analysis and Design of A PMQR-Type Repetitive Control Scheme for Grid-Connected H6 Inverters
Field Based Assessment of Capsicum annuum Performance with Inoculation of Rhizobacterial Consortia
Do You Care for Robots That Care? Exploring the Opinions of Vocational Care Students on the Use of Healthcare Robots
Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Magnetic Properties of Three Cobalt(II) Coordination Polymers Constructed from 3,5-Pyridinedicarboxylic Acid or 3,4-Pyridinedicarboxylic Acid Ligands
A Simple Genotyping Method for Rapid Differentiation of Blastocystis Subtypes and Subtype Distribution of Blastocystis spp. in Thailand
Silicon Phthalocyanines as Acceptor Candidates in Mixed Solution/Evaporation Processed Planar Heterojunction Organic Photovoltaic Devices
Broad Bactericidal Activity of the Myoviridae Bacteriophage Lysins LysAm24, LysECD7, and LysSi3 against Gram-Negative ESKAPE Pathogens
Autologous Matrix-Induced Chondrogenesis (AMIC) and AMIC Enhanced by Autologous Concentrated Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMAC) Allow for Stable Clinical and Functional Improvements at up to 9 Years Follow-Up: Results from a Randomized Controlled Study
Coupling between Hydrodynamics and Chlorophyll a and Bacteria in a Temperate Estuary: A Box Model Approach
On Conformable Double Laplace Transform and One Dimensional Fractional Coupled Burgers’ Equation
Investigation of the Influence of Reduced Graphene Oxide Flakes in the Dielectric on Surface Characteristics and Material Removal Rate in EDM
A Review of Age Friendly Virtual Assistive Technologies and their Effect on Daily Living for Carers and Dependent Adults
An Intangible-Asset Approach to Strategic Business-IT Alignment
The Polymorphisms of Oligonucleotide Probes in Wheat Cultivars Determined by ND-FISH
An SRTM-Aided Epipolar Resampling Method for Multi-Source High-Resolution Satellite Stereo Observation
An Overview on Push-Based Communication Models for Information-Centric Networking
Tissue-Specific Influence of Lamin A Mutations on Notch Signaling and Osteogenic Phenotype of Primary Human Mesenchymal Cells
Material Characterization for Sustainable Concrete Paving Blocks
In-Situ Monitoring of a Filament Wound Pressure Vessel by the MWCNT Sensor under Hydraulic Fatigue Cycling and Pressurization
Development and Characterization of Thermal Flow Sensors for Non-Invasive Measurements in HVAC Systems
Prospects for Imaging Terrestrial Water Storage in South America Using Daily GPS Observations
RNA Back and Forth: Looking through Ribozyme and Viroid Motifs
Initial Characterization of the Epstein–Barr Virus BSRF1 Gene Product
Non-Metastatic Esophageal Adenocarcinoma: Circulating Tumor Cells in the Course of Multimodal Tumor Treatment
The Role of Maximum Shelf Depth versus Distance from Shore in Explaining a Diversity Gradient of Mushroom Corals (Fungiidae) off Jakarta
Effect of Oral Physiology Parameters on In-Mouth Aroma Compound Release Using Lipoprotein Matrices: An In Vitro Approach
Isoprene, Methyl Vinyl Ketone and Methacrolein from TROICA-12 Measurements and WRF-CHEM and GEOS-CHEM Simulations in the Far East Region
Cocaine-Induced Reinstatement of Cocaine Seeking Provokes Changes in the Endocannabinoid and N-Acylethanolamine Levels in Rat Brain Structures
Cationic Albumin Encapsulated DNA Origami for Enhanced Cellular Transfection and Stability
Improving Urban Runoff in Multi-Basin Hydrological Simulation by the HYPE Model Using EEA Urban Atlas: A Case Study in the Sege River Basin, Sweden
An Effective Spectrum Handoff Based on Reinforcement Learning for Target Channel Selection in the Industrial Internet of Things
Ayres Theories of Autism and Sensory Integration Revisited: What Contemporary Neuroscience Has to Say
Testimonial Image Practices as a Politics of Aesthetics after Levinas
Oenanthe Javanica Extract Protects Mouse Skin from UVB Radiation via Attenuating Collagen Disruption and Inflammation
Telling the Time with a Broken Clock: Quantifying Circadian Disruption in Animal Models
A Universe that Does Not Know the Time
The Voice Makes the Car: Enhancing Autonomous Vehicle Perceptions and Adoption Intention through Voice Agent Gender and Style
Deformation of a Red Blood Cell in a Narrow Rectangular Microchannel
Herding in Smart-Beta Investment Products
Properties of Dislocation Drag from Phonon Wind at Ambient Conditions
Development and Validation of an Instrument for Measuring Student Sustainability Competencies
Strength Analysis of a PTO (Power Take-Off) Gear-Train of a Multi-Purpose Cultivator during a Rotary Ditching Operation
Inductive Heating Using a High-Magnetic-Field Pulse to Initiate Chemical Reactions to Generate Composite Materials
Rural Tourism in Globalizing Beijing: Reproduction of the Mountainous Suburbs into a New Space of Leisure Consumption
An Integrative Evaluation Method for the Biological Safety of Down and Feather Materials
Inter-Day Variability of Metabolites of DEHP and DnBP in Human Urine—Comparability of the Results of Longitudinal Studies with a Cross-Sectional Study
Space/Interface Charge Analysis of the Multi-Layer Oil Gap and Oil Impregnated Pressboard Under the Electrical-Thermal Combined Stress
Competitiveness of Agricultural Products in the Eurasian Economic Union
Deep Neural Networks for ECG-Based Pulse Detection during Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Practical Operation Strategies for Energy Storage System under Uncertainty
Optical Coherence Tomography Investigations and Modeling of the Sintering of Ceramic Crowns
Long Wavelength (λ > 17 µm) Distributed Feedback Quantum Cascade Lasers Operating in a Continuous Wave at Room Temperature
The Effects of Reactant Concentration and Air Flow Rate in the Consumption of Dissolved O2 during the Photochemistry of Aqueous Pyruvic Acid
Ultrathin Photonic Polymer Gel Films Templated by Non-Close-Packed Monolayer Colloidal Crystals to Enhance Colorimetric Sensing
Microstructural Characterization of Porous Clay-Based Ceramic Composites
How to Improve Impact Reporting for Sustainability
Dynamics of Internal Envelope Solitons in a Rotating Fluid of a Variable Depth
Examining Gender Safety in Schools: Teacher Agency and Resistance in Two Primary Schools in Kirinyaga, Kenya
Limited Sensitivity of Circulating Tumor DNA Detection by Droplet Digital PCR in Non-Metastatic Operable Gastric Cancer Patients
Mapping the Loss of Ecosystem Services in a Region Under Intensive Land Use Along the Southern Coast of South Africa
Accelerating Biologics Manufacturing by Upstream Process Modelling
The Effect of Preoperative Education on Psychological, Clinical and Economic Outcomes in Elective Spinal Surgery: A Systematic Review
The Deubiquitylase USP4 Interacts with the Water Channel AQP2 to Modulate Its Apical Membrane Accumulation and Cellular Abundance
Multi-Output Conditional Inference Trees Applied to the Electricity Market: Variable Importance Analysis
Association between Mortality and Short-Term Exposure to Particles, Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide in Stockholm, Sweden
Investigation of the Influence of Reduced Graphene Oxide Flakes in the Dielectric on Surface Characteristics and Material Removal Rate in EDM
Fast Retrieval Method of Forestry Information Features Based on Symmetry Function in Communication Network
Nonlinear Model Establishment and Experimental Verification of a Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Position Servo System
Design and Validation of an Articulated Sensor Carrier to Improve the Automatic Pipeline Inspection
Glass-Transition Dynamics of Mixtures of Linear Poly(vinyl methyl ether) with Single-Chain Polymer Nanoparticles: Evidence of a New Type of Nanocomposite Materials
Machinability, Modelling and Statistical Analysis of In-Situ Al–Si–TiB2 Composites
Inundation Risk Assessment of Underground Space Using Consequence-Probability Matrix
Preparation of Layered Polyethylene Oxide/rGOComposite: Flexible Lateral Heat Spreaders
The Sensitivity of Urban Heat Island to Urban Green Space—A Model-Based Study of City of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Biomass Potential from Agricultural Waste for Energetic Utilization in Greece
Climate Change Impact on the Frequency of Hydrometeorological Extremes in the Island of Crete
A Performance Evaluation Scheme for Multiple Object Tracking with HFSWR
Antioxidant Activities of Quercetin and Its Complexes for Medicinal Application
Salt-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors on Efate Island, Vanuatu
Efficacy of Three Different Prophylactic Treatments for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting after Vitrectomy: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Chemical and Sensory Characterization of Cabernet Sauvignon Wines from the Chinese Loess Plateau Region
Data-Driven Natural Gas Spot Price Forecasting with Least Squares Regression Boosting Algorithm
Assessing the Capacity of Adaptive Policy Pathways to Adapt on Time by Mapping Trigger Values to Their Outcomes
Optimization of the Electrolyte Parameters and Components in Zinc Particle Fuel Cells
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Alnus cremastogyne as Revealed by Microsatellite Markers
Influence of Scan Density on the Estimation of Single-Tree Attributes by Hand-Held Mobile Laser Scanning
The Romanian Family Businesses Philosophy for Performance and Sustainability
Predicting Pulmonary Function Testing from Quantified Computed Tomography Using Machine Learning Algorithms in Patients with COPD
Investigation of Structural Degradation of Fiber Cement Boards Due to Thermal Impact
Hybrid Empirical Mode Decomposition with Support Vector Regression Model for Short Term Load Forecasting
Variability of the UHF Signals Generated by Partial Discharges in Mineral Oil
Canadian Children from Food Insecure Households Experience Low Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy for Healthy Lifestyle Choices
The Potential of Blockchain within Air Rights Development as a Prevention Measure against Urban Sprawl
A Review of the Energy Efficiency Improvement in DC Railway Systems
Appraisal of Temporal Transferability of Cold Region Winter Weather Traffic Models for Major Highway Segments in Alberta Canada
The Genetic Background of Mice Influences the Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Onset and Severity of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
Structure–Activity Study, Characterization, and Mechanism of Action of an Antimicrobial Peptoid D2 and Its d- and l-Peptide Analogues
Visualizing Sustainability of Selective Mountain Farming Systems from Far-eastern Himalayas to Support Decision Making
The Impact of Financial Sector Development and Sophistication on Sustainable Economic Growth
Holographic Performance of Azo-Carbazole Dye-Doped UP Resin Films Using a Dyeing Process
Could Hair-Lichens of High-Elevation Forests Help Detect the Impact of Global Change in the Alps?
An Overview of Strengths and Directionalities of Noncovalent Interactions: σ-Holes and π-Holes
Compact UV LED Lamp with Low Heat Emissions for Biological Research Applications
An Experimental and Simulation Study on Optimisation of the Operation of a Distributed Power Generation System with Energy Storage—Meeting Dynamic Household Electricity Demand
Determinants of Flooding and Strategies for Mitigation: Two-Year Case Study of Benin City
Ore-Fluid Evolution of the Sizhuang Orogenic Gold Deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, China
Emissions from Solid Fuel Cook Stoves in the HimalayaRegion
Group Lasso Regularized Deep Learning for Cancer Prognosis from Multi-Omics and Clinical Features
Development and Investigation of Lanthanum Sulfadiazine with Calcium Stearate and Epoxidised Soyabean Oil as Complex Thermal Stabilizers for Stabilizing Poly(vinyl chloride)
Evaluation of Properties and Microstructure of Cement Paste Blended with Metakaolin Subjected to High Temperatures
Fabrication of Carboxymethylcellulose/Metal-Organic Framework Beads for Removal of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solution
Aesthetics, Music, and Meaning-Making
Framing a Sustainable Local Food System—How Smaller Cities in Southern Germany Are Facing a New Policy Issue
Erratum: Lieu, J.; et al. Evaluating Consistency in Environmental Policy Mixes through Policy, Stakeholder, and Contextual Interactions. Sustainability 2018, 10, 1896
Optimization of In Vitro Culture Conditions of Sturgeon Germ Cells for Purpose of Surrogate Production
Estimation of Optimal Operating Frequency for Wireless EV Charging System under Misalignment
Assessing the Energy Performance of Solar Thermal Energy for Heat Production in Urban Areas: A Case Study
The Evolution of China’s New Energy Vehicle Industry from the Perspective of a Technology–Market–Policy Framework
Comparison of Computerized Cardiotocography Parameters between Male and Female Fetuses
Energy Landscapes of Ligand Motion Inside the Tunnel-Like Cavity of Lipid Transfer Proteins: The Case of the Pru p 3 Allergen
Enhancing Damage-Sensing Capacity of Strain-Hardening Macro-Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete by Adding Low Amount of Discrete Carbons
A Facile and Efficient Protocol for Preparing Residual-Free Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films for Stable Sensing Applications
Interaction between Persistent Organic Pollutants and ZnO NPs in Synthetic and Natural Waters
Toward Sustainable and Low Carbon Road Transportation: Policies, Tools, and Planning Methods
Introduction of the Special Issue “Measures of Spirituality/Religiosity (2018)”
Application of the Nacelle Transfer Function by a Nacelle-Mounted Light Detection and Ranging System to Wind Turbine Power Performance Measurement
Crystal Growth of Multifunctional Borates and Related Materials
Improving an Extreme Rainfall Detection System with GPM IMERG data
Corrosion Initiation and Propagation on Carburized Martensitic Stainless Steel Surfaces Studied via Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy
Link-Level Functional Connectivity Neuroalterations in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Developmental Resting-State fMRI Study
Experimental Investigations on the Progressive Failure Characteristics of a Sandwiched Coal-Rock System Under Uniaxial Compression
Research on Role Cognition and Employment Strategy of Rural Female Laborers in Sichuan, China
Study on a Fermented Whole Wheat: Phenolic Content, Activity on PTP1B Enzyme and In Vitro Prebiotic Properties
The Safety and Tolerability of a Potential Alginate-Based Iron Chelator; Results of A Healthy Participant Study
Histomorphological Comparisons and Expression Patterns of BOLL Gene in Sheep Testes at Different Development Stages
Filtering of Mammograms Based on Convolution with Directional Fractal Masks to Enhance Microcalcifications
Physiological Factors and their Relationship with the Productivity of Processing Tomato under Different Water Supplies
Options for Sustainable Intensification of Maize Production in Ethiopia
Analysis of Seven Biogenic Amines and Two Amino Acids in Wines Using Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography
Heterogeneous Responses to Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKIs) in Patients with Uncommon EGFR Mutations: New Insights and Future Perspectives in this Complex Clinical Scenario
Characteristics of Atmospheric Deposition during the Period of Algal Bloom Formation in Urban Water Bodies
Metaproteomic and 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing Analysis of the Infant Fecal Microbiome
Primality, Fractality, and Image Analysis
On the Use of Oblique Acoustic Leakage to Measure the Wavenumber Spectrum of Propagating Lamb Waves
A Dual Molecular Biointerface Combining RGD and KRSR Sequences Improves Osteoblastic Functions by Synergizing Integrin and Cell-Membrane Proteoglycan Binding
Model Based on an Effective Material-Removal Rate to Evaluate Specific Energy Consumption in Grinding
Study on Efficient Utilization Technology of Coal Pillar Based on Gob-Side Entry Driving in a Coal Mine with Great Depth and High Production
Remote Sensing Techniques for Soil Organic Carbon Estimation: A Review
Genome-Wide Analysis of Multiple Organellar RNA Editing Factor Family in Poplar Reveals Evolution and Roles in Drought Stress
Effects of Grazing Exclusion on Biomass Growth and Species Diversity among Various Grassland Types of the Tibetan Plateau
Protein Interactomic Analysis of SAPKs and ABA-Inducible bZIPs Revealed Key Roles of SAPK10 in Rice Flowering
Controlled Lighting and Illumination-Independent Target Detection for Real-Time Cost-Efficient Applications. The Case Study of Sweet Pepper Robotic Harvesting
Mucormycosis in Burn Patients
Morphology and Crystal-Plane Effects of Fe/W-CeO2 for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO with NH3
Can Public-Private Partnerships Foster Investment Sustainability in Smart Hospitals?
Effect of Resveratrol-Enriched Rice on Skin Inflammation and Pruritus in the NC/Nga Mouse Model of Atopic Dermatitis
Imaging Thermal Anomalies in Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Systems from Near-Surface Geophysical Modelling
Impact of ERK5 on the Hallmarks of Cancer
An Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Elite Strategy and Dimension Learning
Low-Cost Curb Detection and Localization System Using Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors
Novel Transformer Fault Identification Optimization Method Based on Mathematical Statistics
Pursuit and Expression of Japanese Beauty Using Technology
An Integrated FTA-FMEA Model for Risk Analysis of Engineering Systems: A Case Study of Subsea Blowout Preventers
Boric Acid: A High Potential Candidate for Thermochemical Energy Storage
Practical Aspects of Multiwavelength Analytical Ultracentrifugation
Analysis of Enantiomers in Products of Food Interest
The Percolation Properties of Electrical Conductivity and Permeability for Fractal Porous Media
The Role of MicroRNAs in Recurrence and Metastasis of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Evaluating Farmers’ Access to Agricultural Information: Evidence from Semi-Arid Region of Rajasthan State, India
Two New Piperazine-Triones from a Marine-Derived Streptomycetes sp. Strain SMS636
Influence of Monoterpenes in Biological Activities of Nectandra megapotamica (Spreng.) Mez Essential Oils
Analysis of the Utilization of Air-Cooled Blast Furnace Slag as Industrial Waste Aggregates in Self-Compacting Concrete
Multiomics and Systems Biology Are Needed to Unravel the Complex Origins of Chronic Disease
Is There Any Difference in the Effect of Different R and D Sources on Carbon Intensity in China?
Three Output Membrane Hydrocyclone: Classification and Filtration
Monitoring of Thermal Aging of Aluminum Alloy via Nonlinear Propagation of Acoustic Pulses Generated and Detected by Lasers
Improving GNSS Zenith Wet Delay Interpolation by Utilizing Tropospheric Gradients: Experiments with a Dense Station Network in Central Europe in the Warm Season
Food Safety Satisfaction in China and Its Influencing Factors: Empirical Study with a Hierarchical Linear Model
Effectiveness of Arguments Used in the Creation of Protected Areas of Sustainable Use in Brazil: A Case Study from the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado
Endogenous and Exogenous Stimuli-Responsive Drug Delivery Systems for Programmed Site-Specific Release
Risk Assessment for the Power Grid Dispatching Process Considering the Impact of Cyber Systems
Application of Reverse Micelle Sol–Gel Synthesis for Bulk Doping and Heteroatoms Surface Enrichment in Mo-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles
Efficiency and Multifractality Analysis of the Chinese Stock Market: Evidence from Stock Indices before and after the 2015 Stock Market Crash
Suppression of the Growth of Intermetallic Compound Layers with the Addition of Graphene Nano-Sheets to an Epoxy Sn–Ag–Cu Solder on a Cu Substrate
Zinc Porphyrin-Functionalized Fullerenes for the Sensitization of Titania as a Visible-Light Active Photocatalyst: River Waters and Wastewaters Remediation
Traceability in Textile and Clothing Supply Chains: Classifying Implementation Factors and Information Sets via Delphi Study
The Introduction of Insect Meal into Fish Diet: The First Economic Analysis on European Sea Bass Farming
Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Single Particle Tracking of Upconverting Nanoparticles in Living Cells
Non-Targeted HPLC-UV Fingerprinting as Chemical Descriptors for the Classification and Authentication of Nuts by Multivariate Chemometric Methods
BcXyl, a β-xylosidase Isolated from Brunfelsia Calycina Flowers with Anthocyanin-β-glycosidase Activity
Chemical Reactivity Theory and Empirical Bioactivity Scores as Computational Peptidology Alternative Tools for the Study of Two Anticancer Peptides of Marine Origin
MicroRNA Sequencing Revealed Citrus Adaptation to Long-Term Boron Toxicity through Modulation of Root Development by miR319 and miR171
Dynamics of Ebola Disease in the Framework of Different Fractional Derivatives
Application of Inner Radiation Baffles in the Bridgman Process for Flattening the Temperature Profile and Controlling the Columnar Grain Structure of Directionally Solidified Ni-Based Superalloys
Application of Discrete-Interval Moving Seasonalities to Spanish Electricity Demand Forecasting during Easter
Assessment of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Poor Rural Communities: A Case Study from Yatta Area, Palestine
IoT and Engagement in the Ubiquitous Museum
Changes in Endothelial Nitric Oxide Production in Systemic Vessels during Early Ontogenesis—A Key Mechanism for the Perinatal Adaptation of the Circulatory System
Regenerative Cardiovascular Therapies: Stem Cells and Beyond
A Parallel FPGA Implementation of the CCSDS-123 Compression Algorithm
Plasticity in Three-Dimensional Geometry of Branching Corals Along a Cross-Shelf Gradient
Photon-Mediated Thermoelectric and Heat Currents through a Resonant Quantum Wire-Cavity System
Lighting Professionals versus Light Pollution Experts? Investigating Views on an Emerging Environmental Concern
After COP21: Contested Transformations in the Energy/Agri-Food Nexus
Rapid Fabrication of High-Performance CaO-Based Integral Ceramic Mould by Stereolithography and Non-Aqueous Gelcasting
Luminescent Mesoporous Silica Nanohybrid Based on Drug Derivative Terbium Complex
Temperature-Related Summer Mortality Under Multiple Climate, Population, and Adaptation Scenarios
Technology Spillover Effect in China: The Spatiotemporal Evolution and Its Drivers
Accounting for Individual Differences in Connectedness to Nature: Personality and Gender Differences
Altered Promoter and G-Box Binding Factor for 1-Deoxy-d-Xylulose-5-Phosphate Synthase Gene Grown from Poa pratensis Seeds after Spaceflight
Reactivity and Hydration Property of Synthetic Air Quenched Slag with Different Chemical Compositions
Cysteine Cathepsins and their Extracellular Roles: Shaping the Microenvironment
Optimization Parameters, Kinetics and Mechanism of Naproxen Removal by Catalytic Wet Peroxide Oxidation with a Hybrid Iron-Based Magnetic Catalyst
Parental Life-Limiting Illness: What Do We Tell the Children?
Flume Test Simulation and Study of Salt and Fresh Water Mixing Influenced by Tidal Reciprocating Flow
A Single V672F Substitution in the Spike Protein of Field-Isolated PEDV Promotes Cell–Cell Fusion and Replication in VeroE6 Cells
Intermittent Fasting in Cardiovascular Disorders—An Overview
Synthesis and Study of Gas Transport Properties of Polymers Based on Macroinitiators and 2,4-Toluene Diisocyanate
Obesity-Altered Adipose Stem Cells Promote ER+ Breast Cancer Metastasis through Estrogen Independent Pathways
Heavy Metal Contamination of Irrigation Water, Soil, and Vegetables and the Difference between Dry and Wet Seasons Near a Multi-Industry Zone in Bangladesh
Metabolic Profiling of Pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) during Fruit Development and Maturation
Caprate Modulates Intestinal Barrier Function in Porcine Peyer’s Patch Follicle-Associated Epithelium
Aqueous Dehydration, Hydrogenation, and Hydrodeoxygenation Reactions of Bio-Based Mucic Acid over Ni, NiMo, Pt, Rh, and Ru on Neutral or Acidic Catalyst Supports
High-Pressure Oxidative Leaching and Iodide Leaching Followed by Selective Precipitation for Recovery of Base and Precious Metals from Waste Printed Circuit Boards Ash
Symmetrical Modification of Minimized Dermaseptins to Extend the Spectrum of Antimicrobials with Endotoxin Neutralization Potency
Effects of Neighborhood Discrimination Towards Mainland Immigrants on Mental Health in Hong Kong
A Research and Innovation Agenda for Zero-Emission European Cities
Epidemiological Survey and Retrospective Analysis of Salmonella Infections between 2000 and 2017 in Warmia and Masuria Voivodship in Poland
A Novel Insight into Functional Divergence of the MST Gene Family in Rice Based on Comprehensive Expression Patterns
Interactions between Membrane Resistance, GABA-A Receptor Properties, Bicarbonate Dynamics and Cl-Transport Shape Activity-Dependent Changes of Intracellular Cl Concentration
Sensor Applications in Agrifood Systems: Current Trends and Opportunities for Water Stewardship
Training Working Memory of Children with and without Dyslexia
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Using Bi-Metallic (Ni/Pt) Na2Ti3O7 Whiskers: Effect of the Deposition Order
Multiphysics Field Distribution Characteristics within the One-Cell Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack with Typical Interdigitated Flow Channels
Study on Intensification Behavior of Bismuth Ions on Gold Cyanide Leaching
Stress-Induced Immunomodulation in Low and High Reactive Sheep
Robust Identification of Suitable T-Cell Subsets for Personalized CMV-Specific T-Cell Immunotherapy Using CD45RA and CD62L Microbeads
A Levelized Cost Analysis for Solar-Energy-Powered Sea Water Desalination in The Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Characterization of SiC Ceramic Joints Brazed Using Au–Ni–Pd–Ti High-Temperature Filler Alloy
Raspberry Pi-Based Low-Cost Connected Device for Assessing Road Surface Friction
Target Tracking in Clutter with Extremum Seeking Control for Adaptive Detection Thresholding
Controlling the Nanoscale Gaps on Silver Island Film for Efficient Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Disability-Specific Associations with Child Health and Functioning
Challenges in the Integration of Omics and Non-Omics Data
Surface-Controlled Photocatalysis and Chemical Sensing of TiO2, α-Fe2O3, and Cu2O Nanocrystals
Information Sharing and Investment Performance in the Venture Capital Network Community: An Empirical Study of Environmental-Social-Governance Start-Ups
Fabrication of Ultrafine PPS Fibers with High Strength and Tenacity via Melt Electrospinning
Analysis of the Propagation Characteristic of Subsynchronous Oscillation in Wind Integrated Power System
Farmers’ Perceptions of the Warehouse Receipt System in Indonesia
Toughening of Epoxy Resin: The Effect of Water Jet Milling on Worn Tire Rubber Particles
Preparation of Sesquiterpene Lactone Derivatives: Cytotoxic Activity and Selectivity of Action
Sociodemographic Factors Associated with the Knowledge and Use of Birth Control Methods in Adolescents before and after Pregnancy
Prognostic Value of Left Ventricular Function and Mechanics in Pulmonary Hypertension: A Pilot Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Feature Tracking Study
Predicting Real-Life Eating Behaviours Using Single School Lunches in Adolescents
Photocatalytic and Photostability Behavior of Ag- and/or Al-Doped ZnO Films in Methylene Blue and Rhodamine B Under UV-C Irradiation
Thalassemias: An Overview
Recent Developments in Solar Energy-Harvesting Technologies for Building Integration and Distributed Energy Generation
A New Approach to Accuracy Evaluation of Single-Tooth Abutment Using Two-Dimensional Analysis in Two Intraoral Scanners
Learning Kernel-Based Robust Disturbance Dictionary for Face Recognition
Extracts from Fermented Black Garlic Exhibit a Hepatoprotective Effect on Acute Hepatic Injury
Category Theory for Autonomous and Networked Dynamical Systems
The VHE γ-Ray View of the FSRQ PKS 1510-089
Functional Mechanisms Underlying the Antimicrobial Activity of the Oryza sativa Trx-like Protein
Characterization of Double Leached Waelz Oxide for Identification of Fluoride Mineral
Assessing the Sensitizing and Allergenic Potential of the Albumin and Globulin Fractions from Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) Grains before and after an Extrusion Process
Effect of Process Parameters and High-Temperature Preheating on Residual Stress and Relative Density of Ti6Al4V Processed by Selective Laser Melting
The Triple Bottom Line on Sustainable Product Innovation Performance in SMEs: A Mixed Methods Approach
Periodontal Disease: A Risk Factor for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
The Role of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors in Social Behavior in Rodents
Performance Evaluation of a CO2 Refrigeration System Enhanced with a Dew Point Cooler
An Overview of Bioinspired and Biomimetic Self-Repairing Materials
Cytinus hypocistis (L.) L. subsp. macranthus Wettst.: Nutritional Characterization
Estimating Daily Dew Point Temperature Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Chicken Embryonic-Stem Cells Are Permissive to Poxvirus Recombinant Vaccine Vectors
Emancipating the “Kin beyond the Sea”: Reciprocity between Continental and Diasporic Africans’ Struggles for Freedom
Impacts of Caregivers’ Nutrition Knowledge and Food Market Accessibility on Preschool Children’s Dietary Diversity in Remote Communities in Southeast Nigeria
Preparation of Hierarchically Structured Polystyrene Surfaces with Superhydrophobic Properties by Plasma-Assisted Fluorination
Increasing Resolution in Live Cell Microscopy by Structured Illumination (SIM)
Making the Invisible Visible—Strategies for Visualizing Underground Infrastructures in Immersive Environments
Facile Assembling of Novel 2,3,6,7,9-pentaazabicyclo- [3.3.1]nona-3,7-diene Derivatives under Microwave and Ultrasound Platforms
Generalized Picture Fuzzy Soft Sets and Their Application in Decision Support Systems
Reliable Future Climatic Projections for Sustainable Hydro-Meteorological Assessments in the Western Lake Erie Basin
Easily-Deployable Acoustic Local Positioning System Based on Auto-Calibrated Wireless Beacons
On the Structure of Finite Groupoids and Their Representations
Inhibition of Mitochondrial Complex Function—The Hepatotoxicity Mechanism of Emodin Based on Quantitative Proteomic Analyses
Triterpene Acid and Phenolics from Ancient Apples of Friuli Venezia Giulia as Nutraceutical Ingredients: LC-MS Study and In Vitro Activities
Marine Coastline Polygonal Ridges and Surface Roughness Development on a Salt-Crusted Playa: Recognition by Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry
Understanding Cash Sharing: A Sustainability Model
On the Effect of Thomson and Initial Stress in a Thermo-Porous Elastic Solid under G-N Electromagnetic Theory
Quantitative Reconstruction of Absorption Coefficients for Photoacoustic Tomography
Stability Analysis of Darcy-Forchheimer Flow of Casson Type Nanofluid Over an Exponential Sheet: Investigation of Critical Points
Development of Environmental Friendly Dust Suppressant Based on the Modification of Soybean Protein Isolate
The Potentiality of Marine Macro-Algae as Bio-Fertilizers to Improve the Productivity and Salt Stress Tolerance of Canola (Brassica napus L.) Plants
The Effect of Strain and Rearing Medium on the Chemical Composition, Fatty Acid Profile and Carotenoid Content in Silkworm (Bombyx mori) Pupae
Thermal and Mechanical Analysis of Polyethylene Homo-Composites Processed by Rotational Molding
The (Evolving) Vineyard’s Age Structure in the Valencian Community, Spain: A New Demographic Approach for Rural Development and Landscape Analysis
Design and Synthesis of Matrine Derivatives as Novel Anti-Pulmonary Fibrotic Agents via Repression of the TGFβ/Smad Pathway
Analyses on the Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Water Quality in a Seagoing River Using Multivariate Statistical Techniques: A Case Study in the Duliujian River, China
Sintering of Cermets: A Case Study of Sintering Ni–Co Ferrite with Ag-, Cu- and Ni-Dispersed Alloy Particles
Map-Based Cloning, Phylogenetic, and Microsynteny Analyses of ZmMs20 Gene Regulating Male Fertility in Maize
Medicanes Triggering Chlorophyll Increase
Classification and Disposal Strategy of Excess Sludge in the Petrochemical Industry
Regulatory Measurements in Policy Coordinated Practices: The Case of Promoting Renewable Energy and Cleaner Transport in Sweden
Towards a Heritage-Led Sustainable Post-Conflict Reconciliation: A Policy-Led Perspective
Consensus-Based Track Association with Multistatic Sensors under a Nested Probabilistic-Numerical Linguistic Environment
Evaluating the Effects of Household Characteristics on Household Daily Traffic Emissions Based on Household Travel Survey Data
Single-Molecule Imaging and Computational Microscopy Approaches Clarify the Mechanism of the Dimerization and Membrane Interactions of Green Fluorescent Protein
Investigation of Bottlenecks in Supply Chain System for Minimizing Total Cost by Integrating Manufacturing Modelling Based on MINLP Approach
Seaweed-Liked WS2/rGO Enabling Ultralong Cycling Life and Enhanced Rate Capability for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Celebrating 40 Years of Ironman: How the Champions Perform
Analysis of Environmental Issues with an Application of Civil Complaints: The Case of Shiheung City, Republic of Korea
Expression, Purification and Characterization of Chondroitinase AC II from Marine Bacterium Arthrobacter sp. CS01
Highly Selective CMOS-Compatible Mid-Infrared Thermal Emitter/Detector Slab Design Using Optical Tamm-States
Acquired Resistance to Antibody-Drug Conjugates
The Devil Is in the Detail—Understanding Divergence between Intention and Implementation of Health Policy for Undocumented Migrants in Thailand
Influences of the Heating and Cooling Rates on the Dissolution and Precipitation Behavior of a Nickel-Based Single-Crystal Superalloy
Asymptotic Profiles and Convergence Rates of the Linearized Compressible Navier–Stokes– Korteweg System
The Long-Run and Short-Run Effects of Ethanol Production on U.S. Beef Producers
Modelling Construction Site Cost Index Based on Neural Network Ensembles
A Review of Design Considerations of Centrifugal Pump Capability for Handling Inlet Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flows
Evaluation of Factors Affecting Antimicrobial Activity of Bacteriocin from Lactobacillus plantarum Microencapsulated in Alginate-Gelatin Capsules and Its Application on Pork Meat as a Bio-Preservative
An Efficient Multi-Path Multitarget Tracking Algorithm for Over-The-Horizon Radar
Unique Existence Result of Approximate Solution to Initial Value Problem for Fractional Differential Equation of Variable Order Involving the Derivative Arguments on the Half-Axis
Forest Growing Stock Volume Estimation in Subtropical Mountain Areas Using PALSAR-2 L-Band PolSAR Data
Vertical Structure of the Water Column at the Virgin Islands Shelf Break and Trough
Finding Visible kNN Objects in the Presence of Obstacles within the User’s View Field
Preparation of Butadiene-Isoprene Copolymer with High Vinyl Contents by Al(OPhCH3)(i-Bu)2/MoO2Cl2∙TNPP
Research on Hybrid Microgrid Based on Simultaneous AC and DC Distribution Network and Its Power Router
Compact Integration of TiO2 Nanoparticles into the Cross-Points of 3D Vertically Stacked Ag Nanowires for Plasmon-Enhanced Photocatalysis
Optimal Power Dispatch of an Offshore Wind Farm under Generator Fault
Presence of Babesia odocoilei and Borrelia burgdorferi Sensu Stricto in a Tick and Dual Parasitism of Amblyomma inornatum and Ixodes scapularis on a Bird in Canada
The Impact of Social Media on Learning Behavior for Sustainable Education: Evidence of Students from Selected Universities in Pakistan
Electrochemical Response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Corresponds to Cell Viability upon Exposure to Dioclea reflexa Seed Extracts and Antifungal Drugs
Visually Hypothesising in Scientific Paper Writing: Confirming and Refuting Qualitative Research Hypotheses Using Diagrams
Feature Extraction Method of Transmission Signal in Electronic Communication Network Based on Symmetric Algorithm
Random Coupled Hilfer and Hadamard Fractional Differential Systems in Generalized Banach Spaces
Liquid-Crystalline Dispersions of Double-Stranded DNA
A Study on the Motion of Partial Air Cushion Support Catamaran in Regular Head Waves
Organic Food Consumers and Purchase Intention: A Case Study in Romania
The Relationship between Power Type, Work Engagement, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
Cyanosilylation of Aldehydes Catalyzed by Ag(I)- and Cu(II)-Arylhydrazone Coordination Polymers in Conventional and in Ionic Liquid Media
Poincaré Symmetry from Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relations
Isolation and Characterization of the High Silicate and Phosphate Solubilizing Novel Strain Enterobacter ludwigii GAK2 that Promotes Growth in Rice Plants
Northern Hemisphere Snow-Cover Trends (1967–2018): A Comparison between Climate Models and Observations
Estimating the Impact of Air Pollution on Inbound Tourism in China: An Analysis Based on Regression Discontinuity Design
Energy Efficiency and Coverage Trade-Off in 5G for Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Cellular Networks
Novel WiFi/MEMS Integrated Indoor Navigation System Based on Two-Stage EKF
P(VDF-TrFE)/PMMA Blended Films with Enhanced Electrowetting Responses and Superior Energy Storage Performance
ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) Transporter Genes Involved in Pyrethroid Resistance in the Malaria Vector Anopheles sinensis: Genome-Wide Identification, Characteristics, Phylogenetics, and Expression Profile
Energy Storage Overflow-Aware Data Delivery Scheme for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
A Novel Social Spider Optimization Algorithm for Large-Scale Economic Load Dispatch Problem
Using Expert Driven Machine Learning to Enhance Dynamic Metabolomics Data Analysis
The Effect of Probiotic Yogurt on Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes or Obesity: A Meta-Analysis of Nine Randomized Controlled Trials
Downregulation of the Netrin-1 Receptor UNC5b Underlies Increased Placental Angiogenesis in Human Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
In Vitro Enhanced Skin Permeation and Retention of Imiquimod Loaded in β-Cyclodextrin Nanosponge Hydrogel
Sketching the Power of Machine Learning to Decrypt a Neural Systems Model of Behavior
Do the Fastest Open-Water Swimmers have A Higher Speed in Middle- and Long-Distance Pool Swimming Events?
Contextual Action Cues from Camera Sensor for Multi-Stream Action Recognition
Bioengineered Skin Intended for Skin Disease Modeling
Analyzing the Impact of Energy, Export Variety, and FDI on Environmental Degradation in the Context of Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis: A Case Study of India
Tenofovir Hot-Melt Granulation using Gelucire® to Develop Sustained-Release Vaginal Systems for Weekly Protection against Sexual Transmission of HIV
Mesoscale Morphological Changes of Nearshore Sand Banks since the Early 19th Century, and Their Influence on Coastal Dynamics, Northern France
Localization of 99mTc-GRP Analogs in GRPR-Expressing Tumors: Effects of Peptide Length and Neprilysin Inhibition on Biological Responses
Exosomes and Hepatocellular Carcinoma: From Bench to Bedside
Clinical Characteristics and Predictors of Poor Hospital Discharge Outcome for Young Children with Abusive Head Trauma
A Nonlinear Method for Characterizing Discrete Defects in Thick Multilayer Composites
Rainfall Spatial Estimations: A Review from Spatial Interpolation to Multi-Source Data Merging
Prospects for Searching Thermal Effects, Non-Newtonian Gravity and Axion-Like Particles: Cannex Test of the Quantum Vacuum
Structural Stress Method to Evaluate Fatigue Properties of Similar and Dissimilar Self-Piercing Riveted Joints
What Works in Democratic Dialogue?
Pressure-Dependent Structural and Luminescence Properties of 1-(Pyren-1-yl)but-2-yn-1-one
Detection of Waste Containers Using Computer Vision
“I Will Show You My Faith by My Works”: Addressing the Nexus between Philosophical Theodicy and Human Suffering and Loss in Contexts of ‘Natural’ Disaster
The Scope of Reclamation Works for Areas after the Exploitation of Rock Raw Materials
Characterising Local Knowledge across the Flood Risk Management Cycle: A Case Study of Southern Malawi
Rapid and Inexpensive Fabrication of Multi-Depth Microfluidic Device using High-Resolution LCD Stereolithographic 3D Printing
Hot Forming of Ultra-Fine-Grained Multiphase Steel Products Using Press Hardening Combined with Quenching and Partitioning Process
Autofluorescence Imaging Reflects the Nuclear Enlargement of Tumor Cells as well as the Cell Proliferation Ability and Aberrant Status of the p53, Ki-67, and p16 Genes in Colon Neoplasms
Holographic Three-Dimensional Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Display Based on 4K-Spatial Light Modulators
POSS Hybrid Robust Biomass IPN Hydrogels with Temperature Responsiveness
Beneficial Effects of Potentilla discolor Bunge Water Extract on Inflammatory Cytokines Release and Gut Microbiota in High-Fat Diet and Streptozotocin-Induced Type 2 Diabetic Mice
Thermal Conductivity of Defective Graphene Oxide: A Molecular Dynamic Study
Technology-Enhanced Learning in Audiovisual Education: The Case of Radio Journalism Course Design
Enabling Collaborative Action between Self-Help Groups and Rural Local Bodies through an Exploratory Workshop: The Case of a Peri-Urban Village in Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India
Reliability of Cutting Edge Radius Estimator Based on Chip Production Rate for Micro End Milling
Additive Effects of Performance- and Commitment-Oriented Human Resource Management Systems on Organizational Outcomes
The Effect of Different Annealing Temperatures on Recrystallization Microstructure and Texture of Clock-Rolled Tantalum Plates with Strong Texture Gradient
Analysis of Intra and Interseasonal Rainfall Variability and Its Effects on Pearl Millet Yield in a Semiarid Agroclimate: Significance of Scattered Fields and Tied Ridges
FOXK2 Transcription Factor and Its Emerging Roles in Cancer
The Antidepressant-like Effect of Flavonoids from Trigonella Foenum-Graecum Seeds in Chronic Restraint Stress Mice via Modulation of Monoamine Regulatory Pathways
Groundwater Potential Mapping Using Data Mining Models of Big Data Analysis in Goyang-si, South Korea
Adoption of Systemic and Socio-Technical Perspectives in Waste Management, WEEE and ELV Research
Real-Time Measurement of Flash-Flood in a Wadi Area by LSPIV and STIV
MgAl-Layered-Double-Hydroxide/Sepiolite Composite Membrane for High-Performance Water Treatment Based on Layer-by-Layer Hierarchical Architectures
Correction: Kim, Young-Gun; Jeon, Ja Young; Kim, Hae Jin; Kim, Dae Jung; Lee, Kwan-Woo; Moon, So Young; Han, Seung Jin. Risk of Dementia in Older Patients with Type 2 Diabetes on Dipeptidyl-Peptidase IV Inhibitors versus Sulfonylureas: A Real-World Population-Based Cohort Study. Journal of Clinical Medicine 2019, 8, 28
Crystallographic Studies in Cultural Heritage: Solid State Behaviour of Inorganic Pigments
Solvent-Mediated Polymorphic Transformation of Famoxadone from Form II to Form I in Several Mixed Solvent Systems
Comparative Study of Urban Area Growth: Determining the Key Criteria of Inner Urban Development
Computational Screening of Metal–Organic Framework Membranes for the Separation of 15 Gas Mixtures
Untangling Extracellular Proteasome-Osteopontin Circuit Dynamics in Multiple Sclerosis
Transmission Capacity Characterization in VANETs with Enhanced Distributed Channel Access
Brevenal, a Marine Natural Product, is Anti-Inflammatory and an Immunomodulator of Macrophage and Lung Epithelial Cells
Development and Evaluation of Poorly Water-Soluble Celecoxib as Solid Dispersions Containing Nonionic Surfactants Using Fluidized-Bed Granulation
Reply to Ruby, B. Comment on Collins, C.N., et al. Body Composition Changes of United States Smokejumpers during the 2017 Fire Season. Fire. 2018, 1, 48. Fire 2019, 2, 15
Preliminary Study on the Contribution of External Forces to Ship Behavior
Comment on Collins, C.N.; et al. Body Composition Changes of United States Smokejumpers during the 2017 Fire Season. Fire 2018, 1, 48
LC478, a Novel Di-Substituted Adamantyl Derivative, Enhances the Oral Bioavailability of Docetaxel in Rats
Targeting the mDia Formin-Assembled Cytoskeleton Is an Effective Anti-Invasion Strategy in Adult High-Grade Glioma Patient-Derived Neurospheres
Value Assessment of Health Losses Caused by PM2.5 Pollution in Cities of Atmospheric Pollution Transmission Channel in the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei Region, China
Brown Rice Vinegar as an Olfactory Field Attractant for Drosophila suzukii (Matsumura) and Zaprionus indianus Gupta (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in Cherimoya in Maui, Hawaii, with Implications for Attractant Specificity between Species and Estimation of Relative Abundance
Magnetic Field Patterning of Nickel Nanowire Film Realized by Printed Precursor Inks
Dengue Vector Control through Community Empowerment: Lessons Learned from a Community-Based Study in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Study of the Effects of Air Pollutants on Human Health Based on Baidu Indices of Disease Symptoms and Air Quality Monitoring Data in Beijing, China
Breast Cancer and miR-SNPs: The Importance of miR Germ-Line Genetics
On the Convergence Rate of the SCAD-Penalized Empirical Likelihood Estimator
Tribological Properties of ZnS(NH2CH2CH2NH2)0.5 and ZnS as Additives in Lithium Grease
Removal of Hazardous Oxyanions from the Environment Using Metal-Oxide-Based Materials
Microstructure, Thermal, and Corrosion Behavior of the AlAgCuNiSnTi Equiatomic Multicomponent Alloy
Means as Improper Integrals
Optimal Water Allocation Based on Water Rights Transaction Models with Administered and Market-Based Systems: A Case Study of Shiyang River Basin, China
Social Inequalities in Environmental Noise Exposure: A Review of Evidence in the WHO European Region
Anti-Oxidative and Anti-Aging Activities of Porcine By-Product Collagen Hydrolysates Produced by Commercial Proteases: Effect of Hydrolysis and Ultrafiltration
A New Class of Strongly Asymmetric PKA Algorithms: SAA-5
Use of Minimally Invasive Surgery in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer in Dogs and Cats
Translating Sustainability into Action: A Management Challenge in FabLabs
An Efficient Super-Resolution Network Based on Aggregated Residual Transformations
Experimental Analysis of the Influence of Aeration in the Energy Dissipation of Supercritical Channel Flows
Child Developmental Disabilities, Caregivers’ Role in Kenya and Its Implications on Global Migration
The Provision and Accessibility to Parks in Ho Chi Minh City: Disparities along the Urban Core—Periphery Axis
The Oxygen Transfer Capacity of Submerged Plant Elodea densa in Wastewater Constructed Wetlands
One-Step Hydrothermal Synthesis of Yellow and Green Emitting Silicon Quantum Dots with Synergistic Effect
A Systematic Pan-Cancer Analysis of Genetic Heterogeneity Reveals Associations with Epigenetic Modifiers
A Mini-Review on Ceftaroline in Bacteremia Patients with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Infections
Use of Ladle Furnace Slag and Other Industrial By-Products to Encapsulate Chloride in Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash
Detection of Delamination in Polymer Composites by Digital Image Correlation—Experimental Test
Exploratory Monitoring of the Quality and Authenticity of Commercial Honey in Ecuador
Environmental Sustainability of Pasta Production Chains: An Integrated Approach for Comparing Local and Global Chains
Tree Species Classification Using Hyperion and Sentinel-2 Data with Machine Learning in South Korea and China
JIT Production Strategy and Maintenance for Quality Deteriorating Systems
What Happened to the Participants of the Math Olympiad 1971? A Multiple-Case Study Concerning the Occupational Success of the Winning Team from Hungary, Math Olympiad–Occupational Success
Current Li-Ion Battery Technologies in Electric Vehicles and Opportunities for Advancements
Neuroprotective Effects of Ginsenosides against Cerebral Ischemia
Genome-Wide Identification and Transcriptional Expression Profiles of the F-box Gene Family in Common Walnut (Juglans regia L.)
