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Bioactives and Nutraceuticals

A section of International Journal of Molecular Sciences (ISSN 1422-0067).

Section Information

This section of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) aims to rapidly publish contributions that report on novel research findings regarding bioactive compounds and nutraceutical products. The focus is not only on the chemical composition of these ingredients, but, more specifically, in describing their mechanism of action in improving human nutrition. We welcome submissions and studies on nutritional applications using biological, chemical, cellular, molecular, and immunological methods. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • the discovery of novel bioactive natural products
  • the role of these products in manipulating food structure and hence potential physiological mediation for human nutrition
  • the use of in vitro and in vivo bioactivity research using cell lines and animal models as exemplars of human physiology

Importantly, the exact active ingredient of natural origin extract must be reported in the submitted research manuscript, since papers describing the effects of mixed extraction from natural origin are not in the scope of the journal.


bioactive; nutraceutical; nutrient; health; diet; functional food; obesity; diabetes; cancer; cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; vitamins; proteins; peptides; polysaccharides; carotenoids; polyphenols; phytosterols and isoflavones; saponins; phytic acid; probiotics; prebiotics; enzymes; flavonoids; caffeine; carnitine; choline; creatine; dithiolthiones; phytoestrogens; glucosinolates, etc.etc.

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