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Excellent Microwave Absorption Properties Derived from the Synthesis of Hollow Fe3o4@Reduced Graphite Oxide (RGO) Nanocomposites
Market Sustainability: A Globalization and Consumer Culture Perspective in the Chinese Retail Market
Identification of Premeiotic, Meiotic, and Postmeiotic Cells in Testicular Biopsies Without Sperm from Sertoli Cell-Only Syndrome Patients
Preparation of Immobilized Lipase Based on Hollow Mesoporous Silica Spheres and Its Application in Ester Synthesis
Improving Estimation of Gross Primary Production in Dryland Ecosystems by a Model-Data Fusion Approach
Formulation and Characterization of Quercetin-loaded Oil in Water Nanoemulsion and Evaluation of Hypocholesterolemic Activity in Rats
CdS Photocatalysts Modified with Ag: Effect of the Solvothermal Temperature on the Structure and Photoactivity for Hydrogen Production
Cytomorphology of Noninvasive Follicular Thyroid Neoplasm with Papillary-Like Nuclear Features and the Impact of New Nomenclature on Molecular Testing
Study on the Reduction Effect of Stereo Depth Caused by Lens Aberration in Lenticular-Based Autostereoscopic Displays
Feasibility of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Optical Imagery for Early Detection and Severity Assessment of Late Blight in Potato
(Bio)Ethics in a Pluralistic Society
A Low-Cost Indoor Activity Monitoring System for Detecting Frailty in Older Adults
Prevention and Control of Diseases at the Interface of Livestock, Wildlife and Humans
Biotransformed Metabolites of the Hop Prenylflavanone Isoxanthohumol
Co-Design of a 3D Virtual Campus for Synchronous Distance Teaching Based on Student Satisfaction: Experience at the University of Almería (Spain)
Characterization of the Specific Mode of Action of a Chitin Deacetylase and Separation of the Partially Acetylated Chitosan Oligosaccharides
Highly Photoactive Polythiophenes Obtained by Electrochemical Synthesis from Bipyridine-Containing Terthiophenes
Robust Mixed H2/H Controller Design for Energy Routers in Energy Internet
The Framing of Urban Sustainability Transformations
The Energy System and the Sharing Economy: Interfaces and Overlaps and what to Learn from them
A Virtual Reality Soldier Simulator with Body Area Networks for Team Training
Simulation Study on the Influence of Gas Mole Fraction and Aqueous Activity under Phase Equilibrium
Metformin Increases Proliferative Activity and Viability of Multipotent Stromal Stem Cells Isolated from Adipose Tissue Derived from Horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome
Melt-Mixed PP/MWCNT Composites: Influence of CNT Incorporation Strategy and Matrix Viscosity on Filler Dispersion and Electrical Resistivity
Secalonic Acid-F, a Novel Mycotoxin, Represses the Progression of Hepatocellular Carcinoma via MARCH1 Regulation of the PI3K/AKT/β-catenin Signaling Pathway
Vitamin D in the Prevention and Treatment of Osteoarthritis: From Clinical Interventions to Cellular Evidence
Multitemporal Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Marble Extraction Assessment in an Underground Quarry of the Apuan Alps (Italy)
An RNA Sequencing Transcriptome Analysis and Development of EST-SSR Markers in Chinese Hawthorn through Illumina Sequencing
Structural and Rheological Properties of Pectins Extracted from Industrial Sugar Beet By-Products
Differential Cytotoxicity of Different Sizes of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles in Leydig (TM3) and Sertoli (TM4) Cells
Socioeconomic Disadvantage across the Life Course Is Associated with Diet Quality in Young Adulthood
Comparison of Standard Clinical and Instrumented Physical Performance Tests in Discriminating Functional Status of High-Functioning People Aged 61–70 Years Old
Autotoxicity of Diterpenes Present in Leaves of Cistus ladanifer L.
The Preparation and Study of Ethylene Glycol-Modified Graphene Oxide Membranes for Water Purification
Dissolvable Polyvinyl-Alcohol Film, a Time-Barrier to Modulate Sample Flow in a 3D-Printed Holder for Capillary Flow Paper Diagnostics
The Stakeholder Salience Model Revisited: Evidence from Agri-Food Cooperatives in Spain
Evolutionary Ecology of Fish Venom: Adaptations and Consequences of Evolving a Venom System
Deep Convolutional Capsule Network for Hyperspectral Image Spectral and Spectral-Spatial Classification
Measuring Livelihood Diversification and Forest Conservation Choices: Insights from Rural Cameroon
Mitigating the Impact of Field and Image Registration Errors through Spatial Aggregation
Detection of Visual Signatures of Marine Mammals and Fish within Marine Renewable Energy Farms using Multibeam Imaging Sonar
Interactive Genetic Algorithm Oriented toward the Novel Design of Traditional Patterns
Variable Pulsed Irrigation Algorithm (VPIA) to Reduce Runoff Losses Under a Low-Pressure Lateral Move Irrigation Machine
Vegetable Nitrate Intakes Are Associated with Reduced Self-Reported Cardiovascular-Related Complications within a Representative Sample of Middle-Aged Australian Women, Prospectively Followed up for 15 Years
Indexing Multivariate Mobile Data through Spatio-Temporal Event Detection and Clustering
Substances of Interest That Support Glaucoma Therapy
Wood Density Variations of Legume Trees in French Guiana along the Shade Tolerance Continuum: Heartwood Effects on Radial Patterns and Gradients
Direct Electrochemical Detection of Glutamate, Acetylcholine, Choline, and Adenosine Using Non-Enzymatic Electrodes
Influence of Steel Plates and Studs on Shrinkage Behavior and Cracking Potential of High-Performance Concrete
Driving Anger, Aberrant Driving Behaviors, and Road Crash Risk: Testing of a Mediated Model
Experimental and Numerical Study on Shear Resistance of Notched Perfobond Shear Connector
Angiography Simulation and Planning Using a Multi-Fluid Approach
Mechanisms of Primary and Secondary Resistance to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Cancer
The Role of Electron Trajectories in XUV-Initiated High-Harmonic Generation
Knowledge about Neonatal Screening among Postpartum Women and Complexity Level of Birthing Facilities
Safety Problems in Urban Cycling Mobility: A Quantitative Risk Analysis at Urban Intersections
Xf-Rovim. A Field Robot to Detect Olive Trees Infected by Xylella Fastidiosa Using Proximal Sensing
Impact of Donor Milk on Short- and Long-Term Growth of Very Low Birth Weight Infants
Three-Phase Three-Level Flying Capacitor PV Generation System with an Embedded Ripple Correlation Control MPPT Algorithm
Volatile Compounds of Selected Raw and Cooked Brassica Vegetables
Maternal protein restriction differentially alters the expression of AQP1, AQP9 and VEGFr-2 in the epididymis of rat offspring
Isolation and Potential Biological Applications of Haloaryl Secondary Metabolites from Macroalgae
Evaluation of Clustering Methods in Compression of Topological Models and Visual Place Recognition Using Global Appearance Descriptors
A Fetal ECG Monitoring System Based on the Android Smartphone
Sustainability Management in Practice: Organizational Change for Sustainability in Smaller Large-Sized Companies in Austria
The Magical Horizontal Force Muscle? A Preliminary Study Examining the “Force-Vector” Theory
Circulating MiRNA-195-5p and -451a in Transient and Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients in an Emergency Department
Mathematical Analysis of Environmental Effects of Forming a Platoon of Smart Vehicles
Karnofsky Performance Status as A Predictive Factor for Cancer-Related Fatigue Treatment with Astragalus Polysaccharides (PG2) Injection—A Double Blind, Multi-Center, Randomized Phase IV Study
Isorhamnetin, Hispidulin, and Cirsimaritin Identified in Tamarix ramosissima Barks from Southern Xinjiang and Their Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities
Metamodelling for Design of Mechatronic and Cyber-Physical Systems
Effect of Surface Cleaning Regimen on Glass Ceramic Bond Strength
Characteristics of Heavy Storms and the Scaling Relation with Air Temperature by Event Process-Based Analysis in South China
Ebbs and Flows of Authority: Decentralization, Development and the Hydrosocial Cycle in Lesotho
T-Cell Response to Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
Valuing Environmental Amenities in Peri-Urban Areas: Evidence from Poland
Conductive Polymer Composites from Renewable Resources: An Overview of Preparation, Properties, and Applications
A Novel Dual-Structure Parallel Hybrid Excitation Machine for Electric Vehicle Propulsion
A MAGDM Algorithm with Multi-Granular Probabilistic Linguistic Information
PVTree: A Sequential Pattern Mining Method for Alignment Independent Phylogeny Reconstruction
Estimation of the Ecological Fallacy in the Geographical Analysis of the Association of Socio-Economic Deprivation and Cancer Incidence
Effects of Ionic Components of Saline Water on Irrigated Sunflower Physiology
Dynamic Responses of Asphalt Concrete Waterproofing Layer in Ballastless Track
Deciphering the Molecular Mechanisms Sustaining the Estrogenic Activity of the Two Major Dietary Compounds Zearalenone and Apigenin in ER-Positive Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Gestational Geophagia Affects Nephrocardiac Integrity, ATP-Driven Proton Pumps, the Renin–Angiotensin–Aldosterone System, and F2-Isoprostane Status
Nitrogen Supply Drives Senescence-Related Seed Storage Protein Expression in Rapeseed Leaves
Plasmonic Photocatalysts Monitored by Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Experimental Study on the Shear-Flow Coupled Behavior of Tension Fractures Under Constant Normal Stiffness Boundary Conditions
Estimating the Public’s Preferences for Sustainable Aquaculture: A Country Comparison
Exosomal Expression of CXCR4 Targets Cardioprotective Vesicles to Myocardial Infarction and Improves Outcome after Systemic Administration
High Performance Liquid Chromatography Determination and Optimization of the Extraction Process for the Total Alkaloids from Traditional Herb Stephania cepharantha Hayata
Exposure to a Farm Environment During Pregnancy Increases the Proportion of Arachidonic Acid in the Cord Sera of Offspring
Enhanced NADH Metabolism Involves Colistin-Induced Killing of Bacillus subtilis and Paenibacillus polymyxa
Polydopamine Modified Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Multifunctional Nanocarrier for Targeted Prostate Cancer Treatment
Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Were Associated with a Risk of Rotator Cuff Diseases
Development of Low-Cost Fast Photoacoustic Computed Tomography: System Characterization and Phantom Study
Manganese Suppresses the Haploinsufficiency of Heterozygous trpy1Δ/TRPY1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cells and Stimulates the TRPY1-Dependent Release of Vacuolar Ca2+ under H2O2 Stress
Tribbles Homolog 3 Involved in Radiation Response of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells by Regulating Notch1 Activation
Experimental Study of Composite Hollow RC Column under Uniaxial Compressive Load
Prevalence of Malnutrition in Pediatric Hospitals in Developed and In-Transition Countries: The Impact of Hospital Practices
Mechanical Vibration for the Control of Membrane Fouling in Direct Contact Membrane Distillation
Expropriation of Real Property in Kigali City: Scoping the Patterns of Spatial Justice
M-PESA and Financial Inclusion in Kenya: Of Paying Comes Saving?
The Study on Extraction Process and Analysis of Components in Essential Oils of Black Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) Seeds Harvested in Gia Lai Province, Vietnam
Cloud-Fog Architecture Based Energy Management and Decision-Making for Next-Generation Distribution Network with Prosumers and Internet of Things Devices
20-Hydroxy-3-Oxolupan-28-Oic Acid Attenuates Inflammatory Responses by Regulating PI3K–Akt and MAPKs Signaling Pathways in LPS-Stimulated RAW264.7 Macrophages
Using High-Frequency Entropy to Forecast Bitcoin’s Daily Value at Risk
Terpenes from Zingiber montanum and Their Screening against Multi-Drug Resistant and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Sample Selection Based on Active Learning for Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction
Vortex Dynamics in Trabeculated Embryonic Ventricles
Prevention and Treatment of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Induced Oral Mucositis
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors of Different Structures Dilate Pre-Contracted Porcine Retinal Arteries
Content of n-3 LC-PUFA in Breast Milk Four Months Postpartum is Associated with Infancy Blood Pressure in Boys and Infancy Blood Lipid Profile in Girls
A Point-of-Care Device for Molecular Diagnosis Based on CMOS SPAD Detectors with Integrated Microfluidics
QuEChERS and HPLC-MS/MS Combination for the Determination of Chloramphenicol in Twenty Two Different Matrices
The Effects of Information Format and Spatial Cognition on Individual Wayfinding Performance
Sugar Responses of Human Enterochromaffin Cells Depend on Gut Region, Sex, and Body Mass
Atmospheric Correction of OLCI Imagery over Extremely Turbid Waters Based on the Red, NIR and 1016 nm Bands and a New Baseline Residual Technique
A Distributed Execution Pipeline for Clustering Trajectories Based on a Fuzzy Similarity Relation
One New Phenolic Compound from Castanea mollissima Shells and its Suppression of HepatomaCell Proliferation and Inflammation by Inhibiting NF-κB Pathway
Some Characterizations for a Quaternion-Valued and Dual Variable Curve
Vanillic Acid Suppresses HIF-1α Expression via Inhibition of mTOR/p70S6K/4E-BP1 and Raf/MEK/ERK Pathways in Human Colon Cancer HCT116 Cells
Women’s Wrestling: A ‘Fight’ for the Transformation of Cultural Schemas in Relation to Gender
Defining the Sharing Economy for Sustainability
Hormonal Regulation of Early Fruit Development in European Pear (Pyrus communis cv. ‘Conference’)
Good Deaths: Perspectives on Dying Well and on Medical Assistance in Dying at Thrangu Monastery Canada
Power Generation in Slope-Type Thin-Film Thermoelectric Generators by the Simple Contact of a Heat Source
The Effect of Microdialysis Catheter Insertion on Glutamate and Serotonin Levels in Masseter Muscle in Patients with Myofascial Temporomandibular Disorders and Healthy Controls
4D Printing: The Shape-Morphing in Additive Manufacturing
An Assessment of Socio-Economic Systems’ Resilience to Economic Shocks: The Case of Lithuanian Regions
Anomalies of the Portal Venous System in Dogs and Cats as Seen on Multidetector-Row Computed Tomography: An Overview and Systematization Proposal
Dietary Restriction and Neuroinflammation: A Potential Mechanistic Link
Alcohol Drinking by Husbands/Partners is Associated with Higher Intimate Partner Violence against Women in Angola
Discovery of Food-Derived Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV Inhibitory Peptides: A Review
Improving Human–Computer Interface Design through Application of Basic Research on Audiovisual Integration and Amplitude Envelope
Trends in the Use of Glyphosate Herbicide and Its Relevant Regulations in Taiwan: A Water Contaminant of Increasing Concern
Occurrence, Seasonal Abundance, and Superparasitism of Ooencyrtus kuvanae (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) as an Egg Parasitoid of the Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) in North America
Mother or Father: Who Is in the Front Line? Mechanisms Underlying the Non-Genomic Transmission of Obesity/Diabetes via the Maternal or the Paternal Line
The Quality of Life among Men Receiving Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: An Integrative Review
A Recursive Update Model for Estimating High-Resolution LAI Based on the NARX Neural Network and MODIS Times Series
Microstructure and Enhanced Properties of Copper-Vanadium Nanocomposites Obtained by Powder Metallurgy
Emerging Perovskite Nanocrystals-Enhanced Solid-State Lighting and Liquid-Crystal Displays
Looking for A Place for Dose-Dense TMZ Regimens in GBM Patients: An Experience with MGMT Exploratory Evaluation
Mechanism and Parameter Optimization in Grinding and Polishing of M300 Steel by an Elastic Abrasive
Cardiac Triangle Mapping: A New Systems Approach for Noninvasive Evaluation of Left Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure
β-Cryptoxanthin Reduces Body Fat and Increases Oxidative Stress Response in Caenorhabditis elegans Model
Updating the Role of Reduced Graphene Oxide Ink on Field Emission Devices in Synergy with Charge Transfer Materials
Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of a New Type of Compound Lansoprazole Capsule in Gastric Ulcer Rats and Beagle Dogs: Importance of Adjusting Oxidative Stress and Inflammation
Application of Support Vector Machine in Designing Theo Jansen Linkages
Decaying Swirl Flow and Particle Behavior through the Hole Cleaning Device for Horizontal Drilling of Fossil Fuel
Inhibition of Key Citrus Postharvest Fungal Strains by Plant Extracts In Vitro and In Vivo: A Review
Systematic Review of Pain in Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of COPD: A Case for Including Chronic Pain?
Spin-ARPES EUV Beamline for Ultrafast Materials Research and Development
Growth Kinetics of the Selected Intermetallic Phases in Ni/Al/Ni System with Various Nickel Substrate Microstructure
Insights into the Mechanism of Separation of Bisphosphonates by Zwitterionic Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography: Application to the Quantitation of Risedronate in Pharmaceuticals
Coronary Artery Bypass in Young Patients—On or Off-Pump?
The Effects of Exercise on IL-6 Levels and Cognitive Performance in Patients with Schizophrenia
New Cross-Sections for natMo(α,x) Reactions and Medical 97Ru Production Estimations with Radionuclide Yield Calculator
Designing with Pathways: A Spatial Design Approach for Adaptive and Sustainable Landscapes
Rapid Water Softening with TEMPO-Oxidized/Phosphorylated Nanopapers
Contactless In Situ Electrical Characterization Method of Printed Electronic Devices with Terahertz Spectroscopy
Effect of 6-Month Vitamin D Supplementation on Plasma Matrix Gla Protein in Older Adults
Age-Related Trends in the Diet of An Infant’s Cohort in the Northeast of Italy from Six to Twelve Months of Age
Announcement for “Applied Sciences 2018 Outstanding Reviewer Awards” Winners
A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Telenutrition Weight Loss Intervention in Middle-Aged and Older Men with Multiple Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease
Sieve Plate Pores in the Phloem and the Unknowns of Their Formation
Immunological Cross-Reactivity of an Ancestral and the Most Recent Pandemic Norovirus GII.4 Variant
Understanding Human Physiological Limitations and Societal Pressures in Favor of Overeating Helps to Avoid Obesity
Effects of Tart Cherry Juice on Biomarkers of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Older Adults
An In Vitro Investigation of Cytotoxic Effects of InP/Zns Quantum Dots with Different Surface Chemistries
Reclaiming Suburbia: Differences in Local Identity and Public Perceptions of Potable Water Reuse
Heavy Metals in Sediments of Urban Streams: Contamination and Health Risk Assessment of Influencing Factors
Detection of Shelterbelt Density Change Using Historic APFO and NAIP Aerial Imagery
Modification of Immobilized Titanium Dioxide Nanostructures by Argon Plasma for Photocatalytic Removal of Organic Dyes
Temporal Variation of the Wave Energy Flux in Hotspot Areas of the Black Sea
On Adaptive Heuristics that Converge to Correlated Equilibrium
An Energy Efficient Modulation Scheme for Body-Centric Terahertz (THz) Nanonetworks
Vasoprotective Functions of High-Density Lipoproteins Relevant to Alzheimer’s Disease Are Partially Conserved in Apolipoprotein B-Depleted Plasma
Secular Jewish Identity and Public Religious Participation within Australian Secular Multiculturalism
A Bayesian Filtering Approach for Error Mitigation in Ultra-Wideband Ranging
Activity-Aware Wearable System for Power-Efficient Prediction of Physiological Responses
Jacques Derrida: The Double Liminality of a Philosophical Marrano
Some Identities for the Two Variable Fubini Polynomials
A Mission Reliability-Driven Manufacturing System Health State Evaluation Method Based on Fusion of Operational Data
Some Types of Identities Involving the Legendre Polynomials
A Meshless Method for Burgers’ Equation Using Multiquadric Radial Basis Functions With a Lie-Group Integrator
Classification of Warped Product Submanifolds in Kenmotsu Space Forms Admitting Gradient Ricci Solitons
New Construction of Maximum Distance Separable (MDS) Self-Dual Codes over Finite Fields
Polarization Converter Based on Square Lattice Photonic Crystal Fiber with Double-Hole Units
A Task Parameter Inference Framework for Real-Time Embedded Systems
SURROGATES: Virtual OBUs to Foster 5G Vehicular Services
End-to-End Simulation of WCOM IMI Sea Surface Salinity Retrieval
Short-Term Nitrogen Addition Does Not Significantly Alter the Effects of Seasonal Drought on Leaf Functional Traits in Machilus pauhoi Kanehira Seedlings
Characterization of a Robust 3D- and Inkjet-Printed Capacitive Position Sensor for a Spectrometer Application
Current Outlook on Autophagy in Human Leukemia: Foe in Cancer Stem Cells and Drug Resistance, Friend in New Therapeutic Interventions
Evidence that Nitric Oxide is Involved in the Blood Pressure Lowering Effect of the Peptide AVFQHNCQE in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
A Master-Slave Separate Parallel Intelligent Mobile Robot Used for Autonomous Pallet Transportation
Endothelial Cells Tissue-Specific Origins Affects Their Responsiveness to TGF-β2 during Endothelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition
Long-Term Impact of Neonatal Intake of Oleanolic Acid on the Expression of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase, Adiponectin and Inflammatory Cytokines in Rats Fed with a High Fructose Diet
Replacement Names for Elwoodius Clarke & Oberprieler and Platychirus Clarke & Oberprieler (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea: Mesophyletidae)
Many-Body Physics of Low-Density Dipolar Bosons in Box Potentials
Quantification of Human Milk Phospholipids: the Effect of Gestational and Lactational Age on Phospholipid Composition
High-Efficiency Cogeneration Systems: The Case of the Paper Industry in Italy
Impact of Malnutrition on Long-Term Mortality in Elderly Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Understanding Vasomotion of Lung Microcirculation by In Vivo Imaging
Application of Data Mining in an Intelligent Early Warning System for Rock Bursts
FPGA Implementation of ECT Digital System for Imaging Conductive Materials
Preparation of FeOOH/Cu with High Catalytic Activity for Degradation of Organic Dyes
Discerning the Effects of Rural to Urban Migrants on Burglaries in ZG City with Structural Equation Modeling
Sustainability Indicators: Monitoring Cross-County Water Cooperation in the Nzoia River Basin, Kenya
Exploring the Role of Emotion in the Relationship Between Museum Image and Tourists’ Behavioral Intention: The Case of Three Museums in Xi’an
The Effects of Different Lead Pollution Levels on Soil Microbial Quantities and Metabolic Function with/without Salix integra Thunb. Planting
Copolymers and Hybrids Based on Carbazole Derivatives and Their Nanomorphology Investigation
Real-Time Monitoring of Interactions between Solid-Supported Lipid Vesicle Layers and Short- and Medium-Chain Length Alcohols: Ethanol and 1-Pentanol
Fixed Point Results in Partial Symmetric Spaces with an Application
Dementia and Challenging Behaviors in Gerontological Centers. A Case Report
Wind Characteristics Investigation on The Roofs of Three Adjacent High-Rise Buildings in a Coastal Area during Typhoon Meranti
Comparison between Exhaustive and Equilibrium Extraction Using Different SPE Sorbents and Sol-Gel Carbowax 20M Coated FPSE Media
Congruent Validity of Resting Energy Expenditure Predictive Equations in Young Adults
Optimal Depressants and Collector Dosage in Fluorite Flotation Process Based on DoE Methodology
Noisy ECG Signal Analysis for Automatic Peak Detection
Impact of Insolation Data Source on Remote Sensing Retrievals of Evapotranspiration over the California Delta
Soil Zinc Is Associated with Serum Zinc But Not with Linear Growth of Children in Ethiopia
Mapping Foliar Nutrition Using WorldView-3 and WorldView-2 to Assess Koala Habitat Suitability
Generation of Quality Hit Matter for Successful Drug Discovery Projects
Emotional Effects of Live and Recorded Music in Various Audiences and Listening Situations
Numerical Study of Turbulent Air and Water Flows in a Nozzle Based on the Coanda Effect
Hamiltonian Approach to QCD at Finite Temperature
Compressive Sensing Based Radio Tomographic Imaging with Spatial Diversity
Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer Wind-Speed Retrieval Improvements
A New Wind Speed Forecasting Modeling Strategy Using Two-Stage Decomposition, Feature Selection and DAWNN
An Approach for Predicting the Specific Fuel Consumption of Dual-Fuel Two-Stroke Marine Engines
Numerical Simulations of Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei
Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Grain Refined Pr2Co14B Melt-Spun Ribbons
Radio Galaxies—The TeV Challenge
Quantifying Data Dependencies with Rényi Mutual Information and Minimum Spanning Trees
Wave Energy Assessment around the Aegadian Islands (Sicily)
Identification of D Modification Sites by Integrating Heterogeneous Features in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Proteomics Analysis Reveals the Implications of Cytoskeleton and Mitochondria in the Response of the Rat Brain to Starvation
Celiac Immunogenic Potential of α-Gliadin Epitope Variants from Triticum and Aegilops Species
Magnetic Shell Structure of 2D-Trapped Fermi Gases in the Flat-Band Lieb Lattices
Field Studies and 3D Modelling of Morphodynamics in a Meandering River Reach Dominated by Tides and Suspended Load
Impact of Grain Sorghum Polyphenols on Microbiota of Normal Weight and Overweight/Obese Subjects during In Vitro Fecal Fermentation
Cytoprotective Effects of Mangiferin and Z-Ligustilide in PAH-Exposed Human Airway Epithelium in Vitro
Ireland’s Transition towards a Low Carbon Society: The Leadership Role of Higher Education Institutions in Solar Photovoltaic Niche Development
Partner Strategic Capabilities for Capturing Value from Sustainability-Focused Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
Healthy-Sustainable Housing Index: A Pilot Study to Link Architecture and Public Health in a Semi-Urban Community in Mexico
Are Raw BIA Variables Useful for Predicting Resting Energy Expenditure in Adults with Obesity?
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Inflammation: Proof of Concept Based on Two Illustrative Cytokines
Variation in Stripe Rust Resistance and Morphological Traits in Wild Emmer Wheat Populations
Unexpected Emails to Submit Your Work: Spam or Legitimate Offers? The Implications for Novice English L2 Writers
Electrophoresis Assembly of Novel Superhydrophobic Molybdenum Trioxide (MoO3) Films with Great Stability
Cross-Linked Nanoparticle Membranes for Microelectromechanical Chemical Sensors and Pressure Sensors
Meta-Control in Pigeons (Columba livia) and the Role of the Commissura Anterior
Effects of Initial Grain Size of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy on the Recrystallization Behavior and Recrystallization Mechanism in Isothermal Compression
Comparison of Two Synergy Approaches for Hybrid Cropland Mapping
The Effect of Swinging Ball Heads with Different Arrangements in Multi-Point Stretch-Forming Process
Dietary Advanced Glycation End Products: Digestion, Metabolism and Modulation of Gut Microbial Ecology
A Potential Lock-Type Mechanism for Unconventional Secretion in Fungi
Photocatalytic Functionalized Aggregate: Enhanced Concrete Performance in Environmental Remediation
Ru-Ti Oxide Based Catalysts for HCl Oxidation: The Favorable Oxygen Species and Influence of Ce Additive
Application of Cold Wire Gas Metal Arc Welding for Narrow Gap Welding (Ngw) of High Strength Low Alloy Steel
The Place and Face of the Stranger in Levinas
Highly Dispersed Co Nanoparticles Prepared by an Improved Method for Plasma-Driven NH3 Decomposition to Produce H2
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Instruments in 2018
Is the Fluorine in Molecules Dispersive? Is Molecular Electrostatic Potential a Valid Property to Explore Fluorine-Centered Non-Covalent Interactions?
Phytohormone-Mediated Stomatal Response, Escape and Quiescence Strategies in Plants under Flooding Stress
The Research on Actuation Performance of MEMS Safety-and-Arming Device with Interlock Mechanism
Efficacy Improvement of Anomaly Detection by Using Intelligence Sharing Scheme
Toll-Like Receptor-Dependent Immunomodulatory Activity of Pycnogenol®
Extension of Extragradient Techniques for Variational Inequalities
Cross-shelf Heterogeneity of Coral Assemblages in Northwest Australia
Trapping and Optomechanical Sensing of Particles with a Nanobeam Photonic Crystal Cavity
Approaches to the Structure-Based Design of Antivirulence Drugs: Therapeutics for the Post-Antibiotic Era
Functional Analysis of FgNahG Clarifies the Contribution of Salicylic Acid to Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Resistance against Fusarium Head Blight
Differentiations in Women’s Land Tenure Experiences: Implications for Women’s Land Access and Tenure Security in Sub-Saharan Africa
Architectural Organization of Dinoflagellate Liquid Crystalline Chromosomes
HOLMeS: eHealth in the Big Data and Deep Learning Era
Use of Dairy and Plant-Derived Lactobacilli as Starters for Cherry Juice Fermentation
The Influence of Teacher Expectancy Improvement Strategies on Student Attitude and Achievement in English Courses (An Action Research Sample)
Bioleaching of Major, Rare Earth, and Radioactive Elements from Red Mud by using Indigenous Chemoheterotrophic Bacterium Acetobacter sp.
An Approach for Managing Manufacturing Assets through Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting
Preparation and Properties of Acetoacetic Ester-Terminated Polyether Pre-Synthesis Modified Phenolic Foam
Femtosecond Pulse Laser Near-Field Ablation of Ag Nanorods
Effects of Pre-Stretching on Creep Behavior, Mechanical Property and Microstructure in Creep Aging of Al-Cu-Li Alloy
Growth Pattern, Resting Energy Expenditure, and Nutrient Intake of Children with Food Allergies
Walking Turn Prediction from Upper Body Kinematics: A Systematic Review with Implications for Human-Robot Interaction
Synthesis of ZnxCd1-x[email protected] Hollow Spheres in Different Sizes for Quantum Dots Sensitized Solar Cells Application
Intake of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages in Adolescents from Troms, Norway—The Tromsø Study: Fit Futures
Altered Processing of Visual Food Stimuli in Adolescents with Loss of Control Eating
Direct Classic Route of Generating Mono-Color EM-Pulse with Attosecond-Level Duration
Direct Transformation from Arylamines to Aryl Naphthalene-1,8-diamino Boronamides: A Metal-Free Sandmeyer-Type Process
Effect of Soybean and Maize Rotation on Soil Microbial Community Structure
Soil Pollution Management in China: A Brief Introduction
From Design to Manufacture of a Carbon Fiber Monocoque for a Three-Wheeler Vehicle Prototype
Indices to Determine the Reliability of Rocks under Fatigue Load Based on Strain Energy Method
Cold-Responsive Regions of Paradigm Cold-Shock and Non-Cold-Shock mRNAs Responsible for Cold Shock Translational Bias
Determining Crossing Number of Join of the Discrete Graph with Two Symmetric Graphs of Order Five
Planning Considerations of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Projects in Jordan
Effects of Dietary Protein and Fat Content on Intrahepatocellular and Intramyocellular Lipids during a 6-Day Hypercaloric, High Sucrose Diet: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Normal Weight Healthy Subjects
Prognostic Biomarkers in Pancreatic Cancer: Avoiding Errata When Using the TCGA Dataset
Advances in Drug Delivery and Biomaterials: Facts and Vision
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Biomolecules in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Big Data and Cognitive Computing in 2018
A 4K-Input High-Speed Winner-Take-All (WTA) Circuit with Single-Winner Selection for Change-Driven Vision Sensors
Targeted Transfection Using PEGylated Cationic Liposomes Directed Towards P-Selectin Increases siRNA Delivery into Activated Endothelial Cells
Genome-Wide Identification and Expression Profiling of Sugar Transporter Protein (STP) Family Genes in Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.) Reveals their Involvement in Clubroot Disease Responses
Integrated Genomic and Metabolomic Approach to the Discovery of Potential Anti-Quorum Sensing Natural Products from Microbes Associated with Marine Samples from Singapore
Evaluation of CLARA-A2 and ISCCP-H Cloud Cover Climate Data Records over Europe with ECA&D Ground-Based Measurements
Nitrogen-Doped Hierarchically Porous Carbons Derived from Polybenzoxazine for Enhanced Supercapacitor Performance
Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 Protects against Gastric Damage Induced by Ethanol Administration in Mice: Role of TRPV1/Substance P Axis
Stimuli-Responsive Systems in Optical Humidity-Detection Devices
Forming Process, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties of Thin-Walled 316L Stainless Steel Using Speed-Cold-Welding Additive Manufacturing
Experimental and Numerical Design and Evaluation of a Vibration Bioreactor Using Piezoelectric Patches
Hydrogen Indirectly Suppresses Increases in Hydrogen Peroxide in Cytoplasmic Hydroxyl Radical-Induced Cells and Suppresses Cellular Senescence
Fusarium Species and Mycotoxins Contaminating Veterinary Diets for Dogs and Cats
Do Neural Stem Cells Have a Choice? Heterogenic Outcome of Cell Fate Acquisition in Different Injury Models
An Exonic Switch Regulates Differential Accession of microRNAs to the Cd34 Transcript in Atherosclerosis Progression
Dual Geometry Schemes in Tetrel Bonds: Complexes between TF4 (T = Si, Ge, Sn) and Pyridine Derivatives
Pickering Emulsions Containing Cellulose Microfibers Produced by Mechanical Treatments as Stabilizer in the Food Industry
Positive and Negative Symmetric Pulses with Fast Rising Edge Generated from a GaAs Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch
The Associations between Body Mass Index of Seven- and Eight-Year-Old Children, Dietary Behaviour and Nutrition-Related Parenting Practices
Drop Jump Asymmetry is Associated with Reduced Sprint and Change-of-Direction Speed Performance in Adult Female Soccer Players
Effect of Yeast Extract on Seedling Growth Promotion and Soil Improvement in Afforestation in a Semiarid Chestnut Soil Area
Into the Thermus Mobilome: Presence, Diversity and Recent Activities of Insertion Sequences Across Thermus spp.
The Geography of ‘Otherness’: Spaces of Conflict in Smaro Kamboureli’s in the Second Person
Design and Compressive Behavior of a Photosensitive Resin-Based 2-D Lattice Structure with Variable Cross-Section Core
The Many Faces of FKBP51
A New Framework for Modelling and Monitoring the Conversion of Cultivated Land to Built-up Land Based on a Hierarchical Hidden Semi-Markov Model Using Satellite Image Time Series
A Novel Approach for the Detection of Standing Tree Stems from Plot-Level Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
Double-Stranded RNA High-Throughput Sequencing Reveals a New Cytorhabdovirus in a Bean Golden Mosaic Virus-Resistant Common Bean Transgenic Line
Simulation of Turbulent Mixing Effects on Essential NOx–O3–Hydrocarbon Photochemistry in Convective Boundary Layer
Time to Micromanage the Pathogen-Host-Vector Interface: Considerations for Vaccine Development
E-Cigarettes Increase Candida albicans Growth and Modulate its Interaction with Gingival Epithelial Cells
Glutathione Metabolism, Mitochondria Activity, and Nitrosative Stress in Patients Treated for Mandible Fractures
Nicotinamide Mononucleotide: Exploration of Diverse Therapeutic Applications of a Potential Molecule
A Novel Wearable Device for Continuous Ambulatory ECG Recording: Proof of Concept and Assessment of Signal Quality
Restorative Effects of Classroom Soundscapes on Children’s Cognitive Performance
HDAC1 and HDAC2 Double Knockout Triggers Cell Apoptosis in Advanced Thyroid Cancer
Murine Models of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
Cord-Blood Lipidome in Progression to Islet Autoimmunity and Type 1 Diabetes
Metabolomics and Microbiomes as Potential Tools to Evaluate the Effects of the Mediterranean Diet
Power and Area Efficient Clock Stretching and Critical Path Reshaping for Error Resilience
Hybrid Design Tools—Image Quality Assessment of a Digitally Augmented Blackboard Integrated System
Design and Synthesis of a Fluorescent Probe with a Large Stokes Shift for Detecting Thiophenols and Its Application in Water Samples and Living Cells
Impact of Fermentable Fibres on the Colonic Microbiota Metabolism of Dietary Polyphenols Rutin and Quercetin
In-Fiber Collimator-Based Fabry-Perot Interferometer with Enhanced Vibration Sensitivity
The Epistemological Implications of Critical Complexity Thinking for Operational Research
Effects of Yb Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of As-Cast ADC12 Alloy
Stochastic Model Predictive Control Based Scheduling Optimization of Multi-Energy System Considering Hybrid CHPs and EVs
Isodon rugosus (Wall. ex Benth.) Codd In Vitro Cultures: Establishment, Phytochemical Characterization and In Vitro Antioxidant and Anti-Aging Activities
Silicon and the Association with an Arbuscular-Mycorrhizal Fungus (Rhizophagus clarus) Mitigate the Adverse Effects of Drought Stress on Strawberry
A Parallel Bicomponent TPU/PI Membrane with Mechanical Strength Enhanced Isotropic Interfaces Used as Polymer Electrolyte for Lithium-Ion Battery
Using Building Floor Space for Station Area Population and Employment Estimation
Children Are Born to Dance! Pediatric Medical Dance/Movement Therapy: The View from Integrative Pediatric Oncology
Strategic and Operational Levels of CSR Marketing Communication for Sustainable Orientation of a Company: A Case Study from Bangladesh
Clutter Elimination and Harmonic Suppression of Non-Stationary Life Signs for Long-Range and Through-Wall Human Subject Detection Using Spectral Kurtosis Analysis (SKA)-Based Windowed Fourier Transform (WFT) Method
Pilot Plant Data Assessment in Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Waste Solids
Behavior of Intermetallic Compounds of Al-Ti Composite Manufactured by Spark Plasma Sintering
Statistical Modeling of Trivariate Static Systems: Isotonic Models
Assessment of Ready-to-Use Freeze-dried Immobilized Biocatalysts as Innovative Starter Cultures in Sourdough Bread Making
Wetting and Spreading of Commercially Available Aqueous Surfactants on Porous Materials
Unique PGE–Cu–Ni Noril’sk Deposits, Siberian Trap Province: Magmatic and Tectonic Factors in Their Origin
Effects of Zumba® and Aquagym on Bone Mass in Inactive Middle-Aged Women
Thermodynamic Cycle Concepts for High-Efficiency Power Plans. Part A: Public Power Plants 60+
A Comprehensive and Rapid Quality Evaluation Method of Traditional Chinese Medicine Decoction by Integrating UPLC-QTOF-MS and UFLC-QQQ-MS and Its Application
Motion Plan of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships by Dynamic Programming for Collision Avoidance and Speed Optimization
Influence of Vitamin D in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Nivolumab
Data Analysis, Simulation and Visualization for Environmentally Safe Maritime Data
Towards Identifying Author Confidence in Biomedical Articles
School-Based Intervention on Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Brazilian Students: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial
Protective Effects of Astragaloside IV against LPS-Induced Endometritis in Mice through Inhibiting Activation of the NF-κB, p38 and JNK Signaling Pathways
2D MHD Simulations of the State Transitions of X-Ray Binaries Taking into Account Thermal Conduction
The Reaction Thermodynamics during Plating Al on Graphene Process
SleepOMICS: How Big Data Can Revolutionize Sleep Science
Simple Stopping Criteria for Information Theoretic Feature Selection
The Evolution of Urban Spatial Structure in Brasília: Focusing on the Role of Urban Development Policies
Algorithms for Doppler Spectral Density Data Quality Control and Merging for the Ka-Band Solid-State Transmitter Cloud Radar
A 10 kW ZVS Integrated Boost Dual Three-Phase Bridge DC–DC Resonant Converter for a Linear Generator-Based Wave-Energy System: Design and Simulation
Prehospital and Emergency Care in Adult Patients with Acute Traumatic Brain Injury
Wearable Sensor-Based Exercise Biofeedback for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation: A Mixed Methods User Evaluation of a Prototype System
Repair and Reinforcement of Historic Timber Structures with Stainless Steel—A Review
Co-Infection with Three Mycoviruses Stimulates Growth of a Monilinia fructicola Isolate on Nutrient Medium, but Does Not Induce Hypervirulence in a Natural Host
Environmental Decision Support Systems for Monitoring Small Scale Oil Spills: Existing Solutions, Best Practices and Current Challenges
PAOT-Liquid® Technology: An Easy Electrochemical Method for Evaluating Antioxidant Capacity of Wines
Stochastic Material Point Method for Analysis in Non-Linear Dynamics of Metals
Experimental Analysis of Bragg Reflection Peak Splitting in Gratings Fabricated Using a Multiple Order Phase Mask
Statistical Characteristics of Cyclonic Warm-Core Eddies and Anticyclonic Cold-Core Eddies in the North Pacific Based on Remote Sensing Data
Comparative Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Barley Embryos with Different Dormancy during Imbibition
Design and Preclinical Development of a Phage Product for the Treatment of Antibiotic-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infections
A Smart Recommender Based on Hybrid Learning Methods for Personal Well-Being Services
Effect of Fibers on High-Temperature Mechanical Behavior and Microstructure of Reactive Powder Concrete
Influence of Land Use and Land Cover on Hydraulic and Physical Soil Properties at the Cerrado Agricultural Frontier
Co-Polymers based on Poly(1,4-butylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) and Poly(propylene oxide) with Tuneable Thermal Properties: Synthesis and Characterization
Cropland Mapping Using Fusion of Multi-Sensor Data in a Complex Urban/Peri-Urban Area
Spatial and Temporal Variation of Drought Based on Satellite Derived Vegetation Condition Index in Nepal from 1982–2015
Detection of TP53 Mutations in Tissue or Liquid Rebiopsies at Progression Identifies ALK+ Lung Cancer Patients with Poor Survival
A Transductive Model-based Stress Recognition Method Using Peripheral Physiological Signals
Positive Solutions of a Fractional Thermostat Model with a Parameter
Precipitation Strengthening in Ni–Cu Alloys Fabricated Using Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Technology
Guava Detection and Pose Estimation Using a Low-Cost RGB-D Sensor in the Field
Zn-DTSM, A Zinc Ionophore with Therapeutic Potential for Acrodermatitis Enteropathica?
Detection Accuracy of Soccer Players in Aerial Images Captured from Several Viewpoints
Geographical Analysis of the Distribution of Publications Describing Spatial Associations among Outdoor Environmental Variables and Really Small Newborns in the USA and Canada
Evolution Characteristics of Overburden Strata Structure for Ultra-Thick Coal Seam Multi-Layer Mining in Xinjiang East Junggar Basin
Abiotic and Biotic Disturbances Affecting Forest Health in Poland over the Past 30 Years: Impacts of Climate and Forest Management
Functionalization of the Chalcone Scaffold for the Discovery of Novel Lead Compounds Targeting Fungal Infections
One-Parameter Weibull-Type Distribution, Its Relative Entropy with Respect to Weibull and a Fractional Two-Parameter Exponential Distribution
Low-Threshold Coherent Emission at 1.5 µm from Fully Er3+ Doped Monolithic 1D Dielectric Microcavity Fabricated Using Radio Frequency Sputtering
High Response CO Sensor Based on a Polyaniline/SnO2 Nanocomposite
The Impact of Public Grants on Firm-Level Productivity: Findings from the Czech Food Industry
Venomics Reveals Venom Complexity of the Piscivorous Cone Snail, Conus tulipa
Age and Origin of Monazite Symplectite in an Iron Oxide-Apatite Deposit in the Adirondack Mountains, New York, USA: Implications for Tracking Fluid Conditions
Crohn’s Disease Patients in Remission Display an Enhanced Intestinal IgM+ B Cell Count in Concert with a Strong Activation of the Intestinal Complement System
Cooling Effectiveness of a Data Center Room under Overhead Airflow via Entropy Generation Assessment in Transient Scenarios
The Role of Anthropogenic Elements in the Environment for Affective States and Cortisol Concentration in Mountain Hiking—A Crossover Trial
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Pharmaceutics in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Condensed Matter in 2018
HEALPix-IA: A Global Registration Algorithm for Initial Alignment
Optimization of Sensitivity of GOES-16 ABI Sea Surface Temperature by Matching Satellite Observations with L4 Analysis
Objective 3D Printed Surface Quality Assessment Based on Entropy of Depth Maps
Properties of Cement-Based Composites Modified with Magnetite Nanoparticles: A Review
Comparison of the Inhibitory Activities of 5,6-Dihydroergosterol Glycoside α- and β-Anomers on Skin Inflammation
Effect of the Implementation of Carbon Capture Systems on the Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance of the Brazilian Electricity Matrix
Role of Intestinal Microbiota in the Bioavailability and Physiological Functions of Dietary Polyphenols
Biomarkers-based Biosensing and Bioimaging with Graphene for Cancer Diagnosis
Chemical Source Searching by Controlling a Wheeled Mobile Robot to Follow an Online Planned Route in Outdoor Field Environments
Differences in Insomnia Symptoms between Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in Switzerland attributed to Emotional Distress: Analysis of the Swiss Health Survey
Influence of Al on Evolution of the Inclusions in Ti-Bearing Steel with Ca Treatment
Analysis of Influencing Factors of Occupational Safety and Health in Coal Chemical Enterprises Based on the Analytic Network Process and System Dynamics
Smart System for Prediction of Accurate Surface Electromyography Signals Using an Artificial Neural Network
Unsteady Simulation of a Full-Scale CANDU-6 Moderator with OpenFOAM
Damage Quantification with Embedded Piezoelectric Aggregates Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Analysis
The Rice Alpha-Amylase, Conserved Regulator of Seed Maturation and Germination
Comparison of LSSVR, M5RT, NF-GP, and NF-SC Models for Predictions of Hourly Wind Speed and Wind Power Based on Cross-Validation
Conductive Fabric Heaters for Heat-Activated Soft Actuators
Component Characterization in a Growth-Dependent Physiological Context: Optimal Experimental Design
A Hybrid Method to Improve the BLE-Based Indoor Positioning in a Dense Bluetooth Environment
Spatio-Temporal Features in Action Recognition Using 3D Skeletal Joints
Dynamic Fracture Analysis of Functional Gradient Material Coating Based on the Peridynamic Method
The Characterization of Affine Symplectic Curves in ℝ4
Appearance-Based Salient Regions Detection Using Side-Specific Dictionaries
Establishing Grounds for Building Orientation Mapping and Validation of Noise Level Correlation Modeling on Aircraft Take-off and Landing
Low-Temperature Storage Improves the Over-Time Stability of Implantable Glucose and Lactate Biosensors
A MAP Overhead Aware Two-Dimensional OFDMA Burst Construction Algorithm
Resource Integration, Reconfiguration, and Sustainable Competitive Advantages: The Differences between Traditional and Emerging Industries
Near-Isogenic Lines of Japonica Rice Revealed New QTLs for Cold Tolerance at Booting Stage
CRISPR to the Rescue: Advances in Gene Editing for the FMR1 Gene
Competition between Second-Generation Ethanol and Bioelectricity using the Residual Biomass of Sugarcane: Effects of Uncertainty on the Production Mix
Human Olfactory Bulb Neural Stem Cells (Hu-OBNSCs) Can Be Loaded with Paclitaxel and Used to Inhibit Glioblastoma Cell Growth
Roles of Autophagy-Related Genes in the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Bactericidal and Cytotoxic Properties of Silver Nanoparticles
Effect of Fiber Weave Structure in Printed Circuit Boards on Signal Transmission Characteristics
Effects of Betaine on LPS-Stimulated Activation of Microglial M1/M2 Phenotypes by Suppressing TLR4/NF-κB Pathways in N9 Cells
A Coupled, Semi-Numerical Model for Thermal Analysis of Medium Frequency Transformer
Tiered Levels of Resting Cortisol in an Athletic Population. A Potential Role for Interpretation in Biopsychosocial Assessment?
