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23 May 2024
Transfer Service in MDPI

We are pleased to announce MDPI’s Transfer Service.

This service provides a convenient method of transferring your manuscript file, along with any reviewer comments, to another journal within our publishing portfolio.

We are committed to helping authors find the right home for their research, and we will provide authors with guidance and technical support through all stages of the transfer process. Authors will be able to choose to transfer in the following two situations:

1. Select alternative journals on submission.

2. Authors are encouraged to transfer manuscripts to other MDPI journals.

More details about the Transfer Service can be found at the following link:

17 May 2024
Tu Youyou Award—Open for Nominations

In acknowledgment of the groundbreaking achievements of Professor Tu Youyou, the Nobel laureate credited with the discovery of artemisinin, MDPI is proud to announce the Tu Youyou Award. This award, inaugurated in 2016, seeks to honor scholars who excel in the fields of natural products chemistry and medicinal chemistry.


  • CHF 100,000 in total (If there is more than one winner, the prize will be divided equally amongst the winners);
  • An award medal for each winner.

Who should be nominated?

  • Scientists with outstanding achievements and contributions in the fields of natural products chemistry and medicinal chemistry.

Who can submit a nomination?

  • Academic research institutes
  • Universities
  • Academic societies

Any personal nominations are not accepted.

How do I submit a nomination?
Candidates’ institutional affiliations need to submit their nominations for final candidates to the Tu Youyou Award Team directly by email after internal screening, and each institution can only nominate a maximum of two candidates for each edition of the Tu Youyou Award. Please note that the nominations cannot be modified once they are submitted and confirmed by the Tu Youyou Award Team.

Required nomination materials:
Nomination Form (Download)

Nomination deadline: 31 December 2024;
Winner announcement: 30 April 2025.

Tu Youyou Award Team ([email protected])

More information can be found on the Tu Youyou Award official website. For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact the Tu Youyou Award Team.

16 May 2024
Meet Us at the 2024 Science and Technology Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, 25–27 May 2024, Wuhan, China

MDPI will be attending the 2024 Science and Technology Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences in Wuhan, China, which will take place from 25 to 27 May 2024. Themes of the conference include the collaborative management of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, defending the sky, defending clean water, defending untouched land, the assessment and prevention of ecological environment risks, the protection and restoration of ecological environments, environmental management, and digital governance in China.

The following MDPI journals will be represented at the conference:

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to talk with us at our booth #B02. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have.

16 May 2024
MDPI Romania Author Training Academic Events in April

MDPI Romania sponsored four events over the month of April, contributing author training sessions to each event.

The NutriSciLabs 2024 conference was held at the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy on 12 April 2024. Organized by the Association of Students from the Faculty of Pharmacy Studies, the conference aimed to enhance students’ academic writing and research skills, and bolster their confidence in participating in the academic world. Ioana Paunescu, journal relations specialist for MDPI Romania, led the training session. Paunescu first outlined MDPI’s history and core values, then explained academic writing techniques, ethics, and similarity percentages. The presentation covered the entire editorial process, highlighting the amount of attention paid to details throughout manuscript processing. Paunescu also discussed common errors that authors make while writing, and how to avoid such errors.

On 13 April 2024, the NextGEN 2.0 Student Conference took place at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca. NextGen Healthcare organized this event with the university’s European Students’ Society to discuss European and international current affairs. MDPI Romania contributed an author training session called Steps of the Publication Process. Irina Codruta Zaharia, journal relations specialist, began the session with a general introduction of MDPI before diving into different article types, different layout formats, possible journals to submit to, the MDPI submission checklist, and the MDPI editorial process. By explaining the fundamentals of writing and publishing academic papers, Zaharia imparted valuable industry knowledge to the curious minds present. Participants were eager to engage with Zaharia in the subsequent Q&A session.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the International Conference “Students for Students” has long been a gathering place for undergraduate and postgraduate students of all nationalities to present their work and exchange ideas with each other. This year’s conference was held on 18 April 2024, with MDPI Romania contributing an author training session called The World of Open Access. Key speakers included Dr. Norbert Kiss from MDPI Romania and Prof. Dragos Horvath from Strasbourg University. Dr. Kiss discussed the history of open access, differences between open access publishing and traditional publishing, and implications for open access in the future. Attendees expressed keen interest in the subject, approaching Dr. Kiss with questions about academic publishing as well as his career trajectory.

Most recently, on 26 April 2024, MDPI Romania sponsored the National Symposium of Students from Geology and Geophysics Faculties. The AAPG Students Chapter at the Babes-Bolyai University organized this event as an opportunity for geology students from all Romanian universities to present their work and confer with other researchers. Dr. Kiss gave his lecture The World of Open Access at this event as well.

MDPI is thankful to all the participants, speakers, and organizers who attended these events. Through their enthusiasm and dedication, these events were great successes.

9 May 2024
Meet Us at the GEM 2024 Shenzhen: International Workshop on Gravity, Electrical, and Magnetic Methods and Their Applications (GEM), 19–22 May 2024, Shenzhen, China

MDPI will be attending the GEM 2024 Shenzhen: International Workshop on Gravity, Electrical, and Magnetic Methods and Their Applications (GEM 2024) in Shenzhen, China, which will take place from 19 to 22 May 2024. The goal of GEM 2024 Shenzhen is to bring together geophysics researchers and practitioners from academia, government agencies, and resource companies as well as contractors to share the latest technological and methodological advancements and their successful applications to practical problem solving, and to inspire discussions among the participants about the best practices of turning electromagnetic, gravity, and magnetics data into value-added information. If you are attending the conference, please visit our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions you may have.

The following MDPI journals will be represented at the conference:

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to start a conversation with us at our booth #11. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have.

9 May 2024
Meet Us at the Centennial Celebration and Congress of the International Union of Soil Sciences, 19–21 May 2024, Florence, Italy

MDPI will be attending the Centennial Celebration and Congress of the International Union of Soil Sciences held in Florence, Italy, from 19 to 21, at booth #11.

The custodian of soil science will celebrate its centennial contribution to nature and wellbeing in 2024. The event will also empower the linkages with different disciplines, policymakers, stakeholders, institutions, and associations to effectively address the civil needs of society within agriculture, forestry, environment, urban planning, energy, education, and other societal issues. The celebration will take place on May 19th and will be followed by two intense days of congress, with plenary and parallel scientific sessions. Both soil scientists and specialists from other disciplines will participate in each session, focusing on past achievements and future challenges.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

Our representatives at booth #11, Mr. Nemanja Nisavic and Ms. Martina Buljovcic, are eager to answer your questions and address any inquiries you may have.

If you are attending this conference, please chat with us at our booth. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

9 May 2024
Meet Us at the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2024 (JpGU 2024), 26–31 May 2024, Chiba, Japan

MDPI is attending the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2024 (JpGU 2024). The event will be held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, from 26 to 31 May 2024, and it is organized by the Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU). JpGU is an academic union that encompasses all the Earth and planetary science disciplines and related fields; additionally, it has been organizing annual meetings since 2005. JpGU 2024 will cover a wide range of Earth and planetary sciences, including space and planetary sciences, atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences, human geosciences, solid Earth sciences, and biogeosciences. The JpGU annual meeting provides participants with a good opportunity to become familiar with cutting-edge research and unique approaches to research objects within their own special field and beyond.

Representatives of the following MDPI journals will be attending:

If you are also attending this conference, please feel free to stop by our booth (#Pub01). Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit:

9 May 2024
Meet Us at the Joint Conference on Environmental Chemicals 2024, 2–5 July 2024, Hiroshima, Japan

Conference: Joint Conference on Environmental Chemicals 2024
Date: 2–5 July 2024
Location: Hiroshima, Japan

MDPI will be attending the Joint Conference on Environmental Chemicals 2024 as an exhibitor, which will be held from 2 to 5 July 2024. We welcome researchers from different backgrounds to visit and share their latest ideas with us.

This conference is organized by the Japan Society of Endocrine Disruptors Research, the Japanese Society of Environmental Toxicology, and the Japan Society of Environmental Chemistry. The theme of the conference is “Beyond Disciplines to Solve Environmental Chemical Problems: Developing New Research from Diverse Perspectives”. At the conference, specialists will share and discuss the latest research on and applications of environmental and chemical substances to society.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are planning to attend this conference, please do not hesitate to start an online conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have.

For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

2 May 2024
MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter #11 – 2023 Annual Report, MDPI Awards, STM

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

2023 Annual Report

This is an exciting time of year at MDPI, as we have just released our annual report 2023, recapping the past year and sharing the progress and changes that took place during it.

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI)

Reflecting on 2023, I can't help but think of the changes that have occurred not only at MDPI but also within our industry as a whole. In light of this, I’m reminded that change is the only constant, and that for a publishing enterprise that has experienced rapid growth, adapting to change becomes not only a necessity but also a catalyst for sustained success.

Looking back on the significant ground we covered in 2023, I am pleased to report that the year was marked by a rise in paper submissions, along with a range of initiatives aimed at improving our internal processes and delivering top services to our scientists.

2023 Top-line MDPI Numbers

An important priority for 2023 was to strengthen our editorial policies. Despite a notable increase in the number of papers submitted from 603,000 to 655,000 (+8.6%), there was a decrease in the number of papers published from 303,000 to 285,000 (-5.9%), consistent with the overall trend in the scholarly publishing market. MDPI’s market share in gold open access articles published reached 17% in 2023 (according to Dimensions data).

2023 Open Access Numbers

For over two decades, MDPI has been at the forefront of reshaping the academic publishing landscape, with OA surpassing subscription-based publishing in 2020. This trajectory is deeply rooted in our history and reflects our unwavering commitment to, and vision for, an open future. This momentum continued in 2023, with 39% of the 4.16 million articles and reviews published as gold full-OA, 15% as gold hybrid-OA, 8% as bronze-OA, and 3% as green-OA, relative to 35% behind a paywall. In terms of gold OA (full or hybrid) articles and reviews published, MDPI leads the way in terms of total articles published in 2023.

MDPI is the trusted and preferred OA publisher for the scholarly community

However, in 2023, we saw a downward trend in publication numbers compared to 2022. This trend was also seen in total OA publications. While the number of submissions increased, the decline in MDPI publications can be attributed to several factors, such as improved scrutiny in our peer-review process, including the evaluation of content scope and higher rejection rates, and a post-pandemic decrease in research related to COVID-19 papers.

Download 2023 MDPI Annual Report.
Access 2023 Digital Report.

Impactful Research

Recognizing Scholars – MDPI Awards

MDPI is committed to empowering young researchers as they embark on their careers. In 2023, our journals hosted a total of 400 awards, receiving 8,839 applications and nominations. The evaluation committees selected 959 winners, with the total budget for these awards amounting to CHF 546,500.

For more information about MDPI awards, applications, and winners, please click here

The following awards recognize scholars and the impact of their research, including Young Investigator Awards, Best PhD Thesis Awards, and Travel Awards for junior researchers.

MDPI Awards – The following awards require an application or a nomination.

Young Investigator Award (CHF 1000–2000 for each winner)
This award acknowledges the achievements of young investigators in research areas relevant to the journal’s scope. Candidates must have received their PhD no more than 10 years prior to the award announcement date and must be nominated.

Best PhD Thesis Award (CHF 500–800 for each winner)
This award recognizes young scholars who have completed outstanding PhD theses in research areas relevant to the journal’s scope. It aims to encourage them to continue their excellent work and make further contributions to their field.

Travel Award (CHF 500–800 for each winner)
This award encourages junior scientists to present their latest research at academic conferences relevant to the journal’s scope, thereby increasing their impact.

Distinguished Scholars
Additionally, 220 awards were granted to the most distinguished authors and reviewers in our journals through Best Paper Awards and Outstanding Reviewer Awards. The following awards are selected by the editorial staff of the journal and do not require an application or a nomination. They exemplify the excellent contributions made by our authors, reviewers, and editors.

These awards exemplify the excellent contributions made by our authors, reviewers, and editors

Best Paper Award (CHF 200–500 for each winner)
This award is granted annually to highlight publications of high quality, scientific significance, and extensive influence.

Outstanding Reviewer Award (CHF 500 for partial winners)
This award is given annually to recognize reviewers who generously contribute their time to reviewing papers and demonstrate thoroughness, professionalism, and timeliness in their reviews.

MDPI also offers awards for specific topics in various research fields:

Carbon Neutrality Award (CHF 500–800 for each winner)
Sponsored by MDPI journal Sustainability, this award recognizes applicants who have made exceptional academic or societal contributions to carbon neutrality, either in general or in relation to a specific carbon-neutrality-related issue.

Intelligent Manufacturing Award (CHF 500–800 for each winner)
Administered by MDPI journal Machines, this award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding academic or societal contributions to the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Granted: World Sustainability Awards

Inside MDPI

MDPI Opens Office in Seoul, Korea and Appoints Claude Seo as Office Manager

As CEO of the world’s leading OA publisher, I am pleased to announce the official opening of our Korean branch office. With this addition, MDPI now operates 21 offices in 12 countries worldwide, improving on our position as a truly global publisher. This expansion represents more than just an increase in our physical footprint; it is a pivotal step in our ongoing commitment to making scientific knowledge more accessible across the globe.

MDPI now operates 21 offices in 12 countries worldwide, improving on our position as a truly global publisher

Claude Seo (MDPI Korea Office Manager, Seoul)

Claude Seo, who has over 15 years of experience in the academic publishing industry, has been appointed as the Office Manager of the Seoul office. The launch of our Seoul office allows us to better support the Korean scientific community and to further promote the publication of OA journals in the region.

Reflecting on his role, Claude shared that he is:

“Delighted to have been entrusted with this position within MDPI, the no. 1 scholarly OA publisher. As we establish our presence in Korea, we are dedicated to integrating ourselves into the local community and contributing to its vibrant culture. Our commitment goes beyond business growth; it is about creating a more informed and innovative society by embracing and promoting diversity within the scientific community.”

Sungkyunkwan University Joins MDPI’s Institutional Open Access Program

Additionally, I am pleased to share that Sungkyunkwan University has joined MDPI’s Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP). This program offers free access to MDP’s online submission system for institutions and provides APC discounts to affiliated authors. Thirteen major Korean universities, including Sungkyunkwan University, Kyunghee University, Chung-Ang University, and the Catholic University of Korea, have adopted IOAP in Korea.

Learn more about MDPI’s collaboration in Korea in my previous CEO Letter, in which I recap our visit to Seoul, South Korea.

Coming Together for Science

4th MMCS: Harnessing the Power of New Drug Modalities

Our conference team successfully managed the 4th Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, held from 24–26 April in Barcelona, Spain. It was chaired by Prof. Dr. Diego Muñoz-Torrero from the Institute of Biomedicine (IBUB), University of Barcelona, Spain, and Prof. Dr. Simona Collina from the University of Pavia, Italy. In total, there were 84 accepted abstracts and 102 conference attendees from 22 different countries.

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Rino Ragno (Scientific Committee), Dr. Maria Emilia Sousa (Scientific Committee), Prof. Dr. Claudio Viegas Jr. (Scientific Committee), Prof. Dr. Simona Collina (Chair), Prof. Dr. Diego Muñoz-Torrero (Chair), Alvina Wu (Managing Editor, MDPI), Prof. Dr. Roman Dembinski (Scientific Committee), Prof. Dr. Mariana Spetea (Scientific Committee).

The event comprised 12 Invited Speakers, 35 Selected Talks, 10 Flash Poster Presentations, and 39 Posters. The overarching topic of the conference was the impact of the emergence of new drug modalities on drug discovery, with thematic sessions covering topics such as photoactivatable drugs, candidates targeting RNA and epigenetic targets, covalent modifiers, and the development of new anti-cancer agents, among other medicinal chemistry projects.

We are pleased to have received feedback from attendees highlighting the professional approach of the conference chairs and participants, the high quality of the talks, and the overall outstanding organization on the part of the MDPI conference team.

Thank you to the conference sponsors, Fluorochem and IBUB, and to our partnering societies, The Spanish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM), and the Spanish Society of Medicinal Chemistry (SEQT).

Upcoming In-Person Event

28–31 May, 2024
Polymers 2024 – Polymers for a Safe and Sustainable Future
Athens, Greece
Conference Chairs: Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Bikiaris, Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Triantafyllidis, Dr. Ioanna Deligkiozi
We look forward to welcoming experts Prof. Damià Barceló, Prof. Minna Hakkareinen, and Prof. Armando J. D. Silvestre to this event.

Find more upcoming MDPI events here.

Organize Your Event with MDPI’s Sciforum

Sciforum is MDPI’s platform dedicated to the organization of scientific events. In line with our mission to promote science, Sciforum supports scholars, societies, research networks, and universities at all stages of organizing in-person events, virtual events and webinars. Our platforms are efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective. We handle all steps related to event management. Contact us for details.

Closing Thoughts

A Report from the Future – STM US Annual Conference 2024

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI), Dr. Giulia Stefenelli and Dr. Ioana Craciun from MDPI’s Scientific Office Board.

MDPI has for a long time been a sponsor of the STM Annual Conferences, held yearly in the US and Frankfurt, and is a trusted partner and supporter of the STM organization. While I have attended the Frankfurt conference for the past three years, this was my first time visiting the Washington, DC session, and I am glad I did.

Although it was a brief trip, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to attend in the company of my colleagues Dr. Giulia Stefenelli and Dr. Ioana Craciun from MDPI’s Scientific Office Board. They always help map some of the new industry trends against MDPI’s operational framework and guidelines. It’s a great group for kicking ideas back and forth on what we can apply at MDPI.

In my experience, STM never fails to deliver. It’s always a great conference for reconnecting with fellow publishers, industry friends, and vendors. As usual, STM this year curated a diverse range of speakers and panels, who proferred valuable knowledge and insights from outside our industry, delivering thought-provoking insights into our field. An example of this was the ‘Trust Panel’ session, which included Alan Schiffres (Managing Director, InfoLinx), who shared a number of the learnings about fraud and risk management from his 40 years in financial services, to help address some of the challenges we are currently facing in the area of publishing integrity.

Launch of STM Trends 2028 Panel

I particularly enjoyed the ‘Launch of STM Trends 2028 Panel’, which presented a report focused on the integration of humans and machines in scholarly publishing. The session highlighted themes such as AI, digitization, and the evolving research ecosystem. The report envisions a future where technology blurs the lines between human and machine involvement in research processes, with significant implications for trust, reputation, and equity. While this presents opportunities for connectivity and knowledge dissemination, it also poses challenges such as disinformation, fragmentation, and geopolitical tensions. We must rely on a wise combination of technology and human agency to navigate this complex landscape and will have to carefully examine its potential impacts on communication and scholarly publishing.

MDPI has joined the STM Integrity Hub. Click here to learn more.

While every presenter brought their own knowledge and personal touch, I was particularly pleased to encounter new speakers such as Heather Whitney (Research Assistant Professor, Radiology, University of Chicago) and Igor Grossmann (Professor of Psychology, University of Waterloo, Canada). Having studied Sociology at the University of Guelph, I have a soft spot for fellow social scientists from Canada, and I was very impressed by Igor’s presentation on ‘The Social Scientist: A View from the Future’ and his participation in the panel session ‘The Future Beyond the Article,’ which was one of my favourites from the conference, given the diversity of perspectives from the panel speakers.

Memorial Park in Washington, DC

On a personal note, this was my first-time visiting Washington, DC, and I’m glad we took an afternoon to visit the Memorial Park, with its incredible monuments to figures ranging from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Abraham Lincoln. The magnitude of the monuments is deeply impressive. I particularly appreciated the Thomas Jefferson memorial and the following quote, which I think speaks to the importance of change and adaptation. It’s something we can apply not only in our industry but also in our personal lives.

"I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as a civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors."

– Excerpted from a letter to Samuel Kercheval, July 12, 1816.

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

30 April 2024
MDPI Opens Office in Seoul, Korea and Appoints Claude Seo as Office Manager

MDPI, the leading Open Access (OA) publisher, announced on Monday that it opened its Korean branch office on 29th April 2024. With this addition, MDPI now operates 21 offices in 12 countries worldwide. Claude Seo, with over 20 years of experience in the academic journal publishing industry, including Nature Publishing Group (NPG), has been appointed as the Office Manager of the Seoul office.

With the establishment of a Seoul office, MDPI aims to actively support Korea scientific communities to further promote the publication of OA journals in the region. As of the end of 2023, Korea ranked sixth worldwide in both submissions and publications of MDPI research papers. MDPI is the number one OA publisher in Korea.

Sungkyunkwan University Joins MDPI’s Institutional Open Access Program

In addition, MDPI announced that Sungkyunkwan University joined MDPI’s Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP). This program offers free access to MDPI online submission system for the institutions and APC discounts to affiliated authors. Thirteen major Korean universities, including Sungkyunkwan University, Kyung Hee University, Chung-Ang University and Catholic University of Korea, have adopted IOAP in Korea.

OA aims to break down barriers that have traditionally restricted access to science, ensuring that knowledge is available to all, regardless of financial situation or institutional affiliations. Authors, academia, and scientific communities are rapidly moving toward OA. MDPI has been at the forefront of reshaping the academic publishing landscape, with OA surpassing subscription-based publishing in 2020.

MDPI CEO Visits Seoul, Korea

In March, Stefan Tochev, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MDPI, visited Korea and met with various stakeholders including government agencies, research and academic institutions, universities. During his visit, Stefan highlighted that MDPI continues to pave the way for a world where science is accessible to all, supporting a global community of inclusive innovation and collaborative solutions.

Stefan expressed excitement about the new venture, stating, "Today marks a significant milestone for MDPI as we celebrate the opening of our new office in Seoul, Korea. This expansion is more than just an increase in our physical footprint, it is a pivotal step in our ongoing commitment to making scientific knowledge more accessible, participatory, and inclusive across the globe."

Claude Seo, reflecting on his new role, commented, "I am delighted to have been offered this position of trust within MDPI, the no. 1 scholarly OA publisher. As we establish our presence in Korea, we are dedicated to integrating into the local community and contributing to its vibrant culture. Our commitment goes beyond business growth; it is about creating a more informed and innovative society by embracing and promoting diversity within the scientific community.”

For further inquiries, please contact our Seoul office directly.

About MDPI

A pioneer in scholarly, open access publishing, MDPI has supported academic communities since 1996. MDPI is leading the transition to open science by making more research free and accessible to everyone. Over 3.3 million researchers have entrusted MDPI with publishing their scientific discoveries. MDPI’s editorial process is bolstered by a network of dedicated reviewers, a team of 6000 diligent, well-trained staff members, and an in-house article submission platform that was designed to ensure efficient processes within its 430 fully OA titles.

25 April 2024
Topics Webinar | Shaping Sustainable Futures: Integrating Innovation and Sustainability in Building Design and Retrofitting, 15 May 2024

MDPI would like to invite all experts recognized in their fields to attend the following Topics Webinar. The webinar consists of two topics:
Topic 1: Building Tomorrow: Innovations in Sustainable Infrastructure and Design;
Topic 2: Advancing Sustainable Building Retrofitting: Design to Circular Economy.

The aim of this webinar is to explore cutting-edge innovations in sustainable infrastructure and design practices and promote sustainability through foreign investment in developing countries.

We look forward to seeing you at the Topics Webinar—Shaping Sustainable Futures: Integrating Innovation and Sustainability in Building Design and Retrofitting.

Title: Shaping Sustainable Futures: Integrating Innovation and Sustainability in Building Design and Retrofitting
Date: 15 May 2024
Time: 1:00 p.m. AEST | 10:00 a.m. CST Asia
More Information:

This is a free webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information on how to join the webinar. Registrations with academic institutional email addresses will be prioritized.

Unable to attend? Register anyway and we will let you know when the recording is available for viewing.

Register for free:


Topic 1: Building Tomorrow: Innovations in Sustainable Infrastructure and Design


Time in AEST

Time in CST Asia

Dr. Mehdi Amirkhani
Chair Introduction

1:00 p.m.–1:10 p.m.

11:00 a.m.–11:10 a.m.

Prof. Sara Wilkinson
The Sustainable Temporary Adaptive Reuse (STAR) Toolkit

1:10 p.m.–1:25 p.m.

11:10 a.m.–11:25 a.m.

Q&A Session

1:25 p.m.–1:30 p.m.

11:25 a.m.–11:30 a.m.

Prof. Mark B. Luther
The Distinctive Properties of Glass

1:30 p.m.–1:45 p.m.

11:30 a.m.–11:45 a.m.

Q&A Session

2:45 p.m.–2:50 p.m.

11:45 a.m.–11:50 a.m.

Dr. Peter Raisbeck
Optimising the Optimisers: Sustainability Science and Australian Architects

1:50 p.m.–2:05 p.m.

11:50 a.m.–12:05 p.m.

Q&A Session

2:05 p.m.–2:10 p.m.

12:05 p.m.–12:10 p.m.

Dr. Thong Pham
Next Generation Design of Sustainable, Durable, Multi-hazard Resistant, Resilient, and Smart Civil Engineering Structures – SduMuRS

2:10 p.m.–2:25 p.m.

12:10 p.m.–12:25 p.m.

Q&A Session

2:25 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

12:25 p.m.–12:30 p.m.

Dr. Weiling Jiang
Promoting the Sustainability of Infrastructure in Developing Countries Through Foreign Investment

2:30 p.m.–2:45 p.m.

12:30 p.m.–12:45 p.m.

Q&A Session

2:45 p.m.–2:50 p.m.

12:45 p.m.–12:50 p.m.

Dr. Mehdi Amirkhani
Closing of Webinar

2:50 p.m.–2:55 p.m.

12:50 p.m.–12:55 p.m.

 Topic 2: Advancing Sustainable Building Retrofitting: Design to Circular Economy


Time in AEST

Time in CST Asia

Dr. Igor Martek
Chair Introduction

1:00 p.m.–1:10 p.m.

11:00 a.m.–11:10 a.m.

Dr. Masa Noguchi
ZEMCH Environmental Experience Design Research for Sustainability

1:10 p.m.–1:25 p.m.

11:10 a.m.–11:25 a.m.

Q&A Session

02:25 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

11:25 a.m.–11:30 a.m.

Dr. Glenn Costin
Retrofitting for Bushfire: of Context and Content

1:30 p.m.–1:45 p.m.

11:30 a.m.–11:45 a.m.

Q&A Session

2:45 p.m.–2:50 p.m.

11:45 a.m.–11:50 a.m.

Dr. Ki Kim
Open BIM-based Circular Economy in Building Component Reuse

1:50 p.m.–2:05 p.m.

11:50 a.m.–12:05 p.m.

Q&A Session

2:05 p.m.–2:10 p.m.

12:05 p.m.–12:10 p.m.

Mr. Hung Quang Do
Radiant Conditioning Retrofitting for Commercial and Residential Buildings

2:10 p.m.–2:25 p.m.

12:10 p.m.–12:25 p.m.

Q&A Session

2:25 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

12:25 p.m.–12:30 p.m.

Dr. Igor Martek
Closing of Webinar

2:30 p.m.–2:35 p.m.

12:30 p.m.–12:35 p.m.

Relevant Topic:
Functionalized Magnetic Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
Edited by Igor Martek and Mehdi Amirkhani
Abstract submission deadline: 31 May 2024
Manuscript submission deadline: 31 August 2024

11 April 2024
Meet Us at the 32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2024), 24–27 June 2024, Marseille, France

MDPI will attend the 32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2024) as an exhibitor. This meeting will be held in Marseille, France, from 24 to 27 June 2024.

EUBCE is the largest biomass conference and exhibition in the world. Each year, EUBCE brings together the greatest minds and the latest advancements in biomass, with the aim of accelerating research and market uptake across the globe. During the conference, over 2,000 experts from both academia and industry share and discuss groundbreaking ideas, technologies, applications, and solutions for the sourcing, production, and utility of biomass. This scientific program is coordinated by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Since its 30th edition, the event has been complemented by the Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking, aiming at identifying innovation, stimulating investment, and mobilizing the bio-based industry sector. This is an excellent opportunity to address even more stakeholders globally during the conference.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending this conference, please chat with us at our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have.

For more information about the conference, please visit

8 April 2024
Meet Us at the 9th Youth Geoscience Forum, 17–20 May 2024, Xiamen, China

MDPI will be attending the 9th Youth Geoscience Forum, which will be held from 17 to 20 May 2024 in Xiamen, China.

The Young Geoscience Forum is a free, equal and controversial communication platform initiated by young geoscientists in China, with distinguished scientists as advisors and young scholars and postgraduate students as the main participants. Since its inception in 2014, the Forum has been successfully held in Lanzhou (2014), Urumqi (2015), Xi'an (2016), Chengdu (2017), Nanjing (2018), Xining (2019), Guiyang (2021) and Wuhan (2023). Over time, it has gradually developed into a platform for academic exchanges and collision of ideas among young geoscientists in China. The conference has been successfully held eight times.

The Forum will feature 20 themes, with multiple different topics within each, and is expected to comprise about 270 topics. There will be invited presentations, special presentations and exhibition panels.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • Atmosphere;
  • Earth;
  • GeoHazards;
  • Geoscience;
  • Geotechnics;
  • Hydrology;
  • Land;
  • Minerals;
  • Nitrogen;
  • Remote Sensing;
  • Soil Systems;
  • Sustainability;
  • Water.

If you plan to attend this conference, please stop by booth #29 and start a conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

2 April 2024
Meet Us at the EGU General Assembly 2024, 14–19 April 2024, Vienna, Austria

MDPI will be attending the EGU General Assembly 2024 in Vienna, Austria, which will take place from 14 to 19 April 2024 at booth #57. The EGU General Assembly 2024 is organized by the European Geosciences Union, and this is the 22nd conference. It brings together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. The EGU 2024 aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early-career researchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending the conference, please visit our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

We would also like to congratulate the winners of the Geosciences 2024 Travel Award and the 2023 Outstanding Reviewer Award. Professor Olivier Lacombe, Section Editor-in-Chief of Geosciences, will present prizes on-site to Dr. Andrea Maffeis from Università di Torino, Dr. Simone Bello from University G. d’Annunzio, and Dr. Yuchen Wang from Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology.

Join us on 16 April 2024 (17:30–17:45 CET) for the award ceremony at booth #57. If you are interested in travel support or learning about other MDPI awards, please visit our booth during the conference where our conference representatives will be available to assist you.

2 April 2024
Meet Us at the 2024 AAG Annual Meeting, 16–20 April 2024, Hawaii, USA

MDPI will be attending the 2024 AAG Annual Meeting in Hawaii, USA, which will take place from 16 to 20 April 2024 at booth #312. The AAG Annual Meeting is held annually by the American Association of Geographers (AAG). The themes of AAG 2024 connect our meeting and academic offerings to the ecologies, history, and cultures of our host location in Hawaii, affirming the interconnectedness of place and beings here and around the world.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending the conference, please visit our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

2 April 2024
MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter #10 - South Korea, IWD, U2A, Japan

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

Left to right: Dr. Jisuk Kang (Scientific Officer, MDPI), Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI), and Dr. Giulia Stefenelli (Chair of Scientific Office Board, MDPI), during media meetings at Prain Agency office in Seoul, South Korea.

Visit to Seoul, South Korea

During my recent visit to South Korea, I had the privilege of meeting various stakeholders, including representatives of government, research institutions, and academia, to understand their needs and communicate MDPI’s commitment to accessible science. Accompanied by my colleagues Dr. Giulia Stefenelli and Dr. Jisuk Kang, I engaged with the Korean scientific community, which is increasingly embracing open access (OA).

As the leading OA publisher in South Korea, MDPI is trusted by local authors and in 2023 enjoyed an approximately 30% share of the OA market. South Korea ranks sixth globally for MDPI in terms of research papers submitted and published.

MDPI and South Korea by Numbers

As at 30 March, over 76,000 MDPI articles have been authored by individuals affiliated with Korean institutions. We have over 1,800 active editorial board members (EBMs) from South Korea, with more than 880 EBMs having an H-index between 26 and 50, including 10 serving as Chief Editors.

“South Korea is the sixth-largest contributor to our total publications”

Over the past five years (2019–2023), nearly 120,000 authors affiliated with South Korean institutes have published with MDPI. Specifically in 2023, we received approximately 25,000 submissions from South Korean authors, publishing close to 13,000 articles, resulting in a rejection rate of 47.4%, which is not far below MDPI’s overall rejection rate of 56.4% in 2023.

Institutional Partnerships with South Korea

I am pleased to share that MDPI has more than 825 institutional partnerships worldwide, with 12 in South Korea, including Kyunghee University, Chung-Ang University, and Inha University, among others.

Left to right: Dr. Jisuk Kang (Scientific Officer, MDPI), Dr. Giulia Stefenelli (Chair of Scientific Office Board, MDPI), and Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) fielding media questions at Prain PR Agency office in Seoul, South Korea.

Over the past three years (2021–2023), we have had some of the most prestigious academic universities ranked among the top 10 Korean institutions publishing with MDPI. Seoul National University had the highest number of publications with MDPI during those three years, publishing nearly 6,000 papers. Universities such as Korea University and Yonsei University also rank among the top 10 Korean institutions publishing with MDPI.

MDPI Hosts Seminar for Academia and Media

As the world’s leading OA publisher, MDPI is actively democratizing science. This is reflected in the seminars we hosted on 21 March to address questions about our editorial processes and ethical standards. The visit garnered media coverage, reflecting our mission to providing high-quality services and fostering open dialogue in the community.

“MDPI is actively democratizing science”

MDPI in the News

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) leading a seminar on OA and MDPI at Prain PR Agency office in Seoul, South Korea.

Media coverage generated by our visit to Seoul included the following stories:

“Open access is an unstoppable trend…it will lead the development of the knowledge ecosystem.”

“Papers that the public needs, anyone can use quickly… low-quality publishing is a misunderstanding.”

I greatly appreciate the contributions of everyone who took the time to meet with us, share their stories, and hold us accountable for continuing to provide high-quality publishing services while identifying areas for improvement. I am also excited to announce that we have opened an MDPI office in Seoul and will release a press release on, with details, by the end April 2024. The purpose of the office is to establish a local presence to connect with and support the South Korean academic community through institutional partnerships, conferences, author workshops, stakeholder communications, and more.

Impactful Research

Featured Articles on Women’s Leadership and Healthcare

In celebration of International Women’s Day (8 March 2024), MDPI curated a collection of research articles on various topics, including women’s leadership, reproductive health, preventive healthcare, and a selection of articles from our journal Women.

Women’s Leadership

Women’s Reproductive Health

Women’s Preventive Healthcare

Featured Articles in MDPI Journal Women

Below are a few articles from Women, our journal focused on women’s health, the social determinants of health, and the healthcare system that serves women. The aim of Women is to encourage academics to publish their experimental and theoretical results in detail, to aid reproducibility, and in an engaging style, to aid comprehensibility.

Inside MDPI


Championing Women’s Healthcare and Access to Healthcare Information

MDPI colleagues from our offices joined in celebrating #IWD2024. In doing so, we emphasized key missions that encompass:

  • Empowering women to assume leadership and decision-making roles in both business and science.
  • Helping women and girls make informed decisions about their health.
  • Recruiting and developing female talent and fostering inclusive workplace environments.

“We are thrilled to recognize the accomplishments of women scientists”

I am proud to see our colleagues enthusiastically supporting the International Women’s Day call to ‘Inspire Inclusion!’ The heart-hands in the collage below symbolize our appreciation of the achievements of women researchers and the recognition of the trailblazers who have courageously made a mark on societies past and present.

We are thrilled to recognize the accomplishments of women scientists through our many MDPI awards and by highlighting success stories. As inspirational figures, female scientists are paving the way for the next generation of women aspiring to pursue careers in engineering, life sciences, computing, and various other STEM fields.

“I consider myself lucky because I work with incredibly talented women who inspire me every day.”
– Dr. Alessandra Pasut, Winner of MDPI's ‘Biology 2023 Young Investigator Award’

“It’s really important to find a supportive and enabling environment in which to do your science; it would have a big impact on you as a person and on your scientific outputs.”
– Dr. Rhea Longley, Winner of the ‘Pathogens 2023 Young Investigator Award’

Open-access publishing, in particular, allows early-career women researchers to share their work more widely, potentially attracting mentorship opportunities and collaborations. This support is crucial for career development and advancement.

Coming Together for Science

MDPI Joins United2Act in Collective Fight to Stop Paper Mills

In my February 2024 CEO Letter, I highlighted some of our recent initiatives aimed at bolstering our commitment to research integrity, including joining the STM Integrity Hub and expanding our Research Integrity and Publication Ethics team (RIPE). Continuing our efforts in coming together for science, I am pleased to share our participation in the United2Act initiative.

The text below is taken from our official announcement:

United2Act represents an international group of stakeholders in the publishing industry committed to addressing the collective challenge posed to research integrity by paper mills.

Scientists and academic publishers have increasingly noted the alarming proliferation of paper mills, recognized as fraudulent entities seeking to manipulate the publication process for financial profit. These entities engage in fraudulent practices such as falsifying or fabricating data, selling co-authorship of fake papers, manipulating peer review, and including inappropriate citations. These actions pose a significant threat to the integrity of the scholarly record, prompting widespread concern among those involved in the academic community.

MDPI has been actively contributing to combat the undermining of the scientific record. Our editors employ a set of tools to detect potential ethical breaches within a manuscript and to tackle the issue of fake papers.

United2Act’s consensus statement is the outcome of a virtual summit held in May 2023. It involved the participation of research bodies, publishers, researchers/sleuths, universities, and publishing infrastructure from 15 countries and resulted in a Consensus Statement outlining five key areas of action for all stakeholders:

  • Education and awareness
  • Improve post-publication corrections
  • Facilitate and organise research on paper mills
  • Enable the development of trust markers
  • Facilitate dialogue between stakeholders

MDPI is committed to promoting transparency and integrity in scholarly publishing and is continuing to work closely with the scientific community toward this goal.

Closing Thoughts

Left to right: Ryo Hirayama (Marketing Specialist, MDPI), Takashi Sasabe (Marketing Specialist, MDPI), Dr. Giulia Stefenelli (Chair of Scientific Office Board, MDPI), Dr. Izumi Yamamoto (Marketing Manager, MDPI), and Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI), at MDPI’s office in Tokyo, Japan.

Visit to Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

In March, I had the opportunity to visit our Tokyo office and engage with stakeholders in Tokyo and Kyoto. During the visit, I also recorded a video message to welcome Japanese scholars working with MDPI and to highlight our operations in Japan.

We held meetings with Editors-in-Chief, librarians, scholars, and external consultants to gather feedback on our efforts to enhance our reputation and explore additional steps we can take in that direction. Japan's rich cultural heritage, characterized by tradition, respect, and formality, provided valuable insights into meeting the publishing needs specific to Japan.

Japan’s Open Access statistics

Over the years, we have seen a shift from subscription-only to gold OA publishing in Japan, despite the lack of an official mandate. Here are some statistics:

  • 2012: 68% of articles were subscription-only, 6% were green Open Access, and 8% were gold Open Access.
  • 2016: 55% of articles were subscription-only, 6% were green Open Access, and 20% were gold Open Access.
  • 2022: 43% of articles were subscription-only, 7% were green Open Access, and 39% were gold Open Access.

To learn more about the history of OA in Japan as well as about future trends, please read this blog post.

“Japan is the ninth-largest contributor to our total publications”

Left to right: Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI), Dr. Izumi Yamamoto (Marketing Manager, MDPI), and Dr. Giulia Stefenelli (Chair of Scientific Office Board, MDPI) visiting Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan.

MDPI and Japan by Numbers

As at 1 April, over 50,000 MDPI articles have been authored by scholars affiliated with Japanese institutions, making the country the ninth-largest contributor to our total publications. Over the past three years (2020–2023), nearly 90,000 authors affiliated with Japanese institutes have published with MDPI, and we have collaborated with over 4,600 Guest Editors from Japan.

In 2023, we published over 8,200 papers from authors associated with Japanese institutions. MDPI collaborates with 41 institutional partnerships in Japan, including the University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University, and Nagoya University. We have over 2,100 active EBMs from Japan, more than 1,050 EBMs having an H-index between 26 and 50, including 13 serving as Editors-in-Chief.

General Feedback – a side note

A general takeaway from our discussions with stakeholders from around the world is that negative perceptions of MDPI often stem from misinformation, misconceptions, or misunderstandings about MDPI and our practices. While we acknowledge our mistakes and work diligently to address them, maintaining a strong editorial procedure and robust peer-review process, I find that educating stakeholders about our how we do what we do and our ongoing improvements tends to help shift opinions.

That said, we recognize the importance of addressing individual concerns. We take feedback seriously and are continuously working to get better while not compromising the core principles that millions of authors appreciate about MDPI.

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

4 March 2024
MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter #9 - Romania, Research Integrity, Viruses

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

Reka Kovacs (Deputy Office Manager, MDPI), Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI), and Sandra Ana Spatariu (Office Manager, MDPI) at the MDPI office in Cluj, Romania.

MDPI’s Impact on Romania

In February, I visited our office in Cluj, Romania. I worked closely with our senior office managers and various teams, including the departments of training, marketing and conferences, as well as our journal relationship specialists, reviewing our service to the local scholarly community. During the visit, I also met with representatives from Babes-Bolyai University and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Our multifunctional Romanian office plays an important role in supporting our collaborations with the local market as well as helping to meet MDPI’s overall business needs.

Feedback and strategy meeting with a group of MDPI’s Journal Relationship Specialists at the MDPI office in Cluj, Romania.

With 22,436 articles, Romania ranks as a top 20 contributing country to MDPI’s total number of papers published as at 28 February 2024. This highlights the importance of our collaboration with Romanian-affiliated authors and the growing opportunity to support their publishing needs. MDPI is one of the few academic publishers with a significant presence in Romania, boasting over 360 colleagues across our offices in Bucharest and Cluj. We are also proud to hire colleagues from local institutions to launch their careers within publishing.

Romania ranks as a top 20 contributing country.

The Numbers: 2019–2023

MDPI has seen a healthy increase in submissions from Romanian authors over the past three years, from 8,439 in 2021 to 11,866 by end of 2023, with most submissions going to journals such as Sustainability, Medicina, Diagnostics, IJMS, Applied Sciences, and JCM. From 2019 to 2023, MDPI published articles from 32,145 authors affiliated with Romanian institutions. Over those years, we have worked with Romanian Guest Editors on nearly 3,000 occasions to support their Special Issue and Topical collections.

With more than 300 Editorial Board Members from Romania, 34 appear on the board of Mathematics, 27 on Materials, 19 on Polymers, 18 on Coatings, and 16 on Molecules, while three serve as Section Editors-in-Chief (SEiC) on our journals Coatings (3.4 IF, 4.6 Citescore), Magnetochemistry (2.7 IF, 3.5 Citescore), and Chemosensors (4.2 IF, 3.9 Citescore).

Institutional Open Access Programs

Our commitment to working with institutions is evident in Romania, where we have established eight Institutional Open Access Programs (IOAP) with esteemed institutions such as the University of Bucharest, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, and most recently the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics.

Our growth and presence in Romania are a true testament.

We also have IOAP agreements with Babes-Bolyai University and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, where I had the opportunity to meet senior stakeholders during my visit. Below are a few photos capturing our meeting with Prof. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu (Head of Faculty of Chemistry, Babes-Bolyai University) at the MDPI office in Cluj, Romania, along with a photo from our meeting with Vice Deans Nicoleta Cobarzan, Nicoleta Ilies, and Hoda Gavril, from the faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Cluj, Romania.

Our growth and presence in Romania are a true testament to the service we provide to the scholarly community and the relationships we foster in that region. We look forward to continuing to support Romanian scholars and institutions by providing a valuable and trusted experience with MDPI, the leader in open access publishing.

Impactful Research

MDPI Joins the STM Integrity Hub

MDPI has long been a supporter and partner of STM, with our involvement ranging from sponsoring and attending events to helping organize event programs. By joining the STM Integrity Hub, we aim to further our commitment to STM initiatives aimed at safeguarding the integrity of science.

“We are pleased to welcome MDPI as the 35th organisation participating in the Hub. This expansion is critical, as every new member enhances our capacity to prevent fraudulent submissions from entering the academic record.”

Joris van Rossum, Director of Research Integrity, STM

MDPI operates in full alignment with STM Integrity Hub's values of shared data and experiences. We strongly believe in collaboration and open exchange for the purposes of creating a holistic approach to support research integrity at MDPI itself and across the entire academic publishing industry. The Integrity Hub is an excellent example of how publishers can come together to jointly address industry-wide challenges related to research integrity, such as manuscripts that breach research integrity standards and paper-mills.

I look forward to our Research Integrity and Publication Ethics Team (RIPE) team immersing themselves in this initiative, exchanging information, best practices, and tools for the benefit of the entire scholarly ecosystem. We believe that ethical publishing standards should be implemented across the board, and we aim to be rigorous in our approach, addressing research integrity issues and improving the impact of published research.

Inside MDPI

MDPI Expands Research Integrity and Publication Ethics Team (RIPE)

In addition to external collaborations and joint initiatives aimed at further strengthening our commitment to research integrity, we are also enhancing our internal efforts. This includes improving our processes and guidelines and expanding our teams and departments to ensure quality assurance throughout our publishing process.

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Research Integrity and Publication Ethics Team (RIPE) at MDPI. The RIPE team has recently welcomed new colleagues, each bringing unique skills and a personal commitment to prioritize ethical considerations in all our work.

The demand for research integrity and high ethical standards in academic publishing is steadily rising across our industry. Our expanded RIPE team will work to enhance and align our practices with industry best practices, ensuring excellence in research integrity and publication ethics.

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) introduces Dr. Tim Tait-Jamieson (Research Integrity Lead, MDPI) for his presentation on MDPI’s Retraction and Approval Process to a group of Journal Relationship Specialists at the MDPI office in Cluj, Romania: “The demand for research integrity and publication ethics is steadily rising across our industry.”

Introducing our Research Integrity and Publication Ethics Team

Led by Dr. Tim Tait-Jamieson (Research Integrity Lead), the RIPE team comprises Dr. Ivana Resanovic (Research Integrity Manager), Dr. Lavinia Rogojina (Research Integrity Manager), Ms. Diana Apodaritei (Research Integrity Specialist), Dr. Zoltan Mihaly (Research Integrity Specialist), Mr. Aleksandar Đukić (Research Integrity Specialist), Ms. Ana Stankovic (Research Integrity Specialist), and Ms. Anna Pena (Publication Ethics Assistant).

Please click here to access everything that you need to know about MDPI’s Research and Publication Ethics.

With this span of complementary roles, the RIPE team collaborates directly with journal editorial teams and works closely with various departments, including our Scientific Office Board and our Journal Relationship Specialists. The team’s primary objectives are to help prevent issues regarding research integrity and publication ethics during peer review, uphold MDPI’s ethics policies, adhere to industry standards, and resolve publication ethics and research integrity issues and complaints.

Quality Updates to Special Issues Oversight

At MDPI, we are committed to reviewing policies pertaining to the quality of research. In this blog post, Shaheena Patel (Communications Associate, MDPI), outlines two recent updates to MDPI journal processes. These updates pertain to Special Issue (SI) quality guidelines, in line with criteria provided by COPE and DOAJ. Alongside the SI updates, details regarding the new minor corrections policy introduced in 2024 are provided in the blog.

The two updates we implemented include greater oversight and the verification of Guest Editor credentials. These guidelines require that Editors-in-Chief (EiCs) and Editorial Board Members (EBMs) take responsibility for overseeing SIs.

PS. Thank you, James Butcher, for featuring this up in your 67th issue of the Journalogy newsletter.

Read more:

Coming Together for Science

Viruses 2024 – A World of Viruses

I am pleased to share the success of our MDPI conference Viruses 2024 – A World of Viruses, held 14-16 February, in Barcelona. With 240 registrations, this event brought together top scientists, researchers, and industry experts from 40 countries to share their findings on the latest developments in viral pathogenesis and immune responses.

Attendees gathered for the 5th edition of the Viruses’ conference, where we hosted influential keynote speeches from Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Charles M. Rice and ‘Distinguished Senior Virologist’ Prof. Luis Enjuanes, along with 14 invited speakers, 47 selected speakers, and nine flash poster presenters, to discuss the most significant issues in virology today.

Recap on the #Viruses2024 Conference

Take a look at the key moments from MDPI’s Viruses event and please join us in commemorating a gathering for global knowledge and cooperation. A heartfelt thank-you to all attendees; their passion and engagement played a crucial role in making this event an engaging success!

Below are calls to action from the keynote speakers encouraging collaboration and communication:

“There’s never been a better time than now to really take the power that we have both in terms of basic research and also in biotech and pharma to develop antiviral agents.” - Dr. Charles M. Rice, The Rockefeller University, New York, USA

“The collaboration between labs is absolutely essential. Improving initial detection and improving communication is a must for all of us working in science.” - Prof. Dr. Luis Enjuanes, National Center of Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC), Madrid, Spain

Our thanks go to our sponsors and partnering societies, our Viruses journal and editorial team, our Barcelona colleagues, and the social media, conference and other MDPI teams for making this event a memorable occasion. View the event gallery here.

Upcoming In-Person Event

24–26 April, 2024
4th MMCS – Harnessing the Power of New Drug Modalities
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Esteemed speakers at MMCS 2024 include Prof. Arun K. Ghosh, the mind behind the Darunavir molecule, and Prof. Paul Brennan, CSO of Alzheimer's Research UK Oxford Drug Discovery Institute.

Find more upcoming MDPI events here.

Organize Your Event with MDPI’s Sciforum

Sciforum is MDPI’s platform dedicated to the organization of scientific events. In line with our mission to promote science, Sciforum supports scholars, societies, research networks, and universities at all stages of organizing in-person events, virtual events and webinars. Our platforms are efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective. We handle all steps related to event management. Contact us for details.

Closing Thoughts

Researcher to Reader (R2R) Conference

From 20–21 February 2024, I had the pleasure of attending the Researcher to Reader (R2R) conference in London, which MDPI has proudly sponsored over the years. The conference programme offered a variety of session formats, including workshops, panel discussions, debates, interviews, presentations, and lightning talks, with opportunities to discuss relevant topics.

We take pride in supporting the scientific community, bringing researchers across the world together to network, exchange ideas and share the latest in science and publishing. In 2023, MDPI invested close to 2 million CHF in sponsoring over 2,000 scientific and publishing-related conferences worldwide.

R2R Peer Review Innovations Workshop

I found the R2R conference to be engaging, with the workshops being particularly enjoyable. My colleague Giulia Stefenelli (Chair of Scientific Office Board) and I participated in the “Peer Review Innovations” workshop, which spanned four sessions over the two days. These sessions explored the future of peer review and how we can improve the peer review process for everyone involved. Notably, the large majority of attendees expressed their opinion that peer review, as currently practiced, requires significant improvement. Together, we collaborated on potential immediate and long-term improvements and innovative processes, aiming to create an ecosystem beneficial to all stakeholders by strengthening submission systems with the aim of reducing threats and making authors more responsible for their work. We also discussed the opportunity for academic institutions to better scrutinize the quality of the work produced and submitted to journals.

Our group comprised publishers, software providers, librarians, and more, bringing diverse perspectives to the discussions. These interactions were relevant to MDPI’s ongoing conversations, providing insights to our efforts. The session also made me appreciate that MDPI is doing well, as the group discussions included the subject of various quality checks that we have already embedded in our processes, ensuring that we keep abreast of industry standards.

The need for an optimized system to incentivize the activities of editors and reviewers was also a focus of discussion, as well as the support that reviewers need from publishers via the provision of strong reports through fixed forms, questionnaires and training.