Comparative Proteomic Analysis Unveils Critical Pathways Underlying the Role of Nitrogen Fertilizer Treatment in American Elderberry
A Method for a Fast Evaluation of the Biostimulant Potential of Different Natural Extracts for Promoting Growth or Tolerance against Abiotic Stress
Identification of Source Water Mixing in the Fish Slough Spring Complex, Mono County, California, USA
PD-1 Ligand Expression in Epithelial Thyroid Cancers: Potential Clinical Implications
A New Hybrid Reciprocating Compressor Model Coupled with Acoustic FEM Characterization and Gas Dynamics
High-Temperature Friction and Wear Properties of NiCr/hBN Self-Lubricating Composites
Chromatographic Analysis and Anti-Oxidative Property of Naoxinqing Tablet, a Proprietary Preparation of Diospyros Kaki Leaves
Project Implementation Management Modalities and Their Implications on Sustainability of Water Services in Rural Areas in Ethiopia: Are Community-Managed Projects More Effective?
Nanoparticles for Bioapplications: Study of the Cytotoxicity of Water Dispersible CdSe(S) and CdSe(S)/ZnO Quantum Dots
Differential Responses of Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines to Enterococcus faecalis’ Strains Isolated from Healthy Donors and Colorectal Cancer Patients
Identifying the Occurrence Time of the Deadly Mexico M8.2 Earthquake on 7 September 2017
Addressing the Environmental, Community, and Health Impacts of Resource Development: Challenges across Scales, Sectors, and Sites
Brain Network Modeling Based on Mutual Information and Graph Theory for Predicting the Connection Mechanism in the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease
An Imaging Algorithm for Multireceiver Synthetic Aperture Sonar
The First Report of Polymorphisms and Genetic Features of the prion-like Protein Gene (PRND) in a Prion Disease-Resistant Animal, Dog
Motivational Orientations and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: The Moderator Role of Perceived Discrimination in the Brexit Context
Effects of Drugs and Excipients on Hydration Status
Depressive Symptoms and Migrant Worker Wages: Estimation Based on a Nationally-Representative Panel Dataset
Damage Compensation for Indigenous Peoples in the Conditions of Industrial Development of Territories on the Example of the Arctic Zone of the Sakha Republic
Mobile-Oriented Future Internet: Implementation and Experimentations over EU–Korea Testbed
Major Barriers to the New Residential Building Energy-Efficiency Promotion in China: Frontlines’ Perceptions
Above-Ground Biomass Models of Caragana korshinskii and Sophora viciifolia in the Loess Plateau, China
Strawberry Intake Ameliorates Oxidative Stress and Decreases GABA Levels Induced by High-Fat Diet in Frontal Cortex of Rats
Recent Advances in DSP Techniques for Mode Division Multiplexing Optical Networks with MIMO Equalization: A Review
Evaluation of the Difficulties in the Internet of Things (IoT) with Multi-Criteria Decision-Making
Evidences for Paleo-Gas Hydrate Occurrence: What We Can Infer for the Miocene of the Northern Apennines (Italy)
On the Role of Acoustical Improvement and Surface Morphology of Seashell Composite Panel for Interior Applications in Buildings
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Heat Input Effect on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Dissimilar Weld Joints of 690-MPa QT and TMCP Steel
Golimumab for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Executive Compensation, Sustainability, Climate, Environmental Concerns, and Company Financial Performance: Evidence from Indonesian Commercial Banks
Identification of Bis-Cyclic Guanidines as Antiplasmodial Compounds from Positional Scanning Mixture-Based Libraries
The Effect of Pharmaceutical Excipients for Applying to Spray-Dried Omega-3 Powder
Impact of Land Use Changes on Soil and Vegetation Characteristics in Fereydan, Iran
A Novel Adaptive State Detector-Based Post-Filtering Active Control Algorithm for Gaussian Noise Environment with Impulsive Interference
Investigation on Characteristics of Microwave Treatment of Organic Matter in Municipal Dewatered Sludge
Determination of Optical Purity of Lactic Acid-Based Chiral Liquid Crystals and Corresponding Building Blocks by Chiral High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
Computational Drug Design Applied to the Study of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors
Optical Study of Electronic Structure and Photoinduced Dynamics in the Organic Alloy System [(EDO-TTF)0.89(MeEDO-TTF)0.11]2PF6
Motion Estimation by Hybrid Optical Flow Technology for UAV Landing in an Unvisited Area
Hyperpolarised 1H–13C Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy
Evaluation of the Deterioration of the Mechanical Properties of Poly(lactic acid) Structures Fabricated by a Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printer
Are LEED-Certified Buildings Energy-Efficient in Practice?
A New Method Based on Thermal Response Tests for Determining Effective Thermal Conductivity and Borehole Resistivity for Borehole Heat Exchangers
KMnF3:Yb3+,Er3+ Core-Active-Shell Nanoparticles with Broadband Down-Shifting Luminescence at 1.5 μm for Polymer-Based Waveguide Amplifiers
Fast Removal of Propranolol from Water by Attapulgite/Graphene Oxide Magnetic Ternary Composites
Phosphate Sorption Speciation and Precipitation Mechanisms on Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxide
Formulation Development of Albendazole-Loaded Self-Microemulsifying Chewable Tablets to Enhance Dissolution and Bioavailability
Actin Cytoskeleton as Actor in Upstream and Downstream of Calcium Signaling in Plant Cells
Time-Resolved Macromolecular Crystallography at Pulsed X-ray Sources
Evaluation of Using Biogas to Supply the Dual Fuel Diesel Engine of an Agricultural Tractor
Regulation of Actin Dynamics in the C. elegans Somatic Gonad
Beyond the Flavour: The Potential Druggability of Chemosensory G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Biological Activities of Fucoidan and the Factors Mediating Its Therapeutic Effects: A Review of Recent Studies
A Distributed Architecture for Human-Drone Teaming: Timing Challenges and Interaction Opportunities
Ambient Cured Fly Ash Geopolymer Coatings for Concrete
Normal FGF-21-Serum Levels in Patients with Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase II (CPT II) Deficiency
Goal Identification Control Using an Information Entropy-Based Goal Uncertainty Metric
The Relationship of Religiosity and Marital Satisfaction: The Role of Religious Commitment and Practices on Marital Satisfaction Among Pakistani Respondents
Long Term Impact of Grid Level Energy Storage on Renewable Energy Penetration and Emissions in the Chilean Electric System
Transient Operation: A Catalytic Chemoselective Hydrogenation of 2-Methyl-3-Butyn-2-ol via a Cooperative Pd and Radiofrequency Heating Directed Kinetic Resolution
Identifying the Critical Stakeholders for the Sustainable Development of Architectural Heritage of Tourism: From the Perspective of China
Generalised Regression Hypothesis Induction for Energy Consumption Forecasting
The Ethics of Representation in Light of Minamata Disease: Tsuchimoto Noriaki and His Minamata Documentaries
A Comparative Study on the Effects of Different Parts of Panax ginseng on the Immune Activity of Cyclophosphamide-Induced Immunosuppressed Mice
Hepatitis A Strain Linked to the European Outbreaks During Gay Events between 2016 and 2017, Identified in a Brazilian Homosexual Couple in 2017
Oil-in-Water Emulsions Stabilized by Ultrasonic Degraded Polysaccharide Complex
On the Coherence Relationship between Measurement Matrices and Equivalent Radiation Sources in Microwave Computational Imaging Applications
Biological Evaluation and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Chalcone Derivatives as Epidermal Growth Factor-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
Recovery of Platinum from Spent Petroleum Catalysts: Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology
Exploiting the Symmetry of Integral Transforms for Featuring Anuran Calls
Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Surface Modification Modulates Cell Internalization and Improves Chemotoxic Treatment in an Oral Carcinoma Cell Line
Applications of the 3T Method and the R1 Formula as Efficiency Assessment Tools for Comparing Waste-to-Energy and Landfilling
Metalloproteinases TACE and MMP-9 Differentially Regulate Death Factors on Adult and Neonatal Monocytes After Infection with Escherichia coli
Automated Progress Controlling and Monitoring Using Daily Site Images and Building Information Modelling
Defining Processing Times for Accelerator Produced 225Ac and Other Isotopes from Proton Irradiated Thorium
Development of Nanofluids for Perdurability in Viscosity Reduction of Extra-Heavy Oils
Analysis of Sentinel-2 and RapidEye for Retrieval of Leaf Area Index in a Saltmarsh Using a Radiative Transfer Model
Toll-Like Receptor-Mediated Recognition of Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles (NANPs) in Human Primary Blood Cells
Bio-Based Foamed Cushioning Materials Using Polypropylene and Wheat Bran
Elucidating Transmission Patterns of Endemic Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis Using Molecular Epidemiology
Deep Learning Techniques for Agronomy Applications
Radiative Transition Parameters in Atomic Lanthanum from Pseudo-Relativistic Hartree–Fock and Fully Relativistic Dirac–Hartree–Fock Calculations
Pathologic Use of Video Games and Motivation: Can the Gaming Motivation Scale (GAMS) Predict Depression and Trait Anxiety?
Associations of Prenatal and Postnatal Maternal Depressive Symptoms with Offspring Cognition and Behavior in Mid-Childhood: A Prospective Cohort Study
Biological Evaluation and Molecular Docking Studies of Dimethylpyridine Derivatives
Chromone-Derived Polyketides from the Deep-Sea Fungus Diaporthe phaseolorum FS431
Effect of Hot-Pressing Temperature on Characteristics of Straw-Based Binderless Fiberboards with Pulping Effluent
Improvement of the Approximation Accuracy of LED Radiation Patterns
Poly-ε-Caprolactone/Gelatin Hybrid Electrospun Composite Nanofibrous Mats Containing Ultrasound Assisted Herbal Extract: Antimicrobial and Cell Proliferation Study
Antigen Targets for the Development of Immunotherapies in Leukemia
The Relationship between Eicosanoid Levels and Serum Levels of Metabolic and Hormonal Parameters Depending on the Presence of Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Antioxidative and Cardioprotective Effects of Schisandra chinensis Bee Pollen Extract on Isoprenaline-Induced Myocardial Infarction in Rats
Plant Microbial Fuel Cells–Based Energy Harvester System for Self-powered IoT Applications
Ethylcellulose in Organic Solution or Aqueous Dispersion Form in Designing Taste-Masked Microparticles by the Spray Drying Technique with a Model Bitter Drug: Rupatadine Fumarate
Molecular Strategies to Diagnose Mucormycosis
CLE-10 from Carpesium abrotanoides L. Suppresses the Growth of Human Breast Cancer Cells (MDA-MB-231) In Vitro by Inducing Apoptosis and Pro-Death Autophagy Via the PI3K/Akt/mTOR Signaling Pathway
Improving Documentation of Nutritional Care in A Nursing Home: An Evaluation of A Participatory Action Research Project
Short-Term Electricity Price Forecasting with a Composite Fundamental-Econometric Hybrid Methodology
Spatial Learning with Orientation Maps: The Influence of Different Environmental Features on Spatial Knowledge Acquisition
Kinetics of Physiological and Behavioural Responses in Endotoxemic Pigs with or without Dexamethasone Treatment
Deletion of Osteopontin Enhances β2-Adrenergic Receptor-Dependent Anti-Fibrotic Signaling in Cardiomyocytes
Crystal Structure of the Cyclostreptin-Tubulin Adduct: Implications for Tubulin Activation by Taxane-Site Ligands
Differential Methylation in APOE (Chr19; Exon Four; from 44,909,188 to 44,909,373/hg38) and Increased Apolipoprotein E Plasma Levels in Subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Identification and Expression Profiling of Protein Phosphatases (PP2C) Gene Family in Gossypium hirsutum L.
Permafrost Thaw with Thermokarst Wetland-Lake and Societal-Health Risks: Dependence on Local Soil Conditions under Large-Scale Warming
A DFT Study of Hydrogen Storage in High-Entropy Alloy TiZrHfScMo
Good Practices in Home Kitchens: Construction and Validation of an Instrument for Household Food-Borne Disease Assessment and Prevention
Population Distrust of Drinking Water Safety. Community Outrage Analysis, Prediction and Management
Serrated Chips Formation in Micro Orthogonal Cutting of Ti6Al4V Alloys with Equiaxial and Martensitic Microstructures
Severe Hypoxia Does Not Offset the Benefits of Exercise on Cognitive Function in Sedentary Young Women
Methods for Sampling Biogas and Biomethane on Adsorbent Tubes after Collection in Gas Bags
Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Programs and Enhancement of Maternal Healthcare Infrastructure to Improve Early Detection of Maternal Syphilis in Shanghai, China
Physical, Chemical, Microstructural and Rheological Properties of Reactive Terpolymer-Modified Bitumen
Ceramide Imbalance and Impaired TLR4-Mediated Autophagy in BMDM of an ORMDL3-Overexpressing Mouse Model
Effects of Feeding Garlic Powder on Growth Performance, Rumen Fermentation, and the Health Status of Lambs Infected by Gastrointestinal Nematodes
Tribological Characterization of Micron-/Nano-Sized WC-9%Co Cemented Carbides Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering at Elevated Temperatures
Olive Tree Biophenols in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: When Bitter is Better
Nutritional Characteristics of Four Underutilized Edible Wild Fruits of Dietary Interest in Ghana
Letter to the Editor Re: Oh J., et al. Nutrients 2019, 11, 343
Reply: “Letter to the Editor Re: Oh J., et al. Nutrients 2019, 11, 343”
The Global Financial Crisis and Overweight among Children of Single Parents: A Nationwide 10-Year Birth Cohort Study in Japan
PHAGE Study: Effects of Supplemental Bacteriophage Intake on Inflammation and Gut Microbiota in Healthy Adults
A Comparison Between Two Assays for Measuring Seminal Oxidative Stress and their Relationship with Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Semen Parameters
Studies on the Origin of Carbons in Aroma Compounds from [13C6]Glucose -Cysteine-(E)-2-Nonenal Model Reaction Systems
Analysis of the EU Residential Energy Consumption: Trends and Determinants
Clustering Smart City Services: Perceptions, Expectations, Responses
An Ultrasonic Guided Wave Mode Selection and Excitation Method in Rail Defect Detection
Personalized Radiation Therapy in Cancer Pain Management
Cell-Selective Regulation of CFTR Gene Expression: Relevance to Gene Editing Therapeutics
The North Atlantic Oscillations: Cycle Times for the NAO, the AMO and the AMOC
Recent Developments in the Field of the Metal-Insulator Transition in Two Dimensions
Phenotypic and Molecular Analyses of Rhizoctonia spp. Associated with Rice and Other Hosts
Mechanism of Accelerant on Disperse Dyeing for PET Fiber in the Silicone Solvent Dyeing System
eHealth and Artificial Intelligence
Bone Tissue Engineering in a Perfusion Bioreactor Using Dexamethasone-Loaded Peptide Hydrogel
Couple Relationship and Parent-Child Relationship Quality: Factors Relevant to Parent-Child Communication on Sexuality in Romania
Guidance in Cinematic Virtual Reality-Taxonomy, Research Status and Challenges
High Resolution Imaging from Azimuth Missing SAR Raw Data via Segmented Recovery
A New Wetness Index to Evaluate the Soil Water Availability Influence on Gross Primary Production of European Forests
Human Semen Samples with High Antioxidant Reservoir May Exhibit Lower Post-Cryopreservation Recovery of Sperm Motility
Spot Market Mechanism Design for the Electricity Market in China Considering the Impact of a Contract Market
Influence of the Quenching and Partitioning Process on the Transformation Kinetics and Hardness in a Lean Medium Manganese TRIP Steel
2008–2017 Bogota River Water Quality Assessment based on the Water Quality Index
Positive Immuno-Modulation Following Radiofrequency Assisted Liver Resection in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Wetland Classification with Multi-Angle/Temporal SAR Using Random Forests
Root Cause Analysis in Post Project Phases as Application of Knowledge Management
Shallow Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Sochi Ski-Jump Area Using GIS and Numerical Modelling
Perfluoroalkyl Substance Assessment in Turin Metropolitan Area and Correlation with Potential Sources of Pollution According to the Water Safety Plan Risk Management Approach
Host Determinants of MERS-CoV Transmission and Pathogenesis
Long Non-Coding RNA in Vascular Disease and Aging
Trusting/Distrusting Auditors’ Opinions
The Effect of Tree-Planting Patterns on the Microclimate within a Courtyard
The Best Day of the Week: New Technology Enhancing Quality of Life in a Care Home
Sensing Region Characteristics of Smart Piezoelectric Interface for Damage Monitoring in Plate-Like Structures
Investigation of the Shear Thickening Fluid Encapsulation in an Orifice Coagulation Bath
Research on the Blow-Off Impulse Effect of a Composite Reinforced Panel Subjected to Lightning Strike
Environmental Justice in Industrially Contaminated Sites. A Review of Scientific Evidence in the WHO European Region
Full-Scale Experimental and Numerical Investigations on the Modal Parameters of a Single-Span Steel-Frame Footbridge
The Study of Buckling and Post-Buckling of a Step-Variable FGM Box
Effects of Drought Stress on Biomass, Essential Oil Content, Nutritional Parameters, and Costs of Production in Six Lamiaceae Species
Advanced Non-Destructive in Situ Characterization of Metals with the French Collaborating Research Group D2AM/BM02 Beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
A Study on Noise Reduction of Gear Pumps of Wheel Loaders Based on the ICA Model
Development of a DNA Barcoding-Like Approach to Detect Mustard Allergens in Wheat Flours
Analysis of High-Frequency Dispersion Characteristics of Capacitance and Loss Factor of Aramid Paper Impregnated with Various Dielectric Liquids
Immunohistochemical Expression of Autophagy-Related Proteins in Advanced Tubular Gastric Adenocarcinomas and Its Implications
Refocusing Environmental Education in the Early Years: A Brief Introduction to a Pedagogy for Connection
Effect of Antifreeze Glycoproteins on Organoid Survival during and after Hypothermic Storage
The Patchy Distribution of Restriction–Modification System Genes and the Conservation of Orphan Methyltransferases in Halobacteria
Glycans as Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer
Effects of Hygrothermal Environment in Cooling Towers on the Chemical Composition of Bamboo Grid Packing
Highly Sensitive and Selective H2S Chemical Sensor Based on ZnO Nanomaterial
Prediction of Glucose Intolerance in Early Postpartum in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Based on the 2013 WHO Criteria
Suitability of Metal Block Augmentation for Large Uncontained Bone Defect in Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA)
Gradient Distribution of Microstructures and Mechanical Properties in a FeCoCrNiMo High-Entropy Alloy during Spark Plasma Sintering
Simultaneous Power Flow Decouple and Converter Gain Design for Electric Vehicle to Grid System
On the Use of Microwave Holography to Detect Surface Defects of Rails and Measure the Rail Profile
A Review of Super-Resolution Imaging through Optical High-Order Interference [Invited]
Carbon Fibers Encapsulated with Nano-Copper: A Core‒Shell Structured Composite for Antibacterial and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Applications
Mechanical Properties of Direct-Quenched Ultra-High-Strength Steel Alloyed with Molybdenum and Niobium
Energy Analysis, and Carbon and Water Footprint for Environmentally Friendly Farming Practices in Agroecosystems and Agroforestry
Distance Degree Index of Some Derived Graphs
Comparative Transcriptome Analyses Provide Potential Insights into the Molecular Mechanisms of Astaxanthin in the Protection against Alcoholic Liver Disease in Mice
Sustainable Business Models: A Review
Adverse Event Circumstances and the Case of Drug Interactions
The Efficient Application of an Impulse Source Wavemaker to CFD Simulations
Leadership and Motivational Climate: The Relationship with Objectives, Commitment, and Satisfaction in Base Soccer Players
Physics Parameterization Selection in RCM and ESM Simulations Revisited: New Supporting Approach Based on Empirical Copulas
Effect of Different Environment Enrichments on Behaviour and Social Interactions in Growing Pigs
NAB 2-Expressing Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Promotes HNSCC Progression
Efficacy of Valganciclovir Treatment Depends on the Severity of Hearing Dysfunction in Symptomatic Infants with Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection
Effect of Crowding Agent Polyethylene Glycol on Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystal Phases of Disodium Cromoglycate
Eruptive Styles Recognition Using High Temporal Resolution Geostationary Infrared Satellite Data
Boundary Value Problems for Hybrid Caputo Fractional Differential Equations
Guessing with Distributed Encoders
Analyzing 21st Century Video Data on Situational Dynamics—Issues and Challenges in Video Data Analysis
The Interactive Impact of Building Diversity on the Thermal Balance and Micro-Climate Change under the Influence of Rapid Urbanization
Database of Shear Experiments on Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams without Stirrups
Comparison of Carbon Emission Reduction Modes: Impacts of Capital Constraint and Risk Aversion
Application of Ordinary Kriging and Regression Kriging Method for Soil Properties Mapping in Hilly Region of Central Vietnam
The Snell’s Window Image for Remote Sensing of the Upper Sea Layer: Results of Practical Application
Measuring and Visualizing Solar UV for a Wide Range of Atmospheric Conditions on Hawai’i Island
Constrained FC 4D MITPs for Damageable Substitutable and Complementary Items in Rough Environments
Effect of the Process Parameters on the Energy Transfer during the Synthesis of the 2LiBH4-MgH2 Reactive Hydride Composite for Hydrogen Storage
Characterization and Function of Two Short Peptidoglycan Recognition Proteins Involved in the Immunity of Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)
Interleukin-3 Polymorphism is Associated with Miscarriage of Fresh in Vitro Fertilization Cycles
Structure-Specific Endonucleases and the Resolution of Chromosome Underreplication
A Near Real-Time Automatic Speaker Recognition Architecture for Voice-Based User Interface
Acquisition of Forest Attributes for Decision Support at the Forest Enterprise Level Using Remote-Sensing Techniques—A Review
Optimization of Polyaluminum Chloride-Chitosan Flocculant for Treating Pig Biogas Slurry Using the Box–Behnken Response Surface Method
A Multi-Robot Formation Platform based on an Indoor Global Positioning System
Altitudinal Shift of Tetrao urogallus in an Alpine Natura 2000 Site: Implications for Habitat Restoration
Integration of Flow Temperatures in Unit Commitment Models of Future District Heating Systems
Symmetric-Key-Based Security for Multicast Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks
Harmonisation of Coolant Flow Pattern with Wake of Stator Vane to Improve Sealing Effectiveness Using a Wave-Shaped Rim Seal
Surface Waves Enhance Particle Dispersion
Bidirectional, Bimodal Ultrasonic Lamb Wave Sensing in a Composite Plate Using a Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Bragg Grating
Recent Studies on DNA Adducts Resulting from Human Exposure to Tobacco Smoke
Knowledge of Stakeholders in the Livestock Industries of East and Southeast Asia about Welfare during Transport and Slaughter and Its Relation to Their Attitudes to Improving Animal Welfare
Flexibility of Electric Vehicle Demand: Analysis of Measured Charging Data and Simulation for the Future
Use of Automated Control Systems and Advanced Energy Simulations in the Design of Climate Responsive Educational Building for Mediterranean Area
Nanocelluloses: Natural-Based Materials for Fiber-Reinforced Cement Composites. A Critical Review
Replacement of Fish Meal by Defatted Yellow Mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) Larvae in Diet Improves Growth Performance and Disease Resistance in Red Seabream (Pargus major)
Robust Model-Free Adaptive Iterative Learning Control for Vibration Suppression Based on Evidential Reasoning
Coating of Titanium Substrates with ZrO2 and ZrO2-SiO2 Composites by Sol-Gel Synthesis for Biomedical Applications: Structural Characterization, Mechanical and Corrosive Behavior
Evaluation of Five Atmospheric Correction Algorithms over French Optically-Complex Waters for the Sentinel-3A OLCI Ocean Color Sensor
In Silico Analysis of the Subtype Selective Blockage of KCNA Ion Channels through the µ-Conotoxins PIIIA, SIIIA, and GIIIA
Sustainable Highway Maintenance: Optimization of Existing Highway Vertical Alignment Considering Pavement Condition
Spatial Accessibility of Urban Forests in the Pearl River Delta (PRD), China
Recent Advances in Phenylboronic Acid-Based Gels with Potential for Self-Regulated Drug Delivery
Deletion of TSPO Resulted in Change of Metabolomic Profile in Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells
Quantification of the Effect of Bridge Pier Encasement on Headwater Elevation Using HEC-RAS
Thermal Effects in Dissimilar Magnetic Pulse Welding
Do Different Teams Produce Different Results in Long-Term Lichen Biomonitoring?
Enrichment Increases Aggression in Zebrafish
Effect of Polyethylene Glycol Content and Molar Mass on Injection Molding of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Acetate Succinate-Based Gastroresistant Capsular Devices for Oral Drug Delivery
The Evaluation on Corrosion Resistance and Dross Formation of Zn–23 wt% Al–0.3 wt% Si–x wt% Mg Alloy
Monitoring Training and Match Physical Load in Junior Soccer Players: Starters versus Substitutes
From Multi-Risk Evaluation to Resilience Planning: The Case of Central Chilean Coastal Cities
Self-Supervised Voltage Sag Source Identification Method Based on CNN
Dynamic Service Selection Based on Adaptive Global QoS Constraints Decomposition
Effects of Verapamil and Diltiazem on the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Rivaroxaban
An Assessment of Material Waste Disposal Methods in the Nigerian Construction Industry
Unburying Hidden Land and Maritime Cultural Potential of Small Islands in the Mediterranean for Tracking Heritage-Led Local Development Paths
Enhancing Disease Diagnosis: Biomedical Applications of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
CitySAC: A Query-Able CityGML Compression System
Mechanical and Cytocompatibility Evaluation of UHMWPE/PCL/Bioglass® Fibrous Composite for Acetabular Labrum Implant
Increased Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Risk in Individuals with Low AMY1 Copy Numbers
Preparation and Identification of ACE Inhibitory Peptides from the Marine Macroalga Ulva intestinalis
Generalized Hyers-Ulam Stability of the Pexider Functional Equation
What Factors Affect Patient Satisfaction in Public Sector Hospitals: Evidence from an Emerging Economy
Spatial Correlation of Formats in the Central Districts of a Megacity: The Case of Shanghai
Round Faces Are Associated with Sweet Foods: The Role of Crossmodal Correspondence in Social Perception
Duplex and Superduplex Stainless Steels: Microstructure and Property Evolution by Surface Modification Processes
Guwonpa, WMSCOG, and Shincheonji: Three Dynamic Grassroots Groups in Contemporary Korean Christian NRM History
Influence of Tea Consumption on the Development of Second Esophageal Neoplasm in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer
Cholic Acid-Conjugated Methylcellulose-Polyethylenimine Nano-Aggregates for Drug Delivery Systems
Highly Dispersed Ni Nanocatalysts Derived from NiMnAl-Hydrotalcites as High-Performing Catalyst for Low-Temperature Syngas Methanation
Review of Core/Shell Quantum Dots Technology Integrated into Building’s Glazing
Perceived Needs of The Family Caregivers of People with Dementia in a Mediterranean Setting: A Qualitative Study
Mapping Climatological Bare Soil Albedos over the Contiguous United States Using MODIS Data
Advantages of the Application of the Temper Bead Welding Technique During Wet Welding
Oxidation Resistance and Microstructure Evaluation of a Polymer Derived Ceramic (PDC) Composite Coating Applied onto Sintered Steel
Overview of the Manufacturing Methods of Solid Dispersion Technology for Improving the Solubility of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs and Application to Anticancer Drugs
Development and Characterization of a Pilot-Scale Model Cocoa Fermentation System Suitable for Studying the Impact of Fermentation on Putative Bioactive Compounds and Bioactivity of Cocoa
Indigenous Processes of Consent: Repoliticizing Water Governance through Legal Pluralism
Rethinking Luxury for Segmentation and Brand Strategy: The Semiotic Square and Identity Prism Model for Fine Wines
Can Machines Be Artists? A Deweyan Response in Theory and Practice
Silver-Nanoparticle-Decorated Gold Nanorod Arrays via Bioinspired Polydopamine Coating as Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) Platforms
Slow Dynamics of Ring Polymer Melts by Asymmetric Interaction of Threading Configuration: Monte Carlo Study of a Dynamically Constrained Lattice Model
Wax-Printed Fluidic Time Delays for Automating Multi-Step Assays in Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices (MicroPADs)
Nutritional Regulation of Gene Expression: Carbohydrate-, Fat- and Amino Acid-Dependent Modulation of Transcriptional Activity
Preparation and Catalytic Performance of Expanded Graphite for Oxidation of Organic Pollutant
Radiosensitivity of Cancer Cells Is Regulated by Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein
On a Coupled System of Fractional Differential Equations with Four Point Integral Boundary Conditions
A Universal Generating Algorithm of the Polyhedral Discrete Grid Based on Unit Duplication
Multi LC-MS/MS and LC-HRMS Methods for Determination of 24 Mycotoxins including Major Phase I and II Biomarker Metabolites in Biological Matrices from Pigs and Broiler Chickens
Dynamics of the Flow Exchanges between Matrix and Conduits in Karstified Watersheds at Multiple Temporal Scales
Electroadsorptive Removal of Gaseous Pollutants
Understanding the Double-Level Influence of Guanxi on Construction Innovation in China: The Mediating Role of Interpersonal Knowledge Sharing and the Cross-Level Moderating Role of Inter-Organizational Relationships
Review on the Macro-Transport Processes Theory for Irregular Pores able to Perform Catalytic Reactions
Parametric Modeling of Biomimetic Cortical Bone Microstructure for Additive Manufacturing
Measurement, Determinants, and Implications of Energy Intake in Athletes
A Novel Approach for Delineation of Homogeneous Rainfall Regions for Water Sensitive Urban Design—A Case Study in Southeast Queensland
Classification and Selection of Cellular Materials in Mechanical Design: Engineering and Biomimetic Approaches
Amazon Fund 10 Years Later: Lessons from the World’s Largest REDD+ Program
Exploration of Computational Approaches to Predict the Toxicity of Chemical Mixtures
A Decision Support System for Dynamic Job-Shop Scheduling Using Real-Time Data with Simulation
Evaluation and Selection of De-Icing Salt Based on Multi-Factor
A Preview of a Construction of a Crystal Lattice Based on Intermolecular Interactions
Metagenomic Characterization of Bacterial Communities on Ready-to-Eat Vegetables and Effects of Household Washing on their Diversity and Composition
Mechanical Properties and Application of Right-Hand Rolling-Thread Steel Bolt in Deep and High-Stress Roadway
Current Status and Future Prospects of Clinically Exploiting Cancer-specific Metabolism—Why Is Tumor Metabolism Not More Extensively Translated into Clinical Targets and Biomarkers?
Experimental Conditions for the Stabilization of the Lyotropic Biaxial Nematic Mesophase
Angular Composite Facet Model with Shadowing Treatment for Backscattering from Two-Dimensional Rough Sea Surface
Improving Safety through Non-Technical Skills in Chemical Plants: The Validity of a Questionnaire for the Self-Assessment of Workers
Estimating Diphenylamine in Gunshot Residues from a New Tool for Identifying both Inorganic and Organic Residues in the Same Sample
Effect of Residential Greenness and Nearby Parks on Respiratory and Allergic Diseases among Middle School Adolescents in a Chinese City
Rolling Bearings Fault Diagnosis Based on Tree Heuristic Feature Selection and the Dependent Feature Vector Combined with Rough Sets
Long-Term Annual Surface Water Change in the Brazilian Amazon Biome: Potential Links with Deforestation, Infrastructure Development and Climate Change
A Temporal Order in 5′- and 3′- Processing of Eukaryotic tRNAHis
Photocatalytic Activity of Nanostructured Titania Films Obtained by Electrochemical, Chemical, and Thermal Oxidation of Ti6Al4V Alloy—Comparative Analysis
Zika Outbreak Emergency Preparedness and Response of Malaysian Private Healthcare Professionals: Are They Ready?
Research on Spatiotemporal Land Deformation (2012–2018) over Xi’an, China, with Multi-Sensor SAR Datasets
Improving the Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Metal Ecotoxicity: Importance of Chromium Speciation, Water Chemistry, and Metal Release
Spatial Downscaling of Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Annual and Monthly Precipitation Data over the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River Basin, China
Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearings Based on Improved Kurtogram in Varying Speed Conditions
Land Use Evaluation over the Jema Watershed, in the Upper Blue Nile River Basin, Northwestern Highlands of Ethiopia
Weight Perception, Weight Control Intentions, and Dietary Intakes among Adolescents Ages 10–15 Years in the United States
A Study on the Hall–Petch Relationship and Grain Growth Kinetics in FCC-Structured High/Medium Entropy Alloys
Light-Induced Control of the Spin Distribution on Cu–Dithiolene Complexes: A Correlated Ab Initio Study
BACE-1 and γ-Secretase as Therapeutic Targets for Alzheimer’s Disease
Physical Stability and Viscoelastic Properties of Co-Amorphous Ezetimibe/Simvastatin System
Antibiotic Resistance in Pacific Island Countries and Territories: A Systematic Scoping Review
Modelling External Magnetic Fields of Magnetite Particles: From Micro- to Macro-Scale
VirtFogSim: A Parallel Toolbox for Dynamic Energy-Delay Performance Testing and Optimization of 5G Mobile-Fog-Cloud Virtualized Platforms
Evaluation of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) Larvae and Pre-Pupae Raised on Household Organic Waste, as Potential Ingredients for Poultry Feed
Versatile Multi-Functional Block Copolymers Made by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and Post-Synthetic Modification: Switching from Volatile Organic Compound Sensors to Polymeric Surfactants for Water Rheology Control via Hydrolysis
Assessment of Resilience of Pistachio Agroecosystems in Rafsanjan Plain in Iran
Antarctic Studies Show Lichens to be Excellent Biomonitors of Climate Change
A Study of the Socioeconomic Factors Influencing Migration in Russia
Nonextensive Quasiparticle Description of QCD Matter
Plasmons and Plasmon–Polaritons in Finite Ionic Systems: Toward Soft-Plasmonics of Confined Electrolyte Structures
Room Temperature Synthesis of V-Doped TiO2 and Its Photocatalytic Activity in the Removal of Caffeine under UV Irradiation
Religion at Kuntillet ʿAjrud
Perilipin 5 and Lipocalin 2 Expression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Coupling Exergy with the Emission of Greenhouse Gases in Bioenergy: A Case Study Using Biochar
Re-Evaluating the Climate Factor in Agricultural Land Assessment in a Changing Climate—Saskatchewan, Canada
H3K27me3 Depletion during Differentiation Promotes Myogenic Transcription in Porcine Satellite Cells
Assessment and Impact of Cognitive Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis: An Overview
Design and Characterization of a New Quercus Suber-Based Pickering Emulsion for Topical Application
Structure Based Design and Molecular Docking Studies for Phosphorylated Tau Inhibitors in Alzheimer’s Disease
Indirect Inference: Which Moments to Match?
Review of Coal-Fired Electrification and Magnetic Separation Desulfurization Technology
A Systematic Literature Review of the Design Approach and Usability Evaluation of the Pain Management Mobile Applications
Defining the Limits of Spectrally Based Bathymetric Mapping on a Large River
A Direct Effect of Sex Hormones on Epithelial Barrier Function in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Models
A C21-Steroidal Glycoside from Cynanchum atratum Attenuates Concanavalin A-Induced Liver Injury in Mice
Electrochemical Removal of Chromium (VI) from Wastewater
Gender Differences in the Prevalence of Chronic Pain and Leisure Time Physical Activity Among US Adults: A NHANES Study
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Diesel Fuel Reforming over a Pt/CeO2-Al2O3 Catalyst
Radicinin, a Fungal Phytotoxin as a Target-Specific Bioherbicide for Invasive Buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris) Control
The Impacts of Spatially Variable Demand Patterns on Water Distribution System Design and Operation
Instability Index Derived from a Landslide Inventory for Watershed Stability Assessment and Mapping
Resilient Modulus—Physical Parameters Relationship of Improved Red Clay by Dynamic Tri-Axial Test
Monetary Policy, Cash Flow and Corporate Investment: Empirical Evidence from Vietnam
Catenane Structures of Homoleptic Thioglycolic Acid-Protected Gold Nanoclusters Evidenced by Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry and DFT Calculations
High Incidence of Diabetes in People with Extremely High High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol: Results of the Kanagawa Investigation of Total Checkup Data from the National Database-1 (KITCHEN-1)
Modified U-shaped Microactuator with Compliant Mechanism Applied to a Microgripper
Touch-Based Dual-Band System Combined Human Body Communication and Wireless LAN for Wearable Devices
Antioxidant, Gastroprotective, Cytotoxic Activities and UHPLC PDA-Q Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry Identification of Metabolites in Baccharis grisebachii Decoction
Microbiological Testing for the Proper Assessment of the Hygiene Status of Beef Carcasses
Progression of the Total and Individual Capsaicinoids Content in the Fruits of Three Different Cultivars of Capsicum chinense Jacq.
S-type Dissolved Oxygen Distribution along Water Depth in a Canyon-shaped and Algae Blooming Water Source Reservoir: Reasons and Control
Religious Experience, Hindu Pluralism, and Hope: Anubhava in the Tradition of Sri Ramakrishna
Identifying Areas with Disproportionate Local Health Department Services Relative to Opioid Overdose, HIV and Hepatitis C Diagnosis Rates: A Study of Rural Illinois
The Influence of Herbicide Underdosage on the Composition and Diversity of Weeds in Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L. var. oleifera D.C.) Mediterranean Fields
Relay Positions Considering Interference from Other Sub-Channels in OFDMA-Based D2D Group-Casting Systems
Protease Activity Profiling of Snake Venoms Using High-Throughput Peptide Screening
Mineralogical Asbestos Assessment in the Southern Apennines (Italy): A Review
The Self-Assembly Phenomenon of Poloxamers and Its Effect on the Dissolution of a Poorly Soluble Drug from Solid Dispersions Obtained by Solvent Methods
Cu(II)-Catalyzed Oxidative Trifluoromethylation of Indoles with KF as the Base
Decadal Changes of the Reflected Solar Radiation and the Earth Energy Imbalance
Spatial Distribution and Changes of the Realizable Triple Cropping System in China
A Novel Orthohepadnavirus Identified in a Dead Maxwell’s Duiker (Philantomba maxwellii) in Taï National Park, Côte d’Ivoire
Correlation of BRAF Variant V595E, Breed, Histological Grade and Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression in Canine Transitional Cell Carcinomas
Neutrophil Cell Shape Change: Mechanism and Signalling during Cell Spreading and Phagocytosis
Characterization of the Filovirus-Resistant Cell Line SH-SY5Y Reveals Redundant Role of Cell Surface Entry Factors
Fixed Switching Frequency Digital Sliding-Mode Control of DC-DC Power Supplies Loaded by Constant Power Loads with Inrush Current Limitation Capability
Cyclic Voltammetry Characterization of Au, Pd, and AuPd Nanoparticles Supported on Different Carbon Nanofibers
Development of Coupled Biokinetic and Thermal Model to Optimize Cold-Water Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) in Homogenous Reservoir
Ammonium Hydroxide Mediated Hydrothermal Crystallization of Hydroxyapatite Coatings on Titanium Substrate
Investigation on Corrosion Resistance and Formation Mechanism of a P–F–Zr Contained Micro-Arc Oxidation Coating on AZ31B Magnesium Alloy Using an Orthogonal Method
Does an Ecological Industry Chain Improve the Eco-Efficiency of an Industrial Cluster? Based on Empirical Study of an Energy-Intensive Industrial Cluster in China
Nanoporous Quasi-High-Entropy Alloy Microspheres
Application of Fresnel Zone Plate Focused Beam to Optimized Sensor Design for Pulse-Echo Harmonic Generation Measurements
The Forward Order Law for Least Squareg-Inverse of Multiple Matrix Products
News Co-Occurrences, Stock Return Correlations, and Portfolio Construction Implications
Microtubular and Nuclear Functions of γ-Tubulin: Are They LINCed?
Challenges and Recent Progress in Oral Drug Delivery Systems for Biopharmaceuticals
2-Deoxyglucose-Modified Folate Derivative: Self-Assembling Nanoparticle Able to Load Cisplatin
Growing Resilience through Interaction with Nature: Can Group Walks in Nature Buffer the Effects of Stressful Life Events on Mental Health?
Annual Heating and Hot Water Load Reduction Effect of Air-Based Solar Heating System Using Thermal Simulation
Early Transcriptional Response to DNA Virus Infection in Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
TGF-β Signaling in Cancer: Control by Negative Regulators and Crosstalk with Proinflammatory and Fibrogenic Pathways
Association of Human FOS Promoter Variants with the Occurrence of Knee-Osteoarthritis in a Case Control Association Study
Improving the Performance of Dry and Maritime Ports by Increasing Knowledge about the Most Relevant Functionalities of the Terminal Operating System (TOS)
Progress to Improve Oral Bioavailability and Beneficial Effects of Resveratrol
Potentials of Context-Aware Travel Support during Unplanned Public Transport Disturbances
Procyanidin—Cell Wall Interactions within Apple Matrices Decrease the Metabolization of Procyanidins by the Human Gut Microbiota and the Anti-Inflammatory Effect of the Resulting Microbial Metabolome In Vitro
Protection of Phage Applications in Crop Production: A Patent Landscape
Integration and Exploitation of Sensor Data in Smart Cities through Event-Driven Applications
The Digital Pharmacies Era: How 3D Printing Technology Using Fused Deposition Modeling Can Become a Reality
False Positive RFID Detection Using Classification Models
Slip Factor Correction in 1-D Performance Prediction Model for PaTs
Increased Hunger, Food Cravings, Food Reward, and Portion Size Selection after Sleep Curtailment in Women Without Obesity
Influence of Root System Characteristics on Black Spruce Seedling Responses to Limiting Conditions
Methods and Challenges of Using the Greater Wax Moth (Galleria mellonella) as a Model Organism in Antimicrobial Compound Discovery
Monitoring and Multi-Messenger Astronomy with IceCube
Binary Oxides Prepared by Microwave-Assisted Solution Combustion: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity
Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter for Target Tracking with Unknown Time-Varying Noise Covariance
Functional Interaction among KCa and TRP Channels for Cardiovascular Physiology: Modern Perspectives on Aging and Chronic Disease
Spatial-Temporal Evolution of PM2.5 Concentration and its Socioeconomic Influence Factors in Chinese Cities in 2014–2017
Role of Emissivity in Lava Flow ‘Distance-to-Run’ Estimates from Satellite-Based Volcano Monitoring
Localization of Frog Virus 3 Conserved Viral Proteins 88R, 91R, and 94L
Playing God
Two-Dimensional Modeling of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Oxygen Generation with Radial-Flow Adsorber
U-Shaped Relationship between Serum Leptin Concentration and Cognitive Performance in Older Asian Adults
Husbandry Practices, Health, and Welfare Status of Organic Broilers in France
Immediate and Delayed Effects of Severe Winds on an Old-Growth Forest in Kentucky: A Forty-Year Retrospective
Microbial Lipid Production from Corn Stover by the Oleaginous Yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides Using the PreSSLP Process
Identification of the Tetrel Bonds between Halide Anions and Carbon Atom of Methyl Groups Using Electronic Criterion
Bioaccumulation and Distribution of Indospicine and Its Foregut Metabolites in Camels Fed Indigofera spicata
Homogeneous Embedding of Magnetic Nanoparticles into Polymer Brushes during Simultaneous Surface-Initiated Polymerization
Work-Life Conflict among U.S. Long-Haul Truck Drivers: Influences of Work Organization, Perceived Job Stress, Sleep, and Organizational Support
Energy Regulator Supply Restoration Time
Anchor Effect in Polymerization Kinetics: Case of Monofunctionalized POSS
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Hyper BCK Algebras
The Effect of Exercise Training on Myocardial and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism by MR Spectroscopy in Rats with Heart Failure
Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of 7S and 11S Globulins Isolated from Cowpea Seed Protein
Biological Evaluation and Docking Analysis of Potent BACE1 Inhibitors from Boesenbergia rotunda
Clinical Management of Blood–Brain Barrier Disruptions after Active Raster-Scanned Carbon Ion Re-Radiotherapy in Patients with Recurrent Head-and-Neck Cancer
FcRn-Dependent Transcytosis of Monoclonal Antibody in Human Nasal Epithelial Cells In Vitro: A Prerequisite for a New Delivery Route for Therapy?
Noise Reduction of Power Quality Measurements with Time-Frequency Depth Analysis
A Spam Filtering Method Based on Multi-Modal Fusion
Potential of Modern Photogrammetry Versus Airborne Laser Scanning for Estimating Forest Variables in a Mountain Environment
Keeping It in the Family: Intersectionality and ‘Class A’ Drug Dealing by Females in the West of Scotland
Effect of MSCs and MSC-Derived Extracellular Vesicles on Human Blood Coagulation
Intracellular Water Content in Lean Mass is Associated with Muscle Strength, Functional Capacity, and Frailty in Community-Dwelling Elderly Individuals. A Cross-Sectional Study
Synthesis, In Vitro Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activities of Some New Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine Derivatives
Direct Yaw Moment Control for Enhancing Handling Quality of Lightweight Electric Vehicles with Large Load-To-Curb Weight Ratio
Spatial Dynamics of Intercity Technology Transfer Networks in China’s Three Urban Agglomerations: A Patent Transaction Perspective
Measurement of the Chair Rise Performance of Older People Based on Force Plates and IMUs
Nanocomplexes of Graphene Oxide and Platinum Nanoparticles against Colorectal Cancer Colo205, HT-29, HTC-116, SW480, Liver Cancer HepG2, Human Breast Cancer MCF-7, and Adenocarcinoma LNCaP and Human Cervical Hela B Cell Lines
G-Quadruplexes as An Alternative Recognition Element in Disease-Related Target Sensing
CuDDI: A CUDA-Based Application for Extracting Drug-Drug Interaction Related Substance Terms from PubMed Literature
Circadian Clocks in Fish—What Have We Learned so far?