Thermal Micro-Environment during Poultry Transportation in South Central United States
The Influence of Geo-Hazard Effects on the Physical Vulnerability Assessment of the Built Heritage: An Application in a District of Naples
Exploring the Relationship between Formal and Informal Institutions, Social Capital, and Entrepreneurial Activity in Developing and Developed Countries
Improvement and Validation of NASA/MODIS NRT Global Flood Mapping
Next-Generation Sequencing Reveals the Role of Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate in Regulating Putative Novel and Known microRNAs Which Target the MAPK Pathway in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer A549 Cells
Indoor Positioning System Based on Chest-Mounted IMU
Sustained Opening of the Blood-Brain Barrier with Progressive Accumulation of White Matter Hyperintensities Following Ischemic Stroke
Facets of Theiler’s Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus-Induced Diseases: An Update
Explicit Ion Effects on the Charge and Conformation of Weak Polyelectrolytes
Is Window-Dressing around Going Public Beneficial? Evidence from Poland
Urban Form and Mobility Choices: Informing about Sustainable Travel Alternatives, Carbon Emissions and Energy Use from Transportation in Swedish Neighbourhoods
Role of PGE-2 and Other Inflammatory Mediators in Skin Aging and Their Inhibition by Topical Natural Anti-Inflammatories
Stability of Principal Hydrolysable Tannins from Trapa taiwanensis Hulls
A Self-Calibrated Non-Parametric Time Series Analysis Approach for Assessing Insect Defoliation of Broad-Leaved Deciduous Nothofagus pumilio Forests
Multiple Electronic Components and Lifshitz Transitions by Oxygen Wires Formation in Layered Cuprates and Nickelates
Neighborhood Walkability and Housing Affordability among U.S. Urban Areas
Ripeness Prediction of Postharvest Kiwifruit Using a MOS E-Nose Combined with Chemometrics
Typical Combined Travel Mode Choice Utility Model in Multimodal Transportation Network
An Improved Strength Reduction-Based Slope Stability Analysis
Roles of Phenolic Compounds in the Reduction of Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases
Mechanisms of Antisense Transcription Initiation with Implications in Gene Expression, Genomic Integrity and Disease Pathogenesis
Soil Microbial Community Structure and Physicochemical Properties in Amomum tsaoko-based Agroforestry Systems in the Gaoligong Mountains, Southwest China
Effect of Soluble Solids and High Pressure Treatment on Rheological Properties of Protein Enriched Mango Puree
High Performance Drain Engineered InGaN Heterostructure Tunnel Field Effect Transistor
Validation of OMI HCHO Products Using MAX-DOAS observations from 2010 to 2016 in Xianghe, Beijing: Investigation of the Effects of Aerosols on Satellite Products
Uptake of Sb(V) by Nano Fe3O4-Decorated Iron Oxy-Hydroxides
Learning to Navigate (in) the Anthropocene
The Expression of Thrombospondin-4 Correlates with Disease Severity in Osteoarthritic Knee Cartilage
Discrimination of Chinese Liquors Based on Electronic Nose and Fuzzy Discriminant Principal Component Analysis
Highly Efficient Synthesis of Substituted 3,4-Dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-ones (DHPMs) Catalyzed by Hf(OTf)4: Mechanistic Insights into Reaction Pathways under Metal Lewis Acid Catalysis and Solvent-Free Conditions
Combining Non-Uniform Time Slice and Finite Difference to Improve 3D Ghost Imaging
Logistics Innovation in China: The Lens of Chinese Daoism
Noble Metal Nanoparticles Applications: Recent Trends in Food Control
Spatial Spillover of House Prices: An Empirical Study of the Yangtze Delta Urban Agglomeration in China
The Incidence of Marine Toxins and the Associated Seafood Poisoning Episodes in the African Countries of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea
Valorization of Industrial Lignin as Biobased Carbon Source in Fire Retardant System for Polyamide 11 Blends
Experimental Investigation on the Effects of CO2 Displacement Methods on Petrophysical Property Changes of Ultra-Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs Near Injection Wells
The Kumon Method: Its Importance in the Improvement on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics from the First Levels of Early Childhood and Primary Education
Improving Patient Access to New Drugs in South Korea: Evaluation of the National Drug Formulary System
Aerosol and Contact Transmission Following Intranasal Infection of Mice with Japanese Encephalitis Virus
Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element Bearings with a Two-Step Scheme Based on Permutation Entropy and Random Forests
Isolation of a T7-Like Lytic Pasteurella Bacteriophage vB_PmuP_PHB01 and Its Potential Use in Therapy against Pasteurella multocida Infections
The Influencing Factors of Haze Tolerance in China
Evidence for a Common Genetic Origin of Classic and Milder Adult-Onset Forms of Isolated Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
Nonlinear Resonance Vibration Assessment to Evaluate the Freezing and Thawing Resistance of Concrete
The Mix Ratio Study of Self-Stressed Anti-Washout Underwater Concrete Used in Nondrainage Strengthening
Robust Kalman Filter Aided GEO/IGSO/GPS Raw-PPP/INS Tight Integration
Tin, The Enabler—Hydrogen Diffusion into Ruthenium
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Activates HIF-1 in a Hypoxia Dose-Dependent Manner in HCT116 Colorectal Carcinoma Cells
The Spatial and Social Patterning of Property and Violent Crime in Toronto Neighbourhoods: A Spatial-Quantitative Approach
Study on Lightweight and Strengthening Effect of Carbon Nanotube in Highly Ordered Nanoporous Nickel: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Magneto-Elastic μ-Vibrator for Smashing Thrombus
Trend Prediction Classification for High Frequency Bitcoin Time Series with Deep Learning
N-Doped K3Ti5NbO14@TiO2 Core-Shell Structure for Enhanced Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Activity in Environmental Remediation
Compounding MgCl2·6H2O with NH4Al(SO4)2·12H2O or KAl(SO4)2·12H2O to Obtain Binary Hydrated Salts as High-Performance Phase Change Materials
Urban Sprawl in Inner Medium-Sized Cities: The Behaviour in Some Spanish Cases Since the Beginning of the 21st Century
Inertial Sensors for Performance Analysis in Combat Sports: A Systematic Review
On the Use of Sodium Chloride and Calcined Diatomite Sludge as Additives to Improve the Engineering Properties of Bricks Made with a Clay Earth from Jun (Granada, Spain)
Ecological Drivers of Species Distributions and Niche Overlap for Three Subterranean Termite Species in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, USA
De Novo Sequencing and Hybrid Assembly of the Biofuel Crop Jatropha curcas L.: Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci for Geminivirus Resistance
Direct Sulfoxidation of Aromatic Methyl Thioethers with Aryl Halides by Copper-Catalyzed C(sp3)–H Bond Activation
Photocatalytic Dye and Cr(VI) Degradation Using a Metal-Free Polymeric g-C3N4 Synthesized from Solvent-Treated Urea
The Effects of Quercetin Supplementation on Eccentric Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
Functional Porous Carboxymethyl Cellulose/Cellulose Acetate Composite Microspheres: Preparation, Characterization, and Application in the Effective Removal of HCN from Cigarette Smoke
Analysis of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI through Integrative Functional Metabolomics
Iron [email protected] Nanocomposites: A Tool Box of Functional Materials
Does Fertilizer Education Program Increase the Technical Efficiency of Chemical Fertilizer Use? Evidence from Wheat Production in China
Ambulatory Evaluation of ECG Signals Obtained Using Washable Textile-Based Electrodes Made with Chemically Modified PEDOT:PSS
Cryogenic Milling: Study of the Effect of CO2 Cooling on Tool Wear When Machining Inconel 718, Grade EA1N Steel and Gamma TiAl
Highly Transparent, Flexible and Conductive CNF/AgNW Paper for Paper Electronics
Methyl Salicylate Enhances Flavonoid Biosynthesis in Tea Leaves by Stimulating the Phenylpropanoid Pathway
PKA at a Cross-Road of Signaling Pathways Involved in the Regulation of Glioblastoma Migration and Invasion by the Neuropeptides VIP and PACAP
Functional Characterization and Evolutionary Analysis of Glycine-Betaine Biosynthesis Pathway in Red Seaweed Pyropia yezoensis
Color Tuning by Oxide Addition in PEDOT:PSS-Based Electrochromic Devices
Modeling of Pollutants Removal in Subsurface Vertical Flow and Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetlands
Quantifying the Evapotranspiration Rate and Its Cooling Effects of Urban Hedges Based on Three-Temperature Model and Infrared Remote Sensing
Ambient Temperature and Associations with Daily Visits to a Psychiatric Emergency Unit in Sweden
Comparative Investigation of Cutting Devices on Bone Blocks: An SEM Morphological Analysis
The Martensitic Transformation and Mechanical Properties of Ti6Al4V Prepared via Selective Laser Melting
Environmental Performance of Effluent Conditioning Systems for Reuse in Oil Refining Plants: A Case Study in Brazil
Prey Lysate Enhances Growth and Toxin Production in an Isolate of Dinophysis acuminata
Optimal Decision-Making to Charge Electric Vehicles in Heterogeneous Networks: Stackelberg Game Approach
Geology, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of Gabbro from the Haoyaoerhudong Gold Deposit, Northern Margin of the North China Craton
Erratum: Labelle, A., et al. Agent-Based Model for End-of-Life Product Flow Analysis, Resources 2018, 7, 42
The Challenges and Strategies of Food Security under Rapid Urbanization in China
Capacity Expansion Pathways for a Wind and Solar Based Power Supply and the Impact of Advanced Technology—A Case Study for Germany
Stochastic Game Theoretic Formulation for a Multi-Period DC Pension Plan with State-Dependent Risk Aversion
Sustainable Management of Contemporary Art Galleries: A Delphi Survey for the Spanish Art Market
A Regulatory View on Smart City Services
Impacts of Earthquakes on Energy Security in the Eurasian Economic Union: Resilience of the Electricity Transmission Networks in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan
Estimation of Peak Discharge in a Poorly Gauged Catchment Based on a Specified Hyetograph Model and Geomorphological Parameters: Case Study for the 23–24 October 2008 Flood, KALAYA Basin, Tangier, Morocco
In Situ Growth of a High-Performance All-Solid-State Electrode for Flexible Supercapacitors Based on a PANI/CNT/EVA Composite
Effect of Aluminium Salt Dosing on Activated Sludge Settleability Indicators: A New Settleability Model Development
Heavy Metal Concentrations in the Groundwater of the Barcellona-Milazzo Plain (Italy): Contributions from Geogenic and Anthropogenic Sources
NUP214 in Leukemia: It’s More than Transport
Simultaneous Intake of Euglena gracilis and Vegetables Exerts Synergistic Anti-Obesity and Anti-Inflammatory Effects by Modulating the Gut Microbiota in Diet-Induced Obese Mice
Investigation of Chitosan Nanoparticles Loaded with Protocatechuic Acid (PCA) for the Resistance of Pyricularia oryzae Fungus against Rice Blast
CMADS-Driven Simulation and Analysis of Reservoir Impacts on the Streamflow with a Simple Statistical Approach
Development of a Bicistronic Vector for the Expression of a CRISPR/Cas9-mCherry System in Fish Cell Lines
Prevalence of Cyberstalking and Previous Offline Victimization in a Sample of Italian University Students
Approaches to Suppress CO2-Induced Plasticization of Polyimide Membranes in Gas Separation Applications
Fucoidan–Fucoxanthin Ameliorated Cardiac Function via IRS1/GRB2/ SOS1, GSK3β/CREB Pathways and Metabolic Pathways in Senescent Mice
Statistical Edge Detection and Circular Hough Transform for Optic Disk Localization
Autogenous Shrinkage, Microstructure, and Strength of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Incorporating Carbon Nanofibers
The Relationships between Somatic Cells and Isoleucine, Leucine and Tyrosine Content in Cow Milk
Total Reference Air Kerma is Associated with Late Bowel Morbidity in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Patients Treated with Image-Guided Adaptive Brachytherapy
Assessment of Adaptive Reuse Practices through User Experiences: Traditional Houses in the Walled City of Nicosia
Location-Dependent Patient Outcome and Recurrence Patterns in IDH1-Wildtype Glioblastoma
Analog Architecture Complexity Theory Empowering Ultra-Low Power Configurable Analog and Mixed Mode SoC Systems
The Influence of Copper Substrates on Irradiation Effects of Graphene: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Effect of Deformation Path on the Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of TWIP980 Steel
Interannual Variability of Spring Extratropical Cyclones over the Yellow, Bohai, and East China Seas and Possible Causes
Clinical Use and Molecular Action of Corticosteroids in the Pediatric Age
Recurrent Stimulation of Natural Killer Cell Clones with K562 Expressing Membrane-Bound Interleukin-21 Affects Their Phenotype, Interferon-γ Production, and Lifespan
Infant Food Security in New Zealand: A Multidimensional Index Developed from Cohort Data
Geological and Geochemical Characteristics of the Archean Basement-Hosted Gold Deposit in Pinglidian, Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern China: Constraints on Auriferous Quartz-Vein Exploration
The Effect of Virtual Fencing Stimuli on Stress Responses and Behavior in Sheep
High-Performance Adhesives Based on Maleic Anhydride-g-EPDM Rubbers and Polybutene for Laminating Cast Polypropylene Film and Aluminum Foil
Application of a Perception Neuron® System in Simulation-Based Surgical Training
Effect of Ti Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of SiC Matrix Composites Infiltrated by Al–Si (10 wt.%)–xTi Alloy
Nanobody Engineering: Toward Next Generation Immunotherapies and Immunoimaging of Cancer
Scientific Coverage in Water Governance: Systematic Analysis
PCSEL Performance of Type-I InGaAsSb Double-QWs Laser Structure Prepared by MBE
Multi-Time Scale Analysis of Regional Aerosol Optical Depth Changes in National-Level Urban Agglomerations in China Using Modis Collection 6.1 Datasets from 2001 to 2017
Escherichia hermannii Infections in Humans: A Systematic Review
Study on Lifestyle Evaluation Systems for the Health of Chinese Elderly
Enhancing Oscillation Damping in an Interconnected Power System with Integrated Wind Farms Using Unified Power Flow Controller
Club Convergence and Factors of Per Capita Transportation Carbon Emissions in China
Analysis of the Effects of Arc Volt–Ampere Characteristics on Different Loads and Detection Methods of Series Arc Faults
Arf GAPs as Regulators of the Actin Cytoskeleton—An Update
Simple and Efficient Computational Intelligence Strategies for Effective Collaborative Decisions
Design and Synthesis of a Chitodisaccharide-Based Affinity Resin for Chitosanases Purification
Pick and Place Operations in Logistics Using a Mobile Manipulator Controlled with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Exploration of the Effect of Blue Light on Functional Metabolite Accumulation in Longan Embryonic Calli via RNA Sequencing
The ‘Amoeboid Predator-Fungal Animal Virulence’ Hypothesis
MicroRNA-4719 and microRNA-6756-5p Correlate with Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Progression through Interleukin-24 Regulation
Structure and Mechanism of the Divalent Anion/Na+ Symporter
Investigating the Impact Factors of the Logistics Service Supply Chain for Sustainable Performance: Focused on Integrators
Antibacterial Composites of Cuprous Oxide Nanoparticles and Polyethylene
Does High-Quality Preschool Benefit Children? What the Research Shows
Recent Progress in Green Cement Technology Utilizing Low-Carbon Emission Fuels and Raw Materials: A Review
Addressable Refraction and Curved Soliton Waveguides Using Electric Interfaces
Analysis of Different Strategies for Lowering the Operation Temperature in Existing District Heating Networks
Attitudes of Local Communities towards Marula Tree (Sclerocarya birrea subsp. caffra) Conservation at the Villages of Ha-Mashau and Ha-Mashamba in Limpopo Province, South Africa
Optimizing Nitrogen Options for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Rice under Different Water Regimes
Effects of Tea Saponin Supplementation on Nutrient Digestibility, Methanogenesis, and Ruminal Microbial Flora in Dorper Crossbred Ewe
Combination Analysis of Future Polar-Type Gravity Mission and GRACE Follow-On
The Demographic Diversity of Food Intake and Prevalence of Kidney Stone Diseases in the Indian Continent
Extraction Behaviour and Income Inequalities Resulting from a Common Pool Resource Exploitation
A New Multi-Bit Flip-Flop Merging Mechanism for Power Consumption Reduction in the Physical Implementation Stage of ICs Conception
Gut Microbiota and Predicted Metabolic Pathways in a Sample of Mexican Women Affected by Obesity and Obesity Plus Metabolic Syndrome
Study of Structure and Mechanical Properties of Fine-Grained Aluminum Alloys Al-0.6wt.%Mg-Zr-Sc with Ratio Zr:Sc = 1.5 Obtained by Cold Drawing
Pre-Service Teachers’ Knowledge of Relational Structure of Physics Concepts: Finding Key Concepts of Electricity and Magnetism
The Oncogene Addiction Switch from NOTCH to PI3K Requires Simultaneous Targeting of NOTCH and PI3K Pathway Inhibition in Glioblastoma
Lectin Sequence Distribution in QTLs from Rice (Oryza sativa) Suggest a Role in Morphological Traits and Stress Responses
Non-Empirical BEM Corrections Relating to Angular and Axial Momentum Conservation
Refined Two-Stage Programming Approach of Phase Unwrapping for Multi-Baseline SAR Interferograms Using the Unscented Kalman Filter
Conceptualizing the Interaction of Buddhism and Daoism in the Tang Dynasty: Inner Cultivation and Outer Authority in the Daode Jing Commentaries of Cheng Xuanying and Li Rong
A Pattern-Based Approach for Detecting Pneumatic Failures on Temporary Immersion Bioreactors
Dialysis or a Plant-Based Diet in Advanced CKD in Pregnancy? A Case Report and Critical Appraisal of the Literature
Optical Properties of Au-Based and Pt-Based Alloys for Infrared Device Applications: A Combined First Principle and Electromagnetic Simulation Study
A 3D Point Cloud Filtering Method for Leaves Based on Manifold Distance and Normal Estimation
The Influence on Response of a Combined Capacitance Sensor in Horizontal Oil–Water Two-Phase Flow
Virtual Synchronous Control Based on Control Winding Orientation for Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator (BDFIG) Wind Turbines Under Symmetrical Grid Faults
Evaluation of Informative Bands Used in Different PLS Regressions for Estimating Leaf Biochemical Contents from Hyperspectral Reflectance
Spreadsheets as Interoperability Solution for Business Process Representation
Adjunctive Effects of a Sub-Antimicrobial Dose of Doxycycline on Clinical Parameters and Potential Biomarkers of Periodontal Tissue Catabolism
Influence of Demographics on Consumer Preferences for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Review of Choice Modelling Studies and a Study in Portugal
The Existence of Symmetric Positive Solutions of Fourth-Order Elastic Beam Equations
Examining Customer–Brand Relationships: A Critical Approach to Empirical Models on Brand Attachment, Love, and Engagement
Expression of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1α (HIF-1α) and Genes of Related Pathways in Altered Gravity
Time–Scale Relationship between Securitized Real Estate and Local Stock Markets: Some Wavelet Evidence
A BESS Sizing Strategy for Primary Frequency Regulation Support of Solar Photovoltaic Plants
Cause Related Marketing among Millennial Consumers: The Role of Trust and Loyalty in the Food Industry
Evaluation of Different Machine Learning Methods and Deep-Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for Landslide Detection
Behaviour of Tetrabenazine in Acid Medium: Reassessment and Impact on Formulation
Combination of Different Fecal Immunochemical Tests in Colorectal Cancer Screening: Any Gain in Diagnostic Performance?
Effect of Extreme Climate on Topology of Railway Prestressed Concrete Sleepers
Three-Dimensional Monitoring of Plant Structural Parameters and Chlorophyll Distribution
Engineering Planar Transverse Domain Walls in Biaxial Magnetic Nanostrips by Tailoring Transverse Magnetic Fields with Uniform Orientation
Differential Equation-Based Prediction Model for Early Change Detection in Transient Running Status
Co-Association Matrix-Based Multi-Layer Fusion for Community Detection in Attributed Networks
Graviton Spectrum in Simplified Dark Matter Models with Graviton Mediators in the de Sitter Space
Without Why: Useless Plants in Daoism and Christianity
Experimentation Management in the Co-Created Smart-City: Incentivization and Citizen Engagement
Abyssal Serpentinites: Transporting Halogens from Earth’s Surface to the Deep Mantle
Fabrication and Highly Efficient Dye Removal Characterization of Beta-Cyclodextrin-Based Composite Polymer Fibers by Electrospinning
Sol-gel Syntheses of Photocatalysts for the Removal of Pharmaceutical Products in Water
Visible-Light Camera Sensor-Based Presentation Attack Detection for Face Recognition by Combining Spatial and Temporal Information
How Does Urban Rail Transit Influence Residential Property Values? Evidence from An Emerging Chinese Megacity
Evaluation of a Wi-Fi Signal Based System for Freeway Traffic States Monitoring: An Exploratory Field Test
An Investigation of Potential Sources of Nutraceuticals from the Niger Delta Areas, Nigeria for Attenuating Oxidative Stress
The Incorporation of Host Proteins into the External HIV-1 Envelope
Correction Workers’ Burnout and Outcomes: A Bayesian Network Approach
Research on Theoretical Calculation Methods of Photovoltaic Power Short-Circuit Current and Influencing Factors of Its Fault Characteristics
Setting Characteristics, Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Cement Pastes Containing Accelerators Mixed with Superabsorbent Polymers (SAPs): An NMR Study Combined with Additional Methods
Functionalized Cellulose Nanocrystal Nanocomposite Membranes with Controlled Interfacial Transport for Improved Reverse Osmosis Performance
Solution Combustion Synthesis of Cr2O3 Nanoparticles and the Catalytic Performance for Dehydrofluorination of 1,1,1,3,3-Pentafluoropropane to 1,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene
Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Multi-Criteria Yield Prediction of Winter Rapeseed
A Precautionary Approach to Guide the Use of Transition Metal-Based Nanotechnology to Prevent Orthopedic Infections
Use of Grafted Voltage Stabilizer to Enhance Dielectric Strength of Cross-Linked Polyethylene
The Conditions Under Which Piracetam Is Used and the Factors That Can Improve National Institute of Health Stroke Scale Score in Ischemic Stroke Patients and the Importance of Previously Unnoticed Factors From a Hospital-Based Observational Study in Taiwan
Fixpointed Idempotent Uninorm (Based) Logics
Evaluation of the Effect of a Growing up Milk Lite vs. Cow’s Milk on Diet Quality and Dietary Intakes in Early Childhood: The Growing up Milk Lite (GUMLi) Randomised Controlled Trial
Infrared-Inertial Navigation for Commercial Aircraft Precision Landing in Low Visibility and GPS-Denied Environments
Generating All 36,864 Four-Color Adinkras via Signed Permutations and Organizing into - and ˜-Equivalence Classes
Current Trends in Fabrication of Biomaterials for Bone and Cartilage Regeneration: Materials Modifications and Biophysical Stimulations
The Four-Parameter PSS Method for Solving the Sylvester Equation
Multi-Response Optimization of Electrical Discharge Machining Using the Desirability Function
Meta-Analysis of Human IgG anti-HEV Seroprevalence in Industrialized Countries and a Review of Literature
Calculating Nodal Voltages Using the Admittance Matrix Spectrum of an Electrical Network
Dynamics of Laterality in Lake Tanganyika Scale-Eaters Driven by Cross-Predation
Recent Progress in the Design of 4G/5G Reconfigurable Filters
Application of Prostate Cancer Models for Preclinical Study: Advantages and Limitations of Cell Lines, Patient-Derived Xenografts, and Three-Dimensional Culture of Patient-Derived Cells
Simultaneous Lateral Flow Immunoassay for Multi-Class Chemical Contaminants in Maize and Peanut with One-Stop Sample Preparation
Effect of Insulation on the Performance of a Rotary Bioreactor for Composting Agricultural Residues
Platinum Resistance in Ovarian Cancer: Role of DNA Repair
A Novel Fabricating Process of Catalytic Gas Sensor Based on Droplet Generating Technology
Extracellular Vesicle-Mediated Cell–Cell Communication in the Nervous System: Focus on Neurological Diseases
Investigation on the Mechanical Properties and Post-Cracking Behavior of Polyolefin Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Transients as the Basis for Information Flow in Complex Adaptive Systems
Understanding Pro-Environmental Behavior in the US: Insights from Grid-Group Cultural Theory and Cognitive Sociology
Increased As Adsorption on Maghemite-Containing Red Mud Prepared by the Alkali Fusion-Leaching Method
Spatial Analysis of Social Vulnerability to Floods Based on the MOVE Framework and Information Entropy Method: Case Study of Katsushika Ward, Tokyo
Characterization of Hydraulic Heterogeneity of Alluvial Aquifer Using Natural Stimuli: A Field Experience of Northern Italy
An Embedded Systems Perspective in Conceptualizing Canada’s Healthcare Sustainability
Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Physical and Psychological Health: Lifestyle as a Mediator
Effect of Lubricating Phase on Microstructure and Properties of Cu–Fe Friction Materials
The Effect of Psyllium Husk on Intestinal Microbiota in Constipated Patients and Healthy Controls
Stepwise Synthesis, Hydrogen-Bonded Supramolecular Structure, and Magnetic Property of a Co–Mn Heterodinuclear Complex
Oral Administration of Fermented Papaya (FPP®) Controls the Growth of a Murine Melanoma through the In Vivo Induction of a Natural Antioxidant Response
Expanding Student Engagement in Sustainability: Using SDG- and CEL-Focused Inventories to Transform Curriculum at the University of Toronto
Effect of Herbaceous Layer Interference on the Post-Fire Regeneration of a Serotinous Pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) across Two Seedling Ages
Synthesis and Characterization of AlCoCrFeNiNbx High-Entropy Alloy Coatings by Laser Cladding
Development of a New Ultra-High-Precision Magnetic Abrasive Finishing for Wire Material Using a Rotating Magnetic Field
The Effects of Chlorinated Drinking Water on the Assembly of the Intestinal Microbiome
Technological Innovation in Biomass Energy for the Sustainable Growth of Textile Industry
A Barter Economy in Tumors: Exchanging Metabolites through Gap Junctions
Effect of Heat Treatment Condition on the Flow Behavior and Recrystallization Mechanisms of Aluminum Alloy 7055
Facility Location Problem Approach for Distributed Drones
A Web Service-Oriented Geoprocessing System for Supporting Intelligent Land Cover Change Detection
Relationship between Soil Salinization and Groundwater Hydration in Yaoba Oasis, Northwest China
A Diagnostic Device for In-Situ Detection of Swine Viral Diseases: The SWINOSTICS Project
Development and Validation of a LC–MS/MS-Based Assay for Quantification of Free and Total Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids from Human Plasma
The Role of Diversity on Linear Scattering Operator: The Case of Strip Scatterers Observed under the Fresnel Approximation
Retraction: Bruder, L. et al. Transcatheter Decellularized Tissue-Engineered Heart Valve (dTEHV) Grown on Polyglycolic Acid (PGA) Scaffold Coated with P4HB Shows Improved Functionality over 52 Weeks due to Polyether-Ether-Ketone (PEEK) Insert. J. Funct. Biomater. 2018, 9(4), 64
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Medicina in 2018
Model-Based Cost Optimization of Double-Effect Water-Lithium Bromide Absorption Refrigeration Systems
Interactions of Self-Assembled Bletilla Striata Polysaccharide Nanoparticles with Bovine Serum Albumin and Biodistribution of Its Docetaxel-Loaded Nanoparticles
Resistance to Cereal Cyst Nematodes in Wheat and Barley: An Emphasis on Classical and Modern Approaches
Non-Targeted Metabolomics Reveals Sorghum Rhizosphere-Associated Exudates are Influenced by the Belowground Interaction of Substrate and Sorghum Genotype
Demand for Stream Mitigation in Colorado, USA
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Symmetry in 2018
A Novel System for Wind Speed Forecasting Based on Multi-Objective Optimization and Echo State Network
The Role of a Manager’s Intangible Capabilities in Resource Acquisition and Sustainable Competitive Performance
Influence of OSMAC-Based Cultivation in Metabolome and Anticancer Activity of Fungi Associated with the Brown Alga Fucus vesiculosus
Synergetic Aerosol Layer Observation After the 2015 Calbuco Volcanic Eruption Event
Traditional Uses, Botany, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics and Toxicology of Xanthium strumarium L.: A Review
Properties of Nitrogen/Silicon Doped Vertically Oriented Graphene Produced by ICP CVD Roll-to-Roll Technology
Interest and Applicability of Meta-Heuristic Algorithms in the Electrical Parameter Identification of Multiphase Machines
Effect of Polymer Phase Transition Behavior on Temperature-Responsive Polymer-Modified Liposomes for siRNA Transfection
Landscape-Scale Mixtures of Tree Species are More Effective than Stand-Scale Mixtures for Biodiversity of Vascular Plants, Bryophytes and Lichens
Complexity Theory: An Overview with Potential Applications for the Social Sciences
Low-Cost, High-Performance Fiber Optic Fabry–Perot Sensor for Ultrasonic Wave Detection
Tripleurin XIIc: Peptide Folding Dynamics in Aqueous and Hydrophobic Environment Mimic Using Accelerated Molecular Dynamics
Nonlocal Tensor Sparse Representation and Low-Rank Regularization for Hyperspectral Image Compressive Sensing Reconstruction
A Miniaturized Circularly-Polarized Antenna for In-Body Wireless Communications
Effect of Compression Ratio of Graphite Felts on the Performance of an All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
Chiralspin Symmetry and Its Implications for QCD
Quantifying Joule Heating and Mass Transport in Metal Nanowires during Controlled Electromigration
Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Similarity Measurements-Based Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
The Sensitivity of Grating-Based SPR Sensors with Wavelength Interrogation
Integrated Control Strategy for Inductive Power Transfer Systems with Primary-Side LCC Network for Load-Average Efficiency Improvement
Temporal and Spatial Variability in Surface Air Temperature and Diurnal Temperature Range in Spain over the Period 1950–2011
Rare Earth Hydroxide as a Precursor for Controlled Fabrication of Uniform β-NaYF4 Nanoparticles: A Novel, Low Cost, and Facile Method
Surveying Human Habit Modeling and Mining Techniques in Smart Spaces
Removal of HFC-134a from Brackish Water Using a Semi Batch Jet Loop Reactor
Bayesian Analysis of Femtosecond Pump-Probe Photoelectron-Photoion Coincidence Spectra with Fluctuating Laser Intensities
Small Manhole Cover Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
A Fiber Optic Ultrasonic Sensing System for High Temperature Monitoring Using Optically Generated Ultrasonic Waves
Design of Prototype Formulations for In Vitro Dermal Delivery of the Natural Antioxidant Ferulic Acid Based on Ethosomal Colloidal Systems
H.E.S.S. Monitoring of PKS 2155-304 in 2015 and 2016
Why Do Sustainable Mergers Fail to Manage Entrepreneurship?
Remote Sampling with Applications to General Entanglement Simulation
Completness of Statistical Structures
A Hybrid Current Mode Controller with Fast Response Characteristics for Super Capacitor Applications
Why Are Corporations Willing to Take on Public CSR? An Organizational Traits Approach
On a Z2n-Graded Version of Supersymmetry
A Brief Review on the Recent Experimental Advances in Thermal Rectification at the Nanoscale
A Multi-Hop LoRa Linear Sensor Network for the Monitoring of Underground Environments: The Case of the Medieval Aqueducts in Siena, Italy
Screen-Printed, Pure Carbon-Black Thermocouple Fabrication and Seebeck Coefficients
Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection via Dictionary Construction-Based Low-Rank Representation and Adaptive Weighting
Magnetic Mixed Micelles Composed of a Non-Ionic Surfactant and Nitroxide Radicals Containing a d-Glucosamine Unit: Preparation, Stability, and Biomedical Application
Micellisation Mechanism and Behaviour of Soluplus®–Furosemide Micelles: Preformulation Studies of an Oral Nanocarrier-Based System
BAP1 Status Determines the Sensitivity of Malignant Mesothelioma Cells to Gemcitabine Treatment
Homocysteine: A Potential Biomarker for Diabetic Retinopathy
Imaging of Metastatic Cancer Cells in Sentinel Lymph Nodes using Affibody Probes and Possibility of a Theranostic Approach
Discrimination of Structural and Immunological Features of Polysaccharides from Persimmon Leaves at Different Maturity Stages
Decidual Interleukin-22-Producing CD4+ T Cells (Th17/Th0/IL-22+ and Th17/Th2/IL-22+, Th2/IL-22+, Th0/IL-22+), Which Also Produce IL-4, Are Involved in the Success of Pregnancy
Architecture of a Dispersed Gamification System for Tourist Attractions
Preparation of La0.7Ca0.3−xSrxMnO3 Manganites by Four Synthesis Methods and Their Influence on the Magnetic Properties and Relative Cooling Power
Foam Rolling of the Calf and Anterior Thigh: Biomechanical Loads and Acute Effects on Vertical Jump Height and Muscle Stiffness
Space‒Time Evolution Analysis of the Nanjing Metro Network Based on a Complex Network
Optimal Power Flow Controller for Grid-Connected Microgrids using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm
Evaluating an Oral Health Education Intervention in Chinese Undocumented Migrant Mothers of Infants in Northern Ireland
Free Space Optic Receiver with Strongly Overlapped Photodetectors’ Field of View
An Improved Adaptive Compensation H∞ Filtering Method for the SINS’ Transfer Alignment Under a Complex Dynamic Environment
Vonoprazan-Based Third-Line Therapy Has a Higher Eradication Rate against Sitafloxacin-Resistant Helicobacter pylori
Improved Arabic–Chinese Machine Translation with Linguistic Input Features
Exploiting the Therapeutic Potential of Endogenous Immunomodulatory Systems in Multiple Sclerosis—Special Focus on the Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors (PPARs) and the Kynurenines
Recent Developments in the Functionalization of Betulinic Acid and Its Natural Analogues: A Route to New Bioactive Compounds
Effect of TiO2 Sol and PTFE Emulsion on Properties of Cu–Sn Antiwear and Friction Reduction Coatings
What Sustainable Development Goals Do Social Innovations Address? A Systematic Review and Content Analysis of Social Innovation Literature
Morphology Evolution and Rheological Behaviors of PP/SR Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
Classification of Liver Diseases Based on Ultrasound Image Texture Features
Comparative Analysis of the Energy Sector Development Trends and Forecast of Final Energy Demand in the Baltic States
Integrating 16S rRNA Sequencing and LC–MS-Based Metabolomics to Evaluate the Effects of Live Yeast on Rumen Function in Beef Cattle
An Adaptive Frequency Phase-Locked Loop Based on a Third Order Generalized Integral
A Proteome Approach Reveals Differences between Fertile Women and Patients with Repeated Implantation Failure on Endometrial Level—Does hCG Render the Endometrium of RIF Patients?
District Heating Challenges for the UK
Selenium Distribution and Translocation in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) under Different Naturally Seleniferous Soils
Measurements and Modeling of the Full Rain Drop Size Distribution
Postprandial Effects of Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) Consumption on Glucose Metabolism, Gastrointestinal Hormone Response, and Perceived Appetite in Healthy Adults: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Crossover Trial
Selective Targeting of the Interconversion between Glucosylceramide and Ceramide by Scaffold Tailoring of Iminosugar Inhibitors
Multifaceted Role of PheDof12-1 in the Regulation of Flowering Time and Abiotic Stress Responses in Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis)
Consideration of Level of Confidence within Multi-Approach Satellite-Derived Bathymetry
Antifouling (Bio)materials for Electrochemical (Bio)sensing
Pozzolanic Potential and Mechanical Performance of Wheat Straw Ash Incorporated Sustainable Concrete
Awareness and Attitudes Regarding Industrial Food Fortification in Mongolia and Harbin
A Mobile Crowd Sensing Application for Hypertensive Patients
Evaluation of the Recipe Function in Popular Dietary Smartphone Applications, with Emphasize on Features Relevant for Nutrition Assessment in Large-Scale Studies
The Diversity of Encephalitogenic CD4+ T Cells in Multiple Sclerosis and Its Animal Models
Deep-Blue and Hybrid-White Organic Light Emitting Diodes Based on a Twisting Carbazole-Benzofuro[2,3-b]Pyrazine Fluorescent Emitter
Multi-Source Based Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Snow in a Semi-Arid Headwater Catchment of Northern Mongolia
Ultrasonic Peening Treatment Used to Improve Stress Corrosion Resistance of AlSi10Mg Components Fabricated Using Selective Laser Melting
Detection and Localization of Water Leaks in Water Nets Supported by an ICT System with Artificial Intelligence Methods as a Way Forward for Smart Cities
Analytical Analysis of a Novel Brushless Hybrid Excited Adjustable Speed Eddy Current Coupling
Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Bearings Based on Energy Levels in Frequency Bands Using Wavelet and Support Vector Machines (SVM)
Effects of Cross-Training on Medical Teams’ Teamwork and Collaboration: Use of Simulation
A Two-Layer Component-Based Allocation for Embedded Systems with GPUs
Preventive Effect of Alkaloids from Lotus plumule on Acute Liver Injury in Mice
Linear and Nonlinear Intersubband Optical Properties of Direct Band Gap GeSn Quantum Dots
Correction: Tendler, M., et al. Current Status of the Sm14/GLA-SE Schistosomiasis Vaccine: Overcoming Barriers and Paradigms towards the First Anti-Parasitic Human(itarian) Vaccine. Trop. Med. Infect. Dis. 2018, 3, 121
Growth, Physiological, Biochemical, and Transcriptional Responses to Drought Stress in Seedlings of Medicago sativa L., Medicago arborea L. and Their Hybrid (Alborea)
Design and Analysis of the Use of Re-Purposed Electric Vehicle Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage in Canada
Ganoderma boninense Disease of Oil Palm to Significantly Reduce Production After 2050 in Sumatra if Projected Climate Change Occurs
Fog Computing for Internet of Things (IoT)-Aided Smart Grid Architectures
Transfection with GLS2 Glutaminase (GAB) Sensitizes Human Glioblastoma Cell Lines to Oxidative Stress by a Common Mechanism Involving Suppression of the PI3K/AKT Pathway
Titania Nanotubes/Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites Produced with the Use of the Atomic Layer Deposition Technique: Estimation of Bioactivity and Nanomechanical Properties
MoSa: A Modeling and Sentiment Analysis System for Mobile Application Big Data
Dispersion of the Retardation of a Photoelastic Modulator
Synthesis and Gelling Abilities of Polyfunctional Cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylic Acid Bisamides: Influence of the Hydroxyl Groups
Quantitative Quality Evaluation of Software Products by Considering Summary and Comments Entropy of a Reported Bug
Rapid Flood Progress Monitoring in Cropland with NASA SMAP
Prognostic Role of High-Grade Tumor Budding in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis with a Focus on Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition
Telomere Biology and Human Phenotype
A Victorivirus and Two Novel Mitoviruses Co-Infected the Plant Pathogen Nigrospora oryzae
Clinical and Rehabilitative Predictors of Peak Oxygen Uptake Following Cardiac Transplantation
Expression of Proteolytic Enzymes by Small Cell Lung Cancer Circulating Tumor Cell Lines
Influence of Nitrogen Admixture on Plasma Characteristics in a dc Argon Glow Discharge and in Afterglow
Vibration Induced Transport of Enclosed Droplets
First Macro-Colonizers and Survivors Around Tagoro Submarine Volcano, Canary Islands, Spain
Towards Unraveling the Histone Code by Fragment Blind Docking
Peptide-Based Drug-Delivery Systems in Biotechnological Applications: Recent Advances and Perspectives
Description of Process and Content of Online Dementia Coaching for Family Caregivers of Persons with Dementia
Functional Characterization of Ubiquitin-Like Core Autophagy Protein ATG12 in Dictyostelium discoideum
A Cross-Sectional Survey on the Impact of Irrelevant Speech Noise on Annoyance, Mental Health and Well-being, Performance and Occupants’ Behavior in Shared and Open-Plan Offices
Geographic Distribution of Avirulence Genes of the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae in the Philippines
Convergent Evolution of the Seed Shattering Trait
Epigenomics of Pancreatic Cancer: A Critical Role for Epigenome-Wide Studies
Forests’ First Decade: A Bibliometric Analysis Overview
Soil Moisture Remote Sensing across Scales
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Designs in 2018
Metallurgical Analysis of Chip Forming Process when Machining High Strength Bainitic Steels
Comprehensive Hydraulic Improvement and Parametric Analysis of a Francis Turbine Runner
Novel Protein-Based Pneumococcal Vaccines: Assessing the Use of Distinct Protein Fragments Instead of Full-Length Proteins as Vaccine Antigens
A Physiological Sensor-Based Android Application Synchronized with a Driving Simulator for Driver Monitoring
Impaired Liver Size and Compromised Neurobehavioral Activity are Elicited by Chitosan Nanoparticles in the Zebrafish Embryo Model
Enhanced Efficiency of MAPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells with FAPbX3 Perovskite Quantum Dots
Greenhouse Soil Biosolarization with Tomato Plant Debris as a Unique Fertilizer for Tomato Crops
Application of Permeation Enhancers in Oral Delivery of Macromolecules: An Update
Inhibition of T Cell Receptor Activation by Semi-Synthetic Sesquiterpene Lactone Derivatives and Molecular Modeling of Their Interaction with Glutathione and Tyrosine Kinase ZAP-70
Assessing the Opportunities and Challenges of Green Finance in Italy: An Analysis of the Biomass Production Sector
The Effects of Infrastructure Service Disruptions and Socio-Economic Vulnerability on Hurricane Recovery
Influence of Ball-Burnishing Process on Surface Topography Parameters and Tribological Properties of Hardened Steel
Analysis of Melt Pool Characteristics and Process Parameters Using a Coaxial Monitoring System during Directed Energy Deposition in Additive Manufacturing
Economic Value of Improving Natural Gas Supply Reliability for Residential Consumers in South Korea
Hibiscus sabdariffa Meal Improves Iron Status of Childbearing Age Women and Prevents Stunting in Their Toddlers in Northern Ghana
Dietary Intake Reporting Accuracy of the Bridge2U Mobile Application Food Log Compared to Control Meal and Dietary Recall Methods
Mechanistic Computational Models of MicroRNA-Mediated Signaling Networks in Human Diseases
A Variable Acceptance Sampling Plan under Neutrosophic Statistical Interval Method
Mathematical Modeling of Tissue Folding and Asymmetric Tissue Flow during Epithelial Morphogenesis
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of MAKE in 2018
Internal Flow in an Enhanced Tube Having Square-cut Twisted Tape Insert
Activation of Human Dendritic Cells by Ascophyllan Purified from Ascophyllum nodosum
Marine Polysaccharide-Collagen Coatings on Ti6Al4V Alloy Formed by Self-Assembly
Transient Kinetic Experiments within the High Conversion Domain: The Case of Ammonia Decomposition
Introducing Urban Overheating—Progress on Mitigation Science and Engineering Applications
Microcarriers Based on Glycosaminoglycan-Like Marine Exopolysaccharide for TGF-β1 Long-Term Protection
Provitamin A Carotenoids, Tocopherols, Ascorbic Acid and Minerals in Indigenous Leafy Vegetables from Tanzania
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Electronics in 2018
Do Obese Children Achieve Maximal Heart Rate during Treadmill Running?
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of ChemEngineering in 2018
Calcium: A Critical Factor in Pollen Germination and Tube Elongation
Fabrication of Gelatin Methacrylate (GelMA) Scaffolds with Nano- and Micro-Topographical and Morphological Features
Inhibitive Properties of Benzyldimethyldodecylammonium Chloride on Microbial Corrosion of 304 Stainless Steel in a Desulfovibrio desulfuricans-Inoculated Medium
Side-Polished Fiber-Optic Line Sensor for High-Frequency Broadband Ultrasound Detection
Secretory Laccase from Pestalotiopsis Species CDBT-F-G1 Fungal Strain Isolated from High Altitude: Optimization of Its Production and Characterization
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Separations in 2018
Expressing Double-Stranded RNAs of Insect Hormone-Related Genes Enhances Baculovirus Insecticidal Activity
Sex Differences and Psychological Factors Associated with General Health Examinations Participation: Results from a Vietnamese Cross-Section Dataset
A Random Walk Based Cluster Ensemble Approach for Data Integration and Cancer Subtyping
Hypoxic Radioresistance: Can ROS Be the Key to Overcome It?
Uncovering Differentially Methylated Regions (DMRs) in a Salt-Tolerant Rice Variety under Stress: One Step towards New Regulatory Regions for Enhanced Salt Tolerance
Prognostic Relevance of RIP140 and ERβ Expression in Unifocal Versus Multifocal Breast Cancers: A Preliminary Report
Social Engagement and Elderly Health in China: Evidence from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Survey (CHARLS)
Computational Investigation of Tuning the Electron-Donating Ability in Metal-Free Organic Dyes Featuring an Azobenzene Spacer for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Writing Histone Monoubiquitination in Human Malignancy—The Role of RING Finger E3 Ubiquitin Ligases
Impacts of Urban Green Landscape Patterns on Land Surface Temperature: Evidence from the Adjacent Area of Olympic Forest Park of Beijing, China
Literate Shamanism: The Priests Called Then among the Tày in Guangxi and Northern Vietnam
Systematic Implementation of Multi-Phase Power Supply (Three to Six) Conversion System
The Power of Massage in Children with Cancer—How Can We Do Effective Research?
