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The Artificial Intelligence section mainly covers topics of interest within unique hardware-based deep learning AI and algorithmic deep learning AI using machine learning. The purpose of this section is to bring together researchers and engineers, from both academia and industry, to present novel ideas and solid research on the hardware and algorithmic aspects of advanced applications of deep learning-based AI.

The primary focus of this section is only unique hardware-based deep learning AI. This section also focuses on the black box nature of deep neural networks and shallow NNs, transparency, interpretability and explainability of deep neural networks (DNNs), and algorithms and/or methods for the conversion of CNN into decision trees (DTs) and random forest.

Note that papers on hardware-based deep learning AI using FPGA, and other popular techniques, are handled by the Editor-in-Chief for the hardware related subsections. Papers on algorithmic deep learning are handled by the Editor-in-Chief for the Artificial Intelligence section. Simple combinations of evolutionary computation, fuzzy logic, and deep learning are also of interest.

Subject Areas

Subject areas of interest include, without being limited to: 

  1. Subsection for unique hardware-based deep learning AI 
  2. Subsection for algorithmic deep learning AI using machine learning
    • Algorithms and/or methods for conversion of CNN into DTs and random forest
    • Explainable AI (XAI)
    • Rule extraction algorithms/methods for shallow and Deep NNs
    • Black box nature of DNNs versus the transparency of DNNs 

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Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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