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Applied game theory is the practical application of game theory principles and concepts in real-world situations. It involves using mathematical models to analyze strategic decision-making in various fields such as economics, politics, business, and social interactions. This section focuses on applied game theory rather than theoretical game theory, which deals with ideas. Game theory has been utilized in numerous disciplines since its emergence many centuries ago and formalization in the late 1920s. Applied game theory explores intentional behavior and formalizes a wide range of phenomena. The section requires a minimum of two players, with at least one player having the option to choose among multiple strategies. Each player receives a payoff based on the combination of strategies chosen by all the players. Articles focused on a single decision-maker are better suited to the vast number of journals that specialize in decision making by one player. Likewise, articles examining interactions between multiple parties using tools like differential equations or other non-intentional methods are referred to in other journals.


  • auctions and bidding strategies
  • cooperative and non-cooperative game theory
  • game theory in artificial intelligence
  • game theory in biological science
  • game theory in blockchain technology
  • game theory in computer science
  • game theory in digital assets analysis
  • game theory in disaster prevention
  • game theory in environmental and resource management
  • game theory in finance and economics
  • game theory in homeland security
  • game theory in information security
  • game theory in network and telecommunications settings
  • game theory in operations research
  • game theory in political science and international relations
  • game theory in risk analysis
  • game theory in robotic science
  • game theory in social and behavioral sciences
  • game theory in terrorism
  • game theory in war
  • negotiation and bargaining strategies
  • pricing and competition in industries

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