Wheat Albumin Increases the Ratio of Fat to Carbohydrate Oxidation during the Night in Healthy Participants: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Synergistic Mechanism of Rare-Earth Modification TiO2 and Photodegradation on Benzohydroxamic Acid
The Synthesis of 3H-Labelled 8-Azido-N6-Benzyladenine and Related Compounds for Photoaffinity Labelling of Cytokinin-Binding Proteins
Efficient Selection of Antibodies Reactive to Homologous Epitopes on Human and Mouse Hepatocyte Growth Factors by Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Analysis of the B Cell Repertoire
Histone Acetylation Promotes Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation
Short-Term Wind Power Prediction Based on Improved Chicken Algorithm Optimization Support Vector Machine
Revealing the Presence of a Symbolic Sequence Representing Multiple Nucleotides Based on K-Means Clustering of Oligonucleotides
A Review on a Deep Learning Perspective in Brain Cancer Classification
Peptides for Skin Protection and Healing in Amphibians
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Coatings in 2018
Electrolyte-Supported Fuel Cell: Co-Sintering Effects of Layer Deposition on Biaxial Strength
Does Employees’ Participation in Decision Making Increase the level of Corporate Social and Environmental Sustainability? An Investigation in South Asia
Composite Magnetic Photocatalyst Bi5O7I/MnxZn1−xFe2O4: Hydrothermal-Roasting Preparation and Excellent Photocatalytic Activity
Integrated Assessment Method of Emergency Plan for Sudden Water Pollution Accidents Based on Improved TOPSIS, Shannon Entropy and a Coordinated Development Degree Model
Experimental Analysis of the Influence of Factors Acting on the Layer Thickness Formed by Anodic Oxidation of Aluminium
Some Similarity Solutions and Numerical Solutions to the Time-Fractional Burgers System
A Turbulence-Oriented Approach to Retrieve Various Atmospheric Parameters Using Advanced Lidar Data Processing Techniques
WRKYs, the Jack-of-various-Trades, Modulate Dehydration Stress in Populus davidiana—A Transcriptomic Approach
Dietary Protein, Kidney Function and Mortality: Review of the Evidence from Epidemiological Studies
Coordinated Dialogue between UHRF1 and DNMT1 to Ensure Faithful Inheritance of Methylated DNA Patterns
Deep Learning Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction of Road Markings Using Multiview Aerial Imagery
A New Approach for Improving the Antibacterial and Tumor Cytotoxic Activities of Pipemidic Acid by Including It in Trimethyl-β-cyclodextrin
Residual Biomass from Dutch Riverine Areas—From Waste to Ecosystem Service
Application of pH-Responsive Fucoidan/Chitosan Nanoparticles to Improve Oral Quercetin Delivery
Adaptive Framework for the Delineation of Homogeneous Forest Areas Based on LiDAR Points
In transition … Where to? Rethinking Life Stages and Intergenerational Relations of Italian Youth
A Novel Interval Three-Way Concept Lattice Model with Its Application in Medical Diagnosis
Understanding Changes in Tomato Cell Walls in Roots and Fruits: The Contribution of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Colonization
Fisher-Type Fixed Point Results in b-Metric Spaces
EPA and DHA Inhibit Myogenesis and Downregulate the Expression of Muscle-related Genes in C2C12 Myoblasts
Genomic and Transcriptomic Changes that Mediate Increased Platinum Resistance in Cupriavidus metallidurans
Multi-Layer Application of Self-Etch and Universal Adhesives and the Effect on Dentin Bond Strength
Establishment of an Alphavirus-Specific Neutralization Assay to Distinguish Infections with Different Members of the Semliki Forest Complex
Mid-Infrared Tunable Laser-Based Broadband Fingerprint Absorption Spectroscopy for Trace Gas Sensing: A Review
The Relationship between Objectively Measured and Self-Reported Sedentary Behaviours and Social Connectedness among Adolescents
Prohibitins: A Critical Role in Mitochondrial Functions and Implication in Diseases
The Impact of Recreational Activities on Aquatic Vegetation in Alpine Lakes
How Does CSR Activity Affect Sustainable Growth and Value of Corporations? Evidence from Korea
The Improvement of Flaw Detection by the Configuration of Uniform Eddy Current Probes
ZIF-8-Derived Hollow Carbon for Efficient Adsorption of Antibiotics
A Two-Stage Method for Parameter Identification of a Nonlinear System in a Microbial Batch Process
The Politics of Selection: Towards a Transformative Model of Environmental Innovation
On the Substitutability between Paid-employment and Self-employment: Evidence from the Period 1969–2014 in the United States
Improved Raoultella planticola Strains for the Production of 2,3-Butanediol from Glycerol
A Strategic Analysis of Cargolux Airlines International Position in the Global Air Cargo Supply Chain Using Porter’s Five Forces Model
Communication and Household Adoption of Heating Products in Hungary
Efficient Retirement Portfolios: Using Life Insurance to Meet Income and Bequest Goals in Retirement
Ensemble and Deep Learning for Language-Independent Automatic Selection of Parallel Data
A High-Quality De novo Genome Assembly from a Single Mosquito Using PacBio Sequencing
The Dependence of Unemployment of the Senior Workforce upon Explanatory Variables in the European Union in the Context of Industry 4.0
Protective Effect of Low Molecular Weight Seleno-Aminopolysaccharide on the Intestinal Mucosal Oxidative Damage
Visible-Light Driven TiO2 Photocatalyst Coated with Graphene Quantum Dots of Tunable Nitrogen Doping
Ultrathin Functional Polymer Modified Graphene for Enhanced Enzymatic Electrochemical Sensing
The Evaluation of Regional Water-Saving Irrigation Development Level in Humid Regions of Southern China
A Comparison of Ethylene-Tar-Derived Isotropic Pitches Prepared by Air Blowing and Nitrogen Distillation Methods and Their Carbon Fibers
Heat Flux Sources Analysis to the Ross Ice Shelf Polynya Ice Production Time Series and the Impact of Wind Forcing
Land Use Change Trends and Their Driving Forces in the Kilombero Valley Floodplain, Southeastern Tanzania
Performance Assessment of TanDEM-X DEM for Mountain Glacier Elevation Change Detection
Hwangryunhaedok-Tang Exerts Neuropreventive Effect on Memory Impairment by Reducing Cholinergic System Dysfunction and Inflammatory Response in a Vascular Dementia Rat Model
When Social Networks Meet D2D Communications: A Survey
Stability Analysis of Quaternion-Valued Neutral-Type Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delay
Vortex Interactions Subjected to Deformation Flows: A Review
Vanadium Electrolyte for All-Vanadium Redox-Flow Batteries: The Effect of the Counter Ion
Softening the Donor-Set: From [Cu(P^P)(N^N)][PF6] to [Cu(P^P)(N^S)][PF6]
Chain Modeling of Molecular Communications for Body Area Network
Effect of Statin Therapy on Arterial Wall Inflammation Based on 18F-FDG PET/CT: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Interventional Studies
Development of an Outdoor Wave Basin to Conduct Long-Term Model Tests with Real Vegetation for Green Coastal Infrastructures
Using Multiscale Entropy to Assess the Efficacy of Local Cooling on Reactive Hyperemia in People with a Spinal Cord Injury
Implementation Phase Safety System for Minimising Construction Project Waste
The Past, Present, and Future of Barley Yellow Dwarf Management
Data Governance and Sovereignty in Urban Data Spaces Based on Standardized ICT Reference Architectures
Impact of the Operation of a Tri-Band Hydraulic Compactor on the Technical Condition of a Residential Building
Plant-Derived Oleanolic Acid (OA) Ameliorates Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases in a Diet-Induced Pre-Diabetic Rat Model: Effects on Selected Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Facile Preparation of Self-Assembled Polydopamine-Modified Electrospun Fibers for Highly Effective Removal of Organic Dyes
Asynchronous Flipped Grant-Free SCMA for Satellite-Based Internet of Things Communication Networks
Millennials’ Awareness and Approach to Social Responsibility and Investment—Case Study of the Czech Republic
Performance Analysis of a Polling-Based Access Control Combining with the Sleeping Schema in V2I VANETs for Smart Cities
Risk Factors for Snoring in Two Canadian First Nations Communities
Cortical Network Response to Acupuncture and the Effect of the Hegu Point: An fNIRS Study
Arabidopsis CNGC Family Members Contribute to Heavy Metal Ion Uptake in Plants
Synthesis of Structurally Precise Polysiloxanes via the Piers–Rubinsztajn Reaction
Fractional Metric Dimension of Generalized Jahangir Graph
Extractive Poetics: Marine Energies in Scottish Literature
Sustainable Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling Optimization Using a Genetic Algorithm with an Integrated Chromosome Representation
Passive Advection of a Vector Field by Compressible Turbulent Flow: Renormalizations Group Analysis near d = 4
Biocompatibility of Small-Diameter Vascular Grafts in Different Modes of RGD Modification
An Adaptive End-to-End Classification Approach for Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds Based on Knowledge in Urban Scenes
GEOBIA at the Terapixel Scale: Toward Efficient Mapping of Small Woody Features from Heterogeneous VHR Scenes
A Novel Bulk-Optics Scheme for Quantum Walk with High Phase Stability
The Lowermost Tejo River Terrace at Foz do Enxarrique, Portugal: A Palaeoenvironmental Archive from c. 60–35 ka and Its Implications for the Last Neanderthals in Westernmost Iberia
Poincaré and Log–Sobolev Inequalities for Mixtures
Demonstration of Diode-Pumped Yb:LaF3 and Tm,Ho:LaF3 Lasers
Experimental Studies on Chemical Activation of Cementitious Materials from Smelting Slag of Copper and Nickel Mine
Correction: Receiving, or ‘Adopting’, Donated Embryos to Have Children: Parents Narrate and Draw Kinship Boundaries
Detection and Characterization of Cucumis melo Cryptic Virus, Cucumis melo Amalgavirus 1, and Melon Necrotic Spot Virus in Cucumis melo
Baseline Body Mass Predicts Average Depressive Symptoms over the Next Two Decades for White but Not Black Older Adults
Targeting PI3K Signaling in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Well-Dispersed ZnFe2O4 Nanoparticles onto Graphene as Superior Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
Ceramide and Regulation of Vascular Tone
Facile Electrochemical Sensor for Nanomolar Rutin Detection Based on Magnetite Nanoparticles and Reduced Graphene Oxide Decorated Electrode
Distractor-Aware Deep Regression for Visual Tracking
Muhammad, the Jews, and the Composition of the Qur’an: Sacred History and Counter-History
HDAC8 Inhibitor WK2-16 Therapeutically Targets Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Mouse Model of Neuroinflammation and Microglial Activation
Direct Phasing of Protein Crystals with Non-Crystallographic Symmetry
Non-Covalent Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes for Electrochemical Biosensor Development
Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil from Phytolacca dodecandra Collected in Ethiopia
Separation and Enrichment of Antioxidant Peptides from Whey Protein Isolate Hydrolysate by Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction and Aqueous Two-Phase Flotation
Social Capital Associated with Quality of Life among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nanchang, China
Graph Cut-Based Human Body Segmentation in Color Images Using Skeleton Information from the Depth Sensor
A Non-Invasive Procedure for Estimating the Exponential Model Parameters of Bypass Diodes in Photovoltaic Modules
Causality and Renormalization in Finite-Time-Path Out-of-Equilibrium ϕ3 QFT
Concept and Implementation of a Two-Stage Coding Scheme for the Development of Computer-Based Testing (CBT)-Items in Traditional Test Software
The Biophysical Interaction of the Danger-Associated Molecular Pattern (DAMP) Calreticulin with the Pattern-Associated Molecular Pattern (PAMP) Lipopolysaccharide
Energy Routing Control Strategy for Integrated Microgrids Including Photovoltaic, Battery-Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles
UV Photoprotection, Cytotoxicity and Immunology Capacity of Red Algae Extracts
Tetracenomycin X Exerts Antitumour Activity in Lung Cancer Cells through the Downregulation of Cyclin D1
Evolution of an Exponential Polynomial Family of Discrete Dynamical Systems
X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Measurements of Cu-ProIAPP Complexes at Physiological Concentrations
Behavioral Pedestrian Tracking Using a Camera and LiDAR Sensors on a Moving Vehicle
Root and Shoot Biomass Growth of Constructed Floating Wetlands Plants in Saline Environments
Sustainability Education and Organizational Change: A Critical Case Study of Barriers and Change Drivers at a Higher Education Institution
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Particles in 2018
Evaluation of Sampling and Cross-Validation Tuning Strategies for Regional-Scale Machine Learning Classification
Power Allocation Algorithm for an Energy-Harvesting Wireless Transmission System Considering Energy Losses
Bio-Preparation and Regulation of Pyrrole Structure Nano-Pigment Based on Biomimetic Membrane
Sensitivity Analysis of Multistage Compressor Characteristics Under the Spray Atomization Effect Using a CFD Model
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Dentistry Journal in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Methods and Protocols in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Plasma in 2018
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress and Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) in Mammalian Oocyte Maturation and Preimplantation Embryo Development
Molecular Theranostic Agents for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Effect of Zr Doping on the Magnetic and Phase Transition Properties of VO2 Powder
Climate Change-Induced Migration in Coastal Bangladesh? A Critical Assessment of Migration Drivers in Rural Households under Economic and Environmental Stress
Forecasting the Energy Embodied in Construction Services Based on a Combination of Static and Dynamic Hybrid Input-Output Models
Damage Analyses of Replaceable Links in Eccentrically Braced Frame (EBF) Subject to Cyclic Loading
Long-Lived Mantle Plume and Polyphase Evolution of Palaeoproterozoic PGE Intrusions in the Fennoscandian Shield
Dissimilar Metals Laser Welding between DP1000 Steel and Aluminum Alloy 1050
Towards Detection of Glycoproteins Using Molecularly Imprinted Nanoparticles and Boronic Acid-Modified Fluorescent Probe
Formulation and Characterization of Eplerenone Nanoemulsion Liquisolids, An Oral Delivery System with Higher Release Rate and Improved Bioavailability
Arsenic Monitoring in Water by Colorimetry Using an Optimized Leucomalachite Green Method
Genetics and Genomic Regions Affecting Response to Newcastle Disease Virus Infection under Heat Stress in Layer Chickens
Symmetries among Multivariate Information Measures Explored Using Möbius Operators
Active Compounds Derived from Fuzheng Huayu Formula Protect Hepatic Parenchymal Cells from Apoptosis Based on Network Pharmacology and Transcriptomic Analysis
Parallel Lives: A Local-Realistic Interpretation of “Nonlocal” Boxes
The Effect of Prenatal Stress, Proxied by Marital and Paternity Status, on the Risk of Preterm Birth
Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index, Fat Mass Index and the Ageing Bone: Their Singular and Combined Roles Linked to Physical Activity and Diet
Toxic Effect of Acute Cadmium and Lead Exposure in Rat Blood, Liver, and Kidney
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Soft, Flexible Robots: Brief Review with Impending Challenges
Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis: A Comparison between Continuous and Event-Based Modeling of Streamflow Based on the Hydrological Simulation Program–Fortran (HSPF) Model
Information Entropy of Tight-Binding Random Networks with Losses and Gain: Scaling and Universality
Experimental Validation of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics on Generation and Propagation of Water Waves
Characteristic Analysis and Experiment of Adaptive Fiber Optic Current Sensor Technology
SWIR AOTF Imaging Spectrometer Based on Single-pixel Imaging
Experimental Determinations of Mixing Times in the IronArc Pilot Plant Process
An Improved Imaging Algorithm for High-Resolution Spotlight SAR with Continuous PRI Variation Based on Modified Sinc Interpolation
Possible Mechanisms by which Stefin B could Regulate Proteostasis and Oxidative Stress
Organoselenium Compounds as Novel Adjuvants of Chemotherapy Drugs—A Promising Approach to Fight Cancer Drug Resistance
Model Simulation and Prediction of Decadal Mountain Permafrost Distribution Based on Remote Sensing Data in the Qilian Mountains from the 1990s to the 2040s
Optical Classification of the Remote Sensing Reflectance and Its Application in Deriving the Specific Phytoplankton Absorption in Optically Complex Lakes
Historically Illustrating the Shift to Neoliberalism in the U.S. Home Mortgage Market
ADAR1p150 Forms a Complex with Dicer to Promote miRNA-222 Activity and Regulate PTEN Expression in CVB3-Induced Viral Myocarditis
Use of Geospatial Surveillance and Response Systems for Vector-Borne Diseases in the Elimination Phase
A Variation-Aware Design Methodology for Distributed Arithmetic
The Effect of UV Illumination on the Room Temperature Detection of Vaporized Ammonium Nitrate by a ZnO Coated Nanospring-Based Sensor
Tribological Behavior of Titanium Alloy Treated by Nitriding and Surface Texturing Composite Technology
The Role of Angiogenesis and Pro-Angiogenic Exosomes in Regenerative Dentistry
Data-Driven Studies of Li-Ion-Battery Materials
Mechanical Degradation and Thermal Decomposition of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Polymer-Modified Cement Mortar (PCM) Exposed to High-Temperature
Improved Convergence Analysis of Gauss-Newton-Secant Method for Solving Nonlinear Least Squares Problems
Study on Dynamic Monitoring of Wire Rope Tension Based on the Particle Damping Sensor
Rheology of Natural Hydraulic Lime Grouts for Conservation of Stone Masonry—Influence of Compositional and Processing Parameters
Peach Kernel Oil Downregulates Expression of Tissue Factor and Reduces Atherosclerosis in ApoE knockout Mice
Current Status and Major Challenges to the Safety and Efficacy Presented by Chinese Herbal Medicine
Environmental Performance Measures to Assess Building Refurbishment from a Life Cycle Perspective
High-Efficiency Catalytic Conversion of NOx by the Synergy of Nanocatalyst and Plasma: Effect of Mn-Based Bimetallic Active Species
Policy Hotspots for Sustainability: Changes in the EU Regulation of Sustainable Business and Finance
MVT-Like Fluorite Deposits and Oligocene Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluorite–Be–U–Mo–P–V Overprints in Northern Coahuila, Mexico
Progress in Multi-wavelength and Multi-Messenger Observations of Blazars and Theoretical Challenges
Periodic Orbits of Third Kind in the Zonal J2 + J3 Problem
The Future State of Newborn Stem Cell Banking
A Wearable Combined Wrist Pulse Measurement System Using Airbags for Pressurization
Spirulina Liquid Extract Protects against Fibrosis Related to Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis and Increases Ursodeoxycholic Acid
Breast Cancer and Exposure to Organochlorines in the CECILE Study: Associations with Plasma Levels Measured at the Time of Diagnosis and Estimated during Adolescence
Controllable Crimpness of Animal Hairs via Water-Stimulated Shape Fixation for Regulation of Thermal Insulation
Supermarket-Led Development and the Neglect of Traditional Food Value Chains: Reflections on Indonesia’s Agri-Food System Transformation
Comparative Analysis of Protein Quantification Methods for the Rapid Determination of Protein Loading in Liposomal Formulations
Newborn and Infant Hearing Screening Facing Globally Growing Numbers of People Suffering from Disabling Hearing Loss
Metallosupramolecular Polymer Precursor Design for Multi-Element Co-Doped Carbon Shells with Improved Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalytic Activity
Power-Aware Synchronization of a Software Defined Clock
Different Trends in Microbial Contamination between Two Types of Microfiltered Water Dispensers: From Risk Analysis to Consumer Health Preservation
Processes of Cracking and Crushing in Hybrid Fibre Reinforced High-Performance Concrete Slabs
Rationally Designed α-Conotoxin Analogues Maintained Analgesia Activity and Weakened Side Effects
A Deep Neural Network-Based Pain Classifier Using a Photoplethysmography Signal
Experimentation and Predictive Models for Properties of Concrete Added with Active and Inactive SiO2 Fillers
Effect of (Tb+Y)/Al ratio on Microstructure Evolution and Densification Process of (Tb0.6Y0.4)3Al5O12 Transparent Ceramics
Virtual Oscillator Control of Equivalent Voltage-Sourced and Current-Controlled Power Converters
Effects of Qigong Exercise on Non-Motor Symptoms and Inflammatory Status in Parkinson’s Disease: A Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial
Machine-Learning Models for Sales Time Series Forecasting
A Robust Single-Valued Neutrosophic Soft Aggregation Operators in Multi-Criteria Decision Making
Biogeochemical Characterization of Metal Behavior from Novel Mussel Shell Bioreactor Sludge Residues
In Vitro Antithrombotic Properties of Salmon (Salmo salar) Phospholipids in a Novel Food-Grade Extract
Heat Transfer and Its Innovative Applications
GC-MS Metabolomics Reveals Distinct Profiles of Low- and High-Grade Bladder Cancer Cultured Cells
Effects of Apricot Fibre on the Physicochemical Characteristics, the Sensory Properties and Bacterial Viability of Nonfat Probiotic Yoghurts
Carotenoid Content in Breastmilk in the 3rd and 6th Month of Lactation and Its Associations with Maternal Dietary Intake and Anthropometric Characteristics
Signature Inspired Home Environments Monitoring System Using IR-UWB Technology
Systematic Use of Music as an Environmental Intervention and Quality of Care in Nursing Homes: A Qualitative Case Study in Norway
Tuning and Feasibility Analysis of Classical First-Order MIMO Non-Linear Sliding Mode Control Design for Industrial Applications
Performance Analysis of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Based Syngas
Exploring the Sensitivity of Subtropical Stand Aboveground Productivity to Local and Regional Climate Signals in South China
A Pricing Strategy of E-Commerce Advertising Cooperation in the Stackelberg Game Model with Different Market Power Structure
Mapping and Monitoring Rice Agriculture with Multisensor Temporal Mixture Models
Unraveling Morphophysiological and Biochemical Responses of Triticum aestivum L. to Extreme pH: Coordinated Actions of Antioxidant Defense and Glyoxalase Systems
Alternating Electric Fields (TTFields) Activate Cav1.2 Channels in Human Glioblastoma Cells
Inhibition of NADPH Oxidase 4 (NOX4) Signaling Attenuates Tuberculous Pleural Fibrosis
Application of Optimization to Select Contractors to Develop Strategies and Policies for the Development of Transport Infrastructure
Scanning MEMS Mirror for High Definition and High Frame Rate Lissajous Patterns
Biofortified Maize Can Improve Quality Protein Intakes among Young Children in Southern Ethiopia
Spatial Patterns of Land Surface Temperature and Their Influencing Factors: A Case Study in Suzhou, China
Patterned Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel Dressings with Stem Cells Seeded for Wound Healing
The Role of O-GlcNAcylation for Protection against Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Calcium Deregulation and Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in GDAP1-Related CMT Disease
A Multi-View Stereo Measurement System Based on a Laser Scanner for Fine Workpieces
The Relationship between Economic Complexity, Energy Consumption Structure and Greenhouse Gas Emission: Heterogeneous Panel Evidence from the EU Countries
Acute IgA-Dominant Glomerulonephritis Associated with Syphilis Infection in a Pregnant Teenager: A New Disease Association
Familial Aggregation of Psoriasis and Co-Aggregation of Autoimmune Diseases in Affected Families
Review of Approval of Flexible Rockfall Protection Systems According to ETAG 027
Recent Advances in Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring Applications
Towards Sustainable Wood-Based Energy: Evaluation and Strategies for Mainstreaming Sustainability in the Sector
A Reverse Model Predictive Control Strategy for a Modular Multilevel Converter
Cost-Efficient and Easy to Perform PCR-Based Assay to Identify Met Exon 14 Skipping in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Samples
Use of a Cross-Sectional Survey in the Adult Population to Characterize Persons at High-Risk for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Flash Sintering Samaria-Doped Ceria–Carbon Nanotube Composites
Oxidative Stress and Nutraceuticals in the Modulation of the Immune Function: Current Knowledge in Animals of Veterinary Interest
Religion without God? Approaches to Theological Reference in Modern and Contemporary Jewish Thought
A Selective Review of Multi-Level Omics Data Integration Using Variable Selection
Past and Future Trajectories of Farmland Loss Due to Rapid Urbanization Using Landsat Imagery and the Markov-CA Model: A Case Study of Delhi, India
The Effects of High-Temperature Weather on Human Sleep Quality and Appetite
Analysis and Identification of the Mechanism of Damage and Fracture of High-Filled Wood Fiber/Recycled High-Density Polyethylene Composites
Employment of Emergency Advanced Nurses of Turkey: A Discrete-Event Simulation Application
Malaria Resurgence in the Americas: An Underestimated Threat
An Empirical Approach to Colour in Glass
Laser Hybrid Butt Welding of Large Thickness Naval Steel
Struvite—An Innovative Fertilizer from Anaerobic Digestate Produced in a Bio-Refinery
Effects of Aircraft Noise Exposure on Heart Rate during Sleep in the Population Living Near Airports
Desalination Processes’ Efficiency and Future Roadmap
Study on the Remediation of Cd Pollution by the Biomineralization of Urease-Producing Bacteria
A Telemedicine Service System Exploiting BT/BLE Wireless Sensors for Remote Management of Chronic Patients
Transgene-Free Genome Editing in Tomato and Potato Plants Using Agrobacterium-Mediated Delivery of a CRISPR/Cas9 Cytidine Base Editor
Computing Neutron Capture Rates in Neutron-Degenerate Matter
Thermo-Physical and Geo-Mechanical Characterization of Faulted Carbonate Rock Masses (Valdieri, Italy)
Critical Review of the Use of Reference Electrodes in Li-Ion Batteries: A Diagnostic Perspective
Environmental Assessment of European Union Countries
Parametric Study of a Gurney Flap Implementation in a DU91W(2)250 Airfoil
Rootstock-Mediated Effects on Cabernet Sauvignon Performance: Vine Growth, Berry Ripening, Flavonoids, and Aromatic Profiles
Bi-Metal Phosphide NiCoP: An Enhanced Catalyst for the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol
Spatial Distributive Differences in Residents’ Perceptions of Tourism Impacts in Support for Sustainable Tourism Development—Lu-Kang Destination Case
Using a Hydrologic Model to Assess the Performance of Regional Climate Models in a Semi-Arid Watershed in Brazil
Electroencephalograms during Mental Arithmetic Task Performance
The Influence of Management Innovation and Technological Innovation on Organization Performance. A Mediating Role of Sustainability
Physiological Responses of Continuous and Intermittent Swimming at Critical Speed and Maximum Lactate Steady State in Children and Adolescent Swimmers
Analysis of the Lipolytic Activity of Whole-Saliva and Site-Specific Secretions from the Oral Cavity of Healthy Adults
Forecasting Pedestrian Movements Using Recurrent Neural Networks: An Application of Crowd Monitoring Data
Simultaneous Quantitation of a Novel α11-Blocker TJ0711 and Its Two Metabolites in Dog Plasma Using LC-MS/MS and Its Application to a Pharmacokinetic Study after Intravenous Infusion
Climate Change and Healthcare Sustainability in the Agincourt Sub-District, Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region, South Africa
Effect of Fines Content on Fluidity of FCC Catalysts for Stable Operation of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit
Effect of a Multicomponent Intervention on Lifestyle Factors among Brazilian Adolescents from Low Human Development Index Areas: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial
The Crossroad of Ion Channels and Calmodulin in Disease
Health Monitoring and Safety Evaluation of the Offshore Wind Turbine Structure: A Review and Discussion of Future Development
Effect of Androgen-Deprivation Therapy on Bone Mineral Density in Patients with Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Pseudocubic Rutile-Type Titania Particles
Optimal Wavelength Selection for Hyperspectral Imaging Evaluation on Vegetable Soybean Moisture Content during Drying
Microswimmer Propulsion by Two Steadily Rotating Helical Flagella
Preparation of a Water-Based Photoreactive Azosulphonate-Doped Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) and the Investigation of Its UV Response
Growth Process and CQDs-modified Bi4Ti3O12 Square Plates with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance
Quantum Dot Doping-Induced Photoluminescence for Facile, Label-Free, and Sensitive Pyrophosphatase Activity Assay and Inhibitor Screening
Contribution of Excessive Supply of Solid Material to a Runoff-Generated Debris Flow during Its Routing Along a Gully and Its Impact on the Downstream Village with Blockage Effects
Human Lung Cell Pyroptosis Following Traumatic Brain Injury
An Explorative Model to Assess Individuals’ Phubbing Risk
Curcumin and Solid Lipid Curcumin Particles Induce Autophagy, but Inhibit Mitophagy and the PI3K-Akt/mTOR Pathway in Cultured Glioblastoma Cells
Mechanical and Water-Resistant Properties of Eco-Friendly Chitosan Membrane Reinforced with Cellulose Nanocrystals
Differential Transcriptome Responses to Aflatoxin B1 in the Cecal Tonsil of Susceptible and Resistant Turkeys
Integrating Landscape Metrics and Hydrologic Modeling to Assess the Impact of Natural Disturbances on Ecohydrological Processes in the Chenyulan Watershed, Taiwan
Immediate-Release Nifedipine Binary Dry Powder Mixtures with Nanocellulose Featuring Enhanced Solubility and Dissolution Rate
The Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Hepcidin, Iron Status, and Inflammation in Pregnant Women in the United Kingdom
A Metabolomic Study of the Variability of the Chemical Composition of Commonly Consumed Coffee Brews
Umbilical Cord Blood Mesenchymal Stem Cells as an Infertility Treatment for Chemotherapy Induced Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
Influence of the Characteristics of Expandable Graphite on the Morphology, Thermal Properties, Fire Behaviour and Compression Performance of a Rigid Polyurethane Foam
Recent Advances in Organic Thermoelectric Materials: Principle Mechanisms and Emerging Carbon-Based Green Energy Materials
The Importance of Being Non-Defective: A Mini Review Dedicated to the Memory of Jan Svoboda
African by Exposure: Caregivers, Madness, and the Contagious Other in García Márquez’s Of Love and Other Demons and Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea
Comparison of Methods to Estimate Lake-Surface-Water Temperature Using Landsat 7 ETM+ and MODIS Imagery: Case Study of a Large Shallow Subtropical Lake in Southern Brazil
Perceived Acoustic Quality and Effect on Occupants’ Satisfaction in Green and Conventional Residential Buildings
Shear Performance at Room and High Temperatures of Glass–Ceramic Sealants for Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell Technology
Filling the Gaps of Missing Data in the Merged VIIRS SNPP/NOAA-20 Ocean Color Product Using the DINEOF Method
Statistical Deadband: A Novel Approach for Event-Based Data Reporting
Editorial of Special Issue “Information Technology and Its Applications”
Brain Organoids—A Bottom-Up Approach for Studying Human Neurodevelopment
Longitudinal Attitude Control Decoupling Algorithm Based on the Fuzzy Sliding Mode of a Coaxial-Rotor UAV
Deep Neural Networks and Kernel Density Estimation for Detecting Human Activity Patterns from Geo-Tagged Images: A Case Study of Birdwatching on Flickr
How DMO Can Measure the Experiences of a Large Territory
Examining the Emergence and Evolution of Blue Ocean Strategy through the Lens of Management Fashion Theory
Influence of Powder Deposition on Powder Bed and Specimen Properties
CSV2018: The 2nd Symposium of the Canadian Society for Virology
A Self-Contained Electro-Hydraulic Cylinder with Passive Load-Holding Capability
Fabrication of Adhesive Resistance Surface with Low Wettability on Ti6Al4V Alloys by Electro-Brush Plating
A Facile Approach for Preparing Ag Functionalized Nonwoven Polypropylene Membrane to Improve Its Electrical Conductivity and Electromagnetic Shielding Performance
Optical Hyperspectral Image Cryptosystem Based on Affine Transform and Fractional Fourier Transform
Non-Isothermal Crystallisation Kinetics of Carbon Black- Graphene-Based Multimodal-Polyethylene Nanocomposites
Drift-Diffusion Simulation of High-Speed Optoelectronic Devices
In Vitro Degradation of Absorbable Zinc Alloys in Artificial Urine
Layer-by-Layer Assembly and Electrochemical Study of Alizarin Red S-Based Thin Films
Demolition of Existing Buildings in Urban Renewal Projects: A Decision Support System in the China Context
Voltage and Deflection Amplification via Double Resonance Excitation in a Cantilever Microstructure
Reconstruction of PET Images Using Cross-Entropy and Field of Experts
Molecular Profile of Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers in Octogenarians: The Door to Precision Medicine in Elderly Patients
Naturally Occurring Mutations within HBV Surface Promoter II Sequences Affect Transcription Activity, HBsAg and HBV DNA Levels in HBeAg-Positive Chronic Hepatitis B Patients
The Band Structures of Zn1−xMgxO(In) and the Simulation of CdTe Solar Cells with a Zn1−xMgxO(In) Window Layer by SCAPS
Cycling as the Best Sub-8-Hour Performance Predictor in Full Distance Triathlon
Nanostructured Chitosan-Based Biomaterials for Sustained and Colon-Specific Resveratrol Release
Viability of the Use of Leachates from a Mechanical Biological Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant as Fertilizers
Diversity and Structure of Parrotfish Assemblages across the Northern Great Barrier Reef
Retinal Neuron Is More Sensitive to Blue Light-Induced Damage than Glia Cell Due to DNA Double-Strand Breaks
Suppressing Non-Specific Binding of Proteins onto Electrode Surfaces in the Development of Electrochemical Immunosensors
Quantum Gravity on the Computer: Impressions of a Workshop
Atomistic Study of Mechanical Behaviors of Carbon Honeycombs
Substituent Effects on the Radical Scavenging Activity of Isoflavonoid
Parental Knowledge about Meningococcal Disease and Vaccination Uptake among 0–5 years Old Polish Children
A New Model Describing Copper Dose–Toxicity to Tomato and Bok Choy Growth in a Wide Range of Soils
Structural and Thermal Analysis of Softwood Lignins from a Pressurized Hot Water Extraction Biorefinery Process and Modified Derivatives
Fusing Thermopile Infrared Sensor Data for Single Component Activity Recognition within a Smart Environment
Limitation of Financial Health Prediction in Companies from Post-Communist Countries
Perspectives on the Use of Liquid Extraction for Radioisotope Purification
Energy-Efficient Gabor Kernels in Neural Networks with Genetic Algorithm Training Method
Environmental Assessment in Neotropical Watersheds: A Multi-Factorial Approach
Religious Pluralism and Religion-State Relations in Turkey
Comparison of Anti-Viral Activity of Frog Skin Anti-Microbial Peptides Temporin-Sha and [K3]SHa to LL-37 and Temporin-Tb against Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1
Promoting Stair Climbing as an Exercise Routine among Healthy Older Adults Attending a Community-Based Physical Activity Program
Research on an Auto-Optimized Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control Strategy of MMC SM for Renewable Energy HVDC Transmission System
Low Cycle Fatigue and Relaxation Performance of Ferritic–Martensitic Grade P92 Steel
Investigating the Molecular Basis of the Aggregation Propensity of the Pathological D76N Mutant of Beta-2 Microglobulin: Role of the Denatured State
Decline in Transparency of Lake Hongze from Long-Term MODIS Observations: Possible Causes and Potential Significance
Laser Treatments for Improving Electrical Conductivity and Piezoresistive Behavior of Polymer–Carbon Nanofiller Composites
The Contribution of Coniferous Canopy to the Molecular Diversity of Dissolved Organic Matter in Rainfall
Prevention of Rotavirus Diarrhea in Suckling Rats by a Specific Fermented Milk Concentrate with Prebiotic Mixture
Computational Design of SCS Nickel Pincer Complexes for the Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation of 1-Acetonaphthone
Cardamom Casualties: Extreme Weather Events and Ethnic Minority Livelihood Vulnerability in the Sino-Vietnamese Borderlands
A New Identity for Generalized Hypergeometric Functions and Applications
Half a Century of Research on Membrane-Containing Bacteriophages: Bringing New Concepts to Modern Virology
The Microstructure of GNR and the Mechanical Properties of Biobased PLA/GNR Thermoplastic Vulcanizates with Excellent Toughness
A Framework for the Integration of Nature-Based Solutions into Environmental Risk Management Strategies
Effect of Fermented Fish Oil on Fine Particulate Matter-Induced Skin Aging
Asymptotic Theory for Cointegration Analysis When the Cointegration Rank Is Deficient
The Costs of Green Leaf Volatile-Induced Defense Priming: Temporal Diversity in Growth Responses to Mechanical Wounding and Insect Herbivory
Blockchains for Supply Chain Management: Architectural Elements and Challenges Towards a Global Scale Deployment
Biofuel and Bioenergy Technology
Intestinal Drug Absorption Enhancement by Aloe vera Gel and Whole Leaf Extract: In Vitro Investigations into the Mechanisms of Action
Temporal Variation and Reduction Strategy of Nutrient Loads from an Urban River Catchment into a Eutrophic Lake, China
Reduce Calibration Time in Motor Imagery Using Spatially Regularized Symmetric Positives-Definite Matrices Based Classification
BIOFACQUIM: A Mexican Compound Database of Natural Products
Functional Comparison of XPF Missense Mutations Associated to Multiple DNA Repair Disorders
Simple and Efficient Spherical Crystallization of Clopidogrel Bisulfate Form-I via Anti-Solvent Crystallization Method
A New Bloom Filter Architecture for FIB Lookup in Named Data Networking
TLS Measurement during Static Load Testing of a Railway Bridge
Yeast to Study Human Purine Metabolism Diseases
Gut-Liver Axis, Gut Microbiota, and Its Modulation in the Management of Liver Diseases: A Review of the Literature
Extent and Predictors of Poor Glycaemic Control among Elderly Pakistani Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Multi-Centre Cross-Sectional Study
Cysteine-Rich Receptor-Like Kinase Gene Family Identification in the Phaseolus Genome and Comparative Analysis of Their Expression Profiles Specific to Mycorrhizal and Rhizobial Symbiosis
Comparing Schwertmannite and Hydrobasaluminite Dissolution in Ammonium Oxalate (pH 3.0): Implications for Metal Speciation Studies by Sequential Extraction
Study on the Preparation and Hydration Properties of a New Cementitious Material for Tailings Discharge
The Gene Structure and Expression Level Changes of the GH3 Gene Family in Brassica napus Relative to Its Diploid Ancestors
Photonic-Assisted Scanning Receivers for Microwave Frequency Measurement
Hydrogen Bond versus Halogen Bond in HXOn (X = F, Cl, Br, and I) Complexes with Lewis Bases
Fluoropolymer-Containing Opals and Inverse Opals by Melt-Shear Organization
Optimizing Epicardial Restraint and Reinforcement Following Myocardial Infarction: Moving Towards Localized, Biomimetic, and Multitherapeutic Options
Particulate Matter Emissions of Four Different Cigarette Types of One Popular Brand: Influence of Tobacco Strength and Additives
Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method Using Heronian Mean Operators under a Bipolar Neutrosophic Environment
Pharmacogenomics of Novel Direct Oral Anticoagulants: Newly Identified Genes and Genetic Variants
Prediction of Hydropower Generation Using Grey Wolf Optimization Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
Combustion Synthesis of Chromium Nitrides
Expression Pattern and Function Analysis of AtPPRT1, a Novel Negative Regulator in ABA and Drought Stress Responses in Arabidopsis
Large Pore Mesoporous Silica and Organosilica Nanoparticles for Pepstatin A Delivery in Breast Cancer Cells
Colorectal Cancer Prognosis Is Not Associated with BRAF and KRAS Mutations-A STROBE Compliant Study
A Study on the Optimal Ratio of Research and Development Investment in the Energy Sector: An Empirical Analysis in South Korea
New Concepts in Diagnostics for Invasive Mycoses: Non-Culture-Based Methodologies
The Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Method for Predicting the Creep Strain of Green Concrete Containing Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
On Gibbs Energy for the Metastable bcc_A2 Phase with a Thermal Vacancy in Metals and Alloys
Regional Sub-Saharan Africa Total Diet Study in Benin, Cameroon, Mali and Nigeria Reveals the Presence of 164 Mycotoxins and Other Secondary Metabolites in Foods
Revising Emission Responsibilities through Consumption-Based Accounting: A European and Post-Brexit Perspective
Cancer-Associated Intermediate Conductance Ca2+-Activated K+ Channel KCa3.1
The MAPK Signaling Pathways as a Novel Way in Regulation and Treatment of Parasitic Diseases
Method for the Calculation of the Underwater Effective Wake Field for Propeller Optimization
Chaotic Quantum Double Delta Swarm Algorithm Using Chebyshev Maps: Theoretical Foundations, Performance Analyses and Convergence Issues
Adsorption and Decomposition of Peroxides on the Surfaces of Dispersed Oxides Fe2O3, Cr2O3 and V2O5
Salt Weathering of 7th Century CE Granite Monument of Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram – Scientific Investigation and Conservation Strategy
Structural Control of Ore Deposits: The Role of Pre-Existing Structures on the Formation of Mineralised Vein Systems
Progress in the Field of Micro-Electrocorticography
Integration of GIS and a Lagrangian Particle-Tracking Model for Harmful Algal Bloom Trajectories Prediction
The Territorial Defence Force in Disaster Response in Poland: Civil-Military Collaboration during a State of Emergency
Identification of Prognostic Biomarker Signatures and Candidate Drugs in Colorectal Cancer: Insights from Systems Biology Analysis
Electrospun Graphene Nanosheet-Filled Poly(Trimethylene Terephthalate) Composite Fibers: Effects of the Graphene Nanosheet Content on Morphologies, Electrical Conductivity, Crystallization Behavior, and Mechanical Properties
The “Local Town Market Area” in Enna, Sicily: Using the Psychology of Sustainability to Propose Sustainable and Developmental Policies
Role of Mineral Surfaces in Prebiotic Chemical Evolution. In Silico Quantum Mechanical Studies
Micelle Structure Details and Stabilities of Cyclic Block Copolymer Amphiphile and Its Linear Analogues
Design of Acoustical Bessel-Like Beam Formation by a Pupil Masked Soret Zone Plate Lens
Pixelwise Phase Unwrapping Based on Ordered Periods Phase Shift
Improved Location Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Vector-Based Swarm Optimized Connected Dominating Set
Polarimetric Calibration of the GaoFen-3 Mission Using Active Radar Calibrators and the Applicable Conditions of System Model for Radar Polarimeters
A Multi-Label Supervised Topic Model Conditioned on Arbitrary Features for Gene Function Prediction
Selection of the Key Earth Observation Sensors and Platforms Focusing on Applications for Polar Regions in the Scope of Copernicus System 2020–2030
A Cross-Sectional Description of Parental Perceptions and Practices Related to Risky Play and Independent Mobility in Children: The New Zealand State of Play Survey
Superpixel-Guided Layer-Wise Embedding CNN for Remote Sensing Image Classification
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Membranes in 2018
A Genetic Approach to Solve the Emergent Charging Scheduling Problem Using Multiple Charging Vehicles for Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks
Discrete Element Analysis of Indirect Tensile Fatigue Test of Asphalt Mixture
Sensitivity of a Ratio Vegetation Index Derived from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing to the Brown Planthopper Stress on Rice Plants
Urbanization and Urban Sprawl Issues in City Structure: A Case of the Sulaymaniah Iraqi Kurdistan Region
How Does CEO’s Environmental Awareness Affect Technological Innovation?
MiR-146a-5p Expression in Peripheral CD14+ Monocytes from Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis Induces Osteoclast Activation, Bone Resorption, and Correlates with Clinical Response
Singularities for One-Parameter Developable Surfaces of Curves
Toxin Neutralization Using Alternative Binding Proteins
A Review of Welfare Assessment Methods in Reptiles, and Preliminary Application of the Welfare Quality® Protocol to the Pygmy Blue-Tongue Skink, Tiliqua adelaidensis, Using Animal-Based Measures
A Generic Classification Scheme for Urban Structure Types
Economic Analysis of a Multi-Sided Platform for Sensor-Based Services in the Internet of Things
Design and Implementation of a Contextual-Based Continuous Authentication Framework for Smart Homes
Improved Sensing Capability of Integrated Semiconducting Metal Oxide Gas Sensor Devices
A Comprehensive Study of the Potential Application of Flying Ethylene-Sensitive Sensors for Ripeness Detection in Apple Orchards
Influence of Landscape Factors on Amphibian Roadkills at the National Level
Muon Radiography of Ancient Mines: The San Silvestro Archaeo-Mining Park (Campiglia Marittima, Tuscany)
Approximating Ground States by Neural Network Quantum States
Visualization of High-Dimensional Data by Pairwise Fusion Matrices Using t-SNE
Influence of Cellulose Nanoparticles on Rheological Behavior of Oil Well Cement-Water Slurries
Recent NDVI Trends in Mainland Spain: Land-Cover and Phytoclimatic-Type Implications
Novel Cucurbitane Triterpenes from the Tubers of Hemsleya amabilis with Their Cytotoxic Acitivity
Acute Proximal Myopathy in a Young Male—A Case of Infectious Myositis
A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Vitamin D Supplementation on Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Hormones, and Liver Markers in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
A Computer-Vision-Guided Robot Arm for Automatically Placing Grids in Pioloform Film Preparation
Degradation Kinetics of Clavulanic Acid in Fermentation Broths at Low Temperatures
Antibacterial Activities of Lipopeptide (C10)2-KKKK-NH2 Applied Alone and in Combination with Lens Liquids to Fight Biofilms Formed on Polystyrene Surfaces and Contact Lenses
Inferring Static Hand Poses from a Low-Cost Non-Intrusive sEMG Sensor
Role of Molecular Weight in Polymer Wrapping and Dispersion of MWNT in a PVDF Matrix
Information Flow in Times of Crisis: The Case of the European Banking and Sovereign Sectors
Targeting SUMO Modification of the Non-Structural Protein 5 of Zika Virus as a Host-Targeting Antiviral Strategy
Clustering Cloud-Like Model-Based Targets Underwater Tracking for AUVs
An Empirical Investigation of the Performance of Japanese Mutual Funds: Skill or Luck?
Potential Effects of Lung Function Reduction on Health-Related Quality of Life
Miniaturized Coplanar Waveguide for Nanostructured Magnetostrictive Multilayer Characterization
The Effect of the Thermosensitive Biodegradable PLGA–PEG–PLGA Copolymer on the Rheological, Structural and Mechanical Properties of Thixotropic Self-Hardening Tricalcium Phosphate Cement
Operando Dual Beam FTIR Study of Hydroxyl Groups and Zn Species over Defective HZSM-5 Zeolite Supported Zinc Catalysts
Investigation on the High-Temperature Oxidation Resistance of Ni-(3~10) Ta and Ni-(3~10) Y Alloys
Physical Interactions Strengthen Chemical Gelatin Methacryloyl Gels
Intrusion of Saline Water into a Coastal Aquifer Containing Palaeogroundwater in the Viimsi Peninsula in Estonia
Differential Colonization Dynamics of Marine Biofilm-Forming Eukaryotic Microbes on Different Protective Coating Materials
A Basic Complete Numerical Toolbox for Picosecond Ultrasonics
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Pressure-Quenched SS304 Stainless Steel
Evidence-Based Resilience Management for Supply Chain Sustainability: An Interpretive Structural Modelling Approach
Charge for Less: An Analysis of Hourly Electricity Pricing for Electric Vehicles
Electrochemical Analysis of Aqueous Benzalkonium Chloride Micellar Solution and Its Mediated Electrocatalytic De-Chlorination Application
Adhesion Deregulation in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
Addendum: Abubakar, U.; Mekhilef, S.; Mokhlis, H.; Seyedmahmoudian, M.; Horan, B.; Stojcevski, A.; Bassi, H.; Rawa, M.J.H. Transient Faults in Wind Energy Conversion Systems: Analysis, Modelling Methodologies and Remedies. Energies 2018, 11, 2249
Localized Fault Tolerant Algorithm Based on Node Movement Freedom Degree in Flying Ad Hoc Networks
Nosocomial Pathogens: An In-Depth Analysis of the Vectorial Potential of Cockroaches
TiO2 Photocatalysis for Transfer Hydrogenation
Effects of Community Perceptions and Institutional Capacity on Smallholder Farmers’ Responses to Water Scarcity: Evidence from Arid Northwestern China
Design and Application of Toxic and Harmful Gas Monitoring System in Fire Fighting
Some Results on the Symmetric Representation of the Generalized Drazin Inverse in a Banach Algebra
The Use of Zeolites for VOCs Abatement by Combining Non-Thermal Plasma, Adsorption, and/or Catalysis: A Review
Electrochemical Impedance Characterization of Cell Growth on Reduced Graphene Oxide–Gold Nanoparticles Electrodeposited on Indium Tin Oxide Electrodes
Monitoring the Disulfide Bonds of Folding Isomers of Synthetic CTX A3 Polypeptide Using MS-Based Technology
Partial Discharge Fault Diagnosis Based on Multi-Scale Dispersion Entropy and a Hypersphere Multiclass Support Vector Machine
Improved Curve Number Estimation in SWAT by Reflecting the Effect of Rainfall Intensity on Runoff Generation
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Logistics in 2018
Effect of Thermal Ageing on the Impact Damage Resistance and Tolerance of Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Laminates
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of JPM in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Biomimetics in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Nanomaterials in 2018
HSFA2 Functions in the Physiological Adaptation of Undifferentiated Plant Cells to Spaceflight
Unconstrained Monitoring Method for Heartbeat Signals Measurement using Pressure Sensors Array
Microstructures and Properties of Sn2.5Ag0.7Cu0.1RE Composite Solders Reinforced with Cu-Coated Graphene Nanosheets Synthesized by Pyrolysis
KRIT1 Loss-Of-Function Associated with Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Disease Leads to Enhanced S-Glutathionylation of Distinct Structural and Regulatory Proteins
Implementation of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Cities Could Have Neutral Effects on the Total Travel Time Costs: Modeling and Analysis for a Circular City
A Feasible Calibration Method for Type 1 Open Ocean Water LiDAR Data Based on Bio-Optical Models
Nonlinear Refractive Index in Rectangular Graphene Quantum Dots
The Role of Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Diabetes Smartphone Applications, and Self-Care Behavior in Glycemic Control: Results of a Multi-National Online Survey
Fast Proteome Identification and Quantification from Data-Dependent Acquisition–Tandem Mass Spectrometry (DDA MS/MS) Using Free Software Tools
A Study of the Structural Organization of Water and Aqueous Solutions by Means of Optical Microscopy
Dynamic Parameter Identification of a Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Using RLS-PSO
Improving Angular Accuracy of a Scanning Mirror Based on Error Modeling and Correction
Cancer Immunotherapy: Silencing Intracellular Negative Immune Regulators of Dendritic Cells
Pulsed Laser Deposited Biocompatible Lithium-Doped Hydroxyapatite Coatings with Antimicrobial Activity
Trombe Wall Utilization for Cold and Hot Climate Conditions
Corporate Social Responsibility, the Atmospheric Environment, and Technological Innovation Investment
Glucose Response during the Night Is Suppressed by Wheat Albumin in Healthy Participants: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Evaluation of Ionospheric Delay Effects on Multi-GNSS Positioning Performance
Neuroblastoma: Tumor Biology and Its Implications for Staging and Treatment
A Practical Protocol for the Experimental Design of Comparative Studies on Water Treatment
Liquid-Phase Hydrogenation of Maleic Acid over Pd/Al2O3 Catalysts Prepared via Deposition–Precipitation Method
Combining Subgoal Graphs with Reinforcement Learning to Build a Rational Pathfinder
Performance Enhancement of Pedestrian Navigation Systems Based on Low-Cost Foot-Mounted MEMS-IMU/Ultrasonic Sensor
High Energy Behavior in Maximally Supersymmetric Gauge Theories in Various Dimensions
Synthesis of Furan-Substituted N-Heteroacene-Based Liquid Material and Its Acid-Recognizing Behavior
Engagement to Enhance Community: An Example of Extension’s Land-Grant Mission in Action
Spatial Heterogeneity in the Determinants of Urban Form: An Analysis of Chinese Cities with a GWR Approach
Overexpression of Rice Rab7 Gene Improves Drought and Heat Tolerance and Increases Grain Yield in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Driving Type 2 Diabetes Risk Scores into Clinical Practice: Performance Analysis in Hospital Settings
An Unbalanced Weighted Sequential Fusing Multi-Sensor GM-PHD Algorithm
The Institutional Development of Employment Protection and the Perception of Western Concepts and Values in China
Solubility Difference between Pectic Fractions from Creeping Fig Seeds
Developing Professional Communication: The Construction of a Multimodal Understanding of Job Interviews
Stability Analysis of Surrounding Rock in Paste Backfill Recovery of Residual Room Pillars
A Strain Distribution Sensing System for Bone-Implant Interfaces Based on Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry
Deciphering the Molecular Profile of Lung Cancer: New Strategies for the Early Detection and Prognostic Stratification
Analysis of the Behavior of SMA Mixtures with Different Fillers Through the Semicircular Bend (SCB) Fracture Test
Place vs. Node Transit: Planning Policies Revisited
Corrosion Behavior Evaluation of Coated Steel Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
Modeling the Macrophage-Mediated Inflammation Involved in the Bone Fracture Healing Process
Enhanced In Situ Availability of Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae Constituents Entrapped in Buccal Films for the Treatment of Oxidative Stress-Related Oral Diseases: Biomechanical Characterization and In Vitro/Ex Vivo Evaluation
Entanglement and Disordered-Enhanced Topological Phase in the Kitaev Chain
Religious Coping, Religiosity, Depression and Anxiety among Medical Students in a Multi-Religious Setting
Regulatory Effect of Bacillus subtilis on Cytokines of Dendritic Cells in Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon Idella)
Flash Flood Risk Analysis Based on Machine Learning Techniques in the Yunnan Province, China
Rapid Electrodeposition of Fe–Ni Alloy Foils from Chloride Baths Containing Trivalent Iron Ions
Oxidative Insults and Mitochondrial DNA Mutation Promote Enhanced Autophagy and Mitophagy Compromising Cell Viability in Pluripotent Cell Model of Mitochondrial Disease
On the Finite Element Implementation of Functionally Graded Materials
The “Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology” Journal Club Series: Highlights on Recent Papers in Exercise and Osteoarthritis
Synthesis of 1,3-Butadiene and Its 2-Substituted Monomers for Synthetic Rubbers
A Psychometric Re-Examination of the Science Teaching Efficacy and Beliefs Instrument (STEBI) in a Canadian Context
Spatial Relationships between Urban Structures and Air Pollution in Korea
A Predictive Model for Steady State Ozone Concentration at an Urban-Coastal Site
Fe–Si–Al Coatings with Stable Wear Resistance Prepared by Laser Cladding Industrial Wastes
Co-Delivery Effect of CD24 on the Immunogenicity and Lethal Challenge Protection of a DNA Vector Expressing Nucleocapsid Protein of Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus
Sol–Gel-Processed Organic–Inorganic Hybrid for Flexible Conductive Substrates Based on Gravure-Printed Silver Nanowires and Graphene
Structural and In Vitro Functional Comparability Analysis of Altebrel™, a Proposed Etanercept Biosimilar: Focus on Primary Sequence and Glycosylation
Trace Element Uptake by Herbaceous Plants from the Soils at a Multiple Trace Element-Contaminated Site
Relationship between Winter Snow Cover Dynamics, Climate and Spring Grassland Vegetation Phenology in Inner Mongolia, China
Integrating the Shape Constants of a Novel Material Stress-Strain Characterization Model for Parametric Numerical Analysis of the Deformational Capacity of High-Strength X80-Grade Steel Pipelines
ESCAPE: Evacuation Strategy through Clustering and Autonomous Operation in Public Safety Systems
Modulation of the Endocannabinoid System Following Central Nervous System Injury
Simulation of the Filling Capability in Vane Pumps
Comparative Analysis of the Energy and CO2 Emissions Performance and Technology Gaps in the Agglomerated Cities of China and South Korea
Modeling the Natural Drainage Network of the Grand River in Southern Ontario: Agriculture May Increase Total Channel Length of Low-Order Streams
Towards Personal Virtual Traffic Lights
Kinetic Parameters of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Alcohols Production Using Nepenthes mirabilis Pod Digestive Fluids-Mixed Agro-Waste Hydrolysates
Synthesis of Propylene-co-Styrenic Monomer Copolymers via Arylation of Chlorinated PP and Their Compatibilization for PP/PS Blend
The Assessment of Landsat-8 OLI Atmospheric Correction Algorithms for Inland Waters
Surface Investigation on Electrochemically Deposited Lead on Gold
Heterogeneous Freezing of Liquid Suspensions Including Juices and Extracts from Berries and Leaves from Perennial Plants
Implementation Schemes for Electric Bus Fleets at Depots with Optimized Energy Procurements in Virtual Power Plant Operations
Bacterial Contamination on Latrine Surfaces in Community and Household Latrines in Kathmandu, Nepal
Interactions between Host PPARs and Gut Microbiota in Health and Disease
Phytochemical Composition and Antioxidant Activities of Two Different Color Chrysanthemum Flower Teas
In Search of the “Good Life”: The Appeal of the Tiny House Lifestyle in the USA
Erratum: Chen, L.X., et al. Synthesis and Structure of the Inclusion Complex {NdQ[5][email protected][10](H2O)4}•4NO3•20H2O. Molecules 2017, 22, 1147
Experimental Investigation of Perceptual Characteristics of Functional Cemented Backfilling Materials in Coal Mines
Role-Tailored Map Dashboards—A New Approach for Enhancing the Forest-based Supply Chain
Using the Bayesian Network to Map Large-Scale Cropping Intensity by Fusing Multi-Source Data
Network-Based Assessment of Adverse Drug Reaction Risk in Polypharmacy Using High-Throughput Screening Data
Optimal Joint Production and Emissions Reduction Strategies Considering Consumers’ Environmental Preferences: A Manufacturer’s Perspective
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Minerals in 2018
Preparation of PVDF/Hyperbranched-Nano-Palygorskite Composite Membrane for Efficient Removal of Heavy Metal Ions
Properties and Application of Backfill Materials in Coal Mines in China
Portugal in the European Network of Marine Science Heritage and Outreach (19th–20th Centuries)
FOSB–PCDHB13 Axis Disrupts the Microtubule Network in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Oxazole-Bridged Combretastatin A-4 Derivatives with Tethered Hydroxamic Acids: Structure–Activity Relations of New Inhibitors of HDAC and/or Tubulin Function
Local Convergence of a Family of Weighted-Newton Methods
A Study into Public Awareness of the Environmental Impact of Menstrual Products and Product Choice
Wearable Potentiometric Sensors for Medical Applications
Effect of Size and Location of Nevi on Postoperative Pain and Emergence Agitation in Children Undergoing Nevi Excision
Magnesium Is a Key Regulator of the Balance between Osteoclast and Osteoblast Differentiation in the Presence of Vitamin D3
Optimal Design of Sandwich Composite Cradle for Computed Tomography Instrument by Analyzing the Structural Performance and X-ray Transmission Rate
Channel-Quality Aware RFID Tag Identification Algorithm to Accommodate the Varying Channel Quality of IoT Environment
Thermal Energy Release Measurement with Thermal Camera: The Case of La Solfatara Volcano (Italy)
How Does High-Speed Rail Affect Tourism? A Case Study of the Capital Region of China
Regulatory Limits to Corporate Sustainability: How Climate Change Law and Energy Reforms in Mexico May Impair Sustainability Practices in Mexican Firms
Two Classes of Entropy Measures for Complex Fuzzy Sets
Carnosine Prevents Aβ-Induced Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Microglial Cells: A Key Role of TGF-β1
Urban Sustainability Evaluation under the Modified TOPSIS Based on Grey Relational Analysis
Hierarchical Ag Nanostructures Fabricated from Silver Coordination Polymers for Antibacterial Surface
Summertime Urban Mixing Layer Height over Sofia, Bulgaria
Targeting the Hepatocyte Growth Factor and c-Met Signaling Axis in Bone Metastases
Evaluation of Osteoconduction of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Ceramic in the Calvaria of Rats: Microscopic and Histometric Analysis
Cytokine Modulation in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy: A Revision of the Most Recent Studies
The Effect of HOPSCA on Residential Property Values: Exploratory Findings from Wuhan, China
Connexins and Integrins in Exosomes
Righting the Misperceptions of Men Having Sex with Men: A Pre-Requisite for Protecting and Understanding Gender Incongruence in Vietnam
Socioeconomic Vulnerability to Depressive Symptoms in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B
Effects of Substrate on Movement Patterns and Behavior of Stream Fish through Culverts: An Experimental Approach
A Simple Indoor Localization Methodology for Fast Building Classification Models Based on Fingerprints
Tuning the Size, Shape and Density of γ′-GayFe4−yN Nanocrystals Embedded in GaN
Varlitinib Downregulates HER/ERK Signaling and Induces Apoptosis in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells
Numerical Gradient Schemes for Heat Equations Based on the Collocation Polynomial and Hermite Interpolation
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Foods in 2018
Neutrosophic Multigroups and Applications
Analysis of the Recent Trends of Two Climate Parameters over Two Eco-Regions of Ethiopia
Botulinum Neurotoxin Therapy for Lingual Dystonia Using an Individualized Injection Method Based on Clinical Features
Review of Current Strategies for Delivering Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs across the Blood-Brain Barrier
A New Family of Chaotic Systems with Different Closed Curve Equilibrium
Rapid Prototyping of a Hybrid PV–Wind Generation System Implemented in a Real-Time Digital Simulation Platform and Arduino
Characterization of Plasma-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Isolated by Different Methods: A Comparison Study
The Performance and Microbial Community Identification in Mesophilic and Atmospheric Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Associated with Different Hydraulic Retention Times
Sentinel Lymph Node Evaluation: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
Correction: Beltrán, W. M. et al. Pentecostals, Gender Ideology and the Peace Plebiscite: Colombia 2016. Religions 9 (2018): 418
Polarization-Sensitive Electro-Optic Sampling of Elliptically-Polarized Terahertz Pulses: Theoretical Description and Experimental Demonstration
Anti-Depressive Effectiveness of Baicalin In Vitro and In Vivo
Synthesis, In Silico, and In Vitro Evaluation of Long Chain Alkyl Amides from 2-Amino-4-Quinolone Derivatives as Biofilm Inhibitors
Resistance Distance in the Double Corona Based on R-Graph
Transfer of Extracellular Vesicle-Associated-RNAs Induces Drug Resistance in ALK-Translocated Lung Adenocarcinoma
Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Mexican Oregano (Poliomintha longiflora) Essential Oil, Hydrosol and Extracts from Waste Solid Residues
Air Quality Monitoring for Vulnerable Groups in Residential Environments Using a Multiple Hazard Gas Detector
Determinants of the Behavioral Lock-in of Rural Residents’ Direct Biomass Energy Consumption in China
Effect of Mono-, Di-, and Triethylene Glycol on the Activity of Phosphate-Doped NiMo/Al2O3 Hydrotreating Catalysts
Efficient FPGA Implementation of Automatic Nuclei Detection in Histopathology Images
A Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Height-to-Diameter Ratio Model for Several Tree Species Based on Czech National Forest Inventory Data
The Triple-Decker Complex [Cp*Fe(µ,η55-P5)Mo(CO)3] as a Building Block in Coordination Chemistry
Green Prescriptions and Their Co-Benefits: Integrative Strategies for Public and Environmental Health
Emerging Advances in Petrophysics: Porous Media Characterization and Modeling of Multiphase Flow
How to Seize the Opportunities of New Technologies in Life Cycle Analysis Data Collection: A Case Study of the Dutch Dairy Farming Sector
Efficient High-Dimensional Quantum Key Distribution with Hybrid Encoding
Governance, Risk, and Compliance in Cloud Scenarios
Mass Spectrometry Analysis and Biological Characterization of the Predatory Ant Odontomachus monticola Venom and Venom Sac Components
Improving Productivity of Multiphase Flow Aerobic Oxidation Using a Tube-in-Tube Membrane Contactor
Research on the Risk Assessment of Qingdao Marine Disaster Based on Flooding
Developing the Romanian Organic Market: A Producer’s Perspective
A Reinforcement Learning Based Intercell Interference Coordination in LTE Networks
Mine Sited after Mine Activity: The Brownfields Methodology and Kuzbass Coal Mining Case
LCA Analysis of Three Types of Interior Partition Walls Used in Buildings
Joining of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic to Aluminum Alloy by Reactive Multilayer Films and Low Power Semiconductor Laser Heating
Safety Improvements by Converting a Standard Roundabout with Unbalanced Flow Distribution into an Egg Turbo Roundabout: Simulation Approach to a Case Study
Dextran as a Resorbable Coating Material for Flexible Neural Probes
Existentialism, Epiphany, and Polyphony in Dostoevsky’s Post-Siberian Novels
Investigation of Piezoelectric Ringing Frequency Response of Beta Barium Borate Crystals
Orientation and Dispersion Evolution of Carbon Nanotubes in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Composites under Extensional-Shear Coupled Flow: A Dissipative Particle Dynamics Study
A Comparative Study on the Characterization of Nanofibers with Cellulose I, I/II, and II Polymorphs from Wood
Dangers of Mixed Martial Arts in the Development of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
Characterization, Antimicrobial Properties and Coatings Application of Gellan Gum Oxidized with Hydrogen Peroxide
Resistance to Cleavage of Core–Shell Rubber/Epoxy Composite Foam Adhesive under Impact Wedge–Peel Condition for Automobile Structural Adhesive
Women’s Quality of Life at 6 Weeks Postpartum: Influence of the Discomfort Present in the Puerperium
Exploring and Visualizing the Patent Collaboration Network: A Case Study of Smart Grid Field in China
Estimating Spatial and Temporal Trends in Environmental Indices Based on Satellite Data: A Two-Step Approach
First-Principles Assessment of the Structure and Stability of 15 Intrinsic Point Defects in Zinc-Blende Indium Arsenide
The Characterisation and Quantification of Immobilised Concanavalin A on Quartz Surfaces Based on The Competitive Binding to Glucose and Fluorescent Labelled Dextran
Video Monitoring Application of CMOS 4T-PPD-APS Under γ-ray Radiation
Experimental and Numerical Study of a Thermal Expansion Gyroscope for Different Gases
Clopidogrel versus Ticagrelor for Secondary Prevention after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Influence of Landscape Structures on Water Quality at Multiple Temporal and Spatial Scales: A Case Study of Wujiang River Watershed in Guizhou
Relation of the pdxB-usg-truA-dedA Operon and the truA Gene to the Intracellular Survival of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium
Gut Microbiota Profiling of Aflatoxin B1-Induced Rats Treated with Lactobacillus casei Shirota
Improving the Performance of Vegetable Leaf Wetness Duration Models in Greenhouses Using Decision Tree Learning
Polymerizable Ionic Liquids for Solid-State Polymer Electrolytes
Analytical Methods for Detection of Plant Metabolomes Changes in Response to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses
A Multivariate Statistical Analyses of Membrane Performance in the Clarification of Citrus Press Liquor
Relations between Shadowing and Inverse Shadowing in Dynamical Systems
Nanomaterials in Craniofacial Tissue Regeneration: A Review
Development and Validation of an Analytical Method Based on HPLC-ELSD for the Simultaneous Determination of Rosmarinic Acid, Carnosol, Carnosic Acid, Oleanolic Acid and Ursolic Acid in Rosemary
[email protected] Carbon Derived from ZIFs for High-Efficiency Synthesis of Ethyl Methyl Carbonate: The Formation of ZnO and the Interaction between Co and Zn
The Universality of Experiential Consciousness
The Fullness of Time: Kierkegaardian Themes in Dreyer’s Ordet
Automatic Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases: An Evolutionary Approach for Facing the Interpretability Problem
Partial Characterization, the Immune Modulation and Anticancer Activities of Sulfated Polysaccharides from Filamentous Microalgae Tribonema sp.
