Life is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal of scientific studies related to fundamental themes in life sciences, from basic to applied research, published monthly online by MDPI. The Astrobiology Society of Britain (ASB) and Spanish Association for Cancer Research (ASEICA) are affiliated with Life and their members receive a discount on the article processing charges.
Impact Factor: 3.2 (2022); 5-Year Impact Factor: 3.2 (2022)
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Topic in Geosciences, Life, Minerals, Quaternary
Palaeogeographic and Palaeoclimatic Changes Recorded by Microfossils Topic Editors: Marta Bąk, Dangpeng Xi, Erik Wolfgring
Deadline: 30 June 2024
Topic in Biomedicines, CIMB, Endocrines, IJMS, JMP, Life, Reprod. Med.
Pathogenesis of Pregnancy-Related Complications 2.0 Topic Editors: Ilona Hromadnikova, Katerina Kotlabova
Deadline: 31 August 2024
Topic in Brain Sciences, Clinics and Practice, COVID, Life, Vaccines, Viruses
Multifaceted Efforts from Basic Research to Clinical Practice in Controlling COVID-19 Disease Topic Editors: Yih-Horng Shiao, Rashi Ojha
Deadline: 30 September 2024
Topic in Diversity, Life, Microorganisms, Plants, Water, Phycology, Toxins
Advances and New Insights into Diversity of Cyanobacteria Topic Editors: Esther Berrendero Gómez, M. Ángeles Muñoz Martín, Elvira Perona Urízar
Deadline: 31 October 2024
Special Issue in Life
Epigenetics and Cancer Therapy Guest Editors: Luca Járomi, Gellért Gerencsér
Deadline: 22 June 2024
Special Issue in Life
Thoracic Malignancies: From Prevention and Diagnosis to Late Stages Guest Editors: Ancel Julien, Paolo Mendogni, Zhiwei Hu, Laura Bergantini
Deadline: 28 June 2024
Special Issue in Life
Fungal Disease Epidemiology: Current State and Future Prospects Guest Editor: Felix Bongomin
Deadline: 18 July 2024
Special Issue in Life
Fish Nutrition, Production, and Welfare Guest Editors: Liviu-Dan Miron, Marian Burducea, Cristian-Alin Barbacariu, Mamadou Kone
Deadline: 30 July 2024
Topical Collection in Life
Research Updates in Chronic Kidney Disease Collection Editors: Emilio Nardi, Giuseppe Mule
Topical Collection in Life
Male Infertility: Current Knowledge and Future Perspectives Collection Editors: Renata Walczak-Jedrzejowska, Małgorzata Piasecka, Jolanta Słowikowska-Hilczer
Topical Collection in Life
Feature Review Papers for Life Collection Editors: Michael Russell, Dirk Schulze-Makuch, Kousuke Hanada, Stefanos Roumeliotis, Hiroki Nishikawa, Alfredo Conti
Topical Collection in Life
The Role of Bioactive Natural Compounds in the Treatment of Diseases Collection Editor: Stefania Lamponi
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