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Foods (none) Valorization of Agrifood Waste and Byproducts in the Development of New Added-Value Applications
(Editors: Sílvia Petronilho, Isabel Ferreira)
31 December 2026 1
Toxins (none) The EuroBioTox Project: Progress Towards the Detection and Identification of Biotoxins via Standardization, Training, and Method Evaluation
(Editors: Andreas Rummel, Brigitte G. Dorner)
31 October 2026 0
Energies F: Electrical Engineering Optimization Design of Electromagnetic Mechanism
(Editors: Zijiao Zhang, Koichi Matsuda)
12 July 2026 0
Cells (none) Biochemical Interaction and Supramolecular Complexes of Receptors in Cell Membranes
(Editor: Michela Corsini)
08 July 2026 0
Applied Sciences Civil Engineering Seepage Problems in Geotechnical Engineering
(Editors: Ran An, Yixian Wang, Xianwei Zhang, Xinyu Liu)
03 July 2026 2
J. Compos. Sci. Composites Applications Advancements in Modern Smart Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of FRP Pipelines
(Editors: Wael A. Altabey, Mohammad Noori)
03 July 2026 0
Applied Sciences Civil Engineering Green and Low-Carbon Concrete Technology and Construction
(Editor: Peng Liu)
03 July 2026 1
Mathematics Mathematics and Computer Science New Advances in Data Analytics and Mining
(Editor: Xibei Yang)
09 June 2026 4
Logistics (none) Harvesting the Future: Advanced Strategies and Innovations in Agroforestry Residual Biomass Logistics
(Editor: Leonel Nunes)
02 May 2026 0
IME (none) Health Professions Education Advancements and Innovations—International Perspectives
(Editors: Douglas McHugh, Anthony Payne)
26 January 2026 0
Plants Phytochemistry Medicinal Plant Extracts, 2nd Edition
(Editor: Laura Grațiela Vicaș)
31 December 2025 0
Remote Sensing Ocean Remote Sensing Remote Sensing for Marine Environmental Disaster Response
(Editors: Zhixiang Fang, Quanyi Huang, Jaroslaw Tęgowski, Magaly Koch, Yukiharu Hisaki)
31 December 2025 13
Healthcare Nursing Health Care and Services for Elderly Population
(Collection Editor: Hideki Nakano)
31 December 2025 59
Symmetry (none) Unraveling the Black Box: Unleashing the Power of Explainable Deep Learning in Advanced Engineering Sciences
(Editor: Kelvin K. L. Wong)
31 December 2025 0
Sustainability (none) Advanced Methodologies for Sustainability Assessment: Theory and Practice
(Collection Editor: Fausto Cavallaro)
31 December 2025 43
Symmetry Mathematics Simulation and Modelling in Natural Sciences, Biomedicine and Engineering III
(Editor: Nikos Mastorakis)
31 December 2025 8
Diagnostics Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics Pathological Speech Classification and Processing for Advanced Medical Diagnosis
(Editor: Juan Rafael Orozco-Arroyave)
31 December 2025 0
J. Compos. Sci. Composites Applications Mechanical Behaviour of Composite Materials for Biomedical Applications
(Editors: Maria Augusta Neto, Ana Paula Piedade)
31 December 2025 0
Insects (none) Selected Papers from the Second International Electronic Conference on Entomology
(Editor: Nickolas G. Kavallieratos)
31 December 2025 0
Quantum Reports (none) Exclusive Feature Papers of Quantum Reports in 2024–2025
(Editor: Lajos Diósi)
31 December 2025 0
Fermentation (none) Fermentation: 10th Anniversary
(Editor: Badal C. Saha)
31 December 2025 7
Future Internet (none) State-of-the-Art Future Internet Technology in Italy 2024–2025
(Editors: Massimo Cafaro, Italo Epicoco, Marco Pulimeno)
31 December 2025 0
Future Internet (none) State-of-the-Art Future Internet Technology in USA 2024–2025
(Editors: Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou, Symeon Papavassiliou)
31 December 2025 1
Information Information Applications Standards Digitisation and Digital Standardisation
(Editor: Guyue Zhang)
31 December 2025 0
Future Internet (none) 2024 and 2025 Feature Papers from Future Internet’s Editorial Board Members
(Editor: Gianluigi Ferrari)
31 December 2025 0
Cancers Clinical Research of Cancer Advances in Clinical Trials: Outcome, Innovations, Challenges, and Ethical Practice in Cancer Research 2024–2025
(Editors: Naoto T. Ueno, David R. Gandara)
31 December 2025 0
Mathematics Engineering Mathematics Mathematics Applied to Manufacturing and Logistics Systems