Increased Circulating VAP-1 Levels Are Associated with Liver Fibrosis in Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
Bone Marrow Derived Extracellular Vesicles Activate Osteoclast Differentiation in Traumatic Brain Injury Induced Bone Loss
Quaternion Entropy for Analysis of Gait Data
In-Cell NMR: Analysis of Protein–Small Molecule Interactions, Metabolic Processes, and Protein Phosphorylation
Vehicle-to-Pedestrian Communication for Vulnerable Road Users: Survey, Design Considerations, and Challenges
Influence of Ellagitannins Extracted by Pomegranate Fruit on Disulfide Isomerase PDIA3 Activity
Impact of Control Measures on Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Dioxide and Particulate Matter Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants in Anhui Province, China
Participation as a Christian Ethic: Wojtyla’s Phenomenology of Subject-in-Community, Ubuntu, and the Trinity
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Vaccine Candidates: Cautious Optimism
Hypersensitivity Reactions in Serious Adverse Events Reported for Paracetamol in the EudraVigilance Database, 2007–2018
Empirical Modeling of Zn/ZnO Nanoparticles Decorated/Conjugated with Fotolon (Chlorine e6) Based Photodynamic Therapy towards Liver Cancer Treatment
Molecular Modeling in Drug Design
Increased Mortality in SDHB but Not in SDHD Pathogenic Variant Carriers
Development of Indirect Competitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay to Detect Fusarium verticillioides in Poultry Feed Samples
Structure, Mechanical and Optical Properties of Silicon-Rich Al–Si–N Films Prepared by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
New Insights into the Interplay between Non-Coding RNAs and RNA-Binding Protein HnRNPK in Regulating Cellular Functions
Letter to the Editor Re: Borschel M., et al. Comparison of Growth of Healthy Term Infants Fed Extensively Hydrolyzed Protein- and Amino Acid-Based Infant Formulas. Nutrients 2018, 10, 289
Semaphorin Signaling in Cancer-Associated Inflammation
The Improvement Effect and Mechanism of Longitudinal Ultrasonic Vibration on the Injection Molding Quality of a Polymeric Micro-Needle Array
Sensitivity to Convective Schemes on Precipitation Simulated by the Regional Climate Model MAR over Belgium (1987–2017)
Numerical Analysis of Nozzle Flow and Spray Characteristics from Different Nozzles Using Diesel and Biofuel Blends
Challenges for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) Vaccine Design: Reviewing Virus Glycoprotein Interactions with CD163 and Targets of Virus Neutralization
Architectural and Management Strategies for the Design, Construction and Operation of Energy Efficient and Intelligent Primary Care Centers in Chile
An Efficient Approach for LBS Privacy Preservation in Mobile Social Networks
Expression of Histidine Decarboxylase and Its Roles in Inflammation
Acoustic Stimulation by Shunt-Diode Pre-Linearizer Using Very High Frequency Piezoelectric Transducer for Cancer Therapeutics
Nutritional Composition, Anti-Diabetic Properties and Identification of Active Compounds Using UHPLC-ESI-Orbitrap-MS/MS in Mangifera odorata L. Peel and Seed Kernel
Characterization of the Lipidomic Profile of Human Coronavirus-Infected Cells: Implications for Lipid Metabolism Remodeling upon Coronavirus Replication
Monitoring HIV-1 Assembly in Living Cells: Insights from Dynamic and Single Molecule Microscopy
Distributed Scatterer InSAR Reveals Surface Motion of the Ancient Chaoshan Residence Cluster in the Lianjiang Plain, China
Exploring “Company Personas” for Informing Design for Sustainability Implementation in Companies
An Enhanced Inference Algorithm for Data Sampling Efficiency and Accuracy Using Periodic Beacons and Optimization
Joint Power Allocation for Coordinated Multi-Point Diversity Transmission in Rayleigh Fading Channels
Investigation of the Prognostic Role of Carbonic Anhydrase 9 (CAIX) of the Cellular mRNA/Protein Level or Soluble CAIX Protein in Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Effect of Zn/Mg Ratios on Microstructure and Stress Corrosion Cracking of 7005 Alloy
Inhibition of Pannexin 1 Reduces the Tumorigenic Properties of Human Melanoma Cells
Early Vitamin C and Thiamine Administration to Patients with Septic Shock in Emergency Departments: Propensity Score-Based Analysis of a Before-and-After Cohort Study
Distributed Fiber Optics Sensing and Coda Wave Interferometry Techniques for Damage Monitoring in Concrete Structures
Titanocene Selenide Sulfides Revisited: Formation, Stabilities, and NMR Spectroscopic Properties
Subsidence Zonation Through Satellite Interferometry in Coastal Plain Environments of NE Italy: A Possible Tool for Geological and Geomorphological Mapping in Urban Areas
Molecular Networking Reveals Two Distinct Chemotypes in Pyrroloiminoquinone-Producing Tsitsikamma favus Sponges
Microorganisms Collected from the Surface of Freshwater Lakes Using a Drone Water Sampling System (DOWSE)
For What Illnesses Do Asylum Seekers and Undocumented Migrant Workers in Israel Seek Healthcare? An Analysis of Medical Visits at a Large Urgent Care Clinic for the Uninsured in Tel Aviv
Role of Semaphorins in Immunopathologies and Rheumatic Diseases
A Review on Bioactivities of Tobacco Cembranoid Diterpenes
Semi-Automatic Versus Manual Mapping of Cold-Water Coral Carbonate Mounds Located Offshore Norway
Special Issue: Computational Analysis of RNA Structure and Function
Investigation of Feedstock Preparation for Injection Molding of Oxide–Oxide Ceramic Composites
A Prediction Model for Methane Adsorption Capacity in Shale Gas Reservoirs
Investigation of Using Sol-Gel Technology for Corrosion Protection Coating Systems Incorporating Colours and Inhibitors
Expanding the Genetic Code for Site-Directed Spin-Labeling
Hydrology of the Sirba River: Updating and Analysis of Discharge Time Series
Autophagy in Chronic Kidney Diseases
Numerical Analysis of the Impact Factors on the Flow Fields in a Large Shallow Lake
Research on the High-Performance Electrochemical Energy Storage of a [email protected] (NZO) Hybrid Based on Growth Time
Metasurfaces for Advanced Sensing and Diagnostics
Influence of Oxygen-Containing Sulfur Flavor Molecules on the Stability of β-Carotene under UVA Irradiation
Defining and Quantifying National-Level Targets, Indicators and Benchmarks for Management of Natural Resources to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
Chiral Neuronal Motility: The Missing Link between Molecular Chirality and Brain Asymmetry
Tocotrienols Modulate a Life or Death Decision in Cancers
Inspired by Human Eye: Vestibular Ocular Reflex Based Gimbal Camera Movement to Minimize Viewpoint Changes
Predictive Modeling of Machining Temperatures with Force–Temperature Correlation Using Cutting Mechanics and Constitutive Relation
Chinese Character Boxes: Single Shot Detector Network for Chinese Character Detection
Experimental Runaway Electron Current Estimation in COMPASS Tokamak
Silicon/Mesoporous Carbon (Si/MC) Derived from Phenolic Resin for High Energy Anode Materials for Li-ion Batteries: Role of HF Etching and Vinylene Carbonate (VC) Additive
Blind Estimation of the PN Sequence of A DSSS Signal Using A Modified Online Unsupervised Learning Machine
It’s about Time: Effects of Physical Exertion on Duration Estimates
Measles at Work: Status of Measles Vaccination at a Multinational Company
Predicting Intensification on the Brazilian Agricultural Frontier: Combining Evidence from Lab-In-The-Field Experiments and Household Surveys
Smart Meeting Room Usage Information and Prediction by Modelling Occupancy Profiles
Breakable Semihypergroups
A Novel 2D—Grid of Scroll Chaotic Attractor Generated by CNN
Techno-Economic Mapping for the Improvement of Shallow Geothermal Management in Southern Switzerland
Disturbance Rejection Control Method of Double-Switch Buck-Boost Converter Using Combined Control Strategy
Analysis and Forecasting of the Carbon Price in China’s Regional Carbon Markets Based on Fast Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition, Phase Space Reconstruction, and an Improved Extreme Learning Machine
Magnetic Properties and Carrier Transport of Ir0.9Mn1−xSn1.1+x
An Interpretive Structural Modeling of Teamwork Training in Higher Education
Leasing or Selling? Durable Goods Manufacturer Marketing Model Selection under a Mixed Carbon Trading-and-Tax Policy Scenario
Improving Urban Population Distribution Models with Very-High Resolution Satellite Information
Breast Cancer Detection in Thermal Infrared Images Using Representation Learning and Texture Analysis Methods
Modeling of Rate-Independent and Symmetric Hysteresis Based on Madelung’s Rules
TRP Channels as Sensors of Chemically-Induced Changes in Cell Membrane Mechanical Properties
Logging Contractors’ Growth in the Southern Cone: An Analysis of Contractor Business Strategies, Innovation, and Mechanization
Embracing the Future Internet of Things
The ATLAS Fast TracKer—Architecture, Status and High-Level Data Quality Monitoring Framework
Development of a Portable Dielectric Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Viscosity Variations and Its In Vitro Evaluations Using Saliva Samples of COPD Patients and Healthy Control
Gravitational Fluctuations as an Alternative to Inflation
Measuring Environmental Efficiency through the Lens of Technology Heterogeneity: A Comparative Study between China and the G20
Real-Time Underwater Image Recognition with FPGA Embedded System for Convolutional Neural Network
Perspectives on Assistive Systems for Manual Assembly Tasks in Industry
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of MCA in 2018
A Novel Method for Extrinsic Calibration of Multiple RGB-D Cameras Using Descriptor-Based Patterns
Unraveling Flooding Dynamics and Nutrients’ Controls upon Phytoplankton Functional Dynamics in Amazonian Floodplain Lakes
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Surfaces in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Marine Drugs in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications in 2018
An Optimization Approach for the Coordinated Low-Carbon Design of Product Family and Remanufactured Products
Uncertainty Assessment of Hyperspectral Image Classification: Deep Learning vs. Random Forest
Sinonasal-Related Orbital Infections in Children: A Clinical and Therapeutic Overview
Kinetic Studies on Gas-Based Reduction of Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Pellet
Real Time Energy Management and Control of Renewable Energy based Microgrid in Grid Connected and Island Modes
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Systems in 2018
Effectiveness of Prenyl Group on Flavonoids from Epimedium koreanum Nakai on Bacterial Neuraminidase Inhibition
q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Competition Graphs with Application in the Soil Ecosystem
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Cells in 2018
Recent Progress in Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Laser Protection
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Fractal Fract in 2018
Classification of Land Cover, Forest, and Tree Species Classes with ZiYuan-3 Multispectral and Stereo Data
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Polymers in 2018
Poseidon—Decision Support Tool for Water Reuse
A Hybrid Hamiltonian for the Accelerated Sampling along Experimental Restraints
Correction: Kazmi, S.A.A.; Janjua, A.K.; Shin, D.R. Enhanced Voltage Stability Assessment Index Based Planning Approach for Mesh Distribution Systems. Energies 2018, 11, 1213
Input-Output Budgets of Nutrients in Adjacent Norway Spruce and European Beech Monocultures Recovering from Acidification
Inflation from Supersymmetry Breaking
Comprehensive Analysis of Differentially Expressed Unigenes under NaCl Stress in Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) Using RNA-Seq
Genomes of Three Closely Related Caribbean Amazons Provide Insight for Species History and Conservation
What about the Migrant Children? The State-Of-The-Art in Research Claiming Social Sustainability
A Damage Model Reflecting the Interaction between Delamination and Intralaminar Crack for Failure Analysis of FRP Laminates
The Food Desert as a Concept and Policy Tool in African Cities: An Opportunity and a Risk
Multiple-Point Voltage Control to Minimize Interaction Effects in Power Systems
Deep Learning Algorithms with Demographic Information Help to Detect Tuberculosis in Chest Radiographs in Annual Workers’ Health Examination Data
A Method for Analyzing the Impact of Intra-System and Inter-System Interference on DME Based on Queueing Theory
Adverse Outcomes after Major Surgeries in Patients with Diabetes: A Multicenter Matched Study
Exploring the Economic Potential of Sodium-Ion Batteries
Simulating the Filtration Effects of Cement-Grout in Fractured Porous Media with the 3D Unified Pipe-Network Method
Potent Cytotoxic Analogs of Amphidinolides from the Atlantic Octocoral Stragulum bicolor
A Compact Broadband Antenna with Dual-Resonance for Implantable Devices
Efficacy of Biophysical Energies on Healing of Diabetic Skin Wounds in Cell Studies and Animal Experimental Models: A Systematic Review
CNF-Functionalization as Versatile Tool for Tuning Activity in Cellulose-Derived Product Hydrogenation
Clerodane Diterpenes from the Marine Sponge Raspailia bouryesnaultae Collected in South Brazil
Characterization, Expression Profiling, and Functional Analyses of a 4CL-Like Gene of Populus trichocarpa
A Microbial Transformation Model for Simulating Mammal Metabolism of Artemisinin
Wild Plants Potentially Used in Human Food in the Protected Area "Sierra Grande de Hornachos" of Extremadura (Spain)
Sustainability Development in Mathematics Education—A Case Study of What Kind of Meanings Do Prospective Class Teachers Find for the Mathematical Symbol “23”?
Relationship between Water Activity and Moisture Content in Floral Honey
The Two Supreme Principles of Plato’s Cosmos—the One and the Indefinite Dyad—the Division of a Straight Line into Extreme and Mean Ratio, and Pingala’s Mātrāmeru
In Situ X-Ray CT Investigations of Meso-Damage Evolution of Cemented Waste Rock-Tailings Backfill (CWRTB) during Triaxial Deformation
Thermal Analysis of a Functionally Graded Coating/Substrate System Using the Approximated Transfer Approach
Estimation and Mapping of Sub-National GDP in Uganda Using NPP-VIIRS Imagery
Manufacture of Highly Transparent and Hazy Cellulose Nanofibril Films via Coating TEMPO-Oxidized Wood Fibers
Chaos and Relativistic Energy-Momentum of the Nonlinear Time Fractional Duffing Equation
Investigation of Test Parameters on EBSD Analysis of Retained Austenite in TRIP and Pipeline Steels
Low-Cost and Data Anonymised City Traffic Flow Data Collection to Support Intelligent Traffic System
Symmetric Magnetic Anomaly Objects’ Orientation Recognition Based on Local Binary Pattern and Support Vector Machine
Dynamical and Coupling Structure of Pulse-Coupled Networks in Maximum Entropy Analysis
Efficiency Analysis of East Asian Zinc Smelters and the Effects of Capacity and Bonus Zinc on Efficiency
An X-Band 40 W Power Amplifier GaN MMIC Design by Using Equivalent Output Impedance Model
Logical Structures Underlying Quantum Computing
Reflecting on Green Infrastructure and Spatial Planning in Africa: The Complexities, Perceptions, and Way Forward
Constrained Full Waveform Inversion for Borehole Multicomponent Seismic Data
Identifying Asphalt Pavement Distress Using UAV LiDAR Point Cloud Data and Random Forest Classification
CADDY Underwater Stereo-Vision Dataset for Human–Robot Interaction (HRI) in the Context of Diver Activities
Novel DnaJ Protein Facilitates Thermotolerance of Transgenic Tomatoes
Modeling of CO Emissions from Traffic Vehicles Using Artificial Neural Networks
Automated Matching of Multi-Scale Building Data Based on Relaxation Labelling and Pattern Combinations
Weathering of Ophiolite Remnant and Formation of Ni Laterite in a Strong Uplifted Tectonic Region (Yuanjiang, Southwest China)
Crises of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Satoyama Landscape of Japan: A Review on the Role of Management
A Novel Bi-Stable MEMS Membrane Concept Based on a Piezoelectric Thin Film Actuator for Integrated Switching
SAR and Lidar Temporal Data Fusion Approaches to Boreal Wetland Ecosystem Monitoring
Structural Health Monitoring and Interface Damage Detection for Infill Reinforced Concrete Walls in Seismic Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Frames Using Piezoceramic-Based Transducers Under the Cyclic Loading
Impacts of Green Production Decision on Social Welfare
Aspect Entropy Extraction Using Circular SAR Data and Scattering Anisotropy Analysis
Threat of Pollution Hotspots Reworking in River Systems: Case Study of the Ploučnice River (Czech Republic)
Chiral Derivatives of Xanthones with Antimicrobial Activity
Influences of the Load of Suspension Point in the z Direction and Rigid Body Oscillation on Steel Catenary Riser Displacement and Frequency Under Wave Action
Impact Energy Release Characteristics of PTFE/Al/CuO Reactive Materials Measured by a New Energy Release Testing Device
Theoretical Studies on the Electronic Structure Parameters and Reactive Activity of Neu5Gc and Neu5Ac under Food Processing Solvent Environment
Structure of Solidified Films of CaO-SiO2-Na2O Based Low-Fluorine Mold Flux
Integration and Visualization of Mineralogical and Topographical Information Derived from ASTER and DEM Data
Virtual View Generation Based on 3D-Dense-Attentive GAN Networks
Performance Analysis of Hydrofoil Shaped and Bi-Directional Diffusers for Cross Flow Tidal Turbines in Single and Double-Rotor Configurations
Dependency Model-Based Multiple Fault Diagnosis Using Knowledge of Test Result and Fault Prior Probability
Data Sensing and Processing Tensioning System Based on the Internet of Things
Using Pareto Optimization to Support Supply Chain Network Design within Environmental Footprint Impact Assessment
Skull’s Photoacoustic Attenuation and Dispersion Modeling with Deterministic Ray-Tracing: Towards Real-Time Aberration Correction
Crowd Logistics Platform’s Informative Support to Logistics Performance: Scale Development and Empirical Examination
Tuberculosis Genetic Epidemiology: A Latin American Perspective
Agricultural Water Policy during Drought: A Strategy for Including Groundwater Permits in Future Irrigation Buyout Auctions in the Flint River Basin
Acoustic Comfort in Virtual Inner Yards with Various Building Facades
Characterizing Flexoelectricity in Composite Material Using the Element-Free Galerkin Method
Feed Spacer Geometries and Permeability Coefficients. Effect on the Performance in BWRO Spriral-Wound Membrane Modules
The Frequency Selective Effect of Radar Backscattering from Multiscale Sea Surface
Stress Marks on the Genome: Use or Lose?
Aquaporins in Renal Diseases
The Effect of Chloride Anions on Charge Transfer in Dye-Sensitized Photoanodes for Water Splitting
A Novel Algorithm of Constructing Highly Nonlinear S-p-boxes
Algorithm Design for Edge Detection of High-Speed Moving Target Image under Noisy Environment
Lignin-Based Carbon Nanofibers as Electrodes for Vanadium Redox Couple Electrochemistry
Long Term Stable Δ-Σ NDIR Technique Based on Temperature Compensation
Vectors for Glioblastoma Gene Therapy: Viral & Non-Viral Delivery Strategies
The Differentiated Influence of Technology Absorption on Regional Economic Growth in China
Partnership-Based Supply Chain Collaboration: Impact on Commitment, Innovation, and Firm Performance
Risk Identification and Analysis for PPP Projects of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Based on 2-Tuple and the DEMATEL Model
Organ-Specific Analysis of Morus alba Using a Gel-Free/Label-Free Proteomic Technique
Mindful Learning Improves Positive Feelings of Cancer Patients’ Family Caregivers
Stress-Strain Response of Cylindrical Rubber Fender under Monotonic and Cyclic Compression
Surface Modification of Aluminum Nitride to Fabricate Thermally Conductive poly(Butylene Succinate) Nanocomposite
Study on the Filtration Performance of the Baghouse Filters for Ultra-Low Emission as a Function of Filter Pore Size and Fiber Diameter
Pressure Sensitivity Enhancement of Porous Carbon Electrode and Its Application in Self-Powered Mechanical Sensors
Spatial Patterns of Potentially Hazardous Metals in Soils of Lin’an City, Southeastern China
Dynamic Monitoring of Forest Land in Fuling District Based on Multi-Source Time Series Remote Sensing Images
Hyperspectral Images Classification Based on Dense Convolutional Networks with Spectral-Wise Attention Mechanism
AZD1208, a Pan-Pim Kinase Inhibitor, Has Anti-Growth Effect on 93T449 Human Liposarcoma Cells via Control of the Expression and Phosphorylation of Pim-3, mTOR, 4EBP-1, S6, STAT-3 and AMPK
An Analysis of the Evolution, Completeness and Spatial Patterns of OpenStreetMap Building Data in China
An Automatic HEp-2 Specimen Analysis System Based on an Active Contours Model and an SVM Classification
Turn-On Fluorescence Aptasensor on Magnetic Nanobeads for Aflatoxin M1 Detection Based on an Exonuclease III-Assisted Signal Amplification Strategy
Effects of Lewis Number on the Evolution of Curvature in Spherically Expanding Turbulent Premixed Flames
Spatio-temporal Investigations of the Incomplete Spin Transition in a Single Crystal of [Fe(2-pytrz)2{Pt(CN)4}]·3H2O: Experiment and Theory
Factors Regulating microRNA Expression and Function in Multiple Myeloma
Effect of Tailing-Edge Thickness on Aerodynamic Noise for Wind Turbine Airfoil
Effects of Silicon Content on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of (AlCrTiZrV)-Six-N High-Entropy Alloy Films
The Po River Water Isotopes during the Drought Condition of the Year 2017
Understanding Barriers and Enablers to State Action on Salt: Analysis of Stakeholder Perceptions of the VicHealth Salt Reduction Partnership
Effect of Gradation Segregation on Mechanical Properties of an Asphalt Mixture
Are Proteinopathy and Oxidative Stress Two Sides of the Same Coin?
An Efficient Spectral Method to Solve Multi-Dimensional Linear Partial Different Equations Using Chebyshev Polynomials
China: Some Exceptions of Secularization Thesis
Risk Factors and Outcomes of Recurrent Candidemia in Children: Relapse or Re-Infection?
Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China
EV Idle Time Estimation on Charging Infrastructure, Comparing Supervised Machine Learning Regressions
Fully Integrated Low-Ripple Switched-Capacitor DC–DC Converter with Parallel Low-Dropout Regulator
Impact of Sex Differences and Diabetes on Coronary Atherosclerosis and Ischemic Heart Disease
Modification of Structure and Magnetic Properties in Coordination Assemblies Based on [Cu(cyclam)]2+ and [W(CN)8]3−
The Emerging Role of Checkpoint Inhibition in Microsatellite Stable Colorectal Cancer
Pump-as-Turbine Selection Methodology for Energy Recovery in Irrigation Networks: Minimising the Payback Period
Telomeres in Plants and Humans: Not So Different, Not So Similar
Combined Proteomic and Metabolomic Profiling of the Arabidopsis thaliana vps29 Mutant Reveals Pleiotropic Functions of the Retromer in Seed Development
Symmetric Face Normalization
Subsoiling and Sowing Time Influence Soil Water Content, Nitrogen Translocation and Yield of Dryland Winter Wheat
Improving RF Fingerprinting Methods by Means of D2D Communication Protocol
Effects of Cardiorespiratory Exercise on Cognition in Older Women Exposed to Air Pollution
Creating an Energy Analysis Concept for Oil and Gas Companies: The Case of the Yakutiya Company in Russia
SP1 and STAT3 Functionally Synergize to Induce the RhoU Small GTPase and a Subclass of Non-canonical WNT Responsive Genes Correlating with Poor Prognosis in Breast Cancer
Efficient Catalytic Dehydration of High-Concentration 1-Butanol with Zn-Mn-Co Modified γ-Al2O3 in Jet Fuel Production
Additives for Efficient Biodegradable Antifouling Paints
A Multisensor Approach to Satellite Monitoring of Trends in Lake Area, Water Level, and Volume
Symmetrical Heterocyclic Cage Skeleton: Synthesis, Urease Inhibition Activity, Kinetic Mechanistic Insight, and Molecular Docking Analyses
Characterization of Bioactive Compounds, Mineral Content, and Antioxidant Activity in Bean Varieties Grown with Traditional Methods in Oaxaca, Mexico
Prevalence of Anemia in Children from Latin America and the Caribbean and Effectiveness of Nutritional Interventions: Systematic Review and Meta–Analysis
Thirty-Day Postoperative Outcomes Following Sugammadex Use in Colorectal Surgery Patients: Retrospective Study
Comparison of the Fungistatic Activity of Selected Essential Oils Relative to Fusarium graminearum Isolates
Dual Role of Triptolide in Interrupting the NLRP3 Inflammasome Pathway to Attenuate Cardiac Fibrosis
An Instrument to Measure Mental Health Professionals’ Beliefs and Attitudes towards Service Users’ Rights
Emergence and Spread of Extended Spectrum β-Lactamase Producing Enterobacteriaceae (ESBL-PE) in Pigs and Exposed Workers: A Multicentre Comparative Study between Cameroon and South Africa
Overview of Landslide Hydrology
Religion as a Human Right and a Security Threat—Investigating Young Adults’ Experiences of Religion in Finland
Brain Photobiomodulation—Preliminary Results from Regional Cerebral Oximetry and Thermal Imaging
Improving the Performances of Perovskite Solar Cells via Modification of Electron Transport Layer
Comparative Investigation on the Emission Properties of RAl3(BO3)4 (R = Pr, Eu, Tb, Dy, Tm, Yb) Crystals with the Huntite Structure
Models for Prediction of Surface Roughness in a Face Milling Process Using Triangular Inserts
Cavity Closure of 2-Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin: Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Discrete Element Modeling of Intermetallic Matrix Composite Manufacturing by Powder Metallurgy
Termite Taxonomy, Challenges and Prospects: West Africa, A Case Example
Ball Comparison for Some Efficient Fourth Order Iterative Methods Under Weak Conditions
Transnational Child Sexual Abuse: Outcomes from a Roundtable Discussion
Pose Estimation for Straight Wing Aircraft Based on Consistent Line Clustering and Planes Intersection
Multiple Laser Stripe Scanning Profilometry Based on Microelectromechanical Systems Scanning Mirror Projection
One-Pot Catalytic Conversion of Cellobiose to Sorbitol over Nickel Phosphides Supported on MCM-41 and Al-MCM-41
A-242 Aluminium Alloy Foams Manufacture from the Recycling of Beverage Cans
A Stakeholder Perspective of Port City Sustainable Development
Probabilistic Conversion of the Compressive Strength of Cubes to Cylinders of Natural and Recycled Aggregate Concrete Specimens
Intermittent Dieting: Theoretical Considerations for the Athlete
Assessing Spatial Accessibility to Medical Resources at the Community Level in Shenzhen, China
An Investigation of the Quantitative Correlation between Urban Morphology Parameters and Outdoor Ventilation Efficiency Indices
IB-MAC: Transmission Latency-Aware MAC for Electro-Magnetic Intra-Body Communications
Thrombin Generation and Cancer: Contributors and Consequences
Evaluation of Genomic Prediction for Pasmo Resistance in Flax
Anatase TiO2-Decorated Graphitic Carbon Nitride for Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide
The Spatial Spillover Effects of Environmental Regulation on China’s Industrial Green Growth Performance
A Conceptual Model for a Safety-Based Theory of Lean Construction
Optimal Scheduling of Combined Heat and Power Generation Units Using the Thermal Inertia of the Connected District Heating Grid as Energy Storage
Umami as an ‘Alimentary’ Taste. A New Perspective on Taste Classification
Thermodynamic Analysis of Entropy Generation Minimization in Thermally Dissipating Flow Over a Thin Needle Moving in a Parallel Free Stream of Two Newtonian Fluids
Unsustainable Working Conditions: The Association of Destructive Leadership, Use of Technology, and Workload with Workaholism and Exhaustion
Identification, Characterization, and Formulation of a Novel Carbapenemase Intended to Prevent Antibiotic-Mediated Gut Dysbiosis
No-Reference Image Quality Assessment with Local Gradient Orientations
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 34CrNiMo6 Steel Repaired by Friction Stir Processing
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Mesocrystals: Synthesis, Growth Mechanisms and Photocatalytic Properties
Optimal Placement of Virtual Masses for Structural Damage Identification
Model-Free Identification of Nonlinear Restoring Force with Modified Observation Equation
Cellular Responses of Industrially Relevant Silica Dust on Human Glial Cells In Vitro
Regulated Assembly of LPS, Its Structural Alterations and Cellular Response to LPS Defects
Sustainable Porous Carbon Materials Derived from Wood-Based Biopolymers for CO2 Capture
Noise Estimation for Image Sensor Based on Local Entropy and Median Absolute Deviation
Calibration of SWAT and Two Data-Driven Models for a Data-Scarce Mountainous Headwater in Semi-Arid Konya Closed Basin
Extracellular Vesicles from Fresh and Dried Plants—Simultaneous Purification and Visualization Using Gel Electrophoresis
Tuning the Resonant Frequency of a Surface Plasmon by Double-Metallic Ag/Au Nanoparticles for High-Efficiency Green Light-Emitting Diodes
Electroactive Smart Polymers for Biomedical Applications
Intelligent Energy Management Algorithms for EV-charging Scheduling with Consideration of Multiple EV Charging Modes
On Quantization of a Slowly Rotating Kerr Black Hole in Teleparallel Gravity
Executive Function in Fragile X Syndrome: A Systematic Review
Sulfate-Induced Stomata Closure Requires the Canonical ABA Signal Transduction Machinery
Living the 14/14 Schedule: Qualitative Analysis of the Challenges and Coping Strategies among Families of Offshore Wind Workers
Identification, Characterization, and Optimization of Integrin αvβ6-Targeting Peptides from a One-Bead One-Compound (OBOC) Library: Towards the Development of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging Agents
Solvent Resistant O2 Sensor Integrated in Pressured Flow Reactors
Phylodynamic Analysis of Ebola Virus Disease Transmission in Sierra Leone
Economic Evaluation of Biodegradable Plastic Films and Paper Mulches Used in Open-Air Grown Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) Crop
Butyl Methacrylate-Co-Ethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate Monolith for Online in-Tube SPME-UHPLC-MS/MS to Determine Chlopromazine, Clozapine, Quetiapine, Olanzapine, and Their Metabolites in Plasma Samples
Study on the Fabrication of Super-Hydrophobic Surface on Inconel Alloy via Nanosecond Laser Ablation
The Effect of a Pilot Dietary Intervention on Pain Outcomes in Patients Attending a Tertiary Pain Service
Selection Process of Sustainable Indicators for the Algarve Region—OBSERVE Project
Coefficient Inequalities of Functions Associated with Hyperbolic Domains
Textile-Based Potentiometric Electrochemical pH Sensor for Wearable Applications
Effects of Harvest Time on the Aroma of White Wines Made from Cold-Hardy Brianna and Frontenac Gris Grapes Using Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Olfactometry
Spatiotemporal Changes in Evapotranspiration from an Overexploited Water Resources Basin in Arid Northern China and Their Implications for Ecosystem Management
Preparation and Characterization of Protocatechuic Acid Sulfates
MT4-MMP: The GPI-Anchored Membrane-Type Matrix Metalloprotease with Multiple Functions in Diseases
The Formation of Glycerol Oligomers with Two New Types of End Groups in the Presence of a Homogeneous Alkaline Catalyst
Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Castor (Ricinus communis L.) Seeds During Early Imbibition Provided Novel Insights into Cold Stress Response
Potential Mechanisms Underlying the Deleterious Effects of Synthetic Cannabinoids Found in Spice/K2 Products
Designing and Fabricating Ordered Mesoporous Metal Oxides for CO2 Catalytic Conversion: A Review and Prospect
Validity of an Abbreviated, Clinically Feasible Test for Postprandial Lipemia in Healthy Adults: A Randomized Cross-Over Study
Conceptualization of an Indicator System for Assessing the Sustainability of the Bioeconomy
A Rapid Method for Sequencing Double-Stranded RNAs Purified from Yeasts and the Identification of a Potent K1 Killer Toxin Isolated from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Cooperative Effects in Weak Interactions: Enhancement of Tetrel Bonds by Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonds
Exogenous Melatonin Counteracts NaCl-Induced Damage by Regulating the Antioxidant System, Proline and Carbohydrates Metabolism in Tomato Seedlings
Quantifying Airway Invasion and Pharyngeal Residue in Patients with Dementia
Hibernation and Radioprotection: Gene Expression in the Liver and Testicle of Rats Irradiated under Synthetic Torpor
Ability of Modified Spectral Reflectance Indices for Estimating Growth and Photosynthetic Efficiency of Wheat under Saline Field Conditions
Large-Scale Grain Producers’ Application of Land Conservation Technologies in China: Correlation Effects and Determinants
Water-Related Variables for Predicting Yield of Apple under Deficit Irrigation
Highlights from the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) Experiment
Comparison of Stress-Impedance Effect in Amorphous Ribbons with Positive and Negative Magnetostriction
Discovery of Relevant Response in Infected Potato Plants from Time Series of Gene Expression Data
Mechanical and Microstructural Investigations of the Laser Welding of Different Zinc-Coated Steels
Refugees for Refugees: Musicians between Confinement and Perspectives
Structural Basis for Epitopes in the gp120 Cluster A Region that Invokes Potent Effector Cell Activity
Editorial for the Special Issue: Human Pathogenic Filamentous Fungi from Food/Water and Mycotoxins from Water
Lethal and Sub-Lethal Effects of Insecticides on the Pink Hibiscus Mealybug, Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)
Association between Race and Cancer-Related Mortality among Patients with Colorectal Cancer in the United States: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Polyphenol Health Effects on Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Review and Meta-Analysis
Notable Enhancement of Phase Transition Performance and Luminous Transmittance in VO2 Films via Simple Method of Ar/O Plasma Post-Treatment
The Association between Social Support and Incident Dementia: A 10-Year Follow-Up Study in Japan
Antibiofilm Activity of Polyamide 11 Modified with Thermally Stable Polymeric Biocide Polyhexamethylene Guanidine 2-Naphtalenesulfonate
Dislocations Help Initiate the αγ Phase Transformation in Iron—An Atomistic Study
RUNX1-ETO: Attacking the Epigenome for Genomic Instable Leukemia
Genome-Wide Identification of Cyclophilin Gene Family in Cotton and Expression Analysis of the Fibre Development in Gossypium barbadense
Impact of 3D-Printing Technologies on the Transformation of Industrial Production in the Arctic Zone
Cellular and Structural Studies of Eukaryotic Cells by Cryo-Electron Tomography
Art and Shamanism: From Cave Painting to the White Cube
Variation of Magnetic Memory Signals in Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Behavior
New Ion Source Filament for Prolonged Ion Source Operation on A Medical Cyclotron
Mechanism and Performance of the SCR of NO with NH3 over Sulfated Sintered Ore Catalyst
Differences in Dialysis Efficacy Have Limited Effects on Protein-Bound Uremic Toxins Plasma Levels over Time
Effects of Lifestyle Intervention on Plasma Trimethylamine N-Oxide in Obese Adults
Does the Olympic Agenda 2020 Have the Power to Create a New Olympic Heritage? An Analysis for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games Bid
Epigenetic Modifications of the Liver Tumor Cell Line HepG2 Increase Their Drug Metabolic Capacity
Some Features of Rank One Real Solvable Cohomologically Rigid Lie Algebras with a Nilradical Contracting onto the Model Filiform Lie Algebra Qn
Lignans from the Twigs of Litsea cubeba and Their Bioactivities
Indoor 3-D Localization Based on Received Signal Strength Difference and Factor Graph for Unknown Radio Transmitter
Mechanochemically Synthesised Coal-Based Magnetic Carbon Composites for Removing As(V) and Cd(II) from Aqueous Solutions
Exfoliated Molybdenum Disulfide Encapsulated in a Metal Organic Framework for Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Histone Deacetylation Inhibitors as Therapy Concept in Sepsis
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Mediated by recPrPC Involved in the Neuronal Differentiation Process of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Effect of Primary Crystals on Pore Morphology during Semi-Solid Foaming of A2024 Alloys
Cytotoxic Nitrogenous Terpenoids from Two South China Sea Nudibranchs Phyllidiella pustulosa, Phyllidia coelestis, and Their Sponge-Prey Acanthella cavernosa
The Joint Properties of 5754 Aluminium Alloy by Friction Stir Spot Welding
Comparative Behavioral Phenotypes of Fmr1 KO, Fxr2 Het, and Fmr1 KO/Fxr2 Het Mice
Polystyrene as Graphene Film and 3D Graphene Sponge Precursor
On the Zeros of the Differential Polynomial φ(z)f2(z)f′(z)2 − 1
PPG-Based Systolic Blood Pressure Estimation Method Using PLS and Level-Crossing Feature
1D “Spikelet” Projections from Heteronuclear 2D NMR Data—Permitting 1D Chemometrics While Preserving 2D Dispersion
Preventive Medicine for Person, Place, and Planet: Revisiting the Concept of High-Level Wellness in the Planetary Health Paradigm
Approximating Empirical Surface Reflectance Data through Emulation: Opportunities for Synthetic Scene Generation
Differential Bacterial Colonization and Biofilm Formation on Punctal Occluders
Epitranscriptomic Signatures in lncRNAs and Their Possible Roles in Cancer
Extracellular Vesicle Quantification and Characterization: Common Methods and Emerging Approaches
Improving Accuracy of the Kalman Filter Algorithm in Dynamic Conditions Using ANN-Based Learning Module
Adsorption of Organic Constituents from Reverse Osmosis Concentrate in Coal Chemical Industry by Coking Coal
Heart Rate Variability and Performance of Commercial Airline Pilots during Flight Simulations
Flow and Fast Fourier Transform Analyses for Tip Clearance Effect in an Operating Kaplan Turbine
Planetary Health: A New Reality
Transected Tendon Treated with a New Fibrin Sealant Alone or Associated with Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
Determination of the Location and Magnetic Moment of Ferromagnetic Objects Based on the Analysis of Magnetovision Measurements
Stable, Monodisperse, and Highly Cell-Permeating Nanocochleates from Natural Soy Lecithin Liposomes
Taming Disruption? Pervasive Data Analytics, Uncertainty and Policy Intervention in Disruptive Technology and its Geographic Spread
AMON Multimessenger Alerts: Past and Future
Modularity for Paralleling Different Rated Power Supplies Using Multi-Phase Switching Methods
S-Allylmercapro-N-Acetylcysteine Attenuates the Oxidation-Induced Lens Opacification and Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Death In Vitro
Effects of N-Acetyl-Cysteine Supplementation through Drinking Water on the Glutathione Redox Status during the Weaning Transition of Piglets
The Influence of Ultrafiltration of Citrus limon L. Burm. cv Femminello Comune Juice on Its Chemical Composition and Antioxidant and Hypoglycemic Properties
Electrospun Conductive Nanofiber Yarn for a Wearable Yarn Supercapacitor with High Volumetric Energy Density
Loading Patterns of Rubber-Based Resistance Bands across Distributors
Comprehensive Land Carrying Capacities of the Cities in the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and their Spatio-Temporal Variations
A Case of ‘Muddling Through’? The Politics of Renewing Glyphosate Authorization in the European Union
Investigation on Microstructural Damage Properties of Asphalt Mixture Using Linear and Damage-Coupled Viscoelastic Model
Fabrication of Ni–Co–BN (h) Nanocomposite Coatings with Jet Electrodeposition in Different Pulse Parameters
Energy Consumption and Financial Development in NAFTA Countries, 1971–2015
Drug Bioavailability Enhancing Agents of Natural Origin (Bioenhancers) that Modulate Drug Membrane Permeation and Pre-Systemic Metabolism
Bilinear CNN Model for Fine-Grained Classification Based on Subcategory-Similarity Measurement
Enzymatic Low Volume Passive Sweat Based Assays for Multi-Biomarker Detection
The Applications of Polymers in Solar Cells: A Review
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Genes in 2018
Faunal Remains from Torre Velha 12 (Serpa, Beja, Southwest of Portugal): Relationship between Animals and Bronze Age Communities
Advances in Snow Hydrology Using a Combined Approach of GNSS In Situ Stations, Hydrological Modelling and Earth Observation—A Case Study in Canada
Embodied Energy Flow Patterns of the Internal and External Industries of Manufacturing in China
Comparative Analysis of Developmental Transcriptome Maps of Arabidopsis thaliana and Solanum lycopersicum
A Direct Comparison of the Relationship of Epigenetic Aging and Epigenetic Substance Consumption Markers to Mortality in the Framingham Heart Study
Hydraulic Features of Flow through Local Non-Submerged Rigid Vegetation in the Y-Shaped Confluence Channel
Determinants of the Price of Housing in the Province of Alicante (Spain): Analysis Using Quantile Regression
The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Job Performance and CSR as Mediator in SMEs
A Novel Infrared Temperature Measurement with Dual Mode Modulation of Thermopile Sensor
Joint Estimation of DOA and Frequency of Multiple Sources with Orthogonal Coprime Arrays
Survey on Experimental and Numerical Approaches to Model Underwater Explosions
Dissipation Dynamics and Residue of Four Herbicides in Paddy Fields Using HPLC-MS/MS and GC-MS
Latent Leakage Fault Identification and Diagnosis Based on Multi-Source Information Fusion Method for Key Pneumatic Units in Chinese Standard Electric Multiple Units (EMU) Braking System
Long-Term Reliability Evaluation of Silica-Based Coating with Antireflection Effect for Photovoltaic Modules
m6A mRNA Destiny: Chained to the rhYTHm by the YTH-Containing Proteins
Stress Relaxation Behavior of Cavitation-Processed Cr–Mo Steel and Ni–Cr–Mo Steel
Potential Beneficial Effects of Wine Flavonoids on Allergic Diseases
Strong and Reversible Adhesion of Interlocked 3D-Microarchitectures
The Situation of Cervical Cancers in the Context of Female Genital Cancer Clustering and Burden of Disease in Arad County, Romania
Solid Catalysts for the Upgrading of Renewable Sources
Advances in the Dereplication of Aroma Precursors from Grape Juice by Pretreatment with Lead Acetate and Combined HILIC- and RP-HPLC Methods
Impact of p85α Alterations in Cancer
The Ribosome Biogenesis—Cancer Connection
Pulmonary Endarterectomy in Latvia: A National Experience
Dye Degrading and Fouling-Resistant Membranes Formed by Deposition with Ternary Nanocomposites of N-Doped Graphene/TiO2/Activated Carbon
Roles of Telomere Biology in Cell Senescence, Replicative and Chronological Ageing
Incorporation of Tannic Acid in Food-Grade Guar Gum Fibrous Mats by Electrospinning Technique
Magnetically Induced Flow Focusing of Non-Magnetic Microparticles in Ferrofluids under Inclined Magnetic Fields
A New Residential Role for the Rural Environment in Extremadura, Spain
Bio-Inspired Soft Proboscis Actuator Driven by Dielectric Elastomer Fluid Transducers
A Survey of Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Testing
Uncovering Flavivirus Host Dependency Factors through a Genome-Wide Gain-of-Function Screen
Evaluation of the Speed Control Cameras in the City of Lisbon
Cell Responses to Extracellular α-Synuclein
Invasion Dynamics of A Termite, Reticulitermes flavipes, at Different Spatial Scales in France
Specific Multiphase Assemblages of Carbonatitic and Al-Rich Silicic Diamond-Forming Fluids/Melts: TEM Observation of Microinclusions in Cuboid Diamonds from the Placers of Northeastern Siberian Craton
Long-Term Effects of Psychological Symptoms after Occupational Injury on Return to Work: A 6-Year Follow-Up
Active School Transportation in Winter Conditions: Biking Together Is Warmer
Certificate Based Security Mechanisms in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks based on IEC 61850 and IEEE WAVE Standards
Dry Season Irrigation Promotes Leaf Growth in Eucalyptus urophylla × E. grandis under Fertilization
Determining an Appropriate Time to Start Prophylactic Treatment with Intranasal Corticosteroids in Japanese Cedar Pollinosis
Numerical Analysis of Transient Pressure Behaviors with Shale Gas MFHWs Interference
Solar Energy Assisted Membrane Reactor for Hydrogen Production
Gem Corundum Deposits of Greece: Geology, Mineralogy and Genesis
Risk Factors for Peer Victimization among Middle and High School Students
Transcriptional Alterations by Ischaemic Postconditioning in a Pig Infarction Model: Impact on Microvascular Protection
Mechanisms of Communication in the Mammalian Circadian Timing System
Non-Contact Measurement and Polarity Discrimination-Based Identification Method for Direct Lightning Strokes
Formation Process of an LDHs Coating on Magnesium Alloy by a CO2 Pressurization Method
The Effect of Dexamethasone, Adrenergic and Cholinergic Receptor Agonists on Phospholipid Metabolism in Human Osteoarthritic Synoviocytes
Investigation of Growth Mechanism of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Coating on Al-Ti Double-Layer Composite Plate
Negation of Belief Function Based on the Total Uncertainty Measure
The Role of Family in Bullying and Cyberbullying Involvement: Examining a New Typology of Parental Education Management Based on Adolescents’ View of Their Parents
Involvement of the Hydroperoxy Group in the Irreversible Inhibition of Leukocyte-Type 12-Lipoxygenase by Monoterpene Glycosides Contained in the Qing Shan Lu Shui Tea
Study on Urban Efficiency Measurement and Spatiotemporal Evolution of Cities in Northwest China Based on the DEA–Malmquist Model
Automatic Building Extraction from Google Earth Images under Complex Backgrounds Based on Deep Instance Segmentation Network
Design of Voltage Mode Electronically Tunable First Order All Pass Filter in ±0.7 V 16 nm CNFET Technology
Material and Structural Modeling Aspects of Brain Tissue Deformation under Dynamic Loads
Opposing Regulation of Cancer Properties via KRT19-Mediated Differential Modulation of Wnt/β-Catenin/Notch Signaling in Breast and Colon Cancers
Mesoporous Silica SBA-15 Particles in a Detergent Solution as Abrasive and Coating Material for Household Care Cleaning Products
Best Proximity Point Results for Generalized Θ-Contractions and Application to Matrix Equations
Harrod–Domar Growth Model with Memory and Distributed Lag
A New Efficient Expression for the Conditional Expectation of the Blind Adaptive Deconvolution Problem Valid for the Entire Range ofSignal-to-Noise Ratio
A Review of Recent Results on Simultaneous Interrogation of Multiple Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Sensors Using Microwave Photonics
Approach of Coordinated Control Method for Over-Actuated Vehicle Platoon based on Reference Vector Field
Thermodynamics of Duplication Thresholds in Synthetic Protocell Systems
Experimental Limiting Factors for the Search of μ at Future Facilities
Numerical and Experimental Estimation of the Efficiency of a Quadcopter Rotor Operating at Hover
Determination of the Full 207Pb Chemical Shift Tensor of Anglesite, PbSO4, and Correlation of the Isotropic Shift to Lead–Oxygen Distance in Natural Minerals
AnScalable Matrix Computing Unit Architecture for FPGA, and SCUMO User Design Interface
Visualization of Urban Mobility Data from Intelligent Transportation Systems
Tsallis Holographic Dark Energy in f(G,T) Gravity
Developing a Biotechnological Tool for Monitoring Water Quality: In vitro Clone Culture of the Aquatic Moss Fontinalis Antipyretica
A Fuzzy Programming Method for Modeling Demand Uncertainty in the Capacitated Road–Rail Multimodal Routing Problem with Time Windows
Insights from Testing a Modified Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways Approach for Spatial Planning at the Municipal Level
Digenic Inheritance of LAMA4 and MYH7 Mutations in Patient with Infantile Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Improved Impact Properties in Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) Blends Containing Cellulose Acetate (CA) Prepared by Reactive Extrusion
Overcoming Intrinsic and Acquired Cetuximab Resistance in RAS Wild-Type Colorectal Cancer: An In Vitro Study on the Expression of HER Receptors and the Potential of Afatinib
Synthesis, Structure, Thermal Behavior and cis/trans Isomerization of 2,2′-(EMe3)2 (E = C, Si, Ge, Sn) Substituted Azobenzenes
Irrigation of Greenhouse Crops
Optimal Genetic Design of Type-1 and Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Systems for Blood Pressure Level Classification
Function and Evolution of Nematode RNAi Pathways
The Brain Resting-State Functional Connectivity Underlying Violence Proneness: Is It a Reliable Marker for Neurocriminology? A Systematic Review
Propagating, Evanescent, and Complex Wavenumber Guided Waves in High-Performance Composites
Corrosion Measurement of the Atmospheric Environment Using Galvanic Cell Sensors
Examination of Bearing Walls Regarding Their Environmental Performance
Secondary, Near Chaotic Patterns from Analogue Drawing Machines
A Novel Massive Deployment Solution Based on the Peer-to-Peer Protocol
Alexandrov L-Fuzzy Pre-Proximities
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Medicines in 2018
Asymptotic Solution and Numerical Simulation of Lamb Waves in Functionally Graded Viscoelastic Film
Numerical Calculation Method of Model Predictive Control for Integrated Vehicle Thermal Management Based on Underhood Coupling Thermal Transmission
Full Support for Efficiently Mining Multi-Perspective Declarative Constraints from Process Logs
Attitude Estimation of Underwater Vehicles Using Field Measurements and Bias Compensation
Association between Continuity of Care and the Onset of Thyroid Disorder among Diabetes Patients in Korea
Development of an Electrochemical Biosensor for Rapid and Effective Detection of Pathogenic Escherichia coli in Licorice Extract
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of JMMP in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Entropy in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Crystals in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Atmosphere in 2018
Application of Supergravity Technology in a TEG Dehydration Process for Offshore Platforms
Applying the Smart Grid Architecture Model for Designing and Validating System-of-Systems in the Power and Energy Domain: A European Perspective
Experimental Determination of the Friction Factor in a Tube with Internal Helical Ribs
Collaborative Processes and Collective Impact in Tourist Rural Villages—Insights from a Comparative Analysis between Argentinian and Italian Cases
Block Preconditioning Matrices for the Newton Method to Compute the Dominant λ-Modes Associated with the Neutron Diffusion Equation
A Geospatial Application Framework for Directional Relations
Chestnut (Castanea sativa Miller.) Burs Extracts and Functional Compounds: UHPLC-UV-HRMS Profiling, Antioxidant Activity, and Inhibitory Effects on Phytopathogenic Fungi
Development of Natural Product-Conjugated Metal Complexes as Cancer Therapies
Cognitive and Affective Antecedents of Consumers’ Satisfaction: A Systematic Review of Two Research Approaches
The Effect of Trailing Edge Clearance in Suppressing Hub-Corner Stall
A Model for Estimating the Vegetation Cover in the High-Altitude Wetlands of the Andes (HAWA)
Influence of Green Initiatives on Environmental, Economic and Operational Outcomes: The Case of the Brazilian Packaging Supply Chain
Human iPSC-Chimera Xenotransplantation and the Non-Identity Problem
Triterpenes from the Mushroom Hypholoma lateritium: Isolation, Structure Determination and Investigation in Bdelloid Rotifer Assays
Effect of a Multidimensional Physical Activity Intervention on Body Mass Index, Skinfolds and Fitness in South African Children: Results from a Cluster-Randomised Controlled Trial
Topographical Analysis of the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan Storm Surge Flooding by Combining the JMA Storm Surge Model and the FLO-2D Flood Inundation Model
Research on Hyperspectral Identification of Altered Minerals in Yemaquan West Gold Field, Xinjiang
Synthesis of Vegetation Indices Using Genetic Programming for Soil Erosion Estimation
Local Indicators of Spatial Autocorrelation (LISA): Application to Blind Noise-Based Perceptual Quality Metric Index for Magnetic Resonance Images
Real-Time Behaviour Planning and Highway Situation Analysis Concept with Scenario Classification and Risk Estimation for Autonomous Vehicles
Decay Time Estimates by a Continuum Model for Inorganic Scintillators
Estimating Regional Shadow Prices of CO2 in China: A Directional Environmental Production Frontier Approach
Oxidative Transformations of Lignans
Aurora A Protein Kinase: To the Centrosome and Beyond
Spacetime Symmetry and LemaîTre Class Dark Energy Models
Analysis and Design of SCMA-Based Hybrid Unicast-Multicast Relay-Assisted Networks
Pliocene Origin, Ice Ages and Postglacial Population Expansion Have Influenced a Panmictic Phylogeography of the European Bee-Eater Merops apiaster
A Combined Quantitative Evaluation Model for the Capability of Hyperspectral Imagery for Mineral Mapping
A Multi-Layer Coordinated Control Scheme to Improve the Operation Friendliness of Grid-Connected Multiple Microgrids
Probabilistic Model of Random Encounter in Obstacle Space
Animal Models and Their Contribution to Our Understanding of the Relationship Between Environments, Epigenetic Modifications, and Behavior
Strength Behaviors of Remolded Hydrate-Bearing Marine Sediments in Different Drilling Depths of the South China Sea
A Review on Hybrid Empirical Mode Decomposition Models for Wind Speed and Wind Power Prediction
Dystrophin Deficiency Leads to Genomic Instability in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells via NO Synthase-Induced Oxidative Stress
A Novel Differential Fault Analysis on the Key Schedule of SIMON Family
Estimating Land Surface Temperature from Landsat-8 Data using the NOAA JPSS Enterprise Algorithm
Intermittent Use of Portable NIV Increases Exercise Tolerance in COPD: A Randomised, Cross-Over Trial
Influence of Vibration Treatment and Modification of A356 Aluminum Alloy on Its Structure and Mechanical Properties
Collaborating for Sustainable Water and Energy Management: Assessment and Categorisation of Indigenous Involvement in Remote Australian Communities
Dry Bean Preferences and Attitudes among Midwest Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Women
Crystal Structure of the Disordered Non-Centrosymmetric Compound Fe0.43Mo2.56SbO9.5
Determining Regional-Scale Groundwater Recharge with GRACE and GLDAS
The Immune Escape Mechanisms of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Improved Defect Detection Using Adaptive Leaky NLMS Filter in Guided-Wave Testing of Pipelines
Thiodiketopiperazines Produced by Penicillium crustosum and Their Activities to Promote Gastrointestinal Motility
Adaptive Downward/Upward Routing Protocol for Mobile-Sensor Networks
Encrypted DNP3 Traffic Classification Using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
A New Hybrid Inductor-Based Boost DC-DC Converter Suitable for Applications in Photovoltaic Systems
The Impact of Product Design with Traditional Cultural Properties (TCPs) on Consumer Behavior Through Cultural Perceptions: Evidence from the Young Chinese Generation
Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake by Age, Gender, and Pregnancy Status in the United States: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003–2014
Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems by Novel Integrated Membrane Distillation (MD)
Contest-Based and Norm-Based Interventions: (How) Do They Differ in Attitudes, Norms, and Behaviors?
A Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Healthcare Blockchain for IoT
A Fuzzy WASPAS-Based Approach to Determine Critical Information Infrastructures of EU Sustainable Development
Seeking Challenges, Individual Adaptability and Career Growth in the Relationship between Workload and Contextual Performance: A Two-Wave Study
Optimum Bloating-Activation Zone of Artificial Lightweight Aggregate by Dynamic Parameters
Shankh-er Shongshar, Afterlife Everyday: Religious Experience of the Evening Conch and Goddesses in Bengali Hindu Homes
Creep Behaviors of Methane Hydrate-Bearing Frozen Sediments
A Comprehensive Study of Steel Powders (316L, H13, P20 and 18Ni300) for Their Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing
An Efficient Framework for Remote Sensing Parallel Processing: Integrating the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and Multiagent Technology
Circular Cities: Challenges to Implementing Looping Actions
A Wind Speed Retrieval Model for Sentinel-1A EW Mode Cross-Polarization Images
On the Relationship between Experimental and Numerical Modelling of Gravel-Bed Channel Aggradation
Polyurethane-Supported Graphene Oxide Foam Functionalized with Carbon Dots and TiO2 Particles for Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes
Short and Long-Term Changes in Social Odor Recognition and Plasma Cytokine Levels Following Oxygen (16O) Ion Radiation Exposure
Secure Smart Cameras by Aggregate-Signcryption with Decryption Fairness for Multi-Receiver IoT Applications
Crystallisation Phenomena of In2O3:H Films
A Robust Framework for Self-Care Problem Identification for Children with Disability
Selection of an Optimal Distribution Curve for Non-Stationary Flood Series
On Quantum Fields at High Temperature
Attenuated Replication of Lassa Virus Vaccine Candidate ML29 in STAT-1-/- Mice
Excess Nitrogen in Temperate Forest Ecosystems Decreases Herbaceous Layer Diversity and Shifts Control from Soil to Canopy Structure
Optimizing Weight of Housing Elements of Two-stage Reducer by Using the Topology Management Optimization Capabilities Integrated in SOLIDWORKS: A Case Study
Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity in Trifolium Germplasm from Different Environments
The Influence of Wind Energy and Biogas on Farmland Prices
Preparation and Corrosion Resistance of ETEO Modified Graphene Oxide/Epoxy Resin Coating
After the Fall: Legacy Effects of Biogenic Structure on Wind-Generated Ecosystem Processes Following Mussel Bed Collapse
Ascorbic Acid Mitigates D-galactose-Induced Brain Aging by Increasing Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Improving Memory Function
Novel Dead-Time Compensation Strategy for Wide Current Range in a Three-Phase Inverter
Breakfast Choice Is Associated with Nutrient, Food Group and Discretionary Intakes in Australian Adults at Both Breakfast and the Rest of the Day
Implementation of a UAV–Hyperspectral Pushbroom Imager for Ecological Monitoring
A Novel Mass-Producible Capacitive Sensor with Fully Symmetric 3D Structure and Microfluidics for Cells Detection
The Effect of Direct-to-Plant Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Block Copolymer Components on Bitumen Modification
The Effect of Cognitive Resource Competition Due to Dual-Tasking on the Irregularity and Control of Postural Movement Components
Recent Insights in Transition Metal Sulfide Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts for the Production of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel: A Short Review
Ecosystem Services at the Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve in Finland: A Visitor Perspective
Investigation of Chemical and Physical Surface Changes of Thermally Conditioned Glass Fibres
The Social Cost of Sub-Soil Resource Use
Bi-Objective Dispatch of Multi-Energy Virtual Power Plant: Deep-Learning-Based Prediction and Particle Swarm Optimization
Glucose Can Protect Membranes against Dehydration Damage by Inducing a Glassy Membrane State at Low Hydrations
The Importance of Sensory Lexicons for Research and Development of Food Products
Effect of Weakly Basic Conditions on the Separation and Purification of Flavonoids and Glycosides from Chrysanthemum morifolium Tea
Emerging Roles for Immune Cells and MicroRNAs in Modulating the Response to Cardiac Injury
Geopolymer Synthesis Using Garnet Tailings from Molybdenum Mines
Effect of DEM Interpolation Neighbourhood on Terrain Factors
mTOR Expression in Liver Transplant Candidates with Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Impact on Histological Features and Tumour Recurrence
Genome-Wide Identification and Transcriptional Expression of the PAL Gene Family in Common Walnut (Juglans Regia L.)
Microwave Analysis of Scattered and Absorbed Powers of Semiconductor and Metamaterial Cylinder Structures
Wireless Fingerprinting Uncertainty Prediction Based on Machine Learning
Spatial–Temporal Evolution and Regional Differentiation Features of Urbanization in China from 2003 to 2013
Full-Vectorial 3D Microwave Imaging of Sparse Scatterers through a Multi-Task Bayesian Compressive Sensing Approach
Refining Principles and Technical Methodologies to Produce Ultra-Pure Magnesium for High-Tech Applications
Associations between Red Blood Cell Transfusions and Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Very Low Birth Weight Infants: Ten-Year Data of a Tertiary Neonatal Unit
Process Technologies and Projects for BioLPG
Serpentine–Hisingerite Solid Solution in Altered Ferroan Peridotite and Olivine Gabbro
Effects of Fertilization Ratios and Frequencies on the Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Magnolia wufengensis (Magnoliaceae)
Study on the Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of Transnational Power Networking Projects Based on Multi-Project Stakeholder Perspectives
Loading of Porous Functionalized Calcium Carbonate Microparticles: Distribution Analysis with Focused Ion Beam Electron Microscopy and Mercury Porosimetry
Optimization of a Centrifugal Compressor Using the Design of Experiment Technique
Crosstalk of Intercellular Signaling Pathways in the Generation of Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons In Vivo and from Stem Cells
Node Temperature of the Coupled High-Low Energy Grade Flus Gas Waste Heat Recovery System
Beyond Place Attachment: Land Attachment of Resettled Farmers in Jiangsu, China
On the Mechanism of Hyperthermia-Induced BRCA2 Protein Degradation
Estimation of Soil Depth Using Bayesian Maximum Entropy Method
Astrophotonic Spectrographs
Microbiological Air Quality in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems of Surgical and Intensive Care Areas: The Application of a Disinfection Procedure for Dehumidification Devices
Synthesis of Dihydropyrano[3,2-c]pyrazoles via Double Bond Migration and Ring-Closing Metathesis
A DNA Vaccine Encoding SA-4-1BBL Fused to HPV-16 E7 Antigen Has Prophylactic and Therapeutic Efficacy in a Cervical Cancer Mouse Model
Effects of Ultrasound-Guided Administration of Botulinum Toxin (IncobotulinumtoxinA) in Patients with Lateral Epicondylitis
Suitability of Satellite-Based Precipitation Products for Water Balance Simulations Using Multiple Observations in a Humid Catchment
Comparison of the Changes in the Structure of the Transverse Arch of the Normal and Hallux Valgus Feet under Different Loading Positions
Procedural Predictors for Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold Thrombosis: Analysis of the Individual Components of the “PSP” Technique
Interpolative Ćirić-Reich-Rus Type Contractions via the Branciari Distance
Leadership Evolution for Planetary Health: A Genomics Perspective
Broadband Photo-Excited Coherent Acoustic Frequency Combs and Mini-Brillouin-Zone Modes in a MQW-SESAM Structure
Integrating a Hybrid Back Propagation Neural Network and Particle Swarm Optimization for Estimating Soil Heavy Metal Contents Using Hyperspectral Data
Effect of Incorporating MoS2 in Organic Coatings on the Corrosion Resistance of 316L Stainless Steel in a 3.5% NaCl Solution
Distributions of Invasive Arthropods across Heterogeneous Urban Landscapes in Southern California: Aridity as a Key Component of Ecological Resistance
Biomechanical Stability and Osteogenesis in a Tibial Bone Defect Treated by Autologous Ovine Cord Blood Cells—A Pilot Study
Past, Present and Future Anti-Obesity Effects of Flavin-Containing and/or Copper-Containing Amine Oxidase Inhibitors
Intentional Carrier Doping to Realize n-Type Conduction in Zintl Phases Eu5−yLayIn2.2Sb6
Assessment of Dual Frequency GNSS Observations from a Xiaomi Mi 8 Android Smartphone and Positioning Performance Analysis
Barriers to the Prevention and Control of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in the Community of Southwestern China: A Qualitative Research
Training Future Engineers to Be Ghostbusters: Hunting for the Spectral Environmental Radioactivity
Autophagy and Apoptosis Interact to Modulate T-2 Toxin-Induced Toxicity in Liver Cells
Direct Synthesis of Phosphonates and α-Amino-phosphonates from 1,3-Benzoxazines
Surface Plasmon Enhanced Light Scattering Biosensing: Size Dependence on the Gold Nanoparticle Tag
Acute Exposure to Indoxyl Sulfate Impairs Endothelium-Dependent Vasorelaxation in Rat Aorta
Intrinsic Defect Engineering in Eu3+ Doped ZnWO4 for Annealing Temperature Tunable Photoluminescence
Identification of Cerebrospinal Fluid Metabolites as Biomarkers for Enterovirus Meningitis
A Copula-Based Approach for Accommodating the Underreporting Effect in Wildlife‒Vehicle Crash Analysis
Effects of Yttrium Doping on a-IGZO Thin Films for Use as a Channel Layer in Thin-Film Transistors
Trust in the Work Environment and Cardiovascular Disease Risk: Findings from the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index
The Inheritance and Change of the Contemporary Daur Shaman
Time-Averaged Turbulent Velocity Flow Field through the Various Bridge Contractions during Large Flooding
Numerical Investigation of the Fracture Properties of Pre-Cracked Monocrystalline/Polycrystalline Graphene Sheets
Effects of Walking in a Forest on Young Women
Shannon Entropy Index and a Fuzzy Logic System for the Assessment of Stator Winding Short-Circuit Faults in Induction Motors
Configurational Entropy in Multicomponent Alloys: Matrix Formulation from Ab Initio Based Hamiltonian and Application to the FCC Cr-Fe-Mn-Ni System
Economic Analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle Using R123 and R245fa as Working Fluids and a Demonstration Project Report
Expectations for Statistical Arbitrage in Energy Futures Markets
Quantifying Grazing Intensity Using Remote Sensing in Alpine Meadows on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Expanding Repertoire of Plant Positive-Strand RNA Virus Proteases
Specific Energy Consumption/Use (SEC) in Energy Management for Improving Energy Efficiency in Industry: Meaning, Usage and Differences
Clinical Characterization of Host Response to Simian Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Infection in Permissive and Refractory Hosts: A Model for Determining Mechanisms of VHF Pathogenesis
Effect of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment on Adhesive Bonding of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Morphological Variability of Submarine Mass Movements in the Tectonically–Controlled Calabro–Tyrrhenian Continental Margin (Southern Italy)
Health Emergency Disaster Risk Management of Public Transport Systems: A Population-Based Study after the 2017 Subway Fire in Hong Kong, China
Simple Synthesis of K4Nb6O17/C Nanosheets for High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries with Good Stability
Treatment of Wastewater Solutions from Anodizing Industry by Membrane Distillation and Membrane Crystallization
Synthesis and Characterization of Reduced Graphene Oxide and Their Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Multi-Task Learning with Extended Multi-Attribute Profile for Hyperspectral Target Detection
Perceptions of Change after a Trauma and Perceived Posttraumatic Growth: A Prospective Examination
Numerical Simulation on Supercritical CO2 Fluid Dynamics in a Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor
Effect of β-Glucan and Black Tea in a Functional Bread on Short Chain Fatty Acid Production by the Gut Microbiota in a Gut Digestion/Fermentation Model
The Quality of Anticoagulation Therapy among Warfarin-Treated Patients with Atrial Fibrillation in a Primary Health Care Setting
A New Practical Approach for 3D Documentation in Ultraviolet Fluorescence and Infrared Reflectography of Polychromatic Sculptures as Fundamental Step in Restoration
Neuroinflammation, Microglia, and Cell-Association during Prion Disease
Adapting Models to Warn Fungal Diseases in Vineyards Using In-Field Internet of Things (IoT) Nodes
Cholecystokinin-2 Receptor Targeting with Novel C-terminally Stabilized HYNIC-Minigastrin Analogs Radiolabeled with Technetium-99m
Predicting VTE in Cancer Patients: Candidate Biomarkers and Risk Assessment Models
Borough Development Dependent on Agricultural, Tourism, and Economy Levels
Assessing the Potential Impact of Rising Production of Industrial Wood Pellets on Streamflow in the Presence of Projected Changes in Land Use and Climate: A Case Study from the Oconee River Basin in Georgia, United States
Role of Water User Associations on the Restoration of the Ecosystem in Tanzania
Molecular Characterisation of Equine Herpesvirus 1 Isolates from Cases of Abortion, Respiratory and Neurological Disease in Ireland between 1990 and 2017
Three-Dimensional Temperature Field Change in the South China Sea during Typhoon Kai-Tak (1213) Based on a Fully Coupled Atmosphere–Wave–Ocean Model
Integrated Design and Control of Various Hydrogen Production Flowsheet Configurations via Membrane Based Methane Steam Reforming
Effect of Temperature and Texture on Hall–Petch Strengthening by Grain and Annealing Twin Boundaries in the MnFeNi Medium-Entropy Alloy
A Generalized State-Space Aeroservoelastic Model Based on Tangential Interpolation
Optimization of the Melting Performance of a Thermal Energy Storage Unit with Fractal Net Fins
Influence of ALD Coating Layers on the Optical Properties of Nanoporous Alumina-Based Structures
Readiness of Pharmacists Based in Utah About Pain Management and Opioid Dispensing
Nutritional Status of Elderly Patients after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Research on Modeling and Hierarchical Scheduling of a Generalized Multi-Source Energy Storage System in an Integrated Energy Distribution System
Real-Time Performance Optimization and Diagnostics during Long-Term Operation of a Solid Anolyte Microbial Fuel Cell Biobattery
A Multicentre Study of Burnout Prevalence and Related Psychological Variables in Medical Area Hospital Nurses
Associations Between Dietary Protein Sources, Plasma BCAA and Short-Chain Acylcarnitine Levels in Adults
Investigating the Impact of Airport Noise and Land Use Restrictions on House Prices: Evidence from Selected Regional Airports in Poland
Survey of the Geometric and Electronic Structures of the Key Hydrogenated Forms of FeMo-co, the Active Site of the Enzyme Nitrogenase: Principles of the Mechanistically Significant Coordination Chemistry
Marketing Strategy, Serving Size, and Nutrition Information of Popular Children’s Food Packages in Taiwan
The Use of Dietary Interventions in Pediatric Patients
n-6 Linoleic Acid Induces Epigenetics Alterations Associated with Colonic Inflammation and Cancer
Spatial Accessibility to Healthcare Services in Metropolitan Suburbs: The Case of Qingpu, Shanghai
Optimized Clustering Algorithms for Large Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review
Evolution of Disease Defense Genes and Their Regulators in Plants
Spatial and Temporal Variation in Paralytic Shellfish Toxin Production by Benthic Microseira (Lyngbya) wollei in a Freshwater New York Lake
Supercapacitor Energy Storage Device Using Biowastes: A Sustainable Approach to Green Energy
The Long-Term Perspective of Human Impact on Landscape for Environmental Change (LoTEC) and Sustainability: From Botany to the Interdisciplinary Approach
On Finding and Enumerating Maximal and Maximum k-Partite Cliques in k-Partite Graphs
Re-Examining Genetic Screening and Oral Contraceptives: A Patient-Centered Review
The Uses of Reconstructing Heritage in China: Tourism, Heritage Authorization, and Spatial Transformation of the Shaolin Temple
Muddy Boots Beget Wisdom: Implications for Rare or Endangered Plant Species Distribution Models
Spatiotemporal Surface Moisture Variations on a Barred Beach and their Relationship with Groundwater Fluctuations
An Optimized High-Throughput Neutralization Assay for Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) Involving Detection of Secreted Porf2
Alley Cropping Increases Land Use Efficiency and Economic Profitability Across the Combination Cultivation Period
A Review on the Phytochemistry, Medicinal Properties and Pharmacological Activities of 15 Selected Myanmar Medicinal Plants
Targeting of LRRC59 to the Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Inner Nuclear Membrane
Women Remain at Risk of Iodine Deficiency during Pregnancy: The Importance of Iodine Supplementation before Conception and Throughout Gestation
Energy Efficiency in the Supply Chains of the Aluminium Industry: The Cases of Five Products Made in Sweden
Rural Tourism in Georgia in Transition: Challenges for Regional Sustainability
Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for In-Field Detection of Pesticides: A Test on Dimethoate Residues in Water and on Olive Leaves
Temperature Sensing of Stepped-Metal Coated Optical Fiber Bragg Grating with the Restructured Dual-Peak Resonance
A Computational Method to Propose Mutations in Enzymes Based on Structural Signature Variation (SSV)
Protein Corona Fingerprints of Liposomes: New Opportunities for Targeted Drug Delivery and Early Detection in Pancreatic Cancer
Nondestructive Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Oils on Wood Surfaces
Molecular Mechanisms of Chitosan Interactions with Fungi and Plants
Effects of Building Microclimate on the Thermal Environment of Traditional Japanese Houses during Hot-Humid Summer
Brassinosteroids, the Sixth Class of Phytohormones: A Molecular View from the Discovery to Hormonal Interactions in Plant Development and Stress Adaptation
Lateral Transport of Organic and Inorganic Solutes
HVAC Systems Applied in University Buildings with Control Based on PMV and aPMV Indexes
Thermal Conductive Composites Prepared by Addition of Several Ceramic Fillers to Thermally Cationic Curing Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins
Fiber Vector Bend Sensor Based on Multimode Interference and Image Tapping
Anticorrosion Properties of Epoxy Composite Coating Reinforced by Molybdate-Intercalated Functionalized Layered Double Hydroxide
A Study of the Impact of Pitch Misalignment on Wind Turbine Performance
Maternal High Fat Diet-Induced Obesity Modifies Histone Binding and Expression of Oxtr in Offspring Hippocampus in a Sex-Specific Manner
Preliminary Equipment Design for On-Board Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming in Palladium Membrane Reactors
Bursting at the Seams: Molecular Mechanisms Mediating Astrocyte Swelling
Fluorescence-Based Detection of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene, and Cumene (BTEXC) Compounds in Fuel-Contaminated Snow Environments
Segmentation Based on the Gastronomic Motivations of Tourists: The Case of the Costa Del Sol (Spain)
Circulating Tumor Cells Develop Resistance to TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis Through Autophagic Removal of Death Receptor 5: Evidence from an In Vitro Model
Sex-Specific Lifestyle and Biomedical Risk Factors for Chronic Disease among Early-Middle, Middle and Older Aged Australian Adults
Tomás Saraceno’s Art Work “In Orbit” (2013) against the Backdrop of Space Architecture
Univariate Statistical Analysis as a Guide to 1H-NMR Spectra Signal Assignment by Visual Inspection
Experimental Study on Vibration Control of Suspended Piping System by Single-Sided Pounding Tuned Mass Damper
The Spatial and Temporal Research on the Coupling and Coordinated Relationship between Social Economy and Energy Environment in the Belt and Road Initiatives
Efficient Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Wastewater with Electro-Reduction
Social Media Big Data Mining and Spatio-Temporal Analysis on Public Emotions for Disaster Mitigation
Effects of Perceived Traffic Risks, Noise, and Exhaust Smells on Bicyclist Behaviour: An Economic Evaluation
Metabolic Fates of Evening Crop-Stored Sugar in Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris)
De Novo Assembly and Discovery of Genes That Involved in Drought Tolerance in the Common Vetch
Gluten-Free Diet: Gaps and Needs for a Healthier Diet
Molecular Pathways and Respiratory Involvement in Lysosomal Storage Diseases
Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration Using a Tyramine-Modified Bilayered PLGA Scaffold Combined with Articular Chondrocytes in a Porcine Model
A Systematic Performance History Analysis of a Chlor-Alkali Membrane Electrolyser under Industrial Operating Conditions
A Hybrid Process to Address Uncertainty and Changing Climate Risk in Coastal Areas Using Dynamic Adaptive Pathways Planning, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis & Real Options Analysis: A New Zealand Application
Multi-Teaching Styles Approach and Active Reflection: Effectiveness in Improving Fitness Level, Motor Competence, Enjoyment, Amount of Physical Activity, and Effects on the Perception of Physical Education Lessons in Primary School Children
Exploring the Papillomaviral Proteome to Identify Potential Candidates for a Chimeric Vaccine against Cervix Papilloma Using Immunomics and Computational Structural Vaccinology
Delivery of Inoculum of Rhizophagus irregularis via Seed Coating in Combination with Pseudomonas libanensis for Cowpea Production
Mood Disorders, Accelerated Aging, and Inflammation: Is the Link Hidden in Telomeres?
Petrological and Mineralogical Aspects of Epithermal Low-Sulfidation Au- and Porphyry Cu-Style Mineralization, Navilawa Caldera, Fiji
A Review of the Potential for the Recovery of Wind Turbine Blade Waste Materials
The History of Pastoral Activities in S Italy Inferred from Palynology: A Long-Term Perspective to Support Biodiversity Awareness
Economic Valuation of Green Island, Taiwan: A Choice Experiment Method
Cash Use of the Taiwan Dollar: Is It Efficient?
The Extremal Cacti on Multiplicative Degree-Kirchhoff Index
Rzeszow as a City Taking Steps Towards Developing Sustainable Public Transport
Detection and Characterization of Debonding Defects in Aeronautical Honeycomb Sandwich Composites Using Noncontact Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing Technique
Lack of Endogenous Annexin A1 Increases Mast Cell Activation and Exacerbates Experimental Atopic Dermatitis
Comparison of Raw Data-Based and Complex Image-Based Sparse SAR Imaging Methods
Role of Ketogenic Diets in Neurodegenerative Diseases (Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease)
Online Porn Addiction: What We Know and What We Don’t—A Systematic Review
Circulating Biomarkers for Prediction of Objective Response to Chemotherapy in Pancreatic Cancer Patients
Uniaxial Static Stress Estimation for Concrete Structures Using Digital Image Correlation
An Information Theoretically Secure E-Lottery Scheme Based on Symmetric Bivariate Polynomials
Differential Role of Anti-Viral Sensing Pathway for the Production of Type I Interferon β in Dendritic Cells and Macrophages Against Respiratory Syncytial Virus A2 Strain Infection
Pd(CH3CN)2Cl2/Pipecolinic Acid as a Highly Efficient Catalytic System for Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-coupling Reaction of Bromoaryl Carboxylic Acids in Water
Sustainable Building: High Performance Timber Bridges
The New Beamline LISA at ESRF: Performances and Perspectives for Earth and Environmental Sciences
Fumaric Acids Directly Influence Gene Expression of Neuroprotective Factors in Rodent Microglia
Structure-Based Discovery of a Selective KDM5A Inhibitor that Exhibits Anti-Cancer Activity via Inducing Cell Cycle Arrest and Senescence in Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Study on the Potential of Forest Biomass Residues for Bio-Energy
Calligraphic Glass: Making Marks with Glass
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Cosmetics in 2018
Predicting the Influence of Rain on LIDAR in ADAS
Subcutaneous and Mediastinal Emphysema Followed by Group A Beta-Hemolytic Streptococci Mediastinitis. A Complicated Course after Adenotonsillectomy: Case Report
Design and Testing of a Sensing System for Aero-Engine Smart Bearings
The Individual and Combined Effects of the Cyanotoxins, Anatoxin-a and Microcystin-LR, on the Growth, Toxin Production, and Nitrogen Fixation of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Algae
Bioactivity and Structural Properties of Novel Synthetic Analogues of the Protozoan Toxin Climacostol
Multiple-stage Precursor Ion Separation and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry toward Structural Characterization of 2,3-Diacyltrehalose Family from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Effect of Irrigation Water Regimes on Yield of Tetragonia Tetragonioides
Pacing of Women and Men in Half-Marathon and Marathon Races
Serial Multiple Mediation Analyses: How to Enhance Individual Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response to Environmental Disasters
Development of a Conductive Polymer Based Novel 1-DOF Tactile Sensor with Cylindrical Arch Spring Structure Using 3D Printing Technology
Optimization of the Automated Synthesis of [11C]mHED—Administered and Apparent Molar Activities
Sensitivity to Time Delays in VDM-Based Navigation
Assessment of Water Quality and Thermal Stress for an Artificial Fish Shelter in an Urban Small Pond during Early Summer
Family Income at Birth and Risk of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at Age 15: Racial Differences
Contact Lens Materials: A Materials Science Perspective
Evaluation of Alternatives for Improving the Thermal Resistance of Window Glazing Edges
Investigation of PAG2 mRNA Expression in Water Buffalo Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells and Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes from Maternal Blood at the Peri-Implantation Period
Characterization of Somatic Embryogenesis Receptor-Like Kinase 4 as a Negative Regulator of Leaf Senescence in Arabidopsis
The Potential Mechanism of Bufadienolide-Like Chemicals on Breast Cancer via Bioinformatics Analysis
Roles of Different Transport Modes in the Spatial Spread of the 2009 Influenza A(H1N1) Pandemic in Mainland China
Impacts of Lean Construction on Safety Systems: A System Dynamics Approach
The microRNAs Regulating Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation: A Minireview
Is Foreign Aid Responsive to Environmental Needs and Performance of Developing Countries? Case Study of the Czech Republic.
Regional Tourism Clustering Based on the Three Ps of the Sustainability Services Marketing Matrix: An Example of Central and Eastern European Countries
Management of Acute Respiratory Failure Due to Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Systematic Review
Probiotic Lactobacillus spp. Act Against Helicobacter pylori-induced Inflammation
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Bioengineering in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Functional Biomaterials in 2018
Bacterial Concentration Detection using a PCB-based Contactless Conductivity Sensor
Investigation of the Phase Transition Mechanism in LiFePO4 Cathode Using In Situ Raman Spectroscopy and 2D Correlation Spectroscopy during Initial Cycle
Bipolar Disorder and Comorbid Borderline Personality Disorder: Patient Characteristics and Outcomes in US Hospitals
Synthesis and Biochemical Evaluation of Lid-Open d-Amino Acid Oxidase Inhibitors
Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Nanoplatelet Hybrid Film as a Flexible Multifunctional Sensor
Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Global Dense Feature Fusion Convolutional Network
Site Selection Models in Natural Disaster Shelters: A Review
On Continuous-Time Gaussian Channels
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Forests in 2018
Preferential Localization of MUC1 Glycoprotein in Exosomes Secreted by Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Cells
Authentication of Apis cerana Honey and Apis mellifera Honey Based on Major Royal Jelly Protein 2 Gene
Rapid Relocation Method for Mobile Robot Based on Improved ORB-SLAM2 Algorithm
Capture of Circulating Tumour Cell Clusters Using Straight Microfluidic Chips
A Novel Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV Inhibitory Tea Peptide Improves Pancreatic β-Cell Function and Reduces α-Cell Proliferation in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Mice
Size-Dependent and Multi-Field Coupling Behavior of Layered Multiferroic Nanocomposites
Effect of Fe2O3–ZrO2 Catalyst Morphology on Sulfamethazine Degradation in the Fenton-Like Reaction
Evaluating European Conservation Areas and Proposal of New Zones of Conservation under the Habitats Directive. Application to Spanish Territories
Local Parallel Cross Pattern: A Color Texture Descriptor for Image Retrieval
Vacuum Condensate Picture of Quantum Gravity
Process-Induced Stress and Deformation of Variable-Stiffness Composite Cylinders During Curing
Hybrid Multivalued Type Contraction Mappings in αK-Complete Partial b-Metric Spaces and Applications
Functional Interplay between RNA Viruses and Non-Coding RNA in Mammals
Sulfur-Enriched Bone Char as Alternative P Fertilizer: Spectroscopic, Wet Chemical, and Yield Response Evaluation
Osmotic-Adaptation Response of sakA/hogA Gene to Aflatoxin Biosynthesis, Morphology Development and Pathogenicity in Aspergillus flavus
Network Analyses of Integrated Differentially Expressed Genes in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma to Identify Characteristic Genes
Numerical Modeling of Earthquake-Damaged Circular Bridge Columns Repaired Using Combination of Near-Surface-Mounted BFRP Bars with External BFRP Sheets Jacketing
Metformin Impairs Glutamine Metabolism and Autophagy in Tumour Cells
A Sequence-Based Novel Approach for Quality Evaluation of Third-Generation Sequencing Reads
Role of FoxO Proteins in Cellular Response to Antitumor Agents
Multiscale 3D Curvature Analysis of Processed Surface Textures of Aluminum Alloy 6061 T6
Was There a Pre-Roman Occupation in Coimbra, Portugal? The Contribution of Rua Fernandes Thomaz, 72–74 for Understanding Occupation of the Territory of Aeminium during the Transition from the Iron Age to the Roman Era
A Small Aromatic Compound Has Antifungal Properties and Potential Anti-Inflammatory Effects against Intestinal Inflammation
Professionalisation of International Medical Volunteer Work to Maintain Ethical Standards: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Experience of Volunteer Doctors in Relation to UK Policy
Quality Assessment of HDR/WCG Images Using HDR Uniform Color Spaces
The Opposing Contribution of SMS1 and SMS2 to Glioma Progression and Their Value in the Therapeutic Response to 2OHOA
Modeling and Simulation Studies Analyzing the Pressure-Retarded Osmosis (PRO) and PRO-Hybridized Processes
Hyaluronic Acid-Decorated Laponite® Nanocomposites for Targeted Anticancer Drug Delivery
Bioinspired Materials 2018: Conference Report
A Methodology for Determination and Definition of Key Performance Indicators for Smart Grids Development in Island Energy Systems
Analysis of a Control System for DFIG Wind Generators Based on the Transmission of Power References through a GSM Wireless Network: A Smart Grid Experimental Approach
Genomic Enhancers in Brain Health and Disease
Analysis of Popcorn (Zea Mays L. var. Everta) for Antioxidant Capacity and Total Phenolic Content
Microwave-Assisted Dehydrogenative Cross Coupling Reactions in γ-valerolactone with a Reusable Pd/β-cyclodextrin Crosslinked Catalyst
Relationship between Protein Oxidation Biomarkers and Uterine Health in Dairy Cows during the Postpartum Period
A Handy Flexible Micro-Thermocouple Using Low-Melting-Point Metal Alloys
Multisource Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Fusion for Urban Land-Use Mapping based on a Modified Two-Branch Convolutional Neural Network
Stress-Tolerant Yeasts: Opportunistic Pathogenicity Versus Biocontrol Potential
Hydrometallurgical Process for Zinc Recovery from C.Z.O. Generated by the Steelmaking Industry with Ammonia–Ammonium Chloride Solution
Education Attainment and Alcohol Binge Drinking: Diminished Returns of Hispanics in Los Angeles
Effects of Two Fractions of Swietenia macrophylla and Catechin on Muscle Damage Induced by Bothrops Venom and PLA2
Vitamin K in Chronic Kidney Disease
Survivin Splice Variants in Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3)-Induced Deactivation of PI3K and MAPK Cell Signalling Pathways in MCF-7 Cells
Are Parent-Held Child Health Records a Valuable Health Intervention? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Force Dependence of Velocity and Run Length of Kinesin-1, Kinesin-2 and Kinesin-5 Family Molecular Motors
Development of a Recognition System for Spraying Areas from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using a Machine Learning Approach
Genetic Instability and Chromatin Remodeling in Spermatids
Aeolian Material Migration in Transbaikalia (Asian Russia)
Effects of Vegetation Pattern and Spontaneous Succession on Remediation of Potential Toxic Metal-Polluted Soil in Mine Dumps
Applicability of Nonlinear Wavemaker Theory
Alcyonacea: A Potential Source for Production of Nitrogen-Containing Metabolites
Parametric Study of a Turbofan Engine with an Auxiliary High-Pressure Bypass
On Using Linear Diophantine Equations for in-Parallel Hiding of Decision Tree Rules
Thermal Protection System and Thermal Management for Combined-Cycle Engine: Review and Prospects
c-Src Recruitment is Involved in c-MET-Mediated Malignant Behaviour of NT2D1 Non-Seminoma Cells
Enhancement of High-Order Harmonic Generation due to the Large Gradient of the Electric Field Amplitude
Perpetual Vanishing: Animal Lives in Contemporary Scottish Fiction
Regional Planning and the Environmental Impact of Coastal Tourism: The Mission Racine for the Redevelopment of Languedoc-Roussillon’s Littoral
Study of K-Feldspar and Lime Hydrothermal Reaction: Phase and Mechanism with Reaction Temperature and Increasing Ca/Si Ratio
Religion, Education and Security: The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations and Global Citizenship
Nanobody Detection of Standard Fluorescent Proteins Enables Multi-Target DNA-PAINT with High Resolution and Minimal Displacement Errors
Volatility Spillovers between Crude Oil and Agricultural Commodity Markets since the Financial Crisis
“The Past Is Never Dead. It’s Not Even Past”: The Ambivalent Call of Nostalgic Memory in Richard Ford’s Short Story “Calling” (A Multitude of Sins, 2001)
Prophetic Subjectivity in Later Levinas: Sobering up from One’s Own Identity
Physics of “Cold” Disk Accretion onto Black Holes Driven by Magnetized Winds
The Structure of Moduloid on a Nexus
High-Dimensional LASSO-Based Computational Regression Models: Regularization, Shrinkage, and Selection
Recent Advances in Seismocardiography
Full-Density Fused Deposition Modeling Dimensional Error as a Function of Raster Angle and Build Orientation: Large Dataset for Eleven Materials
Coupled Photonic Crystal Nanocavities as a Tool to Tailor and Control Photon Emission
Exchange Interactions and Curie Temperature of Ce-Substituted SmCo5
Parameterized Nonlinear Least Squares for Unsupervised Nonlinear Spectral Unmixing
Time Preferences between Individuals and Groups in the Transition from Hunter-Gatherer to Industrial Societies
IMAGINE: Modeling the Galactic Magnetic Field
Effect of Aid for Trade Policy and Regulations on Tariff Policy Volatility: Does Institutional and Governance Quality Matter?
A Review on Micropitting Studies of Steel Gears
The Phylogeny and Pathogenesis of Sacbrood Virus (SBV) Infection in European Honey Bees, Apis mellifera
Distribution-Based Approaches to Deriving Weights from Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Information
Active BIM Approach to Optimize Work Facilities and Tower Crane Locations on Construction Sites with Repetitive Operations
Exact Solution for the Heat Transfer of Two Immiscible PTT Fluids Flowing in Concentric Layers through a Pipe
“Where Are We Going?” Dante’s Inferno or Richard Rorty’s “Liberal Ironist”
Investigating Spatial Autocorrelation and Spillover Effects in Freeway Crash-Frequency Data
Real-Time Model-Free Minimum-Seeking Autotuning Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Controllers Based on Fibonacci-Search Algorithm
A Programmable Mechanical Maxwell’s Demon
Epigenetic Factors in Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: MTHFR and CTH Gene Polymorphisms, Metabolic Transsulfuration and Methylation Pathways, and B Vitamins
Performance Investigation of High Temperature Application of Molten Solar Salt Nanofluid in a Direct Absorption Solar Collector
Evaluation of Hydrological Application of CMADS in Jinhua River Basin, China
Categorization and Cooperation across Games
Silkworm Storage Protein 1 Inhibits Autophagy-Mediated Apoptosis
Microstructure and Properties of Porous Titanium Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering
Dynamic Load Balancing of Software-Defined Networking Based on Genetic-Ant Colony Optimization
Investigation of Guidewire Deformation in Blood Vessels Based on an SQP Algorithm
Gender, Educational Attainment, and Farm Outcomes in New Zealand
Natural Killer Cells and Current Applications of Chimeric Antigen Receptor-Modified NK-92 Cells in Tumor Immunotherapy
An Object-Oriented Bayesian Framework for the Detection of Market Drivers
Spray-On Liquid-Metal Electrodes for Graphene Field-Effect Transistors
Slot-Die Coating of Double Polymer Layers for the Fabrication of Organic Light Emitting Diodes
Understanding Camellia sinensis using Omics Technologies along with Endophytic Bacteria and Environmental Roles on Metabolism: A Review
Differences in Kidney Function Estimates Based on Creatinine and/or Cystatin C in Non-Traumatic Amputation Patients and Their Impact on Drug Prescribing
The Influence of A Mo Addition on the Interfacial Morphologies and Corrosion Resistances of Novel Fe-Cr-B Alloys Immersed in Molten Aluminum
The Method of Planning Green Infrastructure System with the Use of Landscape-Functional Units (Method LaFU) and its Implementation in the Wrocław Functional Area (Poland)
A Study on the Modified Arrhenius Equation Using the Oxygen Permeation Block Model of Crosslink Structure
Advances in MERS-CoV Vaccines and Therapeutics Based on the Receptor-Binding Domain
A Structural Classification of Australian Vegetation Using ICESat/GLAS, ALOS PALSAR, and Landsat Sensor Data
The Influence of a Piston Ring Coating on the Wear and Friction Generated during Linear Oscillation
Synergistic Effect on the Thermomechanical and Electrical Properties of Epoxy Composites with the Enhancement of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Nano Platelets
Non-Monotonic Trends of Hydrogen Adsorption on Single Atom Doped g-C3N4
When and How Does Mutation-Generated Variation Promote the Evolution of Cooperation?
