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Article Processing Charges (APC) Information

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General Information on MDPI’s Article Processing Charges (APC)

MDPI publishes all its journals in full open access under a Creative Commons (CC BY) license. This allows the scientific community and the general public to gain unlimited, free and immediate access to scholarly articles. To cover the cost of publication, authors pay an article processing charge (APC) for manuscripts accepted after peer-review. There are no charges for rejected articles, no submission charges, and no surcharges based on the length of an article, figures or supplementary data. Editorial items (Editorials, Corrections, Additions, Retractions, Letters, Comments, etc.) are published free of charge.

The APC by journal is given in the table below. Publication in the first few issues of a new journal is usually free of charge.

Please note that the APCs for articles submitted after 1 January 2018 will change for several journals, see the following page for details.

Journal Name Basic APC (CHF) *
Actuators 350 CHF
Administrative Sciences free
Aerospace free
Agriculture 550 CHF
Agronomy 550 CHF
Algorithms 550 CHF
Animals 650 CHF
Antibiotics 550 CHF
Antibodies 350 CHF
Antioxidants 550 CHF
Applied Sciences 1200 CHF
Applied System Innovation free
Arts free
Atmosphere 1000 CHF
Atoms 350 CHF
Axioms 350 CHF
Batteries free
Behavioral Sciences 350 CHF
Beverages free
Big Data and Cognitive Computing free
Bioengineering free
Biology 650 CHF
Biomedicines free
Biomimetics free
Biomolecules 650 CHF
Biosensors 350 CHF
Brain Sciences 650 CHF
Buildings 350 CHF
C free
Cancers 850 CHF
Catalysts 1000 CHF
Cells 550 CHF
Ceramics free
Challenges free
ChemEngineering free
Chemosensors 350 CHF
Children free
Climate 350 CHF
Coatings 850 CHF
Colloids and Interfaces free
Computation 350 CHF
Computers 350 CHF
Condensed Matter free
Cosmetics free
Cryptography free
Crystals 1000 CHF
Data free
Dentistry Journal 350 CHF
Designs free
Diagnostics 350 CHF
Diseases 350 CHF
Diversity 850 CHF
Drones free
Econometrics free
Economies free
Education Sciences 350 CHF
Electronics 350 CHF
Energies 1500 CHF
Entropy 1500 CHF
Environments free
Epigenomes free
Fermentation free
Fibers 350 CHF
Fire free
Fishes free
Fluids free
Foods 550 CHF
Forests 1200 CHF
Fractal and Fractional free
Future Internet 550 CHF
Galaxies 350 CHF
Games 550 CHF
Gels free
Genealogy free
Genes 1200 CHF
Geosciences 350 CHF
Geriatrics free
Healthcare 350 CHF
High-Throughput 350 CHF
Horticulturae free
Humanities 350 CHF
Hydrology free
Informatics free
Information 350 CHF
Infrastructures free
Inorganics 350 CHF
Insects 550 CHF
Instruments free
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 1600 CHF
International Journal of Financial Studies 350 CHF
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 1800 CHF
International Journal of Neonatal Screening free
International Journal of Turbomachinery, Propulsion and Power free
Inventions free
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 900 CHF
Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease free
Journal of Clinical Medicine 650 CHF
Journal of Composites Science free
Journal of Developmental Biology 350 CHF
Journal of Functional Biomaterials 350 CHF
Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology free
Journal of Fungi free
Journal of Imaging free
Journal of Intelligence free
Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications 350 CHF
Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing free
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 350 CHF
Journal of Otorhinolaryngology, Hearing and Balance Medicine free
Journal of Personalized Medicine 550 CHF
Journal of Risk and Financial Management 350 CHF
Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks 350 CHF
Land 350 CHF
Languages free
Laws 350 CHF
Life 650 CHF
Logistics free
Lubricants 350 CHF
Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction free
Machines 350 CHF
Magnetochemistry free
Marine Drugs 1800 CHF
Materials 1500 CHF
Mathematical and Computational Applications 300 CHF
Mathematics 350 CHF
Medical Sciences free
Medicines free
Membranes 650 CHF
Metabolites 850 CHF
Metals 1000 CHF
Methods and Protocols free
Microarrays 350 CHF
Micromachines 1000 CHF
Microorganisms 350 CHF
Minerals 850 CHF
Molbank 350 CHF
Molecules 1800 CHF
Multimodal Technologies and Interaction free
Nanomaterials 1200 CHF
Nitrogen free
Non-Coding RNA free
Nutrients 1600 CHF
Particles free
Pathogens 650 CHF
Pharmaceuticals 850 CHF
Pharmaceutics 550 CHF
Pharmacy 350 CHF
Philosophies free
Photonics 350 CHF
Plants 550 CHF
Plasma free
Polymers 1400 CHF
Proceedings free
Processes 350 CHF
Proteomes 350 CHF
Publications free
Quantum Beam Science free
Quaternary free
Recycling free
Religions 350 CHF
Remote Sensing 1600 CHF
Resources 350 CHF
Risks 350 CHF
Robotics 350 CHF
Safety free
Scientia Pharmaceutica 600 CHF
Sensors 1800 CHF
Separations 350 CHF
Sinusitis free
Social Sciences free
Societies 350 CHF
Soils free
Sports 350 CHF
Sustainability 1400 CHF
Symmetry 1000 CHF
Systems 350 CHF
Technologies free
Toxics 350 CHF
Toxins 1500 CHF
Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease free
Universe free
Urban Science free
Vaccines 550 CHF
Veterinary Sciences free
Vibration free
Viruses 1500 CHF
Vision free
Water 1400 CHF

Avoiding Surcharges from Extensive English Editing or Extensive Reformatting on Submitted Articles

Submitted papers should be well formatted and use good English. Authors may use MDPI's English editing service prior to publication or during author revisions. If you use an alternative service that provides a confirmation certificate, please send a copy to the Editorial Office. Authors from developing countries should consider registration with AuthorAid, a global research community that provides networking, mentoring, resources and training for researchers in developing countries.

Funding of APCs

Many funding agencies and institutions explicitly allow the use of research grants for the payment of APCs for publishing in open access journals. For more information on APC funding see the following page.

Discounts on APCs

MDPI provides discounts for authors under an Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP) and has established agreements with over 260 institutions. If your institution does not yet participate, you may recommend the program to your librarian using the following page.

Selected articles invited by the Editorial Office are published for free. Waivers may be granted at the Publisher's discretion and should be discussed with the editorial office when submitting the article. The editorial decision making is decoupled from the authors' ability to pay the Article Processing Charges, however authors should consider in advance whether they have sufficient funds to cover the full APC.

MDPI also offers discount vouchers to selected reviewers.

Accepted Currencies

We accept payments in Swiss francs (CHF), Euro (EUR), US Dollars (USD) or Chinese Yuans (CNY). Upon acceptance, the corresponding/submitting author will receive an e-mail with a link where the currency of the invoice can be changed.

Accepted Methods of Payment

MDPI currently supports the following payment methods:

For more detailed information on how to pay an invoice, please see our Payment Instructions.

APCs are payable within 5 to 10 business days.

Invoices are emailed shortly after acceptance to the payment contact provided by the authors. Only official invoices issued by MDPI ( are valid. We do not authorize any third party to collect the APCs. MDPI is the sole service provider and cannot be held liable for actions by third parties.

For wire transfers, we ask the customer to pay the fees for both the sender and the recipient bank, so that MDPI receives the full invoiced amount. If you wish to pay by cheque, please add 12 CHF for processing fees.

Authors from Switzerland and China will have the local Value Added Tax (VAT) added to their invoices.

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