At MDPI, we are currently auditing our reviewer program to improve reviewer recognition, guidelines, and methods for identifying suitable reviewers, while maintaining our commitment to quality and timeliness.

Congratulations to Mark Carden, Conference Director, and the R2R team for organizing a productive and successful event. PS: The break times were greatly appreciated as well!

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

4 February 2024
Acknowledgment of the Reviewers of Sustainability in 2023

In recognizing the exceptional efforts of our reviewers in 2023, we express our sincere gratitude for upholding the high standards of Sustainability. Their commitment ensured the rigorous peer review that is integral to quality academic publishing.

In 2023, Sustainability received 74252 review reports, from 33431 reviewers. This past year, we worked with reviewers from 154 countries and regions, reflecting the diversity in our collaboration with research communities. Their dedication shapes scholarly discourse and advances global research. The editorial team expresses gratitude for the vital role played by each reviewer in the Sustainability family throughout 2023, and we look forward to their continued support in 2024.

The following are the reviewers who have consented to show their names:

A. Anitha Laurédan Le Guen
A. Halim Lauren Smith
A. K. Thiruvenkadan Lauren Weidner
A. L. Mulyukin Laurencas Raslavičius
A. Miszczyk Laurent Bontoux
A. S. Rashed Laurent Canale
A. S. S. Sekar Laurent Carnis
A. Santhana Krishna Kumar Laurent Orgogozo
A. V. S. L. Sai Bharadwaj Laurentiu Cristea
Aamir Shakoor Laurențiu Droj
Aarif K. M. Laurentiu Luca
Aaron Manzanares Laurentiu Stelian Mihai
Aarthi Aishwarya Devendran Laurentiu-Gabriel Talaghir
Aashish Kumar Bohre Laurinda Leite
Abazar Ghorbani Laveet Kumar
Abbas Abbaszadeh Shahri Lawrence Adutwum
Abbas Al-Taie Lawrence Jun Zhang
Abbas Ayatizadeh Tanha Lawrence Whitman
Abbas Gharib Laxman Khanal
Abbas Kareem Wanas Laxminarayan Sahoo
Abbas Mardani Lazar Kovačević
Abbas Norouzian Baghani Lazhar Khriji
Abbas Rezaei Le Li
Abbas Rohani Le Van Sang
Abbasali Sadeghi Leah Geer
Abbott Po Shun Chen Leahu Cristian-Ioan
Abboubakar Hamadjam Leandro Dias da Silva
Abby Onencan Leandro Torres Di Gregorio
Abd Al Karim Haj Ismail Leanne Cameron
Abdallah Hassanin Lea-Rachel Kosnik
Abdallah Tageldein Mansour Lechen Zhang
Abdel Azim Ebraheem Lechosław Tuz
Abdel Razzaq Mohammad Al Tawaha Lee Chang Hee
Abdelali Boussakouran Leena Santosh
Abdelaziz El-Hoshoudy Lei Dong
Abdelbaki Chikh Lei Guo
Abdelfattah Y. Soliman Lei He
Abdelfettah Benchrif Lei Hu
Abdelghani Dahou Lei Huang
Abdelhakim Mesloub Lei Ruan
Abdelhalim Azam Lei Shi
Abdeljalil Métioui Lei Weng
Abdelkader Hamlat Lei Zhang
Abdelkader Slimane Leila Allahqoli
Abdelmadjid Recioui Leila Nouri
Abdelmageed Othman Leilei Ji
Abdel-Moety Salama Leilson Ribeiro
Abdelrhman Meero Lele Liu
Abdelsalam Hamid Lelethu Mdoda
Abdelsalam M. Elhaffar Lenin Bulla-Cruz
Abdessamed Derdour Lenka Lackóová
Abdo Gassar Lenka Wimmerova
Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Lenycia de Cassya Lopes Neri
Abdul Basit Leo Ordinez
Abdul Ghafoor Leonardo Capeleto de Andrade
Abdul Hafaz Ngah Leonardo Leidens
Abdul Hameed Alobaidy Leonardo Mercatanti
Abdul Hannan Qureshi Leonardo Ornella
Abdul Jalal Leonardo Piccinini
Abdul Jatoi Leonardo Santos
Abdul Kaium Leonardo Sierra Varela
Abdul Majeed Leonardo Vásquez-Ibarra
Abdul Majeed Nadeem Leonel Fadigas
Abdul Mannan Leonid Plotnikov
Abdul Rab Asary Leonidas Sotirios Kyrgiakos
Abdul Razak Munir Leonides Guireli Netto
Abdul Razzaq Leonie Brummer
Abdul Razzaq Ghumman Leonor Meisel
Abdul Salam Shah Les Ruddock
Abdul Waheed Siyal Leszek Chomacki
Abdulaziz A. Alturki Leszek Litzbarski
Abdulaziz Alsulami Leszek Sieczko
Abdulaziz Mohammed Alklaibi Leszek Sobkowiak
Abdulfatah A. Yusuf Leszek Wanat
Abdulkadir Karadogan Letícia Hardt
Abdulla Al-Asif Leticia Neira-Tovar
Abdullah Al-Aboosi Letizia Tebaldi
Abdullah Al-Ansi Levan Mumladze
Abdullah Saber Levent Aydemir
Abdullah Ulas Levente Czumbil
Abdullahi Alhassan Levon Gevorkov
Abdulmalik Altuwayjiri Li Hengkai
Abdulmannan Rouhani Li Hui
Abdulnaser M. Alshoaibi Li Luo
Abdulqadir Nashwan Li Ma
Abdulrazak Otaru Li Rui
Abdülvahap Çakmak Li Sze Lai
Abdulvahed Khaledi Darvishan Li Zaijun
Abdur Raziq Li Zhengmao
Abdus Mollah Lia Baltador
Abe Hiroya Lia E Aciu
Abedallah Zaid Abualkishik Liang Lan
Abeer Al Mohtar Liang Shen
Abeer El Shahawy Liang Wang
Abeer Elshater Liang Yang
Abel Lerma Liang Yuan
Abel Olorunnisola Liang-Jun Zhu
Abhijeet Anand Liangliang Xiao
Abhijeet R. Patil Liangpeng Gao
Abhijit Barman Liang-Yu Chen
Abhijit Sarkar Lida Kouhalvandi
Abhik Patra Lidia Mañoso-Pacheco
Abhilash Tilak Lidong Zhang
Abhiram Gunaratnam Liga Lauberte
Abhiroop Chowdhury Ligia García-Béjar
Abhishek Kala Ligita Šimanskienė
Abhishek Kumar Patel Lihua Li
Abhishek Patange Liisa Myyry
Abhishek Singh Lijian Zheng
Abiola Adepoju Li-Jun Huang
Abiola Taiwo Likius Daniel
Abolfazl Meshkini Lilesh Gautam
Abolfazl Mosaedi Lili Dong
Abolfazl Narmani Lili Lei
Abolfazl Nasseri Lilia Lesyk
Abolghassem Emamverdian Liliana Bunescu
Aboyeji Christopher Liliana Cori
Abraham Amole Liliana Duguleana
Abraham Bernárdez-Gómez Liliana Dumitrache
Abraham Finny Liliana Ibeth Barbosa-Santillán
Abraham Gebremariam Liliana Ionescu-Feleaga
Abril Jimenez Liliana Mata
Abu Bakkar Siddik Liliana Pitacho
Abu Elnasr Sobaih Liliana Proskuryakova
Abu Naser Mohammad Saif Liliana Sonia Popescu
Abu Sarwar Zamani Liliana Velea
Abubakar Sharafat Liliya Frolova
Abul Doulah Lilu Cui
Abumalé Cruz-Salomón Lim Hwee San
Achim A. Beylich Limin Lu
Achmad Solikhin Limin Shi
Achraf Othman Lin Chen
Adam Cumming Lin Feng Ng
Adam Kolinski Lin Xiang
Adam Krajewski Lin Zhang
Adam Łukowski Lin Zhao
Adam Masłoń Lina Montuori
Adam Milik Lina Sineviciene
Adam Mroziński Linas Balčiauskas
Adam Pawlewicz Linda Pavitola
Adam Prokopczyk Linda Pearce
Adam Ryszko Linda Saraiva
Adam Sulich Lindita Bande
Ádám Szalai Lindsey McCrickard Shields
Adamaria Perrotta Linfei Li
Adán Jordán Ling Min Tan
Adán Ramírez-López Ling Xu
Adarsh Sankaran Ling Yang
Adeb Salh Linghua Duo
Adebowale Obalalu Lingli Qing
Adel Ali Ahmed Lingxiao Yang
Adel Alti Lingyun Liao
Adel Elamri Linh-Thy Le
Adel Elkordi Linjun Yao
Adel Shirazy Lino Garda Denaro
Adel Surour Lino Meraz
Adela Badau Linsheng Wu
Adela Laura Popa Lioua Kolsi
Adela-Eliza Dumitrascu Lip Yee Por
Adeleye Adeniran Lira A Gaysina
Adelina Bordianu Lirio Gissela Flores-Moncada
Adelina F. Dumitraş Lisana Martinez
Adem Kilicman Lisdelys González
Ademola Ilesanmi Lishu Shao
Adeshina Adewumi Lisset Herrera Isidrón
Adetoso Adebiyi Adetoro Lite Zhang
Adewumi Babafemi Liu Hongguang
Adib Kurnia Liu Liu
Adiele Dube Liu Peishun
Adijailton De Souza Liu Zhi
Adil Mihoub Liudmila L Demina
Adilet Sugirbay Liuhua Yang
Adimoolam Malaiyalathan Livia Castro Degrossi
Adina Criste Livio Galosi
Adina Dornean Liviu Gaceu
Adina Schneeweis Liviu Giurgiulescu
Adis Puška Liviu-Adrian Cotfas
Aditi Satpute Liyang Shen
Aditi Singh Liyuan Sheng
Aditya Sharma Liyun Zeng
Adiv Gal Liz Falconer
Admilson da Penha Pacheco Ljerka Matić
Adnan Ahmad Ljiljana Jeličić
Adnan Akhter Ljiljana Vasilevska
Adnan Al-Sibahy Ljubica Ivanovic Bibic
Adnan Altaf Ljubica Kazi
Adnan Khan Loganathan Mk
Adnan Maqsood Lokesh Koodlur Sannegowda
Adnane Beniaich Long Zhu
Adolfo Alvarez Longwei Jiang
Adolfo Josué Rodríguez Rodríguez Longwen Zhang
Adriaan De Man Loredana Mariana Crenganiş
Adrian Antosik Lorena Barra-Bucarei
Adrian Asensio Lorena Caridad
Adrian Burlacu Lorena Dadić Fruk
Adrian Constantin Asanica Lorena Deleanu
Adrian Grozea Lorena Parra
Adrian Ioana Lorenzo Castelli
Adrian Łukowski Lorenzo Ciappi
Adrián Mateo-Orcajada Lorenzo Cristiani
Adrián Regos Lorenzo De Vidovich
Adrian Sadłowski Lorenzo Escot
Adrian Stancu Lorenzo Fiorineschi
Adrián Yuchechen Lorenzo Paolo Ingrassia
Adriana Cunha Neves Lorenzo Tassi
Adriana Galderesi Lotfi Tahar
Adriana Grigorescu Louis Fry
Adriana Hernandez Louis Galey
Adriana Martinez Louis Moustakas
Adriana Tokar Louisa O'Connor
Adriano A. Mendes Loukia-Maria Fratsea
Adriano A. Santos Lourdes Diaz Jimenez
Adriano Brandelli Lourdes Franco
Adriano Magliocco Lova Raju K.
Aede Hatib Mustaamal Lu Chang Peh
Afaque Soomro Lu Gao
Afed Khan Luambo Jeffrey Ramarumo
Afona Chernet Lubna Anjum
Afrasiab Tareen Lubna Nafees
Afsin Sahin Luca Antonio Dimuccio
Aftab Hameed Memon Luca Bracchetti
Aftab Jamal Luca Braidotti
Afzal Husain Khan Luca Canova
Afzal Hussain Luca Fredianelli
Afzal Khan Luca Gallitelli
Agapi Vasileiadou Luca Grigolato
Agapios Agapiou Luca Maria Francesco Fabris
Agarwal Ambuj Kumar Luca Maria Olivieri
Agata Krystosik-Gromadzinska Luca Morini
Agata Stempkowska Luca Poli
Agathos Filintas Luca Staricco
Agbangla Nounagnon Frutueux Lucas Equeter
Agbotiname Imoize Lucas Frizera Encarnação
Aggelos Avramopoulos Lucas Onghero
Aggelos Tsaligopoulos Lucia Bortolini
Agita Livina Lucía Herrera Torres
Agne Brandisauskiene Lucia Knapcikova
Ágnes Bárkányi Lucia Mele
Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir Lucia Ratiu
Agnieszka Bala-Litwiniak Lucia Saganeiti
Agnieszka Dąbrowska Lucia Toniolo
Agnieszka Jakubowska Lucian Belascu
Agnieszka Knap-Stefaniuk Lucian Lupu-Dima
Agnieszka Kozlowska Lucian Roșu
Agnieszka Lasota Luciana Alvim Santos Romani
Agnieszka Makara Luciana Di Gennaro
Agnieszka Marek Lucian-Mihai Cosovanu
Agnieszka Palka Luciano Bosso
Agnieszka Stec Luciano Cardellicchio
Agnieszka Synowiec Luciano De Tommasi
Agnieszka Tubis Luciano Silva
Agnieszka Wojewódzka-Wiewiórska Lucija Azman Momirski
Agnieszka Wysocka-Czubaszek Lucília Ribeiro
Agnieszka Zielińska Lucio Cappelli
Agossou Gadedjisso-Tossou Lúcio Cunha
Agung Sugiri Lucio Nobile
Agus Ulinuha Lucyna Nyka
Agus Wibowo Ludi Wishnu Wardana
Agustín Rodríguez-Esteban Ludwik Wicki
Agyemang Sampene Luigi Aldieri
Ahmad Abbas Luigi Alessandrino
Ahmad Alomari Luigi Dolores
Ahmad Faiz Minai Luigi Marinoni
Ahmad H. Sabry Luigi Pio Prencipe
Ahmad Irfan Luigi Roselli
Ahmad Jahanbakhshi Luigi Tinella
Ahmad Jamshidi-Zanjani Luis Alberto Rodríguez-Picón
Ahmad Khan Luis Alexander Mata
Ahmad Kouchakzadeh Luis Antonio Sáez Pérez
Ahmad Kueh Luis Becerra-Pérez
Ahmad Manasrah Luis Camacho
Ahmad Naquash Luis Carlos Méndez González
Ahmad Nazrul Hakimi Ibrahim Luis Coelho
Ahmad Sahyouni Luis Daimir López León
Ahmad Shakir Mohd Saudi Luis Dourado
Ahmad Tarawneh Luis Espejo-Antúnez
Ahmad Zamri Khairanai Luis Fonseca
Ahmed A. Zaid Luís Frazão
Ahmed A. Zaki Diab Luís Gomes
Ahmed Abdelnaby Diab Luis Isasi
Ahmed Abdel-Wareth Luis Jesús Fernández Suárez
Ahmed Abouaiana Luis Leitão
Ahmed Abou-Shady Luis Luna Reyes
Ahmed Aioub Luis Marqués Molías
Ahmed Akal Luis Miguel Calvo
Ahmed Al Mansur Luis Miguel Igreja Aires
Ahmed Algburi Luis N. Coria
Ahmed Alghamdi Luís Neves
Ahmed Al-Manea Luís Oliveira
ahmed Alprol Luis Prola
Ahmed Attia Luis Puente-Diaz
Ahmed Chacón-Iznaga Luis Ramon Merchan Villalba
Ahmed Darwish Luis Serrano
Ahmed Eid Luis Tipanluisa
Ahmed El Shafie Luísa Lucchese
Ahmed Elbeltagi Luísa Serrano De Carvalho
Ahmed Elebiary Luisa Varriale
Ahmed El-Sawah Luiz C. Terra Dos Santos
Ahmed El-Shafei Luiz Maurício Maués
Ahmed Eltwati Luiz Peres-Neto
Ahmed Faramawy Luiz Pinto
Ahmed Fatimi Luiza Loredana Năstase
Ahmed Frghaly Luiza Piersiala
Ahmed Gad Lujie Zhou
Ahmed Gatea Luka Boban
Ahmed Ginidi Luka Celent
Ahmed Gomaa Luka Vukić
Ahmed H. Yakout Lukai Song
Ahmed Hassan Lukas Hubka
Ahmed Imran Hunjra Lukas Jasiunas
Ahmed Jaber Lukáš Jurík
Ahmed Khadr Lukas Kratky
Ahmed Kheir Łukasz Amanowicz
Ahmed Maamoun Lukasz Bohdal
Ahmed Merzoug Łukasz Brzeziński
Ahmed Moufti Łukasz Depa
Ahmed Noreldin Łukasz K. Kaczyński
Ahmed Nour El-Deen Łukasz Mazur
Ahmed Omar Łukasz Rydzik
Ahmed Osama Daoud Lukasz Staszewski
Ahmed Osman Łukasz Szeleszczuk
Ahmed Ouadha Lukasz Wroblewski
Ahmed Raza Ul Mustafa Lukman Ahamad
Ahmed Refaat Ragab Luminita Lazar
Ahmed Sabek Luminita Nicolescu
Ahmed Saleh Luminita Popescu
Ahmed Samour Lunda Shen
Ahmed Samy Kamis Luomeng Chao
Ahmed Shaaban Lusani Norah Vhangani
Ahmed Shaker Lusi Zhang
Ahmed Tawfic Luuk Van Kempen
Ahmed Tawfik Luyu Wang
Ahmed Yousef Luyuan Wu
Ahmed Zaeen Luz María Marín-Vinuesa
Ahmed Zayed Luz Marina Ruiz
Ahmed Zouinkhi Lynn Davis
Ahmet Aktas Lysandro Borges
Ahmet Çağdaş Seçkin Lyudmyla Zahvoyska
Ahmet Can M. C. Grafton
Ahmet Güneyli M. Dolores G. Pulido
Ahmet Gürses M. I. Diana
Ahmet Hakan Yilmaz M. Idoia Ugarte-Gurrutxaga
Ahmet Hayrullah Sevinç M. Isabel Sánchez-Hernández
Ahmet Karakas M. Isabel Vidal Esteve
Ahmet Tunc M. Kumar
Ahmet Yigit Arabul M. L. Rudakov
Ahmet Yildiz M. M. Yagoub
Ahsan Javed M. Meenamathi Karthiga
Ahsen Maqsoom M. Musthafa Feroskhan
Ai Yue M. Prabhahar
Aikaterini Gkoltsiou M. Ramesh
Aikaterini Karagianni M. Sadegh Riasi
Aikaterini Molla M. Shahnawaz Khan
Aikaterini Vasiou M. Shariful Islam
Aila Khan M. Tawfik
Ailing Wang M.Pd. Karsih
Aimilia Karapostoli Maarten Hogenstijn
Aiswariya Deliephan Maaz A. Ali
Aivars Aboltins Mabrook S Amer
Aivaz Kamer-Ainur Mabrouk Sami
Aiyuan Ma Macedon Dumitru Moldovan
Aize Hao Maciej Gliniak
Ajay Gautam Maciej Henzel
Ajay Kumar Maciej Kruszyna
Ajay Pingale Maciej Romaniuk
Ajeet Kumar Maciej Serowaniec
Ajishnu Roy Maciej Sydor
Akalya Shanmugam Madalina Ciotlaus
Akansha Mehta Madalina Dumitru
Akash Kailas Patil Madan B. Regmi
Akbar Hojjati-Najafabadi Made Suandika
Akhil Gupta Made Sucipta
Akhtar Rasool Madhav Baral
Akihiko Murayama Madhwesh N.
Akihiro Otsuka Magda Abdellattif
Akihito Hiromori Magdalena Cyrek
Akm Mohsin Magdalena Dobrzanska
Akmal Jahan Mohamed Abdul Cader Magdalena Kalińska-Kula
Akmal Khudaykulov Magdalena Kapelko
Akmal Nazir Magdalena Knežević
Akrivi Asimakopoulou Magdalena Kolańska-Stronka
Akshay Kumar Magdalena Łasecka-Plura
Akter Hossain Magdalena Piekutowska
Al Mamun Magdalena Plandowska
Alaa Abd-Elnaiem Magdalena Regel-Rosocka
Alaa Rashad Magdalena Ryżak
Alan da Silva Magdalena Rzeszotarska-Pałka
Alan Lolaev Magdalena Wojarska
Alana M. James Magdalena Wróbel-Jędrzejewska
Alba du Toit Magdalena Wróżyńska
Alba González Moreno Maggie Ezzat Mashaly
Alba Martínez-López Magnus Moglia
Al-Baraa Al-Mekhlafi Maha Elbana
Albérico Rosário Maha Shehadeh
Albert Argilaga Mahaboobbatcha Aleem
Alberto Celani Maharshi Bhaswant
Alberto Cerezo-Narváez Mahdi Hasanlou
Alberto Ghigo Mahdi Karami
Alberto Gómez-Mármol Mahdi Maleki
Alberto J. Costa Mahdi Mubarok
Alberto M. B. Martins Mahdi Salehi
Alberto Mannu Mahdie Hemati
Alberto Muscio Mahendra V. Chilukuri
Alberto Quintana Gallardo Mahesh Kumar
Alberto Refice Mahfouz M.M. Abd-Elgawad
Alcina Nunes Mahmood Zoghi
Aldo Proietti-Junior Mahmoud A Hefnawy
Aldo Rafael Martínez Sifuentes Mahmoud Abdel Daiem
Aldona Augustinienė Mahmoud Abdelsalam
Aldona Zawojska Mahmoud Abdelwahab Fathy
Alejandra Baldi Mahmoud Ahmadein
Alejandra Cardelle Cobas Mahmoud Arafat
Alejandra Volpedo Mahmoud El-Boghdadi
Alejandro Botero Carvajal Mahmoud Elsayed
Alejandro Jimenéz Rios Mahmoud Ibrahim
Alejandro López González Mahmoud M. Elewa
Alejandro Luis Grindlay Mahmoud Mostafa Azzam
Alejandro Medina Santiago Mahmoud Nasr
Alejandro Mungaray-Lagarda Mahmoud Owais
Alejandro Prera Mahmoud Zaky Sitohy
Alejandro Regalado Mahmut Burak Okuducu
Alejandro Rubio Zarapuz Mahshid Javidsharifi
Alejandro Vega-Muñoz Mahyar Arefi
Aleksandar Ašonja Mahyar Kamali Saraji
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic Mai Wahba Madkour
Aleksandar Fišteš Maia Lordkipanidze
Aleksandar Miladinovic Maidul Islam
Aleksandar Milićević Maik Jacob
Aleksandar Simović Maja Ahac
Aleksandar Stajcic Maja Bučar
Aleksander Astel Maja Kępniak
Aleksander Jakimowicz Maja Kozarski
Aleksander Król Maja Krčum
Aleksander Lotko Maja Lazarevic
Aleksandr Bulaev Maja Meseldzija
Aleksandr Rakhmangulov Maja Škurić
Aleksandr Sakhnevych Maja Strižić Jakovljević
Aleksandra Figurek Majed Sulaiman Alamri
Aleksandra Jezierska-Thöle Majid Ali
Aleksandra Komorowska Majid Hosseinpour
Aleksandra Krajnović Majid Khan
Aleksandra Kulis Majid Moazzami
Aleksandra Kuzior Majid Niazkar
Aleksandra Mikhailidi Majid Pouraminian
Aleksandra Milovanović Makoto Yamaguchi
Aleksandra Nikolic Maksim Moskovskiy
Aleksandra Vujko Maksim Vlasov
Aleksandrs Korjakins Malaya Mohanty
Aleksei Shchegolkov Malcolm Brady
Aleksey Dorofeev Malcolm Jobling
Aleksey V. Zaitsev Małgorzata Cimochowicz-Rybicka
Alemayehu Gebissa Małgorzata Czerny
Alemu O. Aga Małgorzata Gawlik-Kobylińska
Alen Soldo Małgorzata Holka
Alena Pribulová Małgorzata Iwanek
Alena Stupar Małgorzata Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek
Alena Zhelezova Małgorzata Jastrzębska
Alena Zolotareva Małgorzata Lenart
Alenka Salaj Malgorzata Pankowska
Alessandra Carioli Małgorzata Przybyła-Kasperek
Alessandra Cepparulo Małgorzata Przybysz-Zaremba
Alessandra Feo Małgorzata Skibińska
Alessandra Logoteta Małgorzata Smolarek
Alessandra Ortolano Małgorzata Stachoń
Alessandra Piccoli Małgorzata Starowicz
Alessandra Storlazzi Małgorzata Suchacka
Alessandra Vitullo Małgorzata Sztubecka
Alessandro Antimiani Małgorzata Wasilewska
Alessandro Bile Małgorzata Wójcik
Alessandro Blasi Małgorzata Wosiek
Alessandro De Paula Mallikarjuna Gowda C. P.
Alessandro Di Pretoro Malwina Tytła
Alessandro Ferrarini Mamdouh Awad-Allah
Alessandro Formisano Mamdouh El Haj Assad
Alessandro Franco Mamoun Abu Helou
Alessandro Lo Faro Man Li
Alessandro Pagano Man Qu
Alessandro Petrontino Man Zhang
Alessandro Testa Manal Ismail
Alessia Corami Manfred Kircher
Alessia Donato Manfred Sager
Alessia Pica Manfredo Manfredini
Alessio Castagnoli Manikandan Gurunathan
Alessio Faccia Manikandan Murugaiah
Alessio Occhicone Manikandan Sivan
Alex Borodin Manikanta Velpuri
Alex De La Cruz Manish Dharek
Alex De Oliveira Manish Kumar
Alex Tan Manju Singh
Alexander Cancelli Manjunath Patel Gc
Alexander Christantho Budiman Manjunatha M.
Alexander Churyumov Manoel Henrique Nóbrega Marinho
Alexander Dvoretsky Manoj Garg
Alexander Faizulin Manoj Jamarkattel
Alexander Hodeck Manoj Kumar Pasupathi
Alexander Kocian Manoj Kumar Verma
Alexander Lukin Manolis Kousloglou
Alexander Mangold Mansoore Shamili
Alexander Molnar Mansor Hakiman
Alexander Nikolaev Mansour Alabdulaziz
Alexander Novikov Mansour Fakhri
Alexander Petrov Mansureh Ghavam
Alexander Protsenko Mantas Švažas
Alexander Robitzsch Manuchehr Farajzadeh
Alexander Ryss Manuel Branco
Alexander Shkarovskiy Manuel Cáceres
Alexander Tarasyev Manuel Carlos Nogueira
Alexander Wittemann Manuel Chacón-Fuentes
Alexander Zakharov Manuel Cruz
Alexandr A. Shilov Manuel De Rose
Alexandra Danciu Manuel Elias-Gutierrez
Alexandra De Carvalho Antunes Manuel Florindo Alves Meirinhos
Alexandra Leandro Manuel Garcia
Alexandra Marcos Lorenzo Manuel José Fonseca
Alexandra Pereira Manuel Miguel Jordán Vidal
Alexandra Sofia Mendes Manuel Moncada
Alexandra Tomaz Manuel Regueiro
Alexandra-Gabriela Marina Manuel Saba
Alexandre Almeida Del Savio Manuel Saldaña
Alexandre Correia Manuel Sousa Pereira
Alexandre Jardim Manuel Vilar
Alexandre Mesquita Manuela Almeida
Alexandre Nunes Manuela Antonelli
Alexandre Pichat Manuela Avadanei
Alexandre Vetcher Manuela Correia
Alexandre Zakharov Manuela Facchin
Alexandrina Maria Pauceanu Manuela Ingaldi
Alexandru Apahidean Manuela List
Alexandru Bănică Manuela Mattone
Alexandru Cotorcea Manuela Panoiu
Alexandru Isaic-Maniu Manuela Pires Rosa
Alexandru Olar Manuela Plutino
Alexandru Pavel Maomao Zhang
Alexandru Pirjan Maosud Soroush Bathaei
Alexandru Popa Maowei Chen
Alexandru Tugui Mara Clemente
Alexandru Vasile Rusu Mara Manente
Alexey Andreychev Marc Peruzzetto
Alexey Beskopylny Marc Widenmeyer
Alexey Fedorenko Marcela Alina Farcasiu
Alexey I. Shinkevich Marcello Della Corte
Alexey Panov Marcello Franchini
Alexios Alexopoulos Marcelo Barbosa
Alexios Lolas Marcelo Barros
Alexis Lopez Marcelo Nascimento
Alexis Papathanassis Marcelo Okano
Alexis Rodríguez-Solís Marcelo Pedroza
Alfonso Orro Marcelo Silva
Alfred Daniel Marcia Astorga–Eló
Alfredo Fernández-Enríquez Marcin Brzezicki
Alfredo Juan Marcin Dębiński
Alfrendo Satyanaga Marcin Głodniok
Algirdas Baskys Marcin Gołąbczak
Alhamzah Abbas Marcin Górski
Ali Abboud Marcin Graba
Ali Abdulhameed Marcin Janusz
Ali Akbar Barati Marcin Kalarus
Ali Akgüngör Marcin Kicinski
Ali Ala Marcin Komańda
Ali Alawneh Marcin Przywarty
Ali Al-juboori Marcin Różewicz
Ali Alshebami Marcin Sitek
Ali Alwahib Marcin Składanowski
Ali Arslan Marcin Szczepanek
Ali Ayati Marcin Szymański
Ali Aygün Marcin Zieliński
Ali Danandeh Mehr Marcio Basilio
Ali Dehghan Firoozabadi Marcio Laurini
Ali Dehghanbanadaki Marcio Mesquita
Ali Ebrahimian Márcio Oliveira
Ali El-Raghi Marco Bonopera
Ali Eltamaly Marco Caniato
Ali Ghaffari Marco Carnevale Miino
Ali Görener Marco Cruz-Sandoval
Ali Hasanzadeh Marco D'Auria
Ali Hashemizadeh Marco Delle Rose
Ali Hassan Marco Diniz
Ali I. Al-Mosawi Marco Favretti
Ali İhsan Çelik Marco Freschi
Ali Jahami Marco Greggi
Ali Kandemir Marco Iammarino
Ali Kara Marco La Salandra
Ali Kasal Marco Loche
Ali Kassar Marco Lorenzini
Ali Kerim Yılmaz Marco Maretto
Ali Khalfallah Marco Marseglia
Ali Lakirouhani Marco Palomino
Ali Lashgari Marco Pascucci
Ali Majdi Marco Pasetto
Ali Maleki Marco Pellegrini
Ali Mashaallah Kermani Marco Ravina
Ali Matin Nazar Marco Santorum
Ali Montazeri Marco Spada
Ali Moradi Afrapoli Marco Tavanti
Ali Mortazavi Marco Vincenzo Valente
Ali Murtaza Rasool Marco Zamora Antuñano
Ali Nasir Marcos Brioschi
Ali Partovinia Marcos Jesús Iglesias-Martínez
Ali Raza, China Marcos Massao Futai
Ali Raza, Pakistan Marcos Vinícius Da Silva
Ali Razban Marcos Vinicius Morais
Ali Resen Marcosiris Pessoa
Ali Reza Kamali Marderos Ara Sayegh
Ali Reza Tolou Kian Mareike Dornhöfer
Ali Rezaei Marek Angowski
Ali S. Alghamdi Marek Brennensthul
Ali Sadeghi Habibabad Marek Bury
Ali Salehizadeh Marek Cała
Ali Salem Marek Češkovič
Ali Sam Khaniani Marek Jasinski
Ali Sorourkhah Marek Ogryzek
Ali Taghvaie Nakhjiri Marek Pawel Ciurys
Ali Taheri Marek Rašovský
Ali Tarkashvand Marek Rudnicki
Ali Thaeer Hammid Marek Sokáč
Ali Umut Sen Marek Šolc
Ali Uyan Marek Urbanski
Alice Delserieys Marek Wieruszewski
Alice Kit Ying Chan Maren Schnieder
Alice Stocco Margaret Eggers
Alicia Ares Margaret Marshman
Alicia Ayerdi Gotor Margareta Gregurović
Alicia Maroto Margareta Llie
Alicia Román-Martínez Margarida Rodrigues
Alicja Pecio Margarida Saraiva
Alim Syariati Margherita Lombardo
Alina Badulescu Maria Abrudan
Alina Bianca Pop Maria Angeles Martinez Ruiz
Alina Boutiuc-Kaiser Maria Antonia Brighetti
Alina Calin Maria Barsan
Alina Crina Muresan María Carmen Corujo-Vélez
Alina Cristina Nuta Maria Carmen Huian
Alina Haller Maria Carmen Llasat
Alina Iuliana Tabirca Maria Carvalho
Alina Mareci Maria Cieśla
Alina Pătru Maria Ciurea
Alina Petronela Alexoaei Maria Correia
Alina Syp María Criado
Alina Truta Maria Cristea
Alireza Abbasimoshaei María Cruz Pérez-Yus
Alireza Enshaeian Maria Dâmaso
Alireza Farzampour Maria De Fátima Oliveira
Alireza Koochakzaei María Del Carmen Reyes Rodríguez
Alireza Mohammadi María Del Cisne Aguirre Ullauri
Alireza Moradkhani María Del Consuelo Ruiz Rodríguez
Alireza Nouri María Del Mar Bernabé
Alireza Rashidi Komijan Maria Del Pilar Garcia Rodriguez
Alireza Rostamzadeh Khosroshahi María Del Valle De Martínez
Alireza Sarkar Maria Denisse Montoya Flores
Alisheikh Atta Maria Di Cicco
Aliya Hasanah Maria Do Rosário Ribeiro
Aliya Naz María Dolores De Miguel Gómez
Alla Smolyanichenko Maria Elena Latino
Alla Solovyeva Maria Elvira Zorzo
Allan Lobato Maria Emilia Garbelli
Alliche Mounir Maria Ferreira
Alma Delia Roman-Gutierrez Maria Fianchini
Alma Netzahuatl-Muñoz Maria G. Loannides
Alma Zavodnik Lamovšek Maria Gabriella Villani
Almasdi Syahza Maria Gianni
Almudena Espinosa-Fernández Maria Graciela Hernández Y. Orduña
Alok Atreya Maria Gratiela Ianos
Alok Kumar Maria Grazia Alaimo
Alok Sahu Maria Helena Santos
Alon Davidy Maria Isabel Barreiro Ribeiro
Alon Urlainis Maria Isabel Delgado
Alper Çalışkan María Isabel Prieto
Alper Cicek María J. Andrade
Alper Serdar Anli María J. Ortizbevia
Alper Taner Maria Jarzynska
Alptuğ Sarı Maria Kmety Bartekova
Alvaro Antonio Villa Ochoa Maria Kuyukina
Álvaro Corrales Álvarez Maria Lapina
Álvaro García del Castillo Maria Leonor Abrantes Pires
Alvaro Lopez-Escamilla Maria Livia Olivetti
Alvaro Manuel Rodriguez-Rodriguez Maria M. Nascimento
Alwin Poulose María Maciá Andreu
Alyona Lovska Maria Manuela De Sousa Freire
Am Azbas Taurusman Maria Margarita Bertsiou
Am Fadl Maria Matsiola
Amal Hassan Maria Matusiewicz
Amalendu Singha Mahapatra Maria Menshakova
Amalia E. Morales Maria Micaela Esteves
Amalia Niță Maria Michela Dell'Anna
Amanda Ali María Napal
Amanda Guimarães María Neftalí Rojas-Valencia
Amanda Laca Maria Nuñez-Gonzalez
Amanullah Khan María Orfila
Amany Madkour Maria Papanikou
Amar Razzaq Maria Patrizia Vittoria
Amarender Reddy María Paula García
Ambrosios Savvides Maria Paz Saez-Perez
Amel Kouaib Maria Perez-Lopez
Amélia Caldeira Maria Psychogiou
Amélia Silva Maria Rodrigues
Amelia Staszowska María Sotelo Pérez
Amelia Victoria Garcia Luengo Maria Stella Vanessa Sammito
Amer Al-Khafaji Maria Stepanova
Américo Montiel Maria Strenacikova
Amílcar Duarte Maria Tanase
Amilton Barbosa Botelho Junior Maria Tavares
Amin Daryasafar Maria Teresa Artese
Amin Ebrahimi Maria Tsiapa
Amin Habibi Maria Turtoi
Amin Khajehdezfuly Maria Varadinov
Amin Naboureh María Verónica Alderete
Amin Nakhostin-Ansari María Victoria Requena García De La Cruz
Amin Shabanpour-Haghighi Maria Viorela Muntean
Amine Rkhaila Maria Vittoria Corazza
Amine Saddik Maria Vittoria Gargiulo
Aminoddin Haji Maria Vukovich
Aminreza Karamoozian Maria Zielecka
Aminur Rahman Maria Zuba-Ciszewska
Amir Aghsami Maria-Beatrice Andreucci
Amir Baklouti Maria-Crina Radu
Amir Ghazilou Mariacrocetta Sambito
Amir Golroo Maria-Floriana Popescu
Amir Hossein Mehrsafar Mariagrazia D'Emilio
Amir Hossein Sadeghi Mariagrazia Pilotelli
Amir Karbassi Yazdi Maria-Jose Marquez-Ballesteros
Amir M. Fathollahi-Fard Marian Butu
Amir Mofidi Marian Dragoi
Amir Molajou Marian Mihai
Amir Najibi Marian Mocan
Amir R. Masoodi Marian Olinski
Amir Souissi Marian Pompiliu Cristescu
Amir Tayyebi Marian Siminica
Amira Attia Mariana Almeida
Amira Goma Mariana Beňová
Amira Ibrahim Mariana Carmelia Dragomir Balanica
Amira Idrees Mariana Cernicova-Buca
Amirhossein Balali Mariana Costea
Amirhossein Fathi Mariana Dumitrescu
Amirmohammad Yousefi Mariana Ferdes
Amit Chougule Mariana Hristova
Amit Ganatra Mariana Petrova
Amit Guleria Marianela Ripani
Amit Kumar Marianna Lena Kambanou
Amit Kumar Shakya Marianna Marchesi
Amit Mittal Marianna Musco
Amit Sant Marianna Napolitano
Amit Singh Marianna Stella
Amitesh Gupta Marianne Markowski
Amjad Hussain Mariano Pernetti
Amjad Iqbal Mariano Venturini
Amjad Khabaz Marianthi Bouzouni
Amjad Khalil Mari-Carmen Caldeiro-Pedreira
Amjad Pervez Marichelvam Mariappan Kadarkarainadar
Amjad Riaz Mariella Diaferio
Amlan Patra Mariem Trifi
Amlana Panda Marietta Kiss
Ammad Hassan Khan Marija Koprivica
Ammar Abulibdeh Marija M. Vuksanović
Ammar Bouchair Marija Simić
Ammar Kadi Marija Stojmenović
Ammar Odeh Marijenka Tabaković
Ammar Saleem Marília Harumi Shimizu
Ammar Šarić Marina Corral Bobadilla
Ammar Yasir Marina Gravit
Amna Mirza Marina Kurnikova
Amol Paithankar Marina Moreno
Amornrat Kaewpradap Marina Sousa
Amparo Huertas Bailén Marina Zoccola
Amparo Rosero Marinela Ință
Amr Elnemr Marinela Istrate
Amr M. Wahaballa Marinela Krstinić Nižić
Amr Mohamed Marinela Mircea
Amr S. Zalhaf Marinela Panayotova
Amr Sufian Marinella Giunta
Amro Amara Marino González
Amroune Salah Mario Alberto Garcia-Ramirez
An Pan Mario Chong
Ana A. Feregrino-Perez Mario De Tullio
Ana Alexandra Olariu Mario Del Roble Pensado-Leglise
Ana Belen Cueva Sola Mario Duarte Canever
Ana Carolina Mateos Mario Fernandez
Ana Cecilia Borbón Mario Gómez
Ana Curutchet Mario Marendić
Ana Esteves Mario Pečarić
Ana Fernandes Mário Rui Domingues Ferreira Da Cruz
Ana Fialho Mario Šokac
Ana Fonseca Mario Velasco
Ana Garcez Marioara Nicoleta Filimon
Ana Gueimonde-Canto Mariola Borowska
Ana Ibanez Moreno Mariola Michałowska
Ana Isabel Roca-Fernández Marios Dominikos Kremantzis
Ana Ispas Marios Pittalis
Ana Kadić Marita Cardoso
Ana Lúcia Ferreira Marius Baranauskas
Ana Lúcia Terra Marius Budeanu
Ana Luísa Rodrigues Marius Constantin
Ana Maria Antão-Geraldes Marius Gavriletea
Ana Maria Benedek Marius Mihai Cazacu
Ana Maria Tavares Martins-Nepomuceno Marius Minea
Ana Marta-Costa Marius Petrescu
Ana Martínez-Ibernón Marius Sebastian Secula
Ana Milanović Pešić Mariusz Adamski
Ana Moreira Mariusz Fabijański
Ana Nicolau Mariusz Jabłoński
Ana Nieto Masot Mariusz Ligarski
Ana Oliveira Mariusz Maciejczak
Ana Paula Betencourt Martins Amaro Mariusz Rudy
Ana Paula Serafini Immich Mariusz Salwin
Ana Peric Momcilovic Mariusz Szóstak
Ana Petrović Mariusz Zieliński
Ana Pinto Mariya Dimitrova
Ana Prada Mariya Zlatkova Stankova
Ana Ribeiro Marjana Simonič
Ana Rita Cavaco Mark Ching-Pong Poo
Ana Rita Cruz Marko Černe
Ana Serrano Tellería Marko Joksimović
Ana Sofia Duque Marko Kostić
Ana Sofia Ribeiro Marko Mijač
Ana Stojilovska Marko Mišić
Ana Teresa Gabriel Marko Mladineo
Ana Tomić Marko Orošnjak
Ana Verde Marko Petković
Ana Živković Marko Radovan
Anabel Fernandez Marko Slavković
Anabela Correia Marko Topalović
Anabela Mesquita Marko Topic
Anabela Reis Markos Konstantakis
Ana-Cristina Nicolescu Markus Drapalik
Ana-Irina Lequeux Dinca Markus Jobst
Ana-Maria Ciobotaru Markus Puchinger
Anamaria Ciubara Markus Rabe
Ana-Maria Georgescu Marlene Fabiola Escobedo Monge
Anamaria Vâtcă Marlene Haupt
Ana-Marija Vrtodušić Hrgović Marlene Loureiro
Anamika Pandey Marli Gonan Božac
Anand Alembath Marlon Vasconcelos
Anand N. Marluci Menezes
Anand R. Maro Sinou
Anas Alsobeh Marta Biegańska
Anastasia Atabekova Marta Daroń
Anastasia Blouchoutzi Marta Domini
Anastasia Nikitaeva Marta Drosińska-Komor
Anastasia Nikologianni Marta Dziechciarz
Anastasios Mpalaskas Marta Fernandes
Anastasios Sepetis Marta Jackowska
Anastasios Tzotzis Marta Kadłubek
Anastasiya Afanasova Marta Kiraga
Anastassia Zabrodskaja Marta Magadán-Díaz
Anastassiya Mashentseva Marta Pieczara
Anatoliy Kazak Marta Regina Cezar-Vaz
Anatoly Alekseytsev Marta Riba-Moliner
Anayat Mir Marta Talavera
Anbes Tenaye Kidane Marta Wójcik
Anbesh Jamwal Marta Zurek-Mortka
Anca Elena Afloarei Nucu Martin Aleksandrov
Anca Francisca Cruceru Martin Beer
Anca-Gabriela Turtureanu Martin Ebner
An-Chi Huang Martin Evans
Ancuța Măgurean Martin Falk
Anđelija Ivkov Džigurski Martín Guillermo Frixione
Anderson Galvão Martin Ivanov
Anderson M. S. Medeiros Martin Lange
Ando Fahda Aulia Martin Lederer
Andor Molnár Martin Masuelli
Andra Zvirbule Martin Mičiak
Andra-Elena Diaconescu Martin Popevic
Andranik Akopov Martin Potgieter
Andras Jozsef Toth Martin Remmele
Andras Saftics Martin Rusek
Andre Belem Martín Salazar Pereyra
André Berchtold Martin Stabauer
André L. Menezes De Oliveira Martin Valenzuela-Melendres
André Longaray Martina Gaglioti
André Luis Azevedo Guedes Martina Gažarová
Andre Luis De Castro Peixoto Martina Laubertova
André Luiz Carvalho Ottoni Martina Štěrbová
André Luiz Lopes Toledo Martino Pavignano
André Pinto Martis Georgiana
Andre Schardong Márton Kiss
Andrea Baliello Martyn Reynolds
Andrea Basantes-Andrade Marusia Renteria
Andrea Boeri Maruška Šubic Kovač
Andrea Brambilla Marwa Gouda
Andrea Buonsenso Marwa Majdi
Andrea Capodaglio Marwan El Ghoch
Andrea Conti Mary Ann Adajar
Andrea Copetta Mary Hardie
Andrea Espinoza Pérez Maryam Lotfian
Andrea Guercio Maryam Ranjbar
Andrea Karpati Maryna Bulakh
Andrea Lampis Maryna Nehrey
Andrea Lazo Marzena Filipowicz-Chomko
Andrea Magrini Marzena Gibczyńska
Andrea Marcelli Marzena Lendo-Siwicka
Andrea Mariscotti Marzena Pawlik
Andrea Mastinu Marzena Szostakiewicz-Hołownia
Andrea Mazzitelli Marzia Morena
Andrea Mezzetta Marzieh Alizadeh
Andrea Monforti Ferrario Masoud Ahmadi
Andrea Neri Masoud Ahmadinia
Andrea Nettis Masoud Babaei
Andrea Paliotto Masoud Esfandiari
Andrea Peruzzi Masoud Karbasi
Andrea Pianella Masoud Nobahar
Andrea Rakushin Lee Masoumeh Ghalkhani
Andrea Rey Massimiliano Capezzali
Andrea Ria Massimiliano Condotta
Andrea Salustri Massimiliano Kaucic
Andrea Sütőová Massimiliano Lupo Pasini
Andrea Szekely Massimo Fabris
Andrea Tomassi Massimo Lauria
Andrea Vitali Massimo Pacella
Andreas Tsatsaris Massoud Moslehpour
Andreas Walmsley Mastrokoukou Sofia
Andreea Barbu Mastura Mohammad Taha
Andreea Mirică Masud Rana Rashel
Andreea Ona Matei Marcel
Andreea Puiu Matej Fike
Andrei Bonamigo Matej Mihić
Andrei Dregulo Mateusz Jackowski
Andrei Dumitrescu Mateusz Malinowski
Andrei Mihaela Mateusz Rzeszutek
Andrei Shepelev Mateusz Trzeciak
Andrei Ternauciuc Matevz Mihelic
Andrei Vladyko Matevž Triplat
Andreia Garces Matheus Camargo Silva Mancini
Andreia Machado Mathew Silas
Andrej Raspor Matia Mainardis
Andrej Škrinár Matilde Martinez Casanovas
Andreja Špernjak Matjaz Denac
Andres Annuk Matoor Gilani
Andres Barajas-Solano Matt Smith
Andrés Barrios-Rubio Matteo Bozzi
Andres Carrazco-Montalvo Matteo Fermeglia
Andrés F. Ugalde Vásquez Matteo Garau
Andrew Chojnacki Matteo Meli
Andrew Lothian Matteo Moglie
Andrew Omame Matteo Nicolini
Andrew Reeve Matteo Oliva
Andrew Sortwell Matteo Ratti
Andrey Abramov Matthew Leach
Andrey Afanasiev Matthias Koesling
Andrey Aksenov Matthias Kowald
Andrey Dmitriev Matthias Kulcke
Andrey Lavrinenko Matthias Prandtstetter
Andrey Lychev Matthias Ripp
Andrey Nasledov Matúš Bilčík
Andrey Orekhov Maulin Joshi
Andrey Shcherbakov Maura Pilotti
Andrey Zamyatnin Maurício Andrades Paixão
Andreza Longati Maurício Mantoani
Andrii Golovan Mauricio Ruiz Pérez
Andrii Koveria Maurizio Acciarri
Andrii Plugin Maurizio Busacca
Andrii Rogovyi Maurizio Mulas
Andrija Vidovic Maurizio Volpe
Andriy Semenov Mauro Francini
Andrzej Blecharczyk Mauro Giudici
Andrzej Borkowski Mauro Lombardo
Andrzej Borusiewicz Mauro Marini
Andrzej Czemplik Mauro Soldati
Andrzej Hutorowicz Max Mauro Santos
Andrzej Katunin Max Stephenson Jr.
Andrzej Kielian Maxim Mishnev
Andrzej Klimczuk Maxim V. Vinarski
Andrzej Kubik Maximilian Espuny
Andrzej Loska Maximilian Lackner
Andrzej Massel May Kristine Carlon
Andrzej Muczyński May Portuguez-Castro
Andrzej Ostrowski Mayank Gupta
Andrzej Pacana Mayank Khichar
Andrzej Piotrowski Mayara Amario
Andrzej Raszkowski Maykel Manawan
Andrzej Wnorowski Mayra Gurrola
Andrzej Zolnowski Mazen Al-Kheetan
Andung Bayu Sekaranom Mazen Omer
Andy Bery Maziar Yazdani
Andy Lane Md. Abdur Rahman Forhad
Aneesh Chand Md. Abdur Rouf Sarkar
Aneta Bobenič Hintošová Md. Abdus Shahid
Aneta Jarosz-Angowska Md. Abud Darda
Aneta Ptak-Chmielewska Md. Asrul Masrom
Angel Benigno Gonzalez Aviles Md. Azharul Islam
Angel León-Buitimea Md. Azizul Haque
Àngel Luján Md. Billal Hossain
Angel Miramontes Carballada Md. Bodruddoza Mia
Angel Paniagua Mazorra Md. Emran Hossain
Ángel Pazos-López Md. Humayun Kabir
Angela Alleyne Md. Jahangir Alam
Angela Bisio Md. Kamrul Hasan
Ángela Martín-Gutiérrez Md. Mizanur Rahman
Angela Patti Md. Mofasserul Alam
Angela Tritto Md. Mominur Rahman
Angélica Nardo Caseri Md. Monjurul Islam
Angelica Rutherford Md. Mostafizur Rahman
Angeliki Chatzidimitriou Md. Qamruzzaman
Ângelo Jesus Md. Rejaur Rahman
Angelos Tsikas Md. Salamun Rashidin
Anh Tuan Nguyen Md. Salatul Islam Mozumder
Ani Matei Md. Shafiqul Islam
Anibal Coronel Md. Sharif Uddin
Aníbal Maury-Ramírez Md. Sohrab Hossain
Anik Karan Md. Tanvir Rahman
Aniket Rana Md. Yusuf H Khan
Anil Banerjee Medhat Elkelawy
Anil K. Choudhary Medhat Elnaggar
Anil Kumar Siroha Meenu Ajith
Anil Kumar Yadav Megat Ahmad Kamal Megat Hanafiah
Anil Yadav Mehdi Bahrami
Anilkumar C. Mehdi Ebadi-Jamkhaneh
Animesh Mandal Mehdi Ghahremani
Animesh Pal Mehdi Ghodrati Shojaei
Aniruddha Kumar Mehdi Jahangiri
Anirudha Chattopadhyay Mehdi Nikoo
Anis Elaoud Mehdi Rezaei
Aniseh Jamshidi Mehdi Seraj
Anish Ghimire Mehmet Akbay
Anita Agárdi Mehmet Bülbül
Anita Lennox Mehmet Çullu
Anita Pásztor-Kovács Mehmet Das
Anita Ptak Mehmet Ergün
Anita Silvana Ilak Peršurić Mehmet Fatih Işık
Anita Stasulane Mehmet Kocak
Anja Terzic Mehmet Ozdes
Anjana J. Atapattu Mehmet Palanci
Anjana Vala Mehmet Pinarbaşi
Anjani Devi Chintagunta Mehmet Sari
Anka Trajkovska Petkoska Mehmet Yaman
Ankit Kumar Mehmet Yildiz
Ankit R. Patel Mehmet Zeki Konyar
Ankona Banerjee Mehran Shayganfard
Ankush Ghosh Meike Rombach
Ann Largey Meimei Wang
Ann Lee Meisam Moghadasi
