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Vaccines against Infectious Diseases 139 Articles

Dr. Steven B. Bradfute  

Therapeutic Vaccines and Antibody Therapeutics 22 Articles

Prof. Dr. Martin F. Bachmann  
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Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy 73 Articles

Dr. Subree Subramanian  
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Influenza Virus Vaccines 78 Articles

Prof. Dr. Andrew Pekosz  

HIV Vaccines 28 Articles

Prof. Dr. Michael Bukrinsky  

Veterinary Vaccines 131 Articles

Dr. Romain Paillot  
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Vaccines against (re)emerging and Tropical Infections Diseases 88 Articles

Prof. Dr. Nirbhay Kumar  
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Epidemiology 33 Articles

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe La Torre  

Toxicology Studies and Clinical Trials 2 Articles

Prof. Dr. Vasso Apostolopoulos  

Immune Mechanisms 34 Articles

Dr. Katie Ewer  
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Vaccines and Society 150 Articles

Prof. Dr. Ralph J. DiClemente  
Dr. Helen A. Petousis-Harris  

Failed Vaccines and Vaccine Antigens 6 Articles

Prof. Dr. Florian Krammer  

Vaccine Adjuvants 39 Articles

Dr. Eduardo Gomez-Casado  
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Attenuated/Inactivated/Live and Vectored Vaccines 33 Articles

Prof. Dr. Amine A. Kamen  

Clinical Immunology 52 Articles

Prof. Dr. Giampiero Girolomoni  
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Cellular/Molecular Immunology 28 Articles

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Hartung  

Pathogens-host Immune Interface 28 Articles

Prof. Dr. François Meurens  

Human Papillomavirus Vaccines 12 Articles

Prof. Dr. Paul Licciardi  

Hepatitis Virus Vaccines 14 Articles

Dr. Yee-Joo Tan  

COVID-19 Vaccines and Vaccination 77 Articles

Prof. Dr. Luis Martinez-Sobrido  
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