Origin and Evolution of Ore-Forming Fluid and Gold-Deposition Processes at the Sanshandao Gold Deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China
Using Stochastic Decision Networks to Assess Costs and Completion Times of Refurbishment Work in Construction
Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Magnus Force on an Axis-Symmetric, Disk-Type AUV with Symmetric Propulsion
Molecular Analysis of HLA-G in Women with High-Risk Pregnancy and Their Partners with Regard to Possible Complications
Aristolochic Acids: Newly Identified Exposure Pathways of this Class of Environmental and Food-Borne Contaminants and its Potential Link to Chronic Kidney Diseases
Effects of Ascorbic Acid on Osteopontin Expression and Axonal Myelination in the Developing Cerebellum of Lead-Exposed Rat Pups
Advanced Electric Discharge Machining of Stainless Steels: Assessment of the State of the Art, Gaps and Future Prospect
A Two-Stage Kalman Filter-Based Carrier Tracking Loop for Weak GNSS Signals
Dimension and Dimensional Reduction in Quantum Gravity
Conceptual Approach for Positioning of Fish Guidance Structures Using CFD and Expert Knowledge
Vibration Detection and Motion Compensation for Multi-Frequency Phase-Shifting-Based 3D Sensors
Derivatization of Rosmarinic Acid Enhances its in vitro Antitumor, Antimicrobial and Antiprotozoal Properties
Daboia (Vipera) palaestinae Envenomation in 123 Horses: Treatment and Efficacy of Antivenom Administration
Design an All-Optical Combinational Logic Circuits Based on Nano-Ring Insulator-Metal-Insulator Plasmonic Waveguides
On the Thermodynamic Origin of Gravitational Force by Applying Spacetime Entanglement Entropy and the Unruh Effect
Development of Sustainable and Cost-Competitive Injection-Molded Pieces of Partially Bio-Based Polyethylene Terephthalate through the Valorization of Cotton Textile Waste
Dual Mode Gait Sonification for Rehabilitation After Unilateral Hip Arthroplasty
Associations between Home Foreclosure and Health Outcomes in a Spanish City
Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles Can Activate the Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition in an Experimental Gastric Cancer Model
The Relationship between Food Insecurity and Symptoms of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children: A Summary of the Literature
Biological Activity and In Silico Study of 3-Modified Derivatives of Betulin and Betulinic Aldehyde
Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity with Extra Dimensions
The Dual Prey-Inactivation Strategy of Spiders—In-Depth Venomic Analysis of Cupiennius salei
An Energy Efficient Synchronization Protocol for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Array Networks
In-Vivo Vibroacoustic Surveillance of Trees in the Context of the IoT
Recycling of Alkaline Batteries via a Carbothermal Reduction Process
Development of an Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment Tool for the Rating of Offices in Real Working Conditions
Simultaneous Determination and Risk Assessment of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in Artemisia capillaris Thunb. by UPLC-MS/MS Together with Chemometrics
Evaluation of a Methylcellulose and Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel as a Vehicle for Rectal Delivery of Biologics
Thermodynamic Relations among Isotropic Material Properties in Conditions of Plane Shear Stress
Selective Detection of Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells Based on the Aptamer-Conjugated Self-Assembled Monolayer of Gold Nanoparticles
Transcription Factors in the Development and Function of Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells
Global Need for Physical Rehabilitation: Systematic Analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017
The Dry Revolution: Evaluation of Three Different EEG Dry Electrode Types in Terms of Signal Spectral Features, Mental States Classification and Usability
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures Using Contemporary Endodontic Materials
Special Issue: Wine and Vine Components and Health
UV-B Filter Octylmethoxycinnamate Induces Vasorelaxation by Ca2+ Channel Inhibition and Guanylyl Cyclase Activation in Human Umbilical Arteries
Facile Synthesis of Polypyrrole-Functionalized CoFe2O4@SiO2 for Removal for Hg(II)
Predicting Ewing Sarcoma Treatment Outcome Using Infrared Spectroscopy and Machine Learning
Shoreline Displacement, Coastal Environments and Human Subsistence in the Hanö Bay Region during The Mesolithic
Particle–Hole Transformation in Strongly-Doped Iron-Based Superconductors
Aspernolide A Inhibits the Proliferation of Human Laryngeal Carcinoma Cells through the Mitochondrial Apoptotic and STAT3 Signaling Pathways
Reproductive Strategy Inferred from Major Histocompatibility Complex-Based Inter-Individual, Sperm-Egg, and Mother-Fetus Recognitions in Giant Pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
Prototype Orthopedic Bone Plates 3D Printed by Laser Melting Deposition
Construction Materials from Vitrified Lignite Fly Ash in Plasmatron Plasma Reactor
Focal Neuroendocrine Differentiation of Conventional Prostate Adenocarcinoma as a Prognostic Factor after Radical Prostatectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
The Light and Dark Sides of Virtual Screening: What Is There to Know?
Smartbins: Using Intelligent Harvest Baskets to Estimate the Stages of Berry Harvesting
Steroids from the Deep-Sea-Derived Fungus Penicillium granulatum MCCC 3A00475 Induced Apoptosis via Retinoid X Receptor (RXR)-α Pathway
Association between CMV and Invasive Fungal Infections After Autologous Stem Cell Transplant in Lymphoproliferative Malignancies: Opportunistic Partnership or Cause-Effect Relationship?
TRAC: A Thermal Resistance Advanced Calculator for Electronic Packages
Contribution of Anoctamins to Cell Survival and Cell Death
Application of Remotely Sensed Imagery and Socioeconomic Surveys to Map Crop Choices in the Bekaa Valley (Lebanon)
Suppression of the Ubiquitin Pathway by Small Molecule Binding to Ubiquitin Enhances Doxorubicin Sensitivity of the Cancer Cells
Ebola Virus Entry: From Molecular Characterization to Drug Discovery
Learning to Cooperate via an Attention-Based Communication Neural Network in Decentralized Multi-Robot Exploration
Monitoring the Degradation of Island Permafrost Using Time-Series InSAR Technique: A Case Study of Heihe, China
Peroxiporins in Cancer
Amyloid-Targeting PET Tracer [18F]Flutemetamol Accumulates in Atherosclerotic Plaques
Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Detection of Sodium Thiocyanate in Milk Based on the Aggregation of Ag Nanoparticles
Supramolecular Cyclodextrin-Based Hydrogels for Controlled Gene Delivery
Quartz Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Based on a Custom Quartz Tuning Fork
Physical Culture
Opportunities and Challenges in the Ethiopian Bamboo Sector: A Market Analysis of the Bamboo-Based Value Web
Transcriptomic Impact of IMA-08401, a Novel AHR Agonist Resembling Laquinimod, on Rat Liver
The Type of Land We Want: Exploring the Limits of Community Forestry in Tanzania and Bolivia
Effect of Fermentation on Enhancing the Nutraceutical Properties of Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina)
Optical Detection of Dangerous Road Conditions
Comparison of Nest Defense Behaviors of Goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) from Finland and Montana
Transcriptomic-Proteomic Correlation in the Predation-Evoked Venom of the Cone Snail, Conus imperialis
In Vitro Effects of Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia Essential Oil) and its Principal Component Terpinen-4-ol on Swine Spermatozoa
Current Scenario of the Tehran Municipal Solid Waste Handling Rules towards Green Technology
The Foshan Total Lightning Location System in China and Its Initial Operation Results
Improved Active and Reactive Control of a Small Wind Turbine System Connected to the Grid
Integration, Processing and Dissemination of LiDAR Data in a 3D Web-GIS
Meal for Two: Human Cytomegalovirus-Induced Activation of Cellular Metabolism
Nanostructured Materials for Food Applications: Spectroscopy, Microscopy and Physical Properties
The Desaturase Gene Family is Crucially Required for Fatty Acid Metabolism and Survival of the Brown Planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens
Movement-Based Biosecurity Zones for Control of Highly Infectious Animal Diseases: Application of Community Detection Analysis to a Livestock Vehicle Movement Network
Comparative Physiological Analysis Reveals the Role of NR-Derived Nitric Oxide in the Cold Tolerance of Forage Legumes
Rice-Residue Management Practices of Smallholder Farms in Vietnam and Their Effects on Nutrient Fluxes in the Soil-Plant System
Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids (MAAs) in Time-Series of Lichen Specimens from Natural History Collections
Long-Term Changes of Hydrological Variables in a Small Lowland Watershed in Central Poland
In Vitro Induction of T Helper 17 Cells by Synergistic Activation of Human Monocyte-Derived Langerhans Cell-Like Cells with Bacterial Agonists
Tissue-Resident Innate and Innate-Like Lymphocyte Responses to Viral Infection
Contrasting Physiological and Environmental Controls of Evapotranspiration over Kernza Perennial Crop, Annual Crops, and C4 and Mixed C3/C4 Grasslands
Assessment of the X- and C-Band Polarimetric SAR Data for Plastic-Mulched Farmland Classification
Sorption of Cu(II), Zn(II) and Pb(II) Ions in an Aqueous Solution on the PVC-Acetylacetone Composites
Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in a Deep Lake from Sentinel-2 Data
Mosquito Small RNA Responses to West Nile and Insect-Specific Virus Infections in Aedes and Culex Mosquito Cells
A Simple Procedure to Assess Limit of Detection for Multisensor Systems
Enantioselective Synthesis of the Ethyl Analog of the Marine Alkaloid Haliclorensin C
“Click” Chemistry on Gold Electrodes Modified with Reduced Graphene Oxide by Electrophoretic Deposition
Interactive Curve-Linear Relationship Between Alteration of Carbohydrate Macromolecular Structure Traits in Hulless Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Grain and Nutrient Utilization, Biodegradation and Bioavailability
Reaction Time Improvements by Neural Bistability
An Integrative Approach to Assess Subjective Well-Being. A Case Study on Romanian University Students
Antitrypanosomal Activity of Sesquiterpene Lactones from Helianthus tuberosus L. Including a New Furanoheliangolide with an Unusual Structure
Bevacizumab-Based Chemotherapy Triggers Immunological Effects in Responding Multi-Treated Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Patients by Favoring the Recruitment of Effector T Cell Subsets
Gender Identity: The Human Right of Depathologization
Identification of Zebrafish Calcium Toolkit Genes and their Expression in the Brain
Tubulin-Based DNA Barcode: Principle and Applications to Complex Food Matrices
How to Balance the Trade-off between Economic Development and Climate Change?
Does Addition of Perch Larvae as Prey Affect the Growth, Development and Cannibalism Rate of Pikeperch Larvae?
Solving Management Problems in Water Distribution Networks: A Survey of Approaches and Mathematical Models
Novel Insights into Plant Genome Evolution and Adaptation as Revealed through Transposable Elements and Non-Coding RNAs in Conifers
Antimicrobial Films Based on Nanocomposites of Chitosan/Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Graphene Oxide for Biomedical Applications
Exceptional Longevity and Polygenic Risk for Cardiovascular Health
A Patch/Dipole Hybrid-Mode Antenna for Sub-6GHz Communication
Exploration of Social Media for Observing Improper Tourist Behaviors in a National Park
Review of Soft Computing Models in Design and Control of Rotating Electrical Machines
Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy Localization versus Percutaneous CT-Guided Localization for Lung Resection via Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery: A Propensity-Matched Study
Quaternized Polysulfone Cross-Linked N,N-Dimethyl Chitosan-Based Anion-Conducting Membranes
The Contribution of Fish to Food and Nutrition Security in Eastern Africa: Emerging Trends and Future Outlooks
SIRT2 Inhibition Results in Meiotic Arrest, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and Disturbance of Redox Homeostasis during Bovine Oocyte Maturation
Optimization and Technical Validation of the AIDE-MOI Fall Detection Algorithm in a Real-Life Setting with Older Adults
Peptide Controlled Shaping of Biomineralized Tin(II) Oxide into Flower-Like Particles
The Optimal Emission Decisions of Sustainable Production with Innovative Baseline Credit Regulations
Different Socio-Demographic and Lifestyle Factors Can Determine the Dietary Supplement Use in Children and Adolescents in Central-Eastern Poland
Generational Health Impact of PCOS on Women and their Children
Catalysts of PtSn/C Modified with Ru and Ta for Electrooxidation of Ethanol
NMR-Based Μetabolomics of the Lipid Fraction of Organic and Conventional Bovine Milk
Real-World Experiences with Pazopanib in Patients with Advanced Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma in Northern California
Analysis of 2009–2012 Nutrition Health and Examination Survey (NHANES) Data to Estimate the Median Water Intake Associated with Meeting Hydration Criteria for Individuals Aged 12–80 in the US Population
Design, Synthesis, and Molecular Docking Study of Novel Heterocycles Incorporating 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Moiety as Potential Antimicrobial and Anticancer Agents
A Deep Learning Framework for Driving Behavior Identification on In-Vehicle CAN-BUS Sensor Data
Phenalenones from a Marine-Derived Fungus Penicillium Sp.
On the Use of Hair Analysis for Assessing Arsenic Intoxication
Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Detection of Fipronil Pesticide Adsorbed on Silver Nanoparticles
Endophytic Fungal Volatile Compounds as Solution for Sustainable Agriculture
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Dengue Fever among Patients Experiencing the 2017 Outbreak in Vietnam
Census Tract Food Tweets and Chronic Disease Outcomes in the U.S., 2015–2018
HgS Inhibits Oxidative Stress Caused by Hypoxia through Regulation of 5-HT Metabolism Pathway
Concentrating Solar Power Technologies
Study and Stability Analysis of Leading Phase Operation of a Large Synchronous Generator
Hybrid Biomimetic Materials from Silica/Carbonate Biomorphs
Diagnostic Value of Soluble Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator Receptor in Addition to High-Sensitivity Troponin I in Early Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction
Bayesian Survival Analysis Model for Girth Weld Failure Prediction
Strain-Rate-Dependent Deformation Behavior and Mechanical Properties of a Multi-Phase Medium-Manganese Steel
Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature on Biochar Microstructural Evolution, Physicochemical Characteristics, and Its Influence on Biochar/Polypropylene Composites
Metabolome and Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis Reveals Anthocyanin Metabolism in Pink Flowers of Anthocyanin-Rich Tea (Camellia sinensis)
Electrochemical Evaluation of Selenium (IV) Removal from Its Aqueous Solutions by Unmodified and Modified Graphene Oxide
Compartmentalization of Subtype A17 of Small Ruminant Lentiviruses between Blood and Colostrum in Infected Goats Is Not Exclusively Associated to the env Gene
Intermodal Container Routing: Integrating Long-Haul Routing and Local Drayage Decisions
The Moderating Effect of Innovation on the Relationship between Urbanization and CO2 Emissions: Evidence from Three Major Urban Agglomerations in China
Bioinspired Histidine–Zn2+ Coordination for Tuning the Mechanical Properties of Self-Healing Coiled Coil Cross-Linked Hydrogels
Application of Neural Networks for Retrieval of the CO2 Concentration at Aerospace Sensing by IPDA-DIAL lidar
Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter with Correntropy Loss for Robust Power System State Estimation
pH-Responsive Micelles Assembled by Three-Armed Degradable Block Copolymers with a Cholic Acid Core for Drug Controlled-Release
Choline Supplementation in Cystic Fibrosis—The Metabolic and Clinical Impact
Knockdown of Cytochrome P450 Genes Gh_D07G1197 and Gh_A13G2057 on Chromosomes D07 and A13 Reveals Their Putative Role in Enhancing Drought and Salt Stress Tolerance in Gossypium hirsutum
Angiogenesis in Pancreatic Cancer: Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies
Voltage/Frequency Deviations Control via Distributed Battery Energy Storage System Considering State of Charge
High-Beta Optics and Running Prospects
Migration Law of the Roof of a Composited Backfilling Longwall Face in a Steeply Dipping Coal Seam
Multiuser Transmit Precoding Design for Dimming Compatible Visible Light Communications
Smart Sensing and Adaptive Reasoning for Enabling Industrial Robots with Interactive Human-Robot Capabilities in Dynamic Environments—A Case Study
Effects of Nanoparticles on Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria in Indian Agricultural Soil
Curcumin Analogue C1 Promotes Hex and Gal Recruitment to the Plasma Membrane via mTORC1-Independent TFEB Activation
Neurorehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): A Clinical Review
Validation Including Uncertainty Estimation of a GC–MS/MS Method for Determination of Selected Halogenated Priority Substances in Fish Using Rapid and Efficient Lipid Removing Sample Preparation
Phenotypic Characterization of Circulating Lung Cancer Cells for Clinically Actionable Targets
Adaptive Edge Preserving Weighted Mean Filter for Removing Random-Valued Impulse Noise
Smoking and Physical Activity Trajectories from Childhood to Midlife
Floating Membrane Bioreactors with High Gas Hold-Up for Syngas-to-Biomethane Conversion
Numerical Simulation of PDEs by Local Meshless Differential Quadrature Collocation Method
GC-MS Analysis of the Composition of the Extracts and Essential Oil from Myristica fragrans Seeds Using Magnesium Aluminometasilicate as Excipient
Variational Approaches for Lagrangian Discrete Nonlinear Systems
An Online Calibration Method for a Galvanometric System Based on Wavelet Kernel ELM
Fixing Efficiency Values by Unfixing Compressor Speed: Dynamic Test Method for Heat Pumps
Tartary Buckwheat Extract Attenuated the Obesity-Induced Inflammation and Increased Muscle PGC-1a/SIRT1 Expression in High Fat Diet-Induced Obese Rats
Preliminary Human Safety Assessment (PHSA) for the Improvement of the Behavioral Aspects of Safety Climate in the Construction Industry
Operational Large-Scale Segmentation of Imagery Based on Iterative Elimination
Gene Expression Networks Across Multiple Tissues Are Associated with Rates of Molecular Evolution in Wild House Mice
An Extension of the CODAS Approach Using Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set for Sustainable Material Selection in Construction Projects with Incomplete Weight Information
UAV Landing Based on the Optical Flow Videonavigation
Mediterranean Diet and Cardiodiabesity: A Systematic Review through Evidence-Based Answers to Key Clinical Questions
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production: Role of Sacrificial Reagents on the Activity of Oxide, Carbon, and Sulfide Catalysts
Impedance Measurement and Detection Frequency Bandwidth, a Valid Island Detection Proposal for Voltage Controlled Inverters
A Novel and Practical Scheme for Resolving the Quality of Samples in Background Modeling
Optical Properties of Buffers and Cell Culture Media for Optofluidic and Sensing Applications
Effects of Different Storage Techniques on Round-Baled Orchard-Pruning Residues
Kinematically Coupled Force Compensation—Experimental Results and Advanced Design for the 1D-Implementation
Fractional Multi-Step Differential Transformed Method for Approximating a Fractional Stochastic SIS Epidemic Model with Imperfect Vaccination
Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Value-Added Chemicals by Heterogeneous Catalysis and Plasma Catalysis
Spatial Characteristics and Activity Space Pattern Analysis of Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Cloning, Expression, and Characterization of a Psychrophilic Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase from Sphingomonas sp. PAMC 26621
Non-Negligible Lag of Groundwater Infiltration Recharge: A Case in Mu Us Sandy Land, China
Line Integral Solution of Hamiltonian PDEs
Hybrid Indoor Localization Using WiFi and UWB Technologies
Consumers’ Perceptions of Coffee Health Benefits and Motives for Coffee Consumption and Purchasing
Probabilistic Seismic Demand Analysis of a Bridge with Unbonded, Post-Tensioned, Concrete-Filled, Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tube Columns
The Campus as a Smart City: University of Málaga Environmental, Learning, and Research Approaches
Towards Hyper-Dimensional Variography Using the Product-Sum Covariance Model
GPR Imaging for Deeply Buried Objects: A Comparative Study Based on Compositing of Scanning Frequencies and a Chirp Excitation Function
Tool Use by Four Species of Indo-Pacific Sea Urchins
An Effective FPGA Solver on Probability Distribution and Preprocessing
Design Principles of Early Stone Pagodas in Ancient Korean Architecture: Case Studies on the Stone Pagodas at Chŏngnimsa and Kamŭnsa Buddhist Temples
Readiness for Firefighting: A Heart Transplant Patient’s Quest to Return to Work
Tribological Properties of Molybdenum Disulfide and Helical Carbon Nanotube Modified Epoxy Resin
A Multi-Path Compensation Method for Ranging in Wearable Ultrasonic Sensor Networks for Human Gait Analysis
Dietary Supplementation with Low-Molecular-Weight Fucoidan Enhances Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses and Protects against Mycoplasma pneumoniae Antigen Stimulation
The Anti-Aging Potential of Extracts from Chaenomeles sinensis
Functional Fitness and Quality of Life among Women over 60 Years of Age Depending on Their Level of Objectively Measured Physical Activity
High-Precision Atomic Mass Measurements for Fundamental Constants
Mechanical Behaviors Research and the Structural Design of a Bipolar Electrostatic Actuation Microbeam Resonator
A Sensing and Monitoring System for Hydrodynamic Flow Based on Imaging and Ultrasound
Comprehensive Genomic Analysis and Expression Profiling of Diacylglycerol Kinase (DGK) Gene Family in Soybean (Glycine max) under Abiotic Stresses
Effect of Land Cover Fractions on Changes in Surface Urban Heat Islands Using Landsat Time-Series Images
Comparison of Actuator Line Method and Full Rotor Geometry Simulations of the Wake Field of a Tidal Stream Turbine
Association of MMP9-1562C/T and MMP13-77A/G Polymorphisms with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Southern Chinese Population
The Effects of Courtyards on the Thermal Performance of a Vernacular House in a Hot-Summer and Cold-Winter Climate
Purification, Characterization and Degradation Performance of a Novel Dextranase from Penicillium cyclopium CICC-4022
Smart Camera Aware Crowd Counting via Multiple Task Fractional Stride Deep Learning
Assessment of City Sustainability Using MCDM with Interdependent Criteria Weight
Calciphylaxis as A Rare Cause of A Chronic Wound in An 83-Year-Old Woman
In-Situ Polymerization of High-Molecular Weight Nylon 66 Modified Clay Nanocomposites with Low Apparent Viscosity
Improvement in the Efficiency of a Distributed Multi-Label Text Classification Algorithm Using Infrastructure and Task-Related Data
Sensing by Molecularly Imprinted Polymer: Evaluation of the Binding Properties with Different Techniques
Construction of Novel Polymerizable Ionic Liquid Microemulsions and the In Situ Synthesis of Poly(Ionic Liquid) Adsorbents
Measurement of a Temperature Field Generated by a Synthetic Jet Actuator using Digital Holographic Interferometry
Coal Seam Thickness Prediction Based on Transition Probability of Structural Elements
Preparation and Characterization of Isosorbide-Based Self-Healable Polyurethane Elastomers with Thermally Reversible Bonds
Characterization of Bitumen Modified with Pyrolytic Carbon Black from Scrap Tires
Assessment of Total Phenolic Content, In Vitro Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Ruta graveolens L. Extracts Obtained by Choline Chloride Based Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents
Poorer Quality of Life and Treatment Satisfaction is Associated with Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes without Other Advanced Late Complications
Attitudes of Doctors and Nurses toward Patient Safety within Emergency Departments of a Saudi Arabian Hospital: A Qualitative Study
An Efficient Knowledge-Graph-Based Web Service Recommendation Algorithm
Non-Linear Dynamic Inversion Control Design for Rotorcraft
Local and Relayed Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation of the Pedunculopontine Nucleus
Mechanism of Rapid Nuclear Factor-E2-Related Factor 2 (Nrf2) Activation via Membrane-Associated Estrogen Receptors: Roles of NADPH Oxidase 1, Neutral Sphingomyelinase 2 and Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR)
Maturational Changes in Prefrontal and Amygdala Circuits in Adolescence: Implications for Understanding Fear Inhibition during a Vulnerable Period of Development
A Fault Tolerant Voter for Approximate Triple Modular Redundancy
Relationship between the Duration of the Second Stage of Labour and Neonatal Morbidity
Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion with Convolutional Neural Networks
Support Vector Machine Accuracy Assessment for Extracting Green Urban Areas in Towns
Composite Interpolation-Based Multiscale Fuzzy Entropy and Its Application to Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing
Design and Synthesis of Novel Heterocyclic-Based 4H-benzo[h]chromene Moieties: Targeting Antitumor Caspase 3/7 Activities and Cell Cycle Analysis
Ziran: Authenticity or Authority?
Graph-Based Construction of 3D Korean Giwa House Models
Cat and Mouse: HIV Transcription in Latency, Immune Evasion and Cure/Remission Strategies
Discovery of Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase 1 (IDO-1) Inhibitors Based on Ortho-Naphthaquinone-Containing Natural Product
Flammable Substances in Korea Considering the Domino Effect: Assessment of Safety Distance
Differential Alternative Splicing Genes in Response to Boron Deficiency in Brassica napus
Asking Sensitive Questions Using the Randomized Response Approach in Public Health Research: An Empirical Study on the Factors of Illegal Waste Disposal
Intimate Partner Violence: A Potential Challenge for Women’s Health in Angola
Stereographic Visualization of 5-Dimensional Regular Polytopes
Comparative Transcriptome Combined with Proteome Analyses Revealed Key Factors Involved in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Response to Waterlogging Stress
Identification of a Threshold Minimum Area for Reflectance Retrieval from Thermokarst Lakes and Ponds Using Full-Pixel Data from Sentinel-2
3D-Basin Modeling of the Changling Depression, NE China: Exploring Petroleum Evolution in Deep Tight Sandstone Reservoirs
Method of Optimisation for Ambient Temperature Cured Sustainable Geopolymers for 3D Printing Construction Applications
Mapping Soil Moisture at a High Resolution over Mountainous Regions by Integrating In Situ Measurements, Topography Data, and MODIS Land Surface Temperatures
Cardioprotective Properties of Omecamtiv Mecarbil against Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury
Sufi and Bhakti Performers and Followers at the Margins of the Global South: Communication Strategies to Negotiate Situated Adversities
Physiological and Growth Response of Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) Seedlings to Supplementary Red/Blue Light Revealed through Transcriptomic Analysis
Synthesis of Nanocrystalline AZ91 Magnesium Alloy Dispersed with 15 vol.% Submicron SiC Particles by Mechanical Milling
Diffusion Equation-Assisted Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for the Inverse Radiative Transfer Equation
Complexity in Implementing Community Drowning Reduction Programs in Southern Bangladesh: A Process Evaluation Protocol
Loneliness amongst Low-Socioeconomic Status Elderly Singaporeans and its Association with Perceptions of the Neighbourhood Environment
A Study on Tissue-Specific Metabolite Variations in Polygonum cuspidatum by High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolic Profiling
Chemical Compounds from Female and Male Rectal Pheromone Glands of the Guava Fruit Fly, Bactrocera correcta
Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIM-1) Membranes Treated with Supercritical CO2
Implementing Climate Change and Associated Future Timber Price Trends in a Decision Support System Designed for Irish Forest Management and Applied to Ireland’s Western Peatland Forests
Correlation of Macroscopic Fracture Behavior with Microscopic Fracture Mechanism for AHSS Sheet
Village Regrouping in the Eastern Plains of China: A Perspective on Home-Field Distance
“He Who Sees Does Not Desire to Imagine”: The Shifting Role of Art and Aesthetic Observation in Medieval Franciscan Theological Discourse in the Fourteenth Century
Impact of Polypharmacy on Candidate Biomarker miRNomes for the Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Striking Back on Treatments
Multi-Objective Optimal Cloud Model Design of Vehicle-to-Grid Connected Systems Based on the Multiple Performance Characteristic Index Method
Tunable Graphene-based Plasmonic Perfect Metamaterial Absorber in the THz Region
Metabolic Abnormalities in Normal Weight Children Are Associated with Increased Visceral Fat Accumulation, Elevated Plasma Endotoxin Levels and a Higher Monosaccharide Intake
Multiscale Comparison Study of Void Closure Law and Mechanism in the Bimetal Roll-Bonding Process
Learning to See the Hidden Part of the Vehicle in the Autopilot Scene
Molecular Mechanisms Driving Progression of Liver Cirrhosis towards Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chronic Hepatitis B and C Infections: A Review
Critical Review of the Parameters Affecting the Effectiveness of Moisture Absorption Treatments Used for Natural Composites
Tracking Changes of Chinese Pre-Service Teachers’ Aerobic Fitness, Body Mass Index, and Grade Point Average Over 4-years of College
One Technique to Enhance the Resolution of Discrete Fourier Transform
Changes in Human Foetal Osteoblasts Exposed to the Random Positioning Machine and Bone Construct Tissue Engineering
Use of Nanoparticles for the Disinfection of Desalinated Water
AI-Based Sensor Information Fusion for Supporting Deep Supervised Learning
Study on the Properties of Vertical Carbon Nanotube Films Grown on Stainless Steel Bipolar Plates
Perturbation Indicators for On-Demand Pressurized Irrigation Systems
Association of the Use of a Heated Tobacco Product with Perceived Stress, Physical Activity, and Internet Use in Korean Adolescents: A 2018 National Survey
Design and Kinematic Control of the Cable-Driven Hyper-Redundant Manipulator for Potential Underwater Applications
Tuning Optical and Granulometric Properties of Gold Nanostructures Synthesized with the Aid of Different Types of Honeys for Microwave-Induced Hyperthermia
A Block Iteration with Parallelization Method for the Greedy Selection in Radial Basis Functions Based Mesh Deformation
A Systematic Review of Data Collection Techniques Used to Measure Preschool Children’s Knowledge of and Preference for Physical Activity
Energy Security Pattern Spatiotemporal Evolution and Strategic Analysis of G20 Countries
Correction: Alsina-Pagès et al. Noise Events Monitoring for Urban and Mobility Planning in Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany. Environments, 2019, 6, 24
Critical Review of Volatile Organic Compound Analysis in Breath and In Vitro Cell Culture for Detection of Lung Cancer
Continuous Monitoring of pH and Blood Gases Using Ion-Sensitive and Gas-Sensitive Field Effect Transistors Operating in the Amperometric Mode in Presence of Drift
The Investigation into the Toxic Potential of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Utilizing Rat Pheochromocytoma and Human Neural Stem Cells
Applicability of Remote Sensing-Based Vegetation Water Content in Modeling Lightning-Caused Forest Fire Occurrences
On the Relationship between Economic Policy Uncertainty and the Implied Volatility Index
Estimating Human Body Dimensions Using RBF Artificial Neural Networks Technology and Its Application in Activewear Pattern Making
Creep-Ductility of High Temperature Steels: A Review
Paulownia Leaves as A New Feed Resource: Chemical Composition and Effects on Growth, Carcasses, Digestibility, Blood Biochemistry, and Intestinal Bacterial Populations of Growing Rabbits
Phage Endolysins as Potential Antimicrobials against Multidrug Resistant Vibrio alginolyticus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus: Current Status of Research and Challenges Ahead
Research to Move Toward Evidence-Based Recommendations for Lead Service Line Disclosure Policies in Home Buying and Home Renting Scenarios
Perspectives on Agricultural Land Use Conversion and Food Security in Rural Ghana
Biochar as a Multifunctional Component of the Environment—A Review
Global Shale Revolution: Successes, Challenges, and Prospects
Correlation Between Stoichiometry of NbxNy Coatings Produced by DC Magnetron Sputtering with Electrical Conductivity and the Hall Coefficient
Optimal Design of a Residential Photovoltaic Renewable System in South Korea
3,5 Diiodo-l-Thyronine (T2) Promotes the Browning of White Adipose Tissue in High-Fat Diet-Induced Overweight Male Rats Housed at Thermoneutrality
Fault Diagnosis Method for Rolling Bearings Based on Composite Multiscale Fluctuation Dispersion Entropy
Engineering the Enantioselectivity of Yeast Old Yellow Enzyme OYE2y in Asymmetric Reduction of (E/Z)-Citral to (R)-Citronellal
Sustainable Development for Small Economy and Diversification from a Dominant Industry: Evidence from Macao
Construction of Efficient Platform Escherichia coli Strains for Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production by Engineering Branched Pathway
Taekwondo Enhances Cognitive Function as a Result of Increased Neurotrophic Growth Factors in Elderly Women
Parasitic Nematode and Protozoa Status of Working Sheepdogs on the North Island of New Zealand
What if Newton’s Gravitational Constant Was Negative?
Use of Nonconventional Yeasts for Modulating Wine Acidity
Acquisition of Multi-Modal Images of Structural Modifications in Glass with Programmable LED-Array-Based Illumination
Decreased Protein Kinase C-β Type II Associated with the Prominent Endotoxin Exhaustion in the Macrophage of FcGRIIb−/− Lupus Prone Mice is Revealed by Phosphoproteomic Analysis
Calculation Formulas and Simulation Algorithms for Entropy of Function of LR Fuzzy Intervals
Development of a Toluene Detector Based on Deep UV Absorption Spectrophotometry Using Glass and Aluminum Capillary Tube Gas Cells with a LED Source
Mexican Microalgae Biodiversity and State-Of-The-Art Extraction Strategies to Meet Sustainable Circular Economy Challenges: High-Value Compounds and Their Applied Perspectives
Extract of Deschampsia antarctica (EDA) Prevents Dermal Cell Damage Induced by UV Radiation and 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin
Building Model-Driven Decision Support System in Product Redesign Plan
Associations of Probiotic Fermented Milk (PFM) and Yogurt Consumption with Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus Components of the Gut Microbiota in Healthy Adults
VisNet: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Forecasting Atmospheric Visibility
The Role of Tocotrienol in Preventing Male Osteoporosis—A Review of Current Evidence
An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Propagation Model for LoRaWAN
The Sustainability Performance of Chinese Banks: A New Network Data Envelopment Analysis Approach and Panel Regression
Characterization of Di-n-Butyl Phthalate Phytoremediation by Garden Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. longifolia) through Kinetics and Proteome Analysis
Significant Impacts of Work-Related Cerebrovascular and Cardiovascular Diseases among Young Workers: A Nationwide Analysis
A Hybrid System for Distinguishing between Brain Death and Coma Using Diverse EEG Features
Identification and Analysis of Exosomes by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
The Construction of Equivalent Particle Element Models for Conditioned Sandy Pebble
Reviewing Cyber Security Social Engineering Training and Awareness Programs—Pitfalls and Ongoing Issues
Feasibility Study of Biogas Production from Hardly Degradable Material in Co-Inoculated Bioreactor
Multiple Magma Conduits Model of the Jinchuan Ni-Cu-(PGE) Deposit, Northwestern China: Constraints from the Geochemistry of Platinum-Group Elements
Enthalpies of Hydrate Formation from Hydrate Formers Dissolved in Water
Thioredoxin and Glutaredoxin Systems Antioxidants Special Issue
Corroded RC Beams at Service Load before and after Patch Repair and Strengthening with NSM CFRP Strips
Analysis of 19th and 20th Century Conservation Key Theories in Relation to Contemporary Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings
Risk Measurement of Stock Markets in BRICS, G7, and G20: Vine Copulas versus Factor Copulas
Behavior of Circular CFST Columns Subjected to Different Lateral Impact Energy
Can Artificial Intelligence Make Art without Artists? Ask the Viewer
Contribution and Driving Mechanism of N2O Emission Bursts in a Chinese Vegetable Greenhouse after Manure Application and Irrigation
Application of Parameter Optimization to Search for Oscillatory Mass-Action Networks Using Python
Variability of Intrinsic Groundwater Vulnerability to Pollution in River Valley due to Groundwater Depth and Recharge Changes
Modeling Dust Direct Radiative Feedbacks in East Asia During the Last Glacial Maximum
Incremental Granular Model Improvement Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Livelihood Vulnerability of Riverine-Island Dwellers in the Face of Natural Disasters in Bangladesh
Research and Development of Automatic Monitoring System for Livestock Farms
Polyphenols as Potential Attenuators of Heat Stress in Poultry Production
The Significance of Calcium in Photosynthesis
The Bridging Activity of Multiracial Congregations
Reactivity of Atomically Functionalized C-Doped Boron Nitride Nanoribbons and Their Interaction with Organosulfur Compounds
Agro-Food Byproducts as a New Source of Natural Food Additives
Effects of Low-Moderate Load High-Velocity Resistance Training on Physical Performance of Under-20 Futsal Players
Seasonal Surface Runoff Characteristics in the Semiarid Region of Western Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China—A Case of the Alun River Basin
Meta-Analysis of Heterogeneity in the Effects of Wildfire Smoke Exposure on Respiratory Health in North America
Effect of Ni Addition on Catalytic Performance of Fe87Si5B2P3Nb2Cu1 Amorphous Alloys for Degrading Methylene Blue Dyes
Exogenous Foliar Application of Glycine Betaine to Alleviate Water Deficit Tolerance in Two Indica Rice Genotypes under Greenhouse Conditions
Genome-Wide Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Tunisian Durum Wheat Landraces Based on DArTseq Technology
Sustainable Production and Consumption of Paper and Paper Products in Nigeria: A Review
Dietary Diversity Was Positively Associated with Psychological Resilience among Elders: A Population-Based Study
Cardioprotective Activity of Some 2-Arylimino-1,3-Thiazole Derivatives
Phage-Derived Antibacterials: Harnessing the Simplicity, Plasticity, and Diversity of Phages
Locating Chromatic Number of Powers of Paths and Cycles
Comparative Analysis of Hydrate Nucleation for Methane and Carbon Dioxide
Gypenoside L Inhibits Proliferation of Liver and Esophageal Cancer Cells by Inducing Senescence
Towards the Development of a Low-Cost Irradiance Nowcasting Sky Imager
The Energy Transition from Plant Operators’ Perspective—A Behaviorist Approach
Transcrystallization of Isotactic Polypropylene/Bacterial Cellulose Hamburger Composite
Effects of Magnesium Deficiency on Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance in Type 2 Diabetes: Focusing on the Processes of Insulin Secretion and Signaling
Matrix Metalloproteinases in Pulmonary and Central Nervous System Tuberculosis—A Review
Tropical Cyclone-Induced Hazards Caused by Storm Surges and Large Waves on the Coast of China
Methods for Durability Testing and Lifetime Estimation of Thermal Interface Materials in Batteries
Rethinking Models of Outpatient Specialist Care in Type 2 Diabetes Using eHealth: Study Protocol for a Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial
In Situ Characterization of Hfq Bacterial Amyloid: A Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Study
Deep Fusion Feature Based Object Detection Method for High Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Images
Travel Time Savings Perception and Well-Being through Public Transport Projects: The Case of Metro de Santiago
Why RGB Imaging Should be Used to Analyze Fusarium Graminearum Growth and Estimate Deoxynivalenol Contamination
Porous Alumina Ceramics Obtained by Particles Self-Assembly Combing Freeze Drying Method
A Novel Tri-Training Technique for the Semi-Supervised Classification of Hyperspectral Images Based on Regularized Local Discriminant Embedding Feature Extraction
Preparation of [email protected]2 Nanofibers for Fruit Packaging Materials with Efficient Photocatalytic Degradation of Ethylene
Dynamic Coordinated Active–Reactive Power Optimization for Active Distribution Network with Energy Storage Systems
What Framework Promotes Saliency of Climate Change Issues on Online Public Agenda: A Quantitative Study of Online Knowledge Community Quora
Analysis of the Effect of Concentrations of Four Whitening Products in Cover Transmissivity of Mediterranean Greenhouses
Spatial and Temporal Variabilities of PM2.5 Concentrations in China Using Functional Data Analysis
Preliminary Study of Ge-DLC Nanocomposite Biomaterials Prepared by Laser Codeposition
Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of FFF Structures and Materials: A Review on the Experimental, Computational and Theoretical Approaches
Navigating the Landscape of Tumor Extracellular Vesicle Heterogeneity
Pitfalls of Wastewater Treatment in Oil Refinery Enterprises in Kazakhstan—A System Approach
Evaluation of Prebiotic Potential of Three Marine Algae Oligosaccharides from Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Noble Metal Composite Porous Silk Fibroin Aerogel Fibers
Exploring Participatory Microregeneration as Sustainable Renewal of Built Heritage Community: Two Case Studies in Shanghai
Optimal Coordination of Aggregated Hydro-Storage with Residential Demand Response in Highly Renewable Generation Power System: The Case Study of Finland
Study on the Thermal Performance of a Hybrid Heat Collecting Facade Used for Passive Solar Buildings in Cold Region
Present and Future Climate—Tourism Conditions in Milos Island, Greece
Non-Targeted Metabolomic Analysis of Methanolic Extracts of Wild-Simulated and Field-Grown American Ginseng
The Epidemiology, Risk Profiling and Diagnostic Challenges of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Financial Stability and Sustainability under the Coordination of Monetary Policy and Macroprudential Policy: New Evidence from China
Emotional Intelligence and the Practice of Organized Physical-Sport Activity in Children
Infant Feeding Index among the Growing up in New Zealand Cohort: Adherence to the National Food and Nutrition Guidelines
Oxidative Effects of Potassium Dichromate on Biochemical, Hematological Characteristics, and Hormonal Levels in Rabbit Doe (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Inequalities in Infant Feeding Practices among the Growing Up in New Zealand Cohort
Accurate Positioning System Based on Chipless Technology
Lactate Clearance Predicts Good Neurological Outcomes in Cardiac Arrest Patients Treated with Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
A First-Order Differential Data Processing Method for Accuracy Improvement of Complementary Filtering in Micro-UAV Attitude Estimation
Limiting Factors that Influence the Formation of Producer Groups in the South-East Region of Romania: A Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA)
Potential Utility of Liquid Biopsy as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Tool for the Assessment of Solid Tumors: Implications in the Precision Oncology
A Qualitative Exploratory Analysis of Ecological Integrity for Safeguarding World Natural Heritage Sites: Case Study of Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan
Synthesis, Characterization, and Antibacterial Activity of Ag2O-Loaded Polyethylene Terephthalate Fabric via Ultrasonic Method
Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in Ocular Diseases: A Narrative Review of the Existing Evidence from Clinical Studies
Fatty Acid Synthesis and Degradation Interplay to Regulate the Oxidative Stress in Cancer Cells
Building Damage Detection from Post-Event Aerial Imagery Using Single Shot Multibox Detector
Ultrasonic Modification of Ag Nanowires and Their Applications in Flexible Transparent Film Heaters and SERS Detectors
Pano-RSOD: A Dataset and Benchmark for Panoramic Road Scene Object Detection
Modeling of Magnetorheological Elastomers Using the Elastic–Plastic Model with Kinematic Hardening
Validity of Maternal Recall to Assess Vaccination Coverage: Evidence from Six Districts in Zhejiang Province, China
Addendum: Kutlushina, A., et al. Ligand-Based Pharmacophore Modeling Using Novel 3D Pharmacophore Signatures. Molecules, 2018, 23, 3094
Uterine Involution and Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows with Metabolic Diseases
Human Domain Antibodies to Conserved Epitopes on HER2 Potently Inhibit Growth of HER2-Overexpressing Human Breast Cancer Cells In Vitro
Adaptive Makeup Transfer via Bat Algorithm
Factors Influencing Consumer Purchase Intentions of Organically Grown Products in Shelly Centre, Port Shepstone, South Africa
Advances in the Green Synthesis of Microporous and Hierarchical Zeolites: A Short Review
Autologous Platelet Concentrates in Treatment of Furcation Defects—A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Time-Domain Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Imaging: A Review
Gram-Positive Bacteria-Like DNA Binding Machineries Involved in Replication Initiation and Termination Mechanisms of Mimivirus
Plant-Derived Bioactives in Oral Mucosal Lesions: A Key Emphasis to Curcumin, Lycopene, Chamomile, Aloe vera, Green Tea and Coffee Properties
Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Exposure Assessment in Indoor Environments: A Review
Improving Wi-Fi Fingerprint Positioning with a Pose Recognition-Assisted SVM Algorithm
A Joint Inversion Estimate of Antarctic Ice Sheet Mass Balance Using Multi-Geodetic Data Sets
Nanostructured Gas Sensors for Medical and Health Applications: Low to High Dimensional Materials
Epidemiology of Cancers of the Small Intestine: Trends, Risk Factors, and Prevention
Transparent CoAP Services to IoT Endpoints through ICN Operator Networks
Modeling R0 for Pathogens with Environmental Transmission: Animal Movements, Pathogen Populations, and Local Infectious Zones
Multi-Feature Manifold Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Studies on Chemical IR Images of Poly(hydroxybutyrate–co–hydroxyhexanoate)/Poly(ethylene glycol) Blends and Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy
Assessment of Water Quality Parameters Using Temporal Remote Sensing Spectral Reflectance in Arid Environments, Saudi Arabia
Incidence and Impact of Acute Kidney Injury after Liver Transplantation: A Meta-Analysis
An Improved Identity-Based Multivariate Signature Scheme Based on Rainbow
Development of Sensitive and Reliable UPLC-MS/MS Methods for Food Analysis of Emerging Mycotoxins in China Total Diet Study
Bimodal Radiotherapy with Active Raster-Scanning Carbon Ion Radiotherapy and Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy in High-Risk Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Results in Excellent Local Control
Fabrication, Morphology Analysis, and Mechanical Properties of Ti Foams Manufactured Using the Space Holder Method for Bone Substitute Materials
Onshore Oil and Gas Design Schedule Management Process Through Time-Impact Simulations Analyses
Maritime Spatial Planning in the European Union on the Example of the Polish Part of the Baltic Sea
Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Sentinel-3A Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer, Using a Split-Window Algorithm
The Influence of Temperature on Metabolisms of Phosphorus Accumulating Organisms in Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Presence of Cu(II) Toxicity
Explosive Welding of Copper to High Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steel
Colonization of HIV-Infected Children with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Multifunctional Superparamagnetic Stiff Nanoreservoirs for Blood Brain Barrier Applications
Constructive Study of Modulational Instability in Higher Order Korteweg-de Vries Equations
Characterization of a Botybirnavirus Conferring Hypovirulence in the Phytopathogenic Fungus Botryosphaeria dothidea
The Production and Delivery of Probiotics: A Review of a Practical Approach
Tunable Graphene-Based Plasmon-Induced Transparency Based on Edge Mode in the Mid-Infrared Region
Crack Healing and Mechanical Properties Recovery in SA 508–3 Steel
Decisions of Supply Chain Considering Chain-to-Chain Competition and Service Negative Spillover Effect
Measuring the Wave Height Based on Binocular Cameras
Evaluation of Joint Formation and Mechanical Performance of the AA7075-T6/CFRP Spot Joints Produced by Frictional Heat
Nonlinear Management of Topological Solitons in a Spin-Orbit-Coupled System
A Multi-screening Evaluation of the Nutritional and Nutraceutical Potential of the Mediterranean Jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca
Multi-Objective Calibration of a Distributed Hydrological Model in a Highly Glacierized Watershed in Central Asia
Evaluation of Specific Absorption Rate in Three-Layered Tissue Model at 13.56 MHz and 40.68 MHz for Inductively Powered Biomedical Implants
Relationship between External Load and Perceptual Responses to Training in Professional Football: Effects of Quantification Method
Caenorhabditis elegans Infrared-Based Motility Assay Identified New Hits for Nematicide Drug Development
Analyzing Online Car Reviews Using Text Mining
A Deep Learning-Based Approach for Multi-Label Emotion Classification in Tweets
Multi-Resonant-Based Sliding Mode Control of DFIG-Based Wind System under Unbalanced and Harmonic Network Conditions
MicroRNAs and Long Non-Coding RNAs and Their Hormone-Like Activities in Cancer
Development of Multi-Objective Optimal Redundant Design Approach for Multiple Pipe Failure in Water Distribution System
Communication Rate Increase in Drill Strings of Oil and Gas Wells Using Multiple Actuators
Modeling Water Quality Parameters Using Data-Driven Models, a Case Study Abu-Ziriq Marsh in South of Iraq
Assessment of the Exposure of People to Questing Ticks Carrying Agents of Zoonoses in Aosta Valley, Italy
Roles of Cyclic AMP Response Element Binding Activation in the ERK1/2 and p38 MAPK Signalling Pathway in Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Osteoclast Differentiation and Mucin and Cytokine Production
Data Integration and Interoperability for Patient-Centered Remote Monitoring of Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices
Development of an Optimization Method and Software for Optimizing Global Supply Chains for Increased Efficiency, Competitiveness, and Sustainability
A Self-Learning Fault Diagnosis Strategy Based on Multi-Model Fusion
The Influence of Heat Treatment Parameters on the Cracks Growth under Cyclic Bending in St-Ti Clad Obtained by Explosive Welding
Unified Strength Model of Asphalt Mixture under Various Loading Modes
Pulsed Laser Deposition of Aluminum Nitride Films: Correlation between Mechanical, Optical, and Structural Properties
Combustion Optimization for Coal Fired Power Plant Boilers Based on Improved Distributed ELM and Distributed PSO
Absolute Radiometric Calibration of TESS-W and SQM Night Sky Brightness Sensors
A Metastable Fo-III Wedge in Cold Slabs Subducted to the Lower Part of the Mantle Transition Zone: A Hypothesis Based on First-Principles Simulations
Plant Serine Protease Inhibitors: Biotechnology Application in Agriculture and Molecular Farming
Hesperetin, a Citrus Flavonoid, Attenuates LPS-Induced Neuroinflammation, Apoptosis and Memory Impairments by Modulating TLR4/NF-κB Signaling
Rotor Loading Characteristics of a Full-Scale Tidal Turbine
Optimization of ZnO Nanorod-Based Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrates for Bio-Applications
Lessons Learned on Geosynthetics Applications in Road Structures in Silesia Mining Region in Poland
QoS Management and Flexible Traffic Detection Architecture for 5G Mobile Networks
Salt Distribution in Raw Sheep Milk Cheese during Ripening and the Effect on Proteolysis and Lipolysis
Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Composed of Nanostructural ZnO Doped with Ti
Assessing the Presence of Wuchereria bancrofti Infections in Vectors Using Xenomonitoring in Lymphatic Filariasis Endemic Districts in Ghana
Dominant Hydro-Climatic Drivers of Water Temperature, Salinity, and Flow Variability for the Large-Scale System of the Baltic Coastal Wetlands
Specificity of the Metallothionein-1 Response by Cadmium-Exposed Normal Human Urothelial Cells
Negotiation-Free Encryption for Securing Vehicular Unicasting Communication
Artificial Neural Networks and Linear Regression Reduce Sample Intensity to Predict the Commercial Volume of Eucalyptus Clones
The Effects of Copper and Silver Nanoparticles on Container-Grown Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur L.) Seedlings
Vitalizing Rural Communities: China’s Rural Entrepreneurial Activities from Perspective of Mixed Embeddedness
Stereo-Selective Pharmacokinetics of Ilimaquinone Epimers Extracted from a Marine Sponge in Rats
Advanced Numerical Modeling of Sediment Transport in Gravel-Bed Rivers
Cross-Linked Magnetic Chitosan/Activated Biochar for Removal of Emerging Micropollutants from Water: Optimization by the Artificial Neural Network
Nutrition and Risk of Stroke
Aspirin Exacerbated Respiratory Disease: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Management
MRI of Uveal Melanoma
Machine Learning Algorithms and Fault Detection for Improved Belief Function Based Decision Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks
Effects of the Preparation Conditions and Reinforcement Mechanism of Polyvinyl Acetate Soil Stabilizer
Processing Phage Therapy Requests in a Brussels Military Hospital: Lessons Identified
Sanitation Improves Stored Product Insect Pest Management
Loop Closure Detection Based on Multi-Scale Deep Feature Fusion
A Deep Neural Network Based Model for a Kind of Magnetorheological Dampers
Fresh Frozen Allogeneic Bone Block in Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevation: Histomorphometric Analysis of a Bone Specimen Retrieved 15 Years after Grafting Procedure
Artificial Light at Night Alleviates the Negative Effect of Pb on Freshwater Ecosystems
Enhanced Electrochemical Response of Diclofenac at a Fullerene–Carbon Nanofiber Paste Electrode
Influence of Thiazolidine-2,4-Dione Derivatives with Azolidine or Thiosemicarbazone Moieties on Haemophilus spp. Planktonic or Biofilm-Forming Cells
Child Morbidity and Disease Burden in Refugee Camps in Mainland Greece
Editorial for Special Issue “Mineral Surface Reactions at the Nanoscale”
DNA Methylation Patterns in the Early Human Embryo and the Epigenetic/Imprinting Problems: A Plea for a More Careful Approach to Human Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
Antibiotic Activity Potentiation and Physicochemical Characterization of the Fixed Orbignya speciosa Almond Oil against MDR Staphylococcus aureus and Other Bacteria
Metal-Ligand Recognition Index Determination by NMR Proton Relaxation Study
Rethinking Environmental Bureaucracies in River Chiefs System (RCS) in China: A Critical Literature Study
Design of Aerogels, Cryogels and Xerogels of Alginate: Effect of Molecular Weight, Gelation Conditions and Drying Method on Particles’ Micromeritics
New versus Old Oral Anticoagulants: How Can We Set the Scale Needle? Considerations on a Case Report
Selenium Biofortification Differentially Affects Sulfur Metabolism and Accumulation of Phytochemicals in Two Rocket Species (Eruca Sativa Mill. and Diplotaxis Tenuifolia) Grown in Hydroponics
Effect of New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract on Cycling Performance and Substrate Oxidation in Normobaric Hypoxia in Trained Cyclists
Hedgehog Signaling Regulates Taste Organs and Oral Sensation: Distinctive Roles in the Epithelium, Stroma, and Innervation
A Doppler Range Compensation for Step-Frequency Continuous-Wave Radar for Detecting Small UAV
What Is Performance? A Scoping Review of Performance Outcomes as Study Endpoints in Athletics
Ultrasonic Generation of Pulsatile and Sequential Therapeutic Delivery Profiles from Calcium-Crosslinked Alginate Hydrogels
Intra-Species and Inter-Species Differences in Cytokine Production by Porcine Antigen-Presenting Cells Stimulated by Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, M. hyorhinis, and M. flocculare
Recovery of Soluble Potassium from Alunite by Thermal Decomposition: Effect of CaO and Phase Transformation
The Buffer Capacity of Riparian Vegetation to Control Water Quality in Anthropogenic Catchments from a Legally Protected Area: A Critical View over the Brazilian New Forest Code
A Simple, Reusable and Low-Cost LVDT-Based in Situ Bolt Preload Monitoring System during Fastening for a Truck Wheel Assembly
Comparative Evaluation of Coated and Non-Coated Carbon Electrodes in a Microbial Fuel Cell for Treatment of Municipal Sludge
Implementation and Validation of a Two-Stage Energy Extraction Circuit for a Self Sustained Asset-Tracking System
Role of Natural Products in Modulating Histone Deacetylases in Cancer
Ion Channels: New Actors Playing in Chemotherapeutic Resistance
Bacillus velezensis: A Valuable Member of Bioactive Molecules within Plant Microbiomes
Hypoxia-Regulated miRNAs in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Exploring the Regulatory Effects in Ischemic Disorders
Drugging the Small GTPase Pathways in Cancer Treatment: Promises and Challenges
Analysis of the Zn-Binding Domains of TRIM32, the E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Mutated in Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2H
Community-Led Micro-Hydropower Development and Landcare: A Case Study of Networking Activities of Local Residents and Farmers in the Gokase Township (Japan)
Estimation of Carbon Fluxes from Eddy Covariance Data and Satellite-Derived Vegetation Indices in a Karst Grassland (Podgorski Kras, Slovenia)
Recent Advances in Urban Ventilation Assessment and Flow Modelling
Acute Exacerbation of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Optimal Routing an Ungrounded Electrical Distribution System Based on Heuristic Method with Micro Grids Integration
On the Theoretical CO2 Sequestration Potential of Pervious Concrete
Sectoral Interactions as Carbon Dioxide Emissions Approach Zero in a Highly-Renewable European Energy System
Is the Fischer-Tropsch Conversion of Biogas-Derived Syngas to Liquid Fuels Feasible at Atmospheric Pressure?