Anna Adamik Meiyang Cui
Anna Alekseevna Mikhaylova Mekonnen Degefu
Anna Anielak Melih Yildiz
Anna Aseeva Melike Bildirici
Anna Bagieńska Melinda Laituri
Anna Bara Melisa Bertero
Anna Borucka Melissa Valentin
Anna Bryszewska-Mazurek Melissa Vogt
Anna Deptuła Meltem Koşan
Anna Geraskina Meng Cai
Anna Gitter Meng Chuan Ong
Anna Irena Szymańska Meng Wang
Anna Jaglarz Meng Xu
Anna Jakubczak Meng Zhang
Anna Janda Menggang Li
Anna Jasińska-Biliczak Meng-Hao Tsai
Anna Justyna Parzonko Mengjie Xu
Anna Justyna Werner-Juszczuk Mengyu Chai
Anna Karwasz Mengyu Li
Anna Kęska Menucha Birenbaum
Anna Kitaeva Merajuddin Khan
Anna Knitter-Piątkowska Mercy Ogbari
Anna Kosieradzka Merlin Gountie Dedzo
Anna Krakowiak-Bal Merryn Cole
Anna Lemańska-Majdzik Merveille Koissi Savi
Anna Lempert Mesut Gör
Anna Łupicka-Fietz Mesut Simsek
Anna Łyczkowska-Hanćkowiak Metin Sürme
Anna Majewska Meysam Vadiati
Anna Markiewicz Miao Chen
Anna Marsicano Miaohua Mao
Anna Murawska Micael Gerardo Bravo-Sánchez
Anna Piccirillo Micaela Medrano
Anna Rogozińska-Pawełczyk Michael Baldauf
Anna Sączewska-Piotrowska Michael Blanke
Anna Sciomachen Michael C. Smith
Anna Staszewska Michael Cope
Anna Tarczyńska Michael Dougherty
Anna Trusek Michael Gerlich
Anna Vittoria Mattioli Michael Hast
Anna Wieczorek-Szymańska Michael Loupis
Anna Zabłocka-Kluczka Michael Mangold
Anna Zalewska Michael Mcvey
Anna Zielińska-Chmielewska Michael Mehaffy
Anna Źróbek-Sokolnik Michael Minn
Annalisa Di Bernardino Michael Pisani
Annalisa Paolone Michael Richter
Annamaria Visco Michael Schalli
Anna-Maria Visilia Michael Short
Anne B. Reinertsen Michail Brykov
Anne Woolridge Michail Georgiou
Annelie Andersén Michail Tsangas
Annette Suleika Ortiz Miranda Michail Vaitis
Annibale Antonioni Michał Drzazga
Anoop Alex Michał Dudek
Anoop Gupta Michał Dziadkiewicz
Anoop Shukla Michal Franek
Anqi Ji Michał Juszczyk
Antal Jakovac Michal Marcinczuk
Anthimos Anastasiadis Michał Marczak
Anthony Lappin Michal Matowicki
Anton Gryzlov Michał Napierała
Anton Kiselev Michał Piasecki
Anton Pyzhev Michał Podolski
Anton Volkov Michał Rachwalski
Antonella Bachiorri Michał Rejdak
Antonella Bevilacqua Michał Szulborski
Antonella Versaci Michał Wolański
Antonello Monsù Scolaro Michal Wydra
Antoneta Tomljenović Michalis Sioutas
Antoni Antoni Michalis Skordoulis
Antoni Żywczak Michel Jancloes
Antonia Odagiu Michel Pérusse
Antonia Sandoval González Michela Tramonti
Antonietta Cosentino Michele Bottarelli
Antonietta Ivona Michele De Santis
Antonietta Lo conte Michele Dei
Antonije Onjia Michele Grimaldi
Antonina Karlina Michele Manno
António Almeida Michele Mattioli
Antonio Alonso-Jiménez Michele Penza
Antonio Cabrera Ariza Michele Pipicelli
António Caleiro Miguel Aguilera Flores
Antonio Ciervo Miguel Amado
Antonio Coruzzolo Miguel Angel Esquivias
Antonio De Pin Miguel Ángel González Moreno
Antonio Di Martino Miguel Angel Latorre Guillem
António Diogo Miguel Ángel Millán Muñoz
Antonio Fernández-Castillo Miguel Ángel Montañés-Del-Río
Antonio Gagliano Miguel Ángel Negrín Medina
Antonio Ganga Miguel Angel Reyes Lopez
Antonio Gavira-Narváez Miguel Ángel Sánchez Jiménez
Antonio Gilson Barbosa De Lima Miguel Chen Austin
Antonio Hernández-Mendo Miguel Lovino
Antonio Isalgue Miguel Menendez
António João Cruz Miguel Reyna-Castillo
Antonio Ledda Miguel Segura-Castruita
Antonio Lloret Miguel Sellitto
Antonio Luis Marques Sierra Miguel Torres-Ruiz
Antonio Manuel Ciruela-Lorenzo Miguel Uribe-Opazo
Antonio Manuel Reyes-Rodríguez Miha Steinbucher
Antonio Martínez Raya Mihael Brenčič
Antonio Martinez-Sabater Mihaela Begea
Antonio Miguel Linares-Luján Mihaela Gavrila-Ardelean
António Miguel Monteiro Mihaela Kavran
António Miguel Rosado da Cruz Mihaela Laura Bratu
Antonio Mincione Mihaela Popa
Antonio Montepara Mihaela Spataru
António Moreira Mihaela Tudose
Antonio Parejo Mihaela Udristioiu
Antonio Peña-García Mihai Caramihai
Antonio Polimeni Mihai Carp
Antonio Quirós-Fons Mihai Curelaru
Antonio Rafael Fernandez Paradas Mihai Dragomir
Antonio Roberto Mihai Eftimie
Antonio Rodríguez Fuentes Mihai Florin Băcilă
António Santos Mihai Gavrilas
Antonio Stasi Mihai Tiberiu Lates
Antonio Thomas Mihai-Bogdan Petrisor
Antonio Torralba-Burrial Mihail Chervenkov
Antonio Urbina Mihalj Poŝa
Antonio Zanin Mihály Kökény
Antonios Kargas Mijanur Rahaman Seikh
Antover Panazzolo Sarmento Mika Simonen
Antreas Kantaros Mikelis Dzikevics
Antun Biloš Mikhail Basov
Anu Printsmann Mikhail Komissarov
Anupam Barh Mikhail Proskurnin
Anupam Biswas Mikhail Savelyev
Anupam Sharma Mikhail Vorob'ev
Anurag Malik, Punjab Agricultural University, India Mikio Ishiwatari
Anurag Malik, Uttaranchal University, India Miktha Alkadri
Anusha Ekanayaka Milad Abdollahpour
Anusorn Cherdthong Milad Janalipour
Anvay Patil Milad Sheydaei
Anwar Ali Miladin Stefanovic
Anwar Ali Yahya Milagros Leon-Barrios
Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan Milan Andrejić
Anwar Sayed Milan Guzan
Anwar Ulla Khan Milan Hokr
Anzar Mahmood Milan Koszel
Anżelina Marek Milan Kragović
Aparajita Jaiswal Milan Kubina
Aparicio-Chueca Pilar Milan Marinković
Aparna Satsangi Milan Poudel
Apichit Maneengam Milan Toma
Apilak Salakkam Milda Jucienė
Apoorva Nisal Milena Carla Lima De Carvalho
Apostolos Apostolou Milena Ilić
Appadoo Chandani Milena Krklješ
Aprajeeta Jha Milena Pavlíková
Aqeel Bhutto Milena Rosić
Aqib Mujtaba Milica Kasanin-Grubin
Aqnouy Mourad Milica Lukic
Araceli De los Ríos-Berjillos Milica Rat
Araceli Romero-Izquierdo Milita Vienažindienė
Aram Cornaggia Miljana Radović Vučić
Arancha Llama-Palacios Milka Kiboi
Arangarajan Vinayagam Miloš Gligorić
Arantza Arruti Miloš Marković
Arash Akbari Hamed Miloš Milosavljević
Arash Heidari Milos Nenadovic
Arash Moeini Miloš Pelić
Arash Yoosefdoost Miloš Rozkošný
Araz Hasheminezhad Milutin Radonjic
Arbind Prasad Min Qiao
Arda Özen Min Ye
Ardalan Aflaki Mina Tadros
Aref Sadeghi-Nik Mine Ozcelik
Aref Shirazi Mine Seçkin
Areti Tseliou Mine Sezgül Kayseri Özer
Arevik Vardanyan Ming Liu
Arezki Fekik Mingbin Huang
Ari Widagdo Mingcheng Ren
Ariana Cordos Mingfei Sheng
Arianna Parrales-Bahena Ming-Hung Hsu
Arif Ali Baig Moghal Mingjie Chen
Arif Mandangan Mingjie Zhang
Arif Nuryawan Mingliang Li
Arijit Kundu Ming-Shou Su
Arijit Sen Mingtang Chai
Aristidis Matsoukis Mingtao He
Aristotel Popescu Mingxing Cheng
Arjun Somanathan Mingxing Zhong
Arkadiusz Artyszak Mingyun Gao
Arkadiusz Dyjakon Mingzhe Chen
Arkadiusz Małek Mingzu Liu
Arkadiusz Mordak Minh Hieu Nguyen
Arkadiusz Nędzarek Minh-Hoang Nguyen
Arkamitra Kar Min-Ho Ha
Arley Camargo Minhyeok Lee
Arman Amani Babadi Minxue He
Arman Goudarzi Minzhe Du
Armand Faganel Mioara Mihaila
Armand Fopah-Lele Miodrag Zivkovic
Armand Kasztelan Miorita Ungureanu
Armando Aguilar-Meléndez Miqdam Chaichan
Armando Aliu Miquel Àngel Essomba
Armando Justo Mir Aftab Hussain Talpur
Armando Robledo-Olivo Mir Muhammad Nizamani
Armando Silva Afonso Mir Sayed Shah Danish
Armin Dadras Eslamlou Miran Merhar
Armin Varmaz Mircea Andrei Scridon
Armindo Melo Mircea Fuciu
Arnab Majumdar Mircea Fulea
Arnan Araza Mircea Nicoara
Arnulfo Alanis Mircea Șcheau
Áron Perényi Mirela Cătălina Türkeș
Aron Szennay Mirela Stanciu
Áron Török Mirhojjat Seyedi
Arshad Jamal Miricescu Dan
Arshad Khan Mirjana Horvat
Artem Artyukhov Mirjana Kovacic
Artem Belesov Mirjana Ljubojević
Artem Denisov Mirjana Radenkovic
Artem Obukhov Mirjana Šipek
Artem Okulov Mirka Kans
Artem Shikhovtsev Mirko Prosen
Artem Stopochkin Mirnajaf Mousavi
Arthi Murugadass Miroslav Dramicanin
Arthitaya Kawee-Ai Miroslav Drljača
Artur Jaworski Miroslav Vujic
Artur Kierzkowski Miroslava Goňo
Artur Warchoł Miroslava Mĺkva
Artur Zaporozhets Miroslava Zavadska
Arturo Figueroa Montaño Miroslavas Pavlovskis
Arturo Juárez Hernández Mirosław Struś
Arturo Pascuzzo Mister Gidion Maru
Arturo Sánchez-González Mithra Venkatesan
Arturo Silva-Campillo Mititelu Magdalena
Artyom Gusarov Mladen Krstić
Arun Kumar Mishra Mladen Vukomanović
Arun Kumar Patra Mo Chen
Arunachelam Nakarajan Mo Li
Arunadevi Natarajan Mo Wang
Arũnas Ramanavičius Moaaz Kabil
Arunava Chatterjee Moammar Dayoub
Arunkumar Jayakumar Mochammad Fahlevi
Arunkumar Palaniappan Modesti Martina Nicole
Arup Dey Moganapriya Chinnasamy
Arvind Negi Mohamad Alzayed
Arvind Singh Mohamad Awad
Aryan Far Sherwani Mohamad Azizipour
Asaad Migot Mohamad Fairus Rabuni
Asad Ali Mohamad Fani Sulaima
Asad Amin Mohamad Heriawan
Asad Khan Mohamad Kader
Asad Rokhzadi Mohamad Padri
Asad Shah Mohamadreza Zarastvand
Asad Ullah Mohamed Abd El-Ghany
Asadullah Khalid Mohamed Abdelrahman
Asadullah Shaikh Mohamed Abd-Elwahed
Ascensión Palomares Ruiz Mohamed Abou Liela
Asen Grytsai Mohamed Afy-Shararah
Asfa Batool Mohamed Ahmed Said
Asfandyar Khan Mohamed Ait-El-Mokhtar
Asgar Ebadollahi Mohamed Ali
Asghar Azizian Mohamed Aly-Eldeen
Ashish Kapoor Mohamed Amine Khadraoui
Ashish Kumar Nayak Mohamed Anli
Ashish Mohite Mohamed Attia
Ashish Patel Mohamed Babiker Ibrahim
Ashish Shukla Mohamed Cassim Mohamed Zakeel
Ashita Allamraju Mohamed Charhbili
Ashlin Sathyan Mohamed Darwish
Ashok Chopra Mohamed Eid
Ashok P. Mohamed El Gharous
Ashok Panigrahi Mohamed Elhadi Matallah
Ashok Vaseashta Mohamed El-Sayed M. Essa
Ashokkumar Thirunavukkarasu Mohamed Emara
Ashraf Ali Mohamed Fadl
Ashraf Ibrahim Mohamed Farghali
Ashraf Mohamed Hemeida Mohamed Gobashy
Ashraf Salem Mohamed Gomaa
Ashraful Islam Mohamed Grida
Ashwani Aggarwal Mohamed Habila
Ashwani Vasishth Mohamed Hamouda
Ashwini Kumar Mohamed Hanine
Asif Ali Laghari Mohamed Heikal
Asif Hussain Mohamed Hssan Hassan Abdelhafez
Asif Sajjad Mohamed K. Korrany Hassan
Asifa Iqbal Mohamed Lounis
Asim Ali Yaqoob Mohamed Louzazni
Asim Muhammad Mohamed Mohamed
Asim Yaqub Mohamed Moncef Serbaji
Aşkın Kiraz Mohamed Mostafa
Asma Mehan Mohamed Nouh Meshref
Asma Sghaier Mohamed Ouessar
Asmita Patel Mohamed Ramadan
Asmuni Mohd Ikmal Mohamed S. A. Darwish
Aspasia Vlachvei Mohamed Saber Gad
Assunta Di Vaio Mohamed Salah
Asta Valackienė Mohamed Salah Ayyat
Asun López-Varela Azcárate Mohamed Salem
Asya Ovsepyan Mohamed Samy-Kamal
Ata Ur Rehman Mohamed Shamrukh Mahmoud
Atanas Atanasov Mohamed Sharaf
Atef Mohammed Mohamed Shawky
Athanasios G. Lazaropoulos Mohamed Suleiman
Athanasios Galanis Mohamed Syazwan Ab Talib
Athanasios Kiourtis Mohamed Tahooon
Athanasios Mogias Mohamed Zayed
Athanassios Androutsos Mohammad Afifi
Athena Progiou Mohammad Afikuzzaman
Athena Yiannakou Mohammad Ajaz Ul Islam
Atif Khan Mohammad Alathamneh
Atif Mughees Mohammad Alawamleh
Atik Kulakli Mohammad Alebrahim
Atila Kumbasaroglu Mohammad Ali
Atsushi Kawahara Mohammad Ali Jabraeil Jamali
Atthaphon Ariyarit Mohammad Ali Sahraei
Attila Géczy Mohammad Ali Tareq
Attila Lengyel Mohammad Alijani
Attila Simo Mohammad Al-Rawi
Attila Turi Mohammad Alrwashdeh
Attilio Mondello Mohammad Amir
Atukuri Dorababu Mohammad Amjadi
Atul Dhall Mohammad Arif
Atul Saini Mohammad Arzoo Ansari
Au Kristensen Mohammad Asghari
Auditya Purwandini Sutarto Mohammad Ashfaq
Audrius Bagdanavicius Mohammad Attaullah
Auður Pálsdóttir Mohammad Ayaz Alam
Auges Gatabazi Mohammad Bagher Askari
Augustín Stareček Mohammad Bayan
Augustina Asih Rumanti Mohammad Danesh-Yazdi
Augustine Edegbene Mohammad Danil Arifin
Augusto Cesar da Silva Bezerra Mohammad Ehtisham Khan
Augusto Nobre Mohammad Golmohammad
Aura Rusca Mohammad Hamed
Áurea Linhares Martins Gabriel Mohammad Hashemi
Aurel Botezan Mohammad Hashemi-Tabatabaei
Aurel Maxim Mohammad Hassan Shahverdian
Aurica Farcas Mohammad Heydari
Aurora Petan Mohammad Hossein Niksokhan
Aurup Ratan Dhar Mohammad Javad Ebadi
Aušra Mažeikienė Mohammad Javad Rahimdel
Auxi Barbudo Mohammad Kashiripoor
Avijit Das Mohammad Khairuddin Othman
Avo Reinap Mohammad Khan
Avtar Singh Mohammad Khosroshahi
Aya Saad Mohammad Mayouf
Ayad Al-Quraishi Mohammad Mehdi Khabiri
Aybüke İsbir Turan Mohammad Mehdizadeh
Ayça Tokuç Mohammad Nazeri Tahroudi
Aydi Abdelkarim Mohammad Paydar
Aydın Büyüksaraç Mohammad Reza Fathi
Ayelet Gal-Tzur Mohammad Reza Maghami
Ayesha Fahim Mohammad Reza Pakravan-Charvadeh
Ayesha Maqbool Mohammad Reza Rahdari
Ayesha Mohyuddin Mohammad Reza Rezvani
Ayhan Esi Mohammad Rezayat
Ayla Uysal Mohammad Rozaimi
Ayman Aljarbouh Mohammad Saber Fallah Nezhad
Ayman Al-Quraan Mohammad Sadegh Barkhordari
Ayman Diyab Mohammad Sadra Rajabi
Ayman Ragab Mohammad Safari
Ayobami Popoola Mohammad Sajid
Ayodeji Oke Mohammad Saleh Ali-Taleshi
Ayoob Lone Mohammad Shamim Hasan Mandal
Ayrat Badriev Mohammad Shamsuddoha
Ayşe Altun Mohammad Sharghi
Aysegul Ucar Mohammad Sharif
Azad Haider Mohammad Shirzad
Azadeh Babaei Mohammad Soroosh
Azam Abdollahi Mohammad Yamin
Azam Aslani Mohammad Yazdi
Azeem Zubair Mohammad Zeyad
Azita Farashi Mohammad Zounemat-Kermani
Aziz Tikent Mohammadali Kiehbadroudinezhad
Aziz Ur Rahman Muhammad Mohammad-Ali Lotfollahi-Yaghin
Azlinzuraini Ahmad Mohammadian Mehdi
Azmat Ullah Mohammed A. Al-Sharafi
Aznarul Islam Mohammed Abdul-Rahman
Azubuike Chukwuka Mohammed Aldlemy
Azzeddine Madani Mohammed Ali
Babacar Sène Mohammed Almomani
Baba-Moussa Lamine Mohammed Alnahhal
Babar Hussain Mohammed Alnaim
Babatunde Ojetunde Mohammed Al-Rubaii
Bach Ho Mohammed Amer
Bachir Nail Mohammed Amine Soumeur
Baclayon Sundo Mohammed Bakhsh
Badar Nadeem Ashraf Mohammed Ben Ali
Badicu Georgian Mohammed Danouche
Badr M. Thamer Mohammed Emran
Badreddine Ayadi Mohammed Ezzat
Badreddine Babes Mohammed Faez Hasan
Badreddine Sbartai Mohammed Fattah
Bahadır Akbal Mohammed Fayad
Baher Amer Mohammed H. Alsharif
Bahjat Fakieh Mohammed Habes
Bahram Choubin Mohammed Hajjaj
Bai Li Mohammed Hameed
Baiba Rivza Mohammed Ibrahim
Baishali Kanjilal Mohammed Majid Msallam
Baki Ozturk Mohammed Nasr
Bakri Badis Mohammed Noushad
Balaji Subramaniyan Mohammed Sazid
Balasubbareddy Mallala Mohammed Shehab
Balasubramaniyan Singaravel Mohammed Shuaib
Balint Varga Mohammed W Al-Gailani
Balkrishna Eknath Narkhede Mohammed Zakariah
Baltus Cornelius Bonse Mohan Rawat
Balwinder Kumar Mohan Varkolu
Bambang Setiawan Mohana Rani Gokana
Bambang Sugiharto Mohanad Al-Owaidi
Banda Collium Mohanad Kareem
Bangjun Liu Mohannad Al Shbail
Banta Viorel-Costin Mohannad Mnati
Bao Meng Mohanraj Thangamuthu
Baogang Li Mohd Fairus Bin Ahmad
Baohua Chen Mohd Hafiidz Jaafar
Bao-Jie He Mohd Hafiz Hanafiah
Baolong Wang Mohd Haniff Zainuldin
Baoping Gong Mohd Haqeem Hassan
Ba-Phu Nguyen Mohd Hisbany Mohd Hashim
Bappaditya Naskar Mohd Huzairi Mohd Zainudin
Baravan Asaad Mohd Imran
Barbara Del Curto Mohd Khairi Ismail
Barbara Fura Mohd Khaled Shambour
Barbara Futa Mohd Mahadi Halim
Barbara Karleuša Mohd Natashah Norizan
Barbara Kozub Mohd Remy Rozainy Mohd Arif Zainol
Barbara Lond Mohd Rodzi Ismail
Barbara Manachini Mohd Salim Mohamed
Barbara Nieradko-Iwanicka Mohd Shahbudin Masdar
Barbara Ruffino Mohd Shamsuri Md Saad
Barbara Sacchi Mohd Tahir Ismail
Barbara Sowińska-Świerkosz Mohd Tariq
Barbara Teixeira-Costa Mohd. Kamran Khan
Barbara Wiatkowska Mohsen Alae
Barbara Wieliczko Mohsen Brahmi
Barbara Żarska Mohsen Goodarzi
Baris Baspinar Mohsen Maghrebi
Barjeece Bashir Mohsen Mesbah
Baronin Sergey Mohsen Padervand
Barry Irwin Mohsen Rostami
Bartholomew Adeleke Mohsen Saffari Pour
Bartlomiej Chojnacki Mohsen Salimi
Bartłomiej Hadasik Mohsin Ali Farhad
Bartosz Fikus Mohsin Murad
Bartosz Jóźwik Moien Omar
Bartosz Rymkiewicz Moisés Marquina
Bartosz Spychalski Moisés Montiel-González
Bartosz Walczak Mojgan Bordbar
Basak Tuna Mojtaba Lezgy-Nazargah
Basanta Kumar Biswal Mokhtar Mohamed
Basel Mahafzah Mollen Frederik
Basheera Mahmmod Momčilo Dobrodolac
Bashir Adelodun Mona A. Abdel-Fatah
Basiem Al-Shattarat Mona Fawzy
Basil H. Jasim Mona Seyed Esfahani
Basil Psarianos Monia Jemni
Baskar Venkidasamy Monica Alcindor
Basker Gurunathan Monica Berti
Basma Souayeh Monica Canepa
Bassam Abdelsalam Monica Meocci
Bassiouny Saleh Monica Parlato
Basudeb Dutta Mónica Ramírez-Mella
Bate Ashu Agbortoko Mónica Rodrigues
Bathrinath Sankaranarayanan Mónica Sánchez Limón
Batyr Orazbayev Monica Stanescu
Bayu Possumah Monika Hall
Beata Bieszk-Stolorz Monika Kasina
Beata Cieniawska Monika Krasowska
Beata Gawryszewska Monika Lüthje
Beata Hysa Monika Pažur
Beata Sperkowska Monika Piątkowska
Beata Zofia Filipiak Monika Trojanowska
Beatriz Castillo Téllez Montserrat Franquesa-Soler
Beatriz Condessa Mooktzeng Lim
Beatriz Corchuelo Moon Fai Chan
Beatriz Perez Moran Pollack
Bechir Raggad Morena Galešić Divić
Bed Prakash Bhatta Morteza Mollajafari
Behdad Shadidi Morteza Taki
Behnam Akhoundi Mosaad Ali
Behnam Asgari Lajayer Mosab Alrashed
Behnam Mobaraki Moses Solomon
Behnam Talebjedi Moslem Fattahi
Behrokh Beiranvand Moslem Tayyebi
Behrouz Tajdar-Oranj Mostafa Abotaleb
Behzad Shakouri Mostafa Ali
Bekir Aktaş Mostafa Bakkar
Bekir Kabasakal Mostafa Elgayar
Ben Lawhon Mostafa Elshobary
Benaissa Chidmi Mostafa Ghasemi Baboli
Benedetto Schiavo Mostafa Ghobaei-Arani
Benedict Francis Mostafa Gholami
Benito Soto-Blanco Mostafa Salah
Beniuga Răzvan Mostafa Shooshtari
Benjamin Aidoo Mostafa Y. A. Mostafa
Benjamin González-Díaz Mouchira Choucry
Benjamin Smith Mouhamed Bayane Bouraima
Benny Mart Hiwatig Moumtaz Razack
Benson P. C. Liu Mounia Tahri
Benyong Wei Mousa Pazhuhan
Benyou Jia Moussa Diakhaté
Bercu Ana-Maria Moussa Leblouba
Berihu Teklu Moustafa Kassem
Berislav Bolfek Moustafa Sanad
Bernard Bińczycki Mrinmoy Majumder
Bernard Moulin Mrudul Jani
Bernardino Quattrociocchi Muammer Kaya
Bernardo Ribeiro Muawuz Ijaz
Bernd Kleimt Mubariz Mammadli
Bernhard Müller Mubashar Iqbal
Bert Weijters Mubashir Siddiqui
Bertha Santos Mubbasher Munir
Bertrand Hassani Mucahit Aydin
Betul Yilmaz Ozturk Much Aziz Muslim
Bhabani Das Mudasir Dar
Bhadrappa Haralayya Mudasir Younis
Bharat S. Chaudhari Mudassar Iqbal
Bhupal Shrestha Mudassar Iqbal Arain
Bhupati Neupane Muddasar Ghani Khwaja
Bhupendra Singh Muddassar Sarfraz
Bianca Tescasiu Mudhar Al-Obaidi
Bianor Valente Mudit Singh
Biao Fu Müge Şahin
Biao Zhang Muhamad Azahar Abas
Bibin Chidambaranathan Muhamad Safiih Lola
Bidur Devkota Muhammad Abdullah Saleem
Bijay Chhetri Muhammad Adnan
Bijay Halder Muhammad Adnan Bodlah
Bijay Shakya Muhammad Ahsan
Bikarma Singh Muhammad Ajmal
Bikash Koli Dey Muhammad Akram
Bikramaditya Ghosh Muhammad Ali Inam
Bilal Abu-Salih Muhammad Ammirrul Atiqi Mohd Zainuri
Bilal Ahmad Muhammad Anwar
Bilal Ahmed Memon Muhammad Arfan
Bilal Alatas Muhammad Arshad
Bilal Manzoor Muhammad Arshad Shehzad Hassan
Bilal Rasool Muhammad Asif
Bilawal Abbasi Muhammad Asif Gondal
Bilge Celik Muhammad Asim
Biljana Ilic Muhammad Aswin
Biljana Scepanovic Muhammad Awais
Bilsen Bilgili Muhammad Awais Javed
Bilyana Borissova Muhammad Ayaz
Bimal Chitrakar Muhammad Azam
Bin Fang Muhammad Azam Khan
Bin Guo Muhammad Azeem
Bin Huang Muhammad Azeem Ashraf
Bin Wu Muhammad Babar Ramzan
Bin Xu Muhammad Bilal
Bin Yang Muhammad Bilal Sadiq
Bin Ye Muhammad Fahad Zia
Binbin Yang Muhammad Faheem
Bindu Sadanandan Muhammad Faisal Nadeem
Binfeng Yin Muhammad Fareed
Bing Guo Muhammad Gulistan
Bing He Muhammad Hafeez
Bing Liu Muhammad Haris Hamayun
Bing Yu Muhammad Hassan
Bing Zhang Muhammad Heikal Ismail
Binghan Xue Muhammad Ibrahim
Bing-Huei Chen Muhammad Ijaz
Bingxian Chen Muhammad Imran Khan
Binhui Ma Muhammad Irfan
Binyan Wang Muhammad Irfan Ahamad
Biresaw Abera Muhammad Irwan Padli Nasution
Birgitte Lerbæk Muhammad Ishtiaq Ishaq
Birol Akbaş Muhammad Iskandar Hamzah
Biser Hristov Muhammad Ismail
Bishnu Bhattarai Muhammad Jamil
Bishnu Hari Poudyal Muhammad Jawad Sajid
Bishnu Prasad Devkota Muhammad Kashif Shahid
Bishwajit Dey Muhammad Kashif Yar
Bistra Vassileva Muhammad Khalid
Biswa Mohan Sahoo Muhammad Khan
Biswojit Debnath Muhammad Luqman
Bita Mashayekhi Muhammad Masud
Bixia Hu Muhammad Mehran Bashir
Blagovest Belev Muhammad Mohsin
Blair Kuys Muhammad Muddassir
Blanka Ravnjak Muhammad Mughal
Blazo Lalevic Muhammad Mujtaba Abbas
Blend Ibrahim Muhammad Muqeet Rehman
Bo Cheng Muhammad N Zahid
Bo Jun Muhammad Nasar-U-Minallah
Bo Li Muhammad Noor Hisyam Jusoh
Bo Liu Muhammad Qamer Shahid
Bo Zhang Muhammad Rafi
Bo Zhou Muhammad Rahman
Bo Zhu Muhammad Raza
Boby John Muhammad Raziq Rahimi Kooh
Boca Gratiela Dana Muhammad Saad Memon
Bogdan Andrei Dumitrescu Muhammad Saadi
Bogdan Florin Filip Muhammad Saeed
Bogdan George Tudorică Muhammad Safdar
Bogdan Gilev Muhammad Sajid
Bogdan Marian Tofanica Muhammad Saleem Kalhoro
Bogdan Roşca Muhammad Saleem Mughal
Bogdan Tiganoaia Muhammad Sameer Sheikh
Bogdan-Ștefan Ionescu Muhammad Shah
Bogumila Pilarczyk Muhammad Shahid
Bojan Beškovnik Muhammad Shehzad Hanif
Bojan Đerčan Muhammad Shoaib Arif
Bojan Đurin Muhammad Sohaib
Bojan Masanovic Muhammad Sohail
Bojan Obrenovic Muhammad Sufyan Javed
Bojana Bajić Muhammad Tahir
Bojana Horvat Muhammad Tariq
Bojana Kokić Muhammad Umar Farooq
Bojana Vasiljevic Muhammad Umer
Bolin Xiao Muhammad Usama
Bolun Li Muhammad Usman
Bomi Song Muhammad Usman Hadi
Bonginkosi E. Mthembu Muhammad Usman Hanif
Bonifacio Mostacedo Muhammad Uzair Yousuf
Bonoua Faye Muhammad Waheed
Boon Siong Wee Muhammad Waheed Riaz
Boris Aberšek Muhammad Wajid Ullah
Boris Dzeboev Muhammad Waris Ali Khan
Boris Igor Palella Muhammad Waseem Ashraf
Boris Kozlovsky Muhammad Yamin
Borislava Blagojević Muhammad Zahid
Borko Bulajic Muhammad Zaka Emad
Boško Matović Muhammed Bhuiyan
Botros Abdelnaser Masry Tawfik Muhammed Duman
Bouayad Noureddin Muhammed Enes Atik
Bouazizi Nabil Muhammed Yasin Durgun
Bowei Li Muhammed Yildirim
Bowen Lu Muhammet Ali Gündeşli
Boyka Stefanova Muhammet Ceylan
Boyuan Yu Muharman Lubis
Bożena Babiarz Muhittin Inan
Bożena Gajdzik Muhlis Can
Bozena Guziana Muhsin Kilic
Brad Sion Mujeeb Ahmed Mughadar Palliparambil
Branimir Kalaš Mujtahid Kaavessina
Branimir Novoselnik Mukesh Kumar
Branka Ljevnaić-Mašić Mukesh Meena
Branko Kanjevac Mukesh Mehata
Branko Lalić Mukhtar A. Kassem
Branko Perišić Mukta Chandra Das
Brateen Shome Mukti Subedi
Brenda Chaves Coelho Leite Mulatu Fekadu Zerihun
Brenda Cude Munder Bilema
Brenda Groen Munir Al-Saadi
Brenda Lopez Ruiz Munkhbaatar Buuveibaatar
Breno Santos Muntazir Hussain
Brian McSkimming Münür Herdem
Brian Sloboda Murad Canakci
Brian Wartell Murali M.
Brian Weir Muralitharan Jothimani
Bridgid Lai Fui Chin Murat Demir
Bright Singh Seeni Murat Demiral
Bruce Menu Murat Dener
Bruce Spittle Murat Yakar
Bruce Winston Murillo Vetroni Barros
Bruno Bernardi Murilo Eduardo Casteroba Bento
Bruno Blaskovic Murilo Sérgio Julião
Bruno da Costa Murray Gray
Bruno Dos Santos Murugaperumal Krishnamoorthy
Bruno Jeanneret Murugesan Kamaraj
Bruno M. Ferreira Musa Adamu
Bryan Nelson Musa Balta
Budi Waluyo Musa Hussain
Bulat Soktoev Musheer A. Aljaberi
Bulent Basyigit Musheerul Hassan
Burak Demirhan Mushtaq Ahmad
Burak Erkut Mushtaque Ahmed
Burcu Yılmaz Kaya Müslüm Hacar
Burga Braun Mustafa Al-Mukhtar
Bushra Khalid Mustafa Cemali
Byron Paul Remache Vinueza Mustafa Cinar
Byungik Chang Mustafa Engin
Çağdaş Ümit Yazgan Mustafa Ergin Şahin
Cahide Yığın Mustafa Fawzy
Cai-Lin Wang Mustafa Klufallah
Caio Dos Santos Mustafa Kursat Sahin
Caiqing Qin Mustafa Mortas
Caius Panoiu Mustafa Özer
Caixia Chen Mustafa Tolga Esetlili
Calixto Gutiérrez-Braojos Mustafa Umut Demirezen
Camelia Betianu Mustafa Yeniasır
Camelia Delcea Mustapha Ibrahim
Camelia Teodorescu Mu'Tasime Abdel-Jaber
Camelia Voicu Muthia Elma
Camelia-Daniela Hategan Muthu Manokar A.
Camila Ferreira Muthukrishna Vellaisamy Kumarasamy
Camila Saporetti Muthukrishnan Arun
Camilo Ayra-Pardo My Abdelouahed Sabri
Can Ding Mykola Malashevskyi
Can Vatandaslar Myriam Amezcua-Allieri
Candace Nolan-Grant Myrto Konstantinidou
Candida Manuel Myung-Hyun Kim
Canepa Maria N Aravind
Caner Çaki Na Li
Caner Dincer Na Xu
Cano-Ramírez Hugo Nabil Hasan Al-Kumaim
Carla Antunes Nabil Hossiney
Carla Henriques Nabil Kherbache
Carla Morais Nabil Mohammed
Carla Pereira Nabil Nemer
Carla Viveiros Nabila Abid
Carles Dulsat-Ortiz Naďa Antošová
Carlo Corinaldesi Nada Toueir
Carlo Genova Nadeem Abbas
Carlo Gualtieri Nader Bakheet
Carlo Navarra Nader Karballaeezadeh
Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo Nadesh Rk
Carlos Afonso Nadezhda Angelova
Carlos Aguirre-Nuñez Nadezhda Shmeleva
Carlos Alberto Pereira Soares Nadezhda Zhuk
Carlos Alejandro Granados-Echegoyen Nadhim Hamah Sor
Carlos Alexandre Gouvea da Silva Nadhir Hammami
Carlos Alfonso Zafra Mejía Nadia Abbaszadeh Tehrani
Carlos Alvarez-González Nadia Ali
Carlos Brandão Nadia Ayub
Carlos Chávez Nadia Ionescu
Carlos Cruz Nadire Cavus
Carlos De Las Heras-Pedrosa Naeem Akhtar Qaisrani
Carlos Diaz Delgado Naeem Hayat
Carlos Duarte Naeem Shahzad
Carlos Esparza-López Nafisa Gull
Carlos Gutiérrez Aguilar Nagamadhu M.
Carlos Herce Nagaraj Nandihalli
Carlos Hernando Gómez Quintero Nageh Abo-Dahab
Carlos Hervás-Gómez Naghelli Ortega-Avila
Carlos Huerta-Aguilar Nahedh Al-Qemaqchi
Carlos M. Chang Nahla El-Shenawy
Carlos Martins Naim Ahmad
Carlos Oliveira Najul Laskar
Carlos Pantoja Nalika Ulapane
Carlos Rosa-Jiménez Nalin Mohanty
Carlos Smaniotto Costa Nalladurai Kaliyan
Carlos Vaz De Carvalho Nam Dinh
Carlos Yure B. Oliveira Nam Tran
Carme Hervada-Sala Namrata Patil
Carmela Buono Nan Wu
Carmen Aina Nanabhau Kudnar
Carmen Balan Nancy Abdel-Moneim
Carmen D. Álvarez-Albelo Nancy Medina-Herrera
Carmen Delgado-Viñas Nandi Nandi
Carmen De-Pablos-Heredero Nandiraju Venkata Prasad
Carmen Enrique Mirón Nannan Wang
Carmen Feller Nao Sugiki
Carmen Gallardo-Montes Naoki Masuhara
Carmen Llatas Naourez Ben Hadj
Carmen Lucas Napat Harnpornchai
Carmen Nadia Ciocoiu Naqqash Dilshad
Carmen Nicolae Narashans Alok Sagar
Carmen Otilia Rusănescu Narcis Mitu
Carmen Toderascu Naresh Reddy Kolanu
Carmen Villegas-Sánchez Naresh Samy
Carmen Zaharia Naresh Vissa
Carmine apollaro Narit Thaochan
Carol Nash Naseem Ahmad
Carolina Flores-Lueg Naseer Khan
Carolina Fredes Naser Kabashi
Carolina Machado Naser Valizadeh
Caroline A. Harvey Nasim Hossein Hamzeh
Caroll Hermann Nasir Shafiq
Casey Watters Nasmin Jiwani
Cassie Wallwey Nasrullah Khan
Cătălin Barbu Natalia Chumakova
Catalin Beguni Natália Figueiredo
Catalin Popescu Natalia Fumagalli
Catalin Silvestru Natalia Generowicz
Catalin Vrabie Natalia Georgieva
Catalina Rus-Casas Natalia Karlsson
Catalina Soriana Sitnikov Natalia Korcz
Catalin-Iosif Ciontea Natalia Lajara-Camilleri
Catarina Afonso Alves Natalia Lebedeva
Catarina Doutor Natalia Piekuś-Słomka
Catarina Fernandes Natalia Repkina
Catarina Patoilo Teixeira Natalia Romasheva
Catarina Silva Natalia V. Volkova
Caterina Capponi Natalia Wagner
Caterina Valeo Nataliia Kholiavko
Catherine Kunyanga Nataliia Letunovska
Catherine Lacoste Nataliya Podgorodnichenko
Catherine Smith Natallia Miatselskaya
Catia Branquinho Natalya Ivanova
Cátia Sousa Natalya Kondratyeva
Cayetano Navarrete-Molina Natarajan Prabaharan
Ce Yang Nataša Kovač
Cécil Meulenberg Natasha Khan
Cecilia Avila-Garzon Natei Benti
Cecilia Mazzoli Natividad Garcia-Troncoso
Cecilia Veracini Nattasit Srinurak
Cedric Caruana Naveed Ashraf
Cédric Giry Navid Abedpoor
Celal Cakiroglu Navid Bayati
Celal Duran Navid Nadimi
Celestino García Gómez Navid Nasajpour-Esfahani
Celestino González-Niciceza Navish Kataria
Celso Lopes Navoda Rillagodage
Cem Tırınk Nawal Mohammed Dawood
Cemil Aydoğan Nawarerk Chalarak
Cengiz Toker Nawroz Tahir
Cenk Budayan Nazario Tartaglione
Cenk Çalışkan Nazia Manzar
Ceres Duarte Guedes Cabral de Almeida Nazli Farajzadeh
Cesar A. N. Catalán Nazmus Sakib
Cesar Augusto Ruiz Agudelo Nazneen Hussain
César De Santos-Berbel Neamt Radu
Cesar Flores Nebojsa Ilic
Cesar L. Aguirre-Mancilla Nebojša Nikolić
César Leyva-Porras Nedim Tutkun
Cesar Martinez-Olvera Neela Satheesh
Cevin Zhang Neelamadhab Padhy
Ceyhun Akarsu Neelamanie Yapa
Ceyhun Aksoylu Neelamsetti Kirn Kumar
Cezar Comanescu Neeraj Misra
Cezary Behrendt Neeraj Singh
Cezary Beker Neetu Talreja
Cezary Szwed Neha Sami
Ch Mahmood Anwar Nehreen Majed
Ch Naga Sai Kalyan Neida Albornoz-Arias
Chadwick Co Sy Su Neil Grigg
Chaham Alalouch Nejc Kozar
Chairul Irawan Nelly Sapojnikova
Chaitanya Pande Nelson Duarte
Chalong Wachirapakorn Nemanja Berber
Chan Keb Nemanja Tomić
Chandan Pandey Nemanja Zdravković
Chandima Tilakaratne Nematollah Khorasani
Chandra Adhikari Németh Attila
Chandra Mohan Chandra Sekar Nenad Petrovic
Chandra Upadhyay Nenad Ruškić
Chandrabhan Verma Neng Zhu
Chang Liu Neofytos Komninos
Chang Seop Rhee Nesrein Hashem
Chang Shu, Canada Néstor Montalván-Burbano
Chang Shu, United States Netti Herawati
Chang Wei Hsieh Netty Salindeho
Changcheng Liu Neus Caparros
Chang-Hua Lin Neven Grubisic
Changjin Xu Nevenka Popović Šević
Changning Wu Nevzat Özgür
ChangSaar Chai Nezha Mejjad
Changsuo Li Ngadisih Ngadisih
Changyong Lan Nguyen Minh Phu
Chao Chen, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, China Nguyen Quoc Y.
Chao Chen, Taiyuan University of Technology, China Nguyen Tran Thai Ha
Chao Gao Niang Abdoul Jelil
Chao Gu Niaz Ali Khan
Chao Liu Niaz Shahani
Chao Ma Nicholas Catasso
Chao Shen Nicholas Friedenberg
Chao Sun Nick Naumov
Chao Wu Nicola Baldo
Chao Zhang Nicola Pisacane
Chao Zhao Nicola Rainisio
Chao Zou Nicola Sangiorgi
Chaofan Sun Nicola Toscani
Chaofan Xian Nicolae Badea
Chaoliang Fu Nicolae Bobitan
Chaolin Zhang Nicolae Stelian Ungureanu
Chaoshan Wu Nicolas Joly
Chao-Wen Hu Nicolas Merveille
Chara Vavoura Nicolás Muñoz-Galeano
Charalampos Doulgeris Nicolás Tizón-Escamilla
Charalampos Kyriakidis Nicolás Velázquez
Charalampos N. Pitas Nicoleta Ionac
Charalampos Skoulikaris Nicoleta Sirghi
Charalampos Vasilatos Nicoleta Sorina Nemeş
Charikleia Prochaska Nicoleta Valentina Florea
Charitha Dias Nicoleta Vrînceanu
Charles Harahap Nicolina Pop
Charles Yousif Nidia Casas Forero
Charli Sitinjak Nídia De Sá Caetano
Charoenchai Khompatraporn Nihan Öksüz Narinç
Charul Chadha Nihat Akgüneş
Chau Phat Nijole Batarliene
Chawis Boonmee Nikhil Kumar
Chellapandian Maheswaran Nikita Babyr
Chemseddine Maatki Nikita Martyushev
Chen Li, Nanjing Tech University, China Nikita Osintsev
Chen Li, Northeastern University, China Nikola Čobanović
Chen Yang Nikola Obrenović
Cheng Chang Nikola Skoro
Cheng Li Nikola Vladimir
Cheng Yang Nikola Vojnović
Cheng Zeng Nikola Zogović
Chengcheng Xia Nikolaos D. Charisiou
Chenghao Chen Nikolaos Solomakos
Chengpeng Lu Nikolaos Tavoularis
Chengwei Huang Nikolaos Tsakiridis
Cheng-Wen Lee Nikolaos Varotsis
Chengyu Li Nikolaos Vlahos
Chengyu Lin Nikolas Wuryaningrat
Chen-Hua Fu Nikolay Bezhin
Chen-Kang Huang Nikolay Neykov
Chenming Jiang Nikolay Nikitin
Chenxi Ji Nikolina Frid
Chenxi Wang Nikos Charizopoulos
Chenxiang Li Nikos Panopoulos
Chenyang Li, China Nilamadhab Mishra
Chenyang Li, United States Nilanjana Ray
Chenyu Lu Nilay Yavuz
Cheong K. Park Nima Karimi
Cherng-Yuan Lin Nima Mohamadian
Cherry Zin Oo Nina Faraoni
Cheryl Beseler Nina Mendez-Dominguez
Chet Ram Nina Szczepanik-Scislo
Chetariya Chana Pithabhai P. Ning Li
Chew Kuewwai Ning Qian
Chhavi Tiwari Ning Yuan
Chia Hung Kao Ningzhi Jin
Chiagoziem Ukwuoma Nino Fonseca
Chia-Hsiang Chen Nipon Ketjoy
Chia-Liang Hung Niraj Joshi
Chiara Bernuzzi Niranjanamurthy M.
Chiara Gruden Nirmal Acharya
Chiara Oppi Niroop Sugunaraj
Chiara Piccini Nisha Naicker
Chiara Saracini Nishant Raj Kapoor
Chiara Scanagatta Nishith Reddy Mannuru
Chia-Yang Lin Nisrine Makhoul
Chia-Yi Lee Nitin Goyal
Chidiebere Ofoegbu Nitin Tiwari
Chidozie Nwakaire Nizar Faisal Alkayem
Chien Nguyen Nizar Polat
Chien-Hung Lai Noé Abraham González-Nieto
Chien-Liang Kuo Noe Aguilar-Rivera
Chiew-Yen Wong Noelia García Castillo
Chih-Chun Hsieh Noelia Soledad Bedoya-Perales
Chih-Long Lin Nona Merry Merpati Mitan
Chih-Pei Hu Noor Fadiya Mohd Noor
Chih-Ta Tsai Noor Ismail
Chi-Hui Tsou Noor Khan
Chih-Wen Wu Noor Ul Hadi
Chih-Ying Chen Noorashikin Md Noor
Chih-Yu Liu Nooshin Karimi Alavijeh
Chijioke Nwachukwu Nor Akmar Abdul Aziz
Chilingaryan Kamo Nor Azuana Ramli
Chin Yi Fang Nor Bahiyah Baba
Ching-Yeh Tsai Nóra Drienyovszki
Chinmoy Kumar Panigrahi Nora Munguia
Chinnamani Prasannakumar Norah Md Noor
Chinnamuthu Annadurai Norazlianie Sazali
Chinnasamy Ponnusamy Norbert Ebert
Chin-Ting Liu Norfaridatul Akmaliah Othman
Chiriac Irina Norhazliza Abd Halim
Chis Timur-Vasile Noritaka Katatani
Chiung-Tzu Lucetta Tsai Norma Anglani
Chiu-Shia Fen Norma Ghamrawi
Chng Saun Fong Norma Patricia López-Acosta
Chompu Nuangjamnong Norma Rodriguez-Muñoz
Chong Luo Noto Susanto Gultom
Chongqiang Zhu Nourreddine Baaka
Chris Beaumont Noushin Mousazadeh
Christian Álvarez Nuha Mashaan
Christian Bux Numan Ali
Christian E. Hernández Mendoza Nuno Baía Saraiva
Christian Fernández-Campusano Nuno Brito
Christian Ghiaus Nuno Carlos Leitão
Christian R. Encina-Zelada Nuno Costa
Christian Tantardini Nuno Filipe Alves Jorge
Christiana Balan Nuno Fortes
Christiana Chamon Nuno Gil
Christina Kranz Nuno Lavado
Christina Marouli Nuno Leite
Christine Chinelli Nuno Martins
Christoph Kogler Nuno Miguel Barateiro Gonçalves Silva
Christoph Vogelsang Nur Belkayalı
Christoph Wünsch Nur Fakhzan Marwan
Christophe Airiau Nur Hasanah
Christopher Atkinson Nur Izyan Wan Azelee
Christopher Bagley Nur Izzi Md. Yusoff
Christopher Knightes Nur Rashid Mat Nuri
Christopher Lant Nur Uddin
Christopher Whitman Nura Shehu Aliyu Yaro
Christos Akratos Nurcan Kilinc-Ata
Christos Roumpos Nurdan Kirikkaleli
Christos Spandonidis Nurhanis Syazni Roslan
Christos Staboulis Nuri Başusta
Chrysanthos Maraveas Nuria Novas
Chryssanthi Antoniadou Nuria Rodríguez-López
Chuangye Wang Nuriye Sancar
Chuanju Liu Nurpudji Astuti Taslim
Chuan-min Mi Nurul Azita Salleh
Chuanyu Sun Nurullah Bektas
Chukiat Chaiboonsri Nyet Moi Siew
Chun Yang O. I. Sallam
Chun-An Cheng O. Yu. Goncharova
Chunbo Zhang Oana Beniuga
Chunfang Wang Oana Cristina Popovici
Chung Il Lee Oana Luca
Chung Lien Pan Oana Oprea
Chung Siung Choo Oana Parvulescu
Chung-Fu Huang Oana Rusu
Chung-Hsien Lin Oana Ticleanu
Chunjiong Zhang Oana-Maria Boldura
Chunkan Yu Oberdan Ferreira
Chunlian Qiao Obida Zeitoun
Chun-Liang Chen Octavia Zeleniuc
Chunlin Yao Octavian Duliu
Chun-Nen Huang Octavian Groza
Chunpeng Chen Octavio Elizalde-Solis
Chunwei Dong Ofelia Ema Aleca
Chunxiang Zhu Ofelia Pérez Montero
Chunxin Ma Oğuz Koçar
Chunyang Wang Oguzhan Der
Chunyang Xia Oihane Korres
Chutisant Kerdvibulvech Oindrila Gupta
Chye Ing Lim Okiemute Ogirigbo
Chyi Lee Oksana Kovtun
Cicerone Laurentiu Popa Okto Dinaryanto
Cid Nogueira Santos Ola Bareja-Wawryszuk
Cidalia Oliveira Oladipo Folorunso
Cigdem Akduman Olaf Kühne
Cihan Turhan Olalekan Onilude
Cilísia Ornelas Olatunde Durowoju
Cinthia Nájera Olatunji Adeyanju
Cintya Lanchimba Olawumi Sadare
Cinzia Rienzo Ole Jørgensen
Ciobanu Nicoleta Ramona Oleg Gradov
Ciprian Baciu Oleg Shichalin
Ciprian Cristea Oleg Sychev
Ciro José Jardim De Figueiredo Oleg Yakhin
Claire Haven-Tang Oleh Berezsky
Claire Kelly Oleh Onysko
Clara Hohmann Oleksandr Prokhorov
Clara Margaça Oleksandr Tashyrev
Clara Pereira Olena Chygryn
Clara Vale Olena Liakh
Clarissa Naidoo Olena Sdvyzhkova
Classio Mendiate Olena Sushchenko
Claudia Bita-Nicolae Olesia Havryliuk
Cláudia Faria Olesya Buryakovskaya
Claudia Giovagnoli-Vicuña Olesya Nazarenko
Claudia Girjob Olexandr Yemelyanov
Claudia Maldonado-Erazo Olexiy Shynkarenko
Cláudia Pereira Olga Afanaseva
Claudia Savia Guerrera Olga Bucovetchi
Claudia Seabra Olga Christopoulou
Cláudia Silva Olga Dymshits
Claudia Stoian Olga Matos
Claudimar Veiga Olga Morozova
Claudina Nogueira Olga Nesterova
Claudinei Guimarães Olga Pilipczuk
Claudio Mancilla Olga Sobolewska
Cláudio Rocha Olga Szlachetka
Claudio Terraza Olga V. Zaharova
Claudiu Aciu Olha Boiko
Clemens Fuchs Olimpia Mintas
Clinton Watkins Olimpia Neagu
Codruta Baltescu Oliva Martins
Codruta Jaliu Olive Niyomubyeyi
Codruta Popescu Oliver Meixner
Collins Udanor Oliver Meseguer-Ruiz
Colmore Christian Oliver Ramos
Conceição Ilda da Silva Gomes Oliver Weigelt
Conceição Mesquita Olivera Đokić
Concepción López González Olivian Chiver
Concetta Cardillo Olufemi Adetunji
Concetta Nazzaro Oluibukun Ajayi
Congcong Wang Olusegun Oguntona
Constancio Asis Olusegun Samuel
Constantin Bungau Olutosin Otekunrin
Constantin Buta Oluwarotimi Olofinnade
Constantin Chalioris Oluwaseyi Fadele
Constantin Ilie Oluwatoyin Kolawole
Constantin Nistor Oluyomi Osobajo
Constantin-Marius Apostoaie Om Prakash
Constantinos Halkiopoulos Omar Al Hattamleh
Constantinos S. Psomopoulos Omar Alagha
Cordelia Onyinyechi Omodero Omar Al-Khashman
Corina Ioanăș Omar Boubker
Corneli Keim Omar Mahmoud
Cornelius Bavoh Omar Mohamed
Corrado Chisari Omar Naifar
Corrado Lo Storto Omar Ruiz-Martinez
Corrado Lupo Omer Bafail
Corrado Magnani Omer Ekmekcioglu