An Application of the New Environmental Paradigm (NEP) Scale in a Greek Context
Cancer Prevention and Therapy of Two Types of Gap Junctional Intercellular Communication–Deficient “Cancer Stem Cell”
Development of a Mushroom Growth Measurement System Applying Deep Learning for Image Recognition
An Exploration of Factors Affecting Drivers’ Daily Fuel Consumption Efficiencies Considering Multi-Level Random Effects
Exploiting the Potential of Integrated Public Building Data: Energy Performance Assessment of the Building Stock in a Case Study in Northern Italy
Open Innovation and Innovation Intermediaries in Sub-Saharan Africa
A Review of Gasoline Compression Ignition: A Promising Technology Potentially Fueled with Mixtures of Gasoline and Biodiesel to Meet Future Engine Efficiency and Emission Targets
Redifferentiation of Articular Chondrocytes by Hyperacute Serum and Platelet Rich Plasma in Collagen Type I Hydrogels
Bioleaching for Copper Extraction of Marginal Ores from the Brazilian Amazon Region
From SARS to MERS, Thrusting Coronaviruses into the Spotlight
Influence of the Obtaining Method on the Properties of Amorphous Aluminum Compounds
Response of Mediterranean Ornamental Plants to Drought Stress
A Clock Transition in the Cr7Mn Molecular Nanomagnet
Adoptive T Cell Therapy Strategies for Viral Infections in Patients Receiving Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
On the Bicomplex Generalized Tribonacci Quaternions
Discrimination between Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease and Cardiac Syndrome X in Women with Typical Angina and Positive Exercise Test; Utility of Cardiovascular Risk Calculators
Functionalized β-Cyclodextrin Immobilized on Ag-Embedded Silica Nanoparticles as a Drug Carrier
Presence of Round Cells Proteins do not Interfere with Identification of Human Sperm Proteins from Frozen Semen Samples by LC-MS/MS
Protective Smell of Hydrogen Sulfide and Polysulfide in Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity
Epitaxial Growth of Orthorhombic GaFeO3 Thin Films on SrTiO3 (111) Substrates by Simple Sol-Gel Method
Fluid-Structure Interaction in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: Effect of Haematocrit
Reviewing Literature on Digitalization, Business Model Innovation, and Sustainable Industry: Past Achievements and Future Promises
Silver Nanoparticle-Based Paper Packaging to Combat Black Anther Disease in Orchid Flowers
Hemodynamic Interference of Serial Stenoses and Its Impact on FFR and iFR Measurements
Lamellar-like Electrospun Mesoporous Ti-Al-O Nanofibers
Decision Support Models for Operations and Maintenance for Offshore Wind Farms: A Review
A Novel FPGA-Based Architecture for Fast Automatic Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images
UVA and UVB Photoprotective Capabilities of Topical Formulations Containing Mycosporine-like Amino Acids (MAAs) through Different Biological Effective Protection Factors (BEPFs)
Basin Evolution and Massive Sulfide Deposition at Rammelsberg (Germany): Updating the Subsidence Analysis
Analysis of Dual-Polarimetric Radar Variables and Quantitative Precipitation Estimators for Landfall Typhoons and Squall Lines Based on Disdrometer Data in Southern China
Materials for the Spine: Anatomy, Problems, and Solutions
Multi-Parametric Analysis of Reliability and Energy Consumption in IoT: A Deep Learning Approach
Adaptive Phase Transform Method for Pipeline Leakage Detection
NUV-Sensitive Silicon Photomultiplier Technologies Developed at Fondazione Bruno Kessler
The Water Governance Reform Framework: Overview and Applications to Australia, Mexico, Tanzania, U.S.A and Vietnam
Optical Boundaries for LED-Based Indoor Positioning System
Copper Containing Molecular Systems in Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation—Trends and Perspectives
Existence Solution and Controllability of Sobolev Type Delay Nonlinear Fractional Integro-Differential System
High-Resolution Mass Trends of the Antarctic Ice Sheet through a Spectral Combination of Satellite Gravimetry and Radar Altimetry Observations
Can Protection Motivation Theory Explain Farmers’ Adaptation to Climate Change Decision Making in The Gambia?
Serum Amino Acids in Association with Prevalent and Incident Type 2 Diabetes in A Chinese Population
Tripling the Optical Efficiency of Color-Converted Micro-LED Displays with Funnel-Tube Array
Doxing: What Adolescents Look for and Their Intentions
First-Principles Study of the Reaction between Fluorinated Graphene and Ethylenediamine
Longitudinal Monitoring of Alpha-Fetoprotein by Dried Blood Spot for Hepatoblastoma Screening in Beckwith–Wiedemann Syndrome
Honey and Its Role in Relieving Multiple Facets of Atherosclerosis
Fatty Acid Potassium Had Beneficial Bactericidal Effects and Removed Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms while Exhibiting Reduced Cytotoxicity towards Mouse Fibroblasts and Human Keratinocytes
Luminescent Sol-Gel Glasses from Silicate–Citrate–(Thio)Ureate Precursors
Research on Data Mining of Permission-Induced Risk for Android IoT Devices
A Real-Time Mismatch Detection Method for Underwater Database-Referenced Navigation
Genome-Wide Identification and Characterization of the AREB/ABF/ABI5 Subfamily Members from Solanum tuberosum
Impact of Lattice Vibrations on the Dynamics of a Spinor Atom-Optics Kicked Rotor
Adsorption and Photocatalytic Decomposition of Gaseous 2-Propanol Using TiO2-Coated Porous Glass Fiber Cloth
Psychometric Properties of the Spanish Version of the Caregiver Burden Inventory
Biotic Stress-Induced Priming and De-Priming of Transcriptional Memory in Arabidopsis and Apple
Pharmacokinetics, Tissue Distribution, Plasma Protein Binding Studies of 10-Dehydroxyl-12-Demethoxy-Conophylline, a Novel Anti-Tumor Candidate, in Rats
Intradermal Application of Crotamine Induces Inflammatory and Immunological Changes In Vivo
Evaluation of a Brief Sodium Screener in Two Samples
Socioeconomic Status and Morbidity Rate Inequality in China: Based on NHSS and CHARLS Data
Assessing the Potential of Sustainable Value Chains in the Collaborative Economy
Emission Reduction and Energy Performance Improvement with Different Regional Treatment Intensity in China
Health Risk Assessment of Inorganic Mercury and Methylmercury via Rice Consumption in the Urban City of Guiyang, Southwest China
p21WAF1/Cip1 Regulation by hYSK1 Activates SP-1 Transcription Factor and Increases MMP-2 Expression under Hypoxic Conditions
Pathway Analysis of Fucoidan Activity Using a Yeast Gene Deletion Library Screen
An Investigation of the Feasibility of the Organic Municipal Solid Waste Processing by Coking
Designing and Evaluating a Virtual Patient Simulation—The Journey from Uniprofessional to Interprofessional Learning
Gini Regressions and Heteroskedasticity
Statistical Approach to Spectrogram Analysis for Radio-Frequency Interference Detection and Mitigation in an L-Band Microwave Radiometer
Glass Fiber-Reinforced Phenol Formaldehyde Resin-Based Electrical Insulating Composites Fabricated by Selective Laser Sintering
Characterization of Solvent-Treated PEDOT:PSS Thin Films with Enhanced Conductivities
Modification of Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Titanium Alloys VT23 and VT23M Due to Impact-Oscillatory Loading
Robotic System for Inspection by Contact of Bridge Beams Using UAVs
Phase and Morphology Transformations in Sulfur-Fixing and Reduction Roasting of Antimony Sulfide
The Catalytic Mechanism of Steroidogenic Cytochromes P450 from All-Atom Simulations: Entwinement with Membrane Environment, Redox Partners, and Post-Transcriptional Regulation
Forecasting Issues of Wireless Communication Networks’ Cyber Resilience for An Intelligent Transportation System: An Overview of Cyber Attacks
Preparation and Study of the Antibacterial Applications and Oxidative Stress Induction of Copper Maleamate-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles
Zeolite as a Potential Medium for Ammonium Recovery and Second Cheese Whey Treatment
One-Step Surface Functionalized Hydrophilic Polypropylene Meshes for Hernia Repair Using Bio-Inspired Polydopamine
A Long-Term Analysis of Demographic Processes, Socioeconomic ‘Modernization’ and Forest Expansion in a European Country
The Inclusion of a Sustainability Awareness Indicator in Assessment Tools for High School Buildings
Modeling the Effect of Climate Change on the Potential Distribution of Qinghai Spruce (Picea crassifolia Kom.) in Qilian Mountains
Acute Kidney Injury Pharmacokinetic Changes and Its Impact on Drug Prescription
White Sweet Potato as Meal Replacement for Overweight White-Collar Workers: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Is China’s Energy Supply Sustainable? New Research Model Based on the Exponential Smoothing and GM(1,1) Methods
NMDA Receptors in Astrocytes: In Search for Roles in Neurotransmission and Astrocytic Homeostasis
Durability of Selected Transparent and Semi-Transparent Coatings on Siberian and European Larch during Artificial Weathering
Brittle-Ductile Transition in Laser 3D Printing of Fe-Based Bulk Metallic Glass Composites
Determining Countermeasures against Fault Currents Using a Decomposition Method Based on Fuzzy Fault Level Constrained Optimal Power Flow
Plasma and Nanomaterials: Fabrication and Biomedical Applications
Active Fault-Tolerant Control Based on Multiple Input Multiple Output-Model Free Adaptive Control for Four Wheel Independently Driven Electric Vehicle Drive System
β-Cyclodextrin–Hyaluronic Acid Polymer Functionalized Magnetic Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites for Targeted Photo-Chemotherapy of Tumor Cells
A Multi-Criteria Cataloging of the Immovable Items of Industrial Heritage of Andalusia
PSDSD-A Superpixel Generating Method Based on Pixel Saliency Difference and Spatial Distance for SAR Images
Genetic Diversity and Phylodynamics of Avian Coronaviruses in Egyptian Wild Birds
Illegal Selective Logging and Forest Fires in the Northern Brazilian Amazon
Frequency-Octupling Millimeter-Wave Optical Vector Signal Generation via an I/Q Modulator-Based Sagnac Loop
BEAMDB and MOLD—Databases at the Serbian Virtual Observatory for Collisional and Radiative Processes
Effects of Using Mine Tailings from La Unión (Spain) in Hot Bituminous Mixes Design
Catalytic Decomposition of an Energetic Ionic Liquid Solution over Hexaaluminate Catalysts
A Novel Model of Pressure Decay in Pressure-Driven Membrane Integrity Tests Based on the Bubble Dynamic Process
MicroRNA Cross-Involvement in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Atopic Dermatitis: A Literature Review
Enzymatic Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel α-1→6-Glucosyl Rebaudioside C Derivative Sweetener
Ambiguity in the Attribution of Social Impact: A Study of the Difficulties of Calculating Filter Coefficients in the SROI Method
Maternal Parenting Styles and Glycemic Control in Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Regioselective Fluorination of 7-Oxo-1,2,4-benzotriazines Using Selectfluor
The Taphonomy of Proterozoic Microbial Mats and Implications for Early Diagenetic Silicification
Forward-Looking Element Recognition Based on the LSTM-CRF Model with the Integrity Algorithm
Elucidation of Vasodilation Response and Structure Activity Relationships of N2,N4-Disubstituted Quinazoline 2,4-Diamines in a Rat Pulmonary Artery Model
Intestinal Microbiota Protects against MCD Diet-Induced Steatohepatitis
High-Transmittance 2π Electrically Tunable Terahertz Phase Shifter with CMOS-Compatible Driving Voltage Enabled by Liquid Crystals
Coordination Chemistry of Silicon
Single Chain Fragment Variable (scFv) Antibodies Targeting the Spike Protein of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Provide Protection against Viral Infection in Piglets
Bortezomib Augments Natural Killer Cell Targeting of Stem-Like Tumor Cells
Double Entropy Joint Distribution Function and Its Application in Calculation of Design Wave Height
Revealing Urban Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission Characteristics and Influencing Mechanisms from the Perspective of Commuting
Composite Tests under Corrupted Data
Effect of Temperature Scheme on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties during Medium Carbon Steel Warm Processing
Macrovascular Networks on Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Improves Survival Prediction in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma
Downregulation of Pro-Inflammatory and Pro-Angiogenic Pathways in Prostate Cancer Cells by a Polyphenol-Rich Extract from Olive Mill Wastewater
G-Protein Coupled Estrogen Receptor in Breast Cancer
MAC Layer Protocols for Internet of Things: A Survey
Analysis of Dental Malocclusion and Neuromotor Control in Young Healthy Subjects through New Evaluation Tools
Biological Properties of Calcium Phosphate Bioactive Glass Composite Bone Substitutes: Current Experimental Evidence
Immunological Features in the Process of Blood Platelet-Induced Alloimmunisation, with a Focus on Platelet Component Transfusion
A Computer Color-Matching Study of Reverse Micellar Dyeing of Wool with Reactive Dyes
Development of a Risk Framework for Industry 4.0 in the Context of Sustainability for Established Manufacturers
Combined Effect of Light and Temperature on the Production of Saxitoxins in Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii Strains
Assistive Grasping Based on Laser-point Detection with Application to Wheelchair-mounted Robotic Arms
Colorectal Cancer and Nutrition
Effective Dye Degradation by Graphene Oxide Supported Manganese Oxide
Catastrophic Health Expenditures and Its Inequality in Households with Cancer Patients: A Panel Study
Validation and Application of European Beech Phenological Metrics Derived from MODIS Data along an Altitudinal Gradient
Preprints in Scholarly Communication: Re-Imagining Metrics and Infrastructures
Visual Object Tracking Robust to Illumination Variation Based on Hyperline Clustering
Medical Video Coding Based on 2nd-Generation Wavelets: Performance Evaluation
The Role of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) in Gene Expression Modulation and Glycosaminoglycan Metabolism in Lysosomal Storage Disorders on an Example of Mucopolysaccharidosis
A Boost in Mitochondrial Activity Underpins the Cholesterol-Lowering Effect of Annurca Apple Polyphenols on Hepatic Cells
Mesoscale Dynamics and Niche Segregation of Two Dinophysis Species in Galician-Portuguese Coastal Waters
The Role of NiO in Reactive Adsorption Desulfurization Over NiO/ZnO-Al2O3-SiO2 Adsorbent
Colorectal Cancer Biomarkers in the Era of Personalized Medicine
Fabrication of a Novel Culture Dish Adapter with a Small Recess Structure for Flow Control in a Closed Environment
Resonant Transmission Line Method for Unconventional Fibers
The Interaction between Viral and Environmental Risk Factors in the Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis
Selection of Fusarium Trichothecene Toxin Genes for Molecular Detection Depends on TRI Gene Cluster Organization and Gene Function
Information Theory in Neuroscience
KSIMC: Predicting Kinase–Substrate Interactions Based on Matrix Completion
A Life Cycle Assessment of Two Residential Buildings Using Two Different LCA Database-Software Combinations: Recognizing Uniformities and Inconsistencies
SDVL: Efficient and Accurate Semi-Direct Visual Localization
Toward Sustainable Overseas Mobility of Vietnamese Students: Understanding Determinants of Attitudinal and Behavioral Loyalty in Students of Higher Education
Relationship between Continuity of Care in the Multidisciplinary Treatment of Patients with Diabetes and Their Clinical Results
Nutraceutical and Medicinal Potential of the Morus Species in Metabolic Dysfunctions
Barriers and Facilitators for the Implementation and Evaluation of Community-Based Interventions to Promote Physical Activity and Healthy Diet: A Mixed Methods Study in Argentina
Enzyme-Loaded Mesoporous Silica Particles with Tuning Wettability as a Pickering Catalyst for Enhancing Biocatalysis
Toward Creating a Subsurface Camera
Fault-Tolerant Resolvability and Extremal Structures of Graphs
Macrosight: A Novel Framework to Analyze the Shape and Movement of Interacting Macrophages Using Matlab®
Effectiveness of A Multifactorial Intervention in Increasing Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: A Controlled and Randomized Study (EMID Study)
Nucleation Triggering of Highly Undercooled Xylitol Using an Air Lift Reactor for Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage
The Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Nigella sativa Balm Sticks
Hybrid Image-Retrieval Method for Image-Splicing Validation
Practical Road-Resistance Functions for Expressway Work Zones in Occupied Lane Conditions
Change in the Distribution of Phosphorus Fractions in Aggregates under Different Land Uses: A Case in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China
Use of Chicken Feather Peptone and Sugar Beet Molasses as Low Cost Substrates for Xanthan Production by Xanthomonas campestris MO-03
Assessing Parameter Suitability for the Strength Evaluation of Intramolecular Resonance Assisted Hydrogen Bonding in o-Carbonyl Hydroquinones
An Ethanol Vapor Sensor Based on a Microfiber with a Quantum-Dot Gel Coating
Transungual Delivery of Ciclopirox Is Increased 3–4-Fold by Mechanical Fenestration of Human Nail Plate in an In Vitro Model
Potent MERS-CoV Fusion Inhibitory Peptides Identified from HR2 Domain in Spike Protein of Bat Coronavirus HKU4
Phytotoxic and Genotoxic Effects of Copper Nanoparticles in Coriander (Coriandrum sativum—Apiaceae)
The Launch of an International Animal Papillomavirus Reference Center
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Animals in 2018
Impact of Land Cover Change on Ecosystem Services in a Tropical Forested Landscape
Role of Oral Microbiota in Cancer Development
Free Sugars Intake, Sources and Determinants of High Consumption among Australian 2-Year-Olds in the SMILE Cohort
Using a Tablet Computer Application to Advance High School Students’ Laboratory Learning Experiences: A Focus on Electrical Engineering Education
Role of Maternal Dietary Protein and Amino Acids on Fetal Programming, Early Neonatal Development, and Lactation in Swine
Sustainable District Cooling Systems: Status, Challenges, and Future Opportunities, with Emphasis on Cooling-Dominated Regions
Social Network Analysis of Sustainable Human Resource Management from the Employee Training’s Perspective
Model-Based Stochastic Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Synthesis of Novel Pyrazole Derivatives and Their Tumor Cell Growth Inhibitory Activity
Diverse Functions of Autophagy in Liver Physiology and Liver Diseases
Primary Reason for Drinking Among Current, Former, and Never Flushing College Students
Synchronized Molecular-Dynamics Simulation of the Thermal Lubrication of an Entangled Polymeric Liquid
Multi-Parameter Optimization for the Wet Steam Accumulator of a Steam-Powered Catapult
Navigating Virtual Environments Using Leg Poses and Smartphone Sensors
Reconciling Negative Soil CO2 Fluxes: Insights from a Large-Scale Experimental Hillslope
K-th Nearest Neighbor (KNN) Entropy Estimates of Complexity and Integration from Ongoing and Stimulus-Evoked Electroencephalographic (EEG) Recordings of the Human Brain
Cross-Generational Effects of Heat Stress on Fitness and Wolbachia Density in Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes
Reconfigurable Modeling Method of Task-Oriented Architecture for Space Information Networks Based on DaaC
Fatigue Life Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with CFRP: Study Based on an Accumulative Damage Model
Simultaneous Optimisation of Cable Connection Schemes and Capacity for Offshore Wind Farms via a Modified Bat Algorithm
Field Water Balance Closure with Actively Heated Fiber-Optics and Point-Based Soil Water Sensors
Bio-Based Chemicals from Renewable Biomass for Integrated Biorefineries
Composite Aerogels of Carbon Nanocellulose Fibers and Mixed-Valent Manganese Oxides as Renewable Supercapacitor Electrodes
Normative Shifts in the Global Conception of Climate Change: The Growth of Climate Justice
Medieval Climate in the Eastern Mediterranean: Instability and Evidence of Solar Forcing
Selection of Membrane RNA Aptamers to Amyloid Beta Peptide: Implications for Exosome-Based Antioxidant Strategies
Abuses and Penalties of a Corporate Tax Inversion
A Refinement of Schwarz–Pick Lemma for Higher Derivatives
Radio-Frequency Searches for Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies
Magnetic-Plasmonic Heterodimer Nanoparticles: Designing Contemporarily Features for Emerging Biomedical Diagnosis and Treatments
Biochemical Basis of Anti-Cancer-Effects of Phloretin—A Natural Dihydrochalcone
Homeostasis of Glucose and Lipid in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Steric Effects of Alkyl Substituents at N-Donor Bidentate Amines Direct the Nuclearity, Bonding and Bridging Modes in Isothiocyanato-Copper(II) Coordination Compounds
An Analog-Front ROIC with On-Chip Non-Uniformity Compensation for Diode-Based Infrared Image Sensors
Sodium and Potassium Intake, Knowledge Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Salt Consumption Amongst Adults in Podgorica, Montenegro
FPGA-Based Processor Acceleration for Image Processing Applications
Harmonic Detection for Power Grids Using Adaptive Variational Mode Decomposition
Femtosecond Optical Annealing Induced Polymer Melting and Formation of Solid Droplets
The Past and Present of Discharge Capacity Modeling for Spillways—A Swedish Perspective
PeptoGrid—Rescoring Function for AutoDock Vina to Identify New Bioactive Molecules from Short Peptide Libraries
Influence of High Conductive Magnetite Impurity on the Electrical Conductivity of Dry Olivine Aggregates at High Temperature and High Pressure
The Effectiveness of Laser-Assisted Surgical Excision of Leukoplakias and Hyperkeratosis of Oral Mucosa: A Case Series in A Group of Patients
Anti-Arthritis Effect through the Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Sargassum muticum Extract in Collagen-Induced Arthritic (CIA) Mice
Automatic Annotation of Airborne Images by Label Propagation Based on a Bayesian-CRF Model
Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Carbamazepine on the Release of Chitobiase, Molting, and Reproduction in Daphnia similis
Maximum Sensitivity-Constrained Data-Driven Active Disturbance Rejection Control with Application to Airflow Control in Power Plant
Morphology and Structure of Ni/Zr0.84Sc0.16O1.92 Electrode Material Synthesized via Glycine-Nitrate Combustion Method for Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cell
From Learning to Consciousness: An Example Using Expected Float Entropy Minimisation
Genetic Optimization of Energy- and Failure-Aware Continuous Production Scheduling in Pasta Manufacturing
Institutional Feasibility of Managed Aquifer Recharge in Northeast Ghana
Improving the Robustness of Entangled States by Basis Transformation
Selective Separation of Scheelite from Calcite by Self-Assembly of H2SiO3 Polymer Using Al3+ in Pb-BHA Flotation
Acoustophoretic Control of Microparticle Transport Using Dual-Wavelength Surface Acoustic Wave Devices
Biochemical Changes in Irradiated Oral Mucosa: A FTIR Spectroscopic Study
Separable Data-Hiding Scheme for Encrypted Image to Protect Privacy of User in Cloud
Pulsed Electric Field Extraction and Antioxidant Activity Determination of Moringa oleifera Dry Leaves: A Comparative Study with Other Extraction Techniques
Structure and Magnetic Properties of Bulk Synthesized Mn2−xFexP1−ySiy Compounds from Magnetization, 57Fe Mössbauer Spectroscopy, and Electronic Structure Calculations
Changes in the Profiles of Yield, Yield Component, Oil Content, and Citral Content in Litsea cubeba (Lour.) Persoon Following Foliar Fertilization with Zinc and Boron
Synthesis and Characterization of K and Eu Binary Phosphides
Epigenetic Mechanisms Influencing Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Bladder Cancer
Multiscale Agent-Based and Hybrid Modeling of the Tumor Immune Microenvironment
Altered Adipose Tissue DNA Methylation Status in Metabolic Syndrome: Relationships Between Global DNA Methylation and Specific Methylation at Adipogenic, Lipid Metabolism and Inflammatory Candidate Genes and Metabolic Variables
Spinels in Meteorites: Observation Using Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Double-Diffracted Spatially Separated Heterodyne Grating Interferometer and Analysis on its Alignment Tolerance
Co-Infection by Waterborne Enteric Viruses in Children with Gastroenteritis in Nepal
The Growth Promotion of Two Salt-Tolerant Plant Groups with PGPR Inoculation: A Meta-Analysis
Self-Esteem Group: Useful Intervention for Inpatients with Anorexia Nervosa?
Inhibition of Polyamine Biosynthesis Reverses Ca2+ Channel Remodeling in Colon Cancer Cells
Design and Development of a Low-Cost Wearable Glove to Track Forces Exerted by Workers in Car Assembly Lines
Life Cycle Analysis of Road Construction and Use
Investigation of the Synergistic Toxicity of Binary Mixtures of Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals on Aliivibrio fischeri in Major River Basins in South Korea
Redox Biology in Transition Periods of Dairy Cattle: Role in the Health of Periparturient and Neonatal Animals
Struvite Phosphorus Recovery from Aerobically Digested Municipal Wastewater
Housing and the City: A Spatial Analysis of Residential Building Activity and the Socio-Demographic Background in a Mediterranean City, 1990–2017
Museum Moving to Inpatients: Le Louvre à l’Hôpital
Visualizing the Greenhouse Effect: Restructuring Mental Models of Climate Change Through a Guided Online Simulation
Coastal Flooding Hazard Due to Overflow Using a Level II Method: Application to the Venetian Littoral
Anthropometric Measures as Predictive Indicators of Metabolic Risk in a Population of “Holy Week Costaleros
Efficiency of Vegetables Produced in Glasshouses: The Impact of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in Land Management Decision Making
Structural, Mineral and Elemental Composition Features of Iron-Rich Saponite Clay from Tashkiv Deposit (Ukraine)
Highly Sensitive Formaldehyde Detection Using Well-Aligned Zinc Oxide Nanosheets Synthesized by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique
Deterrence Theory in Paraguay: Exploring Fraud and Violation of Trust Cases
Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Smallholder Irrigated Agriculture in the Horn of Africa Using GEOBIA and Sentinel-2 Imagery
Neurotoxicity of Nanomaterials: An Up-to-Date Overview
Parents’ Reports of Preschoolers’ Diets: Relative Validity of a Food Frequency Questionnaire and Dietary Patterns
Varieties of Buddhist Healing in Multiethnic Philadelphia
Digital Image Correlation Comparison of Damaged and Undamaged Aeronautical CFRPs During Compression Tests
The Effects of Silica on the Properties of Vitreous Enamels
Utilization of Ammonium Chloride as a Novel Selective Depressant in Reverse Flotation of Potassium Chloride
State of the Art and Perspectives on Silicon Photonic Switches
Socioeconomic Impacts of Forest Fires upon Portugal: An Analysis for the Agricultural and Forestry Sectors
5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Mitigates Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Inflammation via Suppression of MAPK, NF-κB and mTOR Activation in RAW 264.7 Cells
Microbial Fermentation of Dietary Protein: An Important Factor in Diet–Microbe–Host Interaction
Strengthening from Cu Addition in 0.2C-(1-2)Mn Steels during Tempering
Rare and Imported Infections: Are We Prepared?
Optimization of Biodiesel Production Using Nanomagnetic CaO-Based Catalysts with Subcritical Methanol Transesterification of Rubber Seed Oil
Erratum: Lindner, M. and Schmid, M. Thickness Measurement Methods for Physical Vapor Deposited Aluminum Coatings in Packaging Applications: A Review. Coatings 2017, 7, 9
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Cryptography in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Societies in 2018
High-Throughput Omics and Statistical Learning Integration for the Discovery and Validation of Novel Diagnostic Signatures in Colorectal Cancer
Mechanical Properties and the Microstructure of β Ti-35Nb-10Ta-xFe Alloys Obtained by Powder Metallurgy for Biomedical Applications
Development of a New Method for the Quantitative Generation of an Artificial Joint Specimen with Specific Geometric Properties
Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis of Berberis goudotii Triana & Planch. ex Wedd. (Berberidaceae) with Anticariogenic and Antiperiodontal Activities
The Ambiguity in the Definition and Behavior of the Gravitational and Cosmological ‘Coupling Constants’ in the Theory of Induced Gravity
Influence of Temperature on Biogas Production Efficiency and Microbial Community in a Two-Phase Anaerobic Digestion System
Chemistry of Bridged Lactams: Recent Developments
Potential Interplay of the Gatipotuzumab Epitope TA-MUC1 and Estrogen Receptors in Ovarian Cancer
Cryogenic Resources: Ice, Snow, and Permafrost in Traditional Subsistence Systems in Russia
Global Dynamics of Leslie-Gower Competitive Systems in the Plane
The Uneven Price Impact of Energy Efficiency Ratings on Housing Segments. Implications for Public Policy and Private Markets
Change Detection Based on Multi-Grained Cascade Forest and Multi-Scale Fusion for SAR Images
On the Nature of Luminescence Thermochromism of Multinuclear Copper(I) Benzoate Complexes in the Crystalline State
Is Sadeem Legally Married to Waleed? Islamic Feminism and the Intersection of Culture, Religion, and Gender in Banāt al-Riyāḍ
Step-Down Partial Power DC-DC Converters for Two-Stage Photovoltaic String Inverters
Faraday Depolarization Effects in Spiral Galaxies
Hyperspectral Image Denoising Based on Spectral Dictionary Learning and Sparse Coding
Effects of Annealing Temperature on Recrystallization Texture and Microstructure Uniformity of High Purity Tantalum
3D Affine: An Embedding of Local Image Features for Viewpoint Invariance Using RGB-D Sensor Data
The Unique Sacrifice of Christ According to Hebrews 9: A Study in Theological Creativity
Characterization and Genome Analysis of Staphylococcus aureus Podovirus CSA13 and Its Anti-Biofilm Capacity
Size-Dependent Phase Transformation during Gas Atomization Process of Cu–Sn Alloy Powders
Enabling Virtual AAA Management in SDN-Based IoT Networks
Improved Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Based on a Robust Adaptive Kalman Filter for Indoor Inertial Location System
Effect of Moisture on Shape Memory Polyurethane Polymers for Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing
Spoofing Attack Results Determination in Code Domain Using a Spoofing Process Equation
Autonomous Exploration for Radioactive Hotspots Localization Taking Account of Sensor Limitations
Migratory Realities: The Interplay of Landscapes in the Guyanese Emigrant’s Reality in Jan Lowe Shinebourne’s The Godmother and Other Stories
City-Wide Eco-Routing Navigation Considering Vehicular Communication Impacts
Obstacle Avoidance of Two-Wheel Differential Robots Considering the Uncertainty of Robot Motion on the Basis of Encoder Odometry Information
Unavoidable Destroyed Exergy in Crude Oil Pipelines due to Wax Precipitation
Associations between Road Density, Urban Forest Landscapes, and Structural-Taxonomic Attributes in Northeastern China: Decoupling and Implications
Joining with Reactive Nano-Multilayers: Influence of Thermal Properties of Components on Joint Microstructure and Mechanical Performance
Increased Systemic Malondialdehyde Levels and Decreased Mo/Co, Mo/Hg2+, Co/Fe2+ Ratios in Patients with Long-Term Dental Titanium Implants and Amalgams
A Novel Mechanical Fault Feature Selection and Diagnosis Approach for High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Using Features Extracted without Signal Processing
A Collaborative Human-Robot Framework for Visual Topological Mapping of Coral Reefs
Ginsenoside Rb1 Blocks Ritonavir-Induced Oxidative Stress and eNOS Downregulation through Activation of Estrogen Receptor-Beta and Upregulation of SOD in Human Endothelial Cells
High-Density Cobalt Nanoparticles Encapsulated with Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanoshells as a Bifunctional Catalyst for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery
miRNA Polymorphisms and Risk of Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Hepatocyte Growth Factor: A Microenvironmental Resource for Leukemic Cell Growth
Simulation of Flow and Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollutant Transport in a Tibetan Plateau Irrigation District
Genetic Variation of Growth Traits and Genotype-by-Environment Interactions in Clones of Catalpa bungei and Catalpa fargesii f. duclouxii
Modification of Non-Metallic Inclusions in Stainless Steel by Addition of CaSi
Microwave Photonic Devices Based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon Technology
Correlates of Adult Vocabulary Task Performance: Findings from a British Cohort
TNF-α Inhibitors Decrease Classical CD14hiCD16− Monocyte Subsets in Highly Active, Conventional Treatment Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis
Effects of Pretreatment Methods of Wheat Straw on Adsorption of Cd(II) from Waterlogged Paddy Soil
BLE RSS Measurements Dataset for Research on Accurate Indoor Positioning
Effects of the Convective Triggering Process in a Cumulus Parameterization Scheme on the Diurnal Variation of Precipitation over East Asia
Recent Advances in CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Genome Editing in Dictyostelium
RNA Sequencing Reveals Differential Gene Expression of Cerrena Unicolor in Response to Variable Lighting Conditions
How Does Diet Change with A Diagnosis of Diabetes? Protocol of the 3D Longitudinal Study
Nonintrusive Depth Estimation of Buried Radioactive Wastes Using Ground Penetrating Radar and a Gamma Ray Detector
Regularized Integral Representations of the Reciprocal Gamma Function
Foliar Accumulation of Melatonin Applied to the Roots of Maize (Zea mays) Seedlings
Metabolomic Approach in STEMI-Patients Undergoing Left Ventricular Remodeling
Influence of Shoe Characteristics on the Development of Valgus Foot in Children
Growth Factor Quantification of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Burn Patients Compared to Matched Healthy Volunteers
Development of a Tree-Shaped Hybrid Nanogenerator Using Flexible Sheets of Photovoltaic and Piezoelectric Films
Comparison of NOx and Smoke Characteristics of Water-in-Oil Emulsion and Marine Diesel Oil in 400-kW Marine Generator Engine
Description of the Resin Curing Process—Formulation and Optimization
Influence of Stress on Kinetics and Transformation Plasticity of Ferrite Transformation Based on Hysteresis Effects
Identification and Representation of Multi-Pulse Near-Fault Strong Ground Motion Using Adaptive Wavelet Transform
Applications of TRMM- and GPM-Era Multiple-Satellite Precipitation Products for Flood Simulations at Sub-Daily Scales in a Sparsely Gauged Watershed in Myanmar
An Ambient Curable Coating Material Based on the Michael Addition Reaction of Acetoacetylated Castor Oil and Multifunctional Acrylate
Catalytic Hydrodechlorination of Chlorophenols in a Continuous Flow Pd/CNT-Ni Foam Micro Reactor Using Formic Acid as a Hydrogen Source
Effect of Cyclic Stretch on Vascular Endothelial Cells and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA): Role in the Inflammatory Response
Multi-Topology Routing Algorithms in SDN-Based Space Information Networks
Walker: Continuous and Precise Navigation by Fusing GNSS and MEMS in Smartphone Chipsets for Pedestrians
Synthesis, Structures and Electrochemical Properties of Lithium 1,3,5-Benzenetricarboxylate Complexes
Threshold Effect of Tourism Development on Economic Growth Following a Disaster Shock: Evidence from the Wenchuan Earthquake, P.R. China
The Common Good Provision Scale (CGP): A Tool for Assessing People’s Orientation towards Economic and Social Sustainability
Closing the Gender Gap in Fragile X Syndrome: Review of Females with Fragile X Syndrome and Preliminary Research Findings
Castanopsis lamontii Water Extract Shows Potential in Suppressing Pathogens, Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammation and Oxidative Stress-Induced Cell Injury
Residents’ Willingness and Influencing Factors on Action Personal Carbon Trading: A Case Study of Metropolitan Areas in Tianjin, China
Clamping Resonators for Low-Frequency S0 Lamb Wave Reflection
Improved Flame-Retardant and Ceramifiable Properties of EVA Composites by Combination of Ammonium Polyphosphate and Aluminum Hydroxide
Formation and Alterations of the Potentially Harmful Maillard Reaction Products during the Production and Storage of Brown Fermented Milk
Dynamics of Socioeconomic Exposure, Vulnerability and Impacts of Recent Droughts in Argentina
Evaluation of Grain Boundary Network and Improvement of Intergranular Cracking Resistance in 316L Stainless Steel after Grain Boundary Engineering
Effect of Taekwondo Practice on Cognitive Function in Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Non-Isothermal Crystallization Behavior of PEEK/Graphene Nanoplatelets Composites from Melt and Glass States
The Short-Term Effects of Ambient Air Pollutants on Childhood Asthma Hospitalization in Taiwan: A National Study
BBS Posts Time Series Analysis based on Sample Entropy and Deep Neural Networks
Prelinearized Class-B Power Amplifier for Piezoelectric Transducers and Portable Ultrasound Systems
Fragment-Based Structural Optimization of a Natural Product Itampolin A as a p38α Inhibitor for Lung Cancer
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Rhizobium Inoculants and Micronutrients as Technologies for Nepalese Common Bean Smallholder Farmers in the Real-World Context of Highly Variable Hillside Environments and Indigenous Farming Practices
Ultrafast Heating and Initial Microstructure Effect on Phase Transformation Evolution of a CrMo Steel
Prospects of Forage Production in Northern Regions under Climate and Land-Use Changes: A Case-Study of a Dairy Farm in Newfoundland, Canada
Research on the Spatial Pattern Characteristics of the Taihu Lake “Dock Village” Based on Microclimate: A Case Study of Tangli Village
Knowledge Assessment of E-Bug Assisted Antimicrobial Resistance Education Module in Class VII School Students of South Indian Coastal Town of Manipal
Low TIP30 Protein Expression is Associated with a High Risk of Metastasis and Poor Prognosis for Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
White Teeth and Healthy Skeletons for All: The Path to Universal Fluoride-Free Drinking Water in Tanzania
Progress of Gentrification Research in China: A Bibliometric Review
Is Childhood Overweight/Obesity Perceived as a Health Problem by Mothers of Preschool Aged Children in Bangladesh? A Community Level Cross-Sectional Study
Cajanolactone A from Cajanus cajan Promoted Osteoblast Differentiation in Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells via Stimulating Wnt/LRP5/β-Catenin Signaling
In Situ Analysis of Plaster Detachment by Impact Tests
Improving of the Photovoltaic Characteristics of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using a Photoelectrode with Electrospun Porous TiO2 Nanofibers
A Plant-Based Meal Increases Gastrointestinal Hormones and Satiety More Than an Energy- and Macronutrient-Matched Processed-Meat Meal in T2D, Obese, and Healthy Men: A Three-Group Randomized Crossover Study
DNA Barcoding Analysis and Phylogenetic Relation of Mangroves in Guangdong Province, China
The Gut–Brain Axis in the Neuropsychological Disease Model of Obesity: A Classical Movie Revised by the Emerging Director “Microbiome”
Low Water Availability Increases Necrosis in Picea abies after Artificial Inoculation with Fungal Root Rot Pathogens Heterobasidion parviporum and Heterobasidion annosum
Study on the Main Influencing Factors in the Removal Process of Non-Stick Fluoropolymer Coatings Using Nd:YAG Laser
Molecular Mechanisms of Leucine Zipper EF-Hand Containing Transmembrane Protein-1 Function in Health and Disease
Sweet and Umami Taste Perception Differs with Habitual Exercise in Males
Clofibrate Treatment Decreases Inflammation and Reverses Myocardial Infarction-Induced Remodelation in a Rodent Experimental Model
Content/Potency Assessment of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type-A by Validated Liquid Chromatography Methods and Bioassays
Patterns of Cyclist and Pedestrian Street Crossing Behavior and Safety on an Urban Greenway
Healthy Lifestyle Practices among Argentinian Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians
Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Is Required for the Neuroprotective Effect of Mifepristone on Immature Purkinje Cells in Cerebellar Slice Culture
Earth Observations-Based Evapotranspiration in Northeastern Thailand
On the Road to Sustainability: Implementation of the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Poland
Effect of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Metal Oxide Nanoparticles on the Performance of Xanthan Gum Solutions for Heavy Oil Recovery
Evolution of Clays in Cretaceous Marly Series (Álava Block, Basque Cantabrian Basin, Spain): Diagenesis and Detrital Input Control
Adaptive Non-Negative Geographically Weighted Regression for Population Density Estimation Based on Nighttime Light
Analysis of the Wider Economic Impact of a Transport Infrastructure Project Using an Integrated Land Use Transport Model
Knowledge Extraction and Improved Data Fusion for Sales Prediction in Local Agricultural Markets
Tacit Collusion of Pricing Strategy Game between Regional Ports: The Case of Yangtze River Economic Belt
Effects of Agglomeration, Environmental Regulations, and Technology on Pollutant Emissions in China: Integrating Spatial, Social, and Economic Network Analyses
Effects of In Ovo Methionine-Cysteine Injection on Embryonic Development, Antioxidant Status, IGF-I and TLR4 Gene Expression, and Jejunum Histomorphometry in Newly Hatched Broiler Chicks Exposed to Heat Stress during Incubation
Processability and Degradability of PHA-Based Composites in Terrestrial Environments
Long-Term Changes of Source Apportioned Particle Number Concentrations in a Metropolitan Area of the Northeastern United States
Laminaria digitata and Palmaria palmata Seaweeds as Natural Source of Catalysts for the Cycloaddition of CO2 to Epoxides
Preparation and Characterization of Nanoporous Activated Carbon Derived from Prawn Shell and Its Application for Removal of Heavy Metal Ions
Biocompatibility of Plasma-Treated Polymeric Implants
On Contraction of Three-Dimensional Multiple Shear Mechanism Model for Evaluation of Large Scale Liquefaction Using High Performance Computing
Predictive Factors for Platelet Count Variation After Splenectomy in Non-Traumatic Diseases
Pediatric Celiac Disease in Central and East Asia: Current Knowledge and Prevalence
Community-Engaged Research Builds a Nature-Culture of Hope on North American Great Plains Rangelands
County-Scale Destination Migration Attractivity Measurement and Determinants Analysis: A Case Study of Guangdong Province, China
Proteogenomics Uncovers Critical Elements of Host Response in Bovine Soft Palate Epithelial Cells Following In Vitro Infection with Foot-And-Mouth Disease Virus
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Cellulose-Derived Carbon Nanospheres from Corn Straw as Anode Materials for Lithium ion Batteries
From Environmental Soundness to Sustainable Development: Improving Applicability of Payment for Ecosystem Services Scheme for Diverting Regional Sustainability Transition in Developing Countries
Dynamic Variation Characteristics of Seawater Intrusion in Underground Water-Sealed Oil Storage Cavern under Island Tidal Environment
Beneficial Effects of an Aged Black Garlic Extract in the Metabolic and Vascular Alterations Induced by a High Fat/Sucrose Diet in Male Rats
Riverbank Filtration for the Water Supply on the Nakdong River, South Korea
Benzothiazole Nickelation: An Obstacle to the Catalytic Arylation of Azoles by Cyclopentadienyl Nickel N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes
Potent Antitrypanosomal Activities of 3-Aminosteroids against African Trypanosomes: Investigation of Cellular Effects and of Cross-Resistance with Existing Drugs
The Effect of Increasing Levels of Dehulled Faba Beans (Vicia faba L.) on Extrusion and Product Parameters for Dry Expanded Dog Food
Interfacial Characteristics of Dissimilar Ti6Al4V/AA6060 Lap Joint by Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Welding
HIF-1α and HIF-2α Differently Regulate the Radiation Sensitivity of NSCLC Cells
Prediction of Orthotropic Hygroscopic Swelling of Fiber-Reinforced Composites from Isotropic Swelling of Matrix Polymer
Temperature and Circulation Dynamics in a Small and Shallow Lake: Effects of Weak Stratification and Littoral Submerged Macrophytes
Emerging Role of Vitamins D and K in Modulating Uremic Vascular Calcification: The Aspect of Passive Calcification
Behavior of Tin and Antimony in Secondary Copper Smelting Process
Proximity-Induced Superconducting States of Magnetically Doped 3D Topological Insulators with High Bulk Insulation
Magnetic Nanofiber Mats for Data Storage and Transfer
The Psychology of Nutrition with Advancing Age: Focus on Food Neophobia
Effect of Rotor Thrust on the Average Tower Drag of Downwind Turbines
Promoting Recycling of Mixed Waste Polymers in Wood-Polymer Composites Using Compatibilizers
The Effect of Exclusive Olive Oil Consumption on Successful Aging: A Combined Analysis of the ATTICA and MEDIS Epidemiological Studies
Implementation of a CMOS/MEMS Accelerometer with ASIC Processes
Entropy and its Application to Urban Systems
Is Autophagy Involved in the Diverse Effects of Antidepressants?
Characterizing Large-Scale, Electric-Vehicle Lithium Ion Transportation Batteries for Secondary Uses in Grid Applications
Sex-Differences in the Pattern of Comorbidities, Functional Independence, and Mortality in Elderly Inpatients: Evidence from the RePoSI Register
Polymer Optical Fiber Tip Mass Production Etch Mechanism to Achieve CPC Shape for Improved Biosensor Performance
Synthesis, Anticancer Activity, and Apoptosis Induction of Novel 3,6-Diazaphenothiazines
Variations in the Simulation of Climate Change Impact Indices due to Different Land Surface Schemes over the Mediterranean, Middle East and Northern Africa
Are Sedentary Behaviors Associated with Sleep Duration? A Cross-Sectional Case from Croatia
Effect of Carbon Nanotube Deposition Time to the Surface of Carbon Fibres on Flexural Strength of Resistance Welded Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics Using Carbon Nanotube Grafted Carbon Fibre as Heating Element
Removal of Enteric Pathogens from Real Wastewater Using Single and Catalytic Ozonation
Visual-Acoustic Sensor-Aided Sorting Efficiency Optimization of Automotive Shredder Polymer Residues Using Circularity Determination
Dopamine/2-Phenylethylamine Sensitivity of Ion-Selective Electrodes Based on Bifunctional-Symmetrical Boron Receptors
Generation Expansion Planning Model for Integrated Energy System Considering Feasible Operation Region and Generation Efficiency of Combined Heat and Power
Total and Effective Stresses in Backfilled Stopes during the Fill Placement on a Pervious Base for Barricade Design
DeepMoCap: Deep Optical Motion Capture Using Multiple Depth Sensors and Retro-Reflectors
Effect of Scanning and Support Strategies on Relative Density of SLM-ed H13 Steel in Relation to Specimen Size
Geochronological and Geochemical Constraints on the Formation of the Giant Zaozigou Au-Sb Deposit, West Qinling, China
Perioperative Goal-Directed Therapy during Kidney Transplantation: An Impact Evaluation on the Major Postoperative Complications
Gyroton with the Corrugated Resonator
Deep RetinaNet-Based Detection and Classification of Road Markings by Visible Light Camera Sensors
Recent Advances on Microbiota Involvement in the Pathogenesis of Autoimmunity
Evaluation of Turmeric Nanoparticles as Anti-Gout Agent: Modernization of a Traditional Drug
Identifying a Medical Department Based on Unstructured Data: A Big Data Application in Healthcare
Modelling the Effect of Zero-Field Splitting on the 1H, 13C and 29Si Chemical Shifts of Lanthanide and Actinide Compounds
The Influence of the Blend Ratio in PA6/PA66/MWCNT Blend Composites on the Electrical and Thermal Properties
Molecular Mechanisms Related to Hormone Inhibition Resistance in Prostate Cancer
Designing Flexibility and Adaptability: The Answer to Integrated Residential Building Retrofit
Zinc Nutritional Status in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis
Efflux Inhibitor Bicalutamide Increases Oral Bioavailability of the Poorly Soluble Efflux Substrate Docetaxel in Co-Amorphous Anti-Cancer Combination Therapy
Dust Devils: Structural Features, Dynamics and Climate Impact
Anti-Allergic and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Kuwanon G and Morusin on MC/9 Mast Cells and HaCaT Keratinocytes
Design of Variable Sampling Plan for Pareto Distribution Using Neutrosophic Statistical Interval Method
Effect of Carbon Nanotube Addition on the Interfacial Adhesion between Graphene and Epoxy: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Comparison of Piezoelectric and Optical Projection Imaging for Three-Dimensional In Vivo Photoacoustic Tomography
Understanding Stakeholder Perceptions of Acceptability and Feasibility of Formal and Informal Planting in Sheffield’s District Parks
A Retrieval of Glyoxal from OMI over China: Investigation of the Effects of Tropospheric NO2
Predicting the Frequency Characteristics of Hybrid Meander Systems Using a Feed-Forward Backpropagation Network
Astrocyte Signaling in the Neurovascular Unit After Central Nervous System Injury
Influences of Alloying Elements on Continuous Cooling Phase Transformation and Microstructures of Extremely Fine Pearlite
Current Status of European Oyster Decline and Restoration in Germany
A Coherent Performance for Noncoherent Wireless Systems Using AdaBoost Technique
Using Two Meaningful Shadows to Share Secret Messages with Reversibility
Asymmetry in Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Consumer Prices: New Perspective from Sub-Saharan African Countries
Targeting the mTOR Signaling Pathway Utilizing Nanoparticles: A Critical Overview
An Improved Model Based Detection of Urban Impervious Surfaces Using Multiple Features Extracted from ROSIS-3 Hyperspectral Images
A Study of an EOQ Model under Lock Fuzzy Environment
MicroRNA-29a Attenuates Diabetic Glomerular Injury through Modulating Cannabinoid Receptor 1 Signaling
Sustainable Knowledge Management and Its Impact on the Performances of Biotechnology Organizations
Fluorescence Quenching-Based Mechanism for Determination of Hypochlorite by Coumarin-Derived Sensors
Trainee Teachers’ Perceptions on Cyberbullying in Educational Contexts
Application of UAV Photogrammetry in Displacement Measurement of the Soil Nail Walls Using Local Features and CPDA Method
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Medical Sciences in 2018
PEG-assisted Sol-gel Synthesis of Compact Nickel Oxide Hole-Selective Layer with Modified Interfacial Properties for Organic Solar Cells
Synthesis and Telomeric G-Quadruplex-Stabilizing Ability of Macrocyclic Hexaoxazoles Bearing Three Side Chains
Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Cotton Fabrics Coated by Cu2(OH)PO4 under VIS/NIR Irradiation
Process Mining Dashboard in Operating Rooms: Analysis of Staff Expectations with Analytic Hierarchy Process
Laser Welding
Plasma Zonulin Levels as a Non-Invasive Biomarker of Intestinal Permeability in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
The Effect of Arabic Gum on Renal Function in Reversible Unilateral Ureteric Obstruction
A Comparison of Standard Modeling Techniques Using Digital Aerial Imagery with National Elevation Datasets and Airborne LiDAR to Predict Size and Density Forest Metrics in the Sapphire Mountains MT, USA
A Multifactorial Approach to Value Supporting Ecosystem Services in Spanish Forests and Its Implications in a Warming World
Indoor Scene and Position Recognition Based on Visual Landmarks Obtained from Visual Saliency without Human Effect
Cooperation, Fair Trade, and the Development of Organic Coffee Growing in Chiapas (1980–2015)
Characteristics of Transformational Adaptation in Climate-Land-Society Interactions
Limb Differences in Unipedal Balance Performance in Young Male Soccer Players with Different Ages
Characteristics of Dew Formation in the Semi-Arid Loess Plateau of Central Shaanxi Province, China
Limited Effects of Low-to-Moderate Aerobic Exercise on the Gut Microbiota of Mice Subjected to a High-Fat Diet
Enhanced Positioning Bandwidth in Nanopositioners via Strategic Pole Placement of the Tracking Controller
Spatiotemporal Influence of Urban Environment on Taxi Ridership Using Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression
Titanium Dioxide as a Catalyst in Biodiesel Production
Photocatalytic Mechanisms for Peroxymonosulfate Activation through the Removal of Methylene Blue: A Case Study
Effects of Atmospheric and Room Temperature Plasma (ARTP) Mutagenesis on Physicochemical Characteristics and Immune Activity In Vitro of Hericium erinaceus Polysaccharides
Association of TLR4 Polymorphisms, Expression, and Vitamin D with Helicobacter pylori Infection
A New Generation of Dihydropyridine Calcium Channel Blockers: Photostabilization of Liquid Formulations Using Nonionic Surfactants
Structural and Thermoelectric Properties of Cu Substituted Type I Clathrates Ba8CuxSi~32−xGa~14
Revolution 4.0: Industry vs. Agriculture in a Future Development for SMEs
The Complete Plastid Genome of Magnolia zenii and Genetic Comparison to Magnoliaceae species
Co3O4 Nanopetals on Si as Photoanodes for the Oxidation of Organics
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Vibration in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Languages in 2018
Modelling the Hindered Settling Velocity of a Falling Particle in a Particle-Fluid Mixture by the Tsallis Entropy Theory
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Publications in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Behavioral Sciences in 2018
Rapid Cerebral Metabolic Shift during Neonatal Sepsis Is Attenuated by Enteral Colostrum Supplementation in Preterm Pigs
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Batteries in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Quaternary in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Machines in 2018
Tribonacci and Tribonacci-Lucas Sedenions
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Universe in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Children in 2018
Experiences and Strategies of Young, Low-Income, African-American Men and Families Who Navigate Violent Neighborhoods and Low-Performing Schools
Magnetometer Calibration and Field Mapping through Thin Plate Splines
A DRDoS Detection and Defense Method Based on Deep Forest in the Big Data Environment
The Effect of the Presence of Very Cohesive Geldart C Ultra-Fine Particles on the Fluidization of Geldart A Fine Particle Beds
Subdaily Rainfall Estimation through Daily Rainfall Downscaling Using Random Forests in Spain
Influence of Subflux Turbulence Controller and Ladle Shroud Asymmetric Using on Hydrodynamic Conditions in One Strand Slab Tundish
Two-Temperature Magnetohydrodynamics Simulations of Propagation of Semi-Relativistic Jets
Automatic Target Recognition for Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Based on Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Network and Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Diseases in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Resources in 2018
Enhancement and Segmentation Workflow for the Developing Zebrafish Vasculature
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Pharmacy in 2018
Skill-Testing Chemical Transport Models across Contrasting Atmospheric Mixing States Using Radon-222
Nafion-Protected Sputtered-Bismuth Screen-Printed Electrode for On-site Voltammetric Measurements of Cd(II) and Pb(II) in Natural Water Samples
Improvement of the K-Factor of USLE and Soil Erosion Estimation in Shihmen Reservoir Watershed
Researching Parental Socialization Styles across Three Cultural Contexts: Scale ESPA29 Bi-Dimensional Validity in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil
Biodegradable Micelles for NIR/GSH-Triggered Chemophototherapy of Cancer
TALEN-Mediated Gene Targeting for Cystic Fibrosis-Gene Therapy
Analysis of Thermal Anomalies in Volcanic Areas Using Multiscale and Multitemporal Monitoring: Vulcano Island Test Case
Insights into the Oroville Dam 2017 Spillway Incident
A Facile and Eco-Friendly Method for the Synthesis of Sulfonamide and Sulfonate Carboxylic Acid Derivatives—X-ray Structure, Hirshfeld Analysis and Spectroscopic Characterizations
Dietary Inflammatory Index Score and Its Association with Body Weight, Blood Pressure, Lipid Profile, and Leptin in Indonesian Adults
Maintenance Models Applied to Wind Turbines. A Comprehensive Overview
Adherence to Treatment in Stroke Patients
Failure of Staphylococcus aureus to Acquire Direct and Cross Tolerance after Habituation to Cinnamon Essential Oil
Defining System Requirements for Simplified Blood Culture to Enable Widespread Use in Resource-Limited Settings
A Versatile Silicon-Silicon Nitride Photonics Platform for Enhanced Functionalities and Applications
Job Crafting among Labor Union Representatives: Its Impact on Work Engagement and Job Satisfaction
Socioeconomic Status and the Gut Microbiome: A TwinsUK Cohort Study
Assessing Bank Performance Using Dynamic SBM Model
Selected Aspects of Biofuels Market and the Electromobility Development in Poland: Current Trends and Forecasting Changes
Brown Seaweed Egregia menziesii’s Cytotoxic Activity against Brain Cancer Cell Lines
A Three-Dimensional Nickel(II) Framework from a Semi-Flexible Bipyrimidyl Ligand Showing Weak Ferromagnetic Behavior
Estimation of Vegetation Productivity Using a Landsat 8 Time Series in a Heavily Urbanized Area, Central China
Deficiencies in Project Governance: An Analysis of Infrastructure Development Program
Bone Metastasis Pain, from the Bench to the Bedside
Origin of Blue Sapphire in Newly Discovered Spinel–Chlorite–Muscovite Rocks within Meta-Ultramafites of Ilmen Mountains, South Urals of Russia: Evidence from Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd Isotopic Data
A Newly Developed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery Based Technology for Field Measurement of Water Level
Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in China: Trends, Context, and Impact on Company Performance
Doing Well by Doing Good: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda for Sustainable Investment
Urban Tomographic Imaging Using Polarimetric SAR Data
Textile Wastewater Treatment for Water Reuse: A Case Study
Study on an Implementation Scheme of Synergistic Emission Reduction of CO2 and Air Pollutants in China’s Steel Industry
Genome Size Unaffected by Variation in Morphological Traits, Temperature, and Precipitation in Turnip
Reconstruction of 3D Pavement Texture on Handling Dropouts and Spikes Using Multiple Data Processing Methods
RCBTB1 Deletion Is Associated with Metastatic Outcome and Contributes to Docetaxel Resistance in Nontranslocation-Related Pleomorphic Sarcomas
First-Principles Study of the Structural Stability and Dynamic Properties of Li2MSiO4 (M = Mn, Co, Ni) Polymorphs
HENNOVATION: Learnings from Promoting Practice-Led Multi-Actor Innovation Networks to Address Complex Animal Welfare Challenges within the Laying Hen Industry
Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Biased μ-Opioid-Receptor (μOR) Agonists
Metabolic Profiling of Nine Mentha Species and Prediction of Their Antioxidant Properties Using Chemometrics
The Impact of Cholecystectomy on the Gut Microbiota: A Case-Control Study
Effective Adsorption of Diesel Oil by Crab-Shell-Derived Biochar Nanomaterials
Generalized Parking Occupancy Analysis Based on Dilated Convolutional Neural Network
Water and Energy Efficiency Improvement of Steel Wire Manufacturing by Circuit Modelling and Optimisation
The Efficacy and Safety of (Neo)Adjuvant Therapy for Gastric Cancer: A Network Meta-analysis
Infection of Embryonic Callus with Agrobacterium Enables High-Speed Transformation of Maize
Finite Element Analysis of Novel Separable Fixture for Easy Retrievement in Case with Peri-Implantitis
Some Exact Solutions and Conservation Laws of the Coupled Time-Fractional Boussinesq-Burgers System
A Self-Adaptive 1D Convolutional Neural Network for Flight-State Identification
Smart Water Management Platform: IoT-Based Precision Irrigation for Agriculture
An Improved Unauthorized Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection Algorithm Using Radiofrequency-Based Statistical Fingerprint Analysis
Determinants of Successful Aging in a Cohort of Filipino Women
Electrochemical Behaviour of Chalcopyrite in Chloride Solutions
Theoretical Modeling of Polymer Translocation: From the Electrohydrodynamics of Short Polymers to the Fluctuating Long Polymers
Novel Bioactive and Therapeutic Dental Polymeric Materials to Inhibit Periodontal Pathogens and Biofilms
Bathymetry of Northwest Greenland Using “Ocean Melting Greenland” (OMG) High-Resolution Airborne Gravity and Other Data
Determination of Transient Fluid Temperature and Thermal Stresses in Pressure Thick-Walled Elements Using a New Design Thermometer
Learning Labels for Objects: Does Degree of Sensorimotor Experience Matter?