Super Field-of-View Lensless Camera by Coded Image Sensors
Fast Frequency Sweep Technique Based on Segmentation for the Acceleration of the Electromagnetic Analysis of Microwave Devices
The Effects of Pertuzumab and Its Combination with Trastuzumab on HER2 Homodimerization and Phosphorylation
Antithrombotics from the Sea: Polysaccharides and Beyond
A Process Integration Method for Total Site Cooling, Heating and Power Optimisation with Trigeneration Systems
Homocysteine Metabolism in Children and Adolescents: Influence of Age on Plasma Biomarkers and Correspondent Genotype Interactions
Water Absorption, Hydrothermal Expansion, and Thermomechanical Properties of a Vinylester Resin for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Subjected to Water or Alkaline Solution Immersion
Isoform-Specific NO Synthesis by Arabidopsis thaliana Nitrate Reductase
A Deep Learning Integrated Lee–Carter Model
Centromere Repeats: Hidden Gems of the Genome
A UAV-Based Sensor System for Measuring Land Surface Albedo: Tested over a Boreal Peatland Ecosystem
Geochemical and Mineralogical Characteristics of the Middle Jurassic Coals from the Tongjialiang Mine in the Northern Datong Coalfield, Shanxi Province, China
Distribution of Gadolinium in Rat Heart Studied by Fast Field Cycling Relaxometry and Imaging SIMS
Heel Height as an Etiology of Hallux Abductus Valgus Development: An electromagnetic Static and Dynamic First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Study
Integration of Nanomaterials and Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer Techniques for Sensing Biomolecules
A Statistical and Spatial Analysis of Portuguese Forest Fires in Summer 2016 Considering Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2A Data
Restoring the Feminine of Indigenous Environmental Thought
Ursodeoxycholic Acid Regulates Hepatic Energy Homeostasis and White Adipose Tissue Macrophages Polarization in Leptin-Deficiency Obese Mice
Geoscience Methods in Real Estate Market Analyses Subjectivity Decrease
Transcriptome Profile of the Variegated Ficus microcarpa c.v. Milky Stripe Fig Leaf
ZnCr2O4 Inclusions in ZnO Matrix Investigated by Probe-Corrected STEM-EELS
Holocene Carbon Burial in Lakes of the Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA
Optimal Time and Target for Evaluating Energy Delivery after Adjuvant Feeding with Small Bowel Enteral Nutrition in Critically Ill Patients at High Nutrition Risk
Evaluating Growth, Yield, and Water Use Efficiency of African and Commercial Ginger Species in South Africa
Microwave-Assisted Homogeneous Acid Catalysis and Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Dialkyl Succinate in a Flow Reactor
Growth, Secondary Metabolites and Enzyme Activity Responses of Two Edible Fern Species to Drought Stress and Rehydration in Northeast China
A Breath of Fresh Air in the Fog of Antimicrobial Resistance: Inhaled Polymyxins for Gram-Negative Pneumonia
Comment on “Endothelial Protein C Receptor (EPCR), Protease Activated Receptor-1 (PAR-1) and Their Interplay in Cancer Growth and Metastatic Dissemination” Cancers 2019, 11, 51
Optimizing Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment Processes for Simultaneous Carbon Redirection and Phosphorus Removal
Chitosan Coating Applications in Probiotic Microencapsulation
Cancer-Related Neuropathic Pain
Saffman–Taylor Instability in Yield Stress Fluids: Theory–Experiment Comparison
Genetic Profiling and Comparison of Human and Animal Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Isolates from Serbia
Measurement of Equivalent BRDF on the Surface of Solar Panel with Periodic Structure
Dimension Reduction for Hyperspectral Remote Sensor Data Based on Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Game Theory
Accurate Modeling of the Microwave Treatment of Works of Art
Synthetic Routes to Silsesquioxane-Based Systems as Photoactive Materials and Their Precursors
Innovative CO2 Injection Strategies in Carbonates and Advanced Modeling for Numerical Investigation
Non-Nutritive Sweeteners and Their Implications on the Development of Metabolic Syndrome
A Mapping Framework to Characterize Land Use in the Sudan-Sahel Region from Dense Stacks of Landsat Data
Data Trustworthiness Evaluation in Mobile Crowdsensing Systems with Users’ Trust Dispositions’ Consideration
Medical-Grade PCL Based Polyurethane System for FDM 3D Printing—Characterization and Fabrication
Maternal Fatty Fish Intake Prior to and during Pregnancy and Risks of Adverse Birth Outcomes: Findings from a British Cohort
Noise Suppression for Direction of Arrival Estimation in Co-located MIMO Sonar
Effects of Soil pH and Fertilizers on Haskap (Lonicera caerulea L.) Vegetative Growth
A Short Note on the Potential of Utilization of Spectral AERONET-Derived Depolarization Ratios for Aerosol Classification
Assessment of Groundwater Recharge, Evaporation, and Runoff in the Drava Basin in Hungary with the WetSpass Model
The Transcriptional Landscape of Marek’s Disease Virus in Primary Chicken B Cells Reveals Novel Splice Variants and Genes
Wireless-Powered Cooperative MIMO NOMA Networks: Design and Performance Improvement for Cell-Edge Users
Bandwidth-Enhanced Circularly Polarized Crescent-Shaped Slot Antenna via Circular-Patch Loading
Measurement Uncertainty Propagation through Basic Photovoltaic Cell Models
Assessment of Miscanthus Yield Potential from Strip-Mined Lands (SML) and Its Impacts on Stream Water Quality
Wetting Properties of Polyetheretherketone Plasma Activated and Biocoated Surfaces
Tracking and Linking of Microparticle Trajectories During Mode-Coupling Induced Melting in a Two-Dimensional Complex Plasma Crystal
An Empirical Study on the Impact Path of Urbanization to Carbon Emissions in the China Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration
An Accurate TLS and UAV Image Point Clouds Registration Method for Deformation Detection of Chaotic Hillside Areas
Operator Ordering and Solution of Pseudo-Evolutionary Equations
A Quantitative Investigation on the Peripheral Nerve Response within the Small Strain Range
A Weighted Voting Ensemble Self-Labeled Algorithm for the Detection of Lung Abnormalities from X-Rays
Mutated Rnf43 Aggravates Helicobacter Pylori-Induced Gastric Pathology
Analysis of Two Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Fast Simulation of the Spectral Radiances in the Hartley-Huggins Band
Challenges Facing Radiation Oncologists in The Management of Older Cancer Patients: Consensus of The International Geriatric Radiotherapy Group
Variation of Fungal Metabolites in Sorghum Malts Used to Prepare Namibian Traditional Fermented Beverages Omalodu and Otombo
New Type Direction Curves in 3-Dimensional Compact Lie Group
Monitoring Pilot’s Mental Workload Using ERPs and Spectral Power with a Six-Dry-Electrode EEG System in Real Flight Conditions
Psychological Disorder Identifying Method Based on Emotion Perception over Social Networks
Inhibition of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cell Aggressiveness by Cathepsin D Blockage: Role of Annexin A1
Microclimatic Impact Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Indicators of Streetscape Fabric in the Medium Spatial Zone
The Consistency between Cross-Entropy and Distance Measures in Fuzzy Sets
Tuning Plasmon Induced Reflectance with Hybrid Metasurfaces
Identification of Mechanical Properties for Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V Produced Using LENS Technology
Vitamin D Status, Calcium Intake and Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes: An Unresolved Issue
Enhanced Performance of Bimetallic Co-Pd Catalysts Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
Standards Compliance and Health Implications of Bottled Water in Malawi
Effect of Mn Addition on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of CoCrFeNiPd High Entropy Alloy
Estimation of PMx Concentrations from Landsat 8 OLI Images Based on a Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network
Sharpe’s Ratio for Oriented Fuzzy Discount Factor
Exergy Evaluation of a Heat Supply System with Vapor Compression Heat Pumps
Structure and Functions of Microtubule Associated Proteins Tau and MAP2c: Similarities and Differences
Some Lessons Learned on Early Survival and Growth of Containerized, Locally-Sourced Ponderosa Pine Seedlings in the Davis Mountains of Western Texas, US
What Affects the Progress and Transformation of New Residential Building Energy Efficiency Promotion in China: Stakeholders’ Perceptions
Keeping It Real: Decolonizing Christian Inter-Religious Practice as an Exercise in a Practical Theology of the Cross
Transportation or Narrative Completion? Attentiveness during Binge-Watching Moderates Regret
Insomnia: An Important Antecedent Impacting Entrepreneurs’ Health
Numerical Analysis of Recharge Rates and Contaminant Travel Time in Layered Unsaturated Soils
Cyanidin Increases the Expression of Mg2+ Transport Carriers Mediated by the Activation of PPARα in Colonic Epithelial MCE301 Cells
On Irregularity Measures of Some Dendrimers Structures
Transcriptomic Analysis of Porcine Endometrium during Implantation after In Vitro Stimulation by Adiponectin
Preliminary Assessment of Turbidity and Chlorophyll Impact on Bathymetry Derived from Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-3A Satellites in South Florida
Primary Cilium in Cancer Hallmarks
Making Homes More Dementia-Friendly through the Use of Aids and Adaptations
Depressive Symptoms After PCB Exposure: Hypotheses for Underlying Pathomechanisms via the Thyroid and Dopamine System
Research on 3D Painting in Virtual Reality to Improve Students’ Motivation of 3D Animation Learning
Phenolic Compounds Inhibit 3T3-L1 Adipogenesis Depending on the Stage of Differentiation and Their Binding Affinity to PPARγ
Pt/C and Pt/SnOx/C Catalysts for Ethanol Electrooxidation: Rotating Disk Electrode Study
Visual Appearance of Nanocrystal-Based Luminescent Solar Concentrators
Effect of Mg/Al2O3 and Calcination Temperature on the Catalytic Decomposition of HFC-134a
Revisiting Resource Management for Deep Learning Framework
PFKFB2 Promoter Hypomethylation as Recurrence Predictive Marker in Well-Differentiated Thyroid Carcinomas
Rates of Chronic Medical Conditions in 1991 Gulf War Veterans Compared to the General Population
Supplementation with Hydroxytyrosol and Punicalagin Improves Early Atherosclerosis Markers Involved in the Asymptomatic Phase of Atherosclerosis in the Adult Population: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Trial
The Astrophysical Formation of Asymmetric Molecules and the Emergence of a Chiral Bias
Variational Inequalities Approaches to Minimization Problems with Constraints of Generalized Mixed Equilibria and Variational Inclusions
Telomeres and Telomerase in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Structured Monolithic Catalysts vs. Fixed Bed for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane
In House Validated UHPLC Protocol for the Determination of the Total Hydroxytyrosol and Tyrosol Content in Virgin Olive Oil Fit for the Purpose of the Health Claim Introduced by the EC Regulation 432/2012 for “Olive Oil Polyphenols”
A Novel Multiband Spectrum Sensing Method Based on Wavelets and the Higuchi Fractal Dimension
Immunopathogenic Mechanisms and Novel Immune-Modulated Therapies in Rheumatoid Arthritis
ROCK2 Regulates Monocyte Migration and Cell to Cell Adhesion in Vascular Endothelial Cells
Calibration of Linear Time-Varying Frequency Errors for Distributed ISAR Imaging Based on the Entropy Minimization Principle
A Cloud-Based Framework for Large-Scale Log Mining through Apache Spark and Elasticsearch
An Efficient Image Reconstruction Framework Using Total Variation Regularization with Lp-Quasinorm and Group Gradient Sparsity
Intercomparison of Surface Albedo Retrievals from MISR, MODIS, CGLS Using Tower and Upscaled Tower Measurements
Preparation of Sludge-Derived Activated Carbon by Fenton Activation and the Adsorption of Eriochrome Black T
Detection of Glaze Icing Load and Temperature of Composite Insulators Using Fiber Bragg Grating
Introduction of Nonacidic Side Chains on 6-Ethylcholane Scaffolds in the Identification of Potent Bile Acid Receptor Agonists with Improved Pharmacokinetic Properties
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Mechanical and Thermal Effects in TiNi SMA during Transformation-Induced Creep Phenomena
Local Energy Use of Biomass from Apple Orchards—An LCA Study
The Mite-Gallery Unit: A New Concept for Describing Scabies through Entodermoscopy
Temperature-Dependent Resistive Properties of Vanadium Pentoxide/Vanadium Multi-Layer Thin Films for Microbolometer & Antenna-Coupled Microbolometer Applications
Dynamic Assessment of Masonry Towers Based on Terrestrial Radar Interferometer and Accelerometers
Sulfonate-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles as Carriers for Controlled Herbicide Diquat Dibromide Release through Electrostatic Interaction
RF Energy Harvesting System Based on an Archimedean Spiral Antenna for Low-Power Sensor Applications
RPC Teacher-Based Program for Improving Coping Strategies to Deal with Cyberbullying
Optimizing Suitable Antibiotics for Bacterium Control in Micropropagation of Cherry Rootstock Using a Modified Leaf Disk Diffusion Method and E Test
The Impact of Experience on Private Target Acquisition in High-Technology Industries
Key Genes of Lipid Metabolism and WNT-Signaling Are Downregulated in Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue with Moderate Weight Loss
Intimate Partner Violence among Women with Disabilities in Uganda
Prediction of Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete Using Entirely Steel Slag Aggregates: Novel Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Approaches
Spatially Specific Liposomal Cancer Therapy Triggered by Clinical External Sources of Energy
Teaching Sustainability in European Higher Education Institutions: Assessing the Connections between Competences and Pedagogical Approaches
System Dynamics Modeling of Dockless Bike-Sharing Program Operations: A Case Study of Mobike in Beijing, China
Detection of Fir Trees (Abies sibirica) Damaged by the Bark Beetle in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images with Deep Learning
HDAC Inhibitors: Therapeutic Potential in Fibrosis-Associated Human Diseases
Effect of Bonding Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties during TLP Bonding of GH4169 Superalloy
Rural-Urban Variation in Weight Loss Recommendations Among US Older Adults with Arthritis and Obesity
Deciphering the Structural, Textural, and Electrochemical Properties of Activated BN-Doped Spherical Carbons
A Performance Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Arced Labyrinth Spillways
The Production–Living–Ecological Land Classification System and Its Characteristics in the Hilly Area of Sichuan Province, Southwest China Based on Identification of the Main Functions
What Drives Innovation: The Canadian Touch on Liposomal Therapeutics
Adaptive Blending Method of Radar-Based and Numerical Weather Prediction QPFs for Urban Flood Forecasting
Developing an Advanced PM2.5 Exposure Model in Lima, Peru
Arctigenin Reduces Myofibroblast Activities in Oral Submucous Fibrosis by LINC00974 Inhibition
Oxidative Imbalance and Kidney Damage in Cafeteria Diet-Induced Rat Model of Metabolic Syndrome: Effect of Bergamot Polyphenolic Fraction
The Interactive Effect of Tonic Pain and Motor Learning on Corticospinal Excitability
Effects of Maltodextrins on the Kinetics of Lycopene and Chlorogenic Acid Degradation in Dried Tomato
Molecular Cloning and Expression Analysis of Three Suppressors of Cytokine Signaling Genes (SOCS5, SOCS6, SOCS7) in the Mealworm Beetle Tenebrio molitor
Fabrication and Electrochemical Performance of Zn-Doped La0.2Sr0.25Ca0.45TiO3 Infiltrated with Nickel-CGO, Iron, and Cobalt as an Alternative Anode Material for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
The Prognostic Nutritional Index and Nutritional Risk Index Are Associated with Disease Activity in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Effect of Side Chain Functional Groups on the DPPH Radical Scavenging Activity of Bisabolane-Type Phenols
Dynamics and Entropy Analysis for a New 4-D Hyperchaotic System with Coexisting Hidden Attractors
Multi-Level Classification Based on Trajectory Features of Time Series for Monitoring Impervious Surface Expansions
Single Injection of High Volume of Autologous Pure PRP Provides a Significant Improvement in Knee Osteoarthritis: A Prospective Routine Care Study
Hepatitis C Direct Acting Antivirals and Ribavirin Modify Lipid but not Glucose Parameters
Foreign Ownership, Agency Costs, and Long-Term Firm Growth: Evidence from Korea
Understanding Immune Evasion and Therapeutic Targeting Associated with PD-1/PD-L1 Pathway in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
Identification of Coal Geographical Origin Using Near Infrared Sensor Based on Broad Learning
A Multi-Feature and Multi-Level Matching Algorithm Using Aerial Image and AIS for Vessel Identification
The Application of Virtual Reality for Preoperative Planning of Lymphovenous Anastomosis in a Patient with a Complex Lymphatic Malformation
Anti-Müllerian Hormone Expression in Endometrial Cancer Tissue
Contrasting Species Diversity and Values in Home Gardens and Traditional Parkland Agroforestry Systems in Ethiopian Sub-Humid Lowlands
Independent Effects of Hypertension and Obesity on Left Ventricular Mass and Geometry: Evidence from the Cardiovision 2030 Study
Stretchable Pressure Sensor with Leakage-Free Liquid-Metal Electrodes
Scale Transformations in Metric-Affine Geometry
Assessing the Sustainability of High-Value Brands in the IT Sector
Large-Area Ultraviolet Photodetectors Based on p-Type Multilayer MoS2 Enabled by Plasma Doping
GA-BP Neural Network-Based Strain Prediction in Full-Scale Static Testing of Wind Turbine Blades
Policymakers’ Perspectives Towards Developing a Guideline to Inform Policy on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Qualitative Study
Competitive Intelligence and Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Hotel Industry
Entropic Analysis of Mirror Symmetry Breaking in Chiral Hypercycles
Pollution and Sustainability Indices for Small and Medium Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Southwest of Spain
Comparative Analysis of High-Resolution Soil Moisture Simulations from the Soil, Vegetation, and Snow (SVS) Land Surface Model Using SAR Imagery Over Bare Soil
Influence of Family Variables on Cyberbullying Perpetration and Victimization: A Systematic Literature Review
Combination Therapy of Chloroquine and C2-Ceramide Enhances Cytotoxicity in Lung Cancer H460 and H1299 Cells
Improvement of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patient Survival: Single Institution Experience
Coordination of Power-System Stabilizers and Battery Energy-Storage System Controllers to Improve Probabilistic Small-Signal Stability Considering Integration of Renewable-Energy Resources
The Scientific Response to Zika Virus
The Hydrodynamic Noise Suppression of a Scaled Submarine Model by Leading-Edge Serrations
Thermal Properties of Wood-Plastic Composites with Different Compositions
The Clinical Trial Landscape for Melanoma Therapies
The Genetic Variability of APOE in Different Human Populations and Its Implications for Longevity
Lack of Small Intestinal Dysbiosis Following Long-Term Selective Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2 by Rofecoxib in the Rat
One-Pot Synthesis of Epirubicin-Capped Silver Nanoparticles and Their Anticancer Activity against Hep G2 Cells
A Convenient Calibration Method for LRF-Camera Combination Systems Based on a Checkerboard
Wind Power Short-Term Prediction Based on LSTM and Discrete Wavelet Transform
Hydrogenation of Bio-Oil Model Compounds over Raney-Ni at Ambient Pressure
Research on a Rail Defect Location Method Based on a Single Mode Extraction Algorithm
Secrecy Performance of Underlay Cooperative Cognitive Network Using Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access with Opportunistic Relay Selection
Exploring Bioequivalence of Dexketoprofen Trometamol Drug Products with the Gastrointestinal Simulator (GIS) and Precipitation Pathways Analyses
Occupational Fine/Ultrafine Particles and Noise Exposure in Aircraft Personnel Operating in Airport Taxiway
Detection and Monitoring of Tunneling Induced Ground Movements Using Sentinel-1 SAR Interferometry
Technical Note: Regression Analysis of Proximal Hyperspectral Data to Predict Soil pH and Olsen P
Acceptance of Online Medical Websites: An Empirical Study in China
Sport-Related Concussion: Evaluation, Treatment, and Future Directions
Heterostructure Cu2O/(001)TiO2 Effected on Photocatalytic Degradation of Ammonia of Livestock Houses
Isolation of a Novel Flavanonol and an Alkylresorcinol with Highly Potent Anti-Trypanosomal Activity from Libyan propolis
Functional Crown Architecture of Five Temperate Broadleaf Tree Species: Vertical Gradients in Leaf Morphology, Leaf Angle, and Leaf Area Density
Performance Evaluation of Miniature Integrated Electrochemical Cells Fabricated Using LTCC Technology
Analysis of the Influence Mechanism of CO2 Emissions and Verification of the Environmental Kuznets Curve in China
Towards Void Hole Alleviation by Exploiting the Energy Efficient Path and by Providing the Interference-Free Proactive Routing Protocols in IoT Enabled Underwater WSNs
QT Assessment in Early Drug Development: The Long and the Short of It
Optimal Placement of Remote-Controlled Switches in Distribution Networks in the Presence of Distributed Generators
Je Suis Charlie or the Fragility of the Republican Sacred: On January 11th, 2015 and Its Afterlives
Dynamic Phase Transformation Behavior of a Nb-microalloyed Steel during Roughing Passes at Temperatures above the Ae3
DEM Investigation of the Influence of Minerals on Crack Patterns and Mechanical Properties of Red Mudstone
Modification of Pyrolytic Oil from Waste Tyres as a Promising Method for Light Fuel Production
Evaluating the Factors that are Affecting the Implementation of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Manufacturing MSMEs, the Case of Peru
PLS2 in Metabolomics
Magnetometer-Based Drift Correction During Rest in IMU Arm Motion Tracking
Formation Mechanism of Benzo(a)pyrene: One of the Most Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)
Development of a Vibroacoustic Stochastic Finite Element Prediction Tool for a CLT Floor
DNA Replication Timing Enters the Single-Cell Era
Incorporating N Atoms into SnO2 Nanostructure as an Approach to Enhance Gas Sensing Property for Acetone
A Joint Production and Maintenance Optimization of Closed-Loop Production System under Carbon Emission with a Switching Subcontractor Consideration
Aggregating Large-Scale Generalized Energy Storages to Participate in the Energy and Regulation Market
Heart Rate Kinetics Response of Pre-Pubertal Children during the Yo-Yo Intermittent Endurance Test—Level 1
Class II PI3Ks at the Intersection between Signal Transduction and Membrane Trafficking
Impact of Advanced Oxidation Products on Nanofiltration Efficiency
The Association between Mineral and Trace Element Concentrations in Hair and the 10-Year Risk of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in Healthy Community-Dwelling Elderly Individuals
Assessing Hydrus-2D Model to Investigate the Effects of Different On-Farm Irrigation Strategies on Potato Crop under Subsurface Drip Irrigation
Characterization of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Forests Grown on Stainless Steel Surfaces
Interaction of Surface Water and Groundwater Influenced by Groundwater Over-Extraction, Waste Water Discharge and Water Transfer in Xiong’an New Area, China
The Mediterranean Diet: From an Environment-Driven Food Culture to an Emerging Medical Prescription
Democracy and Education through the Eyes of Kuwaiti Politicians: A Phenomenological Study
Evidence for the Formation of Difluoroacetic Acid in Chlorofluorocarbon-Contaminated Ground Water
X-ray Microcomputed Tomography (µCT) for Mineral Characterization: A Review of Data Analysis Methods
A Novel Hyper-Heuristic for the Biobjective Regional Low-Carbon Location-Routing Problem with Multiple Constraints
Evaluating GIS-Based Multiple Statistical Models and Data Mining for Earthquake and Rainfall-Induced Landslide Susceptibility Using the LiDAR DEM
Reply to “Comment on Effectiveness of a Group B Outer Membrane Vesicle Meningococcal Vaccine in Preventing Hospitalization from Gonorrhea in New Zealand: A Retrospective Cohort Study, Vaccines, 2019, 1, 5; doi:10.3390/vaccines7010005”
Nut and Bolt Microfluidics with Helical Minichannel for Counting CD4+ T-Cells
The Effect of Inulin on Lifespan, Related Gene Expression and Gut Microbiota in InRp5545/TM3 Mutant Drosophila melanogaster: A Preliminary Study
Traveling Wave Solutions of a Delayed Cooperative System
Optimization of a New Phase Change Material Integrated Photovoltaic/Thermal Panel with The Active Cooling Technique Using Taguchi Method
Intelligent Optimization of Hard-Turning Parameters Using Evolutionary Algorithms for Smart Manufacturing
Atomic Layer Deposition for Preparation of Highly Efficient Catalysts for Dry Reforming of Methane
Growth of CaxCoO2 Thin Films by A Two-Stage Phase Transformation from CaO–CoO Thin Films Deposited by Rf-Magnetron Reactive Cosputtering
Combustion Synthesis of Non-Precious CuO-CeO2 Nanocrystalline Catalysts with Enhanced Catalytic Activity for Methane Oxidation
Targeting White Adipose Tissue with Exercise or Bariatric Surgery as Therapeutic Strategies in Obesity
Improved Frequency Locked Loop Based Synchronization Method for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter under Unbalanced and Distorted Grid Conditions
Chemical and Biological Components of Urban Aerosols in Africa: Current Status and Knowledge Gaps
Quantum Chaos and Quantum Randomness—Paradigms of Entropy Production on the Smallest Scales
Analysis of Different POD Processing Methods for SPIV-Measurements in Compressor Cascade Tip Leakage Flow
Sequencing and Comparative Analysis of the Chloroplast Genome of Angelica polymorpha and the Development of a Novel Indel Marker for Species Identification
The Decomposition Theorems of AG-Neutrosophic Extended Triplet Loops and Strong AG-(l, l)-Loops
Efficient Characterization of Macroscopic Composite Cement Mortars with Various Contents of Phase Change Material
A Novel Approach to Neutrosophic Soft Rough Set under Uncertainty
The Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics in the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity
DEM/CFD Simulations of a Pseudo-2D Fluidized Bed: Comparison with Experiments
Power Flows in Compound Transmissions for Hybrid Vehicles
Cluster Analysis Applied to Spatiotemporal Variability of Monthly Precipitation over Paraíba State Using Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Data
Assessing Regional Differences in Green Innovation Efficiency of Industrial Enterprises in China
Metal Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering Technology for Volatile Organic Compound Detection in the Microwave Frequency Range
Can Video Surveillance Systems Promote the Perception of Safety? Evidence from Surveys on Residents in Beijing, China
A High-Frequency Model of a Circular Beam with a T-Shaped Cross Section
Learning Deep CNN Denoiser Priors for Depth Image Inpainting
Diagnostic of Failure in Transmission System of Agriculture Tractors Using Predictive Maintenance Based Software
Effect of Drought on Outbreaks of Major Forest Pests, Pine Caterpillars (Dendrolimus spp.), in Shandong Province, China
Host Phylogenetic Relatedness and Soil Nutrients Shape Ectomycorrhizal Community Composition in Native and Exotic Pine Plantations
Petrogenesis of Low Sr and High Yb A-Type Granitoids in the Xianghualing Sn Polymetallic Deposit, South China: Constrains from Geochronology and Sr–Nd–Pb–Hf Isotopes
Life-Cycle Assessment of Adsorbents for Biohydrogen Production
Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Economic Growth: Evidence from Developing Countries
Cross-Country Assessment of H-SAF Snow Products by Sentinel-2 Imagery Validated against In-Situ Observations and Webcam Photography
A Claim Forfeiting Its Own Right. Why Job Got It Wrong—and Why This Matters for the Rationality of Religion
m6A Reader YTHDF2 Regulates LPS-Induced Inflammatory Response
Synthesis of 3-(Imidazo[2,1-b]thiazol-6-yl)-2H-chromen-2-one Derivatives and Study of Their Antiviral Activity against Parvovirus B19
Influence of Transformational Leadership on Employees’ Innovative Work Behavior in Sustainable Organizations: Test of Mediation and Moderation Processes
Determining Simulation Parameters of Prototype Door Hinge for Correlation between Simulation and Experimental Results in United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Regulation No: 11 Tests
A Comprehensive Study on The Accelerated Weathering Properties of Polypropylene—Wood Composites with Non-Metallic Materials of Waste-Printed Circuit Board Powders
Behavior Analysis and Anomaly Detection for a Digital Substation on Cyber-Physical System
Study of Various Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Amine Blends for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Natural Gas
Impact of Recreational Activities on an Unmanaged Alpine Campsite: The Case of Kuro-Dake Campsite, Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan
Geographically Weighted Regression Effects on Soil Zinc Content Hyperspectral Modeling by Applying the Fractional-Order Differential
A Comprehensive Construction and Demolition Waste Management Model using PESTEL and 3R for Construction Companies Operating in Central Asia
High-Gain Extended State Observer Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Path Following Control for An Underactuated Vessel Sailing in Restricted Waters
How Cabbage Aphids Brevicoryne brassicae (L.) Make a Choice to Feed on Brassica napus Cultivars
SCR Performance Evaluations in Relation to Experimental Parameters in a Marine Generator Engine
Modulation of Disordered Proteins with a Focus on Neurodegenerative Diseases and Other Pathologies
Effects of CeO2 on Viscosity, Structure, and Crystallization of Mold Fluxes for Casting Rare Earths Alloyed Steels
Impact of Row Spacing, Sowing Density and Nitrogen Fertilization on Yield and Quality Traits of chia (Salvia Hispanica L.) Cultivated in southwestern Germany
Farmer Reported Pest and Disease Impacts on Root, Tuber, and Banana Crops and Livelihoods in Rwanda and Burundi
Design of Flotation Circuits Using Tabu-Search Algorithms: Multispecies, Equipment Design, and Profitability Parameters
Segmentation, Classification, and Determinants of In-Store Shopping Activity and Travel Behaviour in the Digitalisation Era: The Context of a Developing Country
Pythagorean Fuzzy Dombi Aggregation Operators and Their Application in Decision Support System
Vegetation Degradation and Its Driving Factors in the Farming–Pastoral Ecotone over the Countries along Belt and Road Initiative
A Study of Catalytic Oxidation of a Library of C2 to C4 Alcohols in the Presence of Nanogold
An Analysis of the Causes of Deforestation in Malawi: A Case of Mwazisi
Three-Dimensionally Porous Li-Ion and Li-S Battery Cathodes: A Mini Review for Preparation Methods and Energy-Storage Performance
DLC and DLC-WS2 Coatings for Machining of Aluminium Alloys
Multistage Expansion Co-Planning of Integrated Natural Gas and Electricity Distribution Systems
Comparative Analysis of Adjustable Robust Optimization Alternatives for the Participation of Aggregated Residential Prosumers in Electricity Markets
Production of Chips from Logging Residues and Their Quality for Energy: A Review of European Literature
A Mathematical Approach to Consider Solid Compressibility in the Compression of Pharmaceutical Powders
Calibration Routine for Quantitative Three-Dimensional Flow Field Measurements in Drying Polymer Solutions Subject to Marangoni Convection
Variovorax sp. Has an Optimum Cell Density to Fully Function as a Plant Growth Promoter
Synergistic Action of Gefitinib and GSK41364A Simultaneously Loaded in Ratiometrically-Engineered Polymeric Nanoparticles for Glioblastoma Multiforme
Increased Levels of cAMP by the Calcium-Dependent Activation of Soluble Adenylyl Cyclase in Parkin-Mutant Fibroblasts
High-Performance Ultraviolet Light Detection Using Nano-Scale-Fin Isolation AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures with ZnO Nanorods
Application of Airborne Microorganism Indexes in Offices, Gyms, and Libraries
Electrochemical Glucose Quantification as a Strategy for Ethanolic Fermentation Monitoring
Fuzzy Parameterized Complex Neutrosophic Soft Expert Set for Decision under Uncertainty
Key Features of E-Tailer Shops in Adaptation to Cross-Border E-Commerce in the EU
Alkynes as Synthetic Equivalents of Ketones and Aldehydes: A Hidden Entry into Carbonyl Chemistry
Investigation of the Temperature-Related Wear Performance of Hard Nanostructured Coatings Deposited on a S600 High Speed Steel
Tokamak Edge Plasma Turbulence Interaction with Magnetic X-Point in 3D Global Simulations
Fimasartan for Remodeling after Myocardial Infarction
Corrosion Behaviour of L80 Steel Grade in Geothermal Power Plants in Switzerland
Consumer Preferences for Different Designs of Carbon Footprint Labelling on Tomatoes in Germany—Does Design Matter?
Assessment of Soil Suitability for Improvement of Soil Factors and Agricultural Management
Major Orientation Estimation-Based Rock Surface Extraction for 3D Rock-Mass Point Clouds
Effect of Micro- and Nano-Sized Carbonous Solid Lubricants as Oil Additives in Nanofluid on Tribological Properties
Ashura in Italy: The Reshaping of Shi’a Rituals
Super Connectivity of Erdős-Rényi Graphs
Environmental Remediation Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Oxide: Adsorption and Catalysis
Energy and Economic Impact on the Application of Low-Cost Lightweight Materials in Economic Housing Located in Dry Climates
Application of VES Acid System on Carbonate Rocks with Uninvaded Matrix for Acid Etching and Fracture Propagation
Effect of Paired Associative Stimulation on Corticomotor Excitability in Chronic Smokers
Advanced Metal Matrix Nanocomposites
A Molecular Modeling Approach to Identify Novel Inhibitors of the Major Facilitator Superfamily of Efflux Pump Transporters
Physiological and Environmental Factors Affecting the Composition of the Ejaculate in Mosquitoes and Other Insects
Skeletal Muscle Lipid Droplets and the Athlete’s Paradox
Government R&D Subsidy and Additionality of Biotechnology Firms: The Case of the South Korean Biotechnology Industry
Rapid Prototyping of Soft Lithography Masters for Microfluidic Devices Using Dry Film Photoresist in a Non-Cleanroom Setting
Niclosamide Triggers Non-Canonical LC3 Lipidation
Probabilistic Hosting Capacity Enhancement in Non-Sinusoidal Power Distribution Systems Using a Hybrid PSOGSA Optimization Algorithm
Entropy Analysis of Temperature Swing Adsorption for CO2 Capture Using the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Method
Object-Based Window Strategy in Thermal Sharpening
MicroRNA-451 Inhibits Migration of Glioblastoma while Making It More Susceptible to Conventional Therapy
Improving Sustainability in Architectural Research: Biopsychosocial Requirements in the Design of Urban Spaces
Can Lycopene Impact the Androgen Axis in Prostate Cancer?: A Systematic Review of Cell Culture and Animal Studies
Solvent-Tuned Synthesis of Mesoporous Nickel Cobaltite Nanostructures and Their Catalytic Properties
Acute Effects of Three Cooked Non-Cereal Starchy Foods on Postprandial Glycemic Responses and in Vitro Carbohydrate Digestion in Comparison with Whole Grains: A Randomized Trial
Experimental Investigation of Freezing and Melting Characteristics of Graphene-Based Phase Change Nanocomposite for Cold Thermal Energy Storage Applications
Regulation of Microcystin-LR-Induced DNA Damage by miR-451a in HL7702 Cells
Chronological Aging Standard Curves of Telomere Length and Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number in Twelve Tissues of C57BL/6 Male Mouse
Three-Dimensional Graphene Composite Containing Graphene-SiO2 Nanoballs and Its Potential Application in Stress Sensors
Long- and Short-Range Ordered Gold Nanoholes as Large-Area Optical Transducers in Sensing Applications
Memristor-CMOS Hybrid Circuit for Temporal-Pooling of Sensory and Hippocampal Responses of Cortical Neurons
Reinforced Concrete Corbel Strengthened Using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Sheets
Using a Neural Network to Improve the Optical Absorption in Halide Perovskite Layers Containing Core-Shells Silver Nanoparticles
Pansharpening Using Guided Filtering to Improve the Spatial Clarity of VHR Satellite Imagery
Precision Medicine and Exercise Therapy in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Generalized (ψ,α,β)—Weak Contractions for Initial Value Problems
The Stakeholders’ Perspective within the B Corp Certification for a Circular Approach
Design and Evaluation of a Novel Hybrid Soft Surgical Gripper for Safe Digital Nerve Manipulation
The Design and Optimization of a Wireless Power Transfer System Allowing Random Access for Multiple Loads
Visualisation and Analysis of Speech Production with Electropalatography
Effect of Multiple Vaccinations with Tumor Cell-Based Vaccine with Codon-Modified GM-CSF on Tumor Growth in a Mouse Model
Gender Dictates the Relationship between Serum Lipids and Leukocyte Counts in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999–2004
Empirical Study on Households’ Energy-Conservation Behavior of Jiangsu Province in China: The Role of Policies and Behavior Results
Study of the Relationship between Urban Expansion and PM10 Concentration Using Multi-Temporal Spatial Datasets and the Machine Learning Technique: Case Study for Daegu, South Korea
Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC), Head and Neck Cancer and Radiotherapy; Future Perspectives
Preparation and Evaluation of Peptides with Potential Antioxidant Activity by Microwave Assisted Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Collagen from Sea Cucumber Acaudina Molpadioides Obtained from Zhejiang Province in China
Functional Magnetic Core-Shell System-Based Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Coated with Biocompatible Copolymer for Anticancer Drug Delivery
Fuzzy Volterra Integro-Differential Equations Using General Linear Method
Byproduct Analysis of SO2 Poisoning on NH3-SCR over MnFe/TiO2 Catalysts at Medium to Low Temperatures
Hydrophilic Glycoproteins of an Edible Green Alga Capsosiphon fulvescens Prevent Aging-Induced Spatial Memory Impairment by Suppressing GSK-3β-Mediated ER Stress in Dorsal Hippocampus
Periods of Extreme Shallow Depth Hinder but Do Not Stop Long-Term Improvements of Water Quality in Lake Apopka, Florida (USA)
Enzyme-Based Electrochemical Biosensors for Microfluidic Platforms to Detect Pharmaceutical Residues in Wastewater
Thermodynamics of Majority-Logic Decoding in Information Erasure
Noninvasive Skin Barrier Assessment: Multiparametric Approach and Pilot Study
Infrared Brazing of CoCrFeMnNi Equiatomic High Entropy Alloy Using Nickel-Based Braze Alloys
Environmental Factors Influence Plant Vascular System and Water Regulation
High-Performing PGM-Free AEMFC Cathodes from Carbon-Supported Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles
Explaining Cooperative Behavior in Public Goods Games: How Preferences and Beliefs Affect Contribution Levels
Cavitating Flow through a Micro-Orifice
Synthesis of Self-Healing Waterborne Polyurethane Systems Chain Extended with Chitosan
Estimating Spatiotemporal Information from Behavioral Sensing Data of Wheelchair Users by Machine Learning Technologies
Higher Maternal Diet Quality during Pregnancy and Lactation Is Associated with Lower Infant Weight-For-Length, Body Fat Percent, and Fat Mass in Early Postnatal Life
Installation Planning in Regional Thermal Power Industry for Emissions Reduction Based on an Emissions Inventory
Dealing with Nap-Core Sandwich Composites: How to Predict the Effect of Symmetry
A Method for Landsat and Sentinel 2 (HLS) BRDF Normalization
An AutomationML Based Ontology for Sensor Fusion in Industrial Plants
Supercoil Levels in E. coli and Salmonella Chromosomes Are Regulated by the C-Terminal 35–38 Amino Acids of GyrA
Kinetics of Spreading over Porous Substrates
Interculturalism and Responsive Reflexivity in a Settler Colonial Context
Benefits of Outdoor Sports for Society. A Systematic Literature Review and Reflections on Evidence
Flutter and Divergence Instability of Axially-Moving Nanoplates Resting on a Viscoelastic Foundation
Early Multiphasic HBV Infection Initiation Kinetics Is Not Clone-Specific and Is Not Affected by Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) Infection
Experimental Investigation on the Performances of a Multilevel Inverter Using a Field Programmable Gate Array-Based Control System
The Temple of Solomon in Iron Age Context
Two-Layer Erbium-Doped Air-Core Circular Photonic Crystal Fiber Amplifier for Orbital Angular Momentum Mode Division Multiplexing System
Bentonite Modified by Allylamine Polymer for Adsorption of Amido Black 10B
Connectivity and Usership of Two Types of Multi-Modal Transportation Network: A Regional Trail and a Transit-Oriented Commercial Corridor
Effect of Varying the Ratio of Carbon Black to Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers in the Separator on the Performance of Li–S Batteries
Longitudinal Fibular Deficiency: A Cross-Sectional Study Comparing Lower Limb Function of Children and Young People with That of Unaffected Peers
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Resorption in Relation to Nutrition Limitation along the Chronosequence of Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) Plantation
Polymeric Co-Delivery Systems in Cancer Treatment: An Overview on Component Drugs’ Dosage Ratio Effect
Environmental Impact Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure in the Life Cycle: Case Study of a Fast Track Transportation Project in China
Modeling of a Hybrid Steam Storage and Validation with an Industrial Ruths Steam Storage Line
Study on Trichothecene and Zearalenone Presence in Romanian Wheat Relative to Weather Conditions
Study on Courtyard Residence and Cultural Sustainability: Reading Chinese Traditional Siheyuan through Space Syntax
Mechanochemical Synthesis and Characterization of CuInS2/ZnS Nanocrystals
Detecting Fraudulent Financial Statements for the Sustainable Development of the Socio-Economy in China: A Multi-Analytic Approach
Detection of Salivary miRNAs Reflecting Chronic Periodontitis: A Pilot Study
Chemical Characterization and DNA Fingerprinting of Griffonia simplicifolia Baill.