Corrado Zoppi Ömer Faruk Coşkun
Cosmas Wacal Ömer Faruk Yılmaz
Cosmin Salasan Omid Akhavan
Costel Ciubotariu Omojola Awogbemi
Costel Plescan Omotuyole Ambali
Craig Talmage Onder Kabas
Crina Bejan Ondrej Kostov
Cristian Alionte Onofre Morfin
Cristian Boldisor Onur Çalışkan
Cristian Calvo-Barentin Onur Dogan
Cristian Gergichevich Onur Merter
Cristian Mălinas Orest Voznyak
Cristian Moreno García Orestis Schinas
Cristian Rus Orhan Kaplan
Cristian Rusu Oriol Pons Valladares
Cristian Simion Orlando Cimino
Cristiana D'Anna Orlando Corigliano
Cristiana Vîlcea Orlando Duran
Cristiane Lana Osa Idehen
Cristiane Silva Osaiga Isibor
Cristie Luis Kugelmeier Osama A. Saeed
Cristina Alegria Osama Al-Madanat
Cristina Anghele Osama Elsherbiny
Cristina Banciu Osama Khaled
Cristina Cortis Osama Omar
Cristina Coscia Oscar Andrés Vargas Ceballos
Cristina Dumitru Oscar Andreu-Sánchez
Cristina Ghinea Oscar De Lucio
Cristina González‐Díaz Oscar Frausto-Martínez
Cristina González-Montelongo Óscar Gavín Chocano
Cristina Macci Oscar Licandro
Cristina Mihaela Salca Rotaru Oscar Mesa
Cristina Nicolau Oscar Monroy
Cristina Paniagua Oscar Navarro
Cristina Raluca Gh. Popescu Oscar Tamburis
Cristina Sánchez-Martínez Oscar Tejeda
Cristina Sousa Osei-Agyeman Yeboah
Cristina State Oslan Jumadi
Cristina Tripon Osvaldo Gervasi
Croitoru Gabriel Otakar Holuša
Crystian Venegas-Barrera Otilia Carvalho
Csaba Bojtor Ouafi Ameur-Zaimeche
Csaba Horváth Oualid Ellouz
Csaba Koren Oudgou Mohamed
Csaba Patkós Oumar Sadio
Csaba Szabo Ourania Notta
Csáky Imre Ousama Ben-Salha
Cuauhtémoc Sanchez Ramírez Oussama Hamid
Cun Hui Ovidiu-Cristian Oprea
Cunqi Jia Ovidiu-Iulian Bunea
Cunyi Yang Oyeyemi Olayode
Cuong Huu Nguyen Ozan Uzun
Cyril Glenn Satuito Ozcan Ozyurt
Czesław Adamiak Özer Sevim
Czesław Mesjasz Ozgur Ege
D. S. Vijayan Özgür Ersin
Da Cao Ozkan Kaya
Da Ding Oznur Isinkaralar
Dachang Zhu  P Jagadesh
Dae Uk Shin P. Kalakonda
Dafni Petkou P. S. Manoharan
Dahai Liu P. W. Gerbens-Leenes
Dahiru Lawal Pablo Alonso-Fernández
Daiane Maria de Genaro Chiroli Pablo Cabrera Barona
Daiani Modernel Xavier Pablo Cienfuegos-Suarez
Daijun Feng Pablo Fernández-Arias
Daikun Wang Pablo Melgarejo
Dainius Savickas Pablo Rodriguez-Lopez
Daisuke Matsushita Pablo Tejedo
Daiva Penkauskienė Pablo Vergara
Daiva Tamulevičienė Pachaivannan Partheeban
Daizo Kojima Pachiyappan Ragupathi
Dajana Kučić Grgić Padmakumar Muthuswamy
Dakota McCarty Pairot Pramual
Dalel Daâssi Pål Andersen
Dalia M. Ibrahiem Pál Balázs
Dalia Suša Vugec Palani Elumalai
Dalibor Dobrilovic Palaniyandi Karuppaiya
Damián Reyes Jáquez Pallavi Saxena
Damian Wieczorek Pallavi Singh
Damiano Spagnuolo Palmira Pečiuliauskienė
Damilola Eluyela Paloma Massó
Damjan Bujak Pamayla Darbyshire
Dan Alexe Pan Ni
Dan Bodescu Pan Song
Dan Dumitriu Panagiota Balaska
Dan Romer Panagiota Katsimpini
Dana Baroková Panagiota Manti
Dana Maria Constantin Panagiotis Dimitropoulos
Dana Rus Panagiotis G Liargovas
Dana Teodora Anton Paduraru Panagiotis Kanatas
Danan Tu Panagiotis Kokkinakos
Dancho Petrov Panga Narasimha Reddy
Daner Sun Paniti Netinant
Dani Sarsekova Pankaj Dadheech
Daniel Adrian Gardan Pankaj Kumar
Daniel Badulescu Pantana Tor-Ngern
Daniel Brauss Panteleimon Xofis
Daniel Circiumaru Pantelis Sidiropoulos
Daniel Cotfas Panu Pihkala
Daniel Crespo Paola Calicchia
Daniel Cusson Paola Clerici Maestosi
Daniel Diaz Paola Di Mascio
Daniel Durán Sandoval Paola Ferretti
Daniel El Chami Paola Giannoni
Daniel Espejel Blanco Paola Monachesi
Daniel Garcia-Almiñana Paola Puma
Daniel Grossegger Paola Sangiorgio
Daniel Homocianu Paolina Bongioannini Cerlini
Daniel Horna Munoz Paolo Biagi
Daniel Jancarczyk Paolo Blecich
Daniel Kalús Paolo E. Santangelo
Daniel Kessler Paolo Felice Dalla Villa
Daniel L. Gabaldón-Estevan Paolo Lauriola
Daniel Lepadatu Paolo Mulè
Daniel Levacher Paolo Piantanida
Daniel Moise Paolo Popoli
Daniel Okanigbe Paolo Rosasco
Daniel Olvera-Trejo Paolo Villani
Daniel Oyekunle Pappu Yadav
Daniel Pavlov Parameshachari B. D.
Daniel Ramos Parameswari Ettiyagounder
Daniel Rodriguez Paranjayee Mandal
Daniel Sanz-Martín Paranthaman Mohanraj
Daniel Tse Paraskevas Nikolaou
Daniela Antonescu Paraskevi Askouni
Daniela Buzova Paraskevi Boufounou
Daniela Ciobanu Pardeep Kumar Sadh
Daniela Fighir Pargin Bangotra
Daniela Giannetto Parisa Haim Faridian
Daniela Istrati Parisa Mojaver
Daniela Ivanova Parisa Ziaesaeidi
Daniela Jelincic Parisa Ziarati
Daniela Olivera Parsa Arbab
Daniela Pinto Partha Narayan Dey
Daniela Tavano Parthena Kosmidou
Daniela Varrica Parviz Tavakoli-Kolour
Daniela-Tatiana Agheorghiesei Paschalis Arvanitidis
Daniele Sofia Pashalina Zwi Terzopoulou
Danielle Frasca Teixeira Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo
Daniel-Rareș Obadă Pasquale Marino
Danijela Arsenov Pasquale Napoletano
Danijela Barić Pasquino Vittorio
Danijela Domljan Patricia Acosta-Vargas
Danijela Vukoicic Patricia Anafi
Danilo Di Donato Patricia Fernández-Morales
Danilo Greco Patricia Iweka
Danish Farooq Patricia Kara De Maeijer
Danish Ibrar Patricia Makoni
Danko Šipka Patricia Mckay
Danniella Sherwood Patricia Quesado
Danuta Szpilko Patrícia Raquel Da Silva Fernandes
Dany Perwita Sari Patrícia Santos
Daodao Hu Patricia Vázquez-Villegas
Daria Balycheva Patricia Vermeersch
Daria Mottareale Patricio Ramírez-Correa
Darijo Mišković Patrick Bouchet
Dario Baričević Patrick Heinrich
Dario Peirone Patrik Šťastný
Dariusz Andraka Patrizia Borsotto
Dariusz Bernacki Patrizia Frontera
Dariusz Butrymowicz Patrizia Schettino
Dariusz Fuksa Patrizia Tettamanzi
Dariusz Fydrych Patrizio Vanella
Dariusz Graczyk Patroklos Vareltzis
Dariusz Kamiński Patrycja Matusik
Dariusz Krok Patrycja Żegleń
Dariusz Kurz Pattira Kasamesiri
Dariusz Michalak Pau Chung Leng
Dariusz Milewski Paul Amieux
Dariusz Rydz Paul Armstrong
Dariusz Suszanowicz Paul Juinn Bing Tan
Dariusz Wanatowski Paul Niell
Darjan Karabasevic Paul Osmond
Darkhan Yerezhep Paul Vargas Jentzsch
Darko Božanić Paula Cobos Moreno
Darrell Robinette Paula Escudeiro
Darryl Plecas Paula Ferreira
Darshana Athukorala Paula Macdowell
Darshana Rajapaksa Paula María Triviño-Tarradas
Darshit Upadhyay Paula Morais
Daryoush Babazadeh Paula Pinto
Dave Mangindaan Paula Ramona Răchișan
David Aaron Rodriguez-Alejandro Paulina Kostrzewa-Demczuk
David Antia Paulina Rusanowska
David Arendale Pauline Roberts
David Bolonio Paulo Albuquerque
David Cabello-Manrique Paulo Carteri Coradi
David Ching-Fang Shih Paulo Carvalho
David Hernandez Figueirido Paulo Costa
David Higgins Paulo Duarte
David Kranjac Paulo Frazão
David Krantz Paulo Gama
David Krauss Paulo Graziano Magalhães
David Lean Paulo Lodi
David Lopes Paulo M. S. T. De Castro
David Manzano-Sánchez Paulo Mendes
David Martin Paulo Miguel De Bodas Terassi
David Matamoros Paulo Miguel Marques Fontes
Dávid Máté Hargitai Paulo Peças
David Muñoz Paulo Pereira
David Myers Paulo Pires
David Pascoal Rosado Paulo Sergio Martins
David Rodriguez Paulo Tasinaffo
David Rohindra Paulo Vaz-Serra
David Safadinho Paunita Boanca
David Salinas-Navarro Pavan Hiremath
David Sánchez Montero Pavan Kumar
David Stadelmann Pavel Atănăsoae
David Starr-Glass Pavel Fedorov
David Vrtana Pavel Fuksa
Davide Astolfi Pavel Grudinsky
Davide Ciceri Pavel Hajek
Davide Di Paola Pavel Kepezhinskas
Davide Settembre-Blundo Pavel Kic
Davide Spallazzo Pavel Kostylev
Davide Spanu Pavel Kotyza
Davis Montenegro Pavel Krpálek
Davood Akbarimehr Pavel Mikheev
Davood Fereidooni Pavel Nikolaychuk
Davood Rahmatabadi Pavel Padevět
Davor Mance Pavel Samec
Davut Ertekin Pavel Tcvetkov
Dawei Zhao Pavlina Drogoudi
Dawid Rys Pavlo Kryvenko
Daxin Dong Pavlos Nikolaidis
Dean Kyne Pavol Bargár
Debabrata Karmakar Paweł Błoniarz
Debasis Mitra Paweł Bogacz
Debdeep Sarkar Paweł Brzustewicz
Debora Di Caprio Pawel Dobrzanski
Deborah Panepinto Paweł Droździel
Debra Wetcher-Hendricks Paweł Grabowski
De-Chih Lee Paweł Hydzik
Dèdéou Tchokponhoué Paweł Jabłoński
Deep Raj Paweł Kliber
Deepa Raveendranpillai Paweł Krause
Deepak Kumar Paweł Kufel
Deepak Sharma Paweł Lech
Deepak Sinwar Paweł Lonkwic
Deepranjan Sarkar Paweł Pacyga
Deepty Jain Paweł Plichta
Deivis Prats Paweł Strzałkowski
Dejan Miljenović Paweł Swornowski
Dejan Vasović Pawel Tadeusz Kazibudzki
Dejan Zagar Paweł Weichbroth
Dejana Jakovljević Pawel Wolniewicz
Delaram Ghodsi Paweł Wolski
Delfina Gabriela Garrido Ramos Paweł Wrona
Delia Deliu Paweł Zmarzły
Delmo Alves De Moura Payam Sarir
Demetrio Antonio Zema Pęczkowski Grzegorz
Demetrios Tsesmelis Pedram Zamani
Demin Gao Pedro A. Martín-Cervantes
Deng'an Cai Pedro Aceituno-Aceituno
Dengxu Wang Pedro Aguilar-Zárate
Denis Bernardeau-Moreau Pedro Arsénio
Denis Krivoguz Pedro Camilo Alcantara Concepcion
Denis Lazarenko Pedro Chamusca
Denis Miroshnichenko Pedro Cisneros-Saguilán
Denis Pankratov Pedro Cruz
Denisa Jucan Pedro Espadinha-Cruz
Denise Dillon Pedro Fonseca
Denise Espinosa Pedro García-Ramírez
Denise-Penelope Kontoni Pedro González
Denisse Pasten Pedro Maireles-Torres
Deniz Erguden Pedro Marques
Deniz Talan Pedro Martinho
Denys Baranovskyi Pedro Mendes Loureiro
Deqiang Cheng Pedro Nakasu
Derun Zhang Pedro Navas
Dervis Kirikkaleli Pedro Nogueira
Desale Kidane Pedro Pablo Garrido Abenza
Deshang Han Pedro Plasencia-Lozano
Desimir Knežević Pedro Reis
Desouza Blaise Pedro Rodrigues
Despina P. Dimelli Pedro Roig
Despina Sdrali Pedro Roman-Gravan
Dessy Adriani Pedro Soares
Devaraj Somasundaram Pedro Tadeu
Devarajan Balaji Pedro Veiga Rodrigues
Devayani R. Tipre Pedzisai Kowe
Devender Kumar Saini Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol
Devendra Jain Pei Hu
Devendra Singh Peibo An
Dewanto Harjunowibowo Peiguo Zhou
Dewen Kong Peiheng Yu
Dewi Fardhyanti Peihu Gao
Deyanira Ángeles-Beltrán Peilin Song
Deyu Li Pei-Luen Lu
Deze Kong Peisheng Liu
Dhan Lord Fortela Pei-Shih Weng
Dhanalakshmi Sellan Peiwen Zhang
Dharmendra Singh Peixiao Wang
Dharmendra Yadav Peiyong Ni
Dhaval Shah Pejman Ebrahimi
Dhirender Kumar Pejman Goudarzi
Dhruba Pikha Shrestha Pejman Peykani
Dhrubajyoti Sahariah Pelin Alaboz
Di Wu Penelope Bebeli
Diamantis Koutsandreas Penelope Papadopoulou
Diana Adamatti Peng Chen
Diana Dmitrieva Peng He
Diana Dumitrescu Peng Jiang
Diana Gregor-Svetec Peng Kong
Diána Koponicsné Györke Peng Miao
Diana Manukovskaya Peng Zhang
Diana Moanga Pengfei Jia
Diana Paiva Pengfei Zhao
Diana Rusu Penghai Wu
Diana Vranceanu Pengle Cheng
Dianchun Ju Pengtao Wang
Diane Peters Pengwei Li
Didik Wahjudi Peplinski Benedykt
Diego Arcos Avilés Peppino Sapia
Diego Avesani Pere Lavega
Diego Bellini Perihan Yolci Ömeroğlu
Diego Gavilán-Martín Petar Antov
Diego Monferrer Pete Kines
Diego Portalanza Péter Bársony
Diego Quintero Balbas Peter Busher
Diego Renza Peter Grabusts
Diego Romano Perinelli Peter Hubinsky
Diego Sauka Peter J Batt
Diego Vergara Peter Josef Stauvermann
Dieter Hohenwarter Peter Kaľavský
Dietrich Schroeder Peter Lukács
Difei Zhao Peter Ragalyi
Dilovan Zebari Peter Watson
Dimitar Arnaudov Peterson Wambugu
Dimitrios Konstantinides Pethurajan Vigneshwaran
Dimitrios Kontses Petlovanyi Mykhailo
Dimitrios Kourkoumpas Petr Pyszko
Dimitrios Moutopoulos Petr Yeletsky
Dimitrios Natos Petra Marková
Dimitrios Psychas Petra Pereković
Dimitrios Rakopoulos Petra Schneider
Dimitrios Ι. Doukas Petre Brezeanu
Dimitris C. Tsamatsoulis Petri P. Kärenlampi
Dimitris Karampatzakis Petri Välisuo
Dimitris Sioutopoulos Petro Pukach
Dimitris Sotiriadis Petru Alexandru Vlaicu
Dimitris Zavras Petru Livinti
Dimitris Ziouzios Petter Næss
Dimos Triantis Peyman Ebrahimi
Dimosthenis Kotsopoulos Peyman Roudgar Saffari
Dinesh Barak Pg Emeroylariffion Abas
Dinesh Kumar Mathew Phakkharawat Sittiprapaporn
Dinesh Pandit Pham Huy
Dingde Xu Phan Anh Duong
Dingding Yang Philip Moore
Dinh-Dung Nguyen Philip Sinnadurai
Dinil Pushpalal Philipp Öhlmann
Dinko Oletic Philippe Campillo
Diogo Vidal Philippe Gerber
Diomo Motuba Phillip Schoenberg
Dionisio Rodríguez-Esparragón Phirom Prompiram
Dionissis Latinopoulos Phuong Mai Nguyen
Diosey Ramon Lugo-Morin Phyllis Muturi
Dipal Patel Pia Albinsson
Dipali Ghodake Pichad Khejornsart
Dipali Srivastava Pier Riviera
Diriba Muleta Piera Ceschi
Dirk J. E. M. Roekaerts Pierluigi Rossi
Diwakar K. C. Piero Farabollini
Djamalddine Boumezerane Piero Ruol
Djamel Rahmani Pierpaolo Girardi
Djamila Rekioua Pierre Carlotti
Djati Wibowo Djamari Pierre D'Ans
Djihed Berkouk Pierre Kubiak
Djordje Vukelic Pierre-Olivier Pineau
Dmitrii Aleshin Pietro Dolci
Dmitrii Pavkin Pietro Minissale
Dmitrijs Serdjuks Pietro Parisi
Dmitry Budnikov Pietro Stefanizzi
Dmitry Kapustin Pilar Ibáñez-Cubillas
Dmitry Korzun Pinaki Bhattacharjee
Dmitry Lajus Pınar Cihan
Dmitry Lukyanenko Pinar Demircioglu
Dmitry Ruban Ping Jiang
Dmytro Chumachenko Ping Ren
Dmytro Zherlitsyn Ping Zhang
Doan Tri Ping Zhu
Dobrin Cosmin Pingfan Hu
Dody Handoko Pingfei Jiang
Doina Tilea Pinghui Lee
Dolores Julia Yusá-Marco Ping-Tsan Ho
Dolores Lucía Sutil-Martín Piñón-Gimate Alejandra
Domenico Curto Pin-Qiang Mo
Domenico Licursi Pio Alfredo Di Tore
Domenico Morrone Piotr Bolibok
Domenico Raucci Piotr Bońkowski
Domenico Toscano Piotr Dzikowski
Domenico Ursino Piotr Gibas
Domenico Vito Piotr Gradziuk
Domingo Alfonso Martín-Sánchez Piotr Kisielewski
Dominic Adam Worku Piotr Knyziak
Dominic Poulin-Laprade Piotr Kryczka
Dominik Radzki Piotr Leszczyński
Dominika Bysiec Piotr Lis
Dominika Matuszewska Piotr Olczak
Dominika Skolmowska Piotr Raźniak
Dominique Decouchant Piotr Rybacki
Dominique Persano Adorno Piotr Sokolski
Donatas Austys Piotr Wróblewski
Donatella Privitera Pir Mohammad
Donatella Serio Pir Noman Ahmad
Done Stojanov Piyapong Janmaimool
Dong Wang Piyush Chandra Verma
Dong Wu Plaban Deb
Dong Xu Plamen Tsankov
Dong Zhao, China Polinpapilinho Katina
Dong Zhao, United States Polixeni Iliopoulou
Dongchan Kim Ponnalagu R N
Dongchu Li Ponnusami V.
Dongdong Chen Pooja Preetha
Dongfei Wang Pooria Ghadir
Donghwa Shon Pooya Taheri
Dongjing Xu Potshangbam Nongdam
Dongna Liu Potula Sree Brahmanandam
Dongqi An Pouria Ataei
Dongrui Han Pouya Zargar
Dong-Sheng Jeng Pouyan Ghabezi
Dongshin Kim Po-Wen Chi
Dongwei Fu Prabhakar Karthikeyan
Dongwoo Kim Prabhat Ranjan
Dongxu Chen Prabhu Azhagapillai
Dongyang Yang Prabhu Paramasivam
Dongzhao Jin Prabhu Selvaraj
Dongzhi Guan Prabodha Kumar Pradhan
Dora Almeida Prabuddh Mishra
Dora Ferreira Pradeep Panda
Dorin Luca Pradip Bhattacharrya
Dorina Moullou Pradip Debnath
Dorina Nicolina Isopescu Pragya Lodha
Dornadula Chandrasekharam Prakamya Singal
Dorota Czerwińska-Kayzer Prakasam Periasamy
Dorota Folga-Januszewska Prakash Jadhav
Dorota Gawryluk Prakash Karmakar
Dorota Krupa Prakash Sekar
Dorota Papciak Pramod Kumar
Dorota Porowska Pranav Mehta
Dorota Rozmus Pranav Nakhate
Dorota Werbińska Pranaya Parida
Dorotea Kovačević Pranjal Barman
Dorra Talbi Prasanna Venkatesh Sampath
Douaa Fathy Prashant Kumar Shukla
Douglas Fenner Prashant R. Nair
Douglas Ferreira Prashant Sharma
Douglas J. H. Shyu Prateek Malwe
Dowchu Drukpa Prathibha Joshi
Do-Yup Kim Pratibha Rani
Dragan Ćoćkalo Praveen K. Jain
Dragan Marinkovic Praveen Kumar Sekharamantry
Dragan Ranđelović Praveen Pandey
Dragana Krstic Praveenkumar T R
Dragana Milicic Preeti Dabas
Dragana Radicic Premkumar Chithaluru
Dragana Radovanović Premnadh Kurup
Dragana Šunjka Presentación Ángeles Caballero-García
Draghici A. Reta Prieto-Amparán Jesús A.
Drago Sever Primerova Olga
Dragoljub Bajic Priscila Besen
Dragos Darabaneanu Priscilla Cristina Cabral Ribeiro
Dragos Dinca Pritesh Shah
Drahomír Čadek Priya Meher
Drew Budner Priya Rajagopalan
Duane Rockerbie Priyadarshan N. Patil
Duangrudee Kositgittiwong Priyadarshan Patil
Duarte Duarte Priyank Mhatre
Duarte Pimentel Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Ghorab
Dujrudee Chinwong Prof. Dr. Suratno Msi
Dulani Meedeniya Prof. Kaushik Samaddar
Dulce Barreto Prof. Marwa Biltagy
Dumitru Ţucu Prof. Qamar Din
Dumitru-Doru Burduhos-Nergis Professor Dr. Shaikh Shamim Hasan
Dündar Dağlı Prokopis Theodoridis
Dung Ha-Tran Prolay Mondal
Dunja Demirović Bajrami Pronob Das
Duong Anh Provvidenza Rita D'Urso
Duran Karakaş Pruet Kowitwarangkul
Durga Rao Gijjapu Przemysław Buczyński
Durmuş Koç Przemysław Kowal
Dursun Zafer Seker Przemysław Niewiadomski
Dusan Dimic Przemysław Podulka
Dušan Klinar Przemyslaw Tabaka
Dušan Ramljak Pshtiwan Shakor
Dušan Simjanović Puiu Lucian Georgescu
Dušan Stojnić Pulakesh Das
Dzintra Atstāja Puneet Seth
Dzintra Ilisko Pura Marín-Sanleandro
Dzintra Kazoka Purnima Rao
E. Emilia Rios-Del Toro Pushpinder Patheja
E. Fantin Irudaya Raj Pythagoras Petratos
E. M. Ekanayake Qaisar Shaheen
Eastern Virginia School Qaiser Riaz
Ebenezer Esenogho Qazi Ejaz Ali
Ebode Valentin Brice Qazi Imran
Ebubekir Kaya Qazi Umar Farooq
Ebubekir Yüksel Qi Fu
Ecaterina Daniela Zeca Qi He
Ece Polat Qi Wang
Edenise Garcia Qi Zhou
Eder Lima Qian Chen
Edgar Acuna Qian Dong
Edgar Antonio Barragan-Escandón Qian-Cheng Wang
Edgar García-Torres Qiancheng Zhu
Edgar Goytia Qiang Li
Edgar Gutiérrez-Castorena Qiang Xu
Edgar Ricardo Oviedo-Ocaña Qiangui Zhang
Edgar Rogelio Ramírez-Solís Qiao Chen
Edgar Vázquez-Núñez Qiao Fan
Edgars Edelmers Qin Xiang Ng
Edina Molnár Qing Feng
Edinéia Galvanin Qing Lu
Edison Gundabattini Qing Tian
Edison Roi Macusi Qing Ye
Edit Hoyk Qing Yu
Edit Xhajanka Qingchao Li
Edith Claros Qingheng Gu
Edith Osorio Qinghua Qiu
Edivaldo Serrão Qinglei Zhao
Edmundo Lizarzaburu Qingqing Xiao
Edoardo Beretta Qingquan Huang
Edoardo Currà Qingsong Duan
Edobor Erhabor Qing-Wei Chen
Edouard Ivanjko Qingyang Liu
Edson Kieu Qingyun Yuan
Edson Talamini Qinyue Tan
Edson Ursini Qiong Rao
Eduard Laurenţiu Niţu Qiong Wang
Eduard Osipov Qiong Xia
Eduard Zadobrischi Qiusheng Yuan
Eduardo Alberto López-Maldonado Qiwei Pang
Eduardo Enrique Sandoval Obando Qiyang Liu
Eduardo Frank Quang Dinh
Eduardo Gomes Quang Truong
Eduardo Hernández-Padilla Que Huang
Eduardo Melguizo-Ibáñez Quentin Fiacre Togbévi
Eduardo Piedrafita Qun Li
Eduardo Ribeiro Qunfeng Ji
Eduardo Sánchez García Qunxi Gong
Eduardo Stefani Quoc Bao Le
Edwin Kozniewski R. B. Radin Firdaus
Edwin Pino-Vargas R. García-León
Edwin Uguru R. Pandiselvam
Edwin Villagran Rabah Kechiched
Edy Riyanto Rabee Reffat
Edyta Kardas Rabia Aziz
Edyta Małachowska Rabie Ramadan
Edyta Nartowska Rabindra Jena
Efi Tsiskari Rachel Matthews
Efi Yovi Rachel Sheffield
Egle Jotautiene Rachid Oukhrib
Egor Lupachev Rachid Sabbahi
Ehab Bayoumi Rachid Touzani
Ehsan Ahmadian Rachmadian Wulandana
Ehsan Aminian Radhey Shyam Jangid
Ehsan Arshid Radjassegarin Arumugam
Ehsan Asadollahi Radka Macgregor Pelikanova
Ehsan Bari Radmila Randjelovic
Ehsan Javanmardi Radomir Mijailovic
Ehsan Mohammadi Zahrani Radosław Balwierz
Ehsan Naderi Radosław Jasiński
Eihab Fathelrahman Radosław Mazur
Eirene Katsarou Radosław Witkowski
Ekachai Chukeatirote Radoslaw Wolniak
Ekaterina Dinastiia Radostina Angelova
Ekaterina Glebova Radovan Madlenak
Ekaterina Kadochnikova Radu Bucea-Manea-Țoniș
Ekaterina Makrickienė Radu Comes
Ekaterina Reshneva Radu Florin Ogarca
Ekaterina Ugnich Radu Hanzu-Pazara
Ekaterina Vodeneeva Radu Mirea
Ekaterini Hadjisolomou Radu Racovita
Ekbordin Winijkul Radu Sumalan
El Hadi Erbiai Radu Vacareanu
El Hassan Sakar Radwan Almasri
El Khalil Cherif Raed Al-Rbaihat
El Mehdi Cherrat Raed Masadeh
El Mountassir El Mouchtari Rafael Almeida
Elahe Amini Rafael Araújo
Elaine Scalabrini Rafael Bernardo Carmona-Benítez
El-Amir M. Emam Rafael García-Quesada
Elchin Suleymanov Rafael Guillen
Eldar Kurbanov Rafael Lazzari
Eldiiar Duulatov Rafael Melo
Eleftheria Egel Rafael Pastor Vargas
Eleftherios Gkioulekas Rafael Samulewski
Eleftherios Sdoukopoulos Rafael Sanchez Crespo
Eleftherios Spyromitros Rafael Shehu
Elen Pacheco Rafael Talero
Elena Ascari Rafael Turra Alarcon
Elena Bogan Rafael Ubaldo Gosálvez Rey
Elena Bogdanova Rafaela Gutiérrez Cáceres
Elena Cabrera Revuelta Rafał Kapelko
Elena Cantatore Rafał Miśko
Elena Derunova Rafał Nagaj
Elena Dilonardo Rafał Pitera
Elena Filonova Rafał Prusak
Elena Helerea Raffaele Cucuzza
Elena Katysheva Raffaele Zinno
Elena Kelbysheva Raffaella Taddeo
Elena Klyuchnikova Ragab El-Sehiemy
Elena Korchemkina Raghavendra Singh
Elena Kozonogova Raghed Esmaeel
Elena Kropinova Raghunandan K R
Elena Lakatos Raghvendra Pratap Singh
Elena Marra Raheel Muzzammel
Elena Marrocchino Rahela Kulčar
Elena Mazzola Rahim Zahedi
Elena Murugova Rahmat Nurcahyo
Elena Pecchioni Rahmi Özdemir
Elena Pelinescu Rahul Ralegaonkar
Elena Ponkina Rahul Suryakant Sakhare
Elena Răducan Rahul V. Ralegaonkar
Elena Romenovna Magaril Rahula Attalage
Elena Scutarașu Raihan Maskuriy
Elena Shadrina Raimondas Šadzevičius
Elena Shchelokova Rais Ansari
Elena Shcherbina Raja Asad Ali Khan
Elena Shkarupeta Raja Nagisetty
Elena Smirnova Raja Sekhar Yendaluru
Elena Somova Raja Sellappan
Elena Vechkinzova Rajamani Devaraj
Elena Vialkova Rajanand Patnaik Narasipuram
Elena Vyshkvarkova Rajasekhar M.
Elena-Nicoleta Untaru Rajavel Krishnamoorthy
Elena-Suzana Biris-Dorhoi Rajeev Kumar
Eleni A. Kortianou Rajeev Padbhushan
Eleni Aretoulaki Rajendra Adhikari
Eleni C. Mazarakioti Rajendra Yadav
Eleni Kasapidou Rajesh Durairaj
Eleni Makri Rajesh Kandala
Eleni Strantzali Rajesh Kumar
Eleonora Cataldo Rajesh Kumar Bhaskaran
Eleonora Desnica Rajesh Patil
Eleonora Fiore Rajeshkumar Lakshminarasimhan
Eleonora Gioia Rajib Lochan Das
Eleonora Nistor Rajinder Kaur
Eleonora Perugini Rajiv Ganguly
Eleonora Santos Rajkishor Kumar
Elgar Barboza Rajkumar Raikar
Elham Faham Rajkumar Rathore
Elham Maghsoudi Nia Rajni Sharma
Eliana Mancini Raju Bhardwaj
Eliane Del Lama Rakan Antar
Elias D. Georgakoudis Rakesh Chandra Joshi
Elias Makris Rakesh Chaudhari
Elias Roumpakias Rakesh Kumar
Elif Emil Kaya Rakeshkumar Mahto
Elif Sertel Raktham Mektrirat
Elisabeta Antonescu Ralf Blank
Elisabeta Ilona Molnar Ralitsa Velinova
Elisabeta Spunei Raluca Irina Clipa
Elisabete Maria da Correia Raluca Mijaica
Elisabete Paulo Morais Ram Bana
Elisabete Teixeira Ram Dubey
Elisabeth Hofer Ram Krishna
Elisabeth Pereira Ram Krishna Upadhyay
Elisabeth Taylor Ram Sihag
Elisabetta Salvatori Rama Mohan Kurakalva
Elisabetta Venco Ramakrishnan Ramanathan
Elisabetta Venezia Ramalingam Senthil
Eliseo Cristiani-Urbina Raman Bekarevich
Eliseo Martínez Raman Kumar
Elisete Mourão Ramani Selvanambi
Eliseu Gonçalves Ramasamy Kavikumar
Elitsa Dimitrova Ramazan Çomaklı
Eliza Kalbarczyk Ramazan Sener
Elizabeth Giddens Ramesh Das
Elizabeth Lam Ramesh Munirathinam
Elizabeth Lloyd-Parkes Ramesh Sahni
Elizaveta Konstantinova Ramez Al-Mansob
Elize du Plessis Ramgopal Kashyap
El-Kazafy Taha Rami Salem
Ellana Molchanova Ramin Alipour
Elmer Rolando Llanos Villarreal Ramin Yousefi
Elnaz Amirahmadi Ramlal P.
Elochukwu Ukwandu Ramón González Ruiz
Eloy Lopez Meneses Ramon Miralbes Buil
Elrasheed Zayid Ramon Ramirez-Villalobos
Elsa Cardoso Ramón Raudel Peña Garcia
Elsadig Ahmed Ramona Huzum
El-Sayed Desoky Ramona Obermeier
El-Sayed El-Sheikh Ramona Stef
Elsayed Mehana Ramy Afia
Elsayed Mohammed Elsayed Rana Hussain
El-Sayed Omran Rana Waqar Aslam
Elsherbiny Elsherbiny Randa El El Bedawy
Elsy Kaddoum Ranganathan Rani Hemamalini
Elyor Berdimurodov Ranghui Wang
Elzbieta Broniewicz Ranilson Paiva
Elżbieta Izabela Szczepankiewicz Ranjit Paul
Elżbieta Jasińska Ranjit Shrestha
Elżbieta Sobczak Ranjith Kumar Manoharan
Elżbieta Sobiecka Ranka Godec
Elżbieta Stanaszek-Tomal Ranko Romanić
Ema Maldonado-Siman Ranmalee Bandara
Emad Al-Heety Ranz Stelzer
Emad Alsherif Raoof Mostafazadeh
Emad Elbeltagi Raquel Alonso-Redondo
Emad Noaime Rares Andrei Chihaia
Emad S. Hassan Rasa Nainiene
Eman Mohallal Rasha Hosny
Eman Tawfik Rasha Mahdy
Emanuela D'Andria Rashad R. Al-Hindi
Emanuele Leporelli Rashed Karim
Emanuele Zamperini Rashedul Hasan
Emanuelle Farias Rashid Nazir
Emerson Félix Rashida Hameed
Emese Berei Rasool Norouzi Seyed Hossini
Emese Kurovics Rastyam Aliev
Emiel Wubben Ratale Henry Matjie
Emil Smyk Ratchagaraja Dhairiyasamy
Emilia Skupień Rathanasamy Rajasekar
Emilia-Cornelia Dunca Ratih Damayanti
Emiliana Valentini Ratiram Chaudhary
Emiliano Gallaga Ratko Obradovic
Emiliano Sironi Ratko Stanković
Emilija Nikolić Ratna Kishore Velamati
Emilio Martín Ratul Das
Emily Haas Raul Arango Miranda
Emily Haddy Raúl Arasa
Emily Kieson Raul Carrillo-Pedroza
Emily Plec Raul Matsushita
Emina Kristina Petrovic Raul Rabinovici
Emine Şap Raularian Rusu
Emmanuel Eze Ravi Kiran Varma Penmatsa
Emmanuel O. C. Mkpojiogu Ravi Teja Addanki Tirumala
Emmanuel Okechukwu Njoga Ravichandran Manickam
Emmanuel Torres Quezada Ravikumar Pandi Veerappan
Emmanuel Uche Ravinder Kumar
Emmanuel Zúñiga Ravinder Sahdev
Emmet McLoughlin Ravindra Moharil
Emna Medhioub Ravita Prasad
Emre Babur Ray Wu-Rorrer
Ender Buğday Raymond H. J. M. Gradus
Endri Endri Raymond Low
Eng-Tong Phuah Raymond Opdenakker
Enis Kočan Raza Hasan
Enok Cheon Razvan Nistor
Enrico Brugnera Rebecca Upsher
Enrico Corti Rebeka Vital
Enrico Ivaldi Recep Eryigit
Enrico Paris Recep Gorgulu
Enrico Pisoni Reda Abdelaal
Enrico Pomatto Reda Elkacmi
Enrique Cabanilla Reda F. M. Elshaarawy
Enrique Cuan-Urquizo Regina Maura de Miranda
Enrique Gea-Izquierdo Regina Negri Pagani
Enrique Monton Reginaldo Fidelis
Enrique Pastor Seller Regragui Taki
Environmental Kerolli Mustafa Rehab Abdel Rahman
Enzo Bivona Rekha Guchhait
Eralp Şener Renat Khatmullin
Eranga M. Wimalasiri Renata Kuśmierek-Tomaszewska
Ercan Kose Renata Marks-Bielska
Ercan Özen Renata N. Vilas Bôas
Erdem Küçüktopcu Renata Noronha
Eren Özceylan Renata Tobiasz-Salach
Eren Şahiner Renata Valente
Eren Yildiz Renata Żochowska
Erfan Tirkolaee Renato Carreira
Erginbay Uğurlu Renato Maaliw
Erhan Güler Rendy Thamrin
Erhan Mutlu René Escobedo
Eric Chi Chung Shiu René Parra
Eric Klopp Renee Zahnow
Eric Parteli Renfeng Ma
Erica Russell Renhong Wu
Erica Varese Renhua Feng
Erick Arturo Betanzo Torres Renuka Patil
Erika Balontayová Renyou Xie
Erika D. Ursic Resul Das
Erika Levei Retno Hartati
Erika Sujova Reuven Maskil-Leitan
Erkata Yandri Reuven Yosef
Erman Çakıt Rey David Vargas Sánchez
Erna Karalija Reza Askarizad
Ernan Rustiadi Reza Bakhshi-Jafarabadi
Ernestas Ivanauskas Reza Barati
Ernesto Badano Reza Derakhshani
Ernesto Lagarda-Leyva Reza E. Rad
Ernesto Leon-Castro Reza Kafipour
Ernoiz Antriyandarti Reza Mazaheri
Ernst Drewes Reza Moghaddasi
Ernst Stadlober Reza Rostamzadeh
Ersan Ersoy Reza Sohrabi
Ersan Kabalci Reza Soleimani
Ersin Korkmaz Riasat Khan
Ertug Aydin Riaz Ahmad
Ertuğrul Şahin Riaz Muhammad
Ertz Myriam Ricardo Cruz De Carvalho
Erwin Oh Ricardo Gil-Ortiz
Erzsébet Kristóf Ricardo López-Zavala
Eshani Hettiarachchi Ricardo Loureiro
Eshrar Latif Riccardo Boiocchi
Esi Elliot Riccardo Ceccato
Eskandar Keshavarz Alamdari Riccardo Gasbarrone
Esmaeel Saemi Riccardo Moretti
Esmaeil Dehdashti Riccardo Rossi
Esmaeil Rezaei-Chiyaneh Riccardo Vecellio Segate
Esmat Ali Ricci Stefano
Esmatullah Noorzai Richard Butler
Esra Imamoglu Richard Griffin
Essam Abdel-Fattah Richard Walker
Essam Ahmed Mohammed Richard Watson
Estaner Claro Romão Richard Zada
Esteban Zalamea Richie Moalosi
Estevão Freire Rie Sadohara
Esther Cascarosa Rifaat Abdalla
Esther Cuadrado-Soto Rıfat Kurt
Esther Irawati Setiawan Righdan Namus
Eswar Rajasekaran Riheb Hadji
Étienne Farvaque Rina Zviel- Girshin
Euclides Chuma Rishikesh Singh
Eugen Rosca Risto Filkoski
Eugene Loos Rita Baleiro
Eugene Morozov Rita Čepulienė
Eugenia Papadaki Rita Manuela Monteiro Pereira
Eugénia Pedro Rita Marcia Vieira
Eugenio Aragón-Noriega Rita Panaoura
Eugenio Cavallo Rita Peres
Eunice Fontão Ritesh Kumar Singh
Eusebio Cano Carmona Ritesh Pattnaik
Eva Gonçalves Ritesh Verma
Eva Ocvirk Ritu Gupta
Éva Orbán-Mihálykó Riya Chatterjee
Eva Pertile Riza Radmehr
Evaldo Costa Rizwan Khan
Evan Nadhim Rizwan Shabbir
Evandro Melo Rob Kim Marjerison
Evangelia Karasmanaki Robert Beauregard
Evangelos Giouvris Robert Boyd
Evangelos Papakitsos Robert Carleer
Evans Frimpong Boateng Robert Crammond
Evdokia Karavas Robert Czubaszek
Evelina Parashkevova-Velikova Robert Didham
Everaldo Silvino Dos Santos Robert E. Pitts
Everardo Granda-Gutierrez Robert Guzik
Everton Miranda Robert Jurczak
Everton Morais Robert Kalbarczyk
Evgenii Kuzin Robert Kowalik
Evgenii M. Shcherban' Robert Kunst
Evgeniy Kislov Robert M. Carini
Evgeniy Titov Robert Machowski
Evgeny Bojko Robert Magda
Evgeny Nikulchev Robert Nowacki
Evgeny Shvarts Robert Oleniacz
Ewa Chodakowska Robert Onyeneke
Ewa Chomać-Pierzecka Robert Panowicz
Ewa Jaska Robert Pawlusiński
Ewa Krac Robert Pietrzykowski
Ewa M. Iwanek Robert Špaček
Ewa Mazur-Wierzbicka Robert Strong
Ewa Moliszewska Robert Szczepanek
Ewa Okoniewska Róbert Szilágyi
Ewa Referowska-Chodak Robert Ulewicz
Ewa Ropelewska Robert Webb
Ewa Tomaszewska Robert Wolny
Ewelina Sendek-Matysiak Robert Župan
Ezzat Khan Roberta Palmieri
Faan Chen Roberta Puglisi
Fabian Murrieta-Rico Roberta Selvaggi
Fabiana Di Duca Roberto Baccoli
Fabio Albuquerque Roberto Bizzarri
Fabio Angeoletto Roberto Bozzano
Fabio Borghetti Roberto Di Martino
Fabio Cassano Roberto Ercoli
Fabio Minutoli Roberto Lollini
Fabio Naselli Roberto Ruggieri
Fábio Py Roberto Sanchez-Cabrero
Fabio Salomone Roberto Steri
Fabio Schiro Roberto Valentino
Fabio Serpilli Roberto Zanuttini
Fábio Simões Robin Cooper
Fabricio Carvalho Robinson Sabino-Silva
Fabricio Daniel dos Santos Silva Rocco Citroni
Fabricio Espejel-Ayala Rocco Roma
Fabrício Junqueira Rocío A. Baquero
Fabrizio Aimar Rocío Jiménez-Fontana
Fabrizio Bardelli Rocio Romero Hernandez
Fabrizio Barozzi Rocío Yñiguez
Fabrizio Ponti Rocsana Tonis Bucea - Manea
Fabrizio Santoboni Rodica Niculescu
Fabrizio Terenzio Gizzi Rodica-Mariana Ion
Facundo Storani Rodolfo Piscopia
Faez M. Hassan Rodolfo Sosa Echeverría
Fahad Ali Rodrigo Fernando Salazar
Fahad Alturise Rodrigo Proença De Oliveira
Fahad Bin Abdullah Rodrigo S. Corrêa
Faheem Butt Rodrigo Santos
Fahim Sufi Rodrigo Scoczynski Ribeiro
Fahim Uddin Rodrigo Silva
Fahmy Hassan Roelof Coetzer
Fahriye Hilal Halicioglu Roger Chong
Faisal Ahammed Roger Clemens
Faisal Maqbool Zahid Rogerio Diogne De Souza E Silva
Faisal Mehmood Rogério Duarte
Faissal Aziz Rogério Simões
Faizan Ullah Rogers George K.
Fajun Chen Roghayeh Ghasempour
Fakhre Ali Rohit Dhumane
Fan Yang Rohollah Ebrahimi
Fan Zhang Roja Raman Mekalathur
Fanchao Meng Roksana Muzyka
Fang Bao Rola Afify
Fangfang Zhang Rolando-Arturo Cubillos-González
Fangtian Sun Roman Bulko
Fangzhou Wang Roman Fedorenko
Fanxiu Chen Roman Gorbunov
Fanying Kong Roman Ivanov
Farah Mulyasari Roman Klyuev
Fardous Mohammad Safiul Azam Roman Lewandowski
Fares Abu-Abed Roman Marsalek
Farhad Ali Roman Rolbiecki
Farhad Behnamfar Roman Shishkin
Farhad Ehya Romanos Ioannidis
Farhan Javed Romeo Danielis
Farhan Lafta Romina D'Ascanio
Farhan Mahmood Shah Romina Fucà
Farhan Nabi Rommel Alali
Farheen Akram Romuald Tarczewski
Faridah Hanim Khairuddin Ronald Ernesto Ontiveros-Capurata
Farihahusnah Hussin Ronald Kennedy Luz
Farkad Lattieff Ronald Roopnarine
Farman Ullah Ronald Tombe
Farooq Ahmed Ronaldo Aquino
Farouq Zitouni Ronaldo Cozza
Farshid Naseri Rong Gan
Farzad Pourfattah Rongbo Hu
Farzam Tavankar Rongkui Su
Fasheng Qiu Rongliang Pan
Fasih Haider Rongwu Zhang
Fateh Ferroudji Ron-Hendrik Hechelmann
Fateh Mebarek Oudina Rony Mia
Fateh Mehazzem Roong Jien Wong
Fatemeh Ghiasi Rosa Colucci Cante
Fatemeh Kazemi Rosa De La Fuente
Fathey Mohammed Rosa Icela Beltrán Hernández
Fathurrahman Lananan Rosa María Regueiro-Ferreira
Fatih Erci Rosa Torres
Fatih EREN Rosana Oliveira
Fatih Gülgen Rose Luiza Moraes Tavares
Fatih Günay Rose Marie Mendoza
Fatih Issi Rosella Cataldo
Fatih Okumuş Rosemary Francisco
Fatima Ezzahra Arrakhiz Roshan Fernandes
Fátima Silva Rosilainy Fernandes
Fatlume Berisha Rosilda Mussury
Fatma Tugce Senberber Dumanli Roslina Ismail
Fatos Germirli Babuna Ross Hill
Fatouma Mohamed Abdoul-Latif Ross Pruitt
Fauziah Sulaiman Rossana Paparella
Fayaz Ali Roxana Adina Toma
Fayez Alanazi Roxana Mare
Fazli Hameed Roxana Muntean
Federica Maietti Roy Sturgill
Federico Cavallaro Rozina Khattak
Federico Del Giorgio Solfa Rozita Tsoni
Federico Galacho-Jiménez Ruba Saleh
Federico Valenzuela-Beltrán Rubayet Bin Mostafiz
Federico Walas Mateo Ruben Amparado
Fedor Lisetskii Rubén Dorado Vicente
Fedor Nepsha Rubén Forján Castro
Fei Dai Ruben Garrido-Yserte
Fei Li Rubén Gonzalez Nunez
Fei Zhao Ruben Guevara
Felicia Constantin Rubén Rivas-De-Roca
Felicita Russo Rubí Rodríguez-Díaz
Felipe Jimenez Rubi Sanchez-Casanova
Felipe Torres Rubia Bosse
Felix Arion Rubina Canesi
Fen Luo Rubinia Bonfanti
Feng Chen, Xiamen University of Technology, China Ruchira Ghosh
Feng Chen, Zhejiang University of Technology, China Ruchira Nandasiri
Feng Gao Rudiati Evi Masithoh
Feng Guo Rudolf Kiefer
Feng Huang Rudra Mohan Pradhan
Feng Liu Rudy Pramono
Fenghai Guo Rudy Situmeang
Fengwei Wang Rueiyuan Wang
Feras Alasali Ruey-Syan Shih
Ferdinando Trapani Rui Bertuzi da Silva
Ferenc Kovács Rui Carvalho
Fernanda Frankenberger Silva Rui Dang
Fernanda Furlan Goncalves Dias Rui De Sousa
Fernanda Medeiros Borsagli Rui Ferreira
Fernanda Queiroz Sperotto Rui Gonçalves
Fernanda Santos Rui Guo
Fernanda Tonelli Rui Jose
Fernando Almeida Rui Lança
Fernando Alves Rui Li
Fernando Chiñas-Castillo Rui M. S. Cruz
Fernando Ferrari Putti Rui Marques
Fernando Hata Rui Pedro Fonseca
Fernando Jorge Corrêa Magalhães Filho Rui Yang
Fernando José Sadio-Ramos Ruiguang Pan
Fernando Loio Pinto Ruiheng Wu
Fernando Lopez Pelayo Ruijie Ma
Fernando Manuel Pereira De Oliveira Carvalho Ruming Pan
Fernando Martins Rummenigge Dantas
Fernando Mas Rungtip Wonglersak
Fernando Moreira Ruping Wang
Fernando Poyatos-Jiménez Rushdi Alsaleh
Fernando Puente-Sotomayor Ruslan Lupak
Fernando Rivera López Ruslans Smigins
Fernando Rubino Russell Triplett
Fernando Sanchez Lasheras Ruth Plackett
Fernando Taques Ruth Wills
Festus Adejoro Ruvini Mutucumarana
Fethi Ouallouche Ruxandra Bejinaru
Fidelis Suorineni Ruxandra Malina Petrescu-Mag
Figen Balo Ruyue Wang
Fikret Alic Ruziana Masiran
Filip Kokalj Ryan Ramirez
Filip Suchoń Ryan Randy Suryono
Filip Veljkovic Ryszard Kulig
Filipa Oliveira Ryszard Marszowski
Filipa R. Pinto Rytis Rugienius
Filippo Busato S Abdul Rahaman
Filippos Vallianatos S. L. Borana
Firas Alrawi S. M. Amin Hosseini
Firman Menne S. M. Anas
Fjona Zeneli S. M. Mofijul Islam
Flavia Ribeiro S. M. Rezaul Karim
Flavio Arroyo S. M. Sohel Mahmud
Flavio Colmati S. M. Woahid Murad
Flavius Marcau S. N. Kopylov
Florea Andrei Mirel S. N. V. Bramareswara Rao
Florencia Versino S. Nallusamy
Florența Tănase S. Phani Praveen
Florentina Merciu S. Ramkumar
Flores Mizraim S. V. Ramanaiah
Florian Bodescu Sa Liu
Florian Fischmeister Saad Albawi
Florian Follert Saad Darwish
Florian Nuta Saad Farouk
Florin Dumiter Saad Hasson
Florin Dumitru Petrariu Saad Ibrahim
Florin Faur Saba Ahmed Beigh
Florin Nenciu Saba Alnusairat
Florin Nicolae Sabab Ali Shah
Florin Popescu Şaban Kordalı
Florin Rusca Sabarathinam Chockalingam
Florin Stoica Sabari Ghosh
Floris Schoeters Saber Arabi Nowdeh
Forat Yasir AlJaberi Saber Saedmocheshi
Ford Gaol Sabina Kordana-Obuch
Fotini Kehagia Sabina Necula
Fotios Chatzitheodoridis Sabina Porfido
Fotios-Konstantinos Pliakas Sabina Valente
Fouad Ali Abdullah Sabinus Oscar Onyebuchi Eze
Fouad Damiri Sabka Pashova
Fouad El Mansouri Sabreen Fadl
Fouad Jawab Sabri Kanzari
Fouad Sakr Sabrina Barbosa
Fousseni Folega Sabrina Prencipe
Foyez Ahmed Prodhan Sabrina Roguai
Fran Doerflinger Sabur Abdullaev
Francesca Arfuso Sabyasachi Swain
Francesca Bruno Sachin Salunkhe
Francesca Ceccato Sachin Shendokar
Francesca Dal Cin Sachindra Rout
Francesca Di Pillo Sadaf Bashir Khan
Francesca Giaré Sadaqat Ur Rehman
Francesca Maltinti Saddaf Rubab
Francesca Martuzzi Saddam Hussain
Francesca Pozzi Saddam Saqib
Francesca Romana Lenzi Saddam Waheed
Francesco Agliata Sadegh Ghavami
Francesco Bianco Sadeq D. Al-Majidi
Francesco Busca Sadettin Altiparmak
Francesco Cerasoli Sadhan Gope
Francesco Ciani Sadia Anwar
Francesco Fabris Sadia Javed
Francesco Facchini Sadia Samar Ali
Francesco Fasano Saeed Abro
Francesco Giuseppe Galluzzo Saeed Ahmed
Francesco Lamberti Saeed Dinarvand
Francesco Licciardo Saeed Esfandi
Francesco Manfredi Saeed Ghaffarpour Jahromi
Francesco Marchione Saeed Khankalantary
Francesco Marinello Saeed Mojtabazadeh-Hasanlouei
Francesco Mercuri Saeed Nazari Kudahi
Francesco Montana Saeed Qaisrani
Francesco Pelella Saeed Sepasi
Francesco Perono Cacciafoco Saeid Amini
Francesco Santarsiero Saeid Niazmardi
Francesco Simone Saeid Norouzian-Maleki