Resonance Instability of Photovoltaic E-Bike Charging Stations: Control Parameters Analysis, Modeling and Experiment
Design to Achieve Accuracy in Ink-Jet Cylindrical Printing Machines
Recent Surface Deformation in the Tianjin Area Revealed by Sentinel-1A Data
An Evo-Devo Perspective on Analogy in Biology
Growth and Needle Properties of Young Pinus koraiensis Sieb. et Zucc. Trees across an Elevational Gradient
Platelet-Rich Plasma in Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunctions: Narrative Review
Mechanism Research and Countermeasure Analysis of Yellow Plume during the Gas Turbine Start-Up Period
Equity Return Dispersion and Stock Market Volatility: Evidence from Multivariate Linear and Nonlinear Causality Tests
Mixing Efficiency Analysis on Droplet Formation Process in Microchannels by Numerical Methods
Design and Analysis of Non-Isolated Three-Port SEPIC Converter for Integrating Renewable Energy Sources
Targeted Nanobody-Based Molecular Tracers for Nuclear Imaging and Image-Guided Surgery
ParlAmI: A Multimodal Approach for Programming Intelligent Environments
Understanding of Storm Runoff Generation in a Weathered, Fractured Granitoid Headwater Catchment in Northern China
Choice Architecture in Appalachian High Schools: Evaluating and Improving Cafeteria Environments
Economic and Efficiency Analysis of China Electricity Market Reform Using Computable General Equilibrium Model
Giant Fluorite Mineralization in Central Mexico by Means of Exceptionally Low Salinity Fluids: An Unusual Style among MVT Deposits
A Guide to Using Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analysis to Study the Fates of Molecules in Organisms and Ecosystems
A Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Emergency in Schools of Shanghai
Identifying Near-Perfect Tunneling in Discrete Metamaterial Loaded Waveguides
Mouse Models Reveal Role of T-Cytotoxic and T-Reg Cells in Immune Response to Influenza: Implications for Vaccine Design
Structure Analysis and Anti-Tumor and Anti-Angiogenic Activities of Sulfated Galactofucan Extracted from Sargassum thunbergii
A Signal Period Detection Algorithm Based on Morphological Self-Complementary Top-Hat Transform and AMDF
Control of Polydimethylsiloxane Surface Hydrophobicity by Plasma Polymerized Hexamethyldisilazane Deposition
Radio Planning Considerations in TETRA to LTE Migration for PPDR Systems: A Radioelectric Coverage Case Study
Sleep Disorders Following Mild and Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury
Super-Efficient Synthesis of Mesh-like Superhydrophobic Nano-Aluminum/Iron (III) Oxide Energetic Films
Substituted Azolium Disposition: Examining the Effects of Alkyl Placement on Thermal Properties
Expanding the miRNA Repertoire in Atlantic Salmon; Discovery of IsomiRs and miRNAs Highly Expressed in Different Tissues and Developmental Stages
Hydraulic Fracture Design with a Proxy Model for Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoir with Considering Feasibility Study
Fault Detection of Electric Impact Drills and Coffee Grinders Using Acoustic Signals
Complex Spatial Morphology of Urban Housing Price Based on Digital Elevation Model: A Case Study of Wuhan City, China
Effects of Topography on Tree Community Structure in a Deciduous Broad-Leaved Forest in North-Central China
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Soil Systems in 2018
Why Are Botulinum Neurotoxin-Producing Bacteria So Diverse and Botulinum Neurotoxins So Toxic?
Laser-Induced Graphene on Additive Manufacturing Parts
Sonochemical Degradation of Benzothiophene (BT) in Deionized Water, Natural Water and Sea Water
Marine Bacterial Polysaccharide EPS11 Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth and Metastasis via Blocking Cell Adhesion and Attenuating Filiform Structure Formation
Measuring Urban Subsidence in the Rome Metropolitan Area (Italy) with Sentinel-1 SNAP-StaMPS Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
Feeding Strategies Before and at Mixing: The Effect on Sow Aggression and Behavior
Bio-Molecular Applications of Recent Developments in Optical Tweezers
SLC35A5 Protein—A Golgi Complex Member with Putative Nucleotide Sugar Transport Activity
The Effect of Polydeoxyribonucleotide Extracted from Salmon Sperm on the Restoration of Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Species Transfer, and Solidification in Billet Continuous Casting Mold with M-EMS
A Study of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) by Nanofluids in Orbital Drilling and Tribological Testing
Interface Characterization within a Nuclear Fuel Plate
SIRT1 Attenuates Kidney Disorders in Male Offspring Due to Maternal High-Fat Diet
Exploring Marine and Aeolian Controls on Coastal Foredune Growth Using a Coupled Numerical Model
Deformation Behavior of Bulk Metallic Glasses and High Entropy Alloys under Complex Stress Fields: A Review
Optimizing Movement for Maximizing Lifetime of Mobile Sensors for Covering Targets on a Line
Assessment of Dental Implants with Modified Calcium-Phosphate Surface in a Multicenter, Prospective, Non-Interventional Study: Results up to 50 Months of Follow-Up
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Impaired Uncoupling Protein 1 Expression via the Suppression of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ Binding Activity in Mice Beige Adipocytes
PPP3CB Inhibits Migration of G401 Cells via Regulating Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and Promotes G401 Cells Growth
Carotenoid-Derived Flavor Precursors from Averrhoa carambola Fresh Fruit
Targeting a Designer TIMP-1 to the Cell Surface for Effective MT1-MMP Inhibition: A Potential Role for the Prion Protein in Renal Carcinoma Therapy
Exposure to Herbicides Prime P450-Mediated Detoxification of Helicoverpa armigera against Insecticide and Fungal Toxin
Efficient Location Service for a Mobile Sink in Solar-Powered Wireless Sensor Networks
Design and Evaluation of IoT-Enabled Instrumentation for a Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall
Soil Salinity Mapping Using SAR Sentinel-1 Data and Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms: A Case Study at Ben Tre Province of the Mekong River Delta (Vietnam)
Economic Impacts and Land Use Change from Increasing Demand for Forest Products in the European Bioeconomy: A General Equilibrium Based Sensitivity Analysis
The Order of Strongly Starlikeness of the Generalized α-Convex Functions
The Increasing Sociospatial Fragmentation of Urban America
[email protected]@ICG Conjugates for Photothermal Therapy of Glioblastoma Multiforme
Novel Formulations of C-Peptide with Long-Acting Therapeutic Potential for Treatment of Diabetic Complications
The Impact of Particle Reinforcement with Al2O3, TiB2, and TiC and Severe Plastic Deformation Treatment on the Combination of Strength and Electrical Conductivity of Pure Aluminum
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting with an Ultrasonic Vibration Source
Multicriteria Decision Making for Evaluating and Selecting Information Systems Projects: A Sustainability Perspective
Electrochemical Properties of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Anion Exchange Membranes Coated with Cation Exchange Polyelectrolyte
Wine-Derived Phenolic Metabolites in the Digestive and Brain Function
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of High-Throughput in 2018
Underlying Dimensions of Social Cohesion in a Rural Community Affected by Wartime Violence in Colombia
Environmental Concern, Income, and Nature Experience in India
External Partnerships in Employee Education and Development as the Key to Facing Industry 4.0 Challenges
Compact and Broadband Microstrip Band-Stop Filters with Single Rectangular Stubs
A Systematic Mapping Study on Customer Loyalty and Brand Management
Effect of Early Management on Pain and Depression in Patients with Pancreatobiliary Cancer: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Investigating the Utility Potential of Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Temporal Monitoring of a Landfill
Assessment of Enterprise Performance Based on Picture Fuzzy Hamacher Aggregation Operators
Urinary and Faecal Incontinence: Point Prevalence and Predictors in a University Hospital
Direct Driven Hydraulic Drive: Effect of Oil on Efficiency in Sub-Zero Conditions
Effect of Electronic Conductivities of Iridium Oxide/Doped SnO2 Oxygen-Evolving Catalysts on the Polarization Properties in Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis
Altered VEGF Splicing Isoform Balance in Tumor Endothelium Involves Activation of Splicing Factors Srpk1 and Srsf1 by the Wilms’ Tumor Suppressor Wt1
Multiplex LC-MS/MS Assays for Clinical Bioanalysis of MEDI4276, an Antibody-Drug Conjugate of Tubulysin Analogue Attached via Cleavable Linker to a Biparatopic Humanized Antibody against HER-2
Recyclable and Mendable Cellulose-Reinforced Composites Crosslinked with Diels–Alder Adducts
AA7050 Al Alloy Hot-Forging Process for Improved Fracture Toughness Properties
Daily Natural Gas Load Forecasting Based on a Hybrid Deep Learning Model
Annual Trends in Total Ischemic Time and One-Year Fatalities: The Paradox of STEMI Network Performance Assessment
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Veterinary Sciences in 2018
Collective Trauma and Mystic Dreams in Zabuzhko’s “The Museum of Abandoned Secrets”
An Experimental Examination of Binge Watching and Narrative Engagement
Rapid Measurement of Soybean Seed Viability Using Kernel-Based Multispectral Image Analysis
Single Exhale Biomarker Breathalyzer
Static Structures in Leaky Mode Waveguides
An Investigation of the Use of Language, Social Identity and Multicultural Values for Nation-Building in Malaysian Outdoor Advertising
A Facile Electrochemical Sensor Labeled by Ferrocenoyl Cysteine Conjugate for the Detection of Nitrite in Pickle Juice
Iron as a Central Player and Promising Target in Cancer Progression
Drivers and Outcomes of Business Model Innovation—Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Perspective
Mobile Forms of Gold and Pathfinder Elements in Surface Sediments at the Novye Peski Gold Deposit and in the Piilola Prospecting Area (Karelia Region)
Variation in Clinical Application of Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy: A Review
Sporotrichosis In Immunocompromised Hosts
Accounting for Healthcare-Seeking Behaviours and Testing Practices in Real-Time Influenza Forecasts
Self-Assembled Fullerene Crystals as Excellent Aromatic Vapor Sensors
Public Hospitals in China: Is There a Variation in Patient Experience with Inpatient Care
Brain-Derived Neurotrophin and TrkB in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
CYC27 Synthetic Derivative of Bromophenol from Red Alga Rhodomela confervoides: Anti-Diabetic Effects of Sensitizing Insulin Signaling Pathways and Modulating RNA Splicing-Associated RBPs
CMV-Specific Immune Response—New Patients, New Insight: Central Role of Specific IgG during Infancy and Long-Lasting Immune Deficiency after Allogenic Stem Cell Transplantation
Rate-Distortion Performance and Incremental Transmission Scheme of Compressive Sensed Measurements in Wireless Sensor Networks
Effect of Combined Inoculation on Biogas Production from Hardly Degradable Material
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Stats in 2018
Direct Determination of Zn, Cd, Pb and Cu in Wine by Differential Pulse Anodic Stripping Voltammetry
The Reliability and Validity of the Loadsol® under Various Walking and Running Conditions
Study on the Relationship between CSR and Financial Performance
Metabolomics Profiling Reveals Rehmanniae Radix Preparata Extract Protects against Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis Mainly via Intervening Steroid Hormone Biosynthesis
Carbon Footprint Analysis of Bamboo Scrimber Flooring—Implications for Carbon Sequestration of Bamboo Forests and Its Products
IL-1β Inflammatory Cytokine-Induced TP63 Isoform ∆NP63α Signaling Cascade Contributes to Cisplatin Resistance in Human Breast Cancer Cells
Forward and Inverse Dynamics of a Unicycle-Like Mobile Robot
A Study on the Optimal Machining Parameters of the Induction Assisted Milling with Inconel 718
Editorial for the Special Issue on Polymer Based MEMS and Microfabrication
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Processes in 2018
Functional Characteristics of Ultraviolet-Irradiated Tilapia Fish Skin Gelatin
Fenofibrate Augments the Sensitivity of Drug-Resistant Prostate Cancer Cells to Docetaxel
A Novel Synthetic Steroid of 2β,3α,5α-Trihydroxy-androst-6-one Alleviates the Loss of Rat Retinal Ganglion Cells Caused by Acute Intraocular Hypertension via Inhibiting the Inflammatory Activation of Microglia
Synthesis, In Vitro Screening and Docking Studies of New Thiosemicarbazide Derivatives as Antitubercular Agents
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Nutrients in 2018
Asymptotic Homogenization Applied to Flexoelectric Rods
The Laplacian Flow of Locally Conformal Calibrated G2-Structures
Kriging with a Small Number of Data Points Supported by Jack-Knifing, a Case Study in the Sava Depression (Northern Croatia)
Chitosan-Coated Flexible Liposomes Magnify the Anticancer Activity and Bioavailability of Docetaxel: Impact on Composition
Direct Infusion Based Metabolomics Identifies Metabolic Disease in Patients’ Dried Blood Spots and Plasma
Assessment and Treatment of the Anorexia of Aging: A Systematic Review
Changes in Land Cover and Urban Sprawl in Ireland From a Comparative Perspective Over 1990–2012
The Advent of Practice Theories in Research on Sustainable Consumption: Past, Current and Future Directions of the Field
Encouraging Environmental Commitment to Sustainability: An Empirical Study of Environmental Connectedness Theory to Undergraduate Students
Supramolecular Organogels Based on N-Benzyl, N′-Acylbispidinols
Expression of Neural Crest Markers GLDC and ERRFI1 is Correlated with Melanoma Prognosis
Improving Fermentation Rate during Use of Corn Grits in Beverage Alcohol Production
Multi-Tubular Reactor for Hydrogen Production: CFD Thermal Design and Experimental Testing
Nanocellulose-Block Copolymer Films for the Removal of Emerging Organic Contaminants from Aqueous Solutions
Characterisation of Uruguayan Honeys by Multi-Elemental Analyses as a Basis to Assess Their Geographical Origin
Post-Cracking Capacity of Glass Beams Reinforced with Steel Fibers
Photoinitiator Free Resins Composed of Plant-Derived Monomers for the Optical µ-3D Printing of Thermosets
Evaluating Successful Aging in Older People Who Participated in Computerized or Paper-and-Pencil Memory Training: The Memoria Mejor Program
Bovine Lactoferrin Prevents Influenza A Virus Infection by Interfering with the Fusogenic Function of Viral Hemagglutinin
Causes of Delays during Housing Adaptation for Healthy Aging in the UK
Intake of Lutein and Zeaxanthin as a Possible Factor Influencing Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Caucasian Individuals with Ulcerative Colitis in Remission Phase
Nepafenac-Loaded Cyclodextrin/Polymer Nanoaggregates: A New Approach to Eye Drop Formulation
Do Antimicrobial Proteins Contribute to Overcoming the Hidden Antifungal Crisis at the Dawn of a Post-Antibiotic Era?
Sevoflurane, Propofol and Carvedilol Block Myocardial Protection by Limb Remote Ischemic Preconditioning
Fracture Mechanics and Oxygen Gas Barrier Properties of Al2O3/ZnO Nanolaminates on PET Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition
Efficient Large Sparse Arrays Synthesis by Means of Smooth Re-Weighted L1 Minimization
Proteomic Analysis of the Responses of Candida albicans during Infection of Galleria mellonella Larvae
Effect of Biochar on Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions at the Laboratory and Field Scales
The Robust Self-Assembling Tubular Nanostructures Formed by gp053 from Phage vB_EcoM_FV3
Hidden Link Prediction in Criminal Networks Using the Deep Reinforcement Learning Technique
Gyro Error Compensation in Optoelectronic Platform Based on a Hybrid ARIMA-Elman Model
Genotyping of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Using Allele-Specific qPCR Producing Amplicons of Small Sizes Directly from Crude Serum Isolated from Capillary Blood by a Hand-Powered Paper Centrifuge
Localized and In-Situ Integration of Different Nanowire Materials for Electronic Nose Applications
How are Anti-Air Pollution Policies Implemented? A Network Analysis of Campaign-Style Enforcement in China
Convenient Preparation of Graphene Oxide from Expandable Graphite and Its Characterization by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy
Natural Products Isolated from Oriental Medicinal Herbs Inactivate Zika Virus
Evaluation of Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Soil Organic Matter and pH Using vis-NIR Spectra
Polymyxin Derivatives that Sensitize Gram-Negative Bacteria to Other Antibiotics
Social Capital on Consumer Knowledge-Sharing in Virtual Brand Communities: The Mediating Effect of Pan-Family Consciousness
LPWAN-Based Vehicular Monitoring Platform with a Generic IP Network Interface
Recent Developments of Acoustic Energy Harvesting: A Review
Glucose Oxidase Immobilized on a Functional Polymer Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode and Its Molecule Recognition of Glucose
Ciprofloxacin Enhances the Chemosensitivity of Cancer Cells to ABCB1 Substrates
Parental Correlates of Outdoor Play in Boys and Girls Aged 0 to 12—A Systematic Review
A Human Health Risk Assessment of Trace Elements Present in Chinese Wine
Activation of Sirtuin 3 and Maintenance of Mitochondrial Integrity by N-Acetylcysteine Protects Against Bisphenol A-Induced Kidney and Liver Toxicity in Rats
Effects of Quercetin Metabolites on Triglyceride Metabolism of 3T3-L1 Preadipocytes and Mature Adipocytes
Ciprofloxacin and Clinafloxacin Antibodies for an Immunoassay of Quinolones: Quantitative Structure–Activity Analysis of Cross-Reactivities
Surface Features of Fluorapatite and Dolomite in the Reverse Flotation Process Using Sulfuric Acid as a Depressor
Scaling Effects of Elevation Data on Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution Simulations
Interplay among Vaginal Microbiome, Immune Response and Sexually Transmitted Viral Infections
The Determination of Some Microbiological and Chemical Features in Herby Cheese
Novel Immunoregulatory Functions of IL-18, an Accomplice of TGF-β1
Popular Religion, Sacred Natural Sites, and “Marian Verdant Advocations” in Spain
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Remote Sensing in 2018
Hybrid 3D Shape Measurement Using the MEMS Scanning Micromirror
Resveratrol and Its Human Metabolites—Effects on Metabolic Health and Obesity
Drought Impact on Leaf Phenology and Spring Frost Susceptibility in a Quercus robur L. Provenance Trial
Socio-Demographic Factors and Body Image Perception Are Associated with BMI-For-Age among Children Living in Welfare Homes in Selangor, Malaysia
Combination of River Bank Filtration and Solar-driven Electro-Chlorination Assuring Safe Drinking Water Supply for River Bound Communities in India
Simultaneous Generation of Complex Structured Curve Beam
High Frequency of ERBB2 Activating Mutations in Invasive Lobular Breast Carcinoma with Pleomorphic Features
Association of Vitamin D Status with Chronic Disease Risk Factors and Cognitive Dysfunction in 50–70 Year Old Adults
Controversies Surrounding Vitamin D: Focus on Supplementation and Cancer
Larvicidal Activity of Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles from Curcuma zedoaria Essential Oil against Culex quinquefasciatus
On Plowing Frictional Behavior during Scratch Testing: A Comparison between Experimental and Theoretical/Numerical Results
Quantifying the Effect of Land Use Change and Climate Variability on Green Water Resources in the Xihe River Basin, Northeast China
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Information in 2018
Energy Income Estimation for Solar Cell Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes
Molecular Network-Based Drug Prediction in Thyroid Cancer
PON2 Deficiency Leads to Increased Susceptibility to Diet-Induced Obesity
Preparation of ε-Fe(Si)3N Powder Using a Salt Bath Nitriding Reaction and a Study on the Soft Magnetic Properties of the Powder
Recent Advances in the Processing and Properties of Alumina–CNT/SiC Nanocomposites
Distribution of Cd and Cu Fractions in Chinese Soils and Their Relationships with Soil pH: A Meta-Analysis
Reduced Order Component & System Level Modelling for Fluid-Solid Interactions in Complex MEMS Devices
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Epigenomes in 2018
Methodological Proposal to Study the Uses and Appropriations of Unfinished Estates: A View from Vizela, Portugal
Energy-Efficient Patching Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks
Characterization of Sparkling Wines According to Polyphenolic Profiles Obtained by HPLC-UV/Vis and Principal Component Analysis
Notoginsenoside R1 Protects db/db Mice against Diabetic Nephropathy via Upregulation of Nrf2-Mediated HO-1 Expression
Integrating Non-Destructive Testing, Laser Scanning, and Numerical Modeling for Damage Assessment: The Room of the Elements
A Social Virtual Reality-Based Application for the Physical and Cognitive Training of the Elderly at Home
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Fluids in 2018
Comparison of Dual-Permanent-Magnet-Excited Machines and Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Machines in Terms of Force
Moderate Southeast Asian Islamic Education as a Parent Culture in Deradicalization: Urgencies, Strategies, and Challenges
NMLPA: Uncovering Overlapping Communities in Attributed Networks via a Multi-Label Propagation Approach
Upgrade of the NA61/SHINE Facility beyond 2020 for an Expanded Physics Programme
Efficient Cumulant-Based Methods for Joint Angle and Frequency Estimation Using Spatial-Temporal Smoothing
Hydrodynamic Analysis-Based Modeling and Experimental Verification of a New Water-Jet Thruster for an Amphibious Spherical Robot
Candida sp. Infections in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
Effects of Gay-Themed Advertising among Young Heterosexual Adults from U.S. and South Korea
An Efficient Semi-Analytical Solution of a One-Dimensional Curvature Equation that Describes the Human Corneal Shape
Regression Analysis of Protoporphyrin IX Measurements Obtained During Dermatological Photodynamic Therapy
Efficient Lidar Signal Denoising Algorithm Using Variational Mode Decomposition Combined with a Whale Optimization Algorithm
Gammaherpesvirus Readthrough Transcription Generates a Long Non-Coding RNA That Is Regulated by Antisense miRNAs and Correlates with Enhanced Lytic Replication In Vivo
The Capacity of Long-Term In Vitro Proliferation of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells Supported Only by Exogenous Cytokines Is Associated with a Patient Subset with Adverse Outcome
Characterization of Humic Substances in the Soils of Ophiocordyceps sinensis Habitats in the Sejila Mountain, Tibet: Implication for the Food Source of Thitarodes Larvae
Social Effects of Economic Crisis: Risk of Exclusion. An Overview of the European Context
Ionic Imbalances and Coupling in Synchronization of Responses in Neurons
Membrane Filtration of Anionic Surfactant Stabilized Emulsions: Effect of Ionic Strength on Fouling and Droplet Adhesion
Optimization of Process Parameters for Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum and Copper Using the Taguchi Method
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease in 2018
From Aggregates to Porous Three-Dimensional Scaffolds through a Mechanochemical Approach to Design Photosensitive Chitosan Derivatives
Role of Civil Society in Sustainable Urban Renewal (Machizukuri) after the Kobe Earthquake
Embrittlement Due to Excess Heat Input into Friction Stir Processed 7075 Alloy
Involvement of HPV Infection in the Release of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Resonance Raman Spectro-Electrochemistry to Illuminate Photo-Induced Molecular Reaction Pathways
Recovery of Differential Equations from Impulse Response Time Series Data for Model Identification and Feature Extraction
Superplastic Behavioral Characteristics of Fine-Grained 5A70 Aluminum Alloy
The Reentrant Four-Layer Quasi-Elliptic Bandstop Filter
Soil Moisture Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Data and a Stepwise-Cluster Prediction Model: The Case of Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
Production of a Novel Tetrahydroxynaphthalene (THN) Derivative from Nocardia sp. CS682 by Metabolic Engineering and Its Bioactivities
Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution in a Membrane Photoreactor Using Suspended Nanosized Au/TiO2 and Au/CeO2
Investigation for the Decomposition of Carbon Emissions in the USA with C-D Function and LMDI Methods
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Data in 2018
Reduction Potential Predictions for Some 3-Aryl-Quinoxaline-2-Carbonitrile 1,4-Di-N-Oxide Derivatives with Known Anti-Tumor Properties
Synthesis and Effect of Structure on Swelling Properties of Hydrogels Based on High Methylated Pectin and Acrylic Polymers
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Social Sciences in 2018
Total Factor Productivity of Agricultural Firms in Vietnam and Its Relevant Determinants
The Rheology of PEOT/PBT Block Copolymers in the Melt State and in the Thermally-Induced Sol/Gel Transition Implications on the 3D-Printing Bio-Scaffold Process
Mitigation Effect of Carbon Emission Tax in Dairy Farming: An Empirical Study of Heilongjiang Province in China
Novel Antibacterial Peptides Isolated from the Maillard Reaction Products of Half-Fin Anchovy (Setipinna taty) Hydrolysates/Glucose and Their Mode of Action in Escherichia Coli
On-Board Georeferencing Using FPGA-Based Optimized Second-Order Polynomial Equation
Interactive and Online Buffer-Overlay Analytics of Large-Scale Spatial Data
Hygrothermal Analysis of Laminated Composite Skew Conoids
Sustainability Evaluation of Product Packaging System with a Three-Stage Network Data Envelopment Analysis Methodology
Investigation of the AQP Family in Soybean and the Promoter Activity of TIP2;6 in Heat Stress and Hormone Responses
A Case of Isolated Cecal Necrosis Preoperatively Diagnosed with Perforation of Cecum
Comparison of Optimal Hedging Policies for Hydropower Reservoir System Operation
Mucosal Barrier Functions of Fish under Changing Environmental Conditions
Citrinin Monomer and Dimer Derivatives with Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Activities Isolated from the Deep Sea-Derived Fungus Penicillium citrinum NLG-S01-P1
Crude Oil Degrading Fingerprint and the Overexpression of Oxidase and Invasive Genes for n-hexadecane and Crude Oil Degradation in the Acinetobacter pittii H9-3 Strain
Determination of Tile Drain Discharge under Variable Hydraulic Conditions
Nostalgia, Motherhood, and Adoption: Two Contemporary Swedish Examples
Recurrent Neural Network-Based Hourly Prediction of Photovoltaic Power Output Using Meteorological Information
Structures, Activities and Drug-Likeness of Anti-Infective Xanthone Derivatives Isolated from the Marine Environment: A Review
New Oxidovanadium(IV) Coordination Complex Containing 2-Methylnitrilotriacetate Ligands Induces Cell Cycle Arrest and Autophagy in Human Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines
Calcium Pyruvate Exerts Beneficial Effects in an Experimental Model of Irritable Bowel Disease Induced by DCA in Rats
Comparative Evaluation of Sustainable Design Based on Step-Wise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis (SWARA) and Best Worst Method (BWM) Methods: A Perspective on Household Furnishing Materials
Bayesian Statistics of Wide-Band Radar Reflections for Oil Spill Detection on Rough Ocean Surface
A Human ABC Transporter ABCC4 Gene SNP (rs11568658, 559 G > T, G187W) Reduces ABCC4-Dependent Drug Resistance
Integrating Nano-Cu2[email protected] into In Situ Polymerized Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Fibers with Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Antibacterial Activities
The Roles of Ubiquitin-Binding Protein Shuttles in the Degradative Fate of Ubiquitinated Proteins in the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System and Autophagy
Influence of Gemini Surfactants on Biochemical Profile and Ultrastructure of Aspergillus brasiliensis
Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Melanogenic Properties of Essential Oil from Peel of Pomelo cv. Guan Xi
Effects of CD4 Binding on Conformational Dynamics, Molecular Motions, and Thermodynamics of HIV-1 gp120
Fortification of Ground Roasted Coffees with Iron, Zinc, and Calcium Salts: Evaluation of Minerals Recovery in Filtered and Espresso Brews
Continuous Passive Motion Promotes and Maintains Chondrogenesis in Autologous Endothelial Progenitor Cell-Loaded Porous PLGA Scaffolds during Osteochondral Defect Repair in a Rabbit Model
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Econometrics in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Antibiotics in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Algorithms in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Actuators in 2018
Combination of Cell-Penetrating Peptides with Nanoparticles for Therapeutic Application: A Review
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Administrative Sciences in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Philosophies in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Non-Coding RNA in 2018
Effects of Grape Pomace Polyphenolic Extract (Taurisolo®) in Reducing TMAO Serum Levels in Humans: Preliminary Results from a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Cross-Over Study
Leonora Carrington on and off Screen: Intertextual and Intermedial Connections between the Artist’s Creative Practice and the Medium of Film
Label-Free Capacitive Biosensor for Detection of Cryptosporidium
Farmer Perceptions of Pig Aggression Compared to Animal-Based Measures of Fight Outcome
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Education Sciences in 2018
Highly Resolved Phylogenetic Relationships within Order Acipenseriformes According to Novel Nuclear Markers
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Computers in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Biosensors in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Hydrology in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Arts in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Genealogy in 2018
Correlation of Intensity Fluctuations for Scattering of a Partially Coherent Plane-Wave Pulse
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Future Internet in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Computation in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Challenges in 2018
Enhanced Photocatalytic Reduction of Cr(VI) by Combined Magnetic TiO2-Based NFs and Ammonium Oxalate Hole Scavengers
Biocompatibility Characteristics of Titanium Coated with Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes—Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Catalysts in 2018
Mineralogy of Eocene Fossil Wood from the “Blue Forest” Locality, Southwestern Wyoming, United States
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Water in 2018
Doxorubicin Is Key for the Cardiotoxicity of FAC (5-Fluorouracil + Adriamycin + Cyclophosphamide) Combination in Differentiated H9c2 Cells
Deformation Behavior and Microstructural Evolution during Hot Stamping of TA15 Sheets: Experimentation and Modelling
Towards a Smart and Sustainable City with the Involvement of Public Participation—The Case of Wroclaw
Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture: Case Study of Lis Valley Irrigation District, Portugal
Role of Rhodopsins as Circadian Photoreceptors in the Drosophila melanogaster
Entropy Generation of Carbon Nanotubes Flow in a Rotating Channel with Hall and Ion-Slip Effect Using Effective Thermal Conductivity Model
Versatility of Cyclophilins in Plant Growth and Survival: A Case Study in Arabidopsis
Pharmacokinetic Properties of Arsenic Species after Intravenous and Intragastrical Administration of Arsenic Trioxide Solution in Cynomolgus Macaques Using HPLC-ICP-MS
Understanding Land in the Context of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions: A Brief History of Land in Economics
CMTN-SP: A Novel Coverage-Control Algorithm for Moving-Target Nodes Based on Sensing Probability Model in Sensor Networks
ZnO/Ionic Liquid Catalyzed Biodiesel Production from Renewable and Waste Lipids as Feedstocks
Reinforcement Learning-Based Data Forwarding in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks with Passive Mobility
Dyslexia: Still Not a Neurodevelopmental Disorder
Measurements of Dynamic Deformations of Building Structures by Applying Wire Sensors
Implementation of an IoT Based Radar Sensor Network for Wastewater Management
Survey of Pain Knowledge and Analgesia in Dogs and Cats by Colombian Veterinarians
Observation of CO2 Regional Distribution Using an Airborne Infrared Remote Sensing Spectrometer (Air-IRSS) in the North China Plain
Stochastic Vulnerability Assessment of Masonry Structures: Concepts, Modeling and Restoration Aspects
A Cluster Graph Approach to Land Cover Classification Boosting
The Political Economy of Abandoned Mine Land Fund Disbursements
Human Germ Cell Tumors are Developmental Cancers: Impact of Epigenetics on Pathobiology and Clinic
Complement Activation Contributes to the Pathophysiology of Shiga Toxin-Associated Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome
Gradient-Based Multi-Objective Feature Selection for Gait Mode Recognition of Transfemoral Amputees
Illustrating and Enhancing the Biosynthesis of Astaxanthin and Docosahexaenoic Acid in Aurantiochytrium sp. SK4
Enterococcus faecalis Countermeasures Defeat a Virulent Picovirinae Bacteriophage
An Expectation–Maximization-Based IVA Algorithm for Speech Source Separation Using Student’s t Mixture Model Based Source Priors
Fabrication, Optimization, and Evaluation of Rotigotine-Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles for Nose-To-Brain Delivery
Hybrid Carbon Nano-Fibers with Improved Oxidation Resistance
Biogeographic Ancestry, Cognitive Ability and Socioeconomic Outcomes
Stratigraphic and Structural Control on Hydrothermal Dolomitization in the Middle Permian Carbonates, Southwestern Sichuan Basin (China)
Nonclonal Chromosome Aberrations and Genome Chaos in Somatic and Germ Cells from Patients and Survivors of Hodgkin Lymphoma
The Next Generation Cognitive Security Operations Center: Adaptive Analytic Lambda Architecture for Efficient Defense against Adversarial Attacks
Microstructures and Isothermal Oxidation of the Alumina Scale Forming Nb1.7Si2.4Ti2.4Al3Hf0.5 and Nb1.3Si2.4Ti2.4Al3.5Hf0.4 Alloys
RNA Interference: A Natural Immune System of Plants to Counteract Biotic Stressors
Ultraprecision Diameter Measurement of Small Holes with Large Depth-To-Diameter Ratios Based on Spherical Scattering Electrical-Field Probing
The Dynamics of Water Wells Efficiency Reduction and Ageing Process Compensation
Impact of Main Pipe Flow Velocity on Leakage and Intrusion Flow: An Experimental Study
The Microtubule-Associated Innate Immune Sensor GEF-H1 Does Not Influence Mouse Norovirus Replication in Murine Macrophages
Meta-Analysis: Urinary Calprotectin for Discrimination of Intrinsic and Prerenal Acute Kidney Injury
Feeding Practices and Undernutrition in 6–23-Month-Old Children of Orthodox Christian Mothers in Rural Tigray, Ethiopia: Longitudinal Study
Chemical Constituents of the Leaves of Peltophorum pterocarpum and Their Bioactivity
Evaluation of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2A Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals across Chinese Cities and Implications for Medium Spatial Resolution Urban Aerosol Monitoring
Selective Synthesis of Furfuryl Alcohol from Biomass-Derived Furfural Using Immobilized Yeast Cells
The Effect of a Multidisciplinary Lifestyle Intervention on Obesity Status, Body Composition, Physical Fitness, and Cardiometabolic Risk Markers in Children and Adolescents with Obesity
Some Root Level Modifications in Interval Valued Fuzzy Graphs and Their Generalizations Including Neutrosophic Graphs
Sequential Model Predictive Control of Three-Phase Direct Matrix Converter
SPARX, a MIMO Array for Ground-Based Radar Interferometry
Exposure to Different Amounts of Dietary Gluten in Patients with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS): An Exploratory Study
A Non-Liner Decision Model for Green Crowdfunding Project Success: Evidence from China
A Multi-Camera Rig with Non-Overlapping Views for Dynamic Six-Degree-of-Freedom Measurement
Safety of Corn and Corn-Based Products Intended for Human Consumption Concerning Fumonisins from a Brazilian Processing Plant
Functionalized Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas: Tunable Hydrophobic Solid Acids for Biomass Conversion
Decreased Serum Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Levels in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Analysis of the Bacterial and Host Proteins along and across the Porcine Gastrointestinal Tract
Abiotic Stresses Intervene with ABA Signaling to Induce Destructive Metabolic Pathways Leading to Death: Premature Leaf Senescence in Plants
On a Generalization of the Initial-Boundary Problem for the Vibrating String Equation
Insights into the Short-Term Tidal Variability of Multibeam Backscatter from Field Experiments on Different Seafloor Types
A Capacitance-to-Time Converter-Based Electronic Interface for Differential Capacitive Sensors
Optimal Resource Management and Binary Power Control in Network-Assisted D2D Communications for Higher Frequency Reuse Factor
Predictions of Ship Extreme Hydroelastic Load Responses in Harsh Irregular Waves and Hull Girder Ultimate Strength Assessment
Effects of Fuel Type and Operation Parameters on Combustion and NOx Emission of the Iron Ore Sintering Process
Improved In Vitro Test Procedure for Full Assessment of the Cytocompatibility of Degradable Magnesium Based on ISO 10993-5/-12
Study of the Water Quality of a Tropical Reservoir
MHD Accretion Disk Winds: The Key to AGN Phenomenology?
Development of an Autonomous Electric Robot Implement for Intra-Row Weeding in Vineyards
Positive Relational Management for Sustainable Development: Beyond Personality Traits—The Contribution of Emotional Intelligence
LOS-Based Equal Gain Transmission and Combining in General Frequency-Selective Ricean Massive MIMO Channels
Overview of the Structure–Function Relationships of Mannose-Specific Lectins from Plants, Algae and Fungi
Relationships among Root–Shoot Ratio, Early Growth, and Health of Hybrid Poplar and Willow Clones Grown in Different Landfill Soils
Effects of Boundary Condition Models on the Seismic Responses of a Container Crane
Anion-Binding-Induced Electrochemical Signal Transduction in Ferrocenylimidazolium: Combined Electrochemical Experimental and Theoretical Investigation
Complexes of Pro-Apoptotic siRNAs and Carbosilane Dendrimers: Formation and Effect on Cancer Cells
Environmental Sustainability of Niobium Recycling: The Case of the Automotive Industry
Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction and Swarm Intelligence for Calculating Optimum Values of Obtaining Boric Acid from Tincal Mineral
Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis-Based Ensemble Transform with 3D Rescaling Initialization Method for Storm-Scale Ensemble Forecast
Slurry Preparation Effects on the Cemented Phosphogypsum Backfill through an Orthogonal Experiment
Optical Properties, Synthesis, and Potential Applications of Cu-Based Ternary or Quaternary Anisotropic Quantum Dots, Polytypic Nanocrystals, and Core/Shell Heterostructures
Modification of Cardiac Progenitor Cell-Derived Exosomes by miR-322 Provides Protection against Myocardial Infarction through Nox2-Dependent Angiogenesis
“Mere” Christian Forgiveness: An Ecumenical Christian Conceptualization of Forgiveness through the Lens of Stress-And-Coping Theory
Synergistic Effects of Processing Additives and Thermal Annealing on Nanomorphology and Hole Mobility of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Thin Films
Relative Strength, but Not Absolute Muscle Strength, Is Higher in Exercising Compared to Non-Exercising Older Women
A Robust Indoor Localization System Integrating Visual Localization Aided by CNN-Based Image Retrieval with Monte Carlo Localization
Does Chinese Financial Market Information Promote Listed Manufacturing Firms’ Productivity?
Recent Advances in the Management of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: New Hopes but New Challenges
The Therapeutic Potential of Naringenin: A Review of Clinical Trials
Estimation of the Spatial Suitability of Winter Tourism Destinations Based on Copula Functions
UAV-Based 3D Point Clouds of Freshwater Fish Habitats, Xingu River Basin, Brazil
Characterization of Proteins Involved in Chloroplast Targeting Disturbed by Rice Stripe Virus by Novel Protoplast–Chloroplast Proteomics
Deduction of Novel Genes Potentially Involved in Keratinocytes of Type 2 Diabetes Using Next-Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics Approaches
Cross-Method-Based Analysis and Classification of Malicious Behavior by API Calls Extraction
Catchment Hydrological Modeling with Soil Thermal Dynamics during Seasonal Freeze-Thaw Cycles
Correlation Analysis of Separation Shock Oscillation and Wall Pressure Fluctuation in Unstarted Hypersonic Inlet Flow
Hyperspectral Feature Extraction Using Sparse and Smooth Low-Rank Analysis
Robust Guaranteed-Cost Preview Repetitive Control for Polytopic Uncertain Discrete-Time Systems
Building an Effective Intrusion Detection System Using the Modified Density Peak Clustering Algorithm and Deep Belief Networks
Candidate Polyurethanes Based on Castor Oil (Ricinus communis), with Polycaprolactone Diol and Chitosan Additions, for Use in Biomedical Applications
Annatto (Bixa orellana) δ-TCT Supplementation Protection against Embryonic Malformations through Alterations in PI3K/Akt-Cyclin D1 Pathway
Inhaler Technique and Adherence to Inhaled Medications among Patients with Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Vietnam
Assessment of the Persistence of Avena sterilis L. Patches in Wheat Fields for Site-Specific Sustainable Management
Electrospun Polycaprolactone Fibrous Membranes Containing Ag, TiO2 and Na2Ti6O13 Particles for Potential Use in Bone Regeneration
High KRT8 Expression Independently Predicts Poor Prognosis for Lung Adenocarcinoma Patients
Resolution Limits in Photoacoustic Imaging Caused by Acoustic Attenuation
Remote Sensing in Environmental Justice Research—A Review
How Well Do Seniors Estimate Distance to Food? The Accuracy of Older Adults’ Reported Proximity to Local Grocery Stores
The Circulating Transcriptome as a Source of Biomarkers for Melanoma
Plant Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology: Following Mariotti’s Steps
Air Quality Planning and the Minimization of Negative Externalities
The Significance of the Adaptive Thermal Comfort Limits on the Air-Conditioning Loads in a Temperate Climate
A Preliminary Assessment of Horticultural Postharvest Market Loss in the Solomon Islands
Outage Probability Analysis in Relaying Cooperative Systems with NOMA Considering Power Splitting
Sediment Grain-Size Characteristics and its Sources of Ten Wind-Water Coupled Erosion Tributaries (the Ten Kongduis) in the Upper Yellow River
New 1 km Resolution Datasets of Global and Regional Risks of Tree Cover Loss
Very Long-Chain C24:1 Ceramide Is Increased in Serum Extracellular Vesicles with Aging and Can Induce Senescence in Bone-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Pose Estimation of Automatic Battery-Replacement System Based on ORB and Improved Keypoints Matching Method
Unstructured Text in EMR Improves Prediction of Death after Surgery in Children
Single Crystal Diamond Deposited by Dual Radio-Frequency Plasma Jet CVD with High Growth Rate
Consistent Sets of Soft Contexts Defined by Soft Sets
Solid-State Transformations in Inner Coordination Sphere of [Co(NH3)6][Fe(C2O4)3]∙3H2O as a Route to Access Catalytically Active Co-Fe Materials
Antihyperuricemia, Antioxidant, and Antibacterial Activities of Tridax procumbens L.
The Perceived Role of Financial Incentives in Promoting Waste Recycling—Empirical Evidence from Finland
Arabic Cursive Text Recognition from Natural Scene Images
Corporate Political Ties and Firm Value: Comparative Analysis in the Korean Market
Different Oviposition Strategies of Closely Related Damselfly Species as an Effective Defense against Parasitoids
A Sensitive Near-Infrared Fluorescent Probe for Detecting Heavy Metal Ag+ in Water Samples
Cancelling Flash Illusory Line Motion by Cancelling the Attentional Gradient and a Consideration of Consciousness
Feature Extraction in Motor Activity Signal: Towards a Depression Episodes Detection in Unipolar and Bipolar Patients
Generation of a Broadly Cross-Neutralizing Antibody Fragment against Several Mexican Scorpion Venoms
Modeling and Control of an Active Stabilizing Assistant System for a Bicycle
Surplus Sharing with Coherent Utility Functions
CoFi: Coding-Assisted File Distribution over a Wireless LAN
The Impact of E-Cigarette Warnings, Warning Themes and Inclusion of Relative Harm Statements on Young Adults’ E-Cigarette Perceptions and Use Intentions
Inhibition of Adipogenesis by Diphlorethohydroxycarmalol (DPHC) through AMPK Activation in Adipocytes
Camera Calibration Using Gray Code
A Reactive Power Compensation Strategy for Voltage Stability Challenges in the Korean Power System with Dynamic Loads
INS/Vision Integrated Navigation System Based on a Navigation Cell Model of the Hippocampus
Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization with Weighted Mean Personal Best Position and Adaptive Local Attractor
Dispersion of Nanoparticles in Lubricating Oil: A Critical Review
Adapting Engineering Education to Industry 4.0 Vision
Sequestration of Pb(II) Ions from Aqueous Systems with Novel Green Bacterial Cellulose Graphene Oxide Composite
Non-Local Based Denoising Framework for In Vivo Contrast-Free Ultrasound Microvessel Imaging
Influence of Fiber Distribution and Orientation in the Fracture Behavior of Polyolefin Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
Fault Diagnosis of Active Magnetic Bearing–Rotor System via Vibration Images
How Efficiently Do Elite US Universities Produce Highly Cited Papers?