Application of Antimicrobial Nanoparticles in Dentistry
Newer-Generation EGFR Inhibitors in Lung Cancer: How Are They Best Used?
A Critical Consideration of Environmental Literacy: Concepts, Contexts, and Competencies
Contributions of Organizational Levels in Community Management Models of Water Supply in Rural Communities: Cases from Brazil and Ecuador
Lanthanide-Loaded Nanoparticles as Potential Fluorescent and Mass Probes for High-Content Protein Analysis
The Knowledge Mapping of Mobile Commerce Research: A Visual Analysis Based on I-Model
Church-State Separation and Challenging Issues Concerning Religion
Evaluation of the Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Potential of an Aerobic Bioreactor Packed with Carbon Fibres for Swine Wastewater Treatment
Continuous Intention on Accommodation Apps: Integrated Value-Based Adoption and Expectation–Confirmation Model Analysis
Cellular Gene Expression during Hepatitis C Virus Replication as Revealed by Ribosome Profiling
Abscisic Acid Regulates the 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA Reductase Gene Promoter and Ginsenoside Production in Panax quinquefolium Hairy Root Cultures
Online Monitoring and Prediction of Thermo-Mechanics of AFP Based Thermoplastic Composites
One-Pot FDCA Diester Synthesis from Mucic Acid and Their Solvent-Free Regioselective Polytransesterification for Production of Glycerol-Based Furanic Polyesters
Incorporation of Torsional & Higher-Mode Responses in Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Asymmetric RC Frame Buildings
Generalization of an Optical ASA Switch
Disease Affects Bdnf Expression in Synaptic and Extrasynaptic Regions of Skeletal Muscle of Three SBMA Mouse Models
Thermomagnetic Convection of Paramagnetic Gas in an Enclosure under No Gravity Condition
A Vortex-Assisted Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Followed by UPLC-MS/MS for Simultaneous Determination of Pesticides and Aflatoxins in Herbal Tea
In Silico Analysis of Homologous Heterodimers of Cruzipain-Chagasin from Structural Models Built by Homology
Variability among Young Table Grape Cultivars in Response to Water Deficit and Water Use Efficiency
Implementation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Based on Variable Speed Forecasting for Wind Energy Systems
Clinical Characteristics of Osimertinib Responder in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with EGFR-T790M Mutation
Energy Harvesting Performance of Plate Wing from Discrete Gust Excitation
Willingness-to-Pay for Sustainable Aquaculture Products: Evidence from Korean Red Seabream Aquaculture
Design and Evaluation of a Surface Electromyography-Controlled Steering Assistance Interface
Multi-Vehicle Tracking via Real-Time Detection Probes and a Markov Decision Process Policy
The Impact of Foreign Investors on the Stock Price of Korean Enterprises during the Global Financial Crisis
Photocatalytic Degradation of Azithromycin by Nanostructured TiO2 Film: Kinetics, Degradation Products, and Toxicity
Low-Cost and High-Performance ZnO Nanoclusters Gas Sensor Based on New-Type FTO Electrode for the Low-Concentration H2S Gas Detection
Micro-Brazing of Stainless Steel Using Ni-P Alloy Plating
Molecular Responses of Maize Shoot to a Plant Derived Smoke Solution
Microbial Transformation of Flavonoids by Isaria fumosorosea ACCC 37814
Optimization of Geometric Parameters of Thermal Insulation of Pre-Insulated Double Pipes
Analysis of Powder Binder Separation through Multiscale Computed Tomography
Predictors of Lymphoceles in Women Who Underwent Laparotomic Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection for Early Gynecologic Cancer: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Drivers and Outcomes of Green IS Adoption in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
A Time Domain Passivity Control Scheme for Bilateral Teleoperation
Intranasal Borna Disease Virus (BoDV-1) Infection: Insights into Initial Steps and Potential Contagiosity
Resolvable Group State Estimation with Maneuver Based on Labeled RFS and Graph Theory
Molecular Mechanisms of Hypothalamic Insulin Resistance
Confinement Effect of Micro- and Mesoporous Materials on the Spectroscopy and Dynamics of a Stilbene Derivative Dye
Adverse Drug Events in Patients with Dementia and Neuropsychiatric/Behavioral, and Psychological Symptoms, a One-Year Prospective Study
Different Grouping Strategies for Cooperative Learning in English Majored Seniors and Juniors at Can Tho University, Vietnam
Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization of Sensor Distribution Scheme with Consideration of the Accuracy and the Robustness for Deformation Reconstruction
Developing and Comparing Different Strategies for Combining Probabilistic Photovoltaic Power Forecasts in an Ensemble Method
Novel Aerial Manipulator for Accurate and Robust Industrial NDT Contact Inspection: A New Tool for the Oil and Gas Inspection Industry
Spatial Uncertainty Modeling for Surface Roughness of Additively Manufactured Microstructures via Image Segmentation
Serine Proteinases in Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis Promastigotes Have Distinct Subcellular Distributions and Expression
Fundamental Characteristics and Kinetic Analysis of Lignocellulosic Woody and Herbaceous Biomass Fuels
The Living Environment and Thermal Behaviours of Older South Australians: A Multi-Focus Group Study
Defect Creation in the Root of Single-Crystalline Turbine Blades Made of Ni-Based Superalloy
Strain Rate during Creep in High-Pressure Die-Cast AZ91 Magnesium Alloys at Intermediate Temperatures
The Emerging Roles of TERRA in Telomere Maintenance and Genome Stability
New Antimalarial and Antimicrobial Tryptamine Derivatives from the Marine Sponge Fascaplysinopsis reticulata
Current Diabetes Technology: Striving for the Artificial Pancreas
Progress in Understanding the Physiological and Molecular Responses of Populus to Salt Stress
Impact of Air Exposure Time on the Water Contact Angles of Daily Disposable Silicone Hydrogels
A Harmonic Based Pilot Protection Scheme for VSC-MTDC Grids with PWM Converters
Vermiliquer (Vermicompost Leachate) as a Complete Liquid Fertilizer for Hydroponically-Grown Pak Choi (Brassica chinensis L.) in the Tropics
Growth of Ga2O3 Nanowires via Cu-As-Ga Ternary Phase Diagram
Iron Deficiency and Neuroendocrine Regulators of Basal Metabolism, Body Composition and Energy Expenditure in Rats
Corporate Community Involvement and Chinese Rural Tourist Destination Sustainability
Influence of Manufacturing Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Porous Materials by Selective Laser Sintering
Pore Solution Chemistry of Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement and Its Effects on Steel Passivation
A Novel PZT Pump with Built-in Compliant Structures
Multifunctional Performance of a Nano-Modified Fiber Reinforced Composite Aeronautical Panel
Relationship between Winter Precipitation in Barents–Kara Seas and September–October Eastern Siberian Sea Ice Anomalies
EGCG-Derivative G28 Shows High Efficacy Inhibiting the Mammosphere-Forming Capacity of Sensitive and Resistant TNBC Models
Biogas Upgrading Via Dry Reforming Over a Ni-Sn/CeO2-Al2O3 Catalyst: Influence of the Biogas Source
On-Coupling Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal Behavior of Submarine Power Phases
Do Stand-Biased Desks in the Classroom Change School-Time Activity and Sedentary Behavior?
Financing for a Sustainable PPP Development: Valuation of the Contractual Rights under Exercise Conditions for an Urban Railway PPP Project in Korea
Antimycobacterial and Nitric Oxide Production Inhibitory Activities of Triterpenes and Alkaloids from Psychotria nuda (Cham. & Schltdl.) Wawra
Simultaneous Electrochemical Detection of Nitrite and Hydrogen Peroxide Based on 3D Au-rGO/FTO Obtained Through a One-Step Synthesis
Use of Materials Based on Polymeric Silica as Bone-Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Metronidazole
Endophytic Mycobiota of Jingbai Pear Trees in North China
Unsaturated Poly(Hydroxyalkanoates) for the Production of Nanoparticles and the Effect of Cross-Linking on Nanoparticle Features
Analysis of Mobile Edge Computing for Vehicular Networks
A Lagrangian Ocean Model for Climate Studies
How Can Operational Research Help to Eliminate Tuberculosis in the Asia Pacific Region?
A Multi-Agent Based Intelligent Training System for Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Magnetostrictive Guided Wave Technique Verification for Detection and Monitoring Defects in the Pipe Weld
The Effects of Microclimate Parameters on Outdoor Thermal Sensation in Severe Cold Cities
A Microforecasting Module for Energy Management in Residential and Tertiary Buildings
Increased Grain Amino Acid Content in Rice with Earthworm Castings
Bactericidal and Biocompatible Properties of Plasma Chemical Oxidized Titanium (TiOB®) with Antimicrobial Surface Functionalization
Assessing Spatial Flood Vulnerability at Kalapara Upazila in Bangladesh Using an Analytic Hierarchy Process
Regulation of Gene Expression of Methionine Sulfoxide Reductases and Their New Putative Roles in Plants
“Everybody I Know Is Always Hungry…But Nobody Asks Why”: University Students, Food Insecurity and Mental Health
Improved Facial Expression Recognition Based on DWT Feature for Deep CNN
5-Iodo-4-thio-2′-Deoxyuridine as a Sensitizer of X-ray Induced Cancer Cell Killing
R-CNN-Based Ship Detection from High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
Toxins Utilize the Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Protein Degradation Pathway in Their Intoxication Process
The Selection of NFκB Inhibitors to Block Inflammation and Induce Sensitisation to FasL-Induced Apoptosis in HNSCC Cell Lines Is Critical for Their Use as a Prospective Cancer Therapy
Impact of Socio-Economic Factors and Health Information Sources on Place of Birth in Sindh Province, Pakistan: A Secondary Analysis of Cross-Sectional Survey Data
Universal Scattering of Ultracold Atoms and Molecules in Optical Potentials
Effect of A22 on the Conformation of Bacterial Actin MreB
Highly Sensitive Tactile Shear Sensor Using Spatially Digitized Contact Electrodes
The Family Mealtime Observation Study (FaMOS): Exploring the Role of Family Functioning in the Association between Mothers’ and Fathers’ Food Parenting Practices and Children’s Nutrition Risk
The Therapeutic Potential of Apigenin
Prediction of Physical Activity Intensity with Accelerometry in Young Children
Hypospadias Risk from Maternal Residential Exposure to Heavy Metal Hazardous Air Pollutants
Correction: Yadav. K. and Congalton. R. Accuracy Assessment of Global Food Security-Support Analysis Data (GFSAD) Cropland Extent Maps Produced at Three Different Spatial Resolutions. Remote Sens. 2018, 10, 1800
Single-Molecule Detection of DNA in a Nanochannel by High-Field Strength-Assisted Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy
Effect by Diamond Surface Modification on Biomolecular Adhesion
Genome-Wide Analysis of LIM Family Genes in Foxtail Millet (Setaria italica L.) and Characterization of the Role of SiWLIM2b in Drought Tolerance
Risk of Human Pathogen Internalization in Leafy Vegetables During Lab-Scale Hydroponic Cultivation
Research Topics in Accounting Fraud in the 21st Century: A State of the Art
Identification of Candidate Ergosterol-Responsive Proteins Associated with the Plasma Membrane of Arabidopsis thaliana
Polyphenols Content, Antioxidant Activity, and Cytotoxicity Assessment of Taraxacum officinale Extracts Prepared through the Micelle-Mediated Extraction Method
Applying Genome-Resolved Metagenomics to Deconvolute the Halophilic Microbiome
Microstructure and Mechanical Performance of Additively Manufactured Aluminum 2024-T3/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Hybrid Joints Using an AddJoining Technique
DNA Methylation Patterns in the Round Goby Hypothalamus Support an On-The-Spot Decision Scenario for Territorial Behavior
Hyaluronan-Based Hydrogel Scaffolds for Limbal Stem Cell Transplantation: A Review
Engineering of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry Proteins to Enhance the Activity against Western Corn Rootworm
Hybrid cis-stilbene Molecules: Novel Anticancer Agents
Moisture Distribution in Sloping Black Soil Farmland during the Freeze–Thaw Period in Northeastern China
Effectiveness of Vitamin D Supplementation in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review
Lentiviral Vectors for the Treatment and Prevention of Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease
Ultra-Low-Level Laser Therapy and Acupuncture Libralux: What Is so Special?
Prediction of the Dynamic Stiffness of Resilient Materials using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Technique
Perturbative Peculiarities of Quantum Field Theories at High Temperatures
Nonlinear Modeling and Flight Validation of a Small-Scale Compound Helicopter
ER Stress is Involved in Epithelial-To-Mesenchymal Transition of Alveolar Epithelial Cells Exposed to a Hypoxic Microenvironment
Diversity and Distribution of Phytophthora Species in Protected Natural Areas in Sicily
Phenolic Compounds from Humulus lupulus as Natural Antimicrobial Products: New Weapons in the Fight against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Leishmania mexicana and Trypanosoma brucei Strains
Visual Detection of Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus Based on Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase Coupled with DNAzymes Amplification
Oculo-Facio-Cardio-Dental Syndrome: A Case Report about a Rare Pathological Condition
Remote Monitoring of Joints Status on In-Service High-Voltage Overhead Lines
Dielectric Spectroscopy Using Dual Reflection Analysis of TDR Signals
Fast Electrical Characterizations of High-Energy Second Life Lithium-Ion Batteries for Embedded and Stationary Applications
Effect of Different Interval Lengths in a Rolling Horizon MILP Unit Commitment with Non-Linear Control Model for a Small Energy System
Evolutionary Comparison of the Chloroplast Genome in the Woody Sonchus Alliance (Asteraceae) on the Canary Islands
Synthesis and Mechanochemical Activity of Peptide-Based Cu(I) Bis(N-Heterocyclic Carbene) Complexes
How Soft Polymers Cope with Cracks and Notches
Effect of LaNi3 Amorphous Alloy Nanopowders on the Performance and Hydrogen Storage Properties of MgH2
Effects of Finish Line Design and Fatigue Cyclic Loading on Phase Transformation of Zirconia Dental Ceramics: A Qualitative Micro-Raman Spectroscopic Analysis
Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in the Sediments of Six Water Sources in Taihu Lake, China
Using a Parallel Helical Sensing Cable for the Distributed Measurement of Ground Deformation
Gait Training Using the Honda Walking Assistive Device® in a Patient Who Underwent Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Single-Subject Study
Blister Defect Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network for Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery
A Professional Competences’ Diagnosis in Education for Sustainability: A Case Study from the Standpoint of the Education Guidance Service (EGS) in the Spanish Context
Nanostructured P3HT as a Promising Sensing Element for Real-Time, Dynamic Detection of Gaseous Acetone
Synthesis and Stereostructure-Activity Relationship of Novel Pyrethroids Possessing Two Asymmetric Centers on a Cyclopropane Ring
Controlled Electron-Beam Synthesis of Transparent Hydrogels for Drug Delivery Applications
Water-In-Oil Emulsion as Boiler Fuel for Reduced NOx Emissions and Improved Energy Saving
Understanding the Impact of Environmental Education on Tourists’ Future Visit Intentions to Leisure Farms in Mountain Regions
Diagnostic and Prognostic Significance of Carboxypeptidase A4 (CPA4) in Breast Cancer
Nanomaterials: Solutions to Water-Concomitant Challenges
Energy Efficiency as a Wicked Problem
Interlaboratory Measurements of Contiguity in WC-Co Hardmetals
Effectiveness of an Attachment-Informed Working Alliance in Interdisciplinary Pain Therapy
Glycemia Lowering Effect of an Aqueous Extract of Hedychium coronarium Leaves in Diabetic Rodent Models
Willingness to Pay Price Premium for Smartphones Produced Using Renewable Energy
Morphology and Morphometry of the Midgut in the Stingless Bee Friesella schrottkyi (Hymenoptera: Apidae)
Data-Rate Constrained Observers of Nonlinear Systems
The Spectrum of Teleparallel Gravity
Volumetric Tooth Wear Measurement of Scraper Conveyor Sprocket Using Shape from Focus-Based Method
The Impact of Job, Site, and Industry Experience on Worker Health and Safety
May the Inclusion of a Legume Crop Change Weed Composition in Cereal Fields? Example of Sainfoin in Aragon (Spain)
Seismic Performance of Ancient Masonry Structures in Korea Rediscovered in 2016 M 5.8 Gyeongju Earthquake
Interaction Narratives for Responsive Architecture
Efficient Identification of Corn Cultivation Area with Multitemporal Synthetic Aperture Radar and Optical Images in the Google Earth Engine Cloud Platform
Methoxsalen and Bergapten Prevent Diabetes-Induced Osteoporosis by the Suppression of Osteoclastogenic Gene Expression in Mice
The Inescapable Effects of Ribosomes on In-Cell NMR Spectroscopy and the Implications for Regulation of Biological Activity
The Sensitivity in Consumption of Different Vehicle Drivetrain Concepts Under Varying Operating Conditions: A Simulative Data Driven Approach
Collections in the Expanded Field: Relationality and the Provenance of Artefacts and Archives
Case Reports: Multifaceted Experiences Treating Youth with Severe Obesity
How to Effectively Enhance Sustainable Livelihoods in Smallholder Systems: A Comparative Study from Western Kenya
Water Footprint of Wheat in Iraq
Arab Countries between Winter and Spring: Where Democracy Shock Goes Next!
Surface Morphologies and Mechanical Properties of Mg-Zn-Ca Amorphous Alloys under Chemistry-Mechanics Interactive Environments
Biological, Psychological, Social, and Legal Aspects of Trans Parenthood Based on a Real Case—A Literature Review
Improved Discharge Capacity of Zinc Particles by Applying Bismuth-Doped Silica Coating for Zinc-Based Batteries
The Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase H1 PTPH1 Supports Proliferation of Keratinocytes and is a Target of the Human Papillomavirus Type 8 E6 Oncogene
Viability of an Electrically Driven Pump-Fed Hybrid Rocket for Small Launcher Upper Stages
Evaluating Primary Health Care Performance from User Perspective in China: Review of Survey Instruments and Implementation Issues
Generation of High Quality Biogenic Silica by Combustion of Rice Husk and Rice Straw Combined with Pre- and Post-Treatment Strategies—A Review
Mothers’ Difficulties and Expectations for Intervention of Bullying among Young Children in South Korea
System Configuration, Fault Detection, Location, Isolation and Restoration: A Review on LVDC Microgrid Protections
Zebrafish Models of Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Limitations and Benefits of Current Tools and Techniques
An Efficient Numerical Technique for the Nonlinear Fractional Kolmogorov–Petrovskii–Piskunov Equation
Towards Recognising Individual Behaviours from Pervasive Mobile Datasets in Urban Spaces
Study on the Isolation of Two Atrazine-Degrading Bacteria and the Development of a Microbial Agent
Spatial and Temporal Long-Term Patterns of Phyto and Zooplankton in the W-Mediterranean: RADMED Project
Reception of OAM Radio Waves Using Pseudo-Doppler Interpolation Techniques: A Frequency-Domain Approach
Constraint-Aware Electricity Consumption Estimation for Prevention of Overload by Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Separation and Detection of Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using a Microfluidic Device Integrated with an Optical Fibre
Channel Measurement and Feasibility Test for Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications
Perforated Medium Applied in Frequency Selective Surfaces and Curved Antenna Radome
Electrical Properties of Two-Dimensional Materials Used in Gas Sensors
Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Modulates Liver Inflammation and Fibrosis in Mice in a Model-Dependent Manner
A Fault-Signal-Based Generalizing Remaining Useful Life Prognostics Method for Wheel Hub Bearings
Fe-Doping in Double Perovskite PrBaCo2(1-x)Fe2xO6-δ: Insights into Structural and Electronic Effects to Enhance Oxygen Evolution Catalyst Stability
Key Feature Recognition Algorithm of Network Intrusion Signal Based on Neural Network and Support Vector Machine
Impact of Climate Change on Twenty-First Century Crop Yields in the U.S.
Morphological and Molecular Analysis of Australian Earwigs (Dermaptera) Points to Unique Species and Regional Endemism in the Anisolabididae Family
Comparing Multiple Precipitation Products against In-Situ Observations over Different Climate Regions of Pakistan
A Novel Expertise-Guided Machine Learning Model for Internal Fault State Diagnosis of Power Transformers
Associations between Macronutrient Intakes and Obesity/Metabolic Risk Phenotypes: Findings of the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Green Nanotechnology: Advancement in Phytoformulation Research
Implementation of Shape Memory Alloy Sponge as Energy Dissipating Material on Pounding Tuned Mass Damper: An Experimental Investigation
Ageing and Efficiency Aware Battery Dispatch for Arbitrage Markets Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming
Performance Assessment of Cascade Control System with Non-Gaussian Disturbance Based on Minimum Entropy
Exploiting Impact of Hardware Impairments in NOMA: Adaptive Transmission Mode in FD/HD and Application in Internet-of-Things
“Serving the Lord”: Christianity, Work, and Social Engagement in China
Assessment of Tryptophan, Tryptophan Ethylester, and Melatonin Derivatives in Red Wine by SPE-HPLC-FL and SPE-HPLC-MS Methods
What Dimension of CSR Matters to Organizational Resilience? Evidence from China
Constructing the Microbial Association Network from Large-Scale Time Series Data Using Granger Causality
Evolution of Complexity in Out-of-Equilibrium Systems by Time-Resolved or Space-Resolved Synchrotron Radiation Techniques
Reactor Selection for Effective Continuous Biocatalytic Production of Pharmaceuticals
Synchronization Control Algorithm of Double-Cylinder Forging Hydraulic Press Based on Fuzzy Neural Network
Spatial Mapping of Acidity and Geochemical Properties of Oxidized Tailings within the Former Eagle/Telbel Mine Site
Dynamical Study of Fokker-Planck Equations by Using Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method
Long-Term Regional Environmental Risk Assessment and Future Scenario Projection at Ningbo, China Coupling the Impact of Sea Level Rise
Replacing Land-Use Planning with Localized Form-Based Codes in the United Arab Emirates: A Proposed Method
Lithospheric Architecture and Metallogenesis in Liaodong Peninsula, North China Craton: Insights from Zircon Hf-Nd Isotope Mapping
Comment on “Effectiveness of a Group B outer membrane vesicle meningococcal vaccine in preventing hospitalization from gonorrhea in New Zealand: a retrospective cohort study, Vaccines, 2019, 1, 5; doi:10.3390/vaccines7010005”
Serotonergic, Dopaminergic, and Noradrenergic Modulation of Erotic Stimulus Processing in the Male Human Brain
A Molecular Docking Approach to Evaluate the Pharmacological Properties of Natural and Synthetic Treatment Candidates for Use against Hypertension
Learning the Cost Function for Foothold Selection in a Quadruped Robot
Evaluation of the Second Follicular Wave Phenomenon in Natural Cycle Assisted Reproduction: A Key Option for Poor Responders through Luteal Phase Oocyte Retrieval
Assessment of the Decadal Impact of Wildfire on Water Quality in Forested Catchments
Relationship between Wetland Plant Communities and Environmental Factors in the Tumen River Basin in Northeast China
Characterization, Source and Risk of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds (PhACs) in the Snow Deposition Near Jiaozhou Bay, North China
Computing the Moments of the Complex Gaussian: Full and Sparse Covariance Matrix
Selection and Evaluation of 21 Potato (Solanum Tuberosum) Breeding Clones for Cold Chip Processing
Features of K-Changes Observed in Sri Lanka in the Tropics
Effect of Etching Depth on Threshold Characteristics of GaSb-Based Middle Infrared Photonic-Crystal Surface-Emitting Lasers
Monoclonal Antibodies in Multiple Sclerosis: Present and Future
Comments on the Study “The Sensitivity, Specificity and Accuracy of Warning Signs in Predicting Severe Dengue, the Severe Dengue Prevalence and Its Associated Factors”
Reply to “Dyslexia: Still Not a Neurodevelopmental Disorder”
Characteristics and Mechanism of Vinyl Ether Cationic Polymerization in Aqueous Media Initiated by Alcohol/B(C6F5)3/Et2O
MHD Nanofluids in a Permeable Channel with Porosity
Cost-Optimal Maintenance Planning for Defects on Wind Turbine Blades
Rebar Corrosion Investigation in Rubber Aggregate Concrete via the Chloride Electro-Accelerated Test
Proteomics Analysis to Identify Proteins and Pathways Associated with the Novel Lesion Mimic Mutant E40 in Rice Using iTRAQ-Based Strategy
Association between Striatal Brain Iron Deposition, Microbleeds and Cognition 1 Year After a Minor Ischaemic Stroke
Thermally Self-Healing Graphene-Nanoplate/Polyurethane Nanocomposites via Diels–Alder Reaction through a One-Shot Process
Development of a Microwave-assisted Chemoselective Synthesis of Oxime-linked Sugar Linkers and Trivalent Glycoclusters
Future Teachers’ Sustainable Water Consumption Behavior: A Test of the Value-Belief-Norm Theory
Corrosion and Conservation Management of the Submarine HMAS AE2 (1915) in the Sea of Marmara, Turkey
TM6SF2 and MBOAT7 Gene Variants in Liver Fibrosis and Cirrhosis
A Neural Network Approximation Based on a Parametric Sigmoidal Function
Effect of Uneven Electrostatic Forces on the Dynamic Characteristics of Capacitive Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscopes
Heavy-Ion Induced Single Event Upsets in Advanced 65 nm Radiation Hardened FPGAs
An Orthogonal Model to Study the Effect of Electrospraying Parameters on the Morphology of poly (d,l)-lactide-co-glycolide (PLGA) Particles
A Novel Polymethyl Methacrylate Derivative Grafted with Cationic Iridium(III) Complex Units: Synthesis and Application in White Light-Emitting Diodes
Membrane-Associated, Not Cytoplasmic or Nuclear, FGFR1 Induces Neuronal Differentiation
Voltage Support under Grid Faults with Inherent Current Limitation for Three-Phase Droop-Controlled Inverters
Optimal Machining Strategy Selection in Ball-End Milling of Hardened Steels for Injection Molds
Hexokinase-II Inhibition Synergistically Augments the Anti-tumor Efficacy of Sorafenib in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
An Information Criterion for Auxiliary Variable Selection in Incomplete Data Analysis
Future Hydrological Drought Risk Assessment Based on Nonstationary Joint Drought Management Index
Objective Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Intensity from Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing Observations in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean
CLEAs, Combi-CLEAs and ‘Smart’ Magnetic CLEAs: Biocatalysis in a Bio-Based Economy
The Role of Riemann’s Zeta Function in Mathematics and Physics †,‡
Biogas Potential for Improved Sustainability in Guangzhou, China—A Study Focusing on Food Waste on Xiaoguwei Island
Do Firm and Entrepreneur Characteristics Play a Role in SMEs’ Sustainable Growth in a Middle-Income Economy like Côte d’Ivoire?
How to be Brief: Children’s and Adults’ Application of Grice’s Brevity Maxim in Production
Full Statistics of Conjugated Thermodynamic Ensembles in Chains of Bistable Units
Installation and Operation of a Solar Cooling and Heating System Incorporated with Air-Source Heat Pumps
Leveraging the Cardio-Protective and Anticancer Properties of Resveratrol in Cardio-Oncology
Interaction of Surface Energy Components between Solid and Liquid on Wettability, and Its Application to Textile Anti-Wetting Finish
Hybrid Superconducting-Ferromagnetic [Bi2Sr2(Ca,Y)2Cu3O10]0.99(La2/3Ba1/3MnO3)0.01 Composite Thick Films
Differences and Similarities between Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labels in Europe: A Comparison of Functional and Visual Aspects
Economic Evaluation of Adaptation Pathways for an Urban Drainage System Experiencing Deep Uncertainty
Addition of Salt Ions before Spraying Improves Heat- and Cold-Induced Gel Properties of Soy Protein Isolate (SPI)
Heterologous Expression of Aedes aegypti Cation Chloride Cotransporter 2 (aeCCC2) in Xenopus laevis Oocytes Induces an Enigmatic Na+/Li+ Conductance
Depictions of American Indians in George Armstrong Custer’s My Life on the Plains
Flexible and Highly Sensitive Hydrogen Sensor Based on Organic Nanofibers Decorated by Pd Nanoparticles
Revisiting Histone Deacetylases in Human Tumorigenesis: The Paradigm of Urothelial Bladder Cancer
Investigating Engineering Student Learning Style Trends by Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Environmental Hazards: A Coverage Response Approach
Liver Injury Induced by Carbon Tetrachloride in Mice Is Prevented by the Antioxidant Capacity of Anji White Tea Polyphenols
Towards Strong Sustainability Management—A Generalized PROSA Method
Baicalein Suppresses Stem Cell-Like Characteristics in Radio- and Chemoresistant MDA-MB-231 Human Breast Cancer Cells through Up-Regulation of IFIT2
A Smart Imaging Workflow for Organ-Specific Screening in a Cystic Kidney Zebrafish Disease Model
Experimental Evaluation of Conservation Agriculture with Drip Irrigation for Water Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa
The Hydrodynamics of a Micro-Rocket Propelled by a Deformable Bubble
Conceptual Verification of Integrated Heterogeneous Network Based on 5G Millimeter Wave Use in Gymnasium
A Reconstructed Indigenous Religious Tradition in Latvia
A Dynamic Adam Based Deep Neural Network for Fault Diagnosis of Oil-Immersed Power Transformers
Biosynthesis and Signal Transduction of ABA, JA, and BRs in Response to Drought Stress of Kentucky Bluegrass
The Effect of Caffeine Ingestion and Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse on High-Intensity Running Performance
Cucurbitacin D Reprograms Glucose Metabolic Network in Prostate Cancer
Fixed Point Theorems for Geraghty Contraction Type Mappings in b-Metric Spaces and Applications
The Use of an Artificial Neural Network to Process Hydrographic Big Data during Surface Modeling
Representative Stress Correlation of Global Scratch Quantities at Scratch Testing: Experimental Verification
The Relationship between Green Organization Identity and Corporate Environmental Performance: The Mediating Role of Sustainability Exploration and Exploitation Innovation
Inorganic and Hybrid Perovskite Based Laser Devices: A Review
Luminescent Layered Double Hydroxides Intercalated with an Anionic Photosensitizer via the Memory Effect
Art Hacking for Business Innovation: An Exploratory Case Study on Applied Artistic Strategies
Dynamic Constitutive Model Analysis of High Parameter Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Fischer–Tropsch: Product Selectivity–The Fingerprint of Synthetic Fuels
Intertwined Strands for Ecology in Planetary Health
Chitosan Grafted Adsorbents for Diclofenac Pharmaceutical Compound Removal from Single-Component Aqueous Solutions and Mixtures
Biocatalyzed Synthesis of Statins: A Sustainable Strategy for the Preparation of Valuable Drugs
An Experimental Study on Mechanisms for Sediment Transformation Due to Riverbank Collapse
Consumption Patterns of Grain-Based Foods among Children and Adolescents in Canada: Evidence from Canadian Community Health Survey-Nutrition 2015
Use of Information Technology for Communication and Learning in Secondary School Students with a Hearing Disability
Theoretical Food and Nutrient Composition of Whole-Food Plant-Based and Vegan Diets Compared to Current Dietary Recommendations
Current and Potential Roles in Sports Pharmacy: A Systematic Review
Numerical Analysis of a Catenary Mooring System Attached by Clump Masses for Improving the Wave-Resistance Ability of a Spar Buoy-Type Floating Offshore Wind Turbine
Adapting Seasonal Sheep Production to Year-Round Fresh Meat and Halal Market in Norway
Energy Efficiency Optimization for AF Relaying with TS-SWIPT
Mucins: the Old, the New and the Promising Factors in Hepatobiliary Carcinogenesis
Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on Image Mapping and a Deep Capsule Network
The Use of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Organoids to Study Extracellular Matrix Development during Neural Degeneration
A Model for Multi-Energy Demand Response with Its Application in Optimal TOU Price
Analysis of Flavonoids Bioactivity for Cholestatic Liver Disease: Systematic Literature Search and Experimental Approaches
Environmental Education and Student’s Perception, for Sustainability
Factors Associated with Levels of Latrine Completion and Consequent Latrine Use in Northern Ghana
Polymyxin Acute Kidney Injury: Dosing and Other Strategies to Reduce Toxicity
Application of a DC Distribution System in Korea: A Case Study of the LVDC Project
Influence of Living Arrangements and Eating Behavior on the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome: A National Cross-Sectional Study in South Korea
Red and Processed Meat and Mortality in a Low Meat Intake Population
Functional Boundedness of Balleans: Coarse Versions of Compactness
Remote Observation in Habitat Suitability Changes for Waterbirds in the West Songnen Plain, China
Dialogic Model of Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts: Evidence of the Success of Cyberbullying Prevention in a Primary School in Catalonia
Validity of the Japanese Version of the Quick Mild Cognitive Impairment Screen
Anti-Interference Aircraft-Tracking Method in Infrared Imagery
Relative Validity of the Eat and Track (EaT) Smartphone App for Collection of Dietary Intake Data in 18-to-30-Year Olds
Suboptimal Nutrition and Low Physical Activity Are Observed Together with Reduced Plasma Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Concentration in Children with Severe Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Ecological and Societal Services of Aquatic Diptera
An Increasing Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio Trajectory Predicts Organ Failure in Critically-Ill Male Trauma Patients. An Exploratory Study
Probing the Growth Improvement of Large-Size High Quality Monolayer MoS2 by APCVD
Episodic Ultradian Events—Ultradian Rhythms
Determining the Validity And Reproducibility of A Feeding Assessment Tool to Assess Nutrient Intake in New Zealand Infants Aged 9 to 12 Months
The Ideal Goal of Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Maintaining Testosterone Levels or Managing Symptoms?
Monitoring and Analyzing Mountain Glacier Surface Movement Using SAR Data and a Terrestrial Laser Scanner: A Case Study of the Himalayas North Slope Glacier Area
Carbonate Neoformations on Modern Buildings and Engineering Structures in Tyumen City, Russia: Structural Features and Development Factors
The Long and Short of Biodiversity: Cumulative Diversity and Its Drivers
Determining Tube Theory Parameters by Slip-Spring Model Simulations of Entangled Star Polymers in Fixed Networks
Non-Geodesic Incompleteness in Poincaré Gauge Gravity
An Atypical Case of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in a Patient from Africa
Dietary Patterns Associated with Sebum Content, Skin Hydration and pH, and Their Sex-Dependent Differences in Healthy Korean Adults
Microstructures and Properties of Martensitic Materials
Using Green Supplementary Materials to Achieve More Ductile ECC
In-Situ Synthesized [email protected] Materials for the Lithium Ion Battery: A Mini Review
Risk-Based Early Warning System for Pluvial Flash Floods: Approaches and Foundations
Multi-Pattern Data Mining and Recognition of Primary Electric Appliances from Single Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Data
Assessment of Surface Water Resources in the Big Sunflower River Watershed Using Coupled SWAT–MODFLOW Model
Wide Area Key Distribution Network Based on a Quantum Key Distribution System
Correlation between Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of 2000 MPa Cold-Drawn Pearlitic Steel Wires during Galvanizing Simulated Annealing
Uncovering the Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Curcumin on Transthyretin Amyloidosis
Anti-Diabetic Activity of 2,3,6-Tribromo-4,5-Dihydroxybenzyl Derivatives from Symphyocladia latiuscula through PTP1B Downregulation and α-Glucosidase Inhibition
Is Bicycle Sharing an Environmental Practice? Evidence from a Life Cycle Assessment Based on Behavioral Surveys
Adenosine Induces EBV Lytic Reactivation through ADORA1 in EBV-Associated Gastric Carcinoma
Electrochromic Properties of Lithium-Doped Tungsten Oxide Prepared by Electron Beam Evaporation
Skin Protective Activity of Silymarin and its Flavonolignans
Estimation of Housing Price Variations Using Spatio-Temporal Data
Adhesive Hybrid SiO2.01C0.23Hx Nanoparticulate Coating on Polyethylene (PE) Separator by Roll-to-Roll Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
A Novel Method of Missing Road Generation in City Blocks Based on Big Mobile Navigation Trajectory Data
Image Registration with Particles, Examplified with the Complex Plasma Laboratory PK-4 on Board the International Space Station
Fault Detection of a Spherical Tank Using a Genetic Algorithm-Based Hybrid Feature Pool and k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
Korean Scholars’ Use of For-Pay Editors and Perceptions of Ethicality
A Latent State-Based Multimodal Execution Monitor with Anomaly Detection and Classification for Robot Introspection
Obatoclax, a BH3 Mimetic, Enhances Cisplatin-Induced Apoptosis and Decreases the Clonogenicity of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Cells via Mechanisms That Involve the Inhibition of Pro-Survival Molecules as Well as Cell Cycle Regulators
Novel Biobased Polyol Using Corn Oil for Highly Flame-Retardant Polyurethane Foams
Adaptive Polling Medium Access Control Protocol for Optic Wireless Networks
Airborne Transmission of a Serotype 4 Fowl Adenovirus in Chickens
Decision Fusion Framework for Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Markov and Conditional Random Fields
Prion and Prion-Like Protein Strains: Deciphering the Molecular Basis of Heterogeneity in Neurodegeneration
Molecular Simulation of the Separation of Isoleucine Enantiomers by β-Cyclodextrin
A Concave Hull Methodology for Calculating the Crown Volume of Individual Trees Based on Vehicle-Borne LiDAR Data
Effects of a Combined Community Exercise Program in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Long Noncoding RNA and Protein Interactions: From Experimental Results to Computational Models Based on Network Methods
IgG Charge: Practical and Biological Implications
‘Messy’ Processing of χ-conotoxin MrIA Generates Homologues with Reduced hNET Potency
The Toxic Effect of Herbicidal Ionic Liquids on Biogas-Producing Microbial Community
The Effect of Stimulus Area on Global Motion Thresholds in Children and Adults
Short-Term Load Forecasting with Tensor Partial Least Squares-Neural Network
Luminescent κ-Carrageenan-Based Electrolytes Containing Neodymium Triflate
Enhanced Autophagy Contributes to Reduced Viral Infection in Black Flying Fox Cells
Can There be Water Scarcity with Abundance of Water? Analyzing Water Stress during a Severe Drought in Finland
Mechanical Performance of Warm-Mixed Porous Asphalt Mixture with Steel Slag and Crumb-Rubber–SBS Modified Bitumen for Seasonal Frozen Regions
The Role of Primary Cilia in the Crosstalk between the Ubiquitin–Proteasome System and Autophagy
Global Evolution of Research in Artificial Intelligence in Health and Medicine: A Bibliometric Study
Heterogeneous Fenton-Like Degradation of p-Nitrophenol over Tailored Carbon-Based Materials
Blackbox Large-Signal Modeling of Grid-Connected DC-AC Electronic Power Converters
Disease Entities in Mucormycosis
Features Dimensionality Reduction Approaches for Machine Learning Based Network Intrusion Detection
Assessment of Genetic Diversity and Population Genetic Structure of Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karsten) at Its Southern Lineage in Europe. Implications for Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources
The Cognitive Phenomenology of Doors in the Book of Revelation: A Spatial Analysis
Changes in Means and Extreme Events of Sea Surface Temperature in the East China Seas Based on Satellite Data from 1982 to 2017
Information Exchange between GIS and Geospatial ITS Databases Based on a Generic Model
Viscoelastic Properties of Crosslinked Chitosan Films
Robust Superhydrophobic Cellulose Nanofiber Aerogel for Multifunctional Environmental Applications
Robot-Assisted Eccentric Contraction Training of the Tibialis Anterior Muscle Based on Position and Force Sensing
Employability of Disabled Graduates: Resources for a Sustainable Employment
Concepts of a Modular System Architecture for Distributed Robotic Systems
Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviours and Duration of Sleep as Factors Affecting the Well-Being of Young People against the Background of Environmental Moderators
Operating Charging Infrastructure in China to Achieve Sustainable Transportation: The Choice between Company-Owned and Franchised Structures
Generation and Characterization of Anti-Filovirus Nucleoprotein Monoclonal Antibodies
Continuous Driver’s Gaze Zone Estimation Using RGB-D Camera
Killing Mechanisms of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cells
In-Line Dimensional Inspection of Warm-Die Forged Revolution Workpieces Using 3D Mesh Reconstruction
Research Progress on Conducting Polymer-Based Biomedical Applications
Global Gene Expression of Seed Coat Tissues Reveals a Potential Mechanism of Regulating Seed Size Formation in Castor Bean
Multiplexed Paper Microfluidics for Titration and Detection of Ingredients in Beverages
Exploitation of Sentinel-2 Time Series to Map Burned Areas at the National Level: A Case Study on the 2017 Italy Wildfires
Impact of Climate Forecasts on the Microbial Quality of a Drinking Water Source in Norway Using Hydrodynamic Modeling
How Much Can Product Reformulation Improve Diet Quality in Households with Children and Adolescents?
Nondestructive Testing with 3MA—An Overview of Principles and Applications
Haze Influencing Factors: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
Germplasm Development of Underutilized Temperate U.S. Tree Crops
Life Stage-Specific Hydropeaking Flow Rules
An Artificial Neural Network Approach to Forecast the Environmental Impact of Data Centers
Advanced Micro- and Nano-Gas Sensor Technology: A Review
Potential Health Risks of Chemicals in Car Colorant Products
Improved Fractional Open Circuit Voltage MPPT Methods for PV Systems
Design and Realization of a Multiple Access Wireless Power Transfer System for Optimal Power Line Communication Data Transfer
Impacts of Onset Time of El Niño Events on Summer Rainfall over Southeastern Australia during 1980–2017
Urban Tree Species Classification Using a WorldView-2/3 and LiDAR Data Fusion Approach and Deep Learning
Estimation of Tropospheric and Ionospheric Delay in DInSAR Calculations: Case Study of Areas Showing (Natural and Induced) Seismic Activity
One-Step Low Temperature Hydrothermal Synthesis of Flexible TiO2/[email protected]2 Core-Shell Heterostructured Fibers for Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalysis and Self-Cleaning
Case Depth Prediction of Nitrided Samples with Barkhausen Noise Measurement
A Hierarchical Convolution Neural Network (CNN)-Based Ship Target Detection Method in Spaceborne SAR Imagery
Innovative Therapeutic Strategies for Effective Treatment of Brain Metastases
Biomechanical and Histological Analysis of Titanium (Machined and Treated Surface) Versus Zirconia Implant Materials: An In Vivo Animal Study
Transcriptional Regulation: Molecules, Involved Mechanisms, and Misregulation
Multi-Level Model to Predict Antibody Response to Influenza Vaccine Using Gene Expression Interaction Network Feature Selection
The Sedanthropocene: Nomadism, Ecology, Hypernormalization: Toward Reimagining the Holocene
Preface: Latest Developments, Methodologies, and Applications Based on UAV Platforms
Phase Diagrams of Fatty Acids as Biosourced Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage
A New CNN-Bayesian Model for Extracting Improved Winter Wheat Spatial Distribution from GF-2 imagery
Sorption and Degradation Potential of Pharmaceuticals in Sediments from a Stormwater Retention Pond
Robust Identification of Strain Waves due to Low-Velocity Impact with Different Impactor Stiffness
High-Level Synthesis of Online K-Means Clustering Hardware for a Real-Time Image Processing Pipeline
Quo Vadis Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy?