Francesco Sommese Saeideh Samani
Francesco Sottile Safaa Elmeneza
Francesco Zangaro Safdar Bashir
Francis Marco Maria Cirianni Safdar Hossain Sk
Francis Mulolani Safiullah Safiullah
Francis Oloo Sagar Paneliya
Francis Ries Sagar Patel
Francisca Angelica Monroy García Sahand Daneshvar
Francisca Pereira De Moraes Sahand Sarbishei
Francisco A. Ortega Sahar Zahiri
Francisco Ballina Sahar Zinatloo-Ajabshir
Francisco Banha Sahban Alnaser
Francisco da Silva Costa Sahbi Boubaker
Francisco Del Cerro Velázquez Sai Kiran Hota
Francisco E. Santarremigia Sai Pranathi Meda Venkata
Francisco Entrena-Duran Sai Pushpak Nandanoori
Francisco Farias Sai Siddhartha Nudurupati
Francisco Ferreira Saibal Majumder
Francisco Freitas Said Daoudagh
Francisco Gatica-Neira Said Dlimi
Francisco Haces-Fernandez Said Lahssini
Francisco Javier Cantero Sánchez Saif Alzabeebee
Francisco Javier Castellano Álvarez Saiful Zubairi
Francisco Javier Martos Ramos Saikat Ghosh
Francisco Javier Pérez-Rivas Saikishan Suryanarayanan
Francisco Javier Robles Moral Saima Gulzar
Francisco Jesús Saipeng Huang
Francisco Jesús Gálvez-Sánchez Saipol Bari Abd Karim
Francisco José Castillo-Díaz Saishuai Wen
Francisco Jose Martinez Lopez Sait Sarr
Francisco Marquez Saja Kosanovic
Francisco Rossomando Saja Mohsen
Francisco Rubén Badenes-Pérez Sajid Ali
Francisco Vázquez Pardo Sajjad Hussain
Francisco Villegas-Lirola Sajjad Pourmozaffar
Francisco Welington De Sousa Lima Sakda Somkun
Franco Mutinelli Saket Gowravaram Navalur
Franco Sancho-Esper Sakshum Khanna
Franco Zanini Salabat Khan
Francois Morini Salah Yahya
Frank Baffour-Ata Salahuddin Jaber
Frank Galgano Salam J. Yaqoob
Frank Uhlenhut Salamat Ullah
Franklin Zambrano Saleem Riaz
Frans Coenen Saleh Alhazbi
František Synák Saleh Aminyavari
Franz-Georg Simon Salh Alhammadi
Fraser Carson Saliha Karadayi-Usta
Fray Francisco Pozo-Lora Salim Heddam
Fred Ojochide Peter Salina Daud
Freddie Inambao Sallal Abid
Freddy Pattiselanno Sally Stone
Frederic De Mariz Salman Ghafoor
Frederic Dimanche Salman Khalid
Frederico Almeida Saloua Biyada
Frederico Branco Salvador Garcia-Ayllon
Frederico Vieira Salvador Jesús López-Alonzo
Frits Van Merode Salvador Martinez Puche
Fuat Kara Salvador Pérez-Muñoz
Fuat Kaya Salvador Romero-Arenas
Fufei Wu Salvatore Antonino Lombardo
Fugang Wang Salvatore Bruno
Fuguo Xing Salvatore Corrente
Fuhaid Alshammari Salvatore Giuffrida
Fu-Jun Yue Salvatore Leonardi
Fukang Ma Salvatore Nizzolino
Fulai Zhao Salwa Saidi
Fulgencio Sánchez Vera Sam Noshadha
Fumin Wang Sam Saeedian
Fupeng Song Samajh Thakur
Fuqiang Lu Saman Baharvand
Fuqing Cui Saman Herath Bandara
Fuquan Pan Samantha Broadhead
Furqan Alam Samar Thapa
Furqan Asghar Sambandh Bhusan Dhal
Fuzhou Qi Sambit Satpathy
G. D. M. N. Samaradiwakara Sameer Bhat
Gábor Csitári Sameh Fayyad
Gábor Mélypataki Sameh Monna
Gabriel Brito Costa Samer Al Ghour
Gabriel De Oliveira Samer Mudalal
Gabriel Frumusanu Samet Memiş
Gabriel Gastélum-Cuadras Sami Ibn Shamsah
Gabriel Wittenberger Sami Ul-Allah
Gabriela Badea Samia Mohsen El-Mahdy
Gabriela Chiciudean Samir Bandyopadhyay
Gabriela Cornescu Samira El Otmani
Gabriela Droj Samiran Das
Gabriela Elena Dumitran Samit Ghosh
Gabriela Hernández-Luna Samma Rasool
Gabriela Iorga Samrat K.
Gabriela Kiryakova Samuel Álvarez-Almazán
Gabriela Morosanu Samuel Bimenyimana
Gabriela Muñoz Samuel Boahen
Gabriela Neagu Samuel Frimpong
Gabriela Scur Samuel Montejo Sánchez
Gabriela Vázquez Rodríguez Samuel Nwokolo
Gabriel-Alexandru Constantin Samy Anwar
Gabriele Buttafuoco Samy Sayed
Gabriele Discepoli Sana Ashraf
Gabriele Pieri Sana Shahab
Gabriel-Ionut Plavan Sanar Muhyaddin
Gabriella Balacco Sanda Mihalache
Gabriella Esposito De Vita Sandeep Gupta
Gabriella Graziuso Sandeep K. Malyan
Gabriella Punziano Sandeep Kumar
Gabriella Rossi Sandeep Panchal
Gaëtan Guignard Sandeep Samantaray
Gaetano Bongiovi Sandhya Nepal
Gaetano Lisi Sándor Beszédes
Gaetano Zazzaro Sándor Csányi
Gagan Mandal Sandor Solyom
Galia Marinova Sandra Agius Darmanin
Galina Chebotareva Sandra Bernardo
Galina Mironova Sandra Bravo
Galina Nikolova Sandra Catherine Zainathan
Galvão Meirinhos ‪Sandra Kucina Softic
Galyna Trypolska Sandra Miranda
Gan Cheng Sandra Patrícia Marques Ribeiro
Ganapathy Natarajan Sandra Pereira
Ganesh Chate Sandra Saúde
Ganesh Dash Sandra Valadas
Ganesh Ghorai Sandra Wajchman-Świtalska
Ganesh Nikalje Sandrina Moreira
Ganesh Reddy Karri Sangey Pasang
Ganeshkumar Chandirasekaran Sa-Nguansak Thanapornpoonpong
Gang Liu Sanita Baranova
Gaofeng Xu Saniye Bilici
Gaohua Ji Sanja Panic
Gaoyang Hou Sanja Tomšić
Garee Khan Sanjay Basumatary
Garry Kerch Sanjay Nimbalkar
Gary Yu Hin Lam Sanjeev Kumar
Gasser Ali Sanjit Kumar Mondal
Gatot Yudoko Sanjivkumar Muthusamy
Gaurav Chand Sankar Prasad Mondal
Gaurav Dwivedi Sankha Bhattacharya
Gaurav Goel Santhosh Kumar Rajamani
Gaurav Kumar Santhosh Kumar Vaddepalli
Gaurav Mirlekar Santiago Casado
Gaurav Mudgal Santiago Criollo-C.
Gavriil Spyroglou Santiago Gutiérrez-Broncano
Gavril Grebenisan Santiago Madriñán
Gaweł Sołowski Santiago Oviedo-Casado
Gayan Wedawatta Santiago Puma-Araujo
Gayane Tovmasyan Santiago Quesada-García
Gazi Hao Santiago Seiler Collazo
Gbolahan Olowu Santosh Ghimire
Ge Zhang Saqib Ali
Gede Agus Widyadana Saqib Jamil
Geena Prasad Saqib Mahmood
Geetesh Goga Sara Fulignati
Gelmires De Araujo Neves Sara Gonizzi Barsanti
Gelu Gurguiatu Sara Pensieri
Gen Li Sara Proença
Gengrui Wei Sara Sousa
Gennadii Golub Sara Spadoni
Gennaro Brunetti Sara Todeschini
Geno Marcovici Sarab Almuhaideb
Geoffrey Harvey Tanakinjal Sarah Abdul Razak
Georg Müller-Christ Sarah Carter
George Abuselidze Sarajlić Ankica
George Danko Saranga Diyabalanage
George Fernandez Savari Saravanan Kothadaramanan
George Ionescu Saravanan Krishnan
George Jennings Sarfraz Aslam
George Katselis Sarfraz Hashim
George Kyriakarakos Sarika Gopalakrishnan
George Mustoe Sarmad Ibrahim
George P. Malindretos Saroj Dhital
George Ramos Saroj Koul
George Theodossiou Sarunas Grigaliunas
George Verros Sarwar Sayeed
George Xiroudakis Saša Kostić
George Yuan Saša Milić
Georges Abdulnour Saša Milojević
Georgescu Emil Saša Petković
Georgeta Soava Sasikumar A.
Georgia Papadopoulou Satar Mahdevari
Georgios A. Leftheriotis Sathish Kumar Palaniappan
Georgios Bampos Sathish Pasika
Georgios Bartzas Satish Yadav
Georgios Chatzistelios Satoshi Horiuchi
Georgios G. Stavroulakis Sattianadan Dasarathan
Georgios Georgiadis Satvik Vats
Georgios Giannopoulos Satyabrata Nanda
Georgios Maris Saud Altaf
Georgios Mavropoulos Saúl Torres-Ortega
Georgios P. Kouretas Saulius Vasarevičius
Georgios Pappas Saulo Folharini
Georgios Saratsis Saurabh Ahluwalia
Georgios Tsantopoulos Savelii Kukharets
Geraldine Maughan Saveria Olga Murielle Boulanger
Gerardo Araya-Letelier Savva Shanaev
Gerardo Avalos Savvas Savvakis
Gerardo L. Febres Sayan Das
Gerardo León Sayantan Mukherjee
Gerardo Méndez Sayantan Sarkar
Gerardo Ubilla-Bravo Sayed Abdul Basir Samimi
Gerardo Vázquez-Marrufo Sayed Saghaian
Gergely Rathonyi Saygin Abdikan
Germán Álvarez-Tey Sayyad Nojavan
German Barragan Sayyed Mohammad Reza Davoodi
Germán Mazza Sayyed Sadaqat Hussain Shah
Germán Osorio-Novela Sayyid Ali Banihashemi
Germán Zárate-Sández Scott Rush
German-Lenin Dugarte-Peña Scott Turner
Germina Cosma Sean Seaman
Gessica Umili Sebastian Bernat
Gevork B. Gharehpetian Sebastian Elgueta
Ghada Atteia Allah Sebastián Espoz-Lazo
Ghada Sahbeni Sebastian George Maxineasa
Ghadir El-Chaghaby Sebastian Kuśmierz
Ghadir Pourhashem Sebastian Pater
Ghaitaoui Touhami Sebastián Robledo
Ghaith Al-Abdallah Sebastiano Carbonara
Ghassan Nounu Sebastiano Patti
Ghazanfar Anwar Sebastien Bernacchi
Ghazi Magableh Sebastien Schwartz
Gheorghe Cristian Popescu Seepana Praveenkumar
Gholamhossein Sodeifian Segun Bolarinwa
Gholamreza Haseli Sehrish Atif
Gholamreza Nasiri Séjir Khojet El Khil
Gholamreza Zandi Selahattin Incecik
Ghoulem Ifrene Selahattin Kosunalp
Ghulam Abbas Selby Coxon
Ghulam Hafeez Selena Gutiérrez
Giacomo Balduzzi Selim Esen
Giacomo Cabri Selim Gürgen
Giacomo Di Foggia Selvam Chandrasekaran
Giacomo Viccione Sema Yılmaz Genç
Gian Paolo Clemente Sema Yurdakul
Giana Carli Lorenzini Semen Frid
Giancarlo Condello Semiyu Aderibigbe
Gian-Claudio Faussone Semra Arslan Selçuk
Giandomenico Foti Sen Du
Gianfranco Fancello Sen Wang
Gianluca Burchi Senapathy Marisennayya
Gianluca Genovese Sendhil Ramadas
Gianluca Mattarocci Seng Hansen
Gianluca Megna Senghane Mbodji
Gianluca Zitti Senka Popović
Gianluigi Gallenti Senthil Kumar Subramaniam
Gianluigi Migliavacca Senthil Selvan Subramanian
Gianmaria Pio Senthilkumar Palanisamy
Gianna Bertacchi Senthilnathan Lakshmanan
Gianni Bedini Seonghwan Yoon
Giannin Mosoarca Seongwoo Woo
Gib Chatchaporn Uraipong Seoungpil Ahn
Gigliola Ausiello Seoyoon Heo
Gil Fraqueza Serdar Dindar
Gilbert Nchongboh Chofong Serdar Gündoğdu
Gilberto Pérez-Lechuga Seren Başaran
Gilberto Vaz Sergei Grishunin
Giner Alor-Hernández Sergei Shevyrev
Ginés Morales Méndez Sergei Tshernyshev
Ginno Millán Sergej Baričević
Gintarė Vaznonienė Sergej Gricar
Giorgia Predari Sergey A. Stel'Makh
Giorgio Paolo Maria Vassena Sergey Balandin
Giorgio Tofani Sergey Chernogorskiy
Giorgos Siakavelas Sergey Gataullin
Giou-Teng Yiang Sergey Ilyin
Giovana Espindola Sergey Kivalov
Giovana Goretti Almeida Sergey Myamlin
Giovanna Adinolfi Sergey Savin
Giovanna Montesano Sergey Stankevich
Giovanna Vasco Sergey Turuntaev
Giovanni Avila-Flores Sergey Vasin
Giovanni Barone Sergey Yablochnikov
Giovanni Cicceri Sergey Zhironkin
Giovanni Gadaleta Sergii Kushch
Giovanni Guzmán-Lugo Sergii Sagin
Giovanni Murano Sergio Cardone
Giovanni Pennisi Sergio Da Silva
Giovanni Ruggieri Sergio David
Giovanni Russo Sergio Makrakis
Giovanni Santi Sergio Ochoa Jiménez
Giovanni Scire' Sergio Reyes
Giovanni Spampinato Sergio Rodriguez
Giovanni Tesoriere Sergio Ruggieri
Giovanni Zampone Sergio Serra
Girish Kumar Sergio Vega Sánchez
Girish V. G. Sergiu-Mihai Alexa-Stratulat
Girum Ayalneh Tiruye Sergiy Lavrenko
Gisele Amaral-Labat Serhat Asci
Giulia Guerri Serhat Şap
Giuliana Bilotta Serhii Lehenchuk
Giuliana Drava Serhiy Pyshyev
Giuliana Marletta Seshibe Makgato
Giuliano Galluccio Seunghwan Lee
Giuliano Laccetti Seungyeon Moon
Giuliano Mingardo Sevastian Liviu
Giuliano Vitali Sevda Akyürek
Giulio Cappelletti Severo Vázquez-Prieto
Giuseppe Del Core Sevil S. Yilmaz
Giuseppe Nitti Şeyda Bostancı
Giuseppe Oliveto Seydi Yıkmış
Giuseppe Pezzinga Seyed Abbas Hosseini
Giuseppe Ruscica Seyed Arman Hashemi Monfared
Giuseppe Russo Seyed Asaad Hosseini
Giuseppe Scandurra Seyed Hosein Ghasemzadeh Mousavinejad
Giuseppe Stecca Seyed Mahdi Homayouni
Giuseppe Tagarelli Seyed Majid Hashemzadeh
Giuseppina Pappalardo Seyed Mehdi Sajjadi
Giuseppina Uva Seyed Mohammad Hojjati
Giusi Perri Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mousakazemi
Gleb Zaitsev Seyed Mohsen Hosseini
Glenn Israel Seyed Mojtaba Alirahmi
Glenn James Mccartney Seyed Peyman Shariatpanahi
Gloria Cerasela Crisan Seyed Saeid Hosseini
Gloria Dávila Seyed Saman Khedmatgozar Dolati
Gnana Sheela Seyed Sina Mousavi
Gningnini Alain Kone Seyed Vahid Razavi-Termeh
Go Shimada Seyedeh Yasaman Hosseini Mirmahaleh
Gökhan Başar Seyedmostafa Mousavi
Gökhan Ilgaz Seyed-Sajad Ahmadpour
Gökhan Yilmaz Seyyed Emad Hooshmand
Gökmen Özen Seyyed Jalaladdin Hosseini Dehshiri
Gokul Chandrasekaran Sezai Kutuk
Golshan Mohamadpour Sezgin Ersoy
Gomaa Nour Eldein Abdel-Rahman Sezgin Tunca
Gonçalo Dias Shabana Habib
Gonçalo Fernandes Shabir Ahmad
Gonçalo Marques Shabnam Sadri Moghaddam
Gönenç Göçmengil Shadab Alam
Gonzalo Diaz-Meneses Shadi Altahat
Gopal Shukla Shafaat Ullah
Goran Jaćimović Shah Fahad
Goran Janackovic Shah Faisal
Goran Kos Shah Jahan Leghari
Gordan Stojić Shah Rukh
Gordana Topličić Ćurčić Shah Zaman
Gordon Mitchell Shaha Faisal
Gordon Parker Shahbaz Khan
Gorka Zamarreño-Aramendia Shahed Khan
Görkem Kökkülünk Shahid Abbasi
Gorkem Memisoglu Shahid Mehmood
Goshu Desalegn Shahid Zaman
Gospodinka Gicheva Shahira Abdel-Razek
Govind Vashishtha Shahram Torabian
Gozde Basak Ozturk Shahriar Shams
Graça Azevedo Shahriar Shirvani Moghaddam
Graciela Abuin Shahrokh Rahbari
Graciela Padilla-Castillo Shahzad Ahmad Qureshi
Graeme Norval Shahzad Ashraf
Grazia Napoli Shai Factor
Graziano Di Carmine Shai Kendler
Graziano Salvalai Shaik Gouse Peera
Graziella Trovato Shaik Hussain
Grażyna Rosa Shaik Saboor
Greg White Shailendra Chiluwal
Gregor Čok Shaimaa Ahmed
Gregorio Lambert Shaimaa Selim
Gregorio Posada Vanegas Shajin Prince
Gregory A. Pozhvanov Shakeb Akhtar
Grigorios Kyriakopoulos Shaker Qaidi
Grzegorz Ginda Shakira Ghazanfar
Grzegorz Holdynski Shambhulinga Aralekallu
Grzegorz Janowski Shan Hong
Grzegorz Karwasz Shan Li
Grzegorz Maśloch Shan Zeng
Grzegorz Michalski Shandong Niu
Grzegorz Straz Shang Wang
Grzegorz Wierzbicki Shangmin Zhao
Grzegorz Woroniak Shanti Chandran Sandaran
Guadalupe Hernández-Escobedo Shao Qingguo
Gualter Couto Shaobo Chai
Guan Yang Shao-Chun Ma
Guang Bao Shaode Yu
Guang Yih Sheu Shaohua Lei
Guanghua Cai Shaohua Niu
Guangji Xu Shaojie Zuo
Guang-Ji Yin Shaolong Zeng
Guangming Wang Sharad K Soni
Guangsong Yang Sharaf Malebary
Guang-Wen Zheng Sharanabasava Ganachari
Guanming He Sharangouda Patil
Guannan Liu Sharareh Harirchi
Guanxi Yan Shareena Fairuz Abdul Manaf
Guan-Yuan Wu Sharifah Nurafizah Syed Annuar
Guenter Baerwolff Sharon Hilarydoss
Guerino Sacripante Sharon Jalene
Guglielmo Federico Antonio Brunetti Sharon Puleo
Guilherme A. Ferreira Shashi Bhatia
Guilherme Vieira Shashi Mesapam
Guilherme Zagui Shaun West
Guilhermina Miranda Sheikh Imran Ishrat
Guillaume Dufour Sheldon Blaauw
Guillermo Donoso Shelly Mcgrath
Guillermo Guerao Shelton Waldrep
Guillermo José Martínez Pastur Shenbaga Velu P.
Guillermo Manuel Chans Sheng Kuan Chung
Guillermo Woolrich-Piña Sheng Liu
Gülden Gülden Sheng Qin
Gulsu Simsek Franci Sheng Yang
Gülsüm Yaldiz Sheng Yao
Gulzar Mehmood Shenglin Chang
Guna Semjonova Shenglong Yang
Gunawan Prihandana Sheng-Po Chen
Guo Chen Shengqiang Wang
Guo Ren Mong Shengrong Xie
Guodong Chen, China Sher Ali
Guodong Chen, United States Sher Ali Shaikh
Guo-Hua Ding Sherif Ahmed Abu El-Magd
Guojie Xie Sherif El-Badawy
Guojin Qin Sherif Zaid
Guolei Zhou Sherine Nagy Saleh
Guoping Li Shervin Hashemi
Guo-Ping Zhan Shi Qiang Liu
Guoqiang Cao Shianghau Wu
Guoqing Li Shibani Mohapatra
Guotao Li Shichong Yuan
Guowei Dong Shida Sun
Guowen Shang Shifeng Ding
Guoyang Liu Shigeyuki Hamori
Guoyou Zhang Shih-Hsien Hsu
Gurhan Ertasgin Shih-Meng Hsu
Gurumurthy Bm Shijie Li
Guru-Pirasanna-Pandi Govindharaj Shijie Xie
Gustáv Jablonský Shijun Sun
Gustav Mörée Shikha Sharma
Gustav Resch Shingjye Chen
Gustavo Cerda-Villafana Shinichi Egawa
Gustavo Chica Pedraza Shinya Ikeda
Gustavo Gidrão Shinya Inazumi
Gustavo Lascalea Shin'Ya Nagasawa
Gustavo Moraes Shiqi Fan
Gustavo Nagy Shiqi Yu
Gustavo Porpino Shiqiang Qin
Gustavo Santos Shirish Singh
Gutu Ioana Shirley Wyver
Guy-Armel Bounda Shiv Vendra Singh
Gyanesh Kumar Tiwari Shiva Najafi
György Jóna Shiva Shankar Reddy
György Szabados Shiwei Liu
H. M. Prathibhani C. Kumarihami Shiwei Wang
H. M. Zakir Shiyang Zhang
Habib Ali Shiyi Song
Habib Benbouhenni Shiyong Wu
Habib Gürbüz Shizhong Zhang
Habib Ouadi Shobana Navaneethabalakrishnan
Hacı Mehmet Alakaş Shohin Aheleroff
Hadel M. M. Kalil Bagey Shore Shahnoori
Hadi Alizadeh Showkat Bhawani
Hadi Farhadi Shriram Marathe
Hadi Hussain Shruti Sharma
Hadi Raja Shu Wang
Hadi Taghavifar Shu Yuan
Haejin Yoon Shu Zhang
Hafeez Ullah Shuai Cao
Hafeezur Rehman Shuaishuai Li
Hafiezal Radzi Shuaiyi Shi
Hafiz Abd Ul Muqeet Shuang Li
Hafiz Muhammad Abd Ur Rahman Shuang Liu
Hafiz Muhammad Rashad Javeed Shuangxi Wang
Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan Shuangxi Xing
Hafiz Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq Shuijian He
Hafiz Umar Farid Shu-Lun Mak
Hafiza Shukor Shumank Deep
Hafsa Jamshaid Shumin Li
Hai Chien Pham Shun Lu
Hai Lin Shunbo Zhao
Hai Wang Shun-Hsing Chen
Hai Yan Shunji Yamada
Haibin Gu Shunli Wang
Haibo Liu Shunsheng Wang
Haider Abdulhameed Shuo Li
Haifei Chen Shuo Wang
Haifeng Gao Shuolin Xiao
Haifeng Liu Shuping Wu
Haijin Lin Shuqian Duan
Haijun Gong Shuqing Liu
Hailei Kou Shu-Rong Yang
Haim Cikurel Shuva Chowdhury
Haitao Wang Shuxin Huang
Haitham Hassan Mahmoud Shweta Vincent
Haitham Kalil Shyamantha Subasinghe
Haiwei Lou Shynu P. G.
Haiying Li Sibo Li
Hajer Ammar Sid Ahmed Slimane
Hajnalka Szentgyorgyi Siddhartha Shankar Bhattacharyya
Hakan Kibar Sidi Zhu
Hakas Prayuda Sidong Zhao
Hakkun Elmunsyah Sie Long Kek
Hala Abdelmigid Siemen Van Berkum
Hala Esmael Sigrid Kusch-Brandt
Hala Mostafa Sihui Dong
Halil Demir Sikandar Khan
Halil Ibrahim Burgan Siliang Yang
Halil Ibrahim Ceylan Silin Zhang
Halima Begum Silivan Valentin Moldovan
Halina Kobalava Silvana Bruno
Halit Gonenc Silvana Mabel Nuñez Fadda
Halyna Mishchuk Silvana Mirella Aliberti
Hamad Almujibah Silvana Nisgoski
Hamada Elwan Silvana Stefani
Hamdi Abdi Silvestro Ruffolo
Hamdy Naguib Silvia Barbi
Hamed Aly Silvia Brunoro
Hamed Farshbaf Aghajani Silvia Di Turi
Hamed Hashemi-Dezaki Silvia Fernández Rivas
Hamed Jafari Kaleybar Silvia Fissi
Hamed Nafisi Silvia Fornasaro
Hamed Najafi Alamdarlo Silvia Lisciani
Hamed Peidayesh Sílvia Lopes
Hameed A. Mohammed Silvia Mazzetto
Hamid Khoshdast Silvia Pampana
Hamid Mirzahossein Silvia Parusheva
Hamid Motieyan Silvia Puiu
Hamid Naji Silvino Capitão
Hamid Nasrellah Silvio Ferreira
Hamid Reza Ahmadi Silvio Nocera
Hamid Reza Esmaeili Silviu Beciu
Hamiden Khalifa Sima A. Hamadeh
Hamidreza Alavi Simbarashe Jombo
Hamidreza Balouchi Simeng Li
Hamidreza Rahbari Simerjeet Kaur
Hammad Ahmad Jan Simon Grima
Hammadi El Farissi Simon Paul Borg
Hamza Gabriel Simon Pescari
Hamza Zine Simona Căprărescu
Hamzeh Al Amosh Simona Gavrilas
Han Lin Simona Giordano
Han Peng Simona Goia
Han Woo Park Simona Mancini
Han Yang Yeh Simona Roxana Patarlageanu
Han Zhou Simona Șimon
Hana Posavčić Simona Sternad Zabukovšek
Hanan Khairy Simone Ciaccioni
Haney Samir Simone De Souza
Hang Jiang Simone Donati
Hang Wan Simone Fattorini
Hang Yi Simone Fávaro
Hani Benguesmia Simone Toller
Hani El-Zaiat Šimun Lončarević
Hani Muhsen Simut Ramona
Hani Saudy Sina Ahmadi Kaliji
Hanmin Wang Sinan Li
Hanna Sawicka Sinan Nacar
Hanqi Yang Sinan Turp
Hanqiu Xu Singara Singh Kasana
Hans Dietrich Haasis Siniša Bogdan
Hanseob Jeong Sinisa Ozimec
Han-Shen Chen Sinisa Polovina
Hanuman Jatav Siniša Srečec
Hanvedes Daovisan Sinu Kumari
Hanxi Wang Sinyavina Nadezhda
Hany Abdel-Latif Siqi Ma
Hanying Zou Sirish Kumar Pagoti
Hao Jiang Siro Casolo
Hao Li Sishir Kamalapuram
Hao Lu Sisi Yu
Hao Ma Sisira Kumara Naradda Gamage
Hao Peng Siti Hajar Othman
Hao Sun Siti Noorbaini Sarmin
Hao Wu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Siti Norliyana Harun
Hao Wu, Tongji University, China Siti Nur 'Atikah Zulkiffli
Hao Xiong Siti Syuhaida Mohamed Yunus
Hao Yang Sitthisak Moukomla
Hao Zhang Sittichai Pimonsree
Haoqi Shan Siva Kumar Mahalingam
Hao-Qing Yang Siva Rama Krishnan Somayaji
Haoran Qu Siva Ramasamy
Hao-Ren Liu Sivachandiran Loganathan
Haoteng Zhao Sivakumar Palaniswamy
Haotian Cao Sivanand Somasundaram
Haoyu Wang Sivaprakasam Palani
Haozhan Meng Sivasankaran Sivanandam
Hapnes Toba Sivasubramanian Palanisamy
Haradhan Kolya Sivkumar Mishra
Hardik Jani Siwei Meng
Harekrushna Behera Sk Ali
Harendra Kumar Skye Leedahl
Haresh Kumar Sharma Slavcho Bozhkov
Hari Kandel Slaven Gasparovic
Harihara Gopalan Slavica Malinovic-Milicevic
Hariharan Naganathan Slavomir Labant
Hariharasudan A Sławomir Czarnecki
Harikumar Rajaguru Slawomir Gulkowski
Hariprasath Manoharan Sławomir Kalinowski
Haris Alibašić Sławomir Pietrowicz
Haris M. Khalid Sławomir Poskrobko
Harish Mudila Sławomir Rabczak
Harish Radhakrishnan Sławomir Sitek
Harish Vangala Slawomir Zaplata
Harnish Soni Slimane Ed-Dafali
Harnoor Singh Sachar Slobodan Morača
Harold Enrique Huerto Cardenas Smaranika Nayak
Harshit Shukla Snezana Andjelkovic
Hartmut Müller Snežana Štetić
Haruka Kato Snežana Tadić
Harun Bektas Snezana Uskokovic-Markovic
Harun Kaman Snezhana Dineva
Harun Rashid Snezhana Sulova
Harun Tanrıvermiş Snezhanka Balabanova
Haruna Moda Sobhan Dorahaki
Harvey Nguyen Sobhan Esmaeili
Hasan Alhanatleh Socrates Basbas
Hasan Alrajhi Sofia Gomes
Hasan Bilgehan Makineci Sofia Lopes
Hasan Erteza Gelani Sofiane Haddad
Hasan Ghasemzadeh Sofoklis Vogiazas
Hasan Gunduz Sohail
Hasan Mostafaei Sohail Ahmad
Hasan Özdoğan Sohan Lal
Hasan Öztürk Soheil Salha
Hasan Sardar Sohni Siddiqui
Hasan Saygin Sohrab Mirassi
Hasan Tosun Sohrab Mirsaeidi
Hasanain Radeef Sojung Kim
Hashem Alshurafat Sol García-Germán
Hashem Jahangir Solarino Stefano
Hashem Salarzadeh Jenatabadi Soledad Bernal-Perez
Hasif Rafidee Hasbollah Solethu Nkosi
Hasim Altan Somaye Vaissi
Hasim Kelebek Somayeh Mohammadihamidi
Hassam Ur Rehman Sonain Jamil
Hassan El-Ramady Sonam Shakya
Hassan Ghanem Song Guo
Hassan Mirzaei Song Liu
Hassan Ouachtak Song Wang
Hassanein Refaey Song Xu
Hassimi Abu Hasan Song Zhengna
Hatef Dastour Songbo Wu
Hatem Alhazmi Song-Qing Wu
Hatice Inan Songsheng Li
Hatice Merve Bayram Sonia Bombico
Hatice Türkten Sonia Brito-Costa
Haval Sadeeq Sonia Mileva
Hayat Khan Sónia Monteiro
Hayder Alalwan Sonia Salvo-Garrido
Hayder Almosa Sonja Brlečić Valčić
Hazi Mohammad Azamathulla Sooksan Kantabutra
He Haitao Soo-Whang Baek
Heba El-Deghaidy Soowoong Noh
Hebatallah Ghoneim Sophia Vardaki
Hebat-Allah Tohamy Sören Thiele-Bruhn
Héctor Saldaña-Márquez Sorin Arsene
Hector Valenzuela Sorin Dan
Hee Soo Lee Sorin George Toma
Heebok Park Soroor Rahmanian
Heesook Lee-Niinioja Sotirios N. Kiokias
Heikki Räisänen Sotirios Theofanis
Helbert da Rocha Soufiane Haddout
Hélder Lopes Soumen Maji
Helen Avery Soumik Das
Helen Dias Soumya Panda
Helen Farley Sourabh Jain
Helen Roberts Sourav Patel
Helen Thanopoulou Souvik Pal
Helena Belchior Rocha Spase Shumka
Helena Costa Oliveira Spela Verovsek
Helena Maria Fernandez Špiro Ivošević
Helena Maria Santos De Oliveira Spyridon Galatsidas
Helena Navas Spyros Andronopoulos
Helena Paula Nierwinski Spyros Avdimiotis
Helena Ribeiro Srđan Kostić
Heli Lu Srdjan Masic
Helio Simonetti Srdjan Tegeltija
Hem Joshi Sree Lekshmi Sreekumaran Nair
Hemali Rathnayake Sreedhar Madichetty
Hemant Raj Singh Sreekanth Vakacherla
Hendrik Godbersen Sreelash Krishnan Kutty
Hengfang Deng Sreenath Sukumaran
Hengtao Shi Sreetheran Maruthaveeran
Hengyu Li Sri Gunawan
Heni Boubaker Sri Tatminingsih Tatminingsih
Henk Jan Verhagen Sridhar Budhi
Hennebert Pierre Sridhar Patra
Hennie Fisher Srikant Gupta
Henning Strubelt Srikanth Mudigonda
Henno Havenga Srinivas Namuduri
Henri C. Moll Stamatia Gavela
Henrique Gil Stan Emanuel
Henrique Pires Corrêa Stanimir Stoilov
Henry Inegbedion Stanislav Avsec
Heon-Joon Park Stanislav Chicherin
Heorhiy Cherevko Stanislav Ferdov
Herbert Kimura Stanislav Nikolaevskii
Herbert L. Meiselman Stanislav Yankovsky
Herdis Herdiansyah Stanislava Ivanova
Heri Santoso Stanisław Małecki
Heriberto Pérez-Acebo Stavros Cheristanidis
Heris Hendriana Stavros Kalogiannidis
Herman Fesenko Stavros Poulopoulos
Herman Yuliansyah Stefan Bodi
Hermanus Stephanus Geyer Štefan Bojnec
Herminio Martínez-García Stefan Catana
Hernan Peraza-Vazquez Ştefan Cristian Gherghina
Hesam Pouraliakbar Stefan Gödeke
Hesham A. Hegazi Stefan -Gregore Ciornei
Hesham Elbadawy Stefan Grigorean
Hesham Ghazzawy Stefan Petrovic
Hesham R. Lotfy Stefan Trzcieliński
Hesti Tata Stefania Cerutti
Hicham El-Hage Stefania Perrella
Hichem Mrabet Stefania Piazza
Hichem Tahraoui Stefania Pragliola
Hideaki Ohgaki Stefano Bonduà
Hideki Takebayashi Stefano Cirillo
Hiep Thuan Lu Stefano Duglio
Hilke Wur Bos-Brouwers Stefano Marchesi
Himani Arora Stefano Mottura
Himanshu Buckchash Stefano Silvestri
Himanshu Mittal Stefano Stacul
Himanshu Shee Stefano Zedda
Himanshu Tanvar Stefanos Stefanou
Hindavi R. Gavali Stefanos Tsigdinos
Hing Yan Tong Stelian Sergiu Maier
Hipólito Sousa Stelian Tarulescu
Hippolyte Tene Mouafo Stelios Lekakis
Hira Singh Stella Leivadi
Hiran Roy Stella Manika
Hiranya Sritart Stephan De Beer
Hirdan Costa Stephan Hülsmann
Hiroaki Ikeuchi Stephan Mäs
Hiroshan Hettiarachchi Stephane Bilodeau
Hiroshi Sasamoto Stéphane Cathalau
Hiroyuki Taguchi Stéphane Paul
Hisham Abusaada Stephen Amiandamhen
Hisham M. Khater Stephen Burnett
Hisham Qasrawi Stephen Coates
Hisham Said Stephen Inbaraj
Hishan Sanil Stephen Jones
Hoda Sarparast Stephen Newton
Ho-Hsuan Chang Steve Pueppke
Holger Watter Steven Bourassa
Holman Ospina-Mateus Steven Cryer
Hong Ching Goh Steven Lim
Hong Fan Stewart White
Hong Jiang Stjepan Posavec
Hong Tian Stoyan Marinov
Hong Wei Stuart Charters
Hong Zhao Stuti Ahuja
Hongbiao Zhou Styliani Papatzani
Hongbin Dai Stylianos Kallioras
Hongchu Yu Stylianos Mystakidis
Hongfeng Xie Stylianos Papazis
Hongfeng Zhang Subhanil Guha
Honggang Liu Subhankar Das
Hongguang Nie Subhash Lahane
Hongguang Zhang Subhasish Dutta
Hongjiang Xu Subhendu Chakraborty
Hongjun Fan Subhradip Bhattacharjee
Honglei Wang Subrat Behera
Honglian Li Subrata Ghosh
Hongming Zhang Su-Ching Chang
Hongsheng Zhou Sudarsan Jayasingh
Hongshuai Qi Sudeb Saha
Hongsub Jee Sudesh Rani
Hongwei Pei Sudhakara P.
Hongxia Zhu Sudhakara Pandian Ranjitha Ramasamy
Hongyang Ni Sudhir Kumar Sharma
Hongyu Chen Suha Jaradat
Hong-Yu Ren Suha Shihab
Hong-Zheng Sun-Lin Suhail Khan
Hoon-Ku Sul Suhairul Hashim
Horia Mocanu Suhana Chattopadhyay
Horst-Christian Langowski Suharno Suharno
Hosam Habib Suharto Suharto
Hossain El Ouarghi Suheyla Yerel Kandemir
Hossain Nemati Suh-Hee Choi
Hossam Abdelmeguid Suitu Wang
Hossam Hawash Sujan Yenuganti
Hossam Nabwey Sujay Naganna
Hossein Abbaspour Sujit Kumar Pradhan
Hossein Afshin Sukamal Sarkar
Hossein Ebrahimnezhad-Khaljiri Sulabh Sachan
Hossein Esmaeili Sulaiman Atiku
Hossein Hamidifar Sulaiman Mouselli
Hossein Karimi Sulake Nagaraja Rao
Hossein Lotfi Suleiman Aliyu Babale
Hossein Moayedi Suleiman Mamman
Hossein Nassiraei Süleyman Avci
Hossein Parvini Sani Suleyman Cagan
Hossein Radmard Süleyman Eken
Hossein Sabouri Sumaia Qaderi
Hossein Zahedi Suman Chakraborty
Hou Qiao Suman Pandey
Hou-Cheng Yang Suman Sinha
Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia Sumarni Aly
Houssam Chouikhi Sumit Chakravarty
Howard Schneider Sumit Kushwaha
Howard Scott Sumit Soni
Hristina Lebanova Sumudu Senanayake
Hrvoje Grofelnik Sun Wenli
Hrvoje Karna Sun Young Kim
Hrvoje Karninčić Sundarrajan R.
Hrvoje Tomic Suneel Maheshwari
Hsien-Ching Chung Sunghoon Hur
Hsin-Jang Shieh Sungjoon Yoon
Hsiu-Ying Hwang Sunhilde Cuc
Hsuan-Chu Chen Sunil Bangare
Hu Li, China Sunil Goyal
Hu Li, United States Sunith Babu Madduri
Hu Liu Supab Choopun
Hua Peng Supaprawat Siripipatthanakul
Huahui Lai Suparshya Babu Sukhavasi
Huaiming Li Suphichaya Suppipat
Huakang Liang Surachai Wongcharee
Hualing He Suraj Mali
Huan Qiu Suraj Mallick
Huan-Ming Chuang Suraj Shekhar
Huaping Wang Suraj Singh
Huawei Xu Surajudeen Sikiru
Huazhe Jiao Surat Hongsibsong
Huazheng Sai Surender Singh
Hubert Hirwa Surendra Poonia
Hugo Alejandro Nájera-Aguilar Surendra Sarsaiya
Hugo Silva Surendran Rajendran
Hugo Wai Leung Mak Suresh M
Hui Jin Susan Rifkin
Hui Li Susana Henriques
Hui Liu Susana Mesquita
Hui Nee Au Yong Susana Paixão
Hui Shan Lee Susanne Schmidt
Hui Sun Sushanta Saha
Hui Xiao Sushobhan Mukhopadhyay
Huibing Gan Susumu Ito
Huibrecht Van Der Poll Sutomo Sutomo
Huihua He Suwon Son
Hui-Ju Tsai Suyang Zhu
Huina Lin Suyun Xu
Huipu Gao Suzana Demyen
Huishang Li Suzana Pasanec Preprotić
Huishu Li Suzanne Kieffer
Huiting Wu Sven Maertens
Humberto Ribeiro Svetlana Hristova
Humeyra Ulusoy Erol Svetlana Kondrateva
Humiras Purba Svetlana Perović
Hung-Che Wu Svetlana Ratner
Hung-Lung Lin Svetlana Revinova
Hung-Pin Huang Svetlana Ušča
Husain Jaffery Svetlana Usenyuk-Kravchuk
Husam Aldin N. Al-Malkawi Svjetlana Hess
Husam Mohammed Svjetlana Radmanović
Hüseyin Tecimen Svjetlana Raus
Hüseyin Uzunboylu Swapan Mallick
Husnain Tansar Swapnil Moon
Hussain Shareef Swarnalatha P.
Hussein Almasri Swatantra Dubey
Hussein Maghrabie Syahrul Ahmad
Hussein Shareef Syahrul Junaini
Hussein Touliabah Syamsul Bachri
Hussein Zghair Syed Ahmad Farhan
Huy Thanh Vo Syed Ali Ammar Taqvi
Hwayoung Kim Syed Amir Ashraf
Hye Ok Park Syed Asad Abbas Bokhari
Hyunah Kwon Syed Basit Ali Bukhari
Hyunchul Ahn Syed Far Abid Hossain
Hyungkyoo Kim Syed Farhan Raza Syed Farhan Raza
Hyun-Jae Shin Syed Farooq Ali
I. Kadek Suartama Syed Hassan Raza
I. Yu. Kudrevatykh Syed Latifi
Ian Falk Syed Masood
Ian Makin Syed Mazhar
Ian Sosa-Tinoco Syed Mohsin
Ibrahim Alghoraibi Syed Muhammad Ibad
Ibrahim Alnafrah Syed Muhammad Usman
Ibrahim Alsohaimi Syed Nasir Abbas Bukhari
Ibrahim Alyoussef Sylvia Gottschalk
Ibrahim Cil Syuhaily Osman
Ibrahim Cutcu Szabolcs Fischer
Ibrahim Elshaer Szabolcs Nagy
Ibrahim Maamoun Szemethy László
Ibrahim Mohamed Diaaeldin Szilvia Kisvarga
Ibrahim Mosly Szymon Dawczyński
Ibrahim Yitmen Szymon Hoffman
Icen Yoosefdoost T. Shanthi
Ida Grundel T.I. Eldho
Idrees Waris Tabussam Tufail
Ievgen Zaitsev Tadas Zdankus
Ifeyinwa Obianyo Tadesse Gemeda Wakjira
Ifeyinwa Orji Tadeusz Dziubak
Ifigeneia Megremi Tadeusz Kufel
Ifigeneia Mylona Taghreed Mohammed Ali
Iftikhar Azim Taha El-Sayed
Ignacio Carvajal-Mariscal Tahar Tayachi
Ignacio Mauleón Tahereh Jafary
Ignacio Rintoul Tahereh Zobeidi
Ignasi Labastida Tahir Alyas
Igor Calzada Tahira Yasmin
Igor Chumachenko Tahmina Ajmal
Igor Dudarev Tai-An Chen
Igor Gritsuk Taiwo Aremu
Igor Johansen Taiwo Lasisi
Igor Kabashkin Taj Muhammad Khuhawar
Igor Karlović Tajamul Hussain
Igor Kegalj Tajana Čop
Igor Litvinchev Ta-Jen Chu
Igor Paz Takaomi Arai
Igor V. Deyneko Takeshi Emura
Igor Vujović Takuji Matsumoto
Igor Wolf Talal Zari
Igor Yudaev Talita Pedrosa
Igor Zelnik Tamara Fernández Arévalo
Ihab Sawalha Tamara Floricic
Ihor Kulyniak Tamara Gajić
Ihor Oleksiv Tamara Jovanovic
Ihsan Hasan Tamara Lukić
Ihsan Jamil Tamara Menichini
Ihsan Jasim Tamara Radjenovic
Ihsan Nurkomar Tamara Tomašegović
Ihsan Oluç Tamás Buday
Ihtisham Ul Haq Tamás Kristóf
Ihwan Ghazali Tamas Matrai
Iker Muñoz Tamer Abdulaziz
Ikramullah Khosa Tamer Elsakhawy
Ilahy Riadh Tamer Saleh
Ilaria Cacciotti Tamer Saraçyakupoğlu
Ilaria Di Pietro Tamerlan Magkoev
Ilaria Montella Tamiji Yamamoto
Ilaria Pietrini Tammo Steenhuis
Ileana Lick Tan Fee Yean
Ileana Mares Tan Jin Soo
Ilham Zulfahmi Tangzhe Nie
Ilhami Demir Tanweer Alam
Ilias Elmouki Tanzila Akmal
Ilias Lazos Tao Jiang
Ilias Mavroidis Tao Li
Ilija Stojanović Tao Liu
Ilinca Cornel Tao Long
I-Ling Lai Tao Qin
Ilkay Erdogan Orhan Tao Shen
Ilker Dere Tao Sun
Ille Gebeshuber Tao Wang
Illyas Md Isa Tao Wen
Ilona Kiausiene Taoufik Brahim
Ilona Mičule Fjodorova Taras Hutsol
Ilona Pawełoszek Tarek Abdel-Salam
Iltaf Khan Tarek Berghout
Ilyas Khan Tarek Dayyoub
Ilze Beitane Tarek Eldomiaty
Iman Elmahallawi Tarek Sboui
Iman Oraif Tarik Ainane
Imdadullah Imdadullah Tariq Alalwan
Imran Anwar Tariq Almubarak
Imran Bodlah Tariq Mukhtar
Imran Lakhiar Taslima Zahan
Imran Saeed Tasneem Miqdady
Imre Kiss Tastaftiyan Risfandy
Imtiaz Ahmad Tatiana Canata
Inam Ullah Khan Tatiana Chaparro
Inan Keskin Tatiana Cherkashina
Indra Kharisma Raharjana Tatiana Gorbunova
Indrajeet Kumar Tatiana Gutium
Indranath Ghosal Tatiana Minayeva
Indrikis Krams Tatiana Moschovou
Ines Kovačić Tatiana Pina
Ines Kozuh Tatiana Sheshko
Inessa Sytnik Tatiparthi Sagar
Inéz Labucay Tatjana Pivac
Inga Saitadze Tatjana Tambovceva
Ingrid Engdahl Taufiq Nawaz
Inmaculada Buendía-Martínez Tauseef Ahmad
Inmaculada Lizasoain Tauseef-Ur Rehman
Inna Petrashevich Tayfun Tanbay
Inna Solyanikova Taylan Terzioglu
Inzamam Mashood Nasir Tazien Rashid
Ioan Burda Tchalla Korohou
Ioan Doroftei Te Pei
Ioan Ianos Teddy Lazebnik
Ioan Száva Teerachai Amnuaylojaroen
Ioana Andreea Bogoslov Teerasak Jindabot
Ioana Balan Tegegne Tesfaye Haile
Ioana Boeras Temitope Olugbade
Ioana Botezatu Teng Bian
Ioana Crina Pop-Cohuţ Teng Dong
Ioana Manafi Teng Shao
Ioana Moldovan Teng Zhao
Ioana Monica Sur Tengfei Nian
Ioana Stanculescu Tengjia Zuo
Ioana-Gabriela Sirbu Teodora Florian
Ioana-Simona Ivasciuc Teodora Rajković
Ioan-Bogdan Robu Teodora Vuckovic
Ioanna Kosma Teodoro Georgiadis
Ioannis Asimakopoulos Teresa Brzezińska-Wójcik
Ioannis Faraslis Teresa D'Amore
Ioannis Kapageridis Teresa Dieguez
Ioannis Katsantonis Teresa Madureira
Ioannis Lagoudis Teresa Marat-Mendes
Ioannis Logothetis Teresa Paiva
Ioannis Markoulidakis Teresa Santana
Ioannis Mourtzinos Terrence Ravine
Ioannis Passas Tery Setiawan
Ioannis Vakalas Tetsuo Takayama
Ioannis Vardopoulos Tetyana Petrushka
Ioannis Zevgolis Tetyana Pimonenko
Ioan-Sebastian Brumă Tezozomoc Pérez
Ion Malael Thabit Thabit
Ion-Cornel Mituletu Thanassis Karalis
Ionela Maniu Thangavelu Muthukumar
Ionela Munteanu Thanh Ho
Ionela-Corina Chersan Thanh Thi Nguyen
Ionescu Dan Traian Thanh Tu
Iongel Duran-Llacer Thanh-Long Le
Ionut Cristi Nicu Thanh-Phong Pham
Ionut Ghionea Thanongsak Imjai
Ionut Laurentiu Petre Thanos Balafoutis
Ionut Nica Thawatchai Phaechamud
Ionut Racz Theerayut Phengsaart
Ionuț Viorel Herghiligiu Themis Kokolakakis
Ioseb Khelashvili Theodore Andronikos
Iosif Szeidert Theodore Koutroukis
Iran Rocha Segundo Theodore Metaxas
Irena Bates Theodoros Fouskas
Irena Ilic Theodoros Stamatopoulos
Irena Mladenova Theodoros Stathakis
Irena Pawłyszyn Theodoros Theodosiou
Irene Kamenidou Theofanis Psomas
Iresh Jayawardena Theoharis Babanatsas
Irfan Memon Theotonio Pauliquevis
Irfan Ullah Therese Atallah
Iriani Maldonade Thi Huyen Do
Irina Adriana Chiurciu Thi Thanh Binh Nguyen
Irina Arhipova Thiago Barbosa
Irina Georgescu Thiago Bimestre
Irina I. Buchinskaya Thiago Murari
Irina Kuzikova Thiago S. Biscaro
Irina Marinova Thierry Ribeiro
Irina Meghea Thippa Reddy Gadekallu
Irina Pilvere Thirumurugan Shanmugam
Irina Rabinovich Thitipramote Natthawut
Irina Shestakova Thokozani Kunene
Irineu Brito Junior Tholkappiyan Ramachandran
Irmina Ćwieląg-Piasecka Thomas Dax
Irshad Ahmad Thomas De Pree
Irving D. Hernández Thomas Fickert
Irving Paputungan Thomas Heide Clausen
Iryna Humeniuk Thomas Krabokoukis
Isaac Akomea-Frimpong Thomas Laudal
Isaac Amoah Thomas Lei
Isaac Henderson Thomas Lindner
Isaac Nooni Thomas M. Hinckley
Isaac Rampedi Thomas Minda
Isabel Cabral Thomas Müller
Isabel Castillo Thomas P. Mazarakos
Isabel Cristina Gil García Thomas Porathe
Isabel Del Arco Thomas Sanchez
Isabel Dinis Thomas Scheidsteger
Isabel García-Rodeja-Gayoso Thomas Vicino
Isabel Lema-Blanco Thomas Wilkes
Isabel Ortiz Marcos Thomaz Carvalhaes
Isabel Pestana Paixão Cansado Thuat Trinh
Isabelle Andersson Hammar Thuli Mthembu
Isabelle Piot-Lepetit Thyago Nepomuceno
Isabel-Maria Rosa-Diaz Tiago Lopes
Isaías Scalabrin Bianchi Tiago Nazareth
Isak Karabegović Tian Xia
Isao Yumoto Tian Zhang
Ishtiaq Hussain Tian Zhao
Isidora Vujcic Tiande Wen
Isidoro Russo Tianfeng Wang
Isidro Alvarez Tianjian Yang
Isidro Arce Tianlei Zang
Iskra A. Nola Tianning Su
Islam Elghonaimy Tianpei Tang
Ismael Baierle Tianpeng Gao
Ismael Flores Vivián Tianqi Liu
Ismael Mendoza-Munoz Tianye Wang
Ismail Almanassra Tianyu Chen
Ismail Ben Abdallah Tiberiu Iancu
Ismail Cangul Tibor Medvegy
Ismail Ekmekci Tiejiong Lou
Ismail Ercument Ayazli Tiejun Dai
Ismail Fidan Tien Anh Tran
Ismail Toygar Tien Nguyen
Ismi Rajiani Tiffany Rios
Israel Pala-Rosas Tihana Cegur Radović
Israel S. Ibarra Tihomir Vasilev
Istrate Istrate Tijana Crnčević
István Füzesi Tijana Milićević
Italo Masiello Tijana Narandžić
Itzel López-Rosas Till Bruckermann
Iulia Arion Till Schmäing
Iulia Bleoanca Tim Marjoribanks
Iulia Iuga Timofey Leshukov
Iulia Muresan Timothy Clune
Iulian Bratu Timothy Hasenoehrl
Iulian Voicea Timothy Omara
Iuliana Cocean Timuçin Everest
Iuliana Petronela Gârdan Tin Lukić
Iuliana Raluca Gheorghe Tina Cvahte Ojsteršek
Iuliia Pavlova Tina Tomazic
Iustina Boaja Tinashe Zenda
Iustina Boitan Ting Liu
Ivaldo Itabaiana Júnior Ting-Kuang Yeh
Iván Alhama Manteca Tingrui Liu
Ivan Andráško Tingting Chang
Ivan Banović Ting-Ting Wu
Ivan Bergier Tingyu Duan
Iván Fernández-Suárez Tirath Raj
Ivan Ferrari Tiziana Crovella
Iván G. Peyré Tartaruga Tiziana De Cristofaro
Iván Hernández-Pérez Tiziana Guzzo
Ivan Hollý Tiziana Maria Sirangelo
Ivan Ivanchev Tiziano Boschetti
Iván Juan Carlos Pérez Olguín Tiziano Gomiero
Ivan Kozitsin Tobias Stricker
Ivan Kraus Todd Vanpool
Ivan Lange Todor Stoilov
Ivan Malakhov Todor Todorov
Ivan Minchev Tofael Ahmed
Ivan Paunovic Tohid Rahimi
Ivan Pavlenko Tom Blaine
Ivan Pershin Tom Clark
Ivan Petronijević Tom Tabler
Ivan Petrovic Tomáš Bakalár
