28 June 2022
2021 Impact Factors - Released

The 2021 citation metrics have been released in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), and we’re pleased to announce the following results for MDPI journals:

Journal Impact Factor Rank Category
Antioxidants 7.675 Q1 Food Science & Technology
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Chemistry, Medicinal
Cells 7.666 Q2 Cell Biology
Nutrients 6.706 Q1 Nutrition & Dietetics
Cancers 6.575 Q1 Oncology
Pharmaceutics 6.525 Q1 Pharmacology & Pharmacy
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 6.208 Q1 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Q2 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
Marine Drugs 6.085 Q1 Chemistry, Medicinal
Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Biomolecules 6.064 Q2 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Batteries * 5.938 Q2 Electrochemistry
Energy & Fuels
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Viruses 5.818 Q2 Virology
Biosensors 5.743 Q1 Chemistry, Analytical
Instruments & Instrumentation
Q2 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Journal of Fungi 5.724 Q1 Mycology
Q2 Microbiology
Nanomaterials 5.719 Q1 Physics, Applied
Q2 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Metabolites 5.581 Q2 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Foods 5.561 Q1 Food Science & Technology
Drones * 5.532 Q2 Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing 5.349 Q1 Geosciences, Multidisciplinary
Imaging Science & Photographic Technology
Q2 Remote Sensing
Environmental Sciences
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research 5.318 Q2 Business
Antibiotics 5.222 Q1 Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Q2 Infectious Diseases
Pharmaceuticals 5.215 Q1 Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Q2 Chemistry, Medicinal
Biology 5.168 Q1 Biology
Fermentation 5.123 Q2 Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology
Toxins 5.075 Q1 Toxicology
Q2 Food Science & Technology
Bioengineering * 5.046 Q2 Engineering, Biomedical
Polymers 4.967 Q1 Polymer Science
Journal of Clinical Medicine 4.964 Q2 Medicine, General & Internal
Vaccines 4.961 Q2 Immunology
Medicine, Research & Experimental
Molecules 4.927 Q2 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Microorganisms 4.926 Q2 Microbiology
Journal of Functional Biomaterials * 4.901 Q2 Engineering, Biomedical
Materials Science, Biomaterials
Biomedicines 4.757 Q2 Medicine, Research & Experimental
Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Plants 4.658 Q1 Plant Sciences
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 4.614 Q1 Public, Environmental & Occupational Health (SSCI)
Q2 Public, Environmental & Occupational Health (SCIE)
Environmental Sciences (SCIE)
Membranes 4.562 Q1 Polymer Science
Q2 Engineering, Chemical
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Chemistry, Physical
Pathogens 4.531 Q2 Microbiology
Catalysts 4.501 Q2 Chemistry, Physical
Toxics 4.472 Q2 Toxicology
Environmental Sciences
Gels 4.432 Q1 Polymer Science
Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease 4.415 Q2 Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems
Chemosensors 4.229 Q1 Instruments & Instrumentation
Q2 Chemistry, Analytical
Q3 Electrochemistry
Genes 4.141 Q2 Genetics & Heredity
Diagnostics 3.992 Q2 Medicine, General & Internal
Agronomy 3.949 Q1 Agronomy
Plant Sciences
Land 3.905 Q2 Environmental Studies
Sustainability 3.889 Q2 Environmental Sciences (SCIE)
Environmental Studies (SSCI)
Q3 Green & Sustainable Science & Technology (SCIE)
Q4 Green & Sustainable Science & Technology (SSCI)
Sensors 3.847 Q2 Instruments & Instrumentation
Chemistry, Analytical
Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
Materials 3.748 Q1 Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering
Q2 Physics, Applied
Physics, Condensed Matter
Q3 Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Chemistry, Physical
Biomimetics * 3.743 Q2 Engineering, Multidisciplinary
Q3 Materials Science, Biomaterials
Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease * 3.711 Q1 Tropical Medicine
Q2 Parasitology
Q3 Infectious Diseases
Lubricants * 3.584 Q2 Engineering, Mechanical
Fractal and Fractional 3.577 Q1 Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Applications
Water 3.530 Q2 Water Resources
Q3 Environmental Sciences
Micromachines 3.523 Q2 Instruments & Instrumentation
Physics, Applied
Chemistry, Analytical
Q3 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Journal of Personalized Medicine 3.508 Q2 Medicine, General & Internal
Health Care Sciences & Services
Agriculture 3.408 Q1 Agronomy
Processes 3.352 Q2 Engineering, Chemical
Separations 3.344 Q2 Chemistry, Analytical
Magnetochemistry 3.336 Q2 Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear
Q3 Chemistry, Physical
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Brain Sciences 3.333 Q3 Neurosciences
Buildings 3.324 Q2 Construction & Building Technology
Engineering, Civil
Forests 3.282 Q1 Forestry
Energies 3.252 Q3 Energy & Fuels
Life 3.251 Q2 Biology
Coatings 3.236 Q2 Materials Science, Coatings & Films
Physics, Applied
Q3 Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Animals 3.231 Q1 Agriculture, Dairy & Animal Science
Veterinary Sciences
Journal of Intelligence * 3.176 Q2 Psychology, Multidisciplinary
Fishes 3.170 Q1 Marine & Freshwater Biology
Q2 Fisheries
Healthcare 3.160 Q2 Health Policy & Services (SSCI)
Health Care Sciences & Services (SCIE)
Inorganics * 3.149 Q2 Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear
Insects 3.139 Q1 Entomology
Atmosphere 3.110 Q3 Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Current Oncology 3.109 Q3 Oncology
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 3.099 Q2 Geography, Physical
Q3 Computer Science, Information Systems
Remote Sensing
Diversity 3.029 Q2 Biodiversity Conservation
Tomography 3.000 Q3 Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging
Current Issues in Molecular Biology 2.976 Q3 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Medicina 2.948 Q3 Medicine, General & Internal
Symmetry 2.940 Q2 Multidisciplinary Sciences
Horticulturae 2.923 Q1 Horticulture
Machines 2.899 Q2 Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
Systems * 2.895 Q2 Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Applied Sciences 2.838 Q2 Engineering, Multidisciplinary
Physics, Applied
Q3 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Children 2.835 Q2 Pediatrics
Minerals 2.818 Q2 Mining & Mineral Processing
Geochemistry & Geophysics
Universe 2.813 Q2 Astronomy & Astrophysics
Q3 Physics, Particles & Fields
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 2.744 Q1 Engineering, Marine
Q2 Oceanography
Engineering, Ocean
Entropy 2.738 Q2 Physics, Multidisciplinary
Fire * 2.726 Q2 Forestry
Q3 Ecology
Metals 2.695 Q2 Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering
Q3 Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Electronics 2.690 Q3 Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
Computer Science, Information Systems
Physics, Applied
Crystals 2.670 Q2 Crystallography
Q3 Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Aerospace 2.660 Q1 Engineering, Aerospace
Mathematics 2.592 Q1 Mathematics
Photonics 2.536 Q3 Optics
Actuators 2.523 Q2 Instruments & Instrumentation
Q3 Engineering, Mechanical
Veterinary Sciences 2.518 Q2 Veterinary Sciences
Behavioral Sciences * 2.286 Q3 Psychology, Multidisciplinary
Axioms * 1.824 Q2 Mathematics, Applied

For more information on Impact Factors and what it means to index academic journals, please visit our related blog posts.


* Journals given their first Impact Factor in 2022

Source: 2021 Journal Impact Factors, Journal Citation Reports TM (Clarivate, 2022)


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