(Editors: Francisco J. G. Silva, Luís Pinto Ferreira, Isabel Cristina Mendes Pinto)
25 December 2025 1
Languages (none) The Interaction between Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theory
(Editor: Alessandro Benati)
20 December 2025 0
Mathematics Mathematics and Computer Science Statistical Data Modeling and Machine Learning with Applications, 3rd Edition
(Editor: Snezhana Gocheva-Ilieva)
15 December 2025 6
IJMS Molecular Immunology Long-COVID and Its Complications
(Editor: Alexey Sarapultsev)
04 December 2025 1
Diagnostics Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Infections of the Central Nervous System
(Editors: Perillo Teresa, Raffaella Capasso)
30 November 2025 0
Education Sciences (none) Harmonizing Vocational Education and the Arts: Exploring the Role of Aesthetic Experience in Conceptual Development
(Editor: Maggie Gregson)
04 November 2025 0
Cancers Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention What’s behind the Scenes? New Insights in Endometrial Cancer Management and Risk Stratification
(Editor: Emanuele Perrone)
20 October 2025 2
Membranes (none) Membranes Research in Tianjin University: Celebrating 130th Anniversary
(Editors: Hong Wu, Zhi Wang)
02 October 2025 0
Mathematics (none) New Trends in Computational Methods and Stochastic Modelling in Scientific Machine Learning
(Editor: Xiang Zhou)
01 October 2025 0
IJERPH Infectious Diseases, Chronic Diseases, and Disease Prevention Unveiling Chronic Pain: Understanding Prevalence, Management, Psychiatric Comorbidity, and Inflammatory Mechanisms
(Editors: Nóra Kerekes, Marc Landry, Ana María Sánchez-Pérez)
30 September 2025 0
Algorithms (none) 2024 and 2025 Selected Papers from Algorithms Editorial Board Members
(Editor: Frank Werner)
30 September 2025 1
Cancers Molecular Cancer Biology Giant-Cell-Containing Tumors of Bone—New Insights into Pathobiology, the Clinical Setting and Targeted Therapies
(Editors: Ramses Forsyth, Pancras Hogendoorn)
30 September 2025 9
Crystals Liquid Crystals State-of-the-Art Liquid Crystals Research in Japan (2nd Edition)
(Editors: Shigeyuki Yamada, Mizuho Kondo, Kosuke Kaneko)
30 September 2025 0
Remote Sensing Satellite Missions for Earth and Planetary Exploration Autonomous Space Navigation (Second Edition)
(Editors: Vincenzo Capuano, Roberto Opromolla)
30 September 2025 0
Lubricants (none) Tribology of Cycloidal Reducers: Enhancing Efficiency, Durability and Reliability through Experimental and Numerical Methods
(Editors: Mirko Blagojević, Lorenzo Maccioni)
30 September 2025 0
Genealogy (none) Forced Migration: New Trajectories, Challenges and Best Practices
(Editors: Marciana Popescu, Dana Alonzo)
25 September 2025 0
Materials Manufacturing Processes and Systems Mechanical Processing of Granular and Fibrous Materials (Second Edition)
(Editor: Michał Bembenek)
20 September 2025 1
Cancers Molecular Cancer Biology Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics: Their Roles and Clinical Implications
(Editors: Armita Bahrami, Ying Qing)
15 September 2025 3
Geriatrics (none) Advancing Oral Health Care for the Ageing Population: Exploring Gerodontology and Geriatric Dentistry
(Editors: Kelvin Ian Afrashtehfar, Carlos A. Jurado)
03 September 2025 2
Cancers Cancer Causes, Screening and Diagnosis Diagnosis and Treatment of Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms (Volume II)
(Editor: Peter Stålberg)
31 August 2025 1
Cancers Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention New Concepts and Recent Advances in the Management of Skin Cancer
(Editors: Rafael Salido-Vallejo, Pedro Redondo)
31 August 2025 10
Cancers (none) Oncology: State-of-the-Art Research in Germany
(Editor: Orlando Guntinas-Lichius)
31 August 2025 16
Religions (none) The Encounter of Colonialism and Indian Religious Traditions
(Editor: Enrico Beltramini)
31 August 2025 0
Cancers Cancer Therapy Advancing Horizons in Colorectal Surgery: Innovative Approaches and Outcomes
(Editors: Petros I. Bangeas, Vasileios N. Papadopoulos)
31 August 2025 0
Viruses General Virology Arboviruses and Global Health: A PanDengue Net Initiative
(Editors: Carlos A. Sariol, Jorge Osorio)
31 August 2025 0