“Because We Don’t Want to Run in Smog”: Problems with the Sustainable Management of Sport Event Tourism in Protected Areas (A Case Study of National Parks in Poland and Slovakia)
Development of Organosilicon-Based Superhydrophobic Coatings through Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Polymerization of HMDSO in Nitrogen Plasma
Moss-Derived Mesoporous Carbon as Bi-Functional Electrode Materials for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries and Supercapacitors
A Strategy to Optimize the Generation of Stable Chromobody Cell Lines for Visualization and Quantification of Endogenous Proteins in Living Cells
Highly Efficient, Flexible, and Recyclable Air Filters Using Polyimide Films with Patterned Thru-Holes Fabricated by Ion Milling
Long-Term Ecological Health Assessment of a Restored Urban Stream Based on Chemical Water Quality, Physical Habitat Conditions and Biological Integrity
Synthesis and Evaluation of a Chitosan Oligosaccharide-Streptomycin Conjugate against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms
Evaluation of a Nondestructive NMR and MRI Method for Monitoring the Drying Process of Gastrodia elata Blume
Self-Efficacy as a Moderator between Stress and Professional Burnout in Firefighters
Effect of Encapsulated Nitrate and Microencapsulated Blend of Essential Oils on Growth Performance and Methane Emissions from Beef Steers Fed Backgrounding Diets
Carbon Nanotubes Enhance the Radiation Resistance of bcc Iron Revealed by Atomistic Study
An Optimized Probabilistic Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) Routing Protocol Based on Scheduling Mechanism for Internet of Things (IoT)
Modulatory Effect of Guinep (Melicoccus bijugatus Jacq) Fruit Pulp Extract on Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Damage in Rats. Identification of Major Metabolites Using High Resolution UHPLC Q-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry
Coupling Riverbank Filtration with Reverse Osmosis May Favor Short Distances between Wells and Riverbanks at RBF Sites on the River Danube in Hungary
Glutamine Addiction and Therapeutic Strategies in Lung Cancer
Waist Circumference and All-Cause Mortality Independent of Body Mass Index in Korean Population from the National Health Insurance Health Checkup 2009–2015
Data-Driven Based Approach to Aid Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis
Relationship Processing–Composition–Structure–Resistivity of LaNiO3 Thin Films Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition Methods
The g-Good-Neighbor Diagnosability of Bubble-Sort Graphs under Preparata, Metze, and Chien’s (PMC) Model and Maeng and Malek’s (MM)* Model
Does Whistleblowing Work for Air Pollution Control in China? A Study Based on Three-party Evolutionary Game Model under Incomplete Information
The Neglected Marine Fungi, Sensu stricto, and Their Isolation for Natural Products’ Discovery
Handshake Sense Multiple Access Control for Cognitive Radio-Based IoT Networks
Hydrologic Mass Changes and Their Implications in Mediterranean-Climate Turkey from GRACE Measurements
Genome-Wide Characterization and Identification of Trihelix Transcription Factor and Expression Profiling in Response to Abiotic Stresses in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Clouds Classification from Sentinel-2 Imagery with Deep Residual Learning and Semantic Image Segmentation
Predictors of Diet Quality as Measured by Malaysian Healthy Eating Index among Aboriginal Women (Mah Meri) in Malaysia
Investigating the Maturity of Incident Investigations of the Ghanaian Mining Industry and Its Effect on Safety Performance
Interpretive Structural Modeling and MICMAC Analysis for Identifying and Benchmarking Significant Factors of Seismic Soil Liquefaction
Convolutional Neural Network Classification of Telematics Car Driving Data
Regulating Reserve Dynamic Scheduling and Optimal Allocation in Systems with a Large Share of Wind-Power Generation
Functional Assessment for Clinical Use of Serum-Free Adapted NK-92 Cells
Heat Treatment of AZ91 Magnesium Alloy Coated with an Al2O3 Thin Film with Fluidized Bed Technology
Accelerating Deep Neural Networks by Combining Block-Circulant Matrices and Low-Precision Weights
Quadratic Electro-Optic Effect in Metal Nanoparticles in a Transparent Dielectric Medium
Release Behavior of Benzimidazole-Intercalated α-Zirconium Phosphate as a Latent Thermal Initiator in the Reaction of Epoxy Resin
An Extended Approach for Validation and Optimization of Position Sensor Signal Processing in Electric Drive Trains
Semi-Empirical Force-Field Model for the Ti1−xAlxN  (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) System
Improving Alpine Summertime Streamflow Simulations by the Incorporation of Evapotranspiration Data
Chaotic Dynamics in a Quantum Fermi–Pasta–Ulam Problem
Hybrid PWM Strategy for Power Efficiency Improvement of 5-Level TNPC Inverter and Current Distortion Compensation Method
Cointegration and Adjustment in the CVAR(∞) Representation of Some Partially Observed CVAR(1) Models
Dry Reforming of Propane over γ-Al2O3 and Nickel Foam Supported Novel SrNiO3 Perovskite Catalyst
Dysregulation of Dopaminergic Regulatory Factors TH, Nurr1, and Pitx3 in the Ventral Tegmental Area Associated with Neuronal Injury Induced by Chronic Morphine Dependence
Algorithm for Producing Rankings Based on Expert Surveys
Introduction to the Special Issue on Tropical Forests: Management and Ecology in the Anthropocene
Web-Based Recommendation System for Smart Tourism: Multiagent Technology
Health Information Technology Use and Patient Safety: Study of Pharmacists in Nebraska
Daily Nutritional Supplementation with Vitamin D3 and Phenylbutyrate to Treatment-Naïve HIV Patients Tested in a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial
Quantification of Lutein + Zeaxanthin Presence in Human Placenta and Correlations with Blood Levels and Maternal Dietary Intake
In-Season Mapping of Irrigated Crops Using Landsat 8 and Sentinel-1 Time Series
A Dilation Invariance Method and the Stability of Inhomogeneous Wave Equations
Testing the Utility of the Neural Network Model to Predict History of Arrest among Intimate Partner Violent Men
Investigating West African Monsoon Features in Warm Years Using the Regional Climate Model RegCM4
Assessing Forest Governance in the Countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion
Assessing the Critical Multifunctionality Threshold for Optimal Electrical, Thermal, and Nanomechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes/Epoxy Nanocomposites for Aerospace Applications
Life Cycle Analysis of Ecological Impacts of an Offshore and a Land-Based Wind Power Plant
An MBSE Approach for Development of Resilient Automated Automotive Systems
Type 2 Diabetes Is Associated with a Different Pattern of Serum Polyamines: A Case–Control Study from the PREDIMED-Plus Trial
Rolling Element Bearing Fault Diagnosis under Impulsive Noise Environment Based on Cyclic Correntropy Spectrum
Intelligent Spectroscopy System Used for Physicochemical Variables Estimation in Sugar Cane Soils
Investigating the Potential of Commercial-Grade Carbon Black-Filled TPU for the 3D Printing of Compressive Sensors
Electrochemical Detection for Uric Acid Based on β-Lactoglobulin-Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis with PtNPs Nanocomposite
μCosmics: A Low-Cost Educational Cosmic Ray Telescope
A Time-Resolved Study on the Reactivity of Alcoholic Drinks with the Hydroxyl Radical
Analysis of Climate Change in the Caucasus Region: End of the 20th–Beginning of the 21st Century
MFA-Net: Motion Feature Augmented Network for Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition from Skeletal Data
Financial Literacy Education with an Aboriginal Community: Identifying Critical Moments for Enabling Praxis
Intrapreneurial Self-Capital and Sustainable Innovative Behavior within Organizations
Efficacy of Azatyrosine-Phenylbutyric Hydroxamides, a Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor, on Chemotherapy-Induced Gastrointestinal Mucositis
Assessing the Usability of the Automated Self-Administered Dietary Assessment Tool (ASA24) among Low-Income Adults
Targeted Delivery to Tumors: Multidirectional Strategies to Improve Treatment Efficiency
Dual-Modal In Vivo Fluorescence/Photoacoustic Microscopy Imaging of Inflammation Induced by GFP-Expressing Bacteria
The Research Topics on E-Grocery: Trends and Existing Gaps
An Output Capacitor-Less Low-Dropout Regulator with 0–100 mA Wide Load Current Range
Evolution to Emergence of Green Buildings: A Review
The von Neumann Entropy for Mixed States
Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced Fantomas, Robin and iSCREAM
Copper Metallopolymer Catalyst for the Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER)
What is the Healthy Gut Microbiota Composition? A Changing Ecosystem across Age, Environment, Diet, and Diseases
Full-Waveform LiDAR Fast Analysis of a Moderately Turbid Bay in Western France
Dimensionless Numbers to Analyze Expansive Growth Processes
Systems of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (SAACs) in Spain: A Systematic Review of the Educational Practices Conducted in the Last Decade
Free-Flowing Shear-Thinning Liquid Film in Inclined μ-Channels
CTLA-4 Genetic Variants Predict Survival in Patients with Sepsis
Ranolazine-Functionalized Copper Nanoparticles as a Colorimetric Sensor for Trace Level Detection of As3+
Identification of the Chemical Constituents of an Anti-Arthritic Chinese Medicine Wen Luo Yin by Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Mass Spectrometry
Quantifying Usability via Task Flow-Based Usability Checklists for User-Centered Design
Stark Widths of Yb III and Lu IV Spectral Lines
New Structures and Gating of Voltage-Dependent Potassium (Kv) Channels and Their Relatives: A Multi-Domain and Dynamic Question
Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil Using S–TiO2/SBA-15 Heterogeneous Acid Catalyst
Dietary Verbascoside Influences Gut Morphology and the Expression of α-Transducin and α-Gustducin in the Small Intestine of Weaned Piglets Exposed to n-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids-Induced Oxidative Stress
Genome-Wide Transcriptome Profiling Reveals Genes Associated with Meiotic Drive System of Aedes aegypti
Tests of Cryogenic Fabry–Perot Cavity with Mirrors on Different Substrates
Inner Profile Measurement for Pipes Using Penetration Testing
Innate Immune Responses to Avian Influenza Viruses in Ducks and Chickens
Rapid Detection of Windthrows Using Sentinel-1 C-Band SAR Data
A Novel Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization for a Multicast Routing Problem
A Unified Model for Multi-Frequency PPP Ambiguity Resolution and Test Results with Galileo and BeiDou Triple-Frequency Observations
Liquid Crystals-Enabled AC Electrokinetics
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Series of One-Dimensional Heteronuclear Dirhodium-Silver Coordination Polymers
Five-Year Experimental Study on Effectiveness and Sustainability of a Dry Drainage System for Controlling Soil Salinity
Ultra-Light Reduced Graphene Oxide Based Aerogel/Foam Absorber of Microwave Radiation
Fisher–Shannon Complexity Analysis of High-Frequency Urban Wind Speed Time Series
Laboratory Experimental Setup and Research on Heat Transfer Characteristics during Secondary Cooling in Continuous Casting
Introduction to Special Issue “Religion and Food in Global and Historical Perspective”
Prediction of Posterior Paraglottic Space and Cricoarytenoid Unit Involvement in Endoscopically T3 Glottic Cancer with Arytenoid Fixation by Magnetic Resonance with Surface Coils
The Dual Method Approach (DMA) Resolves Measurement Range Limitations of Heat Pulse Velocity Sap Flow Sensors
Comparison between OCl-Injection and In Situ Electrochlorination in the Formation of Chlorate and Perchlorate in Seawater
Cardiovascular Comorbidities in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)—Current Considerations for Clinical Practice
Moose and Caribou as Novel Sources of Functional Lipids: Fatty Acid Esters of Hydroxy Fatty Acids, Diglycerides and Monoacetyldiglycerides
MyomiRNAs Dysregulation in ALS Rehabilitation
“Stand Still in The Light”: What Conceptual Metaphor Research Can Tell Us about Quaker Theology
Preparation of Polyacrylate Hollow Microspheres via Facile Spray Drying
Linear Optimisation of a Settlement Towards the Energy-Plus House Standard
Relative Deprivation, Poverty, and Mortality in Japanese Older Adults: A Six-Year Follow-Up of the JAGES Cohort Survey
Rotavirus Double Infection Model to Study Preventive Dietary Interventions
A Novel PAN-GO-SiO2 Hybrid Membrane for Separating Oil and Water from Emulsified Mixture
Repairing the Breach: Faith-Based Community Organizing to Dismantle Mass Incarceration
Microstructural Characterization of Shrouded Plasma-Sprayed Titanium Coatings
Segregation versus Interdigitation in Highly Dynamic Polymer/Surfactant Layers
Impact of Acetylated and Non-Acetylated Fucose Analogues on IgG Glycosylation
Critical Review of Size Effects on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Solder Joints for Electronic Packaging
Does Social Network Sentiment Influence S&P 500 Environmental & Socially Responsible Index?
Towards Adaptive Commons: A Case Study of Agro-Pastoral Dams in Northern Ghana
Plant-Based Diets for Cardiovascular Safety and Performance in Endurance Sports
Thermodynamic Analysis on the Aging of THPP, ZPP and BKNO3 Explosive Charges in PMDs
Starch-Based Pickering Emulsions as Platforms for Topical Antibiotic Delivery: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies
Quantifying Sweet Taste Liker Phenotypes: Time for Some Consistency in the Classification Criteria
Waste Plastic, the Challenge Facing Developing Countries—Ban It, Change It, Collect It?
Igniting Soaring Droplets of Promising Fuel Slurries
On the Geometry of No-Boundary Instantons in Loop Quantum Cosmology
Forest Concessions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Potentials, Challenges and Ways Forward
Revealing High Oxygen Evolution Catalytic Activity of Fluorine-Doped Carbon in Alkaline Media
How to Develop IoT Cloud e-Health Systems Based on FIWARE: A Lesson Learnt
Quality Ingredients and Safety Concerns for Traditional Fermented Foods and Beverages from Asia: A Review
Assessment of Toxigenic Fusarium Species and Their Mycotoxins in Brewing Barley Grains
Precipitation Complexity and its Spatial Difference in the Taihu Lake Basin, China
Muscle Involvement in a Large Cohort of Pediatric Patients with Genetic Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease
Sensitivity of Three Phosphate Extraction Methods to the Application of Phosphate Species Differing in Immediate Plant Availability
Wearables, Biomechanical Feedback, and Human Motor-Skills’ Learning & Optimization
Application of an Integrated SWAT–MODFLOW Model to Evaluate Potential Impacts of Climate Change and Water Withdrawals on Groundwater–Surface Water Interactions in West-Central Alberta
Friend or Foe: The Role of the Cytoskeleton in Influenza A Virus Assembly
Photo-Cured Glycol Chitosan Hydrogel for Ovarian Cancer Drug Delivery
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of World Electric Vehicle Journal in 2018
Historiography and Remembrance: On Walter Benjamin’s Concept of Eingedenken
Differential Immunomodulatory Effect of Graphene Oxide and Vanillin-Functionalized Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles in Human Acute Monocytic Leukemia Cell Line (THP-1)
The Multi-Pattern Approach for Systematic Analysis of Transition Pathways
Analysis of Bio-Based Fatty Esters PCM’s Thermal Properties and Investigation of Trends in Relation to Chemical Structures
Effect of Mimic Vegetation with Different Stiffness on Regular Wave Propagation and Turbulence
A Review on the Corrosion Behaviour of Nanocoatings on Metallic Substrates
Variation in Photosynthetic Traits and Correlation with Growth in Teak (Tectona grandis Linn.) Clones
Effect of Compound Probiotics and Mycotoxin Degradation Enzymes on Alleviating Cytotoxicity of Swine Jejunal Epithelial Cells Induced by Aflatoxin B1 and Zearalenone
Generalized RDP Code Based Concurrent Repair Scheme in Cloud Storage Nodes
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Molbank in 2018
Collagen Extraction Optimization from the Skin of the Small-Spotted Catshark (S. canicula) by Response Surface Methodology
An Innovative Dual-Boost Nine-Level Inverter with Low-Voltage Rating Switches
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Geriatrics in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Developmental Biology in 2018
The Transition from Static to Dynamic Boundary Friction of a Lubricated Spreading and a Non-Spreading Adhesive Contact by Macroscopic Oscillatory Tribometry
Comparison of Potentially Inappropriate Medications for People with Dementia at Admission and Discharge during An Unplanned Admission to Hospital: Results from the SMS Dementia Study
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of International Journal of Neonatal Screening in 2018
Determinants and Sources of Iron Intakes of Australian Toddlers: Findings from the SMILE Cohort Study
Hypovitaminosis D: A Disease Marker in Hospitalized Very Old Persons at Risk of Malnutrition
Relevance of Rheology on the Properties of PP/MWCNT Nanocomposites Elaborated with Different Irradiation/Mixing Protocols
Dietary Chrysin Suppresses Formation of Actin Cytoskeleton and Focal Adhesion in AGE-Exposed Mesangial Cells and Diabetic Kidney: Role of Autophagy
The Potential of Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) 12.5 km Coastal Observations for Offshore Wind Farm Site Selection in Irish Waters
Ultrasonic Flaw Echo Enhancement Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of CO2–Brine–Rock Interactions during CO2 Sequestration in a Deep Saline Aquifer
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Diagnostics in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Recycling in 2018
Extraction of Carnosic Acid and Carnosol from Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) Leaves by Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Their Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity
New Drawings of the Alhambra: Deformations of Muqarnas in the Pendentives of the Sala de la Barca
A Novel Interpretation of the Electromagnetic Fields of Lightning Return Strokes
Monitoring of Nonadiabatic Effects in Individual Chromophores by Femtosecond Double-Pump Single-Molecule Spectroscopy: A Model Study
Reducing the Risks during the Purchase of Five-Axis CNC Machining Centers Using AHP Method and Fuzzy Systems
A Patch-Based Light Convolutional Neural Network for Land-Cover Mapping Using Landsat-8 Images
An Economic Analysis Algorithm for Urban Forestry Projects
Characterization of Fading Statistics of mmWave (28 GHz and 38 GHz) Outdoor and Indoor Radio Propagation Channels
Interpreting Farmers’ Perceptions of Risks and Benefits Concerning Wastewater Reuse for Irrigation: A Case Study in Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Sparse Representation and SVM Diagnosis Method for Inter-Turn Short-Circuit Fault in PMSM
Expression, Cellular and Subcellular Localisation of Kv4.2 and Kv4.3 Channels in the Rodent Hippocampus
A Cross-Sectional Study of Endogenous Antioxidants and Patterns of Dental Visits of Periodontitis Patients
MicroRNAs as a Novel Tool in the Diagnosis of Liver Lipid Dysregulation and Fatty Liver Disease
Sex Differences in the Relation between Waist Circumference within the Normal Range and Development of Reflux Esophagitis
Assessing Managed Aquifer Recharge Processes under Three Physical Model Concepts
Inhibitor of DNA-Binding/Differentiation Proteins and Environmental Toxicants: Genomic Impact on the Onset of Depressive Dysfunction
Impact of Morphological Characteristics of Green Roofs on Pedestrian Cooling in Subtropical Climates
Ice-Gouging Topography of the Exposed Aral Sea Bed
The Case for Shifting the Rényi Entropy
Local Structure of Ca2+ Alginate Hydrogels Gelled via Competitive Ligand Exchange and Measured by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Gels in 2018
Methods for RNA Modification Mapping Using Deep Sequencing: Established and New Emerging Technologies
PCSK9 is Expressed in Human Visceral Adipose Tissue and Regulated by Insulin and Cardiac Natriuretic Peptides
Mobile Phone Indicators and Their Relation to the Socioeconomic Organisation of Cities
Dehydrogenation of Ethanol to Acetaldehyde over Different Metals Supported on Carbon Catalysts
A New Recurrence-Network-Based Time Series Analysis Approach for Characterizing System Dynamics
Metabolic Activation and Carcinogenesis of Tobacco-Specific Nitrosamine N’-Nitrosonornicotine (NNN): A Density Function Theory and Molecular Docking Study
Assessing Correlation of High-Resolution NDVI with Fertilizer Application Level and Yield of Rice and Wheat Crops Using Small UAVs
Yield Estimation of Paddy Rice Based on Satellite Imagery: Comparison of Global and Local Regression Models
Explicit Solutions and Bifurcations for a System of Rational Difference Equations
Optimal Operation of Isolated Microgrids Considering Frequency Constraints
Drones for Conservation in Protected Areas: Present and Future
YC-1 Prevents Tumor-Associated Tissue Factor Expression and Procoagulant Activity in Hypoxic Conditions by Inhibiting p38/NF-κB Signaling Pathway
Diffraction Line Profile Analysis of 3D Wedge Samples of Ti-6Al-4V Fabricated Using Four Different Additive Manufacturing Processes
An Improved Recognition Approach for Noisy Multispectral Palmprint by Robust L2 Sparse Representation with a Tensor-Based Extreme Learning Machine
Longitudinal Study of Delta-Aminolevulinate Dehydratase Activity and Oxidative Profile in Healthy Pregnant Women
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Plants in 2018
Fuzzy Ontology and LSTM-Based Text Mining: A Transportation Network Monitoring System for Assisting Travel
Aptamer Efficacies for In Vitro and In Vivo Modulation of αC-Conotoxin PrXA Pharmacology
Recent Large Scale Environmental Changes in the Mediterranean Sea and Their Potential Impacts on Posidonia Oceanica
Using a Chemical Genetic Screen to Enhance Our Understanding of the Antimicrobial Properties of Gallium against Escherichia coli
Open Access and the Library
Structural Control of a Dissolution Network in a Limestone Reservoir Forced by Radial Injection of CO2 Saturated Solution: Experimental Results Coupled with X-ray Computed Tomography
Latest Results from the T2K Neutrino Experiment
Risk Taking and Fiscal Smoothing with Sovereign Wealth Funds in Advanced Economies
An Integrated Graphic Modeling System for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Simulation in Lakes
Palladium-Catalysed Synthesis and Transformation of Quinolones
Semiconductor Metal Oxides as Chemoresistive Sensors for Detecting Volatile Organic Compounds
A Model of an Oscillatory Neural Network with Multilevel Neurons for Pattern Recognition and Computing
Adsorption Behavior of Methyl Laurate and Dodecane on the Sub-Bituminous Coal Surface: Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Experimental Study
Surface Discharge Analysis of High Voltage Glass Insulators Using Ultraviolet Pulse Voltage
Risk Assessment and Its Visualization of Power Tower under Typhoon Disaster Based on Machine Learning Algorithms
Integration of Ecosystem Services in Regional Spatial Plans in Western Switzerland
Biclustering of Smart Building Electric Energy Consumption Data
Investigations into the Potential Abrasive Release of Nanomaterials due to Material Stress Conditions—Part B: Silver, Titanium Nitride, and Laponite Nanoparticles in Plastic Composites
Parameter Estimation Based on Sigmoid Transform in Wideband Bistatic MIMO Radar System under Impulsive Noise Environment
Non-Medical Use of Novel Synthetic Opioids: A New Challenge to Public Health
Application of Fixed Point Results on Rational F-Contraction Mappings to Solve Boundary Value Problems
Cultural Differences in Diet and Determinants of Diet Quality in Switzerland: Results from the National Nutrition Survey menuCH
Contact Semi-Riemannian Structures in CR Geometry: Some Aspects
Automatic Extraction of Offshore Platforms in Single SAR Images Based on a Dual-Step-Modified Model
α H-ψH-Multivalued Contractive Mappings and Related Results in Complete Metric Spaces with an Application
Commutation Error Compensation Strategy for Sensorless Brushless DC Motors
Modeling Schistosoma japonicum Infection under Pure Specification Bias: Impact of Environmental Drivers of Infection
An Algorithm of Image Encryption Using Logistic and Two-Dimensional Chaotic Economic Maps
Modeling of Osmotic Dehydration of Apples in Sugar Alcohols and Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) Solutions
Exploration of Light-Controlled Chemical Behavior and Mechanism in a Macrocyclic Copper Complex Catalyst–Acetone–Glucose–Bromate–Sulfuric Acid Oscillation System
Relationships between Vitamin D3 and Metabolic Syndrome
A Novel Biostimulant, Belonging to Protein Hydrolysates, Mitigates Abiotic Stress Effects on Maize Seedlings Grown in Hydroponics
Channel and Bit Adaptive Power Control Strategy for Uplink NOMA VLC Systems
Addressing the Insufficiencies of the Traditional Development Aid Model by Utilizing the One Belt, One Road Initiative to Sustain Development in Afghanistan
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Colloids and Interfaces in 2018
Targeting Proteotoxic Stress in Cancer: A Review of the Role that Protein Quality Control Pathways Play in Oncogenesis
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Metals in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Composites Science in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Informatics in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Healthcare in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Heritage in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Insects in 2018
Aberrant hiPSCs-Derived from Human Keratinocytes Differentiates into 3D Retinal Organoids that Acquire Mature Photoreceptors
Crohn’s Disease-Associated Adherent-Invasive Escherichia coli Manipulate Host Autophagy by Impairing SUMOylation
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Safety in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of MTI in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Cancers in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Toxics in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Marine Science and Engineering in 2018
Emerging Concepts and Functions of Autophagy as a Regulator of Synaptic Components and Plasticity
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Geosciences in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Microorganisms in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Reports in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Humanities in 2018
Archaeologists, Treasure Hunters and Collectors: Heritage in the Spotlight
The Impact of Archetype Patterns in Office Buildings on the Annual Cooling, Heating and Lighting Loads in Hot-Humid, Hot-Dry and Cold Climates of Iran
Paroxetine Induces Apoptosis of Human Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cells through Ca2+-and p38 MAP Kinase-Dependent ROS Generation
Approximation of Densities on Riemannian Manifolds
Plankton Taxonomic and Size Diversity of Mediterranean Brackish Ponds in Spring: Influence of Abiotic and Biotic Factors
Evolution of the Corrosion Product Film on Nickel-Aluminum Bronze and Its Corrosion Behavior in 3.5 wt % NaCl Solution
WO3 Based Gas Sensors
500-kHz Level High Energy Double-Pass Nd:YVO4 Picosecond Amplifier with Optic–Optic Efficiency of 51%
Comparison of Spray Deposition, Control Efficacy on Wheat Aphids and Working Efficiency in the Wheat Field of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Boom Sprayer and Two Conventional Knapsack Sprayers
Acoustic Emissions during Structural Changes in Shape Memory Alloys
Synthetic Slag Production Method Based on a Solid Waste Mix Vitrification for the Manufacturing of Slag-Cement
Differential Binding of Tetrel-Bonding Bipodal Receptors to Monatomic and Polyatomic Anions
Novel STAT3 Inhibitor LDOC1 Targets Phospho-JAK2 for Degradation by Interacting with LNX1 and Regulates the Aggressiveness of Lung Cancer
Specialized Roles for Actin in Osteoclasts: Unanswered Questions and Therapeutic Opportunities
Are Black Sexual Minority Adults More Likely to Report Higher Levels of Psychological Distress than White Sexual Minority Adults? Findings from the 2013–2017 National Health Interview Survey
Decreasing the Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions of Excavator-Based Harvesters with a Machine Control System
Dealing with Drift Uncertainty: A Bayesian Learning Approach
Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in High-Arctic Alaskan Peatlands as a Significant Control on Net CH4 Fluxes
Target Localization via Integrated and Segregated Ranging Based on RSS and TOA Measurements
Multi-(myco)toxins in Malting and Brewing By-Products
Recent Progress in Thermoelectric Materials Based on Conjugated Polymers
Conciliate Agriculture with Landscape and Biodiversity Conservation: A Role-Playing Game to Explore Trade-Offs among Ecosystem Services through Social Learning
Fiber-Optic System for Intraoperative Study of Abdominal Organs during Minimally Invasive Surgical Interventions
Synthesis of NiMoO4/3D-rGO Nanocomposite in Alkaline Environments for Supercapacitor Electrodes
Early-Age Evolution of Strength, Stiffness, and Non-Aging Creep of Concretes: Experimental Characterization and Correlation Analysis
Antitumor Effect of Various Phytochemicals on Diverse Types of Thyroid Cancers
Assessing the Impact of Land-Use Planning on the Atmospheric Environment through Predicting the Spatial Variability of Airborne Pollutants
Fancy Schools for Fancy People: Risks and Rewards in Fieldwork Research Among the Low German Mennonites of Canada and Mexico
Semi-Automatic Algorithms for Estimation and Tracking of AP-Diameter of the IVC in Ultrasound Images
Partial Shading Detection and Global Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Photovoltaic with the Variation of Irradiation and Temperature
Accurate Approximate Solution of Ambartsumian Delay Differential Equation via Decomposition Method
Evaluation of the Antioxidant and Wound-Healing Properties of Extracts from Different Parts of Hylocereus polyrhizus
Optimized Combination of Spray Painting Trajectory on 3D Entities
GC-MS and HS-SPME-GC×GC-TOFMS Determination of the Volatile Composition of Essential Oils and Hydrosols (By-Products) from Four Eucalyptus Species Cultivated in Tuscany
Assessment of Progressive Collapse Resistance of Steel Structures with Moment Resisting Frames
Serbian Agriculture Policy: Economic Analysis Using the PSE Approach
Highlight Talk from Super-Kamiokande
Selection and Characterization of a Nanobody Biosensor of GTP-Bound RHO Activities
Obesity, Leptin and Breast Cancer: Epidemiological Evidence and Proposed Mechanisms
Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Mesoscopic Grain Evolution: Model Development, Validation, and Application to Nickel-Based Superalloys
Alteration of Metabolic Pathways in Osteoarthritis
An Efficient Computational Scheme for Two-Phase Steam Condensation in the Presence of CO2 for Wellbore and Long-Distance Flow
Extrusion Foaming of Lightweight Polystyrene Composite Foams with Controllable Cellular Structure for Sound Absorption Application
Differences between Motile and Nonmotile Cells of Haematococcus pluvialis in the Production of Astaxanthin at Different Light Intensities
Jumonji C Demethylases in Cellular Senescence
Breaking Vendors and City Locks through a Semantic-enabled Global Interoperable Internet-of-Things System: A Smart Parking Case
Locally Weighted Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Effects of Developmental Arsenic Exposure on the Social Behavior and Related Gene Expression in C3H Adult Male Mice
Projected Climate Could Increase Water Yield and Cotton Yield but Decrease Winter Wheat and Sorghum Yield in an Agricultural Watershed in Oklahoma
Association between Urban Greenness and Depressive Symptoms: Evaluation of Greenness Using Various Indicators
Acute Kidney Injury in Patients Undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Extracting Interactions between Flying Bat Pairs Using Model-Free Methods
Treatment of Liquid Phase of Digestate from Agricultural Biogas Plant in a System with Aerobic Granules and Ultrafiltration
S-Acyl-2-Thioethyl: A Convenient Base-Labile Protecting Group for the Synthesis of siRNAs Containing 5′-Vinylphosphonate
Unevolved De Novo Proteins Have Innate Tendencies to Bind Transition Metals
Asperlin Stimulates Energy Expenditure and Modulates Gut Microbiota in HFD-Fed Mice
Epigenetic Biomarkers in Cell-Free DNA and Applications in Liquid Biopsy
Non-Invasive Assessment Method Using Thoracic-Abdominal Profile Image Acquisition and Mathematical Modeling with Bezier Curves
A Theory for Energy-Optimized Operation of Self-Adaptive Vibration Energy Harvesting Systems with Passive Frequency Adjustment
Disputing the ‘National Interest’: The Depoliticization and Repoliticization of the Belo Monte Dam, Brazil
A Fluorescence Inner-Filter Effect Based Sensing Platform for Turn-On Detection of Glutathione in Human Serum
Progress in Developing Bacterial Spot Resistance in Tomato
Water Sources of Upland Swamps in Eastern Australia: Implications for System Integrity with Aquifer Interference and a Changing Climate
Phaseless Terahertz Coded-Aperture Imaging Based on Incoherent Detection
Non-Cholesterol Sterol Concentrations as Biomarkers for Cholesterol Absorption and Synthesis in Different Metabolic Disorders: A Systematic Review
Preflight Contingency Planning Approach for Fixed Wing UAVs with Engine Failure in the Presence of Winds
The Prognostic Breeding Application JMP Add-In Program
Farmland Extraction from High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on Stratified Scale Pre-Estimation
No More Privacy Any More?
Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Sardinia Virus, a Begomovirus Species Evolving by Mutation and Recombination: A Challenge for Virus Control
Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of the Response to Cold Stress in Jojoba, a Tropical Woody Crop
Al2O3-Based a-IGZO Schottky Diodes for Temperature Sensing
Challenges for the Integration of Water Resource and Drought-Risk Management in Spain
Consumption Rate of Lichens by Constrictotermes cyphergaster (Isoptera): Effects of C, N, and P Contents and Ratios
On Soft Rough Topology with Multi-Attribute Group Decision Making
Influence of the Shape of Copper Powder Particles on the Crystal Structure and Some Decisive Characteristics of the Metal Powders
Minimum Cost Deployment of Bistatic Radar Sensor for Perimeter Barrier Coverage
Comparative Analyses of Metabolomic Fingerprints and Cytotoxic Activities of Soft Corals from the Colombian Caribbean
Forest Tree Microbiomes and Associated Fungal Endophytes: Functional Roles and Impact on Forest Health
Shadowed Type-2 Fuzzy Systems for Dynamic Parameter Adaptation in Harmony Search and Differential Evolution Algorithms
Heat Stress Modulates Brain Monoamines and Their Metabolites Production in Broiler Chickens Co-Infected with Clostridium perfringens Type A and Eimeria spp.
Synthesis of a Polyaniline Nanoparticle Using a Solution Plasma Process with an Ar Gas Bubble Channel
Preventive Effect of Spontaneous Physical Activity on the Gut-Adipose Tissue in a Mouse Model That Mimics Crohn’s Disease Susceptibility
Changes in Lower Body Muscular Performance Following a Season of NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse
The Impact of Board Gender Diversity and Foreign Institutional Investors on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Engagement of Chinese Listed Companies
Features of Online Hospital Appointment Systems in Taiwan: A Nationwide Survey
Issues with Data Quality for Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring and Reliability Analyses
Effects of Stand Age on Biomass Allocation and Allometry of Quercus Acutissima in the Central Loess Plateau of China
Chromosome Conformation Capture Reveals Two Elements That Interact with the PTBP3 (ROD1) Transcription Start Site
Risk Analysis of Urban Dirty Bomb Attacking Based on Bayesian Network
Improving Health and Wealth by Introduction of an Affordable Bacterial Starter Culture for Probiotic Yoghurt Production in Uganda
Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene Composites with Carbon Fiber and Layered Silicate Fillers
The Study of Ar I and Ne I Spectral Line Shapes in the Cathode Sheath Region of an Abnormal Glow Discharge
Crystallization Products and Structural Characterization of CaO-SiO2-Based Mold Fluxes with Varying Al2O3/SiO2 Ratios
In Vivo Rat Brain Imaging through Full-Field Optical Coherence Microscopy Using an Ultrathin Short Multimode Fiber Probe
Sentinel-1 InSAR Coherence to Detect Floodwater in Urban Areas: Houston and Hurricane Harvey as A Test Case
Assessment of l-Asparaginase Pharmacodynamics in Mouse Models of Cancer
Wearable Sensor Based Stooped Posture Estimation in Simulated Parkinson’s Disease Gaits
Study of Sludge Particles Formed during Coagulation of Synthetic and Municipal Wastewater for Increasing the Sludge Dewatering Efficiency
Key Factors Affecting Environmental Protection Values in China
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Imaging in 2018
Hop Extract Acts as an Antioxidant with Antimicrobial Effects against Propionibacterium Acnes and Staphylococcus Aureus
Multi-Objective Robust Scheduling Optimization Model of Wind, Photovoltaic Power, and BESS Based on the Pareto Principle
Damage Characterization of Rock Slopes
Bacteriophages in Dentistry—State of the Art and Perspectives
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Pharmaceuticals in 2018
SNP and SCAR Markers for Specific Discrimination of Antler-Shaped Ganoderma lucidum
A Novel High-Throughput Assay Enables the Direct Identification of Acyltransferases
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Sports in 2018
A Disintegrin and Metalloprotease 15 is Expressed on Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovial Tissue Endothelial Cells and may Mediate Angiogenesis
A Synthetic Approach for Biosynthesis of Miquelianin and Scutellarin A in Escherichia coli
The Evolving Role of Mucosal Histology in the Evaluation of Pediatric Functional Dyspepsia: A Review
Weibull Statistical Analysis of Strength Fluctuation for Failure Prediction and Structural Durability of Friction Stir Welded Al–Cu Dissimilar Joints Correlated to Metallurgical Bonded Characteristics
Retrieval of Vertical Mass Concentration Distributions—Vipava Valley Case Study
Stock Market Integration of Pakistan with Its Trading Partners: A Multivariate DCC-GARCH Model Approach
Spatial Accessibility to Primary Healthcare Services by Multimodal Means of Travel: Synthesis and Case Study in the City of Calgary
Gender Equality and UN Sustainable Development Goals: Priorities and Correlations in the Top Business Schools’ Communication and Legitimation Strategies
Spectrum of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Phenotypes in Circulating Tumour Cells from Early Breast Cancer Patients
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Diversity in 2018
The Association between Socioeconomic Status, Smoking, and Chronic Disease in Inner Mongolia in Northern China
Finding the Additives Incorporation Moment in Hybrid Natural Pigments Synthesis to Improve Bioresin Properties
Performance Evaluation of an Entropy-Based Structural Health Monitoring System Utilizing Composite Multiscale Cross-Sample Entropy
Measurement of Stark Halfwidths of Spectral Lines of Ionized Oxygen and Silicon Emitted from T-tube Plasma
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Micromachines in 2018
Exchange Rate Volatility and Disaggregated Manufacturing Exports: Evidence from an Emerging Country
Production of Added-Value Chemical Compounds through Bioconversions of Olive-Mill Wastewaters Blended with Crude Glycerol by a Yarrowia lipolytica Strain
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Antioxidants in 2018
Single-Top Quark Production at CMS
Establishing Liposome-Immobilized Dexamethasone-Releasing PDMS Membrane for the Cultivation of Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells and Suppression of Neovascularization
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Technologies in 2018
Effectiveness of Hypertonic Saline Nasal Irrigation for Alleviating Allergic Rhinitis in Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of J in 2018
On a Certain Subclass of Analytic Functions Involving Integral Operator Defined by Polylogarithm Function
Variation in the Promoter Region of the MC4R Gene Elucidates the Association of Body Measurement Traits in Hu Sheep
A Highly Selective and Compact Bandpass Filter with a Circular Spiral Inductor and an Embedded Capacitor Structure Using an Integrated Passive Device Technology on a GaAs Substrate
A Novel Monitoring Navigation Method for Cold Atom Interference Gyroscope
Review of Anodic Catalysts for SO2 Depolarized Electrolysis for “Green Hydrogen” Production
On the Steady-State Flow and Yielding Behaviour of Lubricating Greases
Hyperthermia: The Optimal Treatment to Overcome Radiation Resistant Hypoxia
Evaluation of Design Flow Rate of Water Supply Systems with Low Flow Showering Appliances
Response to Temperature and Virulence Assessment of Fusarium circinatum Isolates in the Context of Climate Change
Analysis of Epidemiological Characteristics of Notifiable Diseases Reported in Children Aged 0–14 Years from 2008 to 2017 in Zhejiang Province, China
Reading Cancer: Chromatin Readers as Druggable Targets for Cancer Treatment
Loss of Apelin Augments Angiotensin II-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction and Pathological Remodeling
In-Season Major Crop-Type Identification for US Cropland from Landsat Images Using Crop-Rotation Pattern and Progressive Data Classification
“PdO vs. PtO”—The Influence of PGM Oxide Promotion of Co3O4 Spinel on Direct NO Decomposition Activity
Improved Bioactivity of 3D Printed Porous Titanium Alloy Scaffold with Chitosan/Magnesium-Calcium Silicate Composite for Orthopaedic Applications
Dynamic Optics with Transparency and Color Changes under Ambient Conditions
Social-Aware Driver Assistance Systems for City Traffic in Shared Spaces
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Life in 2018
Silver Nanowire Ink for Flexible Circuit on Textiles
Experimental Investigation of Solidification in the Cast Mold with a Consumable Cooler Introduced Inside
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Viruses in 2018
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Inorganics in 2018
Spatio-Temporality and Tribal Water Quality Governance in the United States
Speed Control for Turbine-Generator of ORC Power Generation System and Experimental Implementation
Factors Associated with Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentration in Two Cohorts of Pregnant Women in Southern Ontario, Canada
Mechanical and Typological Characterization of Traditional Stone Masonry Walls in Old Urban Centres: A Case Study in Viseu, Portugal
Surface Texture Analysis of Hardened Shafts after Ceramic Ball Burnishing
HIF-1-Dependent Reprogramming of Glucose Metabolic Pathway of Cancer Cells and Its Therapeutic Significance
Experimental Study for Damage Identification of Storage Tanks by Adding Virtual Masses
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Laws in 2018
Toxin ζ Reduces the ATP and Modulates the Uridine Diphosphate-N-acetylglucosamine Pool
Transcriptome Analysis Reveals the Mechanism of Fluoride Treatment Affecting Biochemical Components in Camellia sinensis
A Multi-Market-Driven Approach to Energy Scheduling of Smart Microgrids in Distribution Networks
WIPO Re:Search—A Platform for Product-Centered Cross-Sector Partnerships for the Elimination of Schistosomiasis
Asymmetric Electrophilic Difluoromethylthiolation of Indanone-Based β-Keto Esters Using Difluoromethanesulfonyl Hypervalent Iodonium Ylides
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of C in 2018
9-Norlignans: Occurrence, Properties and Their Semisynthetic Preparation from Hydroxymatairesinol
Repeatable Crack Self-Healing by Photochemical [2 + 2] Cycloaddition of TCE-co-DCE Monomers Enclosed in Homopolymer Microcapsules
Expression Analysis of PIN Genes in Root Tips and Nodules of Lotus japonicus
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agronomy in 2018
Human Factors in Green Building: Building Types and Users’ Needs
On the Choice of the Extracellular Vesicles for Therapeutic Purposes
Liquid-Phase Exfoliated Silicon Nanosheets: Saturable Absorber for Solid-State Lasers
Investigations into the Potential Abrasive Release of Nanomaterials due to Material Stress Conditions-Part A: Carbon Black Nano-Particulates in Plastic and Rubber Composites
Process Optimization and Upscaling of Spray-Dried Drug-Amino acid Co-Amorphous Formulations
Long Term Exposure to Low Ethylene and Storage Temperatures Delays Calyx Senescence and Maintains ‘Afourer’ Mandarins and Navel Oranges Quality
Dentinal Hypersensitivity Treatment Using Diode Laser 980 nm: In Vivo Study
Overview of the CMS Detector Performance at LHC Run 2
Enabling Demand Side Management: Heat Demand Forecasting at City Level
Experimental Investigation of Acoustic Propagation Characteristics in a Fluid-Filled Polyethylene Pipeline
Tapping into Synchrotron and Benchtop Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy for Expanding Studies of Complex Polysaccharides and their Interactions in Anoxic Archaeological Wood
“For One’s Offence Why Should so Many Fall”?: Hecuba and the Problems of Conscience in The Rape of Lucrece and Hamlet
Development of a Whole-Virus ELISA for Serological Evaluation of Domestic Livestock as Possible Hosts of Human Coronavirus NL63
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Fungi in 2018
Constitutive BRCA1 Promoter Hypermethylation Can Be a Predisposing Event in Isolated Early-Onset Breast Cancer
Analyst Following, Environmental Disclosure and Cost of Equity: Research Based on Industry Classification
Relationship between Dislocation Density and Antibacterial Activity of Cryo-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Copper
Dynamically Cross-Linked Tannin as a Reinforcement of Polypropylene and UV Protection Properties
Two Dimensional β-InSe with Layer-Dependent Properties: Band Alignment, Work Function and Optical Properties
Investigative Spatial Distribution and Modelling of Existing and Future Urban Land Changes and Its Impact on Urbanization and Economy
Microfluidic Device for Screening for Target Cell-Specific Binding Molecules by Using Adherent Cells
Numerical Study and Optimization of a Novel Piezoelectric Transducer for a Round-Window Stimulating Type Middle-Ear Implant
An Ethnographic Study of Deaf Refugees Seeking Asylum in Finland
Facile Preparation of Micrometer KClO4/Zr Energetic Composite Particles with Enhanced Light Radiation
Upper Bounds for the Isolation Number of a Matrix over Semirings
Mixed Blessing: The Beneficial and Detrimental Effects of Religion on Child Development among Third-Graders
Cross-Linking Chitosan into Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose for the Preparation of Neem Oil Coating for Postharvest Storage of Pitaya (Stenocereus pruinosus)
Pesticide Encapsulation at the Nanoscale Drives Changes to the Hydrophobic Partitioning and Toxicity of an Active Ingredient
Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography: Intra- and Interobserver Variability Using a Clinical Hybrid Approach
Accounting for Regional Heterogeneity of Agricultural Sustainability in Spain
Functional Sensing Interfaces of PEDOT:PSS Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Chemical and Biological Sensors: A Mini Review
Bio-Composites Reinforced with Strontium Titanate Nanoparticles: Mechanical Behavior and Degradability
Fire on the Water Towers: Mapping Burn Scars on Mount Kenya Using Satellite Data to Reconstruct Recent Fire History
Complement Receptor C5aR1 Inhibition Reduces Pyroptosis in hDPP4-Transgenic Mice Infected with MERS-CoV
Three Techniques for Enhancing Chaos-Based Joint Compression and Encryption Schemes
Automated Recognition of Epileptic EEG States Using a Combination of Symlet Wavelet Processing, Gradient Boosting Machine, and Grid Search Optimizer
Generation and Transport of Magnetic Flux in Accretion–Ejection Flows
Magnetic Properties of Nanocomposites
Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment by Microcosms of Vertical Subsurface Wetlands in Partially Saturated Conditions Planted with Ornamental Plants and Filled with Mineral and Plastic Substrates
Structure and Properties of Single-Layer MoS2 for Nano-Photoelectric Devices
Tools for Tooling: Digital Fabrication Technology as the Innovation Enabler
Psychometric Properties of the CYBVICS Cyber-Victimization Scale and Its Relationship with Psychosocial Variables
Association between Access to Electronic Devices in the Home Environment and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Children
Deregulation of VEGFR-2 and PDGFR Expression and Microvascular Density in a Triple-Negative Model of Canine Malignant Mammary Tumors with Lymph Node or Lung Metastasis
Special Issue: Honey Bee Research in the US: Current State and Solutions to Beekeeping Problems
Characterization of Water and Energy Consumptions at the End Use Level in Rural and Urban Environments: Preliminary Results of the ENERWAT Project
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of International Journal of Turbomachinery, Propulsion and Power (IJTPP) in 2018
Differential Zika Virus Infection of Testicular Cell Lines
Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 4 Targeting in Cancer: New Insights into Mechanisms and Therapeutic Strategies
Ent-homocyclopiamine B, a Prenylated Indole Alkaloid of Biogenetic Interest from the Endophytic Fungus Penicillium concentricum
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Appl. Syst. Innov. in Volume 1, 2018
Sour Beer at the Boar’s Head: Salvaging Shakespeare’s Alewife, Mistress Quickly
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Toxins in 2018
Eye in the Sky: Using UAV Imagery of Seasonal Riverine Canopy Growth to Model Water Temperature
Gold Nanoparticle Uptake in Tumor Cells: Quantification and Size Distribution by sp-ICPMS
Bats and Coronaviruses
Silencing of Transcription Factor Sp1 Promotes SN1 Transporter Regulation by Ammonia in Mouse Cortical Astrocytes
The PA Subunit of the Influenza Virus Polymerase Complex Affects Replication and Airborne Transmission of the H9N2 Subtype Avian Influenza Virus
Synthesis, Characterization and CO Tolerance Evaluation in PEMFCs of Pt2RuMo Electrocatalysts
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity in 2018
Lactofermented Annurca Apple Puree as a Functional Food Indicated for the Control of Plasma Lipid and Oxidative Amine Levels: Results from a Randomised Clinical Trial
Cobalt-Mediated Radical Copolymerization of Chlorotrifluoroethylene and Vinyl Acetate
Representing Rape Trauma in Film: Moving beyond the Event
Computational Analysis of Nonuniform Expansion in Polyurethane Foams
Industry Upgrading: Recommendations of New Products Based on World Trade Network
Numerical Study of Mixed Convection in a Channel Filled with a Porous Medium
A Bioelectronic System to Measure the Glycolytic Metabolism of Activated CD4+ T Cells
Determinants of Catch Sales in Ghanaian Artisanal Fisheries
White-Light-Emitting Decoding Sensing for Eight Frequently-Used Antibiotics Based on a Lanthanide Metal-Organic Framework
How Does R&D Investment Affect the Financial Performance of Cultural and Creative Enterprises? The Moderating Effect of Actual Controller
Morphology Study on Inclusion Modifications Using Mg–Ca Treatment in Resulfurized Special Steel
Biomass-Derived Carbonaceous Adsorbents for Trapping Ammonia
The Effect of Bacillus licheniformis MH48 on Control of Foliar Fungal Diseases and Growth Promotion of Camellia oleifera Seedlings in the Coastal Reclaimed Land of Korea
Gout as a Risk Factor for Dry Eye Disease: A Population-Based Cohort Study
Simultaneous Detection of Carnosine and Anserine by UHPLC-MS/MS and Its Application on Biomarker Analysis for Differentiation of Meat and Bone Meal
Prognostic Factors for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Treated with Gemcitabine Plus S-1: Retrospective Analysis and Development of a Prognostic Model
Swim Training Modulates Mouse Skeletal Muscle Energy Metabolism and Ameliorates Reduction in Grip Strength in a Mouse Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Lean, Green and Clean? Sustainability Reporting in the Logistics Sector
Atmospheric Neutrino Search in the ICARUS T600 Detector
Under-Recognition of Fractures as Osteoporosis Indicators
The Plastid Genome of Deschampsia cespitosa (Poaceae)
A Review and Update on Waterborne Viral Diseases Associated with Swimming Pools
Methylation Status of the Adeno-Associated Virus Type 2 (AAV2)
Well-Defined Pre-Catalysts in Amide and Ester Bond Activation
Prediction of the Leaf Primordia of Potato Tubers Using Sensor Fusion and Wavelength Selection
Detecting Spatiotemporal Changes in Vegetation with the BFAST Model in the Qilian Mountain Region during 2000–2017
About Solid Phase vs. Liquid Phase in Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction
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