Ivan Rogovskii Tomás Ballesteros
Ivan Rozhnov Tomas Martinez-Trinidad
Ivan Sakhno Tomas Perez Contreras
Ivan Secerov Tomáš Tichý
Ivan Semenkov Tomas Vega Fernandez
Ivan Stojšić Tomasz Binkowski
Ivan Vasenev Tomasz Duda
Ivana Bilic Tomasz Gierczak
Ivana Brkanić Mihić Tomasz Gigol
Ivana Cimermanova Tomasz Janusz Teleszewski
Ivana Jovanović Tomasz Jaśniok
Ivana Kursan Milaković Tomasz Jastrząb
Ivana Mihajlovic Tomasz Kania
Ivana Milenkovic Tomasz Kisilewicz
Ivana Perović Tomasz Kośmider
Ivana Restović Tomasz Krukowicz
Ivana Rumora Samarin Tomasz Krzysztof Oszako
Ivana Stajcic Tomasz Lesiow
Ivana Tosic Tomasz Małysa
Ivanka Vasenska Tomasz Matuła
Ivanovitch Silva Tomasz Michalski
Ivaylo Ivanov Tomasz Napierala
Ivaylo Stoyanov Tomasz Niedziński
Ivelina Stoyanova Tomasz Rokicki
Iven Kraemer Tomasz Rudnicki
Ivica Jurić‐Grgić Tomasz Sekutowski
Ivica Milevski Tomasz Skrzypczak
Ivica Pelivan Tomasz Sobierajski
Ivica Stančerić Tomasz Stasiak
Ivo Allegrini Tomasz Studzieniecki
Ivo Kostov Tomasz Szablewski
Iwona Beata Paśmionka Tomasz Trzepieciński
Iwona Markowicz Tomasz Walczykiewicz
Iza Gigauri Tomasz Warchoł
Izabela Dembińska Tomasz Warzocha
Izabela Karsznia Tomasz Węgrzyn
Izabela Kowalska Tomasz Włodek
Izabela Podgórska-Kryszczuk Tomislav Ivanjko
Izabela Stalończyk Tomislav Karažija
Izabella Maj Tomislav Letnik
Izhar Mithal Jiskani Tomislav Martinec
Izzah Shahid Tomohiro Tabata
Izzat Tahir Tomohisa Fujii
Izzettin Temiz Tomoki Nakaya
J. A. S. C. Jayasinghe Tomoya Nishiwaki
J. Adilson Pinedo‐Escatel Tong Gao
J. Benito Bouza-Rodriguez Tong Si
J. F. Bobby Saragih Tong Zhou
J. J. Chen Tongchana Thongtip
J. Jumadi Tongtong Wang
J. M. Ramirez-De-Arellano Topaloglou Eleftherios
J. Ramon Gaxiola-Camacho Torlarp Kamyo
J. Vargas-Hernández Toshiya Arakawa
Jacek Abramczyk Toyohisa Fujita
Jacek Adamek Tran Dung
Jacek Barańczuk Tran Trung Duy
Jacek Binda Trevor Williams
Jacek Kozyra Tri Basuki Joewono
Jacek Kusznier Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo
Jacek Lewandowicz Tri Widodo Besar Riyadi
Jacek Oskarbski Tricia Ong
Jacek Ryczynski Trina Kilty
Jacek Stanisz Trisha Ericka Puli
Jacek Stankiewicz Trojnacki Maciej
Jacek Szczepinski Trond Løvdal
Jacek Twardowski Tshimangadzo Munonde
Jacek Wasowski Tsung Han Tai
Jacek Wozniak, University of Human and Economics Studies, Poland Tualar Simarmata
Jacek Woźniak, Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, Poland Tülay Görü Doğan
Jacinto Jardim Tung Hoang
Jackie Abell Tung-Ju Wu
Jackson Nóbrega Tuong Vo
Jacob Bethem Turek Rahoveanu Adrian
Jacqueline Huynh Tuyen Kha
Jacques Cabaret Tymoteusz Horbiński
Jade Lk Wong Uchendu Eugene Chigbu
Jader Lugon Junior Uchenna Diala
Jaeheum Yeon Udara Ranasinghe
Jae-Kwang Ahn Uday Bagale
Jaekwang Kim Uday Kashid
Jaewook Jeong Udochukwu Akuru
Jaeyoung Kim Ufuk Malayoglu
Jafar Jafari-Asl Ujjal Baruah
Jafar Yaghoubi Ulas Akkucuk
Jagbir Rehal Ulas Yaman
Jagdish Singh Ulises Jáuregui-Haza
Jahad Soorni Ulrike Scherer
Jaheer Mukthar K. P. Uma Langkulsen
Jai Chand Patel Umair Ahmed Qureshi
Jai P. Rai Umair Iqbal
Jaideep Malik Umar Ashraf
Jaime Escalante Umar Farooq
Jaime Muñoz-Arteaga Umar Farouk Mustapha
Jaime Rau Umar Ijaz Ahmed
Jaime Rodrigo De Larrucea Umberto Riccardi
Jaime Santos-Reyes Ummi Naiemah Saraih
Jair De Jesus Arrieta Baldovino Umut Uzar
Jairo José De Oliveira Andrade Ungureanu-Iuga Mădălina
Jairo Ortega Universitaria Los Libertadores
Jairo Vanegas López Upali Amarasinghe
Jaka Sriyana Uranchimeg Tudevdagva
Jakhongir Shaturaev Uroš Čakar
Jakkrawut Maitip Urška Vrabič-Brodnjak
Jakkrit Thavorn Usama Konbr
Jakob Rhyner Usama Perwez
Jakub Bekier Usman Mazhar
Jakub Keller Usman Safder
Jakub Langhammer Usman Zulfiqar
Jakub Mularski Uwe Strotmann
Jakub Soviar Uzay Karahalil
Jakub Swacha Uzma Khan
Jalal Hanaysha Václav Novák
Jamal Alnsour Vaclav Venkrbec
Jamal Khatib Vaggelis Saprikis
Jamel Seidu Vahed Ghiasi
James Hutson Vahid Baeghbali
James Magidi Vahid Gharibi
James Peach Vahid Sohrabi Tabar
James Simeon Vahidreza Yousefi
Jamil Hamadneh Vaibhav Mantri
Jamila Shuara Vaibhav Srivastava
Jamilah Mohd Salim Vaidas Petrulis
Jamin Ali Vairavel Parimelazhagan
Jammie Kit Mei Lo Valdeir Pereira Lima
Jamshad Hussain Valentim Coelho
Jamshid Behin Valentim Realinho
Jamshid Piri Valentin Kuleto
Jan Bihałowicz Valentin Marian Antohi
Jan Bocianowski Valentin Radu
Jan Bronders Valentina Chkoniya
Jan Chocholac Valentina Costa
Jan Cudzik Valentina Diana Rusu
Jan Derco Valentina Marsili
Jan Dizo Valentina Mazzanti
Jan Frick Valentina Ndou
Ján Gunčaga Valentina Presta
Jan K. Wachter Valentine Owan
Jan Kalivoda Valentino Demurtas
Ján Knapík Valentyna Meshkova
Jan Król Valeria Chávez
Jan Laskowski Valerii Barbash
Jan Pizoń Valeriia Demareva
Jan Polcyn Valerio Baiocchi
Jan Polowczyk Valerio Giustino
Jan Szadkowski Valerio Manfrini
Jan Wilkens Valerio Salomon
Jan Wium Valeriu-Norocel Nicolescu
Jana Chovancová Valery Chebanenko
Jana Frankovska Valery Konshin
Jana Korytárová Valliappan Raju
Jana Rybarova Vamsi Nagaraju Thotakura
Jandeep Singh Van Pham
Jane O'Sullivan Van Quy Khuc
Jane Turner Van Thanh Tien Nguyen
Janerson Jose Coelho Vanda Santos
Janet Nwaogu Vanessa Campos
Janice Denoncourt Vanessa Gomes da Silva
Janice Hemmonsbey Vanessa Prajova
Janika Leoste Vanja Kopilaš
Janko Logar Vanja Todorovic
Janosch Arnold Vanner Boere
Janusz Bohatkiewicz Varameth Vichiensan
Janusz Majewski Varun Mishra
Janusz Marchwiński Vasant Wagh
Janusz Opolski Vasantha-Srinivasan Prabhakaran
Janusz Wielki Vasco Barbosa Brandão
Jaouad Mohamed Vasi Uddin Siddiqui
Jaqueline Castelo Branco Vasile Baltac
Jarbou Bahrawi Vasile Cioata
Jarmila Honzikova Vasile Grama
Jarmo Vehmas Vasile Lavric
Jaroslav Dvořáček Vasile-Daniel Pavaloaia
Jaroslav Vrchota Vasileios Tsiantos
Jaroslaw Chmielewski Vasiliki Brinia
Jarosław Chudzicki Vasiliki Kaioglou
Jarosław Dąbrowski Vasiliki Kinigopoulou
Jarosław Kaczmarek Vasiliki Kioupi
Jaroslaw Krzywanski Vasiliki Zisi
Jarosław Tokarczyk Vasilios Liordos
Jaroslaw Uglis Vasilis Evagelopoulos
Jarosław Witkowski Vasilis Kanakoudis
Jashim Ahmed Vassil Jivkov
Jaskirat Sodhi Vassiliki Kontargyri
Jasmin Jug Vassilios Ziakas
Jasmina Gržinić Vassilis Athanasiadis
Jasna Glisovic Vassilis Detsis
Jasna Grabić Vasugi K.
Jasneth Mullings Vasyl Lozynskyi
Jason Maximino Ongpeng Vázquez Mercedes
Jason Turner Veber Costa
Jason Wilson Vedalakshmi R.
Jasper Van Assche Vedat Toğan
Jaume Roset Vedran Carević
Javad Esmaeili Vedran Mrzljak
Javad Mehrmashhadi Veer Singh
Javed Haneef Veli Yavuz
Javed Sayyad Venelin Boshnakov
Javid Parray Venera Timiryanova
Javier A. Sánchez-Torres Venera-Mihaela Cojocariu
Javier Campos Méndez Veneta Tabakova-Komsalova
Javier Gil-Gimeno Venkata Pavan Pillalamarri Narasimha Rao
Javier Lopez-Solano Venkata Rajesh Yella
Javier Martínez-Vega Venkata Siva Bathula
Javier Mendoza Jiménez Venkateswara Kode
Javier Perez Venkateswarlu Sunkesula
Javier Rodrigo-Ilarri Vera Amicarelli
Javier Rodriguez Martín Vera Budaeva
Jawed Mustafa Vera Ivanyuk
Jaya Jha Vera Ndrecaj
Jayakrishna Kandasamy Vera Rodrigues
Jayanarayanan Kuttippurath Vera Sa-Ing
Jayashree Nath Vera Sequeira
Jayavelu Udaya Prakash Veraldo Liesenberg
Jean Claude Ndayishimiye Verónica Berriel
Jean Doumit Veronica Maier
Jean Pierre Daquila Verónica Sevillano-Monje
Jean Yves Uwamungu Veronika Vodopianova
Jean-Baptiste Barreau Vesna Bogdanović
Jean-Christophe Crebier Vesna Cvetkovic
Jean-Claude Thill Vesna Poslončec-Petrić
Jean-Jacques Royer Vesselin Koutev
Jeanne Cartier Vesselina Mihneva
Jeanne Mager Stellman Veta Ghenescu
Jeanne Mawad Veton Zeqiraj
Jean-Philippe Galan Vicelina Sousa
Jean-Pierre Jessel Vicenç Font
Jędrzej Proch Vicente Bayarri
Jeeyoung Lim Vicente Gabarda Méndez
Jeff Mangers Vicente González-Prida
Jéfferson Costa Vicente Rodriguez Montequín
Jekaterina Kuzmina Vicente S. Fuertes-Miquel
Jelea Gabriela Vicky Papachristou
Jelena Alić Víctor Castro-Gutiérrez
Jelena Ćalić Victor De Carvalho
Jelena Čukanović Víctor Hernández-Beltrán
Jelena Djokic Victor Hugo Guerra Cobián
Jelena Jovičić-Bata Victor I. Espinosa
Jelena Maric Víctor L. Barradas
Jelena Milicevic Victor M. Rodriguez-Moreno
Jelena Minović Víctor Manuel Pérez-Martínez
Jeļena Šalkovska Victor Monzon Baeza
Jelena Slivka Victor Mukhin
Jelena T Petrović Victor Parra Sanchez
Jelena Tadic Victor Quej
Jenifer Ticehurst Victor Quezada
Jennie Popp Víctor Rincón Herráez
Jennifer Allen Victor Tcherdyntsev
Jennifer Gubitosa Victoria Bogdan
Jennifer Pomeroy Victoria Kornienko
Jennifer Pope Victoria Pavlou
Jennifer Rudd Victoria V. Solovieva
Jens-Peter Loy Vida Atashi
Jenyffer Campos Guerra Vidal Guerra-de la Cruz
Jeong Hoon Choi Vidhisha Vyas
Jeremy Kohlitz Vieri Tarchiani
Jernej Kapus Vignesh Muthusamy
Jerónimo Esteve-Pérez Vijay Kumar Sharma
Jerónimo Vida Manzano Vijay Muniyandi
Jerzy A. Lis Vijay Raghunathan
Jerzy Andruszkiewicz Vijaya Anand Arumugam
Jerzy Chojnacki Vijayakumar Ponnusamy
Jerzy Herdzik Viji Vijayan
Jerzy Kupiec Vikas Bhadoria
Jerzy Kwiatkowski Vikas Swarnakar
Jerzy Ladysz Vikash Chandra Roy
Jerzy Rejman Viktor Schlosser
Jerzy Sowa Viktor Shevchuk
Jerzy Szolomicki Viktor V. Brygadyrenko
Jesse Richman Viktória Szente
Jesse Thornburg Viktoriia Vovk
Jéssica Weiler Viktorija Šipilova
Jesús Acevedo-Borrega Viktorija Stasytytė
Jesús Alfredo Araujo-León Viktoriya Galushko
Jesús Ángel Román Gallego Viktors Haritonovs
Jesús Armando Aguilar-Jiménez Vilma Atkociuniene
Jesús Daniel Grande-Cano Vinay Kumar
Jesus Franco Vinay Kumar Gaddam
Jesus Gabriel Rangel-Peraza Vinay Vakharia
Jesús García Díaz Vinaya Kumar Golla
Jesus Garcia Laborda Vincent Chen
Jesús Puente-Córdova Vincent Nyangaresi
Jesús Salinas Vincentius Surya Kurnia Adi
Jesus Solorzano-Telechea Vincenzo Sicari
Jesús-Ignacio Prieto Vincenzo Varriale
Jhou Pu Yang Vineet Kumar
Ji Li Vinícius Pinto
Ji Wang Vinod Kumar
Jia Hou Vinod Kumar Venkiteswaran
Jia Wen Vinoth Kumar
Jia Wen Li Vinoth Kumaravelu
Jiabo Geng Vinothkumar Sivalingam
Jiachen Hou Violeta Mugica-Álvarez
Jiacheng Li Violetta Macioszek
Jiacun Gu Vipindev Adat Vasudevan
Jiahao Liang Vira Hovorukha
Jiahui Jiang Virayu Suthiphasilp
Jiajun Li Virendra Kumar
Jiakun Yan Virgil Nicula
Jialiang Feng Virgil Radulescu
Jiameng Yang Virgil Teodor
Jian Peng Virgilio Pérez Giménez
Jian Shen Virgílio Ramires
Jian Xu Virgílio Strasburg
Jian Yang Virgínia Alice Cruz Dos Santos
Jian Zhang Visarut Buranasudja
Jian Zhao Vishnunarayan Girishan Prabhu
Jian Zhong Vishvas Chalishazar
Jianan Zhao Vishwanath Prabhu
Jianbang Du Viswanathan Karthiayani
Jianbao Zhao Vít Janoš
Jianbo Shen Vitalie Florea
Jian-Fang Yan Vitalii Bondariev
Jianfeng Chen Vitalii Ishchenko
Jianfeng Tong Vitalii Ivanov
Jianfeng Zheng Vitalii Kolesnyk
Jiang Chen Vitalii Pichura
Jiang Liu Vitalija Simonaitytė
Jiangang Fei Vitor Ambrósio
Jiangbo Xu Vitor Anes
Jiangfan Feng Vítor Gonçalves
Jiang-Hai Wang Vitor Martins
Jiangjiang Gu Vitor Ribeiro
Jiangnan Shen Vittorio Solina
Jiangping Long Vivi Gusrini Rahmadani
Jiangyuan Li Viviana Mariani
Jian-Hong Ye Vječislav Bohanek
Jianhua Ren Vlada Vitunskienė
Jianhua Wang Vladan Bogdanović
Jianhua Zhang Vladimir Anfinogentov
Jianhua Zhu Vladimir Bocharnikov
Jianhui Bai Vladimir Brigida
Jianhui Xu Vladimir Chupin
Jianming Zhang Vladimir Dodevski
Jianping Zhang Vladimir Dvoretsky
Jianwan Ji Vladimir I. Timofeev
Jianwei Qian Vladimir Kanovei
Jianwen Huo Vladimir Katić
Jianwen Shao Vladimir Kholodov
Jian-Wen Shi Vladimir M. Cvetković
Jianxiu Wang Vladimir Markovic
Jianyong Han Vladimir Milisavljevic
Jiaoxin Jia Vladimir Myazin
Jiapeng Liu Vladimir Plotnikov
Jiashun Liu Vladimir Rotkin
Jiawei Xiong Vladimir Sarychev
Jiawei Zhang Vladimír Šebeň
Jiayu Bai Vladimir Sinitsin
Jichao Geng Vladimir Sudakov
Jichao Sun Vladimir Tsurkov
Ji-Chyuan Liou Vladimir Tudić
Jidong Yang Vladislav Nezevak
Jie Gao, Hubei University of Science and Technology, China Vlado Vivoda
Jie Gao, Shandong University, China Voica Catalin
Jie Hu Voicu Dragomir
Jie Liu Volkan Arslan
Jie Wang Volkan Esat
Jielin Luo Volodymyr Ierin
Jifang Wan Volodymyr Shatokha
Ji-Gang Xu Voncila Ion
Jignesh Kamdar Vuk Stojiljkovic
Jiguang Zhu Vukašin Rončević
Jihoon Jung Vuyisile Nkonki
Jihoon Moon Vyacheslav Arlyapov
Jiliang Pan Vyacheslav Dushenkov
Jin He Vyacheslav Gordeev
Jin Xu, China Vyacheslav M. Semenov
Jin Xu, United States Vytautas Snieška
Jin Zuo W. Ashane Fernando
Jinan Guan Wacław Andrusikiewicz
Jincan Zhang Wacław Jarecki
Jincy Parayangattil Jyothibasu Waddah Saeed
Jinfeng Li Wadei Al-Omeri
Jing Chen Wadim Strielkowski
Jing Cheng Wael Eldessouki
Jing Wang Wael Hemrit
Jing Xu Wael Mohamed
Jing Zhang Wafa Ghardallou
Jingan Li Wagdi Soliman
Jingbo Zhao Wagner Tenfen
Jingcao Cai Waheeb Abu-Ulbeh
Jingchen Wang Wahid Ali Hamood Al-Towayti
Jingfeng Huang Wai Kin Lau
Jinghu Pan Wai Ming To
Jingjie Wei Wai Tsz Serene Tse
Jingjing Yang Waishan Qiu
Jingjing Zhou Wai-Shing Yung
Jinglei Ouyang Wajahat Sammer Ansari
Jingqin Gao Wajid Rehman
Jingshan Lu Walaa Ismaeel
Jingshun Liu Walaa Mumena
Jingxiang Xu Waldemar Dołęga
Jingyan Lan Waldemar Kociuba
Jingyi Liu Waldemar Tarczyński
Jinhong Zhao Waldo Ojeda-Bustamante
Jinjun Rao Waleed Abbas
Jin-Kook Kim Walid Fouad
Jinkun Geng Walid Hassen
Jin-Li Hu Walid Mansour
Jinlong Fan Walid Oueslati
Jinlong Liu Walid Soufan
Jintamai Suwanprateeb Walid Zorrig
Jinxiang Zhang Walter Alexander Mata López
Jinxin Zhu Walter Bartl
Jinyan Gong Walter Satyro
Jinze Xu Walther Ploos Van Amstel
Jinzhou Tang Wan Mastura Wan Ibrahim
Jiri Ambros Wan Mohd Rauhan Wan Hussin
Jiri Chlachula Wanda Kokoszka
Jiří Čmelík Wanda Sass
Jiří Hendrych Wanfeng Dou
Jiri Kroutil Wang Caiyun
Jiri Marsalek Wang Wei
Jiří Remr Wang-Kin Chiu
Jiří Suchý Wangqiang Niu
Jiri Vala Wangshu Mu
Jishun Ou Wanhe Hu
Jitendra Kumar Sinha Waqas Alam Mir
Jitka Fialova Warit Wipulanusat
Jiujiang Wu Waseem Aslam
Jiuquan Zhang Waseim Azzam
Jiuxiao Hao Wasi Ul Hassan Shah
Jiyang Wang Wasim Ahmad
Jiyue Zhu Wasim Alshattarat
Jo Barnes Wasiq Ullah
Jo Britt-Rankin Watcharakorn Pinthurat
Joan Solé-Pla Way Kiat Bong
Joana Costa Wayan Wangiyana
Joana Dias Wazie Abdulkawi
Joana Duarte Wei Du
Joana Maia Wei Feng
Joanna Bąk Wei Gao
Joanna Boguniewicz-Zablocka Wei He
Joanna Godlewska Wei Jiang
Joanna Helman Wei Lin
Joanna Kizielewicz Wei Liu
Joanna Kos-Łabędowicz Wei Nai
Joanna Michalczyk Wei Qiang Chen
Joanna Pszonka Wei Wan
Joanna Rut Wei Wei
Joanna Sender Wei Xu
Joanna Smoluk-Sikorska Wei Yan
Joanna Świderska Wei Zhang
Joanna Wibig Wei Zhao
Joanna Wieprow Weibing Ye
Joanna Wiśniewska-Paluszak Wei-Che Huang
Joanna Witczak Weicheng Lin
Joanna Wyczarska-Kokot Wei-Chiang Hong
Joanna Zarębska Weidong Cao
Joao Batista Wei-Feng Sun
João Capucho Weihua Zhao
Joao Costa Weiji Han
João Delgado Weijie Zhang
João Estevão Weiliang Qiao
João Ferreira Weilin Luo
João Lima Wei-Lung Huang
João Luís Parracha Weiqiang Feng
João Mascarenhas-Mateus Weiwei Jiang
João Monteiro Weiwei Li
João Neves Weixiu Shi
João Pompeu Wen Wu
João Reis Wen Yang
João S. Pereira Wenan Yuan
João Viseu Wenbin Zhou
Joaquim C. G. Esteves Da Silva Wen-Chang Tsai
Joaquim Farguell Wenchen Ma
Joaquim Monteiro Wendell Varela
Joaquim Mourato Weng Siew Lam
Joaquim Sousa Wengang Hu
Joaquín Gayoso-Cabada Wenhai Shi
Joaquín Navajas Adán Wenhu Wang
Joaquin Rodrigo Garza-Perez Wenjian Pan
Joe Llerena-Izquierdo Wenjie Liao
Joel Cummings Wenjie Wang
Joel Ellwanger Wenjie Wu
Joel Scanlan Wenjie Yuan
Joginder Duhan Wenjie Zhang
Johan Padding Wenjin Sun
Johan Sukweenadhi Wenjun Wang
Johann Valentowitsch Wenjun Zhang
Johanna Solano Wenliang Wei
Johannes Balas Wenlong Zhang
Johannes De Bruijn Wensheng Fang
Johannes Drewes Wensheng Wang
Johannes Huwer Wen-Ten Kuo
Johannes Kluehspies Wenting Yang
John A. Theodorou Wenting Zhang
John Agyekum Addae Wenwen Zhang
John Andrew Van Der Poll Wenxue Lin
John Anzola Wenying Yu
John Ayeelyan Wenyu Yang
John Boxel Wenzao Li
John Dadzie Wenzhong Ma
John Josephraj Selvaraj Wesam Ahmed
John Smith Widya Paramita
John Thomas Wiesław Bielas
John Wolffe Wiktor Halecki
John Zarobell Wilfrido Contreras
John Zhou Willem Haanstra
Johnbosco Egbueri William Ballesteros
John-Michael Davis William Baumgarth
Jolanta Domańska William Carneiro
Jolanta Dzwierzynska William Chong
Jolanta Latosińska William Critchley
Jolanta Mackowicz William Davis
Jolanta Marszalek William Fedrigo
Jon Mulholland William Kennedy
Jon Olaskoaga-Larrauri William Leonardo da Silva
Jonathan Castillo William Stephen Morton
Jonathan Espindola William Zimmerman
Jonathan Suazo-Hernández Wim Westerman
Jong-Geun Kim Wirginia Tomczak
Jophous Mugabi Wisam Al-Maliki
Jordan Golubov Wisam Al-Shohani
Jordana Kneipp Wisuwat Wannamakok
Jordi Ripoll Witold Jan Wardal
Jordon Lazell Witold Rzodkiewicz
Jorge Alberto Mendoza-Pérez Włodzimierz Kołodziejczak
Jorge Alberto Suarez Wojciech Janczukowicz
Jorge Andrade Wojciech Koziol
Jorge Bacca-Acosta Wojciech Lewicki
Jorge Blanco Wojciech Walat
Jorge Delgado Wojciech Zabierowski
Jorge Garcia Valldecabres Wojciech Zapała
Jorge Gonçalves Wolfgang Leister
Jorge González Aguilera Wooiklee Paye
Jorge González-Gutiérrez Wookjae Heo
Jorge Guerra Worasak Klongthong
Jorge Hernández-Gómez Worradorn Phairuang
Jorge I. Moriconi Wu Dafang
Jorge Lara Wubliker Dessie
Jorge Limon Wuyi Liu
Jorge Luis Costafreda Mustelier Wuyi Ming
Jorge Luis Zambrano-Martinez Xaver Neumeyer
Jorge Marques Xavier Martínez De Osés
Jorge Membrillo-Hernández Xi Kuai
Jorge Ramírez-Albores Xi Wang
Jorge Roberto Vargas Garcia Xi Yang
Jorge Rodolfo Beingolea Xi Zhang
Jorge Salas Herranz Xia Li
Jorge Simões Xian Liu
Jorge Solsona Xian Zhang
Jorge Tavares Xiancan Zhu
Jório Cabral Júnior Xiang Gao
Jörn Harfst Xiang Wang
José A. Orosa Xiang Zheng
José Agustín Tapia Hernández Xiangchen Meng
Jose Alberto Gallegos-Infante Xianghong Guo
José Alberto Martínez Xiangjie Kong
José Antonio C. Santos Xiangjun Liu
Jose Antonio De Paz Fernández Xiangyang Lou
José Antonio Ortega Xianhao Fan
José Antonio Pineda-Alfonso Xianhua Liu
José António Silva Xianhui Zhao
José Antonio Suarez-Navarro Xianjun Gao
José Augusto Di Lollo Xianzhe Duan
José Barateiro Xiao He
José Carlos Lazaro Xiao Li
José Carlos Lopez-Ardao Xiao Meng
Jose Carlos Metrôlho Xiao Shen
José Carlos Rodríguez Xiao Xu
José Duarte Santos Xiao Yang
Jose E. Naranjo Xiaoan Yan
Jose E. Ruiz-Sarrio Xiaobin Yang
Jose Eduardo Fuentes Delgado Xiaobo Rui
Jose Erickson Xiaobo Zhu
Jose Fernando Marín Peira Xiaochuan Song
José Ferreira Xiaodan Ding
José Francisco López-Gil Xiaodong Wu
Jose Guadalupe Arceo Olague Xiaodong Yang
Jose Iannacone Xiaofan Li
José Ignacio Alvarez Xiaofan Na
José Ignacio Jarne-Jarne Xiaofang Liu
Jose Irivaldo Alves Oliveira Silva Xiaofei Chen
José Jailson Bezerra Xiaofei Du
Jose Joaquin Hernandez Torres Xiaoguang Zhang
José Juan Flores Martínez Xiaohong Xu
José Lino Costa Xiaohu Lin
Jose Lopez-Salinas Xiaohui Lei
José Lourenço Xiaojun Luo
Jose Luis Cueto Xiaolei Liu
José Luis Miralles-Garcia Xiaolei Yu
José Luis Vázquez-Burguete Xiaolei Yuan
Jose Luis Zafra-Gomez Xiaolei Zhang
Jose Machorro-Lopez Xiaolin Wang
Jose Manuel Diaz-Sarachaga Xiaolong Wang
Jose Manuel Jurado-Castro Xiaomeng Shi
José Manuel Pérez-Canosa Xiaoming Chen
Jose Manuel Saiz-Alvarez Xiaopeng Li
José María Ponce-Ortega Xiaoshan Z. Gordy
José Matas Xiaotian Xu
José Morcillo Losa Xiao-Ting He
Jose Navarro Pedreño Xiaowei Luo
José Nespereira Xiaowei Yang
José Nunes Xiaoxiao Shi
José Olais-Govea Xiaoyan Kang
José Oliveira Júnior Xiaoying Yu
José Pais-Chanfrau Xiaoyong Ni
José Paliari Xiaoyuan Wang
José Pastrana-Brincones Xiaoyue Cao
José Porfírio Xiaozhou Yang
José Ramón Cardona Xibo He
Jose Ramon Quevedo-Perez Xiechong Gu
José Riesco-Avila Xihui Bian
José Roberto Pérez Cruz Xihui Chen
José Romualdo Lima Xikun Hu
José Saldanha Matos Xiliang Ning
José Salgado Rodrigues Xin Chen
Jose Salvado Xin Cui
José Simão Antunes do Carmo Xin Guo
José Teixeira Xin Jiat Lee
José Vázquez-Parra Xin Li
José-Antonio Marín-Marín Xin Lyu
Josef Botlík Xin Tong
Josefina C. Santana Xin Yao
Jose-Francisco Gomez-Gonzalez Xin Yin
José-Francisco Jiménez-Díaz Xinchen Gu
José-María León-Rubio Xin-Chen Hong
Josep Petchamé Xing Liu
Joseph Assaad Xing Zheng Wu
Joseph Awotunde Xingda An
Joseph Orisaleye Xingjun Li
Joseph Servadio Xinglin Yang
Josept David Revuelta-Acosta Xingwei Li
José-Ramón Segarra-Moliner Xingxing Wang
Joshua Wallace Xingxing Zhang
Josily Samuel Xingyu Wang
Josue Perez-Sanchez Xinhua Liu
Jou-Man Huang Xinjian Wang
Jouni Paavola Xinlin He
Jovan Gardasevic Xinping Wang
Jovan Trajkovski Xinqiao Liu
Jovani Taveira de Souza Xinxiang Zhang
Jovica Sokolović Xinyang Yu
Jozef Hrbček Xinyue Mo
Jozef Husár Xinzhe Yuan
Jozef Krajnak Xinzhong Zhang
Jozef Kubas Xiong He
Jozef Mascenik Xiong Shu
Jozef Ristvej Xiong Xu
Jozef Simenko Xiufeng Liu
Jozef Svetlík Xiuhua Song
József Zsembeli Xiuli Li
Juan Antonio Rendón-Huerta Xiuqing Li
Juan Antonio Torrents Arevalo Xiuyu Liu
Juan Blanco Cadena Xiyu Shi
Juan C. Infante-Moro Xizu Wang
Juan Carlos Cuevas-Bernardino Xosé Somoza Medina
Juan Carlos González Xu Chen
Juan Carlos Guevara Pérez Xu Jing
Juan Carlos Osorio Gómez Xu Zhang
Juan Carlos Quiroz-Flores Xuan Guo
Juan Carlos Suárez Xuan Ha
Juan Carlos Tamarit-Urias Xubo Zhao
Juan Castañeda-Ayarza Xuebo Chen
Juan Conesa Xuechao Li
Juan Corbera Xue-Fei Chen
Juan Cruz Colazo Xuehong Wu
Juan De Dios Benítez Sillero Xueliang Wang
Juan Espinosa-Cristia Xuelong Yang
Juan Fidel Osuna-Ramos Xueming Du
Juan Francisco Fernandez Rodriguez Xueping Xu
Juan Gabriel Rueda Bayona Xueshen Zhu
Juan Galán-Díaz Xuesong Gu
Juan Gonzalez Lopez Xuezhen Wang
Juan Infante Xufeng Cui
Juan José Galiana-Merino Xuhai Yang
Juan Leon Xuning Qiao
Juan Luis Cabanillas García Yadie Yang
Juan Manuel Nuñez Yadollah Abolfathi Momtaz
Juan María Menéndez-Aguado Yadulla Hasanli
Juan Martínez Tomé Yafei Wang
Juan Pablo Pascual Yafeng Yang
Juan Pablo Rodriguez Yagang Zhang
Juan R. Coca Yagmur Yegin
Juan Ramon Carlavilla Yaiza Taboada Iglesias
Juan Ramon Lama Ruiz Yakai Guo
Juan Ramón Vidal-Romaní Yakindra Timilsena
Juan Solarte-Toro Yakubu Alli
Juan-José González-De-La-Rosa Yakun Liu
Juan-José Villanueva-Álvaro Yakup Emre Coruhlu
Juarez Benigno Paes Yalçın Tepe
Jude Okolie Yan Liu
Judit Beke Lisányi Yan Wang
Judit Házi Yan Xing-Kaeding
Judite Antonieta Gonçalves de Freitas Yan Zhou
Jue Li Yana Korneeva
Juepeng Zheng Yana Zorkina
Juhua Zhang Ya-Nan Fang
Jules Clement Mba Yanan Zhao
Julia Chirkova Yanbin Chen
Julia Dubrovskaya Yancheng Cai
Julia Karaeva Yan-Dong Ma
Julia Varlamova Yanfeng Wu
Julian Vasilev Yanfeng Zhao
Juliana Morales-Castro Yang Cai
Juliana Navarro Rocha Yang Fu
Julie Harrington Yang Li
Julien Chevallier Yang Liu
Juliette O’Keeffe Yang Lu
Júlio Barboza Chiquetto Yang Yi
Julio César Cruz Argüello Yang Yu
Julio Cesar Dos Reis Yang Zhao
Júlio Da Trindade Yanghanzi Zhang
Jun Feng Yangyang Wei
Jun Geng Yanhua Fu
Jun Guo Yani Rahmawati
Jun H. Choi Yaning Yi
Jun Han Yanjun Wang
Jun Hu Yanko Hristozov
Jun Jiang Yankun Ma
Jun Liu Yanlei Li
Jun Long Lim Yanlin Li
Jun Ren Yanling Li
Jun Wan Yanmin Wang
Jun Wang Yannick Useni Sikuzani
Jun Wu Yannis Mouzakitis
Jun Zhang Yanqing Liang
Jun Zhao Yanqiu Chen
Junaidi Junaidi Yanru Lyu
Juncheng Li Yantao Zhu
Juneseok Lee Yanu Prasetyo
Junfei Weng Yanyan Chen
Junfeng Gao Yanyan Cui
Junfeng Su Yao Guowen
Junfeng Zhang Yao-Bin Song
Jungsuk Kim Yaobing Zhao
Jungyeon Sung Yaobo Shi
Junhong Si Yaojing Qiu
Junhuai Yang Yaoqun Xu
Junjie Han Yasamin Izadkhah
Junli Zhou Yaser Hasan Salem Al-Mamary
Junnian Wang Yashar Aryanfar
Junran Zhang Yashar Salamzadeh
Junshan Li Yasin Arslanoglu
Juntae Jake Son Yasir Ahmed Solangi
Junxiang Chen Yasir Latif
Junxiang Zhu Yasmine Abdallah
Junxiong Zhang Yasmine Hegazi
Junyan Han Yassir Abbas
Jupeng Ding Yaswanth Nag Velaga
Jure Margeta Yavar Vafaee
Jurgita Antucheviciene Yavuz Selim Özdemir
Jurij Šporin Yavuz Taspinar
Juris Burlakovs Yawei Du
Justyna Dzięcioł Yawei Li
Justyna Hachoł Yawei Shi
Justyna Przywojska Yaxun Xiao
Justyna Witkowska Yaya Hasanah
Justyna Zywiolek Yazhou Liu
Juvenal Rodríguez-Reséndiz Ye Duan
Jyh-Horng Lin Ye Shen
K. Chithra Yelena S. Petrenko
K. Prasanna Yellapragada Venkata Pavan Kumar
K. R. Abhilash Yeming Zhang
K. S. Anandh Yen Yat
K. S. Elango Yen-Chiang Chang
K. S. Kasiviswanathan Yeongbae Choe
K. S. Sreekeshava Yerdos Ongarbayev
K. Vasu Babu Yeshuang Xu
Kaan Kalkan Yeting Fan
Kabir A. Mamun Yew Heng Teoh
Kadir Akan Yewande Abraham
Kadir Bilisik Ygor Jessé Ramos
Kadir Diler Alemdar Yhiya Amen
Kadir Ozakgul Yi Cen
Kai Liu Yi He
Kai Song Yi Huang
Kai Wang Yi Li
Kai Yang Yi Sun
Kai Yin Woo Yi Xue
Kai Zhao Yi Ying
Kai Zheng Yi Zhao
Kaibing Zhou Yian Chen
Kaibo Huang Yiannis Zevgolis
Kaihong Zhao Yi-Chang Chen
Kailash Prajapat Yi-Che Shih
Kailing Yu Yichen Deng
Kaiqi Lin Yichun Ding
Kaiqi Zheng Yida Gao
Kais Tissaoui Yidong Xu
Kaixun He Yifan Li
Kalaivani Chellappan Yifan Zhao
Kalamullah Ramli Yigang Sun
Kaleem Tariq Yihang Zhao
Kalidass Suresh Yihua Tang
Kalina Grzesiuk Yihua Zhan
Kalliopi Megari Yihua Zhang
Kalpana Madgula Yi-Huang Shih
Kam Chau Wu Yijuan Lu
Kam Pui Wat Yijun Shi
Kamal Abdelrahman Yikang Sun
Kamal Belhaj Yike Yang
Kamal Darwish Yilin Liu
Kamal Karkonasasi Yilinuer Alifujiang
Kamal Kayed Yi-Min Huang
Kamarudin Ambak Yimmy Silva
Kambiz Farahmand Yin Zhang
Kambiz Tehrani Ying Sheng
Kamel Fantazy Ying Wang
Kamil Górecki Yingang Feng
Kamil Mert Eryalçin Yingbin Hu
Kamil Mucha Yingchun Wei
Kamil Reza Khondakar Yinghao Chen
Kamil Żyła Yinglun Zhan
Kamila Mazur Yingying Liu
Kamila Radlińska Yini Chen
Kamran Asemi Yining Feng
Kamran Shayesteh Yiping Shao
Kana Puspita Yiquan Ye
Kandasamy S. Yiqun Geng
Kandi Sridhar Yisheng Zhang
Kang Liu Yi-Shuai Ren
Kang Wang Yiting Luo
Kani Ulger Yiwei Zhong
Kanike Raghavendra Kumar Yiwen Shen
Kankan Zhang Ylber Limani
Kaouther Ghachem Ym Wang
Kapil Kumar Sharma Yog Aryal
Kareem Aboras Yogendra Rajoria
Kareem Akhtar Yogi Sugiawan
Karel Diéguez Santana Yohi Shivatharsiny
Karel Hrich Yolanda Arroyo
Karel Van Den Bosch Yolanda Baez-López
Karen Esquivel Yolanda Reyes-Vidal
Kar-Hoe Loh Yong Ai
Kari Mäntyjärvi Yong Deng
Karim El Fakhouri Yong Li
Karim El-Sabrout Yong Wan
Karim Moustaghfir Yong Zhou
Karima Khalil Yongchao Zhang
Karime Chahuán-Jiménez Yongfang Wang
Karin R. Schwartz Yongfu Li
Karina Lezama-García Yonghang Lai
Karina Suarez Alcantara Yonghe Han
Karingamanna Jayanarayanan Yongjoo Lee
Karl Auerswald Yongki Lee
Karol Bandurski Yongming Xu
Karol Dawid Mrozik Yongrok Choi
Karol Skrobacz Yongsheng Chen
Karolina Barcauskaite Yongxiang Zheng
Karolina Eszter Kovács Yong-Xin Liu
Karolina Krajček Nikolić Yongyong Song
Karolina Muszyńska Yongzhi Cheng
Karolina Ratajczak Yonis Gulzar
Karoly Nemeth Yorgos Spanodimitriou
Karthi Annamalai Yosef Daryanto
Karthik Balaji Yoshihide Takano
Karthik Balasubramanian Yoshihiko Kadoya
Karthik Kannan Yoshihisa Sugimura
Karunesh Kumar Shukla Yosra Soltan
Kashif Abbasi You Huang
Kashif Abbass Youjia Liang
Kashif Akhtar Youliang Cheng
Kashif Ali Younes Rezaee Danesh
Kashif Ishfaq Young Dae Ko
Kashif Saleem Youngsub Oh
Kashif Tanwir Younhee Kim
Kashish Dhal Yousef Hassanzadeh
Kassian T. T. Amesho Yousra Kotp
Kassio Ferreira Mendes Yousry Ghazaw
Kasypi Mokhtar Youssef Diab
Katalin Bándy Youssef El Archi
Katalin Várnagy Youssef Kassem
Katarina Aškerc Zadravec Youwang Huang
Katarina Kristianova Yu Chen
Katarina Mostarac Yu Cheng
Katarina Zvarikova Yu Huang
Katarzyna Baran-Gurgul Yu Jiang
Katarzyna Bobrowicz Yu Kyoung Ryu
Katarzyna Boratyńska Yu Qihui
Katarzyna Dohn Yu Wing
Katarzyna Falkowicz Yuan Chen
Katarzyna Grondys Yuan Wang
Katarzyna Kubiak-Wójcicka Yuanbo Qiao
Katarzyna Łukiewska Yuanhang Zhan
Katarzyna Łyp-Wrońska Yuanjie Deng
Katarzyna Niedbalska Yuantao Fang
Katarzyna Peta Yuanxing Xia
Katarzyna Ratajczak Yuanxu Ma
Katarzyna Rostek Yuanyuan Dong
Katarzyna Rydel-Ciszek Yuanyuan Yang
Katarzyna Sosnowska Yubin Ma
Katarzyna Stokowiec Yubing Liu
Katarzyna Szramowiat-Sala Yu-Cai He
Katarzyna Szwedziak Yuchao Chen
Katarzyna Utnik-Banaś Yudi Prayudi
Kate Judith Yue Cao
Katerina Fotova Čiković Yue Chen
Katerina Giouri Yue Yu
Kateryna Molodetska Yue Zhang
Kateryna Sai Yuefen Li
Katia Gasparini Yuefeng Lu
Kátia Leite Mansur Yuegang Song
Katriina Heljakka Yuepeng Song
Kavitha Haldorai Yuerou Zhang
Kawawa Banda Yueting Ding
Kayiranga Alphonse Yufei Xia
Kazi Abdul Mannan Yugang He
Kazi Kamrul Islam Yuhai Bao
Kazi Moinul Islam Yuhang Qi
Kazimierz Wilkosz Yuhang Wu
Kazuhiro Aruga Yuh-Shuen Chen
Kazuya Morimatsu Yuji Tani
Kazuya Tajiri Yu-Jie Huang
Kazuya Tomiyama Yujing Yang
Ke Liu Yuk Ting Hester Chow
Ke Sun Yuke Wang
Ke Zhang, Anhui University of Technology, China Yulei Du
Ke Zhang, Nanjing Agricultural University, China Yulia Smyatskaya
Keartisak Sriprateep Yulia Valeeva
Kedhareswara Sairam Pasupuleti Yulianto Suteja
Keetam Alkahtani Yuliia Daus
Kefan Huang Yumin Kan
Keke Wang Yun Chen
Kelcie Slaton Yun Gao
Kelli Johnson Yun Shan
Kelli Sanderson Yun Wang
Kelly Tonello Yun Zhang
Kelmara Mendes Vieira Yunbo Li
Kemal Öztemel Yunchao Luo
Ken Roberts Yunchao Tang
Kendrik Yan Hong Lim Yunfei Huang
Keng Yinn Wong Yung Yau
Kenji Taira Yung-Chung Chuang
Kenneth Adomako Tutu Yung-Fu Huang
Kenneth Adu-Gyamfi Yun-Hong Li
Kenneth Möllersten Yunia Verónica García Tejeda
Kenneth Y.T. Lim Yunkai Deng
Kenny Thiam Choy Lim Kam Sian Yunlong Wu
Kenton Sena Yunqiang Xue
Kenzo K.D. Repole Yuntao Guo
Kerim Koc Yunus Kaya
Kesavan Sreekantan Nair Yuqing Dong
Keshlav Lall Maharjan Yuqing Miao
Kęstutis Venslauskas Yuran Jin
Ketan Ajay Yuri Kopylov
Kevin Bottomley Yuri Kulvelis
Kevin Koidl Yuri Meyer
Kevin Koosup Yum Yuridiana Rocio Galindo Luna
Kevin Matthe Caramancion Yury I. Bauman
Kevin Pietersen Yury Ilyushin
Keyuan Zou Yusheng Zhang
Khac-Uan Do Yushi Liu
Khadija Basaid Yusniza Kamarulzaman
Khadim Hussain Yusuf Aina
Khadizah Abdul-Mumin Yusuf Ocak
Khairol Amali Ahmad Yusuf Sha'Aban
Khairullo Faizullaevich Makhmudov Yusufjon Gafforov
Khaled D. Alotaibi Yusuke Katayama
Khaled Laadjal Yutaka Iino
Khaled Obaideen Yutian Pang
Khaled Ramadan Yuvarat Ngernyen
Khaled Riad Yuxi Xie
Khaleel I. Z. Jawasreh Yuxin Zhang
Khalid Al-Hagla Yuxing Li
Khalid F. Almutairi Yuzhe Zhao
Khalid Fares Yves Reuland
Khalid Haddi Zabih-Allah Torabi
Khalid Hussain Zach Agioutantis
Khalid Jamil Zafar Khan
Khalid Khan Zafer Öter
Khalid Naeem Zaffar Ahmed Shaikh
Khalid Raza Zaher Al Barakeh
Khalid Saad Al-Gahtani Zahid Ahmed Qureshi
Khalid Umar Zahid Khan
Khalid Z. Masoodi Zahoor Ahmad
Khalil Ahmad Zahra Alijani
Khalil Valizadeh Kamran Zahra Gharari
Khaliq Ur Rehman Zahra Noorisameleh
Khamphe Phoungthong Zahra Shams Esfandabadi
Khanjan Trivedi Zaiani Mohamed
Khawla Kawther Zaid Al-Saffar
Khizar Hameed Zaid Alyasseri
Khrystyna Berladir Zaide Duran
Khubab Shaker Zaidoon Abdulrazzaq
Khuram Maqsood Zain Maqsood
Khurram Ashfaq Zainab Ahmed Alkaissi
Ki Pyung Kim Zain-Aldeen A. Rahman
Kiachehr Behfarnia Zakaria Baka
Kiat Moon Lee Zakiud Din
Kiattipoom Kiatkawsin Zanda Rubene
Kien Vu Žaneta Gerhátová
Kifayatullah Kakar Zaneta Mierzejewska
Kim Van Vliet Zaneta Simanaviciene
Kimberley Cousins Zanshe Wang
Kinam Kim Zarina Itam
Kinga Kimic Zbigniew Kabala
Kinga Korniejenko Zbigniew Kasprzyk
Kinga Stecuła Zbigniew Krzemianowski
Kinga Szopińska Zbigniew Łosiewicz
Kingsley Ukoba Zbigniew Olczykowski
Kiran Liversage Zbigniew Respondek
Kiran Sood Zbigniew Szczerbowski
Kiraz Goze Akoglu Zbigniew Wisniewski
Kirill Lushin Zdenka Bulková
Kirill Zhichkin Zdenka Gyurák Babeľová
Kirill Zuev Zeashan Khan
Kirubakaran Muniraj Zechen Yu
Kirubanandan Shanmugam Zeenat Kotval-K
Kishore Bingi Zeeshan Arfeen
Kishore Debnath Zeid Alothman
Kishwar Ali Zeinab Hazbavi
Kittisak Jermsittiparsert Zekai Zhang
Kittiwet Kuntiyawichai Zeki Atıl Bulut
Kıvanç Bozkuş Zeki Yılbaşı
Kiyofumi Kurumisawa Želimir Veinović
Klára Kobetičová Željko Bugarinović
Klaudia Gurkowa Željko Špoljarić
Klaus Stiller Željko Stević
Klaus von Wilpert Zelong Xie
Kleomenis Kalogeropoulos Zemede Nigatu
Kleopatra Nikolopoulou Zenghui Liu
Kleopatra Petroutsatou Zengqian Shi
Koami Soulemane Hayibo Zengrui Xiao
Kofi Agyekum Zenhom Salem
Koh Mizuno Zenon Szypcio
Koji Yamatsu Zeqiang Shao
Kok Hoe Wong Zerouali Bilel
Kolawole Valere Salako Zerrin Doganca Kucuk
Komathi Wasudawan Zerui Dong
Komla Kyky Ganyo Zeyan Zhou
Komninos Angelakoglou Zeynep Işik
Komsilp Wangyao Zeynep ÜNal
Konrad Lewczuk Zezhen Cheng
Konrad Sobolewski Zhang Guojun
Konstantin Suslov Zhang Qiang
Konstantina Anastasiadou Zhang Rongyun
Konstantina Salata Zhang Shaoyao
Konstantina Vasilakopoulou Zhanghua Xu
Konstantinos D. Melas Zhanming Li
Konstantinos Dimitriou Zhanna Pisarenko
Konstantinos Ioannou Zhanni Luo
Konstantinos Liolios Zhaohui Yang
Konstantinos Modis Zhaojin Yan
Konstantinos Oureilidis Zhaoxi Sun
Konstantinos Syriopoulos Zhaoxiong Wan
Konstantinos Tsagarakis Zhe Kang
Koray Durmaz Zhe Li
Kornanong Yuenyongchaiwat Zhe Sun
Kostadin Fikiin Zhehao Zhu
Kouassi Marcel De Paul Kouakou Zhelyo Zhelev
Kourosh Nasrollahzadeh Zhelyu Vladimirov
Krishan Sood Zhen Liu
Krishna Kumar Zhen Zhang
Krishna Kumar Mohbey Zhenbao Wang
Krishna Prakash Arunachalam Zhencheng Xing
Krishna Prasad Rajan Zheng Cao
Krishnan Somasundaram Zheng Junlin
Krishnapriya Vengavasi Zhengbo Zou
Krista Hiser Zhengfa Chen
Kristaps Lamsters Zhengmao Li
Kristián Čulík Zhengqiang Han
Kristian Fabbri Zhenguo Zhang
Kristian Pastor Zhengwei Huang
Kristiano Raccanello Zhenhao Zhang
Kristijan Franin Zhenhua Di
Kristina Kjersem Zhenhua Li
Kristina Klarić Zhenhua Ma
Kristina Laužikė Zhenhua Mou
Kristina Marintseva Zhenlei Wei
Kristina Peštović Zhenlong Peng
Kristina Rudžionienė Zhenpeng Xu
Kristina Säfsten Zhenwei Song
Kristina Zhukova Zhenyu Han
Krisztián Józsa Zhenzhen Jia
Krisztián Kis Zhexenbek Toktarbay
Kritanai Torsri Zheyu Luo
Kritika Srinivasan Rajsri Zhi Hu
Krystian Skubacz Zhi Pei
Krystian Tuczyński Zhian Zhang
Krystyna Kazimierowicz-Frankowska Zhibao Wang
Krzysztof Baran Zhibin Ren
Krzysztof Bodzek Zhifang Pei
Krzysztof Dmytrów Zhifeng Jia
Krzysztof Drozdzol Zhifeng Yang
Krzysztof Fuławka Zhiguo Meng
Krzysztof Gediga Zhihao Shang
Krzysztof Goniewicz Zhihua Tu
Krzysztof Kil Zhihua Wang
Krzysztof Kluza Zhihua Zhang
Krzysztof Lewandowski Zhijie Wang
Krzysztof Najman Zhijun Li
Krzysztof Rajski Zhikun Chen
Krzysztof Skrzypkowski Zhilu Sun
Krzysztof Sornek Zhipeng Deng
Krzysztof Wandachowicz Zhi-Ping Liu
Krzysztof Zima Zhiqiang Fu
Ksenia Onufrieva Zhiqiang Gao
Kseniia Nepeina Zhiqing Song
Ksenija Lalovic Zhiwei Wang
Ksenija Tijanić Štrok Zhiwen Xiao
Kshama Gupta Zhiwu Zhou
Kuan-Chung Chen Zhiying Xie
Kubilay Aslantas Zhiyuan Li
Kudret Topyan Zhiyuan Yu
Kui Zhang Zhong Ronghua
Kuldeep Singh Zhonggen Yu
Kuldeep Singh Jadon Zhongjing Hu
Kulthida Tuamsuk Zhongkai Huang
Kulvinder Singh Zhonglin Lin
Kun Fang Zhonglue Hu
Kun Li Zhongqi He
Kun Yang Zhongwei Zhang
Kun Zhou Zhongyu Wang
Kunaifi Kunaifi Zhongzheng Fang
Kunal Dayal Zhuofu Liu
Kunal Pal Zhuonan Wang
Kuo-Cheng Kuo Zia Ullah
Kuo-Chien Liao Zia Ur Rehman
Kuok Ho Daniel Tang Ziad Alabbasi
Kurt Mclaren Ziaul Haque
Kwan Keung Ng Zienab Ahmed
Kyoungren Kim Zigang Xu
Kyung Hee Lee Zihao Ding
L. Alexandre Kulay Zihao Liang
Ladislav Rozenský Ziheng Shangguan
Ladislav Zilcher Zijun Liang
Lahcen El Iysaouy Zinab Bakr
Lahoucine Hanich Zipeng Liang
Lahsen Cherif Iyad Zipeng Qin
Laia Mojica Ziqi Yu
Laima Jesevičiūtė-Ufartienė Zisis Kozlakidis
Lakha Salaipeth Zivan Gojkovic
Lakshmi Shankar Iyer Ziwei Chen
Lalitha Madhavi Konila Sriram Zixin Dou
Lamis Al-Qora'n Zlatko Briševac
Lan Gao Zohaib Ur Rehman Afridi
Lan Luo Zohreh Masoumi
Lana Migla Zohreh Moghaddas
Lapyote Prasittisopin Zoi Apostolou
Larisa Ivascu Zoltán Győri
Larissa Neuburger Zoltán Jákói
Lars Carlsen Zongan Li
Larysa Neduzha Zongshuai Zhu
Lasse Christiansen Zongwei Zhang
Lassoued Zohra Zongwu Chen
Laszlo Kotai Zoran Mijić
László Orlóci Zoran Radaković
Laszlo Radocz Zorana Golubović
László Szabó Zornitsa Totkova
Lata Shukla Zouheir Mighri
Laura Bravi Zoya Mateeva
Laura Bulgariu Zsolt Sándor
Laura Cartechini Zsolt Szekely-Varga
Laura Cirrincione Zsuzsanna Bacsi
Laura Diaconu Zsuzsanna Győri
Laura Domínguez Díaz Zsuzsanna Szabo
Laura Dumitrescu Zubair Syed
Laura Guerrero Puerta Zubia Masood
Laura María Compañ Gabucio Zuheir Karabash
Laura Martín Pozo Zuheir Khlaif
Laura Moretti Zulfiqar Ahmad
Laura Morgan Zulfiqar Saqib
Laura Naghi Zulqarnain Mushtaq
Laura Pecchioli Zunaib Haider
Laura Raisa Milos Zuyang Ye
Laura Rosca Zuzana Dimitrovová
Laura Silvestro Zuzana Šimková
Laura Trifan Zuzanna Bielan
Laura Zapata-Cantu Zvonko Kostanjčar