A Novel Interactive Fusion Method with Images and Point Clouds for 3D Object Detection
Surface Fire to Crown Fire: Fire History in the Taos Valley Watersheds, New Mexico, USA
Abolition Theology? Or, the Abolition of Theology? Towards a Negative Theology of Practice
Development of a Bioactive Sauce Based on Oriental Mustard Flour with Antifungal Properties for Pita Bread Shelf Life Improvement
Spatial Frequency Response of Epoxy-Based Volume Holographic Recording Material
Urban Sustainable Development Based on the Framework of Sponge City: 71 Case Studies in China
Spectral Properties of PMMA Films Doped by Perylene Dyestuffs for Photoselective Greenhouse Cladding Applications
Human Heart Explant-Derived Extracellular Vesicles: Characterization and Effects on the In Vitro Recellularization of Decellularized Heart Valves
The Impact of Program Participation on Rural Household Income: Evidence from China’s Whole Village Poverty Alleviation Program
Role of Graphic Integer Sequence in the Determination of Graph Integrity
A New Model for Constant Fuel Utilization and Constant Fuel Flow in Fuel Cells
Stoic Theology: Revealing or Redundant?
A Scientific Perspective of Personalised Gene-Based Dietary Recommendations for Weight Management
Agency Equilibrium
Socio-Economic Drivers of Adoption of Small-Scale Aquaculture in Indonesia
Fluorescent Carbon Dots Ink for Gravure Printing
Pilgrim Readers: Introducing Undergraduates to Dante’s Divine Comedy
Assisting Visually Impaired People in the Public Transport System through RF-Communication and Embedded Systems
Chaotic Map with No Fixed Points: Entropy, Implementation and Control
Production of d-Lactate from Avocado Seed Hydrolysates by Metabolically Engineered Escherichia coli JU15
Identification of Pathogenic Bacteria from Public Libraries via Proteomics Analysis
Purchase and Use of New Technologies among Young People: Guidelines for Sustainable Consumption Education
Direct Synthesis of Ti-Containing CFI-Type Extra-Large-Pore Zeolites in the Presence of Fluorides
Interactions between WUSCHEL- and CYC2-like Transcription Factors in Regulating the Development of Reproductive Organs in Chrysanthemum morifolium
The Effect of Green and Black Tea Polyphenols on BRCA2 Deficient Chinese Hamster Cells by Synthetic Lethality through PARP Inhibition
Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetics of the Hydrogen Abstraction Reactions of C4–C6 Alkenes with Hydroxyl Radical: A Theoretical Exploration
An Easy Approach to Obtain Alcohol-Amines by Reduction of Alcohol Functionalized Imines
A New Approach to the Synthesis of Functionalized Bicyclo[3.2.1]octanes
Impact of Delay Time before Annealing MAI-PbI2-DMSO Intermediate Phase on Perovskite Film Quality and Photo-Physical Properties
New Advances on Zika Virus Research
Evaluation of Photogrammetry and Inclusion of Control Points: Significance for Infrastructure Monitoring
Landscape Assessment for Stream Regulation Works in a Watershed Using the Analytic Network Process (ANP)
Influence of Process Fluctuations on Residual Stress Evolution in Rotary Swaging of Steel Tubes
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Two New Main Group Element Carboranylamidinates
Detection of Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) Precursors with an Array of Sensors Based on MoS2/RGO Composites
Rethinking the Utility of Public Bicycles: The Development and Challenges of Station-Less Bike Sharing in China
Current Knowledge of IL-6 Cytokine Family Members in Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease
A Remaining Discharge Energy Prediction Method for Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Considering SOC and Parameter Inconsistency
Variation of Petrophysical Properties and Adsorption Capacity in Different Rank Coals: An Experimental Study of Coals from the Junggar, Ordos and Qinshui Basins in China
Catalytic Behaviour of Flame-Made CuO-CeO2 Nanocatalysts in Efficient CO Oxidation
Sub-ppb Level Detection of BTEX Gaseous Mixtures with a Compact Prototype GC Equipped with a Preconcentration Unit
Wildfire Probability Mapping: Bivariate vs. Multivariate Statistics
Epidemiology of Surgical Site Infections and Non-Surgical Infections in Neurosurgical Polish Patients—Substantial Changes in 2003–2017
Effective Treatment of Diabetic Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure with Reconstituted HDL (Milano) in Mice
Immobilization of Detonation Nanodiamonds on Macroscopic Surfaces
Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Heat Transfer Coefficients of Building External Surfaces in the Tropical Island Region
Covenant of Mayors: Local Energy Generation, Methodology, Policies and Good Practice Examples
Precipitation of CaCO3 Polymorphs from Aqueous Solutions: The Role of pH and Sulphate Groups
Influence of Abandoning Agricultural Land Use on Hydrophysical Properties of Sandy Soil
Anti-Saturation Control of Uncertain Time-Delay Systems with Actuator Saturation Constraints
ANN-Based Soft Sensor to Predict Effluent Violations in Wastewater Treatment Plants
A Passivity-Based Strategy for Manual Corrections in Human-Robot Coaching
Large-Scale Station-Level Crowd Flow Forecast with ST-Unet
Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Based Sensors for Medical Applications
Hunger and Obesity as Symptoms of Non-Sustainable Food Systems and Malnutrition
Ethical and Legal Considerations for Collection Development, Exhibition and Research at Museums Victoria
Evaluation of the Long-Term Stability and Impact of Remittances and Development Aid on Sustainable Economic Growth in Developing Countries
Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Retrieval of Water Quality Indicators in Case-II Waters: A Case Study of Hong Kong
Crucian Carp (Carassius carassius) Strongly Affect C/N/P Stoichiometry of Suspended Particulate Matter in Shallow Warm Water Eutrophic Lakes
Divergent Responses of Foliar N:P Stoichiometry During Different Seasons to Nitrogen Deposition in an Old-Growth Temperate Forest, Northeast China
Genome-Wide Microarray Analysis Suggests Transcriptomic Response May Not Play a Major Role in High- to Low-Altitude Acclimation in Harvest Mouse (Micromys minutus)
Development of an Impedimetric Aptasensor for Label Free Detection of Patulin in Apple Juice
Detail Preserved Surface Reconstruction from Point Cloud
Making Shopping Easy for People with Visual Impairment Using Mobile Assistive Technologies
Mechanical Behaviors of Flax Fiber-Reinforced Composites at Different Strain Rates and Rate-Dependent Constitutive Model
The Mediating Role of CSR on the Market Orientation and Strategic Performance Relationship—A Study of the Public Housing Companies in Sweden
Genome-Wide Assessment of Avocado Germplasm Determined from Specific Length Amplified Fragment Sequencing and Transcriptomes: Population Structure, Genetic Diversity, Identification, and Application of Race-Specific Markers
Early Fault Detection of Wind Turbines Based on Operational Condition Clustering and Optimized Deep Belief Network Modeling
Superconducting YBCO Foams as Trapped Field Magnets
Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Predict the Mechanical Properties of Polyamide 2200 (PA12) in Additive Manufacturing
Triple Negative Breast Cancer Profile, from Gene to microRNA, in Relation to Ethnicity
Active Structural Acoustic Control of an Active Casing Placed in a Corner
Ionic Stress Prompts Premature Hatching of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryos
Quaternary Highlights (December 2018–February 2019)
A Computational Procedure for the Recognition and Classification of Maize Leaf Diseases Out of Healthy Leaves Using Convolutional Neural Networks
High-Mobility Inkjet-Printed Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors Using Sr-Doped Al2O3 Gate Dielectric
Medical Cyclotron Solid Target Preparation by Ultrathick Film Magnetron Sputtering Deposition
Efficacy of Bacillus subtilis ANSB060 Biodegradation Product for the Reduction of the Milk Aflatoxin M1 Content of Dairy Cows Exposed to Aflatoxin B1
Association of Adiposity Indices with Hypertension in Middle-Aged and Elderly Thai Population: National Health Examination Survey 2009 (NHES-IV)
Some Advances in Supercritical Fluid Extraction for Fuels, Bio-Materials and Purification
Cellular and Immunohistochemical Changes in Anaphylactic Shock Induced in the Ovalbumin-Sensitized Wistar Rat Model
Simulation of Surfactant Oil Recovery Processes and the Role of Phase Behaviour Parameters
Peculiarities of Prosecution and Indictment of the President of the Slovak Republic: Is Current Legal Regulation Really Sufficient?
How May Public Transport Influence the Practice of Everyday Life among Younger and Older People and How May Their Practices Influence Public Transport?
On the Fractal Langevin Equation
Feedback Schemes for the Action-Dependent Wiretap Channel with Noncausal State at the Transmitter
Deciding on Discipline: The Importance of Parent Demeanor in the Transmission of Discipline Practices
Impact of Entrepreneurial Education Programs on Total Entrepreneurial Activity: The Case of Spain
Causes and Mechanisms of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Aging
Older Adults’ Usability and Emotional Reactions toward Text, Diagram, Image, and Animation Interfaces for Displaying Health Information
Decreased Spikelets 4 Encoding a Novel Tetratricopeptide Repeat Domain-Containing Protein Is Involved in DNA Repair and Spikelet Number Determination in Rice
Monitoring Wind Turbine Gearbox with Echo State Network Modeling and Dynamic Threshold Using SCADA Vibration Data
Effects of Yak Dung Biomass Black Carbon on the Soil Physicochemical Properties of the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Processing Chain for Estimation of Tree Diameter from GNSS-IMU-Based Mobile Laser Scanning Data
Effect of Nb3+ Substitution on the Structural, Magnetic, and Optical Properties of Co0.5Ni0.5Fe2O4 Nanoparticles
A Method for the Evaluation of Urban Freight Transport Models as a Tool for Improving the Delivery of Sustainable Urban Transport Policy
Water Vapor Calibration: Using a Raman Lidar and Radiosoundings to Obtain Highly Resolved Water Vapor Profiles
Risk Assessment System for Oil and Gas Pipelines Laid in One Ditch Based on Quantitative Risk Analysis
Barriers and Enablers for Short Sea Shipping in the Southern African Development Community
Approximating Catalyst Effectiveness Factors with Reaction Rate Profiles
State Interventionism in Agricultural Land Turnover in Poland
Maintenance Supplier Evaluation and Selection for Safe and Sustainable Production in the Chemical Industry: A Case Study
Combining Distributed Consensus with Robust H-Control for Satellite Formation Flying
Nutrient Composition Comparison between the Low Saturated Fat Swank Diet for Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy U.S.-Style Eating Pattern
Tick Bite Risk as a Socio-Spatial Representation—An Exploratory Study in Massif Central, France
Computational Approaches in Theranostics: Mining and Predicting Cancer Data
Characteristics of Accelerations and Pressure Gradient during Run-Down of Solitary Wave over Very Steep Beach: A Case Study
Facile and Ultrasensitive Determination of 4-Nitrophenol Based on Acetylene Black Paste and Graphene Hybrid Electrode
An Improved A-Star Algorithm Considering Water Current, Traffic Separation and Berthing for Vessel Path Planning
Using the Engagement Profile to Design an Engaging Robotic Teaching Assistant for Students
Comparing Gly11/dAla11-Replacement vs. the in-Situ Neprilysin-Inhibition Approach on the Tumor-targeting Efficacy of the 111In-SB3/111In-SB4 Radiotracer Pair
Protective Effects of Kuding Tea (Ilex kudingcha C. J. Tseng) Polyphenols on UVB-Induced Skin Aging in SKH1 Hairless Mice
Two-Dimensional Numerical Study of Seabed Response around a Buried Pipeline under Wave and Current Loading
Internet of Vehicles and Cost-Effective Traffic Signal Control
Design of Neural Network Quantizers for Networked Control Systems
Bipartite Structures in Social Networks: Traditional versus Entropy-Driven Analyses
Integrated Analysis of Germline and Tumor DNA Identifies New Candidate Genes Involved in Familial Colorectal Cancer
Bioelectrochemical CO2 Reduction to Methane: MES Integration in Biogas Production Processes
A Novel Deep Learning Stack for APT Detection
Shock-Driven Decomposition of Polymers and Polymeric Foams
Multilevel Coordination and Cooperation during Implementing Supranational Environmental Legislation: A Case Study on Invasive Alien Species
Quality and Authenticity Control of Fruit Juices-A Review
Rapid Monitoring of Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Various Fruit Juices and Water Samples Using Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Examination of Independent Prognostic Power of Gene Expressions and Histopathological Imaging Features in Cancer
Diversity in Accessions of Panicum miliaceum L. Based on Agro-Morphological, Antioxidative, and Genetic Traits
Hypoxia Induces Astrocyte-Derived Lipocalin-2 in Ischemic Stroke
The Influence of Surface Radiation on the Passive Cooling of a Heat-Generating Element
Experimental Development of Coal-Like Material with Solid-Gas Coupling for Quantitative Simulation Tests of Coal and Gas Outburst Occurred in Soft Coal Seams
Female Brass Musicians Address Gender Parity, Gender Equity, and Sexual Harassment: A Preliminary Report on Data from the Brass Bodies Study
A Technological Review of Wearable Cueing Devices Addressing Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s Disease
Impact Analysis of Standardized GNSS Receiver Testing against Real-World Interferences Detected at Live Monitoring Sites
The Studies on Structure and Stability of CaBn Clusters
Buildup of Multi-Ionic Supramolecular Network Facilitated by In-Situ Intercalated Organic Montmorillonite in 1,2-Polybutadiene
A Diffusion-Reaction Model for Predicting Enzyme-Mediated Dynamic Hydrogel Stiffening
Toward Precision in Crop Yield Estimation Using Remote Sensing and Optimization Techniques
Characterization a Novel Butyric Acid-Producing Bacterium Collinsella aerofaciens Subsp. Shenzhenensis Subsp. Nov.
An Algorithm for Scene Text Detection Using Multibox and Semantic Segmentation
The First Complete Genome Sequence of a Novel Tetrastichus brontispae RNA Virus-1 (TbRV-1)
The Vital Worker: Towards Sustainable Performance at Work
The Impact of Cross-linking Mode on the Physical and Antimicrobial Properties of a Chitosan/Bacterial Cellulose Composite
Role of Serotonergic System in the Antidepressant Actions of mGlu2/3 Receptor Antagonists: Similarity to Ketamine
Urinalysis and Urinary GGT-to-Urinary Creatinine Ratio in Dogs with Acute Pancreatitis
Correlation between Spatial-Temporal Variation in Landscape Patterns and Surface Water Quality: A Case Study in the Yi River Watershed, China
Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Multidrug-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae on Portuguese Livestock Manure
Editorial for the Special Issue: Filters in Drinking Water Treatment
Understanding Housing Management by Low-income Homeowners: Technical, Organisational and Sociocultural Challenges in Chilean Condominium Housing
Dynamic Land Cover Mapping of Urbanized Cities with Landsat 8 Multi-temporal Images: Comparative Evaluation of Classification Algorithms and Dimension Reduction Methods
Major Source Contributions to Ambient PM2.5 and Exposures within the New South Wales Greater Metropolitan Region
A Multi–Level Approach for Simulation of Storage and Respiration of Produce
An Intelligent IoT-Based Food Quality Monitoring Approach Using Low-Cost Sensors
Environmental Assessment of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete Using Carbon, Material, and Water Footprint
Preparation and Characterization of Transparent Polyimide–Silica Composite Films Using Polyimide with Carboxylic Acid Groups
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of CO2/CH4 Adsorption on Shale from China: Measurements and Modeling
Assessing Temporal and Spatial Inequality of Water Footprint Based on Socioeconomic and Environmental Factors in Jilin Province, China
Integrating Spatial and Non-Spatial Dimensions to Measure Urban Fire Service Access
q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Hypergraphs with Applications
Parity-Assisted Generation of Nonclassical States of Light in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics
Remediation of Stormwater Pollutants by Porous Asphalt Pavement
Quantum Fields without Wick Rotation
An Electrical Equivalent Circuit Model of a Lithium Titanate Oxide Battery
Italian Biogas Plants: Trend, Subsidies, Cost, Biogas Composition and Engine Emissions
Emerin Is Required for Proper Nucleus Reassembly after Mitosis: Implications for New Pathogenetic Mechanisms for Laminopathies Detected in EDMD1 Patients
Community Science as a Pathway for Resilience in Response to a Public Health Crisis in Flint, Michigan
Eco-Friendly Method for Tailoring Biocompatible and Antimicrobial Surfaces of Poly-L-Lactic Acid
The Evaluation of the Fracture Surface in the AW-6060 T6 Aluminium Alloy under a Wide Range of Loads
Long Term Historic Changes in the Flow of Lesser Zab River, Iraq
The Small Molecule Ephrin Receptor Inhibitor, GLPG1790, Reduces Renewal Capabilities of Cancer Stem Cells, Showing Anti-Tumour Efficacy on Preclinical Glioblastoma Models
Analysis of Heavy Metals in Foodstuffs and an Assessment of the Health Risks to the General Public via Consumption in Beijing, China
Self-Healing Hydrogels with both LCST and UCST through Cross-Linking Induced Thermo-Response
‘Materials as a Design Tool’ Design Philosophy Applied in Three Innovative Research Pavilions Out of Sustainable Building Materials with Controlled End-Of-Life Scenarios
Arytenoid Fixation in Laryngeal Cancer: Radiological Pictures and Clinical Correlations with Respect to Conservative Treatments
Epilepsy Disease and Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Polymeric Nanoparticles: An Overview
Experimental Assessment of an Electrofilter and a Tandem Positive-Negative Corona Charger for the Measurement of Charged Nanoparticles formed in Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems
Regenerative Medicine: A Review of the Evolution of Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) Therapy
Electrodeposition of Nanocrystalline Fe-P Coatings: Influence of Bath Temperature and Glycine Concentration on Structure, Mechanical and Corrosion Behavior
3D Analysis of Deformation and Porosity of Dry Natural Snow during Compaction
Capturing Associations and Sustainable Competitiveness of Brands from Social Tags
Does Air Pollution Affect Health and Medical Insurance Cost in the Elderly: An Empirical Evidence from China
Light Modulation of Human Clocks, Wake, and Sleep
Conformation and Dynamics of Long-Chain End-Tethered Polymers in Microchannels
A New Approach to the Study of Multi-Pass Welds–Microstructure and Properties of Welded 20-mm-Thick Superduplex Stainless Steel
Effects of Rank-Ordered Feature Perceptions of Energy Sources on the Choice of the Most Acceptable Power Plant for a Neighborhood: An Investigation Using a South Korean Nationwide Sample
A New Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduced Switch Count and dc Voltage Sources
Linking between Renewable Energy, CO2 Emissions, and Economic Growth: Challenges for Candidates and Potential Candidates for the EU Membership
Peroxiredoxin6 in Endothelial Signaling
Fat Quantity and Quality, as Part of a Low-Fat, Vegan Diet, Are Associated with Changes in Body Composition, Insulin Resistance, and Insulin Secretion. A 16-Week Randomized Controlled Trial
Digital Survey for the Archaeological Analysis and the Enhancement of Gropina Archaeological Site
Moderating Factors in Distant Investment of Corporate Venture Capital
ADRB2-Targeting Therapies for Prostate Cancer
Application of The Sepsis-3 Consensus Criteria in a Geriatric Acute Care Unit: A Prospective Study
Race-, Age-, and Anatomic Site-Specific Gender Differences in Cutaneous Melanoma Suggest Differential Mechanisms of Early- and Late-Onset Melanoma
A Privacy-Preserving Traffic Monitoring Scheme via Vehicular Crowdsourcing
Does the Bilingual Advantage in Cognitive Control Exist and If So, What Are Its Modulating Factors? A Systematic Review
Assessing Across-Scale Optical Diversity and Productivity Relationships in Grasslands of the Italian Alps
Dietary Intake and Energy Expenditure Assessed during a Pre-Season Period in Elite Gaelic Football Players
Experimental Investigation of Fracture Propagation Behavior Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing in Anisotropic Shale Cores
Design and Analysis of a Continuously Tunable Low Noise Amplifier for Software Defined Radio
A Multi-Module Electrodynamic Exciter with a Variable Pole-Arc Ratio Disk Halbach Array for a High-Bandwidth Dynamic Torsional Stiffness Test
Dietary Nutrients Involved in One-Carbon Metabolism and Colonic Mucosa-Associated Gut Microbiome in Individuals with an Endoscopically Normal Colon
Modelling of Electrically-Assisted Turbocharger Compressor Performance
Design, Fabrication and Experiment of Double U-Beam MEMS Vibration Ring Gyroscope
Cellular HIV Reservoirs and Viral Rebound from the Lymphoid Compartments of 4′-Ethynyl-2-Fluoro-2′-Deoxyadenosine (EFdA)-Suppressed Humanized Mice
A Monotone Path Proof of an Extremal Result for Long Markov Chains
Multifunctional miR-155 Pathway in Avian Oncogenic Virus-Induced Neoplastic Diseases
Preparation of Few-Layer Graphene by Pulsed Discharge in Graphite Micro-Flake Suspension
Bird Diversity as a Support Decision Tool for Sustainable Management in Temperate Forested Floodplain Landscapes
Binding of BRACO19 to a Telomeric G-Quadruplex DNA Probed by All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Explicit Solvent
Analysis of the Effects of Dietary Pattern on the Oral Microbiome of Elite Endurance Athletes
Production and Characterization of Recombinant Wild Type Uricase from Indonesian Coelacanth (L. menadoensis) and Improvement of Its Thermostability by In Silico Rational Design and Disulphide Bridges Engineering
A Note on the Sequence Related to Catalan Numbers
The Comparison of Campus Planning Development at the Initial Stage of School Establishment: A Study of the Two Newly Instituted Private Universities of Science and Technology in Taiwan
Cell Viability of Porous Poly(d,l-lactic acid)/Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes/Nanohydroxyapatite Scaffolds for Osteochondral Tissue Engineering
An Enhanced File Transfer Mechanism Using an Additional Blocking Communication Channel and Thread for IoT Environments
Novel Curcumin Inspired Bis-Chalcone Promotes Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Glioblastoma Neurosphere Cell Death
Urban Watercourses in Peril: Implications of Phthalic Acid Esters on Aquatic Ecosystems Caused by Urban Sprawl
Systematic Review of Capnography with Mask Ventilation during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Maneuvers
A Dose-Response Study to Assess the Effects of New Zealand Pine Bark Extract on Glycaemic Responses in Healthy Participants
Technological Platform for Vertical Multi-Wafer Integration of Microscanners and Micro-Optical Components
Study of the Chronology of Expression of Ten Extracellular Matrix Molecules during the Myogenesis in Cattle to Better Understand Sensory Properties of Meat
Scaling Behavior of Pattern Formation in the Flexographic Ink Splitting Process
On the Validity of Tests for Asymmetry in Residual-Based Threshold Cointegration Models
Fixed and Long Time Span Jump Tests: New Monte Carlo and Empirical Evidence
New Similarity and Entropy Measures of Interval Neutrosophic Sets with Applications in Multi-Attribute Decision-Making
Key Maize Drought-Responsive Genes and Pathways Revealed by Comparative Transcriptome and Physiological Analyses of Contrasting Inbred Lines
Using Very High Resolution Thermal Infrared Imagery for More Accurate Determination of the Impact of Land Cover Differences on Evapotranspiration in an Irrigated Agricultural Area
Mapping the Dielectric Properties of Unknown Targets by Using a Network of Microwave Sensors: A Proof-of-Concept
Electrospun Nanomaterials for Energy Applications: Recent Advances
Description Generation for Remote Sensing Images Using Attribute Attention Mechanism
Three-Dimensional Structure of PANI/CdS NRs-SiO2 Hydrogel for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution with High Activity and Stability
The Predictivity of N-Terminal Pro b-Type Natriuretic Peptide for All-Cause Mortality in Various Follow-Up Periods among Heart Failure Patients
Early Growth Response of Nine Timber Species to Release in a Tropical Mountain Forest of Southern Ecuador
Study of Catalytic CO2 Absorption and Desorption with Tertiary Amine DEEA and 1DMA-2P with the Aid of Solid Acid and Solid Alkaline Chemicals
Size Matters: The Functional Role of the CEACAM1 Isoform Signature and Its Impact for NK Cell-Mediated Killing in Melanoma
Deep Learning for Breast Cancer Diagnosis from Mammograms—A Comparative Study
Modeling and Optimization of Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter with Dead-Time Effect under Triple-Phase-Shift Control
Utilization of Lime Mud Waste from Paper Mills for Efficient Phosphorus Removal
Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Land Use and Cover Change from 1990 to 2010: A Case Study of Jiangsu Province, China
Not p-Values, Said a Little Bit Differently
Natural Occurrence and Co-Contamination of Twelve Mycotoxins in Industry-Submitted Cool-Season Cereal Grains Grown under a Low Heat Unit Climate Condition
Wire Electrodes Embedded in Artificial Conduit for Long-term Monitoring of the Peripheral Nerve Signal
Health Risks of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) and Metals at Informal Electronic Waste Recycling Sites
Improved Visible Light-Based Indoor Positioning System Using Machine Learning Classification and Regression
Network-Oriented Real-Time Embedded System Considering Synchronous Joint Space Motion for an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot
Fabrication of Lanthanum Strontium Manganite Ceramics via Agar Gel Casting and Solid State Sintering
High-Efficiency Design and Control of Zeta Inverter for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Applications
Paul, Timothy, and the Respectability Politics of Race: A Womanist Inter(con)textual Reading of Acts 16:1–5
Solvent Effects on Radical Copolymerization Kinetics of 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate and Butyl Methacrylate
A Novel Approach to Model a Gas Network
The Impact of HIV-1 Genetic Diversity on CRISPR-Cas9 Antiviral Activity and Viral Escape
Hydroxycobalamin Reveals the Involvement of Hydrogen Sulfide in the Hypoxic Responses of Rat Carotid Body Chemoreceptor Cells
Designing an Efficient Cloud Management Architecture for Sustainable Online Lifelong Education
Heterotypic Neuraminidase Antibodies Against Different A(H1N1) Strains are Elicited after Seasonal Influenza Vaccination
Leaf Fresh Weight Versus Dry Weight: Which is Better for Describing the Scaling Relationship between Leaf Biomass and Leaf Area for Broad-Leaved Plants?
Association of Protein Intake in Three Meals with Muscle Mass in Healthy Young Subjects: A Cross-Sectional Study
Temporal Changes in Air Quality during a Festival Season in Kannur, India
MicroRNAome Profile of Euphorbia kansui in Response to Methyl Jasmonate
The Features of Rural Labor Transfer and Cultural Differences: Evidence from China’s Southwest Mountainous Areas
Functionalisation of Silicone by Drug-Embedded Chitosan Nanoparticles for Potential Applications in Otorhinolaryngology
Quantity Measurement Cost and Reliability of Cereal Commodity Trade: Evidence from Ethiopia
Adamantane-Based Micro- and Ultra-Microporous Frameworks for Efficient Small Gas and Toxic Organic Vapor Adsorption
Uniform Widespread Nuclear Phosphorylation of Histone H2AX Is an Indicator of Lethal DNA Replication Stress
3D-MIMO Channel Estimation under Non-Gaussian Noise with Unknown PDF
Relationship between Sleep Duration and Osteoarthritis in Middle-Aged and Older Women: A Nationwide Population-Based Study
The Geochemistry and Bioturbation of Clay Sediments Associated with Amalgamated Crusts at the Gagua Ridge
Delta-Tocotrienol Modulates Glutamine Dependence by Inhibiting ASCT2 and LAT1 Transporters in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Cells: A Metabolomic Approach
The Carbon Benefit of Thinned Wood for Bioenergy in Taiwan
Past, Present, and Future of Regeneration Therapy in Oral and Periodontal Tissue: A Review
A Phenomenological Approach to Study Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Porous Structures Processed Using Supercritical CO2
Photovoltaic Power Converter Management in Unbalanced Low Voltage Networks with Ancillary Services Support
‘Central’ Actions of Corticosteroid Signaling Suggested by Constitutive Knockout of Corticosteroid Receptors in Small Fish
Construction and Immunogenicity of Novel Chimeric Virus-Like Particles Bearing Antigens of Infectious Bronchitis Virus and Newcastle Disease Virus
Bacterial Cellulose: A Versatile Chiral Host for Circularly Polarized Luminescence
Water Sink Model for Robot Motion Planning
Bioactive Compounds, Nutritional Value, and Potential Health Benefits of Indigenous Durian (Durio Zibethinus Murr.): A Review
Exploring the Frequency of Homologous Recombination DNA Repair Dysfunction in Multiple Cancer Types
Effects of N Addition Frequency and Quantity on Hydrocotyle vulgaris Growth and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Wetland Microcosms
Analysis of Further Education Students’ Attitudes Regarding Environmental Pollution. A Case Study in Granada
New Interpretative Scales for Lichen Bioaccumulation Data: The Italian Proposal
Comparative Analysis of the Combustion Stability of Diesel-Methanol and Diesel-Ethanol in a Dual Fuel Engine
Packaging of Genomic RNA in Positive-Sense Single-Stranded RNA Viruses: A Complex Story
SLA-Based Adaptation Schemes in Distributed Stream Processing Engines
Intestinal Anti-Inflammatory Effect of a Peptide Derived from Gastrointestinal Digestion of Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Mozzarella Cheese
Cultural Ecosystem of the Seediq’s Traditional Weaving Techniques—A Comparison of the Learning Differences Between Urban and Indigenous Communities
Enantiomeric Recognition and Separation by Chiral Nanoparticles
A High-Resolution Global Gridded Historical Dataset of Climate Extreme Indices
Beyond Nutrients: Insights for Health Professionals around a Communal Iftar Meal during Ramadan
Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy on Self-Assembled Au Nanoparticles Arrays for Pesticides Residues Multiplex Detection under Complex Environment
The Development and Evaluation of ‘Farm Animal Welfare’: An Educational Computer Game for Children
Information Dynamics of the Brain, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Network during Different Levels of Mental Stress
Heavy Mineral Sands in Brazil: Deposits, Characteristics, and Extraction Potential of Selected Areas
Recent Updates on Mouse Models for Human Immunodeficiency, Influenza, and Dengue Viral Infections
Internal and External Influential Factors on Waste Disposal Behavior in Public Open Spaces in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
LNSNet: Lightweight Navigable Space Segmentation for Autonomous Robots on Construction Sites
A Comparative Study of YSZ Suspensions and Coatings
Enhancement of Component Images of Multispectral Data by Denoising with Reference
New Recombinant Cold-Adapted and Organic Solvent Tolerant Lipase from Psychrophilic Pseudomonas sp. LSK25, Isolated from Signy Island Antarctica
RNA-Seq Transcriptome Analysis of Rice Primary Roots Reveals the Role of Flavonoids in Regulating the Rice Primary Root Growth
Tubulin βII and βIII Isoforms as the Regulators of VDAC Channel Permeability in Health and Disease
Protective Effect of N-Arachidonoyl Glycine-GPR18 Signaling after Excitotoxical Lesion in Murine Organotypic Hippocampal Slice Cultures
FPGA Based Real-Time Emulation System for Power Electronics Converters
Occurrence and Characterization of Paraffin Wax Formed in Developing Wells and Pipelines
Potential of the Other Genetic Information Coded by the Viral RNA Genomes as Antiviral Target
Validation of Sensor-Based Food Intake Detection by Multicamera Video Observation in an Unconstrained Environment
Evaluation of the Enzyme Inhibitory and Antioxidant Activities of Entada spiralis Stem Bark and Isolation of the Active Constituents
Effects of Alkali Metal (Li, Na, and K) Incorporation in NH2–MIL125(Ti) on the Performance of CO2 Adsorption
On Crystal Mosaicity in Single Crystal Ni-Based Superalloys
Simulation of an Asian Dust Storm Event in May 2017
On Improvements of Kantorovich Type Inequalities
Synergistic Effects of Various Ceramic Fillers on Thermally Conductive Polyimide Composite Films and Their Model Predictions
Analysis of the Energy Consumption Behavior of European RES Cooperative Members
Viability of Anisakis spp. Larvae After Direct Exposure to Different Processing Media and Non-Thermal Processing in Anchovy Fillets
Municipal Solid Waste as a Source of Electric Power Generation in Colombia: A Techno-Economic Evaluation under Different Scenarios
Tracing Primordial Magnetic Fields with 21 cm Line Observations
Remote Sensing Image Stripe Detecting and Destriping Using the Joint Sparsity Constraint with Iterative Support Detection
Use of Termites by Farmers as Poultry Feed in Ghana
Spatial and Temporal Variations of Forest Cover in Developing Countries
Correlation of Ventilative Cooling Potentials and Building Energy Savings in Various Climatic Zones
Integrated Lipidomics and Metabolomics Analysis of Tears in Multiple Sclerosis: An Insight into Diagnostic Potential of Lacrimal Fluid
Quality Control of High Carbon Steel for Steel Wires
Effects of Mycotoxins on the Intestine
Methyl Donor Micronutrients that Modify DNA Methylation and Cancer Outcome
Properties of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Micro-Foils Obtained by Pulsed-Current Sintering of Ni/Ti Foils
Mechanical Performance of Biodegradable Thermoplastic Polymer-Based Biocomposite Boards from Hemp Shivs and Corn Starch for the Building Industry
Fighting for “Justice”, Engaging the Other: Shi’a Muslim Activism on the British University Campus
Tight Fusion of a Monocular Camera, MEMS-IMU, and Single-Frequency Multi-GNSS RTK for Precise Navigation in GNSS-Challenged Environments
Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Wastewater Towards a Circular Economy
A Breakthrough Application of a Cross-Linked Polystyrene Anion-Exchange Membrane for a Hydrogencarbonate Ion-Selective Electrode
Online Economic Re-dispatch to Mitigate Line Overloads after Line and Generation Contingencies
Application of Convolutional Neural Networks for Automated Ulcer Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images
The Phosphoproteomic Response of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) Seedlings to Salt Stress
Improving Quality-of-Service in Cloud/Fog Computing through Efficient Resource Allocation
Bioactive 2-(Methyldithio)Pyridine-3-Carbonitrile from Persian Shallot (Allium stipitatum Regel.) Exerts Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Activity
Nano-Strategies to Target Breast Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts: Rearranging the Tumor Microenvironment to Achieve Antitumor Efficacy
Workpiece Pose Optimization for Milling with Flexible-Joint Robots to Improve Quasi-Static Performance
Ethical Framework for Designing Autonomous Intelligent Systems
Recent Advances in Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Sensors
Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Total Factor Productivity Based on Spatial Panel Data Model: Evidence from China
Container Sea Ports and Dry Ports: Future CO2 Emission Reduction Potential in China
CIDE Proteins in Human Health and Disease
Virtual Inertia and Mechanical Power-Based Control Strategy to Provide Stable Grid Operation under High Renewables Penetration
Mapping Wetland Types in Semiarid Floodplains: A Statistical Learning Approach
Glycopeptides and -Mimetics to Detect, Monitor and Inhibit Bacterial and Viral Infections: Recent Advances and Perspectives
Response of Nitrogen Losses to Excessive Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Intensive Greenhouse Vegetable Production
Neighborhood Tax Foreclosures, Educational Attainment, and Preterm Birth among Urban African American Women
The Role of Clustering in the Adoption of Organic Dairy: A Longitudinal Networks Analysis between 2002 and 2015
Use of RGB Vegetation Indexes in Assessing Early Effects of Verticillium Wilt of Olive in Asymptomatic Plants in High and Low Fertility Scenarios
Crack Patterns in Heterogenous Rocks Using a Combined Phase Field-Cohesive Interface Modeling Approach: A Numerical Study
Training and Body Composition during Preparation for a 48-Hour Ultra-Marathon Race: A Case Study of a Master Athlete
Hepatitis E virus (HEV)—The Future
Multiomics Analysis Reveals that GLS and GLS2 Differentially Modulate the Clinical Outcomes of Cancer
Adapted Moderate Training Exercise Decreases the Expression of Ngal in the Rat Kidney: An Immunohistochemical Study
Effects of Selective Substitution of Cysteine Residues on the Conformational Properties of Chlorotoxin Explored by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Assessing Dynamic Conditions of the Retaining Wall: Developing Two Hybrid Intelligent Models
Analysis of Fossil Fuel Energy Consumption and Environmental Impacts in European Countries
High-Speed Railway and City Tourism in China: A Quasi-Experimental Study on HSR Operation
Novel Fibrinolytic Protease Producing Streptomyces radiopugnans VITSD8 from Marine Sponges
Enhanced Electrochemical Performances of Cobalt-Doped Li2MoO3 Cathode Materials
Synthesis of Thymidine Phosphorylase Inhibitor Based on Quinoxaline Derivatives and Their Molecular Docking Study
Development and Validation of Markers for the Fertility Restorer Gene Rf1 in Sunflower
Stakeholders’ Interests and Perceptions of Bioeconomy Monitoring Using a Sustainable Development Goal Framework
Hydrogel-Based Plasmonic Sensor Substrate for the Detection of Ethanol
Problems Related to Gasification of Biomass—Properties of Solid Pollutants in Raw Gas
Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Surveys Using Terrain-Invariant Regions for Measuring Exploitative Volumes over Open-Pit Mines
Extracellular Vesicles as Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Structural Epilepsies
Prediction Model of Compressive Strength Development in Concrete Containing Four Kinds of Gelled Materials with the Artificial Intelligence Method
Evaluation of DNA Methylation Changes and Micronuclei in Workers Exposed to a Construction Environment
Mapping Maize Water Stress Based on UAV Multispectral Remote Sensing
In-Situ Wireless Pressure Measurement Using Zero-Power Packaged Microwave Sensors
Dapivirine Bioadhesive Vaginal Tablets Based on Natural Polymers for the Prevention of Sexual Transmission of HIV
Insulin in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes—Should the Dose of Insulin Before a Meal be Based on Glycemia or Meal Content?
