Neural Engineering, Neuroergonomics and Neurorobotics

A section of Brain Sciences (ISSN 2076-3425).

Section Information

The aim of this section is to publish cutting-edge research in the highly interdisciplinary area of Neural Engineering. The scope is very broad: from advances in materials, techniques, and technologies for interfacing neurons with artificial devices; to discoveries in brain research and foundations for future neuroprostethics, interfaces, and cognitive augmentation; and from neural modelling to nanotechnologies. We therefore invite original contributions on a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to) brain-machine interfaces, neuregonomics, neural interfaces, nanotechnology, circuits and materials, neural prostheses, neurorehabilitation, neural decoding and encoding algorithms, neural computation and modeling, neural imaging, and neuroethics.


  • brain-machine and brain-computer interfaces
  • neuregonomics
  • central and peripheral neural interfaces
  • nanotechnology
  • neuroprostheses
  • neurorehabilitation
  • neural decoding and encoding algorithms
  • neural computation and modeling
  • neurtechnologies for cognitive augmentaion
  • neuroethics

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