Gel Applications

A section of Gels (ISSN 2310-2861).

Section Information

This Section of Gel Applications aims to publish papers on all types of applications related to gel-based materials and their composites. Applications using gels at the macro-, micro-, and nanoscale are covered in this Section. Any applications, from traditional to advanced, are covered in the following topics:

  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical applications of gels;
  • Functional gels and their composites for sensors and actuators;
  • 3D/4D printing of gel-based materials and their composites;
  • Gels for food product development;
  • Engineered gels for environmental applications;
  • Applications of gel-based materials and their composites in energy generation and storage;
  • Functional gels for enhancing oil recovery;
  • Gels for agriculture applications.

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Special Issues

Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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