Design of Broad Stopband Filters Based on Multilayer Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Metamaterial Structures
Supercapacitive Performance of N-Doped Graphene/Mn3O4/Fe3O4 as an Electrode Material
The Sustainability of Cruise Tourism Onshore: The Impact of Crowding on Visitors’ Satisfaction
Modelling of Wine Production Using Land Surface Temperature and FAPAR—The Case of the Douro Wine Region
Competition and Burn Severity Determine Post-Fire Sapling Recovery in a Nationally Protected Boreal Forest of China: An Analysis from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
An Orphan CpG Island Drives Expression of a let-7 miRNA Precursor with an Important Role in Mouse Development
LiFePO4-Graphene Composites as High-Performance Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Impact of Size and Morphology of Graphene
Quality Is in the Eye of the Beholder—A Focus Group Study from the Perspective of Ambulance Clinicians, Physicians, and Managers
An Improved Method for the Quaternization of Nicotinamide and Antifungal Activities of Its Derivatives
Effect of Superheated Steam Treatment on the Mechanical Properties and Dimensional Stability of PALF/PLA Biocomposite
Wind Field Distribution of Multi-rotor UAV and Its Influence on Spectral Information Acquisition of Rice Canopies
Changes in Spruce Growth and Biomass Allocation Following Thinning and Guying Treatments
Protective Effects of Green Shelled Mussels in Osteoarthritis
Control of Silver Coating on Raman Label Incorporated Gold Nanoparticles Assembled Silica Nanoparticles
Optimal Charging Navigation Strategy Design for Rapid Charging Electric Vehicles
Effects of Global Oil Price on Exchange Rate, Trade Balance, and Reserves in Nigeria: A Frequency Domain Causality Approach
Empirical Framework for a Relative Sustainability Evaluation of Urbanization on the Water–Energy–Food Nexus Using Simultaneous Equation Analysis
Ascertainment of Surfactin Concentration in Bubbles and Foam Column Operated in Semi-Batch
IL-36, IL-37, and IL-38 Cytokines in Skin and Joint Inflammation: A Comprehensive Review of Their Therapeutic Potential
Radio-, Thermo- and Photoluminescence Properties of Lu2O3:Eu and Lu2O3:Tb Nanopowder and Film Scintillators
Fabrication of ZrO2(MgO)/CaAl2O4+CaAl4O7 Bilayer Structure Used for Sulfur Sensor by Laser Cladding
Measurement Vertex Position of a Large Aspheric Mirror
Radiation Tolerance in Nano-Structured Crystalline Fe(Cr)/Amorphous SiOC Composite
Advances in Antigenic Peptide-Based Vaccine and Neutralizing Antibodies against Viruses Causing Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease
Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis with Appendix Involvement: Role of Intestinal Ultrasound
Thinking Outside the Bug: Molecular Targets and Strategies to Overcome Antibiotic Resistance
Spatial Heterogeneity and Coupling of Economy and Population Gravity Centres in the Hengduan Mountains
Association between Soft Drink Consumption and Asthma among Qatari Adults
Entrepreneurial Orientation of Public Universities in Republic of Serbia-Empirical Study
Understanding the Intention and Behavior of Renting Houses among the Young Generation: Evidence from Jinan, China
A Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model for Evaluating Companies’ Green Credit Rating
Parents’ Perceptions of Packed Lunches in New Zealand Primary Schools
Dynamically Tunable Plasmon-Induced Transparency Based on Radiative–Radiative-Coupling in a Terahertz Metal–Graphene Metamaterial
Qualitative Analysis of Satisfying and Dissatisfying Factors in a University–Industry Cooperation Programme
The New Zealand Beef and Sheep Sector’s Contribution to Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration
ECG Monitoring during End of Life Care: Implications on Alarm Fatigue
Attitudes towards Inclusion of Sustainability Characteristics within New Zealand’s Eating and Activity Guidelines by Professionals in the Agriculture, Environment and Health Sectors
Potential Markets for Snacks: A Role for New Zealand Snack Products
Suppressive Role of Androgen/Androgen Receptor Signaling via Chemokines on Prostate Cancer Cells
Protective Behavioral Strategies and Alcohol Consumption: The Moderating Role of Drinking-Group Gender Composition
Pre-Exercise Rehydration Attenuates Central Fatigability during 2-Min Maximum Voluntary Contraction in Hyperthermia
RNA Sequencing Analysis to Capture the Transcriptome Landscape during Tenderization in Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus
Design of a Smartphone Indoor Positioning Dynamic Ground Truth Reference System Using Robust Visual Encoded Targets
The MicroRNA miR-155 Is Essential in Fibrosis
New Poly(lactide-urethane-isocyanurate) Foams Based on Bio-Polylactide Waste
Mapping Agricultural Landuse Patterns from Time Series of Landsat 8 Using Random Forest Based Hierarchial Approach
Optimization of the Photon Path Length Probability Density Function-Simultaneous (PPDF-S) Method and Evaluation of CO2 Retrieval Performance Under Dense Aerosol Conditions
Global Sensitivity Analysis to Study the Impacts of Bed-Nets, Drug Treatment, and Their Efficacies on a Two-Strain Malaria Model
Robust Speed Controller Design Using H_infinity Theory for High-Performance Sensorless Induction Motor Drives
Dissolution Kinetics of R-Glass Fibres: Influence of Water Acidity, Temperature, and Stress Corrosion
A Transformer Fault Diagnosis Model Based on Chemical Reaction Optimization and Twin Support Vector Machine
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Vortex Generator Height on Vortex Characteristics and Airfoil Aerodynamic Performance
Ruthenium Supported on Ionically Cross-linked Chitosan-Carrageenan Hybrid MnFe2O4 Catalysts for 4-Nitrophenol Reduction
Prescription Infant Formulas Are Contaminated with Aluminium
Utilisation of Water-Washing Pre-Treated Phosphogypsum for Cemented Paste Backfill
Defect Estimation in Non-Destructive Testing of Composites by Ultrasonic Guided Waves and Image Processing
Luminescent Lanthanide Metal Organic Frameworks as Chemosensing Platforms towards Agrochemicals and Cations
Oligonucleotide Binding to Non-B-DNA in MYC
Adaptations in Mitochondrial Enzymatic Activity Occurs Independent of Genomic Dosage in Response to Aerobic Exercise Training and Deconditioning in Human Skeletal Muscle
Value Positions and Relationships in the Swedish Digital Government
Underwater Acoustic Time Delay Estimation Based on Envelope Differences of Correlation Functions
Aquifer Sustainability and the Use of Desalinated Seawater for Greenhouse Irrigation in the Campo de Níjar, Southeast Spain
An Optimization Study on Soot-Blowing of Air Preheaters in Coal-Fired Power Plant Boilers
Long-Term Exposure to Oroxylin A Inhibits Metastasis by Suppressing CCL2 in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells
Examining the Causal Relationship between Tourism and Economic Growth: Spillover Index Approach for Selected CEE and SEE Countries
PRGF-Modified Collagen Membranes for Guided Bone Regeneration: Spectroscopic, Microscopic and Nano-Mechanical Investigations
Production Phase Affects the Bioaerosol Microbial Composition and Functional Potential in Swine Confinement Buildings
The First Total Synthesis of (±)-Methyl Salvianolate A Using a Convergent Strategy
Visualising Combined Time Use Patterns of Children’s Activities and Their Association with Weight Status and Neighbourhood Context
Biologically-Inspired Learning and Adaptation of Self-Evolving Control for Networked Mobile Robots
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Prevent Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-Induced Memory Impairment
Vegetable Tannin as a Sustainable UV Stabilizer for Polyurethane Foams
Controlling Nitrogen Doping in Graphene with Atomic Precision: Synthesis and Characterization
Youth Perspectives of Healthcare in Central Mexico: An Application of Massey’s Critical Health Literacy Framework
Optimization of Skid Trails and Log Yards on the Amazon Forest
Extracellular Spermine Activates DNA Methyltransferase 3A and 3B
Effects of Eleutherococcus Extract Mixture on Endochondral Bone Formation in Rats
Sustainable Urban Regeneration for Shrinking Cities: A Case from Japan
A Systems Thinking Approach to Corporate Strategy Development
Effect of Carbon Nanotubes on Chloride Penetration in Cement Mortars
Effect of Cold Rolling on Recrystallization Behavior of Al-Free and Al-Added 15Cr-ODS Ferritic Steels
BRCA2 and Other DDR Genes in Prostate Cancer
HABITAT: An IoT Solution for Independent Elderly
Offspring of Mice Exposed to a Low-Protein Diet in Utero Demonstrate Changes in mTOR Signaling in Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans, Associated with Altered Glucagon and Insulin Expression and a Lower β-Cell Mass
Building Variable Productivity Ratios for Improving Large Scale Spatially Explicit Pruning Biomass Assessments
An Evaluation of the Quality and Microstructure of Biodegradable Composites as Contribution towards Better Management of Food Industry Wastes
An Improved Method of Handling Missing Values in the Analysis of Sample Entropy for Continuous Monitoring of Physiological Signals
Current Advances in Palliative & Hospice Care: Problems and Needs of Relatives and Family Caregivers During Palliative and Hospice Care—An Overview of Current Literature
Towards an Efficient Data Fragmentation, Allocation, and Clustering Approach in a Distributed Environment
MAG Welding Tests of Modern High Strength Steels with Minimum Yield Strength of 700 MPa
Water Footprint and Water Pinch Analysis in Ethanol Industrial Production for Water Management
Generation of Orbital Angular Momentum Modes Using Fiber Systems
Development of DNA Aptamers to Native EpCAM for Isolation of Lung Circulating Tumor Cells from Human Blood
HyFlow—A Hybrid Load Flow-Modelling Framework to Evaluate the Effects of Energy Storage and Sector Coupling on the Electrical Load Flows
Study on Correlation between Structural and Electronic Properties of Fluorinated Oligothiophenes Transistors by Controlling Film Thickness
Protein Interaction with Charged Macromolecules: From Model Polymers to Unfolded Proteins and Post-Translational Modifications
Fatigue Life Prediction of Steam Generator Tubes by Tube Specimens with Circular Holes
Comparable Genomic Copy Number Aberrations Differ across Astrocytoma Malignancy Grades
Prognostic Relevance of Altered Lymphocyte Subpopulations in Critical Illness and Sepsis
Nonlinear Hysteresis Modeling of Piezoelectric Actuators Using a Generalized Bouc–Wen Model
Hydrothermal Synthesis of WO3·0.33H2O Nanorod Bundles as a Highly Sensitive Cyclohexene Sensor
In Vitro Assessment of the Functional Dynamics of Titanium with Surface Coating of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles
Bioavailability and In Vivo Antioxidant Activity of a Standardized Polyphenol Mixture Extracted from Brown Propolis
Nanomaterials for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater
The Generalized Quadratic Gauss Sum and Its Fourth Power Mean
Toward Content-Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Retrieval (CB-HRSIR): A Preliminary Study Based on Spectral Sensitivity Functions
A Techno-Economic Analysis of Vehicle-to-Building: Battery Degradation and Efficiency Analysis in the Context of Coordinated Electric Vehicle Charging
English Adverbial and Determiner Negation: A Problematic Area for Arabic Translators
Unsteadiness of Tip Leakage Flow in the Detached-Eddy Simulation on a Transonic Rotor with Vortex Breakdown Phenomenon
Between Utopia and Dystopia: Sectarianization through Revolution and War in Syrian Refugee Narratives
RNA Sequencing Reveals Specific Transcriptomic Signatures Distinguishing Effects of the [SWI+] Prion and SWI1 Deletion in Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Overexpression of Two Members of D7 Salivary Genes Family is Associated with Pyrethroid Resistance in the Malaria Vector Anopheles Funestus s.s. but Not in Anopheles Gambiae in Cameroon
Thoracic Paravertebral Block with Adjuvant Dexmedetomidine in Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery: A Randomized, Double-Blind Study
Effects of Fe3P Addition on Sintering Behaviors and Magnetic Properties of Fe-P Alloys Sintered at Low Temperatures
Novel Therapeutics for Epstein–Barr Virus
Coplanar Donor-π-Acceptor Dyes Featuring a Furylethynyl Spacer for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
An Ultrasonic Fabrication Method for Epoxy Resin/SbSI Nanowire Composites, and their Application in Nanosensors and Nanogenerators
Drivers and Barriers in Using Industry 4.0: A Perspective of SMEs in Romania
Sensitivity Improvement of Extremely Low Light Scenes with RGB-NIR Multispectral Filter Array Sensor
Flood Resilience of Critical Infrastructure: Approach and Method Applied to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Controlling the Oxygen Electrocatalysis on Perovskite and Layered Oxide Thin Films for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes
Research on the Influence of Backlash on Mesh Stiffness and the Nonlinear Dynamics of Spur Gears
A Seabed Real-Time Sensing System for In-Situ Long-Term Multi-Parameter Observation Applications
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Guided Wave Propagation in a Multi-Wire Cable
Explanatory Power of Pre-Issue Financial Strength for Long-Term Market Performance: Evidence from Initial Equity Offerings on an Emerging Market
Chestnut Shell Extract Modulates Immune Parameters in the Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss
Micromanagement of Developmental and Stress-Induced Senescence: The Emerging Role of MicroRNAs
A Vibration Signal-Based Method for Fault Identification and Classification in Hydraulic Axial Piston Pumps
Evaluation of Transshipment Container Terminals’ Service Quality in Vietnam: From the Shipping Companies’ Perspective
Potential and Environmental Impacts of Liquid Biofuel from Agricultural Residues in Thailand
Development of an Optoelectronic Sensor for Detecting and Classifying Fruit Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) for Use in Real-Time Intelligent Traps
Sirtuins in Alzheimer’s Disease: SIRT2-Related GenoPhenotypes and Implications for PharmacoEpiGenetics
Complex Microbiome in Brain Abscess Revealed by Whole-Genome Culture-Independent and Culture-Based Sequencing
MIMO Gaussian State-Dependent Channels with a State-Cognitive Helper
Study on Dual Channel Lateral Field Excitation Quartz Crystal Microbalance for Measuring Liquid Electrical Properties
A Two-Step Approach to Solar Power Generation Prediction Based on Weather Data Using Machine Learning
Petrogenetic Study of the Multiphase Chibougamau Pluton: Archaean Magmas Associated with Cu–Au Magmato-Hydrothermal Systems
Passing the Wake: Using Multiple Fins to Shape Forces for Swimming
An Acoustic-Based Smart Home System for People Suffering from Dementia
Approximations of Metric Graphs by Thick Graphs and Their Laplacians
A Study of Some Mechanical Properties of a Category of Composites with a Hybrid Matrix and Natural Reinforcements
Local Perspectives on Ecosystem Service Trade-Offs in a Forest Frontier Landscape in Myanmar
Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Based on Preference Perspective with Interval Neutrosophic Sets in Venture Capital
Prediction of Bubble Size Distributions in Large-Scale Bubble Columns Using a Population Balance Model
Antidiabetic Properties of Naringenin: A Citrus Fruit Polyphenol
A User’s Guide to Cell-Free Protein Synthesis
Shelf-Life Extension of Wood Apple Beverages Maintaining Consumption-Safe Parameters and Sensory Qualities
Long-Term Land Cover Dynamics (1986–2016) of Northeast China Derived from a Multi-Temporal Landsat Archive
History and Myth: Mahāmudrā Lineage Accounts in the 12th-Century Xixia Buddhist Literature
A Coupled System of Fractional Difference Equations with Nonlocal Fractional Sum Boundary Conditions on the Discrete Half-Line
An Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Method Using GRU Neural Network towards Sequential Data in Dynamic Processes
Meta-Analysis of Salt Stress Transcriptome Responses in Different Rice Genotypes at the Seedling Stage
Optimal Sizing of Cascade Hydropower and Distributed Photovoltaic Included Virtual Power Plant Considering Investments and Complementary Benefits in Electricity Markets
Aluminum Coated Micro Glass Spheres to Increase the Infrared Reflectance
The Role of Women’s Autonomy and Experience of Intimate Partner Violence as a Predictor of Maternal Healthcare Service Utilization in Nepal
Forecasting the Carbon Price Using Extreme-Point Symmetric Mode Decomposition and Extreme Learning Machine Optimized by the Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm
Parabolic Equation Modeling of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation over Rough Sea Surfaces
On the Potential of RST-FLOOD on Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite Data for Flooded Areas Detection
Contemporary Misticism: Recovering Sensible Aesthetics in an Age of Digital Production
Enhancing Third- and Fifth-Order Nonlinearity via Tunneling in Multiple Quantum Dots
Ultrasound-Assisted Treatment of Landfill Leachate in a Sequencing Batch Reactor
Determining Distribution for the Quotients of Dependent and Independent Random Variables by Using Copulas
Convergence Theorems for Common Solutions of Split Variational Inclusion and Systems of Equilibrium Problems
The Logic of Pseudo-Uninorms and Their Residua
The Impact of Tumor Heterogeneity on Diagnostics and Novel Therapeutic Strategies in Multiple Myeloma
Recent Advances in Graphene-Based Humidity Sensors
Efficient Editing of the Nuclear APT Reporter Gene in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii via Expression of a CRISPR-Cas9 Module
A Multiscale Approach to the Numerical Simulation of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
The Bose-Einstein Correlations and the Strong Coupling Constant at Low Energies
Explaining Defects of the Universal Vacua with Black Holes-Hedgehogs and Strings
Ecohydraulic Modelling to Support Fish Habitat Restoration Measures
ATG-18 and EPG-6 are Both Required for Autophagy but Differentially Contribute to Lifespan Control in Caenorhabditis elegans
Characterization of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Flour Films: Effects of pH and Plasticizer Concentration
A Multi-Period Approach for the Optimal Energy Retrofit Planning of Street Lighting Systems
Selection of Optimal Hyperspectral Wavebands for Detection of Discolored, Diseased Rice Seeds
Arsenic Trioxide and (−)-Gossypol Synergistically Target Glioma Stem-Like Cells via Inhibition of Hedgehog and Notch Signaling
Nanocrystalline Transition-Metal Gallium Oxide Spinels from Acetylacetonate Precursors via Solvothermal Synthesis
A Systematic Review of Oxygen Therapy for the Management of Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ)
Urban Drainage Network Rehabilitation Considering Storm Tank Installation and Pipe Substitution
Mosaicking Opportunistically Acquired Very High-Resolution Helicopter-Borne Images over Drifting Sea Ice Using COTS Sensors
Body Fluids and Fluid Bodies: Trans-Corporeal Connections in Contemporary German Narratives of Illness
Fibre Laser Treatment of Beta TNZT Titanium Alloys for Load-Bearing Implant Applications: Effects of Surface Physical and Chemical Features on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Response and Staphylococcus aureus Bacterial Attachment
Diversity and Evolution of Viral Pathogen Community in Cave Nectar Bats (Eonycteris spelaea)
The Influence of Capacitance and Inductance Changes on Frequency Response of Transformer Windings
Halogen Bonding: A Halogen-Centered Noncovalent Interaction Yet to Be Understood
Studies of Energy Consumption by a City Bus Powered by a Hybrid Energy Storage System in Variable Road Conditions
Structure-Property Relationships in Graphene-Based Strain and Pressure Sensors for Potential Artificial Intelligence Applications
Effects of Full Straw Incorporation on Soil Fertility and Crop Yield in Rice-Wheat Rotation for Silty Clay Loamy Cropland
Using Sensory Wearable Devices to Navigate the City: Effectiveness and User Experience in Older Pedestrians
Experimental Study on Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Corroded Longitudinal Reinforcement
Enhancement of the Mechanical Properties of Polyimide Film by Microwave Irradiation
A Multi-Agent Gamification System for Managing Smart Homes
Absorption Wavebands for Discriminating Oxidation Time of Engine Oil as Detected by FT-IR Spectroscopy
People Make the Difference: An Explorative Study on the Relationship between Organizational Practices, Employees’ Resources, and Organizational Behavior Enhancing the Psychology of Sustainability and Sustainable Development
Sustainable Scheduling of an Automatic Pallet Changer System by Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with First Piece Inspection
A Feedback Loop Formed by ATG7/Autophagy, FOXO3a/miR-145 and PD-L1 Regulates Stem-Like Properties and Invasion in Human Bladder Cancer
Evidence-based Birth Attendance in Spain: Private versus Public Centers
Multiple CH/π Interactions Maintain the Binding of Aflatoxin B1 in the Active Cavity of Human Cytochrome P450 1A2
Extreme Multiclass Classification Criteria
Carbon Isotopes of Riparian Forests Trees in the Savannas of the Volta Sub-Basin of Ghana Reveal Contrasting Responses to Climatic and Environmental Variations
Transcriptomic Landscape of Cisplatin-Resistant Neuroblastoma Cells
Rheological Characteristics Evaluation of Bitumen Composites Containing Rock Asphalt and Diatomite
Effects of Silicon Compounds on Biomineralization, Osteogenesis, and Hard Tissue Formation
The Bacterial Phytoene Desaturase-Encoding Gene (CRTI) is an Efficient Selectable Marker for the Genetic Transformation of Eukaryotic Microalgae
A Single Shot Framework with Multi-Scale Feature Fusion for Geospatial Object Detection
An Analytical Study of Adversely Affecting Radiation and Temperature Parameters on a Magnetohydrodynamic Elasto-viscous Fluid
Analysis of an H∞ Robust Control for a Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter
Fully Convolutional Networks and Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis for the Classification of VHR Imagery
Multi-View Network Representation Learning Algorithm Research
Glycyrrhetinic Acid Improves Insulin-Response Pathway by Regulating the Balance between the Ras/MAPK and PI3K/Akt Pathways
Some Schemata for Applications of the Integral Transforms of Mathematical Physics
Influence of Aerospace Standard Surface Pretreatment on the Intermetallic Phases and CeCC of 2024-T3 Al-Cu Alloy
Decline of Fine Suspended Sediments in the Madeira River Basin (2003–2017)
Developing a Systematic Diagnostic Model for Integrated Agricultural Supply and Processing Systems
Optimal Design of Hybrid PV-Battery System in Residential Buildings: End-User Economics, and PV Penetration
Phytochemicals Targeting VEGF and VEGF-Related Multifactors as Anticancer Therapy
Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy of Plasmonic Nanomaterials: A Review
Individual Molecular Dynamics of an Entangled Polyethylene Melt Undergoing Steady Shear Flow: Steady-State and Transient Dynamics
Refractive Index Measurement of Lithium Ion Battery Electrolyte with Etched Surface Cladding Waveguide Bragg Gratings and Cell Electrode State Monitoring by Optical Strain Sensors
Robust Normal Estimation for 3D LiDAR Point Clouds in Urban Environments
Sustained Release from Injectable Composite Gels Loaded with Silver Nanowires Designed to Combat Bacterial Resistance in Bone Regeneration Applications
Selected Aspects of Chemoresistance Mechanisms in Colorectal Carcinoma—A Focus on Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition, Autophagy, and Apoptosis
Leaf Enzyme and Plant Productivity Responses to Environmental Stress Associated with Sea Level Rise in Two Asian Mangrove Species
Quantifying Levels of Peste Des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Virus in Excretions from Experimentally Infected Goats and Its Importance for Nascent PPR Eradication Programme
Association of a Priori-Defined Dietary Patterns with Anthropometric Measurements: A Cross-Sectional Study in Mexican Women
Application of a New Geophone and Geometry in Tunnel Seismic Detection
Developmental Stage- and Genotype-Dependent Regulation of Specialized Metabolite Accumulation in Fruit Tissues of Different Citrus Varieties
Spatial Evaluation of Soil Moisture (SM), Land Surface Temperature (LST), and LST-Derived SM Indexes Dynamics during SMAPVEX12
Low Cost Test Pattern Generation in Scan-Based BIST Schemes
Near-Infrared Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering on Silver-Coated Porous Silicon Photonic Crystals
Surface Parameters Retrieval from Fully Bistatic Radar Scattering Data
Challenges of Asian Models and Values for Sustainable Development
The Effect of an Infant Formula Supplemented with AA and DHA on Fatty Acid Levels of Infants with Different FADS Genotypes: The COGNIS Study
Embedding Sustainable Development Goals in Education. Teachers’ Perspective about Education for Sustainability in the Basque Autonomous Community
Cover Crops and Landscape Position Effects on Nitrogen Dynamics in Plant-Soil-Water Pools
Global and High-Resolution Damage Quantification in Dual-Phase Steel Bending Samples with Varying Stress States
Hydrated Salt/Graphite/Polyelectrolyte Organic-Inorganic Hybrids for Efficient Thermochemical Storage
Policy Coherence and Social Protection in Ethiopia: Ensuring No One Is Left Behind
Analysis of Life Cycle Environmental Impact of Recycled Aggregate
A Simplified Methodology to Evaluate Circuit Complexity: Doherty Power Amplifier as a Case Study
Research on a Face Real-time Tracking Algorithm Based on Particle Filter Multi-Feature Fusion
The Impact of Intermittent Fasting (Ramadan Fasting) on Psoriatic Arthritis Disease Activity, Enthesitis, and Dactylitis: A Multicentre Study
Two-Stage Multi-Objective Meta-Heuristics for Environmental and Cost-Optimal Energy Refurbishment at District Level
Large-Scale Whale-Call Classification by Transfer Learning on Multi-Scale Waveforms and Time-Frequency Features
Adjuvant Biophysical Therapies in Osteosarcoma
Study of TiAlN PVD Coating on Stamping Dies Used in Tinplate Food Package Production
Ginsenoside Rh2 Ameliorates Doxorubicin-Induced Senescence Bystander Effect in Breast Carcinoma Cell MDA-MB-231 and Normal Epithelial Cell MCF-10A
Analysis of the Process Parameters for Obtaining a Stable Electrospun Process in Different Composition Epoxy/Poly ε-Caprolactone Blends with Shape Memory Properties
Self-Ordered Orientation of Crystalline Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanodomains Embedded in Boron Carbonitride Films for Band Gap Engineering
Analyzing National and Local Pathways to Carbon-Neutrality from Technology, Emissions, and Resilience Perspectives—Case of Finland
Multispectral Multibeam Echo Sounder Backscatter as a Tool for Improved Seafloor Characterization
Contribution of Molecular Structure to Self-Assembling and Biological Properties of Bifunctional Lipid-Like 4-(N-Alkylpyridinium)-1,4-Dihydropyridines
A Nonlinear Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting System for Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes
Demonizing the Enemy, Literally: Tolkien, Orcs, and the Sense of the World Wars
Net Zero Buildings—A Framework for an Integrated Policy in Chile
Seed Germination in Cistus ladanifer: Heat Shock, Physical Dormancy, Soil Temperatures and Significance to Natural Regeneration
Investigating Influence of Hydrological Regime on Organic Matters Characteristic in a Korean Watershed
A Microscale Linear Phased-Array Ultrasonic Transducer Based on PZT Ceramics
Acetazolamide Therapy in Patients with Heart Failure: A Meta-Analysis
An Estimation Model with Generalization Characteristics for the Internal Impedance of the Rechargeable Batteries by Means of Dual ANN Model
Conservation Adoption Among Owners and Tenant Farmers in the Southern United States
Health Data Collection Before, During and After Emergencies and Disasters—The Result of the Kobe Expert Meeting
Remote Sensing of Daytime Water Leaving Reflectances of Oceans and Large Inland Lakes from EPIC onboard the DSCOVR Spacecraft at Lagrange-1 Point
Eicosapentaenoic Acid Improves Hepatic Metabolism and Reduces Inflammation Independent of Obesity in High-Fat-Fed Mice and in HepG2 Cells
Increased iNOS and Nitrosative Stress in Dopaminergic Neurons of MDMA-Exposed Rats
Characterization of Stackebrandtia nassauensis GH 20 Beta-Hexosaminidase, a Versatile Biocatalyst for Chitobiose Degradation
Solubility Enhancement of Atrazine by Complexation with Cyclosophoraose Isolated from Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii TA-1
Serum Concentration of Genistein, Luteolin and Colorectal Cancer Prognosis
The Growth Methods and Field Emission Studies of Low-Dimensional Boron-Based Nanostructures
Technology-Powered Strategies to Rethink the Pedagogy of History and Cultural Heritage through Symmetries and Narratives
How the American Working Class Views the “Working Class”
Resilience-Based Recovery Assessments of Networked Infrastructure Systems under Localized Attacks
Mechanical Properties of a Thermally-aged Cast Duplex Stainless Steel by in Situ Tensile Test at the Service Temperature
Rainwater Harvesting for Drinking Water Production: A Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solution in The Netherlands?
Soft Robotics
Improvement of High Affinity and Selectivity on Biosensors Using Genetically Engineered Phage by Binding Isotherm Screening
Monitoring the Bioactive Compounds Status in Olea europaea According to Collecting Period and Drying Conditions
Synthetic Lethality in Lung Cancer—From the Perspective of Cancer Genomics
Content-Aware Retargeted Image Quality Assessment
Terahertz and Photoelectron Emission from Nanoporous Gold Films on Semiconductors
Cholesterol and Oxidative Stress in U.S. Pregnant Women Exposed to Lead
An Investigation into Creep Cavity Development in 316H Stainless Steel
Preparation and Properties of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Nanocomposited Membranes based on Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) Modified Graphene Oxide Nanosheets
HIV Replication in Humanized IL-3/GM-CSF-Transgenic NOG Mice
Prediction of Electric Vehicle Range: A Comprehensive Review of Current Issues and Challenges
Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics Study of Fully Aliphatic PA6 Copolyamides: Effect of Novel Long-Chain Polyamide Salt as a Comonomer
Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans as Viral Decoy Receptors for Human Adenovirus Type 37
Alcohol Industry CSR Organisations: What Can Their Twitter Activity Tell Us about Their Independence and Their Priorities? A Comparative Analysis
Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Biological Activities of Organically Templated Cobalt Phosphite (C4N2H14)Co(H2PO3)4·2H2O
Coordinated Control for Operating Characteristics Improvement of UHVDC Transmission Systems under Hierarchical Connection Scheme with STATCOM
Titanium Silicates Precipitated on the Rice Husk Biochar as Adsorbents for the Extraction of Cesium and Strontium Radioisotope Ions
Student Assessment of the Use of Kahoot in the Learning Process of Science and Mathematics
Plasma-Assisted Control of Supersonic Flow over a Compression Ramp
Effectiveness of Segment Routing Technology in Reducing the Bandwidth and Cloud Resources Provisioning Times in Network Function Virtualization Architectures
Estimating Rangeland Forage Production Using Remote Sensing Data from a Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) and PlanetScope Satellite
Proteome and Phosphoproteome Analysis in TNF Long Term-Exposed Primary Human Monocytes
Evaluation of HVAC Design Parameters in High-Performance Hospital Operating Theatres
Identification of Leishmania major UDP-Sugar Pyrophosphorylase Inhibitors Using Biosensor-Based Small Molecule Fragment Library Screening
A Simplified Methodology for Existing Tertiary Buildings’ Cooling Energy Need Estimation at District Level: A Feasibility Study of a District Cooling System in Marrakech
Progression-Related Loss of Stromal Caveolin 1 Levels Mediates Radiation Resistance in Prostate Carcinoma via the Apoptosis Inhibitor TRIAP1
The Role of Curcumin in the Modulation of Ageing
Identification of the Interface in a Binary Complex Plasma Using Machine Learning
Approximate Solutions and Symmetry of a Two-Component Nonlocal Reaction-Diffusion Population Model of the Fisher–KPP Type
Sliding Mode-Based Robust Control for Piezoelectric Actuators with Inverse Dynamics Estimation
Muscle-Saturated Bioactive Lipids Are Increased with Aging and Influenced by High-Intensity Interval Training
Women’s Experiences of Utilizing Religious and Spiritual Beliefs as Coping Resources After Miscarriage
Uncertainty Evaluation of Safe Mud Weight Window Utilizing the Reliability Assessment Method
Feminist Theology, Plant Names, and Power
Association of PTPN22 1858C/T Polymorphism with Autoimmune Diseases: A Systematic Review and Bayesian Approach
Numerical Simulation of Morphological Changes due to the 2004 Tsunami Wave around Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Thermal Properties and Fracture Toughness of Epoxy Nanocomposites Loaded with Hyperbranched-Polymers-Based Core/Shell Nanoparticles
Assessing Spatial and Temporal Variability for Some Edaphic Characteristics of Mediterranean Rainfed and Irrigated Soils
Automatic Detection of Open and Vegetated Water Bodies Using Sentinel 1 to Map African Malaria Vector Mosquito Breeding Habitats
Pleiotropic Pharmacological Actions of Capsazepine, a Synthetic Analogue of Capsaicin, against Various Cancers and Inflammatory Diseases
Physical Modelling of Blue Mussel Dropper Lines for the Development of Surrogates and Hydrodynamic Coefficients
Probability Analysis and Control of River Runoff–sediment Characteristics based on Pair-Copula Functions: The Case of the Weihe River and Jinghe River
Dissecting and Interpreting a Three-Dimensional Ground-Penetrating Radar Dataset: An Example from Northern Australia
Inverse Contrast in Non-Destructive Materials Research by Using Active Thermography
Porous Gig-Lox TiO2 Doped with N2 at Room Temperature for P-Type Response to Ethanol
Peptides for Infectious Diseases: From Probe Design to Diagnostic Microarrays
Baricitinib: A 2018 Novel FDA-Approved Small Molecule Inhibiting Janus Kinases
Mycorrhizal Fungi Enhance Resistance to Herbivores in Tomato Plants with Reduced Jasmonic Acid Production
For the Love of Dogs: Finding Compassion in a Time of Famine in Pali Buddhist Stories
Deregulation of SET is Associated with Tumor Progression and Predicts Adverse Outcome in Patients with Early-Stage Colorectal Cancer
Progressive Failure Simulation of Notched Tensile Specimen for Triaxially-Braided Composites
Wine Aging Technologies
Enhancement of InN Luminescence by Introduction of Graphene Interlayer
In Silico Study to Identify New Antituberculosis Molecules from Natural Sources by Hierarchical Virtual Screening and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
HCV Pit Stop at the Lipid Droplet: Refuel Lipids and Put on a Lipoprotein Coat before Exit
Permutation Entropy and Information Recovery in Nonlinear Dynamic Economic Time Series
Quality Aspects of Insects as Food—Nutritional, Sensory, and Related Concepts
Is It Possible to Supply Norwegian Apartment Blocks with 4th Generation District Heating?
Prefabricated and Self-Setting Cement Laminates
Establishing SI-Traceability of Nanoparticle Size Values Measured with Line-Start Incremental Centrifugal Liquid Sedimentation
The Impact of the C-Terminal Region on the Interaction of Topoisomerase II Alpha with Mitotic Chromatin
Sentinel-1 for Monitoring Land Subsidence of Coastal Cities in Africa Using PSInSAR: A Methodology Based on the Integration of SNAP and StaMPS
Religious Belonging in the East Asian Context: An Exploration of Rhizomatic Belonging
Influence of Initial Phase Modulation on the Sensitivity of the Optical Fiber Sagnac Acoustic Emission Sensor
Outcome-Driven Supply Chain Perspective on Dry Ports
Does Corporate Charitable Giving Help Sustain Corporate Performance in China?
The Effect of In Vitro Digestion on Antioxidant, ACE-Inhibitory and Antimicrobial Potentials of Traditional Serbian White-Brined Cheeses
CXCR2: A Novel Mediator of Mammary Tumor Bone Metastasis
Interferon-Independent Upregulation of Interferon-Stimulated Genes during Human Cytomegalovirus Infection is Dependent on IRF3 Expression
Viroids as Companions of a Professional Career
Intersection-Based Link-Adaptive Beaconless Forwarding in Urban Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
An Enzyme Cascade Synthesis of Vanillin
Monosporic Inoculation of Economically Important Horticultural Species with Native Endomycorrhizae under Greenhouse Conditions
Autophagy and Noroviruses
Portable Sensors Add Reliable Kinematic Measures to the Assessment of Upper Extremity Function
Autumn Cold Surge Paths over North China and the Associated Atmospheric Circulation
Equations for Deep Water Counter Streaming Waves and New Integrals of Motion
The Influence of bFGF on the Fabrication of Microencapsulated Cartilage Cells under Different Shaking Modes
Mapping Pure Mangrove Patches in Small Corridors and Sandbanks Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery
Antrodin C, an NADPH Dependent Metabolism, Encourages Crosstalk between Autophagy and Apoptosis in Lung Carcinoma Cells by Use of an AMPK Inhibition-Independent Blockade of the Akt/mTOR Pathway
Charge and Peptide Concentration as Determinants of the Hydrogel Internal Aqueous Environment
Increasing Chocolate’s Sugar Content Enhances Its Psychoactive Effects and Intake
Glycomacropeptide Bioactivity and Health: A Review Highlighting Action Mechanisms and Signaling Pathways
Maximum-Entropy Priors with Derived Parameters in a Specified Distribution
Three Things My Students Have Taught Me about Reading Dante
Food Intake during School Lunch Is Better Explained by Objectively Measured Eating Behaviors than by Subjectively Rated Food Taste and Fullness: A Cross-Sectional Study
Full-Scale Measurements of Wind-Pressure Coefficients in Twin Medium-Rise Buildings
Cracking Behavior of RC Beams Strengthened with Different Amounts and Layouts of CFRP
Antiproliferative Activity of (-)-Rabdosiin Isolated from Ocimum sanctum L.
Real-Time Early Warning System for Sustainable and Intelligent Plastic Film Manufacturing
Compromised Chondrocyte Differentiation Capacity in TERC Knockout Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Derived by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
Reduced Overhead Routing in Short-Range Low-Power and Lossy Wireless Networks
Molecular Dynamics Study on the Deformation Behaviors of Nanostructures in the Demolding Process of Micro-Injection Molding
Differential Proteomics Reveals miR-155 as a Novel Indicator of Liver and Spleen Pathology in the Symptomatic Niemann-Pick Disease, Type C1 Mouse Model
Gravity-Based Foundations in the Offshore Wind Sector
Effects of the Interfacial Structure on the Methanol Oxidation on Platinum Single Crystal Electrodes
Combinations of Symptoms in Emergency Presentations: Prevalence and Outcome
Bluetooth Mesh Energy Consumption: A Model
Simulation-driven Selection of Electrode Materials Based on Mechanical Performance for Lithium-Ion Battery
Chemical Profile, Antibacterial Activity and Antibiotic-Modulating Effect of the Hexanic Zea Mays L. Silk Extract (Poaceae)
Outbreak History, Biofilm Formation, and Preventive Measures for Control of Cronobacter sakazakii in Infant Formula and Infant Care Settings
Improved Kinetics and Water Recovery with Propane as Co-Guest Gas on the Hydrate-Based Desalination (HyDesal) Process
Species Mixing Effects on Height–Diameter and Basal Area Increment Models for Scots Pine and Maritime Pine
Photo-Reduction of CO2 by VIS Light on Polythiophene-ZSM-5 Zeolite Hybrid Photo-Catalyst
Organic Acids of the Microbiological Post-Culture Medium as Substrates to be Used for Starch Modification
Effect of Teriflunomide and Dimethyl Fumarate on Cortical Atrophy and Leptomeningeal Inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis: A Retrospective, Observational, Case-Control Pilot Study
Instrumented Indentation of Super-Insulating Silica Compacts
Phylogeography of the Assassin Bug Sphedanolestes impressicollis in East Asia Inferred From Mitochondrial and Nuclear Gene Sequences
Development of a Computational System to Improve Wind Farm Layout, Part I: Model Validation and Near Wake Analysis
Cut-Price Fabrication of Free-standing Porous Carbon Nanofibers Film Electrode for Lithium-ion Batteries
Theoretical Study of Sulphur Atoms’ Adsorption and Migration Behaviors on Diamond (001) Surface
Hexagonal and Square Patterned Silver Nanowires/PEDOT:PSS Composite Grids by Screen Printing for Uniformly Transparent Heaters
The Plant Circadian Oscillator
Study on Low-Speed Steering Resistance Torque of Vehicles Considering Friction between Tire and Pavement
Decoy Receptor Interactions as Novel Drug Targets against EKC-Causing Human Adenovirus
Detection of Inflammation-Related Melanoma Small Extracellular Vesicle (sEV) mRNA Content Using Primary Melanocyte sEVs as a Reference
Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Design Parameters on the Efficiency of an OWC Axial Impulse Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion
Teachers’ Belief and Efficacy Toward Inclusive Education in Early Childhood Settings in Korea
Synthesis and Characterization of Flower-like Carbon-encapsulated Fe-C Nanoparticles for Application as Adsorbing Material
Discussion of “Accurate and Efficient Explicit Approximations of the Colebrook Flow Friction Equation Based on the Wright ω-Function” by DejanBrkić; and Pavel Praks, Mathematics 2019, 7, 34; doi:10.3390/math7010034
Behaviors and Attitudes of Polish Health Care Workers with Respect to the Hazards from Blood-Borne Pathogens: A Questionnaire-Based Study
Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer Mortality by Achieving Healthy Dietary Goals for the Swedish Population: A Macro-Simulation Modelling Study
Endogenous Neurostimulation and Physiotherapy in Cluster Headache: A Clinical Case
Chip Morphology and Delamination Characterization for Vibration-Assisted Drilling of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer
Insights from Self-Organizing Maps for Predicting Accessibility Demand for Healthcare Infrastructure
Dietary Fiber from Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) and Soybean (Glycine max) Husk Byproducts as Baking Additives: Functional and Nutritional Properties
A Retrospective and Cross-Sectional Study to Evaluate the Effect of Acculturation on the Dietary Calcium Intake and Predictors of Bone Mineral Density in Filipino Women Recently Immigrated to New Zealand
Keeping an Eye on Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Endometriosis
Immediate and Longer-Term Effects of An Intensive Adolescent Cooking Intervention on Mental Well-Being and Cooking Self-Efficacy, Attitudes and Involvement
Enhancement of the Oil Absorption Capacity of Poly(Lactic Acid) Nano Porous Fibrous Membranes Derived via a Facile Electrospinning Method
Combining Mechanochemistry and Spray Congealing for New Praziquantel Pediatric Formulations in Schistosomiasis Treatment
Risk Factors for Prediabetes in Auckland Primary School Children
Designing a Model to Display the Relation between Social Vulnerability and Anthropogenic Risk of Wildfires in Galicia, Spain
Fundraising in New Zealand Schools
Effects of Fresh Watermelon Consumption on the Acute Satiety Response and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Overweight and Obese Adults
Viral Infection of Human Natural Killer Cells
Extreme Weather Impacts on Inland Waterways Transport of Yangtze River
Potential Functions of the Gastrointestinal Microbiome Inhabiting the Length of the Rat Digest Tract
Micronutrient Intake of Vegans Living in Christchurch, New Zealand
The Accessibility and Understanding of Nutrition Advice in First Time Mothers
Transformerless Quasi-Z-Source Inverter to Reduce Leakage Current for Single-Phase Grid-Tied Applications
Do Lactose Intolerant Individuals Efficiently Absorb Protein from Acute Milk Consumption?
The Role of Public Nutrition Research Organizations in the Construction, Implementation and Evaluation of Evidence-Based Nutrition Policy: Two National Experiences in Mexico
Google Earth Engine Applications
Dietary Intake of New Zealand Strength Athletes
Studying a Flexible Polyurethane Elastomer with Improved Impact-Resistant Performance
Knowledge about Osteoporosis Risk Prevention in Young and Post-Menopausal Women in Palmerston North, New Zealand
Effect of a Tailored Dietary Intervention with High or Standard Protein Intake on B-Vitamin and One Carbon Metabolism Status in Healthy Older Males: A 10 Week Randomised Controlled Trial
Sweet Taste Perception in Pacific and NZ European Women is Associated with Dietary Intake and Eating Behaviour
Effect of Lactamase Inhibitors on the Biosensor Penp during the Measurement of Lactam Antibiotics Concentration
Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption in Auckland Primary School Children
Child Nutritional Status—Alternative Metrics to Body Mass Index
Nutrition and Physical Activity for Pre-Schoolers: Knowledge and Perspectives amongst Early Childhood Education Teachers
Pharmacokinetic and Metabolomic Studies with BIO 300, a Nanosuspension of Genistein, in a Nonhuman Primate Model
Dietary Intake of New Zealand European and Pacific Woman from the PROMISE Study
Deriving High Spatial-Resolution Coastal Topography From Sub-meter Satellite Stereo Imagery
Nano-Structured Demineralized Human Dentin Matrix to Enhance Bone and Dental Repair and Regeneration
Metabolic Disease Risk Alters Circulating Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell microRNAs in Response to A High Glycemic Meal
Alignment between the New Zealand Health Star Rating System and the Chilean Warning Label System
Cytokine Production, Ferritin Levels and Bone Mineral Density in Healthy Postmenopausal Women
Physical Activity and Metabolic Health in New Zealand European and Pacific Women from the Promise Study
Signals from the Niche: Insights into the Role of IGF-1 and IL-6 in Modulating Skeletal Muscle Fibrosis
Ancient Mitochondrial Genomes Reveal the Absence of Maternal Kinship in the Burials of Çatalhöyük People and Their Genetic Affinities
Measuring Copper, Lead and Zinc Concentrations and Oral Bioaccessibility as Part of the Soils in Scottish Schools Project
The Impact of Employment Self-Sufficiency Measures on Commuting Time: Case Study of Perth, Australia
Optimal Design of a Tower Type SCR-deNOx Facility for a 1000 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Based on CFD Simulation and FMT Validation
Quantitative Research on Global Terrorist Attacks and Terrorist Attack Classification
Erratum: Fabrication of Chitin/Poly(butylene succinate)/Chondroitin Sulfate Nanoparticles Ternary Composite Hydrogel Scaffold for Skin Tissue Engineering. Polymers, 2014, 6, 2974–2984
Synthesis of New Indanyl Nucleoside Analogues and their Biological Evaluation on Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Replicon
Slip-Spring and Kink Dynamics Models for Fast Extensional Flow of Entangled Polymeric Fluids
The Development of a Soft Robot Hand with Pin-Array Structure
Increased Risk of Diabetes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients: A Nationwide Population-Based Study in Korea
Common Inflammation-Related Candidate Gene Variants and Acute Kidney Injury in 2647 Critically Ill Finnish Patients
Storm Energy Flux Characterization along the Mediterranean Coast of Andalusia (Spain)
Structural Evidence of Programmed Cell Death Induction by Tungsten in Root Tip Cells of Pisum sativum
An Automatic Modulation Recognition Method with Low Parameter Estimation Dependence Based on Spatial Transformer Networks
Arabidopsis Natural Accessions Display Adaptations in Inflorescence Growth and Vascular Anatomy to Withstand High Salinity during Reproductive Growth
Monodisperse Fe3O4/SiO2 and Fe3O4/SiO2/PPy Core-Shell Composite Nanospheres for IBU Loading and Release
Clinical and Biomarker Characteristics According to Clinical Spectrum of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in the Validation Cohort of Korean Brain Aging Study for the Early Diagnosis and Prediction of AD
Using the Himawari-8 AHI Multi-Channel to Improve the Calculation Accuracy of Outgoing Longwave Radiation at the Top of the Atmosphere
Image Shadow Removal Using End-To-End Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
A Novel Coupling Algorithm Based on Glowworm Swarm Optimization and Bacterial Foraging Algorithm for Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
The Mammalian Circadian Timing System and the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus as Its Pacemaker
Effect of Dietary Carbohydrate-to-Protein Ratio on Gut Microbiota in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)
An Energy-Efficient Slotted Sense Multiple Access Broadcast Protocol for Reliable Command Delivery in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks
From the Mosque to the Town Square: Some Reflections on Islam, Youth, Social Movements, and Citizenship
Experimental Evaluation of SAFEPOWER Architecture for Safe and Power-Efficient Mixed-Criticality Systems
Isolation, Characterization and Structural Elucidation of Polybutylene Terephthalate Cyclic Oligomers and Purity Assessment Using a 1H qNMR Method
Actuator Materials: Review on Recent Advances and Future Outlook for Smart Textiles
Cytarabine-Resistant FLT3-ITD Leukemia Cells are Associated with TP53 Mutation and Multiple Pathway Alterations—Possible Therapeutic Efficacy of Cabozantinib
Classifying Social Enterprises with Organizational Culture, Network and Socioeconomic Performance: Latent Profile Analysis Approach
Quantifying the Benefits of a Solar Home System-Based DC Microgrid for Rural Electrification
Bernoulli Polynomials and Their Some New Congruence Properties
Natural and Human-Induced Drivers of Groundwater Sustainability: A Case Study of the Mangyeong River Basin in Korea
The Integrity of piRNA Clusters is Abolished by Insulators in the Drosophila Germline
A Mentor-Led Text-Messaging Intervention Increases Intake of Fruits and Vegetables and Goal Setting for Healthier Dietary Consumption among Rural Adolescents in Kentucky and North Carolina, 2017
Deciphering Nuclear Mechanobiology in Laminopathy
Resource Management Based on OCF for Device Self-Registration and Status Detection in IoT Networks
Mitotic Catastrophe Induced in HeLa Tumor Cells by Photodynamic Therapy with Methyl-aminolevulinate
A Patient with GOLD Stage 3 COPD « cured » by One-Way Endobronchial Valves
The Main Metabolites of Fluorouracil + Adriamycin + Cyclophosphamide (FAC) Are Not Major Contributors to FAC Toxicity in H9c2 Cardiac Differentiated Cells
The Mitotic Cancer Target Polo-Like Kinase 1: Oncogene or Tumor Suppressor?
Growth Patterns of Neonates Treated with Thermal Control in Neutral Environment and Nutrition Regulation to Meet Basal Metabolism
Efficient Demulsification of Acidic Oil-In-Water Emulsions with Silane-Coupled Modified TiO2 Pillared Montmorillonite
Evaluating the Transient Energy Dissipation in a Centrifugal Impeller under Rotor-Stator Interaction
The Link between Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing in the Implementation of the European Water Framework Directive: Assessing Four River Basins in Europe
Application of Hybrid PCM Thermal Energy Storages with and without Al Foams in Solar Heating/Cooling and Ground Source Absorption Heat Pump Plant: An Energy and Economic Analysis
Room Temperature Resonant Photocurrent in an Erbium Low-Doped Silicon Transistor at Telecom Wavelength
Logarithmic Hybrid Aggregation Operators Based on Single Valued Neutrosophic Sets and Their Applications in Decision Support Systems
Parameter Screening of PVDF/PVP Multi-Channel Capillary Membranes
Large Area Graphene Deposition on Hydrophobic Surfaces, Flexible Textiles, Glass Fibers and 3D Structures
Biodegradation of Picolinic Acid by Rhodococcus sp. PA18
A Secured Proxy-Based Data Sharing Module in IoT Environments Using Blockchain
Natural Attenuation of Mn(II) in Metal Refinery Wastewater: Microbial Community Structure Analysis and Isolation of a New Mn(II)-Oxidizing Bacterium Pseudomonas sp. SK3
AP001056.1, A Prognosis-Related Enhancer RNA in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck
Characterization of Highly Filled PP/Graphite Composites for Adhesive Joining in Fuel Cell Applications
Enhancing the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy Resin via Blending with Thermoplastic Polysulfone
Automatic Estimation of Urban Waterlogging Depths from Video Images Based on Ubiquitous Reference Objects
Identification of the Best Hyperspectral Indices in Estimating Plant Species Richness in Sandy Grasslands
Microstructural Modeling and Strengthening Mechanism of TiB/Ti-6Al-4V Discontinuously-Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composite
Changes in Mouse Gut Microbial Community in Response to the Different Types of Commonly Consumed Meat
Ultrasonic Tomographic Technique and Its Applications
Water-soluble CoQ10 as A Promising Anti-aging Agent for Neurological Dysfunction in Brain Mitochondria
The Role of Neuroticism in Predicting Psychological Harassment in Nursing: A Longitudinal Study
Discovery of Galangin as a Potential DPP-4 Inhibitor That Improves Insulin-Stimulated Skeletal Muscle Glucose Uptake: A Combinational Therapy for Diabetes
Quantitative Characterization of Olaparib in Nanodelivery System and Target Cell Compartments by LC-MS/MS
“Can do” versus “do do”: A Novel Concept to Better Understand Physical Functioning in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Continuous Live-Cell Culture Imaging and Single-Cell Tracking by Computational Lensfree LED Microscopy
Green and Facile Assembly of Diverse Fused N-Heterocycles Using Gold-Catalyzed Cascade Reactions in Water
Attitudes of Young Adults toward Animals—The Case of High School Students in Belgium and The Netherlands
Pregnant Women’s Intentions to Deliver at a Health Facility in the Pastoralist Communities of Afar, Ethiopia: An Application of the Health Belief Model
Smoke-Free Ordinances and Policies Protect Youth, but Ordinances Appear to Have Little Impact on Non-Combustible Tobacco Use
Directed in Vitro Evolution of Therapeutic Bacteriophages: The Appelmans Protocol
Study on the Stabilization of a New Type of Waste Solidifying Agent for Soft Soil
The Relationship between Epicardial Adipose Tissue Thickness and Serum Interleukin-17a Level in Patients with Isolated Metabolic Syndrome
New Insights into the Mechanisms of Action of Topical Administration of GLP-1 in an Experimental Model of Diabetic Retinopathy
Dietary Eriodictyol Alleviates Adiposity, Hepatic Steatosis, Insulin Resistance, and Inflammation in Diet-Induced Obese Mice
Questions of Mirror Symmetry at the Photoexcited and Ground States of Non-Rigid Luminophores Raised by Circularly Polarized Luminescence and Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy. Part 2: Perylenes, BODIPYs, Molecular Scintillators, Coumarins, Rhodamine B, and DCM
Assessment of the Role of Snowmelt in a Flood Event in a Gauged Catchment
Low-Complexity Progressive MIMO-OFDM Receiver for Underwater Acoustic Communication
A CFD-Based Frequency Response Method Applied in the Determination of Dynamic Coefficients of Hydrodynamic Bearings. Part 1: Theory
Novel Molecular Characterization of Colorectal Primary Tumors Based on miRNAs
Emerging Role of Eukaryote Ribosomes in Translational Control
Microglial Progranulin: Involvement in Alzheimer’s Disease and Neurodegenerative Diseases
A Parametric Factor Model of the Term Structure of Mortality
An Integrated Transcriptome and Proteome Analysis Reveals Putative Regulators of Adventitious Root Formation in Taxodium ‘Zhongshanshan’
The User and the Association: Neglecting Household Irrigation as Neglecting Household Well-Being in the Creation of Water Users’ Associations in the Republic of Tajikistan
Consensus Algorithms Based Multi-Robot Formation Control under Noise and Time Delay Conditions
Review of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Circuits for Beam-Forming Networks Working in X-Band
Gridded Flash Flood Risk Index Coupling Statistical Approaches and TOPLATS Land Surface Model for Mountainous Areas
Electrochemical Immunosensor Based on Nanoelectrode Ensembles for the Serological Analysis of IgG-type Tissue Transglutaminase
Vasodilation Elicited by Isoxsuprine, Identified by High-Throughput Virtual Screening of Compound Libraries, Involves Activation of the NO/cGMP and H2S/KATP Pathways and Blockade of α1-Adrenoceptors and Calcium Channels
Hydrogen Effect on the Cyclic Behavior of a Superelastic NiTi Archwire
Impacts of Casting Scales and Harsh Conditions on the Thermal, Acoustic, and Mechanical Properties of Indoor Acoustic Panels Made with Fiber-Reinforced Alkali-Activated Slag Foam Concretes
A Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Myo-Inositol-1-Phosphate Synthase (GhMIPS1D) Gene Promotes Root Cell Elongation in Arabidopsis
Effect of Metal Ions on Hybrid Graphite-Diamond Nanowire Growth: Conductivity Measurements from a Single Nanowire Device
Densification Mechanism of Soft Magnetic Composites Using Ultrasonic Compaction for Motors in EV Platforms
Soil and Crop Management Strategies to Ensure Higher Crop Productivity within Sustainable Environments
Indole-3-Propionic Acid, a Tryptophan-Derived Bacterial Metabolite, Reduces Weight Gain in Rats
Low-Momentum Pion Enhancement from Schematic Hadronization of a Gluon-Saturated Initial State
Modelling Protein Synthesis as A Biomarker in Fragile X Syndrome Patient-Derived Cells
Remaining Life Assessment for Steel After Low-Cycle Fatigue by Surface Crack Image
Morphological and Advanced Imaging of Epilepsy: Beyond the Basics
Impact of the Regularization Parameter in the Mean Free Path Reconstruction Method: Nanoscale Heat Transport and Beyond
Rethinking Family-Centred Design Approach Towards Creating Digital Products and Services
Determination of Metal Content of Waste Mobile Phones and Estimation of Their Recovery Potential in Turkey
The Role of Language in Anti-Immigrant Prejudice: What Can We Learn from Immigrants’ Historical Experiences?
