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Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220; CODEN: SENSC9) is the leading international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on the science and technology of sensors and biosensors. Sensors is published monthly online by MDPI.    Impact Factor: 1.953 (2012); 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.395 (2012)

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Sensors Editorial Office
Klybeckstrasse 64, 4057 Basel, Switzerland
Tel. +41 61 683 77 34; Fax: +41 61 302 89 18
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Forthcoming Special Issues

Section: Biosensors

Advances in Optical Biosensors (Guest Editors: M. Selim Ünlü, Ayca Yalcin Ozkumur)
Amperometric Biosensors (Guest Editor: Roberto Pilloton)
Immunosensors 2014 (Guest Editors: Jo Rushworth, Paul Millner)
Intracellular Sensing (Guest Editor: Magnus Willander)
Live Cell-Based Sensors with Receptors (Guest Editor: Akiyoshi Taniguchi)
Mass-Sensitive Sensors Based on Biomimetic Recognition (Guest Editor: Peter Lieberzeit)
Miniaturized Wireless Biosensors (Guest Editor: Benoit Gosselin)
Nanoparticle-Based Biosensors (Guest Editor: Evangelyn C. Alocilja)
On-Chip Sensors (Guest Editor: Kwang W. Oh)
Opto-Microfluidics for Bio Applications (Guest Editor: Muthukumaran Packirisamy)
Sensors for Bioprocess Monitoring and Control (Guest Editor: Bernd Hitzmann)
Single Biomolecule Detection (Guest Editor: Masateru Taniguchi)

Section: Chemical Sensors

Chemo- and Biosensors for Security and Defense (Guest Editor: Michael G. Weller)
Gas Sensors Based on the Field Effect (Guest Editor: Mats Eriksson)
Implantable Sensors (Guest Editors: Andrew J. Mason, Wen Li)
Ion Selective Electrodes for Bioavailable Ions (Guest Editor: John F. Cassidy)
Modern Technologies for Sensing Pollution in Air, Water, and Soil (Guest Editor: Ki-Hyun Kim)
Molecular Sensing and Molecular Electronics (Guest Editors: Yoke Khin Yap, Dongyan Zhang)
Nanopore Sensors: Fabrications, Properties and Applications (Guest Editor: Dusan Losic)
Printed Sensors (Guest Editor: Tony Killard)

Section: Physical Sensors

Detection and Tracking of Targets in Forward-Looking InfraRed (FLIR) Imagery (Guest Editors: Andrea Sanna, Fabrizio Lamberti)
Optical Gyroscopes and Navigation Systems (Guest Editor: Francesco De Leonardis)
Polymeric Micro Sensors and Actuators (Guest Editor: Wei-Chih Wang)

Section: State-of-the-Art Sensors Technologies

State-of-the-Art Sensors Technology in France (Guest Editor: Gilles Horowitz)
State-of-the-Art Sensors Technology in Italy 2014 (Guest Editor: Stefano Mariani)

Section: Sensor Networks

Sensor Computing for Mobile Security and Big Data Analytics (Guest Editors: Neal N. Xiong, Thanos Vasilakos)
Special Issue on Cyber-Physical Systems (Guest Editor: Albert Cheng)
Wireless Sensor Network for Pervasive Medical Care (Guest Editor: Nauman Aslam)
Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things (Guest Editors: Luciano Lavagno, Mihai T. Lazarescu)

Not assigned to a section

Agriculture and Forestry: Sensors, Technologies and Procedures (Guest Editors: Gonzalo Pajares Martinsanz, Pablo Gonzalez-de-Santos)
Electromagnetic Components of Mechatronics and Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) – Modeling and Design (Guest Editors: Slawomir Wiak, Lidija Petkovska)
Microarray Sensors (Guest Editor: Matthew Coleman)
Positioning and Tracking Sensors and Technologies in Road Transport (Guest Editors: Felipe Jimenez, Jose Naranjo)
Ultrasonic Sensors and Transducers for Applications in Biology, Medicine and NDT (Guest Editor: Xiaoning Jiang)
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