31 January 2024
MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter #8 - Altmetric and Flat Fee Agreement

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

MDPI and Digital Science Meeting

At MDPI, we are committed to providing our authors with the essential tools to publish, promote, and track their research. In line with this commitment, we have established a longstanding collaboration with Digital Science, a company specializing in research data and analytical insights for the research community. Our collaboration integrates their Altmetric tool, offering us and our authors the ability to track a variety of sources that monitor and report attention surrounding publications.

As part of our collaboration, we recently hosted Cathy Holland, Director of Global Publisher Business Development, and Helen Cooke, Managing Director of Publisher Sales, from Digital Science, at our MDPI headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

Left to right: Facundo Santomé (Senior Marketing Manager, MDPI), Constanze Shelhorn (Indexing Manager, MDPI), Cathy Holland (Director of Global Publisher Business Development, Digital Science), Helen Cooke (Managing Director of Publisher Sales, Digital Science), and Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) in front of MDPI headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

During our meeting, we discussed MDPI’s publishing philosophy and explored further avenues for collaboration. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Digital Science, aiming to improve our services yet further and meet the needs of our authors more closely than ever.

What is Altmetric?

You will notice that MDPI articles feature an Altmetric score, a colourful doughnut capturing the score in the upper right corner of the article page. This score represents ‘alternative metrics,’ as distinct from traditional metrics such as Impact Factor, CiteScore, and Scimago Journal Rank.

Altmetrics complement traditional citation-based metrics by capturing online discussions related to a specific research topic. By analyzing both sets of data, we can obtain a comprehensive understanding of the attention a particular research output receives and the sources in which it is mentioned.

“Almetric provides visual insights into where research is being discussed”

Sources Tracked by Altmetric

Altmetric badge showing the Altmetric score and colour-coded mention sources.

Altmetric monitors various sources, categorizing them into segments such as policy documents, peer reviews, Wikipedia, news and blogs, and social media, among other sources. Each category is identifiable by a specific colour.

The Altmetric badge provides visual insights into where the research is being discussed. A more colourful badge indicates broader mentions across multiple platforms. Such tracking enables us to gauge the extent of an article’s online dissemination, noting that increased visibility may correlate with higher citation rates.

Read more:

Impactful Research

Ten High-Altmetric Articles Published by MDPI

As at 30 January 2024, Altmetric has tracked 670,500 MDPI research outputs from MDPI, resulting in over 4.3 million mentions. This includes over 71,894 mentions in policy and patents and 294,714 mentions in news and blogs, with some achieving an Altmetric score as high as 28,754.

So, what is a good Altmetric score? There are various ways to put this score into context. You can find out more about the score in context and how to evaluate your work by this means.

Here are ten MDPI papers ranking in the top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric.

“Accuracy in Wrist-Worn, Sensor-Based Measurements of Heart Rate and Energy Expenditure in a Diverse Cohort”

J. Pers. Med. 2017, 7(2), 3;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 253 news stories from 209 outlets including Forbes, BBC, and Fox News.

“Daylight Saving Time and Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Meta-Analysis”

J. Clin. Med. 2019, 8(3), 404;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 295 news stories from 207 outlets including Forbes, The Atlantic, and New York Times.

“The Preliminary Analysis of Cave Lion Cubs Panthera spelaea (Goldfuss, 1810) from the Permafrost of Siberia”

Quaternary 2021, 4(3), 24;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 182 news stories from 134 outlets including CBC News, CNN, and National Geographic.

“Not the Cat’s Meow? The Impact of Posing with Cats on Female Perceptions of Male Dateability”

Animals 2020, 10(6), 1007;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 124 news stories from 98 outlets including VICE, CNN and The Guardian.

“Behaviour and Welfare Impacts of Releasing Elephants from Overnight Tethers: A Zimbabwean Case Study”

Animals 2022, 12(15), 1933;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 192 news stories from 186 outlets.

How do I use altmetrics?

Altmetric Explorer provides a detailed step-by-step guide and instruction video for first-time users of the tool. The guide includes useful diagrams that make it easy to get started.

Sharing Research Online

For research to be tracked across different sources, Altmetric needs a research output with a persistent identifier: a DOI, ISBN, PubMed ID, handle ID, etc. When sharing research, it is important to include a link to the original research output.

“An Update on Eukaryotic Viruses Revived from Ancient Permafrost”

Viruses 2023, 15(2), 564;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 250 news stories from 180 outlets including CTV, Fox News, and CNN.

“The Global Problem of Insufficient Sleep and Its Serious Public Health Implications”

Healthcare 2019, 7(1), 1;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 252 news stories from 168 outlets including BBC, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes.

“A Detailed Review Study on Potential Effects of Microplastics and Additives of Concern on Human Health”

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17(4), 1212;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 197 news stories from 150 outlets including BBC, The Tribune, and World Economic Forum.

“An Empirical Study of Chronic Diseases in the United States: A Visual Analytics Approach to Public Health”

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2018, 15(3), 431;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 232 news stories from 149 outlets including Forbes, New York Times, and Harvard Business Review.

“Garden Scraps: Agonistic Interactions between Hedgehogs and Sympatric Mammals in Urban Gardens”

Animals 2023, 13(4), 590;

Altmetric page:

Altmetric shows that this article appeared in 172 news stories from 168 outlets including BBC.

Inside MDPI

MDPI Annual Meeting Celebrations in China

On Thursday 25 January, over 1,300 MDPI colleagues from our two offices in Beijing gathered to kick off MDPI’s traditional ‘Annual Meetings.’ These celebrations take place in MDPI’s offices across China, including Dalian, Tianjin, Wuhan, and Nanjing.

The evenings include performances, informative talks and presentations, awards, and entertainment, providing an ideal platform to recognize our colleagues, celebrate their achievements, and set our sights on the future.

“It is essential that we stay connected and share best practices”

I sent a video congratulating everyone on their work and sharing our vision of building MDPI into the most trusted OA publisher, highlighting the roles each of us has to play in achieving that goal.

Unfortunately I could not join in person, but you may recall my recent trip, when I visited our offices in Beijing and Wuhan, which I look forward to visiting again this year.

Although our headquarters are in Basel, Switzerland, and we are expanding throughout Europe and North America, the majority of MDPI’s workforce is in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including offices in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and newly opened office in South Korea. It is essential that as a global organization, we stay connected and share best practices in order to grow collectively and continue providing the exceptional service to our authors.

The Annual Meeting is a moment to reflect and enjoy the year’s hard work and dedication.

I extend our best wishes to all for the Chinese New Year (Xīnnián kuàilè)!

Coming Together for Science

MDPI and TU Delft Adopt Flat Fee Model in Extended Partnership

We are excited to announce a renewed three-year partnership with Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. This collaboration introduces a fixed lump-sum fee, covering publishing costs from 2024 to 2026.

“This initiative reflects our dedication to transparent and inclusive publishing”

TU Delft-affiliated authors will enjoy cost-free publishing in any MDPI journal during this period, aligning with our commitment to removing barriers for open access publishing. The agreement supports Plan S compliance and facilitates a seamless publishing process for TU Delft corresponding authors. This initiative reflects our dedication to transparent and inclusive publishing, providing stability and predictability both for authors and for institutions.

For further details on our Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP), please contact us.

Benefits to MDPI’s IOAP

At MDPI we have a long tradition of partnerships, including our Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP). IOAP supports institutions through simplification, access, transparency, APC discounts, and institutional repository deposits. The program simplifies administrative processes, offers central payment, and allows easy opting in and out. Participants gain free access to Susy, MDPI’s online submission system, with extensive article metadata and exportable data. APC discounts and Book Processing Charge discounts are available for affiliated authors. Automated deposits to institutional repositories and streamlined matching of papers to IOAP participants enhance the overall experience.

For further information, see our IOAP FAQ.

Closing Thoughts

Reflections on the 2024 APE Conference

MDPI was proud to co-sponsor the Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) 2024 Conference that took place in Berlin, Germany, from 9–10 January 2024.

The conference theme, ‘Keep the Conversation Going!’, explored the evolving landscape of scholarly communication. APE is one of the key conferences I make a point to attend each year. January offers a valuable opportunity to engage with new contacts, reconnect with familiar faces, and participate in impactful discussions and presentations among professionals, scholars, and practitioners in the field.

“It's fascinating to see how other publishers are leveraging AI”


Some of the standout panels for me include: the role of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the publishing industry. It was encouraging to hear the current status quo, though I was eager also to learn about the exciting projects planned for 2024 and beyond. These will allow us to track progress in subsequent years. At MDPI, we remain committed to promoting Open–Access (OA) content on SDGs through scientific articles and books. Furthermore, we extend our commitment to sustainability by financially supporting researchers through initiatives such as the World Sustainability Award and the Emerging Sustainability Leader Award, as well as waiving the APC for feature papers on each SDG.

In recent years, discussions on AI have become increasingly prominent at such conferences. It’s fascinating to see how other publishers are leveraging AI to meet the evolving needs of their audiences while at the same time using it to safeguard the scientific process. Other engaging panels that I enjoyed included updates on transformation beyond transformative agreements, the principles of lean change, incentive structures related to research integrity, and the panel on reviewer incentives.

“We can share best practices and lessons learned”

Incorporating MDPI’s Insights into Conferences

I must confess that I sometimes feel overlooked when MDPI is not invited to participate in crucial industry discussions. As the leading open access publisher and the third-largest publisher overall, we possess extensive experience in many of these areas and can offer valuable contributions to these discussions. We can share best practices, lessons learned, and our thinking about future trajectories. For instance, in panels discussing reviewer incentives, at MDPI we offer a discount voucher to reviewers for future submissions, reflecting our commitment to fostering a robust peer review process. In 2022 alone, MDPI collected over 1.4 million peer review reports, informing the decision-making processes of our editors. Given our expertise in these areas, it would be natural to include MDPI in such discussions. I therefore extend an invitation to future conference organizers to consider MDPI for speaking engagements and collaborative opportunities.

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

5 January 2024
Sustainability Passes Rigorous Scopus Reevaluation Process

We are pleased to confirm that our journal, Sustainability (2022 CiteScore 5.8, Impact Factor 3.9), has successfully passed Scopus' rigorous reevaluation process, reaffirming its position within their esteemed database. With a consistent presence since 2009, Sustainability's 15-year tenure in Scopus underscores its academic rigor and relevance.

MDPI maintains strong relationships with various multidisciplinary databases, including Scopus, Web of Science, EBSCO, ProQuest, and others. In 2023, MDPI garnered 54 new acceptances in Scopus, bringing the total to 269, along with 29 in Web of Science, totalling 239, 52 in EBSCO, and 83 in DOAJ. These achievements underscore MDPI's commitment to upholding exemplary academic standards across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Our collaborative partnerships with over 65 databases remain essential to us. We highly value their rigorous evaluation processes as fundamental pillars of academic integrity, ensuring transparency, accountability, and excellence in scholarly publishing. Such enduring partnerships not only affirm the quality of our journals but also strengthen the trust of over 2.7 million authors worldwide who have selected MDPI as their publishing partner.

We extend our thanks to Scopus for their ongoing support and rigorous assessment, further bolstering MDPI's commitment to publishing impactful research dissemination globally. Rest assured, our community can continue to publish knowing that MDPI remains dedicated to maintaining high-quality industry standards.

For more information about MDPI indexed journals, you can browse by indexing on our MDPI Journals page.

2 January 2024
MDPI Insights: The CEO’s Letter #7 - Nobel Laureates Entrust MDPI with Their Research

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

Nobel Prize Laureates Entrust MDPI with Their Research

The Nobel Prize stands as a hallmark of distinction, honouring ground-breaking research across disciplines. Annually, the Nobel Prizes are awarded in six categories: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine or Physiology, Literature, Peace, and Economic Sciences.

Through the years, renowned scholars have entrusted MDPI with their work. As at December 2023, 26 Nobel laureates have contributed to more than 75 articles across 25 MDPI journals, including: Antibiotics, Applied Sciences, Biology, Biomedicines, Cancers, Catalysts, Cells, Crystals, Entropy, Games, IJMS, Life, Materials, Micromachines, Molecules, Pharmaceuticals, PharmaceuticsPhotonics, Quantum Beam Science, Remote Sensing, Sensors, Solids, Universe, Vaccines, and Viruses.

The best of the best trust us with their work.

Nobel Prize Laureates Who Have Published with MDPI

We are proud to list the names of Pierre Agostini, Hiroshi Amano, Werner Arber, Aaron Ciechanover, Robert H. Grubbs, Oliver Hart, Gerard ‘t Hooft, Michael Houghton, Harald zur Hausen, Katalin Karikó, Jean-Marie Lehn, Gérard Mourou, Ferid Murad, Shuji Nakamura, William Nordhaus, Kostya S. Novoselov, Giorgio Parisi, Charles M. Rice, Alvin E. Roth, Donna Strickland, K. Barry Sharpless, George F. Smoot, Anne L’Huillier, Drew Weissman, Kurt Wüthrich, Ada Yonath.

The privilege of hosting such contributors resonates deeply with our editorial teams. For instance, in this interview, the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of Universe speaks on the significance of publishing a paper by Nobel laureate Gerard ’t Hooft within the journal.

2023 Nobel Prize Winners Published by MDPI

Nobel Prize Winners, 2023: Katalin Karikó, Drew Weissman, Anne L’Huillier (Ill. Niklas Elmehed © Nobel Prize Outreach)

Three laureates from the 2023 Nobel Prize cohort have trusted MDPI as their publishing platform. Notably, in a 2022 Pharmaceutics paper, molecular biologist Katalin Karikó and her team presented a methodology for evaluating mRNA capping efficiency, pivotal for therapeutic applications. Pharmaceutics had previously dedicated a Special Issue to “mRNA Therapeutics: A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Katalin Karikó”, spotlighting ten articles from August 2021 to February 2022.

In the journal Vaccines, Professor Drew Weissman, collaborating with scholars from Pennsylvania University and George Mason University, contributed an influential review titled “Nanomaterial Delivery Systems for mRNA Vaccines”. His collaborative efforts spanned five papers across MDPI journals between 2021 and 2023.

Furthermore, Anne L'Huillier of Lund University, only the fifth female recipient of the Physics Prize, co-authored an article in Applied Sciences focusing on "Advanced EUV and X-Ray Optics". Similarly, Pierre Agostini, an Emeritus Professor from Ohio State University, co-authored an article featured in the special issue "Attosecond Science and Technology: Principles and Applications".

We extend heartfelt congratulations to all Nobel Prize laureates and express sincere gratitude for their confidence in MDPI as a platform for their scholarly contributions.

Read more:

Impactful Research

MDPI Journals Newly Indexed in 2023

The aim of indexing is to enhance the quality and credibility of published research, ensuring that researchers access the most credible resources available. While the principle behind citation indexing is straightforward, it remains one of the most dependable methods for tracking an idea's evolution across various scientific disciplines.

Throughout the year, MDPI works to expand the reach of our publications across premier multidisciplinary databases like Web of Science, Scopus, EBSCO, and ProQuest. This initiative is spearheaded by MDPI's Indexing team, under the leadership of Dr. Constanze Schelhorn.

In 2023, MDPI achieved 54 new acceptances in Scopus, 29 in Web of Science, 52 in EBSCO, and 83 in DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals.

The team prioritizes ensuring that our journals feature in numerous specialized databases, including PMC, PubMed, MEDLINE, Inspec, CAS, and FSTA, among others. Currently, MDPI collaborates with over 65 renowned international databases, consistently enhancing our database affiliations annually.

MDPI’s journals are indexed in all major global databases.

Furthermore, we collaborate with universities and government organizations to list our journals in country-specific ranking lists and relevant institutional repositories. This ensures compliance with requirements often set by funders or institutions for authors to publish in specific journals.

Web of Science Adds 24 MDPI Journals to Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)

Clarivate recently analysed MDPI’s new journals, resulting in 24 journals, mainly established in 2020, being added to the ESCI in November and December 2023. Additionally, five journals passed this assessment earlier in the year. For a complete list of our journals in Web of Science, refer here. Journals in the ESCI meet 24 quality criteria, ensuring editorial rigor. They may be considered for inclusion in broader indices like the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), or the Arts and Humanities Citation Index (AHCI), based on four impact criteria.

Read more:

Inside MDPI

MDPI Appoints New Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Alistair Freeland returned to MDPI and assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer in November 2023, a position he previously held from 2013 to 2019. He succeeds Dr. Yu Lin, who will remain a member of MDPI’s Board of Directors, overseeing significant financial decisions for the company. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Yu Lin for his service as COO.

Alistair brings extensive experience not only in scholarly publishing but also in technology and business management. Prior to rejoining MDPI, he was associated with SIX Group, the entity responsible for Switzerland's financial market infrastructure. There, he played a pivotal role in developing the blockchain-based platform SDX (SIX Digital Exchange), which has gained traction among major Swiss banks and the Swiss National Bank.

As COO, Alistair will collaborate with the MDPI management team to improve the practices and services we offer to scholarly communities. I am pleased to welcome Alistair back to MDPI and look forward to his contributions going forward.

Coming Together for Science

MDPI’s 2024 In-Person Academic Events Schedule

MDPI's Conference Team is dedicated to organizing and hosting in-person academic events across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. We recognize conferences as invaluable platforms for scientific collaboration, scholarly exchange, discussions on contemporary topics, networking, and forging collaborations.

Here's a glimpse of the notable events we currently have scheduled for 2024:

14–16 February, 2024
Viruses 2024 – A World of Viruses
Location: Barcelona, Spain
We are honoured to feature Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Charles M. Rice and ‘Distinguished Senior Virologist’ Prof. Luis Enjuanes as keynote speakers for this 5th edition.
Event details

24–26 April, 2024
4th MMCS – Harnessing the Power of New Drug Modalities 
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Esteemed speakers include Prof. Arun K. Ghosh, the mind behind the Darunavir molecule, and Prof. Paul Brennan, CSO of Alzheimer's Research UK Oxford Drug Discovery Institute.
Event details

28–31 May, 2024
Polymers 2024 – Polymers for a Safe and Sustainable Future
Athens, Greece
We look forward to welcoming renowned experts like Prof. Damià Barceló, Prof. Minna Hakkareinen, and Prof. Armando J. D. Silvestre to this event.
Event details

1–4 August, 2024
The 1st International Conference on AI Sensors & The 10th International Symposium on Sensor Science
Location: Singapore
The AI Sensors 2024 Conference will unite innovators and experts in the realms of sensors, sensing technology, and artificial intelligence.
Event details

Upcoming events with details to be announced:

  • September 2024, Materials 2024 – Basel, Switzerland
  • 1921 September 2024, International Conference on Nanomaterials Sciences 2024 – Beijing, China
  • October 2024, ncRNA 2024 – Basel, Switzerland
  • November 2024, Pharmaceuticals 2024 – Barcelona, Spain
  • 2226 November 2024, International Conference on Science of Electronics – Wuhan, China
  • Stay tuned for more details on the Sustainable Publishing Forum 2024.

Click here for all upcoming MDPI events.

Organize Your Event with MDPI’s Sciforum

Sciforum is MDPI’s platform dedicated to the organization of scientific events. In line with our mission to promote science, Sciforum supports scholars, societies, research networks, and universities at all stages of organizing in-person events, virtual events and webinars. Our platforms are efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective. We handle all steps related to event management. Contact us for details.

Closing Thoughts

Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Ahead to 2024

As we approach 2024, I reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had together at MDPI this year. The past 12 months have been marked by ambitious projects and initiatives to improve our internal processes, and a commitment to continue delivering top-notch services to our stakeholders. I’d like to thank each and every one of our staff members for contributing to the positive experiences our stakeholders have reported in our surveys. Your dedication to speed, efficiency, and effective communication with our stakeholders is very much recognized and appreciated.

Becoming a stronger organisation

While we have encountered challenges in 2023, it’s important to understand that these are a part of our growth process. Difficulties provide us with opportunities to reflect, address problems at their roots, and ultimately evolve into a stronger organization. Our stakeholders expect us to overcome tough times, and it’s an expectation that we have for ourselves.

I extend my sincere appreciation to every MDPI employee, from our editorial office and IT department to marketing, indexing, IOAP, societies, Scientific Office board, products, production, conferences, finance, operations, admin, and beyond. To our newest team members, a warm welcome; to our longstanding colleagues, your dedication is invaluable.

“I am committed to taking MDPI to a new level of excellence.”

Interacting with many of you during my visits to our offices and representing MDPI at external events has been a personal highlight. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Lin for entrusting me with the role of CEO of MDPI. Looking forward, I am committed to working closely with our management team to lead MDPI and take it to a new level of excellence, aiming to establish it as the most trusted publisher in open access worldwide. This is a collective endeavour, with each of us shaping MDPI’s reputation. I therefore encourage us to take pride in our work, as it represents not only our craft but also MDPI as a whole.

Accountability and communication

As we look forward to 2024, there’s a lot to be excited about. Together, we’ll navigate challenges, seize growth opportunities, and refine our practices. To solidify MDPI’s position as the premier open access publisher globally, we must bolster accountability, improve stakeholder communication, share MDPI’s best practices, champion the open access philosophy, and educate stakeholders about our mission, methodologies, and motivations.

Thank you for engaging with the CEO Letter over the past six months of 2023. I will continue to release this newsletter as a method of sharing the great work being done at MDPI. Please feel free to connect directly with any insights or questions.

Here’s to a joyous and prosperous 2024!

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

15 December 2023
Meet Us at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024 (OSM24), 18–23 February 2024, New Orleans, USA

MDPI will be attending the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024 (OSM24), which will be held from 18 to 23 February 2024 in New Orleans, USA, and online. The conference is co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union, the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), and The Oceanography Society (TOS).

The OSM is the flagship conference for ocean sciences and the larger ocean-connected community. Every two years, the conference unifies the oceans community to share findings, connect scientists from around the world, and advance the impact of science. The OSM24 is committed to the theme of “Inspire. Discover. Restore.” by encouraging future generations of ocean enthusiasts and colleagues to explore the new frontiers in ocean science, uncovering new research and work to share knowledge of our interconnected ocean, and ensuring its health for future generations. Session formats include Plenaries, Oral Sessions, eLightning Sessions, Poster Sessions, and Town Halls.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you plan on attending this conference, please feel free to stop by our booth (#141) and start a conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following link:

30 November 2023
MDPI Insights: The CEO’s Letter #6 - MDPI Spain Summit and ResearchGate

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

MDPI Spain Summit

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) gives the opening speech at the MDPI Spain Summit.

On Friday 10 November 2023 I was in Barcelona, Spain, to deliver the opening presentation and participate in a panel at MDPI’s Spain Summit, a two-day event, inspired by our salon events in China.

With 16 Editors-in-Chief (EiCs) and 20 Editorial Board Members (EBMs) in attendance, the event, organized by our conference team and Barcelona office, featured presentations on open access (OA), MDPI, and publishing market trends in Spain.

The event provided a great opportunity to engage with stakeholders from various MDPI journals, including Nutrients, Vaccines, Buildings, IJMS, and others. We were able to gather feedback and have open conversations around manuscript quality, the peer-review process, and journal development, as well as accreditation agencies.

The main objective of this Summit was to bring together Editors representing MDPI journals across various disciplines within Spanish universities and research centers, primarily from the Barcelona area. The aim was to facilitate an open and fruitful discussion regarding the development of their journals, the future of OA in Spain, and to provide meaningful interactions and networking opportunities.

Connecting with Editorial Board Members

Stefan Tochev in conversation with Summit participants: "Our EBMs are passionate about the journals they serve."

Interacting with our EBMs in person provides a valuable opportunity to show how important it is to us to connect with them, hear their perspectives on their journals and learn more about their own experience collaborating with MDPI.

From my conversations, it was clear that our EBMs are passionate about the journals they serve. I know the advice they provide may sometimes involve just small tweaks, but these can lead to important improvements. As the saying goes, small hinges swing open big doors.

As at November 2023, MDPI has over 6,300 EBMs affiliated with Spanish institutions, with more than 30 of them serving as EiCs or section EiCs. Furthermore, over 68,000 Spanish scholars have contributed as reviewers in MDPI journals.

Open Access in Spain

In 2023, Spain implemented legislation mandating immediate OA for all publicly funded research, aligning with the EU’s Plan S initiative to expedite the transition to OA. The Spanish government also approved a four-year, €23.8 million annual budget for the first national OA strategy, aiming to make publicly funded research freely accessible upon publication. This strategy aims to strengthen the quality and transparency of research in Spain, and to help promote movement towards a digital, low-carbon economy.

For further details of Spain's OA policy and the history of government mandates, click here.

Spain has already seen a notable decline in subscription-only articles, decreasing by 62% over a 10-year period, while gold OA increased by 42%. Green OA slightly decreased, suggesting a shift towards publishing in gold OA journals rather than traditional subscription-based ones. Here are some statistics from Scopus. 

A big thank-you to the various MDPI teams, including our conference team and the Barcelona office, for organizing this very successful event!

MDPI colleagues from various offices gathered to host and support the first MDPI Spain Summit, in Barcelona, Spain.

I think this type of gathering has the potential to become an annual event in various locations. For example, Manchester could be an option, as we have over 30 EiCs and over 3,000 EBMs in the UK, a top market for MDPI that publishes high-quality research.

Impactful Research

769 Editorial Board Members of MDPI Journals Recognized as Highly Cited Researchers in 2023

Congratulations to our 769 Editorial Board Members from 40 countries/territories who have been awarded Highly Cited Researcher status for 2023 by Clarivate. This recognition is based on their outstanding scientific research contributions and significant influence in various fields, as evidenced by Web of Science data.

Click here to view the full list of 769 Editorial Board Members.

Clarivate's Highly Cited ResearchersTM list identifies individuals with exceptional impact in scientific and social science domains over the past decade. Their papers rank in the top 1% of citations in 21 fields analysed in ‘Essential Science Indicators,’ showcasing their substantial influence.

This year, 7,125 Highly Cited Researcher 2023 designations were issued to 6,849 individuals from 67 countries, representing just 1 in 1,000 researchers worldwide.

These researchers demonstrate exceptional influence, representing a small fraction of contributors pushing the boundaries of knowledge, contributing to global well-being, sustainability, and security.

Congratulations to these scholars for their remarkable achievement: we are honoured to have them on board with our journals!

Inside MDPI

Corporate Marketing and Communications Strategy Session

Members of MDPI’s Corporate Marketing & Communications team.

For the past few years, I have led the Corporate Marketing & Communications department in our annual strategy session.

This typically involves 2–3 days of focused sessions covering key topics including budgeting, hiring targets, campaign reviews, and planning for the upcoming year, department strategy, and structure.

We are constantly exploring ways to optimize the Corporate Marketing & Communications department to support MDPI’s primary objectives and better convey the MDPI story while serving the scholarly community.

The strategy session also serves as a team-building activity, during which the team voted on bowling!

Strategy Session

In this strategy session, we looked at how to align our teams in order to better streamline our content with our campaigns, build a dedicated marketing team to strategically support our core MDPI products, expand our communications teams and functionalities to focus on company-critical campaigns and press releases, align our new brand design system with our marketing initiatives, set up a community and engagement team to support various teams with their outreach and communication efforts, and increase our use of data in the evaluation of campaign performance.

To grow in these areas, we will be hiring for various positions, including those of Public Relations Manager, Communications Manager, Internal Communications Manager, Campaign Manager, Marketing Associate, and Editorial Engagement Manager.

I am grateful for the way our Corporate Marketing & Communications department has grown and gelled over the years, and I look forward to supporting the department teams and their ideas for the future.

Coming Together for Science

ResearchGate and MDPI Partner to Boost the Visibility of Open Access Content through Journal Home

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) and Sören Hofmayer (Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, ResearchGate) meet in Berlin, Germany to take their ongoing discussion further.

When I assumed the role of CEO at MDPI, my primary focus was to initiate the building of essential partnerships and collaborations within our industry. After all, I am a firm believer in achieving our goals by helping others achieve theirs and focusing on co-opetition wherever there is an opportunity. I first touched on the notion of co-opetition in MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter #3, particularly when discussing collaborations with Elsevier.

In light of this, Sören Hofmayer (Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at ResearchGate) and I connected recently to continue a discussion that had been ongoing for months. I was quickly brought up to speed and felt there was an opportunity for MDPI journals to pilot the Journal Home service that ResearchGate had launched. This would provide a new way for MDPI to engage with authors and readers and amplify the visibility of our journals.

While I receive many offers and opportunities for discussions with vendors, I am a firm believer that timing is everything, and in this case, the time for us is now. Sören and I met in person during my recent visit to Berlin and decided to proceed with piloting ten MDPI journals with the Journal Home service.

The press release below provides further details.

Press Release: Berlin (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland), 15 November 2023

ResearchGate, the professional network for researchers, and MDPI, the largest open access publisher in the world and a pioneer in open access publishing, today announced a partnership that will see ten of MDPI’s open access journals benefit from an enhanced presence on ResearchGate through its innovative Journal Home offering.  

This new partnership will expand the reach and visibility of MDPI’s participating flagship journals with ResearchGate’s highly relevant community of more than 25 million researchers globally.

Around 210,000 version-of-record articles from these 10 titles will be readily available on ResearchGate, including the full archive material and all new articles as they are published. These journals also benefit from enhanced brand visibility, with dedicated journal profiles, prominent representation on all associated article pages and all relevant touchpoints across the ResearchGate network – keeping the journals top-of-mind with their reader and author audiences. All articles covered by the new partnership will automatically be added to the authors’ publication records in ResearchGate. This not only reduces MDPI authors’ needs for direct management but also offers them valuable insights into the impact of their work, including data about readership and citations.

Closing Thoughts

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) listening to music as he writes at a coffee shop in Basel, Switzerland.

November is dedicated to raising awareness of various men’s health issues. I have been fortunate to have positive male role models in my life, and I strive to share my experiences with others.

I used to take part in Movember, growing my moustache throughout November to raise awareness and funds and to help “change the face of men’s health.” With male family and friends impacted by physical and mental health issues, I have recently become more interested in men’s overall well-being.

Men often face stigma involving the perceived need always to be strong and have things figured out. Recently, I’ve had meaningful conversations with male friends and colleagues about issues we rarely discuss, and it was a positive experience.

Various factors impact men’s health and well-being, all too easily leading to risky health behaviours including a lack of health awareness, poor health education, and negative, culturally induced, behaviour patterns in our work and personal lives. I hope we can break down these barriers in our work environment.

Healthy men help build healthy families and a healthy society

Men are less likely than women to seek help with their physical and mental health struggles. This is a reminder to prioritize your overall well-being. I hope that as men, we will continue to open up to one another, becoming vulnerable in order to share what we are going through. By sharing and by supporting each other, we can learn and grow together. You are not alone, and when you fall, you can still get up and stand tall.

From one broski to another, you are loved and appreciated. I hope this mindset carries into December and beyond.


Our content team recently released a handful of articles on mindfulness, a practice that I believe provides a good opportunity for stress release and self-reflection:

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

27 November 2023
Editorial Board Members from Sustainability Featured in the 2023 Highly Cited Researchers List Published by Clarivate

Recently, Clarivate™ revealed its 2023 list of Highly Cited Researchers™—individuals at universities, research institutes, and commercial organizations.

The scientists who were selected for this year’s list of Highly Cited Researchers published highly cited papers in the 11-year period from January 2012 to December 2022, with citation frequency in the top 1% of academic subjects and the same year of publication in the Web of Science™ database. This year, 7125 Highly Cited Researcher 2023 designations were issued to 6,849 individuals, representing just 1 in 1000 researchers worldwide. This means that these researchers have demonstrated an incredible level of significant and broad influence in their chosen field or fields over the last decade. The list is truly global, spanning 67 countries or regions and spread across a diverse range of research sciences and social sciences.

According to our statistics, 22 members of the Editorial Board of Sustainability (ISSN: 2071-1050) were selected for the list of Highly Cited Researchers by Clarivate™ in 2023. They are being recognized for their high-quality scientific research achievements and outstanding contributions to their professional fields. The Sustainability Editorial Office sincerely congratulates all elected editorial members and hopes that they continue to have an academically productive relationship with the journal.




Cabeza, Luisa F.


Universitat de Lleida, Spain

Xiong, Rui


Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Petruzzelli, Antonio Messeni

Economics and Business

Politecnico di Bari, Italy

Smith, Lee

Psychiatry and Psychology

Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom

Sadorsky, Perry

Economics and Business

York University - Canada, Canada

Ramkissoon, Haywantee

Social Sciences

University of South Australia, Australia

Witlox, Frank

Social Sciences

Ghent University, Belgium

McCauley, Darren

Social Sciences

University of St Andrews, United Kingdom

Frattini, Federico

Economics and Business

Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

Creutzig, Felix


Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, Germany

Liu, Gang


Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Sun, Hongqi


University of Western Australia, Australia

Guo, Jianping


Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Casper, Jonathan

Biology and Biochemistry

University of California System, United States

Govindan, Kannan


University of Adelaide, Australia

Bogers, Marcel


Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands

Costanza, Robert


Australian National University, Australia

Zhang, Xiaoling


University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Wang, Zifa


Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Yigitcanlar, Tan


Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia

Long, Ying

Social Sciences

Tsinghua University, China

Hu, Xiaosong


Chongqing University, China

21 November 2023
769 Editorial Board Members of MDPI Journals Achieve Highly Cited Researcher Recognition in 2023

We extend our sincere congratulations to the 769 Editorial Board Members of our journals – from 40 different countries/territories – who have been recognized as Highly Cited Researchers for the year 2023 by Clarivate. They are being recognized for their high-quality scientific research achievements and outstanding contributions to their professional fields, as indicated by Web of Science data.

Clarivate's annual list of Highly Cited ResearchersTM identifies the most highly cited scientists for the past decade who stand out for their significant and broad influence in various scientific and social science domains. Their impactful papers are among the top 1 per cent in the citation distribution of one or more of 21 fields analyzed in the "Essential Science Indicators", distinguishing them as hugely influential among their peers.

This year, 7,125 Highly Cited Researcher 2023 designations were issued to 6,849 individuals from 67 countries, representing just 1 in 1,000 researchers worldwide.

This means that these researchers have demonstrated an incredible level of significant and broad influence in their chosen field or fields over the last decade. They represent a small fraction of the researcher population whose contributions disproportionately push the boundaries of knowledge, enhancing global well-being, sustainability, and security.

Congratulations to the scholars for their noteworthy achievement – we are honored to have them on board with our journals!