The Relationship between Plasma Taurine Levels and Diabetic Complications in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Influence of Rainfall on Canopy Interception in Mixed Broad-Leaved—Korean Pine Forest in Xiaoxing’an Mountains, Northeastern China
Hydrodistillation Extraction Kinetics Regression Models for Essential Oil Yield and Composition in Juniperus virginiana, J. excelsa, and J. sabina
Design of a Symmetry Protocol for the Efficient Operation of IP Cameras in the IoT Environment
On (α,β)-US Sets in BCK/BCI-Algebras
Role of Phosphorylation in the Modulation of the Glucocorticoid Receptor’s Intrinsically Disordered Domain
Bond-Slip Monitoring of Concrete Structures Using Smart Sensors—A Review
Context–Problem Network and Quantitative Method of Patent Analysis: A Case Study of Wireless Energy Transmission Technology
Influence of Digitalization on the Tasks of Employees with Disabilities in Germany (1979–2006)
Cancer Biogenesis in Ribosomopathies
Effect of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Other-Cause of Mortality in Elderly Patients with Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer Treated with Modern Radiotherapy: Is There a Negative Impact?
Research on Distribution and Shielding of Spatial Magnetic Field of a DC Air Core Smoothing Reactor
Synthesis and Broad Antiviral Activity of Novel 2-aryl-isoindolin-1-ones towards Diverse Enterovirus A71 Clinical Isolates
Polymer/Fullerene Blend Solar Cells with Cadmium Sulfide Thin Film as an Alternative Hole-Blocking Layer
Aging, Melatonin, and the Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Networks
Evolution and Antibacterial Evaluation of 8-Hydroxy-cycloberberine Derivatives as a Novel Family of Antibacterial Agents Against MRSA
Fire Performance of Heavyweight Self-Compacting Concrete and Heavyweight High Strength Concrete
Including Blood Vasculature into a Game-Theoretic Model of Cancer Dynamics
Determination of Antioxidant Capacity, Phenolics and Volatile Maillard Reaction Products in Rye-Buckwheat Biscuits Supplemented with 3β-d-Rutinoside
Hydrogeochemical Characterization and Suitability Assessment of Groundwater: A Case Study in Central Sindh, Pakistan
Recent Developments in Printing Flexible and Wearable Sensing Electronics for Healthcare Applications
Gene Therapy Approaches to Functional Cure and Protection of Hematopoietic Potential in HIV Infection
A Suggested Improvement for Small Autonomous Energy System Reliability by Reducing Heat and Excess Charges
Gastroprotective Effect of Zingerone on Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcers in Rats
Review of Aluminum-To-Steel Welding Technologies for Car-Body Applications
Novichoks: The Dangerous Fourth Generation of Chemical Weapons
Extended Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Decaying, Homogeneous, Approximately-Isotropic and Incompressible Turbulence
The Emergence of Anti-Privacy and Control at the Nexus between the Concepts of Safe City and Smart City
Re-Keying Scheme Revisited: Security Model and Instantiations
Hierarchical-P Reference Picture Selection Based Error Resilient Video Coding Framework for High Efficiency Video Coding Transmission Applications
The Influence of Segregation Bands and Hot Rolling on the Precipitation of Secondary Phases during Aging at 750 °C for Nickel Alloy 625
Investigation of 8-Aza-7-Deaza Purine Nucleoside Derivatives
Reflection Identities of Harmonic Sums of Weight Four
Exploring Strategy-Making in ‘Non-New Public Management’ Public Services Settings: The Case of European Union Agencies
A Robust Robotic Disassembly Sequence Design Using Orthogonal Arrays and Task Allocation
Lightweight Cipher for H.264 Videos in the Internet of Multimedia Things with Encryption Space Ratio Diagnostics
Facile Microemulsion Synthesis of Vanadium-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles to Analyze the Compositional, Optical, and Electronic Properties
High Resolution Mapping of Orientation and Strain Gradients in Metals by Synchrotron 3D X-ray Laue Microdiffraction
Surgical Operation Scheduling with Goal Programming and Constraint Programming: A Case Study
Daclizumab: Mechanisms of Action, Therapeutic Efficacy, Adverse Events and Its Uncovering the Potential Role of Innate Immune System Recruitment as a Treatment Strategy for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
Minimum-Time Attitude Maneuver and Robust Attitude Control of Small Satellite Mounted with Data Relay Communication Antenna
Summer Savory (Satureja hortensis L.) Extract as Natural Feed Additive in Broilers: Effects on Growth, Plasma Constituents, Immune Response, and Ileal Microflora
Blue Electroluminescent Al2O3/Tm2O3 Nanolaminate Films Fabricated by Atomic Layer Deposition on Silicon
Mine Backfilling in the Permafrost, Part II: Effect of Declining Curing Temperature on the Short-Term Unconfined Compressive Strength of Cemented Paste Backfills
A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial of a Text Messaging Intervention with Customisation Using Linked Data from Wireless Wearable Activity Monitors to Improve Risk Factors Following Gestational Diabetes
A Novel Approach for 3D-Structural Identification through Video Recording: Magnified Tracking
On the Necessity of Phantom Fields for Solving the Horizon Problem in Scalar Cosmologies
Conversion of Stem Cells to Cancer Stem Cells: Undercurrent of Cancer Initiation
Low-Cost Tracking Systems Allow Fine Biomechanical Evaluation of Upper-Limb Daily-Life Gestures in Healthy People and Post-Stroke Patients
Discourses about Daily Activity Contracts: A Ground for Children’s Participation?
Genome-Wide Identification and Expression Profiling of Wnt Family Genes in the Silkworm, Bombyx mori
WP1130 Enhances TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis through USP9X-Dependent miR-708-Mediated Downregulation of c-FLIP
The Role of Entrepreneurial Strategy, Network Ties, Human and Financial Capital in New Venture Performance
Looking for the “Dream Catalyst” for Hydrogen Peroxide Production from Hydrogen and Oxygen
Machine Learning Models for Error Detection in Metagenomics and Polyploid Sequencing Data
Metabolomics Characterizes the Effects and Mechanisms of Quercetin in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Development
Multi-year Quantitative Evaluation of Stilbenoids Levels Among Selected Muscadine Grape Cultivars
Sleep Quality among Police Officers: Implications and Insights from a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Literature
Influence of the Heights of Low-Level Jets on Power and Aerodynamic Loads of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Rotor
Comparative Gene-Expression Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease Progression with Aging in Transgenic Mouse Model
Method to Assess and Enhance Vulnerable Road User Safety during Impact Loading
Image-Based Learning to Measure the Space Mean Speed on a Stretch of Road without the Need to Tag Images with Labels
Chiral Effect at Nano-Bio Interface: A Model of Chiral Gold Nanoparticle on Amylin Fibrillation
Interrelationship between Lab, Space, Astrophysical, Magnetic Fusion, and Inertial Fusion Plasma Experiments
Structural Panel Bayesian VAR Model to Deal with Model Misspecification and Unobserved Heterogeneity Problems
SRIFA: Stochastic Ranking with Improved-Firefly-Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Engineering Design Problems
A Trade-Off between Mechanical Strength and Erosive Wear Resistance in AlSi12CuMgNi Alloy Used to Manufacture Fan Blades for Underground Mines
Does Acute Supplementation with Nitrate-Rich Beetroot Juice Benefit Older Adults More than Younger Adults
Numerical and Experimental Study on Melt Treatment for Large-Volume 7075 Alloy by a Modified Annular Electromagnetic Stirring
Prevalence of Gene Variants Associated with Poor Absorption or Negative Interactions with Key Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients in a New Zealand Population
Carbon Footprint as a Lever for Sustained Competitive Strategy in Developing a Smart Oenology: Evidence from an Exploratory Study in Italy
Tea Seed Oil Prevents Obesity, Reduces Physical Fatigue, and Improves Exercise Performance in High-Fat-Diet-Induced Obese Ovariectomized Mice
Non-Contact Geomagnetic Detection Using Improved Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Adaptive Noise and Teager Energy Operator
Sorption Membranes and Filter for Water Purification and Disinfection in Outdoor Conditions
Pannexin 2 Localizes at ER-Mitochondria Contact Sites
Cost Adjustment in the Korean Defense Industry: Empirical Research on the Relation between Earnings Management and Sustainability
Estimation of Two-Dimensional Non-Symmetric Incoherently Distributed Source with L-Shape Arrays
Caffeine Related Risk among Tertiary Students in New Zealand
IGR Token-Raw Material and Ingredient Certification of Recipe Based Foods Using Smart Contracts
Cyclooxygenase-2-Mediated Up-Regulation of Mitochondrial Transcription Factor A Mitigates the Radio-Sensitivity of Cancer Cells
Cellular Innate Immunity against PRRSV and Swine Influenza Viruses
Comparison of Deep Learning and Conventional Demosaicing Algorithms for Mastcam Images
Entropic Uncertainty Relations via Direct-Sum Majorization Relation for Generalized Measurements
Gluten Rhapsody
Spatiotemporal Ozone Level Variation in Urban Forests in Shenzhen, China
Fast and Simple Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Coating by Polymer Induced Phase Separation
When Clinical History Addresses the Diagnosis in a Case of Uncommon Meningitis
In Vitro Anti-proliferative Activity and Mechanism of Action of Anemone nemorosa
Fuzzy Rule-Based and Particle Swarm Optimisation MPPT Techniques for a Fuel Cell Stack
Effects of Different Land Uses (Abandoned Farmland, Intensive Agriculture and Forest) on Soil Hydrological Properties in Southern Spain
Software-Defined Heterogeneous Vehicular Networking: The Architectural Design and Open Challenges
How Effective Is Pulse Arrival Time for Evaluating Blood Pressure? Challenges and Recommendations from a Study Using the MIMIC Database
Lineage Construction of the Southern School from Zhongli Quan to Liu Haichan and Zhang Boduan
Impact of Dairy Intolerance on Acute B-Vitamin Response Post Milk Ingestion
Existence and Stability Results for a Fractional Order Differential Equation with Non-Conjugate Riemann-Stieltjes Integro-Multipoint Boundary Conditions
Development of a New Clean Development Mechanism Methodology for the Quantification of Greenhouse Gas in Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement
The Impact of Plant Variety Protection Regulations on the Governance of Agri-Food Value Chains
PEGylated Magnetic Nano-Assemblies as Contrast Agents for Effective T2-Weighted MR Imaging
‘… With a Book in Your Hands’: A Reflection on Imaging, Reading, Space, and Female Agency
Geometric Operators in the Einstein–Hilbert Truncation
Peanut Sprout Extracts Attenuate Triglyceride Accumulation by Promoting Mitochondrial Fatty Acid Oxidation in Adipocytes
An Entrepreneurship Venture for Training K–12 Teachers to Use Engineering as a Context for Learning
Insights into Australian Bat Lyssavirus in Insectivorous Bats of Western Australia
Sustainability in Higher Education: Perceptions of Social Responsibility among University Students
Molecular Subtype Conversion between Primary and Metastatic Breast Cancer Corresponding to the Dynamics of Apoptotic and Intact Circulating Tumor Cells
Cyclodextrin-Polypyrrole Coatings of Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Searching for the Role of the IFNγ rs2430561 Polymorphism in Inducible Inflammation: Contribution to Metabolic Syndrome in 45 to 60-Year-Old Women
Sulfonylimino Group Transfer Reaction Using Imino-λ3-iodanes with I2 as Catalyst Under Metal-free Conditions
2D Mathematical Modelling of Overlimiting Transfer Enhanced by Electroconvection in Flow-Through Electrodialysis Membrane Cells in Galvanodynamic Mode
Fighting Corruption and Enhancing Tax Compliance through Digitization: Achieving Sustainable Development in Romania
Learning Ecological Concepts in Secondary Schools of the Northeast of Spain
Combination of In Situ Feeding Rate Experiments and Chemical Body Burden Analysis to Assess the Influence of Micropollutants in Wastewater on Gammarus pulex
Serum Zinc Concentration and Sarcopenia: A Close Linkage in Chronic Liver Diseases
Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci Pathogenomics
Phages for Phage Therapy: Isolation, Characterization, and Host Range Breadth
Transcending the Learned Ignorance of Predatory Ontologies: A Research Agenda for an Ecofeminist-Informed Ecological Economics
A Workflow to Estimate Topographic and Volumetric Changes and Errors in Channel Sedimentation after Disturbance
P-Ergonomics Platform: Toward Precise, Pervasive, and Personalized Ergonomics using Wearable Sensors and Edge Computing
Editorial for Special Issue “Structural Control of Mineral Deposits: Theory and Reality”
Characterizing and Monitoring Ground Settlement of Marine Reclamation Land of Xiamen New Airport, China with Sentinel-1 SAR Datasets
High Resolution Satellite Images for Instantaneous Shoreline Extraction Using New Enhancement Algorithms
Data-Mining for Processes in Chemistry, Materials, and Engineering
Thermal Transformation of Caffeic Acid on the Nanoceria Surface Studied by Temperature Programmed Desorption Mass-Spectrometry, Thermogravimetric Analysis and FT–IR Spectroscopy
Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction in Extremely Crowded Scenarios
CuInTe2 Nanocrystals: Shape and Size Control, Formation Mechanism and Application, and Use as Photovoltaics
Use of CeO2 Nanoparticles to Enhance UV-Shielding of Transparent Regenerated Cellulose Films
Nutritional Intake and the Risk for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
Consuming Blackberry as a Traditional Nutraceutical Resource from an Area with High Anthropogenic Impact
Secondary Bile Acids and Short Chain Fatty Acids in the Colon: A Focus on Colonic Microbiome, Cell Proliferation, Inflammation, and Cancer
Source Country Economic Development and Dynamics of the Skill Composition of Emigration
P-Type Lithium Niobate Thin Films Fabricated by Nitrogen-Doping
Chemicals from Food Supply Chain By-Products and Waste Streams
The Development and Field Evaluation of an IoT System of Low-Power Vibration for Bridge Health Monitoring
Caloric and Macronutrient Intake Differ with Circadian Phase and between Lean and Overweight Young Adults
The Arabidopsis altered in stress response2 is Impaired in Resistance to Root and Leaf Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens
Systems Thinking Skills of Preschool Children in Early Childhood Education Contexts from Turkey and Germany
Correction: Ungson, Y. et al. Filling of Irregular Channels with Round Cross-Section: Modeling Aspects to Study the Properties of Porous Materials. Materials 2018, 11, 1901
Improving the Performance of Pump-Controlled Circuits for Single-Rod Actuators
Using the State Space of a BLV Retail Model to Analyse the Dynamics and Categorise Phase Transitions of Urban Development
A Model for Promoting Occupational Safety and Health in Taiwan’s Hospitals: An Integrative Approach
Maternal Venous Hemodynamic Dysfunction in Proteinuric Gestational Hypertension: Evidence and Implications
Relative Risk Perceptions between Snus and Cigarettes in a Snus-Prevalent Society—An Observational Study over a 16 Year Period
Big Data Management Canvas: A Reference Model for Value Creation from Data
Tailoring a Silver Paste for Additive Manufacturing of Co-Fired Ferrite Magnetic Components
Ginsenoside Rk1 Induces Apoptosis in Neuroblastoma Cells Through Loss of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential and Activation of Caspases
Using Computer Simulation to Investigate Which Joint Angle Changes Have the Most Effect on Ball Release Speed in Overarm Throwing
Marital Sanctification and Spiritual Intimacy Predicting Married Couples’ Observed Intimacy Skills across the Transition to Parenthood
Development and Validation of an Environmental Health Literacy Assessment Screening Tool for Domestic Well Owners: The Water Environmental Literacy Level Scale (WELLS)
Nanostructured ZnO as Multifunctional Carrier for a Green Antibacterial Drug Delivery System—A Feasibility Study
The Spatial and Temporal Variability of the Indoor Environmental Quality during Three Simulated Office Studies at a Living Lab
Extracting Coastal Raft Aquaculture Data from Landsat 8 OLI Imagery
A HfO2/SiTe Based Dual-Layer Selector Device with Minor Threshold Voltage Variation
Water Network Dynamics Next to the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II
Optimal Operation Strategies into Deregulated Markets for 50 MWe Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Power Plants with Thermal Storage
Let’s Play a Game! Kin-LDD: A Tool for Assisting in the Diagnosis of Children with Learning Difficulties
Identification and Characterization of the Caspase-Mediated Apoptotic Activity of Teucrium mascatense and an Isolated Compound in Human Cancer Cells
Eight Weeks of Aerobic Interval Training Improves Psychomotor Function in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease—Randomized Controlled Trial
Pretreatment Fasting Glucose and Insulin as Determinants of Weight Loss on Diets Varying in Macronutrients and Dietary Fibers—The POUNDS LOST Study
Dental Resin-Zirconia Bonding Promotion Using High-Silica PVD Coating with High Ionization Sputtering Processing
Role of Norepinephrine in IL-1β-Induced Chondrocyte Dedifferentiation under Physioxia
Influence of Atmosphere Near-Surface Layer Properties on Development of Cloud Convection
Key Parameters of Roof Cutting of Gob-Side Entry Retaining in a Deep Inclined Thick Coal Seam with Hard Roof
Plasma Oxidation Printing into DLC and Graphite for Surface Functionalization
Synergistic Effect of Oxygen Vacancies and Ni Species on Tuning Selectivity of Ni/ZrO2 Catalyst for Hydrogenation of Maleic Anhydride into Succinic Anhydride and γ-Butyrolacetone
Rationalized Algorithmic-Aided Shaping a Responsive Curvilinear Steel Bar Structure
Non-Contact Radiofrequency Inductive Sensor for the Dielectric Characterization of Burn Depth in Organic Tissues
Mapping Matrix Design and Improved Belief Propagation Decoding Algorithm for Rate-Compatible Modulation
Fast Microwave Synthesis of Hierarchical Porous Carbons from Waste Palm Boosted by Activated Carbons for Supercapacitors
Preventive Effect of Lactobacillus fermentum CQPC08 on 4-Nitroquineline-1-Oxide Induced Tongue Cancer in C57BL/6 Mice
An Investigation of a Root Zone Heating System and Its Effects on the Morphology of Winter-Grown Green Peppers
Significant Wave Height Estimation from Space-Borne Cyclone-GNSS Reflectometry
Reasoning on Figurative Language: A Preliminary Study on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Klinefelter Syndrome
Strategies to Enhance Drug Absorption via Nasal and Pulmonary Routes
Do Sleep Disorders Positively Correlate with Dry Eye Syndrome? Results of National Claim Data
The Industrial Linkages and Supply Effects of the U.S. R&D Sector: Comparison with OECD Countries
On the Diversity-Based Weighting Method for Risk Assessment and Decision-Making about Natural Hazards
Alginate/Gelatin Hydrogels Reinforced with TiO2 and β-TCP Fabricated by Microextrusion-based Printing for Tissue Regeneration
From One Islam to Another: A Paradoxical Agency of the Entry into Female Students’ Careers
Partial Discharge in Nanofluid Insulation Material with Conductive and Semiconductive Nanoparticles
Thermal Conductivity of Protein-Based Materials: A Review
Virtual Reality-Based Engineering Education to Enhance Manufacturing Sustainability in Industry 4.0
Family Socioeconomic Position at Birth and School Bonding at Age 15: Blacks’ Diminished Returns
A Genetic Algorithm for Investment–Consumption Optimization with Value-at-Risk Constraint and Information-Processing Cost
A Pilot Study on the Sound Absorption Characteristics of Chicken Feathers as an Alternative Sustainable Acoustical Material
Energy Response of Silicon Drift Detectors for Kaonic Atom Precision Measurements
Learning from Anaesthetists: A Technique for Safe and Effective Facial Nerve Monitoring
Dynamic Modeling of the Multiring Disk Resonator Gyroscope
Farmers’ Rural-To-Urban Migration, Influencing Factors and Development Framework: A Case Study of Sihe Village of Gansu, China
Efficient Recognition of Informative Measurement in the RF-Based Device-Free Localization
Enhancing Wind Energy Harvesting Using Passive Turbulence Control Devices
Enhanced Supercapacitor Performance Based on CoAl Layered Double Hydroxide-Polyaniline Hybrid Electrodes Manufactured Using Hydrothermal-Electrodeposition Technology
Propagule Dispersal Determines Mangrove Zonation at Intertidal and Estuarine Scales
NPR1 and Redox Rhythm: Connections, between Circadian Clock and Plant Immunity
Proanthocyanidins Alleviates AflatoxinB1-Induced Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis through Mitochondrial Pathway in the Bursa of Fabricius of Broilers
Investigation of the Effect of Natural Fractures on Multiple Shale-Gas Well Performance Using Non-Intrusive EDFM Technology
Bat Research Networks and Viral Surveillance: Gaps and Opportunities in Western Asia
Analysis of Fish-Eye Lens Camera Self-Calibration
Objectively-Measured Neighbourhood Attributes as Correlates and Moderators of Quality of Life in Older Adults with Different Living Arrangements: The ALECS Cross-Sectional Study
Health Insurance Coverage Better Protects Blacks than Whites against Incident Chronic Disease
A Hybrid Neural Network Model for Power Demand Forecasting
The Overmaraat-Gol Alkaline Pluton in Northern Mongolia: U–Pb Age and Preliminary Implications for Magma Sources and Tectonic Setting
The Impact of Hospital Specialization on Congestion and Efficiency
Biopolymers for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Applications: Recent Advances and Overview of Alginate Electrospinning
Novel Hybrid Data-Intelligence Model for Forecasting Monthly Rainfall with Uncertainty Analysis
Entrance Pupil Irradiance Estimating Model for a Moon-Based Earth Radiation Observatory Instrument
Application of HEC-HMS Model for Flow Simulation in the Lake Tana Basin: The Case of Gilgel Abay Catchment, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
Estimation of Cargo Handling Capacity of Coastal Ports in China Based on Panel Model and DMSP-OLS Nighttime Light Data
The Application of Multi-Criteria Analysis Methods for the Determination of Priorities in the Implementation of Irrigation Plans
Salmonella Infection in Chronic Inflammation and Gastrointestinal Cancer
Design of Robust Total Site Heat Recovery Loops via Monte Carlo Simulation
Bounce Cosmology in Generalized Modified Gravities
Nonparaxial Propagation Properties of Specially Correlated Radially Polarized Beams in Free Space
Face Liveness Detection Using Thermal Face-CNN with External Knowledge
A Novel Energy Optimization Approach for Electrical Vehicles in a Smart City
Investigation of Micro-volume Viscosity with Janus Microbeads Based on Rotational Brownian Motion
Effect of Ultra-Fast Heat Treatment on the Subsequent Formation of Mixed Martensitic/Bainitic Microstructure with Carbides in a CrMo Medium Carbon Steel
Piezoelectric Vibration-Based Energy Harvesting Enhancement Exploiting Nonsmoothness
Fusing Appearance and Prior Cues for Road Detection
Electricity Price Forecasting in the Danish Day-Ahead Market Using the TBATS, ANN and ARIMA Methods
Analysis of Image Feature Characteristics for Automated Scoring of HER2 in Histology Slides
Computational Characterization of a Rectangular Vortex Generator on a Flat Plate for Different Vane Heights and Angles
Effect of Ionic Group on the Complex Coacervate Core Micelle Structure
“To Be Microbiocidal and Not to Be Cytotoxic at the Same Time…”—Silver Nanoparticles and Their Main Role on the Surface of Titanium Alloy Implants
The PYY/Y2R-Deficient Mouse Responds Normally to High-Fat Diet and Gastric Bypass Surgery
Experimental and Numerical Study of Engineered Cementitious Composite with Strain Recovery under Impact Loading
Ginger and Turmeric Essential Oils for Weed Control and Food Crop Protection
Impact of Building Design Parameters on Daylighting Metrics Using an Analysis, Prediction, and Optimization Approach Based on Statistical Learning Technique
Profiling the Abiotic Stress Responsive microRNA Landscape of Arabidopsis thaliana
Selected Healthy Behaviors and Quality of Life in People Who Practice Combat Sports and Martial Arts
Hemi-Synthesis of Chiral Imine, Benzimidazole and Benzodiazepines from Essential Oil of Ammodaucus leucotrichus subsp. leucotrichus
Optimal Sizing of Storage Elements for a Vehicle Based on Fuel Cells, Supercapacitors, and Batteries
Establishment of Listeria monocytogenes in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Daily Operation Optimization of a Hybrid Energy System Considering a Short-Term Electricity Price Forecast Scheme
An Experimental Comparison of Feature-Selection and Classification Methods for Microarray Datasets
Flow Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics in Horizontal, Three-Dimensional Enhanced Tubes
Fractional Calculus of Extended Mittag-Leffler Function and Its Applications to Statistical Distribution
Systems Analysis of Biogas Production—Part I Research Design
On Analytic Functions Involving the q-Ruscheweyeh Derivative
Chemical Properties, Fatty-Acid Composition, and Antioxidant Activity of Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum L. and Lycium chinense Mill.) Fruits
Effect of Size Polydispersity on the Pitch of Nanorod Cholesterics
A New Muslim Community: Children of Islam and Scotland ,
Optimization of the Maritime Signaling System in the Lagoon of Venice
The Presence of Concomitant Mutations Affects the Activity of EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in EGFR-Mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients
Dynamic Changes in Carbon Sequestration from Opencast Mining Activities and Land Reclamation in China’s Loess Plateau
Differentiation of Fresh and Processed Fruit Juices Using Volatile Composition
Microstructure of a Model Fresh Cheese and Bioaccessibility of Vitamin D3 Using In Vitro Digestion
Antimicrobial Polymers for Additive Manufacturing
A Modified Self-Synchronized Synchronverter in Unbalanced Power Grids with Balanced Currents and Restrained Power Ripples
A Model-to-Monitor Evaluation of 2011 National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment (NATA)
Determination of Crystal Growth Geometry Factors and Nucleation Site Densities of Electrodeposited Ferromagnetic Cobalt Nanowire Arrays
The Application of the Multiple Criteria Decision Aid to Assess Transport Policy Measures Focusing on Innovation
A Triple-Filter NLOS Localization Algorithm Based on Fuzzy C-means for Wireless Sensor Networks
Inhibitory Effect of Metalloproteinase Inhibitors on Skin Cell Inflammation Induced by Jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai Nematocyst Venom
Electrical and Optical Properties of a Transparent Conductive ITO/Ga2O3/Ag/Ga2O3 Multilayer for Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes
Recycled-Oil-Based Polyurethane Modified with Organic Silicone for Controllable Release of Coated Fertilizer
Layered Double Hydroxides for the Catalytic Isomerization of Linoleic Acid to Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs)
Optimal Decision-Making of Renewable Energy Systems in Buildings in the Early Design Stage
Contextual Association between Political Regime and Adolescent Suicide Risk in Korea: A 12-year Repeated Cross-Sectional Study from Korea
In Situ Controlled Surface Microstructure of 3D Printed Ti Alloy to Promote Its Osteointegration
The Undiscovered Countries: Shakespeare and the Afterlife
New Mastoparan Peptides in the Venom of the Solitary Eumenine Wasp Eumenes micado
In Silico Molecular Docking and In Vivo Validation with Caenorhabditis elegans to Discover Molecular Initiating Events in Adverse Outcome Pathway Framework: Case Study on Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals with Estrogen and Androgen Receptors
Assessment of Municipal Masterplans Aimed at Identifying and Fostering Green Infrastructure: A Study Concerning Three Towns of the Metropolitan Area of Cagliari, Italy
Handgrip Strength is Associated with Psychological Functioning, Mood and Sleep in Women over 65 Years
Stepping Out of the Shadows: Legacy of the European Capitals of Culture, Guimarães 2012 and Košice 2013
A Multisensory Multilevel Health Education Model for Diverse Communities
Water Governance in Cities: Current Trends and Future Challenges
Carbon Nanofibers in Pure Form and in Calcium Alginate Composites Films: New Cost-Effective Antibacterial Biomaterials against the Life-Threatening Multidrug-Resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis
Interval Optimization-Based Unit Commitment for Deep Peak Regulation of Thermal Units
Novel 8-Substituted Coumarins That Selectively Inhibit Human Carbonic Anhydrase IX and XII
Green Methodologies for Copper(I)-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloadditions: A Comparative Study
Therapeutic Targeting Strategies of Cancer Stem Cells in Gastrointestinal Malignancies
Effects of a Lysine-Involved Maillard Reaction on the Structure and In Vitro Activities of Polysaccharides from Longan Pulp
Effect of Ru, Rh, Mo, and Pd Adsorption on the Electronic and Optical Properties of Anatase TiO2(101): A DFT Investigation
Attenuation Zones of Two-Dimensional Periodic Foundations Including the Effect of Vertical Loads
In Vitro and In Vivo Testing to Determine Cd Bioaccessibility and Bioavailability in Contaminated Rice in Relation to Mouse Chow
Alkali Ion Concentration Estimations in Cement Paste Pore Solutions
Impact of Nanoadditives on the Performance and Combustion Characteristics of Neat Jatropha Biodiesel
Intestinal Morphometry, Enzymatic and Microbial Activity in Laying Hens Fed Different Levels of a Hermetia illucens Larvae Meal and Toxic Elements Content of the Insect Meal and Diets
Scattering Characterization of Obliquely Oriented Buildings from PolSAR Data Using Eigenvalue-Related Model
Effects of Biochar Application and Irrigation Methods on Soil Temperature in Farmland
Spiderweb-Like Fe-Co Prussian Blue Analogue Nanofibers as Efficient Catalyst for Bisphenol-A Degradation by Activating Peroxymonosulfate
Corrosion Behavior of a Pyrite and Arsenopyrite Galvanic Pair in the Presence of Sulfuric Acid, Ferric Ions and HQ0211 Bacterial Strain
Synthesis of 1-(5-Chloro-2-hydroxyphenyl)-5-oxopyrrolidine-3-carboxylic Acid Derivatives and Their Antioxidant Activity
The Synthesis of Mannose-6-Phosphate Using Polyphosphate-Dependent Mannose Kinase
3D Visualization through the Hologram for the Learning of Area and Volume Concepts
Physiological Diversity of Spitsbergen Soil Microbial Communities Suggests Their Potential as Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria
Reduction of Artefacts in JPEG-XR Compressed Images
Access to Rural Credit Markets in Developing Countries, the Case of Vietnam: A Literature Review
Review of Modern Techniques for the Assessment of Skin Hydration
Time-of-Day Control Double-Order Optimization of Traffic Safety and Data-Driven Intersections
An Archaeometallurgical Investigation on Metal Samples from the Chiaravalle Cross
Determination of Optimal Measurement Points for Calibration Equations—Examples by RH Sensors
Drug Solubility Enhancement through the Preparation of Multicomponent Organic Materials: Eutectics of Lovastatin with Carboxylic Acids
Linear Tapered Slot Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Radar Sensor: Design Consideration and Recommendation
Energy Security within Malaysia’s Water-Energy-Food Nexus—A Systems Approach
Cytomegalovirus-Driven Adaption of Natural Killer Cells in NKG2Cnull Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Individuals
Agritourism-A Sustainable Development Factor for Improving the ‘Health’ of Rural Settlements. Case Study Apuseni Mountains Area
Scale Invariant Effective Hamiltonians for a Graph with a Small Compact Core
Vehicle Crime, CPTED, and Offending under the Influence: A Qualitative Investigation of Offender Perceptions
Health-Associated Nutrition and Exercise Behaviors in Relation to Metabolic Risk Factors Stratified by Body Mass Index
Regional Frequency Analysis of Precipitation Extremes and Its Spatio-Temporal Patterns in the Hanjiang River Basin, China
Stabilization of Magnetic Suspension System by Using Only a First-Order Reset Element without a Derivative Element
Prion Variants of Yeast are Numerous, Mutable, and Segregate on Growth, Affecting Prion Pathogenesis, Transmission Barriers, and Sensitivity to Anti-Prion Systems
Assessing the Performance of the WOFOST Model in Simulating Jujube Fruit Tree Growth under Different Irrigation Regimes
Fuzzy Parameterized Complex Multi-Fuzzy Soft Expert Set Theory and Its Application in Decision-Making
Damage Detection and Analysis of Urban Bridges Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS), Ground-Based Microwave Interferometry, and Permanent Scatterer Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Radar (PS-InSAR)
VNF Placement Optimization at the Edge and Cloud
Implementing a Chaotic Cryptosystem by Performing Parallel Computing on Embedded Systems with Multiprocessors
Evaluation of Investment Policy Based on Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Using Interval Valued T-Spherical Fuzzy Aggregation Operators
To Beep or Not to Beep? Evaluating Modalities for Multimodal ICU Alarms
Optimization of the Load of Transition Metal Oxides (Fe2O3, Co3O4, NiO and/or PdO) onto CeO2 Nanoparticles in Catalytic Steam Decomposition of n-C7 Asphaltenes at Low Temperatures
Clustering of Metabolic Risk Components and Associated Lifestyle Factors: A Nationwide Adolescent Study in Taiwan
Molecular Characterization of Microtubule Affinity-Regulating Kinase4 from Sus scrofa and Promotion of Lipogenesis in Primary Porcine Placental Trophoblasts
Development and Validation of a Smartphone-Based Near-Infrared Optical Imaging Device to Measure Physiological Changes In-Vivo
Correction Strategy of Mortars with Trajectory Correction Fuze Based on Image Sensor
Spectrophotometric Characterization of Thin Copper and Gold Films Prepared by Electron Beam Evaporation: Thickness Dependence of the Drude Damping Parameter
Synthesis of Porous Fe/C Bio-Char Adsorbent for Rhodamine B from Waste Wood: Characterization, Kinetics and Thermodynamics
Operational Soil Moisture from ASCAT in Support of Water Resources Management
A High-Multi Target Resolution Focal Plane Array-Based Laser Detection and Ranging Sensor
A Theoretical Rigid Body Model of Vibrating Screen for Spring Failure Diagnosis
A Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm for Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization
Tribochemical Behavior of Pure Magnesium During Sliding Friction
The Study of the Impact of Carbon Finance Effect on Carbon Emissions in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region—Based on Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index Decomposition Analysis
Carbon and Nitrogen Responses in Litterfall and Litter Decomposition in Red Pine (Pinus densiflora S. et Z.) Stands Disturbed by Pine Wilt Disease
Evacuation Priority Method in Tsunami Hazard Based on DMSP/OLS Population Mapping in the Pearl River Estuary, China
Development of Cu-Modified PVC and PU for Catalytic Generation of Nitric Oxide
Environmental Catastrophe as Morphogenesis: Inhuman Transformations in Ballard’s Climate Novels
Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Foods with Traceability Information: Ex-Ante Quality Assurance or Ex-Post Traceability?
Thermal-Feature System Identification for a Machine Tool Spindle
A Prediction Model for Preoperative Risk Assessment in Endometrial Cancer Utilizing Clinical and Molecular Variables
Multi-Channel Optical Receiver for Ground-Based Topographic Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
A Nonparametric HEWMA-p Control Chart for Variance in Monitoring Processes
Chaos-Based Physical Unclonable Functions
Digital Mapping of Habitat for Plant Communities Based on Soil Functions: A Case Study in the Virgin Forest-Steppe of Russia
Neural Network-Based Model Reference Adaptive System for Torque Ripple Reduction in Sensorless Poly Phase Induction Motor Drive
Concerning Some Marrano Threads in The Aesthetic Theory of Theodor W. Adorno
Epsilon-Near-Zero Absorber by Tamm Plasmon Polariton
Real-Time Healthcare Data Transmission for Remote Patient Monitoring in Patch-Based Hybrid OCC/BLE Networks
A Microfluidic Split-Flow Technology for Product Characterization in Continuous Low-Volume Nanoparticle Synthesis
CheckMates, Helping Nurses Plan Ahead in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
The Use of the Evenness of Eigenvalues of Similarity Matrices to Test for Predictivity of Ecosystem Classifications
Bioconversion Pathway of CO2 in the Presence of Ethanol by Methanogenic Enrichments from Production Water of a High-Temperature Petroleum Reservoir
Is There a Relationship between Transepidermal Water Loss and Microbial Biodiversity on the Skin?
Prebiotics: Definition, Types, Sources, Mechanisms, and Clinical Applications
A Novel Control Architecture for Hybrid Power Plants to Provide Coordinated Frequency Reserves
Comparison of Free, Esterified, and Insoluble-Bound Phenolics and Their Bioactivities in Three Organs of Lonicera japonica and L. macranthoides
Radioactivity of Five Typical General Industrial Solid Wastes and its Influence in Solid Waste Recycling
Evaluating the Response of Mediterranean-Atlantic Saltmarshes to Sea-Level Rise
The Interplay between Job Control, SOC Strategies, and Age in Sustaining Work Ability in a Sample of Administrative Employees
A New Dictionary Construction Based Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Framework
Sustainable Water Resource Management of Regulated Rivers under Uncertain Inflow Conditions Using a Noisy Genetic Algorithm
Estimating PM2.5 Concentrations Based on MODIS AOD and NAQPMS Data over Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei
Morphostructural, Meteorological and Seismic Factors Controlling Landslides in Weak Rocks: The Case Studies of Castelnuovo and Ponzano (North East Abruzzo, Central Italy)
Mineral Transformations in Gold–(Silver) Tellurides in the Presence of Fluids: Nature and Experiment
Rare Diseases with Periodontal Manifestations
WAMS-Based Online Disturbance Estimation in Interconnected Power Systems Using Disturbance Observer
Ligand-Linked Nanoparticles-Based Hydrogen Gas Sensor with Excellent Homogeneous Temperature Field and a Comparative Stability Evaluation of Different Ligand-Linked Catalysts
Determinants of Consumer Intentions to Purchase Energy-Saving Household Products in Pakistan
Transcriptomic Changes in Medicago truncatula and Lotus japonicus Root Nodules during Drought Stress
Green Infrastructure Financing as an Imperative to Achieve Green Goals
Use of Multi-Agent Theory to Resolve Complex Indoor Air Quality Control Problems
Leaf Gas Exchange, Plant Water Relations and Water Use Efficiency of Vigna Unguiculata L. Walp. Inoculated with Rhizobia under Different Soil Water Regimes
Rheological Issues of Phase Change Materials Obtained by the Complex Coacervation of Butyl Stearate in Poly Methyl Methacrylate Membranes
Photocatalytic and Photo-Fenton Catalytic Degradation Activities of Z-Scheme Ag2S/BiFeO3 Heterojunction Composites under Visible-Light Irradiation
Effective La-Na Co-Doped TiO2 Nano-Particles for Dye Adsorption: Synthesis, Characterization and Study on Adsorption Kinetics
Plasma Levels of Preβ1-HDL Are Significantly Elevated in Non-Dialyzed Patients with Advanced Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease
Application of the Weighted K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm for Short-Term Load Forecasting
Bovine Herpesvirus Type 4 (BoHV-4) Vector Delivering Nucleocapsid Protein of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Induces Comparable Protective Immunity against Lethal Challenge in IFNα/β/γR−/− Mice Models
Anti-Remodeling Effects of Xanthohumol-Fortified Beer in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Mediated by ERK and AKT Inhibition
Links between Adolescents’ Engagement in Physical Activity and Their Attachment to Mothers, Fathers, and Peers
Finding the Optimal D/H Ratio for an Enclosed Urban Square: Testing an Urban Design Principle Using Immersive Virtual Reality Simulation Techniques
Optimization of Ammonia Oxidation Using Response Surface Methodology
Retraction: Zhao et al. Protective Effect of Glycyrrhizic Acid on Alcoholic Liver Injury in Rats by Modulating Lipid Metabolism. Molecules 2018, 23(7), 1623
Antiproliferative and Cytotoxic Activity of Xanthohumol and Its Non-Estrogenic Derivatives in Colon and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Lines
Tuning the Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Pyrene-Pyridine Chromophores by Protonation and Complexation to d10 Metal Centers §
China’s Energy Consumption Rebound Effect Analysis Based on the Perspective of Technological Progress
Consequences of IDH1/2 Mutations in Gliomas and an Assessment of Inhibitors Targeting Mutated IDH Proteins
From Tangible to Intangible Heritage inside Italian Historical Opera Houses
Optimized Prediction of Reducing Sugars and Dry Matter of Potato Frying by FT-NIR Spectroscopy on Peeled Tubers
Differences in the Climate-Growth Relationship of Scots Pine: A Case Study from Poland and Hungary
Demographic, Knowledge and Impact Analysis of 57,627 Antibiotic Guardians Who Have Pledged to Contribute to Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance
Natural History of a Satellite DNA Family: From the Ancestral Genome Component to Species-Specific Sequences, Concerted and Non-Concerted Evolution
An ARCore Based User Centric Assistive Navigation System for Visually Impaired People
Body Image Concerns and Body Weight Overestimation Do Not Promote Healthy Behaviour: Evidence from Adolescents in Lithuania
Autonomous “Figure-8” Flights of a Quadcopter: Experimental Datasets
Synthesis of Chalcone Using LDH/Graphene Nanocatalysts of Different Compositions
Recurrent Emergency Department Users: Two Categories with Different Risk Profiles
Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Hospitalized Geriatric Patients with Mild Dementia and Its Association with Cognition, Emotion and Mobility
Nurturing Practitioner-Researcher Partnerships to Improve Adoption and Delivery of Research-Based Social and Public Health Services Worldwide
Nanoscale Observations Support the Importance of Chemical Processes in Rock Decay and Rock Coating Development in Cold Climates
Information Technology Outsourcing Chain: Literature Review and Implications for Development of Distributed Coordination
The Impact of Movement Behaviors on Bone Health in Elderly with Adequate Nutritional Status: Compositional Data Analysis Depending on the Frailty Status
Enhancing the Yield of Bioactive Compounds from Sclerocarya birrea Bark by Green Extraction Approaches
Pinniped- and Cetacean-Derived ETosis Contributes to Combating Emerging Apicomplexan Parasites (Toxoplasma gondii, Neospora caninum) Circulating in Marine Environments
Miscanthus x giganteus Stem Versus Leaf-Derived Lignins Differing in Monolignol Ratio and Linkage
Cellular Proteostasis During Influenza A Virus Infection—Friend or Foe?
Associations between Obesity, Obesogenic Environments, and Structural Racism Vary by County-Level Racial Composition
Recent Advances in Electrosynthesized Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensing Platforms for Bioanalyte Detection
Genome-Wide Copy Number Variation Association Study of Atrial Fibrillation Related Thromboembolic Stroke
Dynamic Response of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator to a Wind Gust
In vitro Modeling of Prion Strain Tropism
Inhibitory Effect of CAPE and Kaempferol in Colon Cancer Cell Lines—Possible Implications in New Therapeutic Strategies
Effect of Chemical Structure and Salt Concentration on the Crystallization and Ionic Conductivity of Aliphatic Polyethers
The Dialogical Turn in Normative Political Theory and the Pedagogy of Human Rights Education
Home Parenteral Nutrition in Patients with Intestinal Failure: Possible Undetected Complications
Embedded in Nature: Challenges to Sustainability in Communities of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Quercetin Inhibits the Proliferation and Aflatoxins Biosynthesis of Aspergillus flavus
Shifting Gears for the Use of the Shifting Baseline Syndrome in Ecological Restoration
Highly Responsive and Ultrasensitive Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Glucose Sensor Based on Au Foam
Implementation of Processing Functions for Autonomous Power Quality Measurement Equipment: A Performance Evaluation of CPU and FPGA-Based Embedded System
Optical Fiber Cladding SPR Sensor Based on Core-Shift Welding Technology
Online and On-Site Interactions within Alternative Food Networks: Sustainability Impact of Knowledge-Sharing Practices
Genotoxic Effects of Tributyltin and Triphenyltin Isothiocyanates, Cognate RXR Ligands: Comparison in Human Breast Carcinoma MCF 7 and MDA-MB-231 Cells
Combined Treatment with Doxorubicin and Rapamycin Is Effective against In Vitro and In Vivo Models of Human Glioblastoma
Effect of Silk Fibroin on Cell Viability in Electrospun Scaffolds of Polyethylene Oxide
Practical Microwave Synthesis of Carbazole Aldehydes for the Development of DNA-Binding Ligands
Rapid Identification of a Genomic Region Conferring Dwarfism in Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) YA2016-12
Synthesis and In Vitro Evaluation of Caffeoylquinic Acid Derivatives as Potential Hypolipidemic Agents
Concomitant Psychiatric Symptoms in Neurological Outpatients
Passage Performance of Potamodromous Cyprinids over an Experimental Low-Head Ramped Weir: The Effect of Ramp Length and Slope
Use of Non-Linear Ultrasonic Techniques to Detect Cracks Due to Steel Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Structures
Molecular Mechanisms Responsible for Diastolic Dysfunction in Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Stochastic Method for Evaluating Removal, Fate and Associated Uncertainties of Micropollutants in a Stormwater Biofilter at an Annual Scale
Sex Differences in a Rodent Model of HIV-1-Associated Neuropathic Pain
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