Water Hydraulics and Hydrodynamics Advances in Crisis and Risk Management of Extreme Floods
(Editors: Jorge Leandro, Svenja Fischer, Kerstin Lesny, Paolo Reggiani)
25 August 2025 0
Materials Corrosion Fracture Mechanics and Corrosion Fatigue
(Editors: Zhongxiang Liu, Tong Guo, Grzegorz Lesiuk)
10 August 2025 0
Lubricants (none) Surface Modification and Strengthening of Metals and Alloys
(Editor: Gang Li)
05 August 2025 0
Prosthesis (none) Human-Centred Approaches to Upper-Limb Prosthetics: Understanding User-Experience and Real-World Contexts of Use
(Editor: Adam Galpin)
02 August 2025 0
Energies A: Sustainable Energy Maintenance Management Applied to Renewable Energies
(Editor: Jesús María Pinar Pérez)
31 July 2025 0
Healthcare Environmental Factors and Global Health Research on Physical Activity Interventions and Environmental Correlates of Physical Activity and Health during Youth
(Editor: Alessandro H. Nicolai Ré)
31 July 2025 0
Cancers Cancer Informatics and Big Data Integrative Histopathology-Molecular and Computational Analysis of Primary Brain Tumors
(Editor: Adriana Olar)
31 July 2025 0
Metals Extractive Metallurgy Advanced Tundish Metallurgy and Clean Steel Technology—Second Edition
(Editors: Chao Chen, Rodolfo Morales, Adam Cwudziński)
31 July 2025 0
Antibiotics Plant-Derived Antibiotics Antibacterial, Antibiofilm and Anti-virulence Activity Research of Both Natural and Synthetic Products, 2nd Edition
(Editors: Eliana De Gregorio, Anna Esposito)
31 July 2025 0
Healthcare (none) Integrative Approaches to Musculoskeletal Disorders, Health-Related Issues and Physical Fitness: From Diagnosis to Management
(Editors: Maciej Kochman, Joanna Baran)
31 July 2025 0
Nitrogen (none) Soil Nitrogen Cycling—a Keystone in Ecological Sustainability
(Editors: Ji Liu, Hanqing Wu, Cong Wang, Peng Wu)
31 July 2025 0
Sustainability Economic and Business Aspects of Sustainability The Role of Knowledge Management in Designing and Achieving Business Sustainability
(Editors: Constantin Bratianu, Ruxandra Bejinaru)
31 July 2025 0
Water Water and Climate Change Water Resources Planning Toolkits for Climate Resiliency and Economic Sustainability
(Editors: Nigel W.T. Quinn, Vamsi Krishna Sridharan, Paul H. Hutton)
25 July 2025 1
Cancers Tumor Microenvironment EVs and EPS in Cancer: Cell-to-Cell Communication, Diagnosis, and Evaluation of Cancer Therapy Response
(Editors: Irina Nazarenko, José Antonio López-Guerrero)
20 July 2025 1
Cancers Cancer Causes, Screening and Diagnosis Applications of Different Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models in Diagnosis Cancers
(Editor: Ramin Ranjbarzadeh)
12 July 2025 0
Animals (none) Organic Livestock Farming: New Trends, Health and Welfare Issues
(Editor: Vasileios Papatsiros)
12 July 2025 1
Applied Sciences Computing and Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence on the Edge for Industry 4.0
(Editors: Chrysostomos Stylios, Dorota Stadnicka, Joan Navarro, Daniele Mazzei)
12 July 2025 0
Energies A1: Smart Grids and Microgrids Condition Monitoring of HVDC Power Network Equipment
(Editor: Arshad Arshad)
12 July 2025 1
Cancers Molecular Cancer Biology Molecular Biology, Diagnosis and Management of Endometrial Cancer
(Editors: Georgios Androutsopoulos, Georgios Michail, Thomas Vrekoussis)
12 July 2025 2
Vaccines Veterinary Vaccines Novel Insights and Advances in Aquatic Vaccines
(Editors: Erlong Wang, Tao Liu, Yibin Yang)
12 July 2025 0
Water Water Quality and Contamination Monitoring and Assessment of Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
(Editors: Hui Zhang, Dan Zhong)
12 July 2025 2
Energies B: Energy and Environment The Use of Renewable Energy in the Protection and Restoration of Surface Waters and Wetlands
(Editors: Andrzej Osuch, Ewa Osuch, Anna Kozak)
12 July 2025 0
Energies B: Energy and Environment Optimal Planning and Operation in RES-Rich Power Systems under Electricity and Carbon Emission Market Environment
(Editors: Fushuan Wen, Xiuli Wang)
12 July 2025 5
Geosciences (none) Advances in Studies of DGSDs and Lateral Spreads
(Editors: Valentino Demurtas, Michele Delchiaro, Anne-Sophie Mreyen, Stefano Devoto, Veronica Pazzi, Mateja Jemec)
12 July 2025 0
