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’Computational and Applied Mathematics’’ is a section of the open-access, peer-reviewed journal Mathematics, which publishes original papers of high scientific level in all areas of computational and applied mathematics.

The main interest of ‘’Computational and Applied Mathematics’’ is the publication and dissemination of papers that describe and analyze new computational techniques for solving scientific and engineering problems.

This section covers all areas of modern computational mathematics such as numerical linear algebra, numerical optimization, numerical approximation, computational geometry, numerical ODEs and PDEs, and inverse problems. Papers containing new ideas in any of these areas, creative approaches, and/or innovative applications, as well as invited reviews, are expected to appear regularly.

On the other hand, it is also important to analyze the effectiveness and applicability of the methods and algorithms presented and compare them with the existing ones. The computational efficiency (e.g., the convergence, stability, or accuracy) should be proved and illustrated by nontrivial numerical examples.

The audience consists of applied mathematicians, numerical analysts, computational scientists, and engineers. We welcome submissions, and we will do our best for a fast and fair evaluation of all submitted research.

Prof. Dr. Juan R. Torregrosa
Section Editor-in-Chief


  • iterative methods
  • eigenvalue problems
  • nonlinear equations
  • nonlinear systems
  • inverse problems
  • numerical approximation
  • quadrature formulas
  • matrix algorithms
  • ordinary differential equations
  • boundary value problems
  • partial differential equations
  • difference equations
  • integral equations
  • optimization
  • variational techniques
  • modeling curves and surfaces
  • interpolation

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