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MDPI Author Services offers a range of fast, accurate, and competitively priced options to suit you. We welcome all authors to use our services, whether you intend to publish your work in an MDPI journal or not.

For our regular edit and specialist edit services, all manuscripts are edited by our fully trained team of first-language English speakers who will improve the grammar and phrasing of your paper at any stage prior to publication. You can find more information about the full range of services we offer below.

English Editing Services

  • Regular Edit: The regular edit checks the grammar, spelling, punctuation and phrasing of your paper. Completed within 2 business days.
  • Specialist Edit: The specialist edit includes all features of the regular edit, followed by a check of the overall structure and clarity of expression by an editor with knowledge of your subject area. Completed within 4 business days.

Extra Services

  • Layout Editing: Layout editing prepares your submission for publication in an MDPI journal of your choice. Completed within 1 business day.
  • iThenticate Plagiarism Check: The plagiarism check generates a report that highlights any instances of text duplication and potential plagiarism, along with advice on where to modify text or add further citations. Completed within 1 business day.

News and Updates

We are pleased to launch the MDPI English Writing Prize 2021! This will be on the topic of “How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected my research”. More information can be found at the following announcement.

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