Pharmaceuticals Biopharmaceuticals Organ Regeneration by Application of Biomaterials and Stem Cells Technology Tools
(Editor: Saima Imran)
12 July 2025 1
Energies F3: Power Electronics Power Electronics Technologies for Aerospace Applications
(Editors: Vítor Monteiro, Joao L. Afonso)
12 July 2025 1
Electronics Artificial Intelligence The Role of Digital Technologies in Sustainability Accounting and Reporting
(Editors: Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru, Claudiu George Bocean, Madalina Giorgiana Mangra, Dalia Simion)
12 July 2025 8
Diagnostics Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics Artificial Intelligence for Precision Analysis and Decision Making in Medical Imaging
(Editor: Jia Wu)
12 July 2025 1
Geosciences Hydrogeology Hydrological Processes and Climate Change in Eurasia
(Editor: Olga Makarieva)
10 July 2025 0
Applied Sciences Acoustics and Vibrations Recent Advances in Soundscape and Environmental Noise
(Editor: Masayuki Takada)
10 July 2025 2
Electronics Microwave and Wireless Communications Distributed Machine Learning in Blockchain Assisted 5G Fixed Wireless Access Networks
(Editors: Sourav Banerjee, Uttam Ghosh)
10 July 2025 0
AI AI in Autonomous Systems Artificial Intelligence Challenges to the Industrial Internet of Things and Industrial Control Systems Applications
(Editor: Fiammetta Marulli)
10 July 2025 0
Buildings Construction Management, and Computers & Digitization Sustainable Construction Management and Engineering: Residential Construction with Focus on Life Cycle of Buildings and Costs
(Editors: Eduard Hromada, Bozena Kaderabkova, Klara Cermakova, Lucie Kurekova)
08 July 2025 4
Vaccines (none) Social Determinants on Attitudes Towards Vaccine
(Editors: Yibo Wu, Wai-Kit Ming)
08 July 2025 2
Cells Cell Methods Primary and Continued Cell Cultures
(Editor: Xuefeng Liu)
08 July 2025 4
Geosciences (none) Discerning Between Tectonic and Climatic Forcing in Landscape Evolution
(Editor: Andrea Sembroni)
08 July 2025 0
Water Water Resources Management, Policy and Governance Data Analytics and Edge Computing for Water Security and Management
(Editors: Mohammed Alshehri, Osama Abdulaziz AlFarraj, Hesham Alhumyani)
08 July 2025 0
Sustainability Sustainable Urban and Rural Development Urban and Regional Development Issues and Strategies: The Application of New Generation Information Technology
(Editors: Weiwu Wang, Wanfu Jin, Changdong Ye)
07 July 2025 2
Molecules Natural Products Chemistry Natural Products with Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory and Immunomodulatory Activities
(Editor: Rongtao Li)
07 July 2025 3
Cells Cells of the Nervous System Neuroinflammation in Developmental Brain Diseases
(Editors: Evelyne Gozal, Jun Cai, Gregory Neal Barnes)
07 July 2025 0
Electrochem (none) Silicon Electrochemistry: Fundamentals and Modern Applications
(Editor: Andrey Suzdaltsev)
07 July 2025 1
IJERPH Health Care Sciences Hospitals’ Contribution to the Geographies of Social and Economic Innovation
(Editors: Paula Santana, Teresa Sá Marques, Hélder Santos, Rui Gama)
07 July 2025 0
Materials Metals and Alloys Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Structures: Process and Applications
(Editors: Valerio Acanfora, Andrea Sellitto)
07 July 2025 4
Processes Environmental and Green Processes Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Water Environment Monitoring and Industry
(Editors: Guocheng Zhu, Andrew S. Hursthouse)
06 July 2025 0
Applied Sciences Energy Science and Technology Integrated Circuit Design in Post-moore Era
(Editor: Yanfeng Jiang)
05 July 2025 2
Processes Energy Systems Advances in Technology for Enhancing Oil and Gas Recovery in Shale Reservoirs
(Editors: Mingjun Chen, Keliu Wu, Jiajia Bai)
04 July 2025 10
Polymers Polymer Applications Applications of Polymers and Their Composites in Biotechnology
(Editor: José Cleiton Sousa dos Santos)
03 July 2025 2
Education Sciences (none) Digital Learning Innovation in Formal and Non-formal Learning Institution: Current Trends and Practices
(Editor: Miftachul Huda)
03 July 2025 0
Molecules Nanochemistry Biomass-Derived Nanomaterials: Sustainable Production and Application
(Editor: Hwei Voon Lee)
03 July 2025 3
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