Gel Processing and Engineering

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The section “Gel Processing and Engineering” of Gels aims to bridge between the laboratory findings and the industrial applications of gels. It is indeed well established that production is one of the biggest challenges faced by gels before reaching the market. In addition, process development remains extremely problematic due to the necessity of product reproducibility and large-scale production. In this section, we aim to underline and highlight all the novelties from these and other aspects related to the engineering component of gel production.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • New process development of gels;
  • Gel-based fiber spinning and electrospinning;
  • 3D/4D printing and printed gels;
  • Gels bioprinting and biofabrication;
  • Gels coating and films;
  • Gel-related process control;
  • Gel-related simulation and optimization of process;
  • Tissue engineering application of gels;
  • Novel gel designs;
  • Gels additive manufacturing;
  • Gel dynamics;
  • Gels are used in industries such as food, cosmetics, and environments;
  • Gel formation and processing technologies.

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