Gel Analysis and Characterization

A section of Gels (ISSN 2310-2861).

Section Information

The Section “Gel Analysis and Characterization” of Gels aims to rapidly publish contributions on all aspects of gels characterization. We encourage the submission of manuscripts that provide novel competently researched articles and reviews that report on significant advances in the field. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Characterization and analysis of gels, gel hybrids, and gel additives;
  • Texture and morphology of gels and xerogels by SEM, TEM, CryoSEM;
  • Molecular structure at all scales by X-rays, neutrons, light scattering;
  • Thermodynamics, temperature-concentration phase diagrams by calorimetry;
  • Porosity, adsorption properties of xerogels;
  • Computational modeling of gels to better understand the gelation mechanism;
  • Dynamics of gels and gel-based composites;
  • Mechanical behavior of gels and gel-based composites;
  • Rheological behavior of gels and gel-based composites.

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