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With over 20 years of open access publishing experience, MDPI has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to language editing. Native English speakers edit every accepted paper prior to publication.
Sometimes papers can benefit from editing at an earlier stage in the process, before submission or during revisions, and that is where our English editing services come in.

We offer:

  • Accurate, high-quality editing from native English speakers;
  • Fast editing times, to keep your submission moving forward;
  • Competitive pricing.

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We recognize that improving the language before a final editorial decision can help to improve the chances of successful publication, and ease the task of editors and peer-reviewers. We offer language editing covering the following:

  1. Manuscripts are edited and returned to authors within two working days;
  2. A check of spelling, grammar and punctuation;
  3. Rewording of long or complicated phrases;
  4. Correct usage of common technical terms;
  5. Editing of Word or LaTeX files.

Note that extensive rewriting and reordering of the manuscript, and checking of field-specific terms are not included.


Uploading the Manuscript File

1. Complete any revisions to your manuscript before sending it for English editing. The uploaded file should be the final one that will be edited. If you have mistakenly uploaded the wrong version, please contact the editing department as soon as possible.

2. Word or LaTeX files are accepted for editing. For LaTeX files, upload a zip containing all of the files necessary to compile to a PDF, including any figures and .sty files.

3. Perform a word count of the file on a version that does not contain the author names and affiliations, or the bibliography: only count the words that will be edited. If you prefer, you can upload this version and add the additional text after editing. For LaTeX files, counting words is not so straightforward. There are some online tools available to perform word counts on PDF files, which is usually more reliable than counting directly from the tex file. You can also copy and paste into word processing software and remove any text that does not need to be edited before performing a word count.

4. For papers longer than 10,000 words please contact us before submitting your paper.

Tracking your edit

You can login the submission system to check the progress of your edit. Your paper will go through the following stages:

Assignment to an editor

Editing payment confirmation

Finally returned to the author

You will receive an invoice by email shortly after submission.

Feedback after editing

We would like to have feedback about your experience with our editing services. If you have specific questions, feedback or complaints, please contact .

Payment methods

An invoice will be sent to you shortly after you submit your paper. Payment can be made in Swiss Francs (CHF) or Chinese Yuan (CNY) by either bank transfer or credit card.

Note that we must receive payment before we send you the edited paper. If there will be a long delay in payment (e.g., due to institutional bureaucracy) get in touch at with evidence that the payment is being processed.


China Office: Ms. Demi Liu (Tel. +86 10 6280 0830)

Basel Office: Dr. Martyn Rittman (Tel. +41 61 683 77 34)

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