Abate, Antonio
Aguilera, Ruth V.
Ahmed, Warish
Ahn, Myung-Ju
An, Qiaoshi
Anasori, Babak
Andersson, Dan I.
Angeletti, Silvia
Annabi, Nasim
Antinori, Spinello
Ariga, Katsuhiko
Asa, Sylvia L.
Astruc, Didier
Atala, Anthony
Atanasov, Atanas G.
Balsamo, Gianpaolo
Bandodkar, Amay J.
Banks, William A.
Bao, Yan-Ping
Barba, Francisco J.
Barnes, Peter J.
Barnholtz-Sloan, Jill S.
Barrow, Colin J.
Bashir, Ali Kashif
Basit, Abdul W.
Bassetti, Matteo
Batley, Jacqueline
Battino, Maurizio
Behnood, Ali
Benediktsson, Jon Atli
Biondi, Antonio
Bjarnsholt, Thomas
Blaschke, Thomas
Blay, Jean-Yves
Blumwald, Eduardo
Blunt, John W.
Boczkaj, Grzegorz
Bogers, Marcel
Bonomo, Robert A.
Boyd, Robert W.
Boyer, Cyrille
Braeckmans, Kevin
Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi
Bu, Wenbo
Bursać Kovačević, Danijela
Bush, Ashley I.
Byrd, John C.
Cabeza, Luisa F.
Cai, Xingjuan
Cambria, Erik
Cao, Guozhong
Cao, Xingzhong
Capasso, Raffaele
Carvalho, Andre F.
Casper, Jonathan
Castellanos-Gomez, Andres
Cavalli, Giacomo
Chai, Siang-Piao
Chan, Jasper Fuk-Woo
Chan, Timothy A.
Chang, Chih-Hao
Chang, Guoqing
Chao, Dongliang
Chen, Bo
Chen, Chaoji
Chen, Fahu
Chen, Gang
Chen, Jianmin
Chen, Jun
Chen, Jun
Chen, Jun
Chen, Lidong
Chen, Lingxin
Chen, Min
Chen, Mou
Chen, Peng
Chen, Qian
Chen, Qianwang
Chen, Shaowei
Chen, Shuangming
Chen, Wei
Chen, Xiaobo
Chen, Yimin
Chen, Yu
Chen, Yulin
Chen, Zhong
Chen, Zonghai
Cheng, Gong
Cheng, Huanyu
Cheng, Laifei
Cheng, Qiang
Chew, Kit Wayne
Chiclana, Francisco
Choi, Wonyong
Choi, Young Hae
Chowdhary, Anuradha
Cichocki, Andrzej
Clevers, Hans
Coops, Nicholas C.
Cortes, Javier
Cortes, Jorge
Costanza, Robert
Creutzig, Felix
Crommie, Michael F.
Cuadrado, Antonio
Cui, Haiying
Cui, Yi
Curigliano, Giuseppe
Dai, Sheng
Dai, Shifeng
Daiber, Andreas
Davies, Michael J.
Davis, Thomas P.
Dawson, Ted M.
de la Fuente-Nunez, Cesar
Delord, Jean-Pierre
Demaria, Marco
Deng, Xiangzheng
Desneux, Nicolas
Dikic, Ivan
Dimopoulos, Meletios-Athanasios
Ding, Aijun
Ding, Jianxun
Dokmeci, Mehmet Remzi
Dolgui, Alexandre
Dong, Chung-Li
Dou, Shi Xue
Dragicevic, Tomislav
Du, Bo
Du, Qian
Du, Yonghua
Duan, Xidong
Dufresne, Alain
Dummer, Reinhard
Edwards, David
Elaissari, Abdelhamid
ElMasry, Gamal
Enjuanes, Luis
Fabbro, Doriano
Facchetti, Antonio
Fan, Junliang
Fan, Kelong
Fan, Xiulin
Fan, Zhanxi
Fang, Baizeng
Fang, Chuanglin
Fang, Yongjin
Fasano, Alessio
Feng, Liangzhu
Feng, Xuning
Fensholt, Rasmus
Ferdinandy, Péter
Fernandez-Lafuente, Roberto
Filippi, Massimo
Flavian, Carlos
Fortino, Giancarlo
Fowler, Michael
Franceschi, Claudio
Frattini, Federico
Friston, Karl J.
Fu, Gengtao
Gai, Francesco
Gaisford, Simon
Galanakis, Charis M.
Galluzzi, Lorenzo
Galvano, Fabio
Gan, Ren-You
Gao, Feng
Gao, Huijun
Gao, Huile
Gao, Peng
Gao, Wei
Garbe, Claus
Garg, Abhishek D.
Gasbarrini, Antonio
Gastaldelli, Amalia
Gautier, Emmanuel L.
Genevet, Patrice
Geng, Yong
Gerdts, Gunnar
Geschwind, Daniel H.
Ghaffari, Roozbeh
Ghamisi, Pedram
Giacobbe, Daniele Roberto
Giampieri, Francesca
Gillies, Robert J.
Godos, Justyna
Gogotsi, Yury
Golding, Nick
Gong, Jinlong
Gong, Peng
Gong, Yongji
Govindan, Kannan
Gozal, David
Grancini, Giulia
Grant, William B.
Graus, Francesc
Green, Douglas R.
Grosso, Giuseppe
Gu, Meng
Gu, Zhanjun
Guan, Cao
Gueimonde, Miguel
Gui, Guan
Guigo, Roderic
Guo, Hengyu
Guo, Jianping
Guo, Lin
Guo, Song
Guo, Yan
Guo, Zaiping
Gupta, Rangan
Gutzmer, Ralf
Haase, Dagmar
Hagger, Martin S.
Hall, C. Michael
Han, Fudong
Han, Heesup
Hanes, Justin
Hartung, Hans-Peter
He, Bao-Jie  
He, Debiao
He, Hongwen
He, Jiaqing
He, Jie
He, Jr-Hau
He, Qiong
He, Xiangming
He, Xijun
He, Zhili
Heneka, Michael T.
Herrera, Francisco
Herrera-Estrella, Luis
Herrera-Viedma, Enrique
Hetz, Claudio
Holick, Michael F.
Hong, Danfeng
Hong, Xuechuan
Hsueh, Po-Ren
Hu, Bin
Hu, Enyuan
Hu, Jin-Song
Hu, Weida
Hu, Wenbin
Hu, Xiaosong
Huang, Baibiao
Huang, Hongwei
Huang, Jianliang
Huang, Jianping
Huang, Peng
Huang, Xin
Hubacek, Klaus
Hussain, Saddam
Italiano, Antoine
Iwata, Hiroji
Jaeschke, Hartmut
Jain, Atul

Jaiswal, Amit K.
Jankovic, Joseph
Janssens, Ivan A.
Jelezko, Fedor
Jeon, Byong-Hun
Ji, Guangbin
Ji, Qiang
Ji, Wei
Ji, Xiaobo
Ji, Xiaoyuan
Jiang, Bin
Jiang, Hong
Jiang, Junjun
Jiang, Lianzhou
Jiang, Qing
Jiang, Shibo
Jiang, Yuyan
Jiang, Zhongyi
Jiao, Licheng
Jin, Shi
Jin, Zhong
Kalantar-zadeh, Kourosh
Kamal, Mohammad Amjad
Kaner, Richard B.
Kaneti, Yusuf Valentino
Kang, Zhenhui
Karagiannidis, George K.
Karniadakis, George Em
Karp, Peter D.
Kataoka, Kazunori
Katritch, Vsevolod
Kawi, Sibudjing
Kepp, Oliver
Khademhosseini, Ali
Khan, Nafees A.
Kiessling, Fabian
Kildishev, Alexander V.
Kim, Haegyeom
Kim, Jeonghun
Kim, Jin-Hoi
Kim, Jong Seung
Kim, Ki-Hyun
Kirkwood, John M.
Kivshar, Yuri
Klenk, Hans-Peter
Ko, Wen-Chien
Kong, Baohua
Kontoyiannis, Dimitrios P.
Koonin, Eugene V.
Kroemer, Guido
Kuang, Dai-Bin
Kudo, Masatoshi
Kuhn, Jens H.
Kumar, Prashant
Kumar, Sudhir
Kurths, Juergen
Kurzrock, Razelle
Kuzyakov, Yakov
Kyrpides, Nikos C.
La Vecchia, Carlo
Lai, Yuekun
Lan, Ke
Lancellotti, Patrizio
Landi, Francesco
Lavie, Carl J.
Laxminarayan, Ramanan
Lee, Chengkuo
Lee, Jechan
Lee, Jin-Wook
Lee, Pooi See
Lee, Sang Soo
Lehmann, Johannes
Lei, Yaguo
Li, Bin
Li, Chunzhong
Li, Dongsheng
Li, Feng
Li, Hai
Li, Heng
Li, Hongyi
Li, Hui
Li, Jinghong
Li, Jun
Li, Li
Li, Linlin
Li, Neng
Li, Ning
Li, Shuai
Li, Shutao
Li, Wei
Li, Wentao
Li, Xiang
Li, Xuecao
Li, Xuelong
Li, Yat
Li, Yurui
Li, Zhijun
Liang, Chao
Liang, Shuquan
Liaw, Peter K.
Lin, Jun
Lin, Yuehe
Lippi, Giuseppe
Lister, Ryan
Liu, Chengmei
Liu, Gang
Liu, Hong
Liu, Hui
Liu, Jian
Liu, Jinyan
Liu, Jun
Liu, Meilin
Liu, Pan
Liu, Wei
Liu, Xianhu
Liu, Xiaoping
Liu, Xuejun
Liu, Yang
Liu, Yu
Liu, Yuan
Lonardo, Amedeo
Long, Hualou
Long, Ying
Lu, Bingan
Lu, Junling
Lu, Lu
Lu, Nanshu
Lu, Rongxing
Lucey, Brian
Lucieer, Arko
Lugato, Emanuele
Lund, Henrik
Luo, Yangchao
Luo, Yi
Luo, Zisheng
Lv, Wei
Lyons, Timothy W.
Ma, Haile
Ma, Jianmin
Ma, Jun
Ma, Tianyi
Ma, Wei
Ma, Yanming
Madabhushi, Anant
Mahmoudi, Morteza
Mai, Liqiang
Mai, Wenjie
Makridakis, Spyros
Mandala, Mario
Mantovani, Alberto
Mao, Jianfeng
Mao, Like
Mardani, Abbas
Mathivanan, Suresh
Matyjaszewski, Krzysztof
McCabe, Matthew F.
McCauley, Darren
McClements, David Julian
Mei, Lin
Melenhorst, Jan Joseph
Melero, Ignacio
Meyerholz, David K.
Van Mierlo, Joeri
Miroshnichenko, Andrey E.
Mittler, Ron
Mu, Shichun
Mubarak, Mohammad S.
Mueller, Lukas A.
Muhammad, Khan
Mumtaz, Shahid
Munekata, Paulo Eduardo Sichetti
Nakagawa, Shinichi
Nauen, Ralf
Newman, David J.
Niaura, Raymond S.
Nidheesh, P. V.
Niu, Ben
Nussinov, Ruth
O'Connor, David
Odintsov, Sergei D.
Omri, Anis
Orsini, Nicola
Ostrikov, Kostya (Ken)
Oswald, Isabelle P.
Oudard, Stephane
Ouyang, Minggao
Ozcan, Aydogan
Pan, Anlian
Pan, Anqiang
Pan, Caofeng
Pan, Genxing
Pan, Likun
Pan, Quan-Ke
Pan, Xiaoqing
Pandolfi, Pier Paolo
Parati, Gianfranco
Pateiro, Mirian
Peng, Qiang
Peng, Qing
Peng, Shushi
Perc, Matjaz
Perlin, David S.
Perlman, Stanley
Petruzzelli, Antonio Messeni
Pitt, Bertram
Pöhlmann, Stefan
Polasky, Stephen
Pommier, Yves
Poor, H. Vincent
Potenza, Marc N.
Preat, Veronique
Prinsep, Michele R.
Pu, Kanyi
Putnik, Predrag
Qin, Yuanwei
Qiu, Jieshan
Qu, Xiaogang
Ragauskas, Arthur J.
Ramakrishna, Seeram
Ramkissoon, Haywantee
Ran, Jingrun
Rao, Zhonghao
Recio, Isidra
Ren, Jinsong
Rengel, Zed
Rho, Junsuk
Riahi, Keywan
Ribeiro-Soriano, Domingo
Richardson, Paul G.
Robert, Caroline
Rocca, Maria A.
Rodriguez-Manas, Leocadio
Rojas, Orlando J.
Rojo, Teofilo
Roubaud, David
Saad, Fred
Saad, Walid
Sadorsky, Perry
Saliba, Michael
Sander, Chris
Sangaiah, Arun Kumar
Santamouris, Mattheos
Santoro, Gabriele
Scaldaferri, Franco
Schatzberg, Alan F.
Schwab, Matthias
Schweizer, Frank
Scolyer, Richard A.
Scott, Daniel
Serruys, Patrick W.
Setzer, William N.
Shahzad, Babar
Shao, Shuai
Shao, Zongping
Shen, Guozhen
Shen, Liyin

Shen, Zexiang
Shi, Peng
Shi, Yi
Siano, Pierluigi
Simões, Manuel
Sing, Swee Leong
Singh, Vijay P.
Smagghe, Guy
Smith, Lee
Soffietti, Riccardo
Song, Houbing
Song, Jibin
Song, Yu
Sood, Anil K.
Souto, Eliana B.
Stadler, Marc
Stanley, H. Eugene
Stephanopoulos, Gregory
Sternberg, Cora N.
Stoumpos, Constantinos C.
Stunnenberg, Hendrik G.
Su, Shiliang
Sun, Baoguo
Sun, Cuixia
Sun, Fengchun
Sun, Hongqi
Sun, Jie
Sun, Lijun
Sun, Litao
Sun, Runcang
Sun, Yanjuan
Sun, Zaicheng
Sun, Zhipei
Sureda, Antoni
Svenning, Jens-Christian
Tan, Chaoliang
Tan, Weihong
Tang, Chuan-He
Tang, Chuyang
Tang, Dianping
Tang, Yongbing
Tanzi, Rudolph E.
Terpos, Evangelos
Teschendorff, Andrew E.
Tian, He
Timsit, Jean-Francois
Tiwari, Aviral Kumar
Tohge, Takayuki
Tousoulis, Dimitris
Tran, Lam-Son Phan
Tress, Wolfgang
Trivedi, Pankaj
Tsao, Rong
Tully, Mark A.
Tung, Chen-Ho
Van der Bruggen, Bart
Vandenbroucke, Roosmarijn E.
Vangronsveld, Jaco
Varsani, Arvind
Vatanen, Tommi
Verbeke, Kristin
Vermote, Eric
Verpoorte, Robert
Vieta, Eduard
Vincent, Jean-Louis
Vita, Antonio
Wan, Jiafu
Wan, Shaohua
Wanek, Wolfgang
Wang, Bin
Wang, Bo
Wang, Chao
Wang, Chuanyi
Wang, Chunsheng
Wang, Dan
Wang, Feng
Wang, Gongming
Wang, Guoxiu
Wang, Haihui
Wang, Hao
Wang, Huanqing
Wang, Huanting
Wang, Hui
Wang, Jian
Wang, Jie
Wang, Jing
Wang, John
Wang, Joseph
Wang, Lianzhou
Wang, Lihui
Wang, Meng
Wang, Peng
Wang, Pengfei
Wang, Qi
Wang, Qi
Wang, Qiang
Wang, Qilin
Wang, Qin
Wang, Qing
Wang, Shaojian
Wang, Sibo
Wang, Tao
Wang, Ying
Wang, Yong
Wang, Zhen
Wang, Zhong Lin
Wang, Zhongrui
Wang, Zifa
Wang, Zuankai
Wei, Haotong
Wei, Leyi
Wei, Zhixiang
Wei, Zhongbao
Weissleder, Ralph
Weitschies, Werner
Wen, Guanghui
Wesemael, Bas van
Willerslev, Eske
Witlox, Frank
Wu, Haijun
Wu, Hao Bin
Wu, Hui
Wu, Jun
Wu, Qinglin
Wu, Shuilin
Wu, Xiaojun
Wu, Yongzhen
Wu, Yuping
Wu, Zheng-Guang
Wu, Zhong-Shuai
Xia, Jianguo (Jeff)
Xia, Meimei
Xia, Xinhui
Xia, Yongyao
Xia, Zhiguo
Xiang, Quanjun
Xiao, Fuyuan
Xiao, Jie
Xin, Sen
Xing, Baoshan
Xing, Wei
Xiong, Rui
Xu, Hui
Xu, Li Da
Xu, Ping
Xu, Yi-Jun
Xu, Zhenjiang Zech
Yan, Chong
Yan, He
Yan, Huaicheng
Yan, Kai
Yan, Ruqiang
Yang, Bing
Yang, Chenguang
Yang, Hongshun
Yang, Hui
Yang, Jian
Yang, Jianping
Yang, Jie
Yang, Jun
Yang, Kai
Yang, Shihe
Yang, Xiaofeng
Yang, Xinsong
Yang, Yun-Gui
Yao, Yonggang
Yigitcanlar, Tan
Yin, Shen
Yin, Shou-Wei
Yin, Yulong
Yin, Zongyou
Yokoya, Naoto
Young, Allan H.
Yu, Guihua
Yu, Jun
Yu, Le
Yu, Minghao
Yu, Shu-Hong
Yu, Wei
Yu, Wenwu
Yuan, Qiangqiang
Yuan, Yifei
Yuan, Yuan
Yuen, Chau
Zeadally, Sherali
Zhai, Tianyou
Zhang, Bing
Zhang, Dengsong
Zhang, Fan
Zhang, Fusuo
Zhang, Guangyu
Zhang, Guowen
Zhang, Hengjie
Zhang, Hongjie
Zhang, Hui
Zhang, Lai-Chang
Zhang, Lefei
Zhang, Lei
Zhang, Liangpei
Zhang, Lijun
Zhang, Min
Zhang, Peng
Zhang, Qiang
Zhang, Qiaobao
Zhang, Qichun
Zhang, Shicheng
Zhang, Shujun
Zhang, Tierui
Zhang, Wei
Zhang, Weili
Zhang, Xian-Ming
Zhang, Xiaodong
Zhang, Xiaogang
Zhang, Xiaoling
Zhang, Yang
Zhang, Yaobin
Zhang, Yi
Zhang, Yi-Zhou
Zhang, Yong
Zhang, Yu Shrike
Zhang, Yue-Jun
Zhang, Yuelin
Zhang, Zheng
Zhang, Zhicheng
Zhang, Zhien
Zhao, Guochun
Zhao, Jie
Zhao, Li-Dong
Zhao, Qing
Zhao, Yi
Zheng, Hao
Zheng, Weitao
Zheng, Yufeng
Zhong, Cheng
Zhou, Jie
Zhou, Jizhong
Zhou, Kun
Zhou, Liang
Zhou, Peng
Zhou, Qi
Zhou, Wei
Zhou, Weiqi
Zhu, Chengzhou
Zhu, Hongwei
Zhu, Junfa
Zhu, Jun-Jie
Zhu, Lei
Zhu, Mingshan
Zhu, Quanxin
Zhu, Yi
Zhu, Yongfa
Zhu, Zhe
Zhuang, Xiaodong
Zou, Quan
Zou, Ruqiang
Zuo, Chao

13 November 2023
Meet Us at the British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2023 (BES 2023), 12–15 December 2023, Belfast, UK

MDPI will attend the British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2023 (BES 2023) as an exhibitor. This meeting will be held in Belfast, UK, from 12 to 15 December 2023.

The British Ecological Society was established in 1913 and has been fostering the science of ecology ever since. The society has 7,000 members around the world and brings people together across regional, national and global scales to advance ecological science. Membership is open to anyone, anywhere. The British Ecological Society is the oldest ecological society in the world and its annual meeting is Europe’s largest conference dedicated to ecology. More than 1,500 delegates from over 50 countries across six continents attended the 2022 meeting in person or online.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • Sustainability;
  • Land;
  • Ecologies;
  • Earth;
  • Plants;
  • Environments;
  • Resources;
  • Animals;
  • Diversity;
  • Climate.

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to start a conversation with us at our booth #12. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have.

For more information about the conference, please visit

2 November 2023
Meet Us at the 12th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry, 17–21 November 2023, Wuhan, China

The 12th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry will be held from 17 to 21 November 2023, in Wuhan, China. The conference is organized by the Environmental Chemistry Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

The key areas include the following:

  • Twin carbon targets;
  • Environment and health;
  • Environmental analysis related to water, soil, gas and solid wastes;
  • Interface process;
  • Pollution control and remediation technology;
  • Environmental policy.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • Toxics;
  • Applied Sciences;
  • Water;
  • Sustainability;
  • Minerals;
  • JoX;
  • World.

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to talk to us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person at booth #A3 and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following link:

1 November 2023
MDPI Insights: The CEO’s Letter #5 - OA Week, UK, and Strategy

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

Open Access Week 2023 – the Global Drive to Open Continues

As the world's largest open-access (OA) publisher, we believe that unrestricted access to research findings is the cornerstone of transparency, efficiency, and quality control across scientific disciplines. At MDPI, we provide free, immediate access to scientific papers, empowering scientists to examine, validate, replicate, and build upon existing results. This minimizes redundancy, optimizes resources, and fosters innovative approaches.

International OA Week, held from 23 to 29 October 2023, provided a unique opportunity to link the global movement toward open sharing and open science with the progress of policy changes at the local level. Our mission, during OA Week and all the year round, is to offer educational resources highlighting the benefits of open-access publishing. The MDPI Blog is a valuable resource for information on open access and open science.

Core principles of OA publishing

Accessibility, transparency, and collaboration are core principles of OA publishing. OA aims to break down barriers that have traditionally restricted research access, ensuring that knowledge is available to all, regardless of financial situation or institutional affiliations. Our commitment to diverse pathways for OA publishing worldwide includes discounts for researchers. You can learn more about how MDPI supports scientific communities here.

One of the key strengths of OA publishing is its ability to facilitate interdisciplinary research. By removing paywalls and promoting knowledge-sharing across disciplines, OA encourages collaboration and innovation. Researchers from various fields can access and build upon each others’ work, fostering a holistic approach to addressing complex global challenges.

OA holds the potential to democratize knowledge, advance science, and drive positive societal change.

Policy driving change

Governments, institutions, and funding agencies have recognized the transformative potential of OA and have implemented policies to promote it. These policies often require publicly funded research to be made openly accessible, accelerating the growth of OA repositories and journals. Check out our spotlights on OA policies in the USEU and China

OA publishing is continuously evolving, with community-driven models and technologies shaping its future. Initiatives such as “Plan S” and “cOAlition S” promote OA publishing from the perspective of national funders, requiring grantees to publish their research openly. A new policy announced by the US administration last year mandates that, with effect from January 2026, all US federally funded research should be freely and immediately available after publication.

Additionally, preprint servers such as MDPI's, which allow researchers to share their findings before formal peer review, have gained popularity, enhancing the speed at which new knowledge is disseminated. The rise of blockchain technology is also being explored to ensure transparency and authenticity in scholarly publishing.

For more than two decades, OA publishing has been revolutionizing academic publishing by promoting accessibility, transparency, and collaboration. Its support for interdisciplinary research, evolving policies, and innovative practices all contribute to its growing influence in the global research community. As OA continues to expand, it holds the potential to democratize knowledge, advance science, and drive positive societal change.

MDPI is proud to lead the transition to open access.

Read more:

Impactful Research

Spotlight on Smart Cities

Smart cities will serve as a cornerstone for future human development. Their implementation will help us tackle many of the significant challenges we are facing – climate change, ageing populations, waste management, public safety, travel, and so on. Recognising the importance of this multifaceted field, MDPI launched the inaugural issue of Smart Cities in 2018 to provide an advanced forum for research into smart technology and society. Here we take a look at how this journal has developed, and its impact in this exciting field.

As at 30 October, 2023, Smart Cities has published 421 papers and has an Impact Factor of 6.4. It also has a CiteScore of 8.5, and more than one quarter of its published papers – 124 – have been cited 10 times or more.

Highly cited papers in Smart Cities

Below are several highly cited papers recently published in Smart Cities. Citation metrics are current as at 31 October 2023.

1. “Introducing the “15-Minute City”: Sustainability, Resilience and Place Identity in Future Post-Pandemic Cities
Authors: Carlos Moreno, Zaheer Allam, Didier Chabaud, Catherine Gall and Florent Pratlong
Smart Cities 2021, 4(1), 93-111;
Citations: Crossref (338), Scopus (366), Web of Science (270), Google Scholar (710)
The paper discusses the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 on cities, including increasing inequalities and rising unemployment. It introduces the concept of the "15-Minute City," a form of "chrono-urbanism," as a response to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

2. “A Review on Electric Vehicles: Technologies and Challenges
Authors: Julio A. Sanguesa, Vicente Torres-Sanz, Piedad Garrido, Francisco J. Martinez and Johann M. Marquez-Barja
Smart Cities 2021, 4(1), 372-404;
Citations: Crossref (359), Scopus (363), Web of Science (268), Google Scholar (558)
This paper provides an overview of the progress in Electric Vehicles (EVs), focusing on battery technology, charging methods, and emerging research challenges. It also analyzes the global EV market and its future outlook.

3. “IoT in Smart Cities: A Survey of Technologies, Practices and Challenges
Authors: Abbas Shah Syed, Daniel Sierra-Sosa, Anup Kumar and Adel Elmaghraby
Smart Cities 2021, 4(2), 429-475;
Citations: Crossref (121), Scopus (151), Web of Science (91), Google Scholar (215)
This paper gives an overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the context of Smart Cities, discussing the fundamental components, technologies, architectures, networking technologies, and artificial algorithms that underpin IoT-based Smart City systems.

4. “Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Smart Grid: A Survey
Authors: Olufemi A. Omitaomu and Haoran Niu
Smart Cities 2021, 4(2), 548-568;
Citations: Crossref (76), Scopus (94), Web of Science (57), Google Scholar (120)
This survey paper reviews the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in the context of the smart grid. It covers various applications of AI in load forecasting, power grid stability assessment, fault detection, and security issues in the smart grid and power systems.

5. “The Metaverse as a Virtual Form of Smart Cities: Opportunities and Challenges for Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability in Urban Futures
Authors: Zaheer Allam, Ayyoob Sharifi, Simon Elias Bibri, David Sydney Jones and John Krogstie
Smart Cities 2022, 5(3), 771-801;
Citations: Crossref (72), Scopus (75), Web of Science (43), Google Scholar (176)
This paper discusses the concept of the Metaverse, a virtual world introduced by Meta (formerly Facebook), and its potential impact on urban life. It explores how emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT, and Digital Twins could reshape urban design and services in the context of the Metaverse.


“It was indeed a great and pleasant experience with MDPI regarding our recent publication. The submission process was very straightforward and less time-consuming than the norm. The review process was very fast compared to many other open access journals, which is praiseworthy. The support from the Editorial Office during the revision process was highly useful as well. We look forward to publishing with MDPI in the future, and I will most definitely recommend MDPI to my colleagues and collaborators. – Dr. Luís Rosa, University of Minho

Article in Smart Cities: Mobile Networks and Internet of Things Infrastructures to Characterize Smart Human Mobility

Inside MDPI

MDPI Manchester office, UK Visit

Allie Shi (Editorial Director, MDPI), Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI), Jamie Anderson (Manchester Office Manager, MDPI), Michael O’Sullivan (Senior Scientific Officer, MDPI), Hushneara Akhtar, and Becky Castellon (IOAP Team Lead, MDPI), dining out in Manchester, UK.

In October, I visited MDPI’s new office in Manchester. During the visit, I connected with our English Editing (EE) managers, Scientific Officer, members of the Editorial team, the Marketing team, and IOAP Team Lead.

Our Manchester office focuses primarily on EE services and provides local support for the UK market. Additionally, we regularly visit Editorial Board members and participate in local conferences.

I would like to thank Jamie Anderson, Manchester Office Manager, and her team, for their deep commitment to our Manchester staff and to MDPI’s impact on the UK market.

The UK by numbers

The UK is a hub for the world’s top universities, making it a key market for MDPI and the publishing world in general. It is home to two of the top-five-ranked universities globally, 11 in the top 100, and 15 in the top 200.

As a result, the UK plays a key role in MDPI’s global market. As at October 2023, it ranks as the seventh-largest contributor to the total number of papers published by MDPI. We have 3,500 Editorial Board members affiliated with UK institutions, including 34 serving as Editors-in-Chief (EiCs). Our commitment to collaboration with institutions is evident in the UK, where we have successfully established some 60 Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP) agreements with esteemed institutions, such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, the University of Edinburgh, and more.

According to InCites Dataset + ESCI for the period 2018–2022, as at October 2023, nearly 65% of UK papers are now published as OA. Just over 10% of total OA publications are by UK authors. UK papers are known for their high quality, with an average of 11 citations per paper. Furthermore, 2.16% of UK papers are in the top 1% of cited papers, and 14.61% are in the top 10% of cited papers, showcasing their impact.

We are currently hiring EEs in various locations worldwide.

English Editing at MDPI

Our English Editing (EE) department consists of two main branches, Quality Control and Learning and Development, reflecting our priorities. We are continuously enhancing the quality of our English Editing services and have raised the relevant standards, which now extend to company-wide communications. English editors participate in international interviews, conduct English assessments, and provide colleagues with presentations on ways to improve their use of written and spoken English.

While expanding, the EE department has proactively refocused its efforts on the quality of our work and how the English Editing department can benefit the company more broadly. We currently have approximately 140 full-time English Editors based across five offices worldwide, supplemented by over 700 freelance English editors.

Our Manchester office serves as the hub for the EE Department, with EE Managers situated there, except for Kurtis Jackson, who serves as the Head of EE and is located in our Basel office. Manchester EEs play a critical role in establishing and developing EE teams in our other offices, overseeing management and recruitment. The EE department plays a vital role in MDPI’s operations, as it is the department that touches every published paper. If this work interests you, I encourage you to explore our available EE positions, whether you are seeking full-time or freelance opportunities.


“MDPI provides an excellent service compared to any other previously used services. It delivers fast and high-quality results but at an affordable price.” – Ardha Apriyanto, University of Potsdam

“In my role as a professor, I consider that MDPI Author Services offer an excellent quality in the editing of Western academic writing while maintaining the required standards of clarity, precision and rigor. Additionally, delivery times are fast compared to other available services.” – Jesus Insuasti, University of Nariño

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Coming Together for Science

STM and Frankfurt Book Fair

Attending STM

MDPI has been a proud sponsor of the STM Conference for several years. The STM Conference is a dynamic event featuring interactive sessions, expert panellists, idea-sharing, and ample networking opportunities. On 16 October, the event kicked off with arrival drinks, sponsored by MDPI, followed by a welcoming dinner, providing a great chance to connect and network with industry professionals. The following day was filled with speakers, sessions, and further opportunities to connect. STM exemplifies the collaborative spirit of the scientific community, with session topics including achieving open, visible, and impactful research at scale; maintaining research integrity in a rapidly changing world; and exploring the impact of ever-evolving technology in the scholarly community.

Meeting with Web of Science

On a personal note, one of the highlights of STM was a candid and productive conversation with Nandita Quaderi, Editor-in-Chief and SVP at Web of Science. During our discussion, we talked about MDPI, Web of Science, the IJERPH delisting, and ways of moving forward. This open conversation aimed at fostering better collaboration for the future.

“We discussed ways to improve our communication and collaboration.”

I appreciated our frank discussion and felt that Nandita wholeheartedly supports open access. She also expressed her appreciation for the monthly CEO Letter, which she sees as a way to add personality to the MDPI brand and provide insight into the great work we do at MDPI. While we highlighted the positives, we also discussed ways to improve our communication and collaboration moving forward. This meeting alone made the trip worthwhile, and I hope Nandita doesn’t mind my sharing that she found our chat to be “the most honest and constructive discussion” she’s had with someone from MDPI in recent years.

75th Frankfurt Book Fair

Jelena Milojevic (Book Editor, MDPI), Jovana Dubajic (Book Editor, MDPI), Evan Escamilla (Project Manager, MDPI), Laura Wagner (Head of Books, MDPI), and Jenny Knowles (Commissioning Editor, MDPI), at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

For the 75th time, the Frankfurter Buchmesse opened its doors in October to celebrate exciting stories and their authors. If you haven’t yet had the chance to visit the Frankfurt Book Fair, I highly recommend it. It’s the largest book fair in the world, attracting thousands of visitors from around the globe. This is the place to gain valuable industry insights from top-class publishing professionals, connect with publishers directly, and learn about the latest trends in publishing.

MDPI Books

Our Books team was also present at the Frankfurt Book Fair, networking and learning from various panels. Did you know that our MDPI Books department publishes OA Books?

The book publishing program includes monographs, book series, edited books and reprints of special issues and topical collections, among other book types.

If you have a book proposal you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact our Books team to understand the benefits and methods of publishing your next book with the OA model.

Closing Thoughts

MDPI Strategy Meeting

As the newly appointed CEO, this is my first year leading the MDPI Senior Management Strategy session. I saw it as an opportunity to explore what MDPI has the potential to become in the next five years. Guided by the vision of its founder and President, Dr. Shu-kun Lin, the company has accomplished remarkable feats over the past 27 years and currently holds the position as the world’s third-largest academic publisher, following Springer Nature and Elsevier.

Our primary objective is to build upon the milestones of the past decades and consolidate MDPI’s position as well-established publishing brand. The two-day meeting emphasized the importance of communicating MDPI’s values more actively via its brand and adopting a straightforward yet impactful approach to managing MDPI as a mature academic publisher.

“Our primary objective is to consolidate MDPI’s position as well-established publishing brand”

As the world’s number one open-access publisher, MDPI has long been a game-changer in the scholarly community, serving millions of authors. The challenge in being a trailblazer is the need to continuously improve and at the same time explore the next blue-ocean strategy, while also maintaining the smooth operation of the business. Our collection model, featuring guest-curated thematic topics in the form of Special Issues, has disrupted the industry. Other publishers closely study us and attempt to replicate our models. The future of this collection model is something we are actively addressing – while, of course, looking ahead to what comes next!

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

19 October 2023
Open Access Week 2023 – the Global Drive to Open Continues

MDPI has been a strong proponent of the open access publishing model right from the beginning. As one of the pioneering fully open access publishers, we firmly believe that unrestricted access to research findings forms the foundation for better transparency, efficiency, and quality control across all scientific disciplines.

In December 2022, we reached a significant milestone by surpassing one million articles published. That is one million articles freely available to all, to circulate and build upon!

Offering free and immediate access to scientific papers empowers scientists to examine, validate, replicate, and expand upon existing results. This not only helps prevent redundancy and optimizes how resources are used but also paves the way for innovative new approaches.

The International Open Access Week takes place from 23 to 29 October 2023, providing a unique opportunity to connect the global movement towards open sharing and open science with the progress of policy transformations at the local level.

Our goal, during Open Access Week as well as throughout the year, is to offer resources for educating people about the benefits of open access publishing. The MDPI Blog offers a wealth of information around open access and open science.

Promoting the values of accessibility, transparency, and collaboration

Open access publishing embodies the fundamental values of democratizing knowledge and fostering global accessibility. It aims to break down barriers that have traditionally limited access to scholarly work, ensuring that knowledge is available to all, regardless of their financial or institutional affiliations. 

Discounts are part of our commitment to ensuring there are diverse pathways to Open Access publishing for researchers worldwide. MDPI supports scientific communities in several different ways. 

One of the key strengths of open access publishing lies in its ability to facilitate interdisciplinary research. By removing paywalls and promoting the sharing of knowledge across disciplines, OA encourages collaboration and innovation. Researchers from diverse fields can access and build upon each other's work, fostering a holistic approach to addressing complex global challenges. 

Funders' policies are getting aligned with open science

Governments, institutions, and funding agencies have recognized the transformative potential of open access and have implemented policies to promote it. These policies often mandate that publicly funded research should be made openly accessible. Such initiatives have accelerated the growth of open access repositories and journals, reinforcing the commitment to open access principles. Check our spotlights on OA policies in the USEU and China

Open access publishing is continually evolving, with innovative and community-driven models and technologies shaping its future. Initiatives like "Plan S" and "cOAlition S" promote the adoption of OA publishing from the national funders’ perspective by requiring grantees to publish their research openly. A new policy announced by the US administration last year requires that, as of January 2026, all US federally funded research be made freely and immediately available after publication. 

Additionally, preprint servers such as MDPI's, which allow researchers to share their findings before formal peer review, have gained popularity, enhancing the speed at which new knowledge is disseminated. The rise of blockchain technology is also being explored to ensure transparency and authenticity in scholarly publishing. 

For more than twenty years, open access scholarly publishing has been revolutionizing academia by promoting the values of accessibility, transparency, and collaboration. Its support for interdisciplinary research, evolving policies, and innovative practices all contribute to its growing influence in the global research community. As open access continues to expand, it holds the potential to democratize knowledge, advance science, and drive positive societal change. 

MDPI is proud to be a leader in the transition to open access.

2 October 2023
MDPI Insights: The CEO’s Letter #4 - MDPI Presence in China

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

Open Access in China

It is Saturday, 23 September, and I have just returned from an unforgettable 12-day trip to China, visiting our main offices in Beijing and Wuhan. In the wake of a packed and very enjoyable agenda of internal and external meetings, I would like to use this edition of the CEO Letter to showcase how MDPI supports the scholarly community in China.

Coincidentally, Jack McKenna, Communications Associate from MDPI’s corporate content team, has just released a blog article discussing China’s open access (OA) policy. It is a timely read, providing a concise overview of the development of the OA movement in China and reflecting on its future. I shall draw some content from Jack’s piece and use this edition of the CEO Letter to highlight the various ways in which MDPI is involved in this market. And it would be remiss of me not to include some pictures and highlights from my travels!

Open Access Policy in China

As per Jack’s post, in 2020, China became the world’s leading producer of research articles. Today, China is experiencing a “substantial growth rate in OA [Open Access] publication”. This growth is supported by the State’s commitment to research & development and its policy “requiring the promotion of open science”.

Over the past two decades, there have been gradual developments in China’s OA framework, with repositories and platforms being developed in a consistent manner. Currently, key institutions across China – including the National Science Library, the National Science and Technology Library, and the Natural Science Foundation of China – support OA. The State aims to establish consistent policies across government agencies – a framework for a more encompassing embrace of OA across institutions.

In China, the number of subscription-only articles decreased by nearly 30% over the 10-year period of 2011–2021, while gold OA increased by 22%. Between 2017 and 2020 alone, China published 800,921 academic papers in an OA format.

In 2023, as the leading publisher of academic research, China is pursuing “self-reliance”. Therefore, the State will be establishing consistent policies across government agencies, including those related to OA. Additionally, it will want to ensure that Chinese people can access the research that is supported by Chinese funding and produced by Chinese academics. For this reason, “Open Access is a matter of priority in China”.

MDPI Offices in China

 While the history of MDPI begins in Basel, Switzerland, the story of MDPI’s founder is very much rooted in China. Dr. Shu-kun Lin, Founder and President of MDPI, graduated with a BSc from Wuhan University in 1982. He also studied physical chemistry at the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1982–1986; MSc in 1985), and at the University of Louisville, USA (1987–1989). Dr. Lin completed his doctorate in organic chemistry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zürich) in 1992.

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) at MDPI’s Wuhan office.

In 2002, MDPI’s Basel headquarters moved to Matthäusstrasse 11, 4052 Basel, and Dr. Lin opened an editorial office in Qingdao, China, which launched the journal Marine Drugs in the following year. Below is a list of MDPI’s current offices in China and their respective dates of inauguration:

  • 2008: Beijing (Tongzhou, Haidian)
  • 2013: Wuhan (Hankou, Guanggu)
  • 2019: Tianjin
  • 2021: Dalian
  • 2021: Nanjing

Our Strength is in Our People

With over 6,000 MDPI staff, across 20 offices in 11 countries, MDPI is able to offer authors responsive and efficient round-the-clock support, enabling a rapid publication process.

In my experience, stakeholders are genuinely surprised when they realize the extent of our global operations. My response is to reiterate that our people are our strength. This is why we have fast and efficient processes and top-notch responsiveness. Our global presence ensures that your manuscript is constantly attended to, rather than sitting on someone’s desk. We prioritize our authors’ needs and act quickly to move things through the various stages of publication. MDPI is built on speed, convenience, and competence, which I believe are core pillars for success in any industry. We continually strive to improve our systems and processes on the basis of these core strengths. We literally have over 6,000 staff worldwide dedicated to serving your needs. It’s not magic: it’s people; it’s real.

Impactful Research

MDPI Awards

To support the academic community, and especially young researchers, and also to enhance communication among scientists, MDPI journals offer various awards in specific fields. We serve the scientific community by funding research to facilitate the development of sustainable global solutions through our annual World Sustainability Award and Emerging Sustainability Leader Award.

In 2022, MDPI made awards totalling over US$1 million in recognition and support of researchers worldwide.

Across our journal catalogue, we have granted over 2,000 awards to recognize and support researchers from all disciplines. Since 2016, these awards have served as a source of recognition, acknowledging the impact of research by heightening the influence of talented individuals. The award types mainly include the Young Investigator Award, the Best PhD Thesis Award, the Best Paper Award, and the Outstanding Reviewer Award.

To learn more about MDPI Awards and to find out which are currently available, please click here.

MDPI Awards to Scholars from China

Since 2021, there have been 23 Best Paper Awards granted to authors affiliated with Chinese institutions, identifying their papers as having high-quality scientific impact. A total of 45 Chinese scholars have received awards such as the Young Investigator Award, the Best PhD Thesis Award, the Outstanding Reviewer Award, and the Tu Youyou Award, among others. Prizes for these awards include MDPI grants for paid publications, totalling over CHF 70,000 for scholars affiliated with Chinese institutions.

MDPI’s Tu Youyou Award

Prof. Tu Youyou (left), Dr. Shu-Kun Lin (President, MDPI).

In 2015, Professor Tu Youyou was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria.” In order to commemorate Professor Tu’s contributions to human health and to promote the passion and spirit conveyed by her experiences, MDPI in 2016 established the ‘Tu Youyou Award’, which runs biennially to recognize outstanding scholars dedicated to the research of natural products and medicinal chemistry.

The 2022 Tu Youyou Award was granted to Prof. Dr. Xiaoguang Lei of Peking University. Click here to access the interview with the winner.

2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine Awarded to Professor Youyou Tu

Professor Tu’s work was celebrated in a Special Issue from Molecules on the occasion of her 80th birthday. The Special Issue: 'Artemisinin (Qinghaosu): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Youyou Tu on the Occasion of her 80th Anniversary” was created five years before she won the Nobel Prize, highlighting the visibility MDPI provides researchers and their work.

Highly Cited Articles by Chinese Scholars Published in MDPI

Click here to access the most cited MDPI papers published by scholars affiliated with Chinese institutions. This list presents the most influential research from the more than 287,000 MDPI papers published by Chinese scholars. With over 9 million total citations, I encourage you to maximize your visibility and impact by publishing with MDPI, the number one most cited open access publisher.

Read more:

Inside MDPI

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) with the Beijing Marketing team.

Marketing Department in China

During my visit to our offices in Beijing and Wuhan, I had the opportunity to meet with, and to present to, our local marketing teams. These teams are responsible for various journal-related and corporate promotional activities, including newsletters, conferences, seminars, author training, journal awards, content creation, digital marketing, and social media.

I was pleased by the ambition and curiosity of our marketing colleagues. They showed a strong desire to collaborate and acquire knowledge and tactics to effectively market and promote MDPI-journal-related activities. I presented some of the principles and objectives that we apply in the Corporate Marketing and Communications department, and used the opportunity to strengthen our collaborative communications across offices.

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI) with the Wuhan Marketing team.

Coming Together for Science

Collaborations, Scholarships and Meetings

MDPI maintains partnerships with nearly 190 learned societies and over 800 institutions and consortia, helping to facilitate the transition to OA publishing. Our commitment to working with institutions is evident in China, where we have successfully established over 35 Institutional Open Access Programs (IOAP) with esteemed institutions such as the Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Our institutional partnerships, waiver programs, and article processing cost discounts create diverse pathways to OA publishing for researchers worldwide.

Scholarships in China

Since 2021, several MDPI journals (Sensors, Photonics, Coatings, Materials, Energies, and Journal of Fungi) have funded full scholarships for four Master’s and five Ph.D. projects in China. These scholarships align with Tianjin University, Wuhan University of Technology, Central South University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the China University of Petroleum (Beijing).

Meeting with the Society of Chinese University Journals (CUJS)

Prof. Tieming Zhang (President of CUJS, centre) and MDPI colleagues at CUJS office.

I am pleased to have participated in some highly productive meetings during my visit to China, including one with the Society of Chinese University Journals (CUJS). The meeting involved Prof. Tieming Zhang (President of CUJS), Assoc. Prof. Xin Zhang (Vice President and Secretary General), and Dr. Fei Gao (Executive Member of CUJS). Alongside my colleagues Dr. Guoshi Liu, Dr. Giulia Stefenelli, and Anita Sun, I represented MDPI and held an open discussion to address any questions regarding OA and MDPI.

We discussed several methods for collaboration, including a workshop on the future of peer review, MDPI sponsoring a funding grant for early-career researchers, and transitioning journals from diamond to gold OA. I am thankful for the opportunity to have met our colleagues at CUJS in person and feel very confident about our future collaborations in support of OA publishing in China.

MDPI hosts free academic seminars, author training sessions, and academic conferences as part of its commitment to enrich and support the scholarly community. CUJS often stages academic events (e.g., conferences, editor training, and editor competitions), and I believe there are great opportunities for CUJS and MDPI to collaborate accordingly.

Meeting with National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC)

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI), Dr. Giulia Stefenelli (Chair of Scientific Officers, MDPI), Anita Sun (PR Manager, MDPI) and Dr. Guoshi Liu (Managing Director, MDPI) at the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

We also visited the NSLC Director, Xiwen Liu, and colleagues Ying Jin, Zhesi Shen, and Sichao Tong. Following our introductions, we gave a presentation on the history and editorial process at MDPI, discussing specific details related to MDPI’s business and data. We highlighted the status of our  IOAP collaborations in China and the makeup of our author base, specifically in China, and drew attention to the fact that MDPI has published research by authors from every country in the world. We then discussed the design indicators, calculation methods and implementation purposes of the ‘Early Warning Journal List’ and how we can have open communication to provide any data regarding MDPI journals. I am pleased to report that we reached a consensus on future communications, and am grateful to NSLC for hosting us in their offices.

In-person meetings with stakeholders provide an invaluable opportunity to communicate what MDPI is about and the various ways in which we serve the scholarly community. While digital marketing and online communication are essential, they are no replacement for the understanding and trust that come about through in-person interactions.

The Numbers

As at September 2023, China holds the largest position in MDPI’s global market, ranking as the largest contributor to the total number of papers published by MDPI.

At this point in time, there were more than 847,000 China mainland scholars who have published with MDPI, 51 of whom are Section-Editors-in-Chief (SEiC) of MDPI journals, with seven serving as Editors-in-Chief (EiCs) for journals such as Air, Big Data and Cognitive Computing, Blockchains, Future, Nanoenergy Advances, and Targets.

Our growth and presence in China are a true testament to the service we provide to the scholarly community, and to the relationships we foster through collaborative activities. We look forward to continuing to support the growth of the scholarly community in China, providing a valuable and trusted experience with MDPI.

Closing Thoughts

Final Reflections on our MDPI Offices in Beijing and Wuhan

Stefan Tochev (CEO, MDPI), Dr. Constanze Schelhorn (Indexing Manager, MDPI), Jiale Shang (Admin, Tongzhou, MDPI) at Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing.

I spent approximately two weeks visiting some of our offices in China, and the first word that comes to mind when describing my experience is ‘hospitality.’ My colleagues and I were met with enthusiasm and delight at the airport by the Tongzhou Admin team (thank you, Jiale Shang, and thank you, Eric Wang, for keeping us organized on this trip!) and were taken care of with great attention. From hotels to transportation, dinners, and meetings, our stay was catered for perfectly.

Perhaps this is where MDPI’s focus on customers and service originates. At our core, we are a service company that provides a publishing platform for its authors. It’s therefore no surprise that authors consistently rate their experience with MDPI very highly.

95% of submitting authors rate their overall experience with the MDPI publication process as Excellent or Good (Springer Nature report 90%).

91% of submitting authors rate their overall experience with the MDPI peer review process as Excellent or Good.

Speed/Efficiency and Editorial Relationship are two key reasons underlying this high satisfaction score. ‘Editorial Relationship’ can be further explored, but in the past month, the most commonly noted aspects were the professionalism, kindness, availability, communicativeness, and personalized assistance provided by our editorial staff throughout the process. These attributes are at the core of our work across all our offices and continents.

Hospitality and Service

Just as our Chinese colleagues strove to keep us engaged by showing us the city sights (thank you, Thea Pan, and Jason Wu from the Wuhan Marketing team!) and sharing a variety of wonderful meals, our editorial staff are committed to serving our authors throughout their publishing journey. Our aim is to place the author at the centre of everything we do, eager to welcome our ‘guests’ and provide them with a pleasant publishing experience.

I asked my colleague Francis Wu (Senior Publisher, Wuhan office) where this hospitality originates. He responded that it is part of Chinese culture. I reflected long and deep on this answer. China is a vast country, and when visitors arrive, hosts want to ensure they feel welcomed and taken care of in order to maximize their time and visit. I can’t think of a better analogy for how I would want our authors to feel when they visit MDPI for their publishing needs. A company culture that prioritizes service, something that goes beyond products and productivity, and focuses on the overall experience. Over 6,000 people, across all MDPI offices, are ready, willing and able to go the extra mile for their colleagues and their customers. This is something I am truly proud of.

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

25 September 2023
Meet Us at the 22nd China Conference on Ecology, 27–30 October 2023, Beijing, China

MDPI journals will be attending the 22nd China Conference on Ecology as exhibitors. This meeting will be held in Beijing, China, from 27 to 30 October 2023.

The conference is being organized by the Ecological Society of China and will be held at the China National Convention Center. Domestic and overseas experts, scholars, and outstanding young scientists who have made outstanding contributions to ecology and related fields will be invited to give academic reports.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are planning to attend this conference, please feel free to start a conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference and our booth, please visit the following webpage:

13 September 2023
Meet Us at the AGU Fall Meeting 2023, 11–15 December 2023, Online or On-Site in San Francisco, CA, USA

MDPI will be attending the AGU Fall Meeting 2023, which will be held from 11 to 15 December 2023 in San Francisco, CA, USA.

For more than 100 years, AGU has been opening science—opening pathways to discovery, opening greater awareness to address climate change, opening greater collaborations that lead to solutions and opening the fields and professions of science to a whole new age of justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging.

2023 might be the official year of Open Science, but we also see it as an opportunity to affirm AGU’s overarching values and beliefs. It is a message for all of us to carry as we come together to share, inspire, collaborate, engage and most of all rededicate ourselves as a united community grounded in wide open science.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are planning to attend this conference, please feel free to stop by our booth #1424 and start a conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

6 September 2023
Recap of Awards Granted to Scholars in 2022

MDPI is committed to supporting the academic community, nurturing talent and advancing science. Awards are an important part of the research landscape and play a vital role in helping academics gain recognition, especially young researchers as they embark on new research avenues.

In 2022, our journals presented a total number of 394 Awards, including Travel Awards, Young Investigator Awards, Best PhD Thesis Awards, Best Paper Awards, and Outstanding Reviewer Awards, with several winners announced for some of the awards. The total prize sum amounted to just under 580,000 Swiss francs (CHF), or approximately 650,000 US dollars. Overall, more than 720 scholars were awarded.

The majority of the awards were dedicated to young researchers in relatively early stages of their careers. This encompassed 66 of the afore-mentioned Travel Awards, 60 Young Investigator Awards, supporting research projects and conference attendance, as well as 51 Best PhD Thesis Awards. Additionally, 113 Best Paper Awards were given by our journals. The selection committees were entrusted with identifying the most impactful and novel research and review articles published in their journal within a given year.

MDPI will continue its support and recognition for the academic community moving forward, sponsoring new awards across disciplines. To learn more about all the awardees and their research projects in your field of study, please visit the following pages:

To explore more MDPI awards, please click here.

1 September 2023
Notice Regarding Invoice Payment Security

We are committed to protecting your financial security, therefore, please note that we only process payments for invoices that are generated and sent directly from our official domain, Legitimate invoices will always come from an official email address. Please be very cautious of any invoices received from unfamiliar email domains. If you receive an invoice from a domain other than, please reach out to our support team immediately to verify its authenticity before making any payments.

31 August 2023
Meet Us at the Building Simulation 2023 (BS2023), 4–6 September 2023, Shanghai, China

A range of MDPI journals will be attending the Building Simulation 2023 (BS2023). This meeting will be held in Shanghai, China, from 4 to 6 September 2023.

At BS2023, the main themes incorporate macroscope topics concerned with building simulation regarding policy on carbon emission and control, power systems at the metropolis level, energy flow among regional cities, or even mining petascale data.

The conference/technical program will continue to bring together the interests of academics and practitioners, and on top of that, they would like to invite policymakers, in an attempt to reshape the path forward. As a tradition, the themes keep expanding the frontier of building simulation techniques, such as the simulation module from the system to the city, a better understanding of human factors, AI-assisted decision making, and seamless interoperability in modeling and design.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • Buildings (leading);
  • Architecture;
  • Sustainability;
  • Electronics;
  • Energies;
  • Smart Cities.

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to start a conversation with us at our booth (#10-11). Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit or contact the Buildings Editorial Office at [email protected].

30 August 2023
MDPI Insights: The CEO’s Letter #3 - Sustainability and Co-opetition

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a pioneer in academic open access publishing since 1996, MDPI has always been dedicated to facilitating scientific exchange across all disciplines. Our approach to open science is guided by principles such as Open Access (OA), Timeliness and Efficiency, Simplicity, High-Quality Service, Flexibility, and a commitment to Sustainability. This commitment involves preserving published papers for the long term and supporting the future of science through partnerships, sponsorships, and awards.

In this edition of the CEO Letter, I will delve into MDPI’s various sustainability initiatives. As a leader in OA publishing, we are able to provide the public with a significant amount of environment-related content at no cost.

MDPI and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2020, the SDG Publishers Compact was launched to accelerate implementation of the SDGs by promoting content that informs, develops, and inspires action. MDPI joined this initiative in 2021 and subsequently launched the MDPI SDG Hub in 2022, offering free access to recent research within the scope of each of the 17 SDGs. We also support authors from underrepresented communities by waiving publication charges for selected SDG-related papers. Detailed sustainability practices and supported publications are available in the report under each Goal page.

“More than 80% of MDPI articles and reviews published in 2022 relate to the Sustainable Development Goals.” [source: InCites, Accessed on 21.08.2023]

As at August 2023, MDPI boasts 14 journals dedicated to sustainability-related topics. Our first journal in this area, Sustainability, has published over 29,000 articles on the SDGs, accumulating over 240,000 citations (source: InCites, as at 1 January 2023). These journals serve as vital platforms for researchers to share insights and address environmental challenges. In addition:

MDPI journals specializing in sustainability-related topics:

  • 2009: Sustainability
  • 2012: Resources
  • 2013: Climate
  • 2014: Environments
  • 2016: Recycling
  • 2019: Clean Technologies
  • 2020: Sustainable Chemistry
  • 2021: Wind, Biomass, Conservation, Pollutants, Solar
  • 2022: Waste, Microplastics

Read more:

Impactful Research

Highly Cited Articles in Sustainability

In 2022, content published in Sustainability and indexed in Journal Citation Reports (JCR) received nearly 190,000 citations. This highlights the fact that Sustainability publishes highly cited research articles related to environmental sciences and SDG-related topics such as climate action.

We are pleased to share that Sustainability received a 2022 CiteScore of 5.8, marking a 16% increase from the 2021 metric. Specifically, the CiteScore positions Sustainability as follows: Q1 (27 out of 163) in the “Environmental Science (miscellaneous)” category, and Q1 (101 out of 779) in the “Geography Planning and Development” category. For additional journal statistics, please visit here.

“Sustainability received a 2022 CiteScore of 5.8”

While MDPI journals such as Climate and Atmosphere have a distinct focus on atmosphere pollution and its impact on climate processes, journals like Sustainability, Environments, Water, Remote Sensing, and IJERPH publish content related to climate change. These journals have published over 32,300 articles related to SDG 13: Climate Action.

Highly Cited Papers in Sustainability

Below are several highly cited papers published in Sustainability over the past three years. Citation metrics are current as at 15 August 2023.

1. “A Global Assessment: Can Renewable Energy Replace Fossil Fuels by 2050?
Authors: Jerry L. Holechek, Hatim M. E. Geli, Mohammed N. Sawalhah, and Raul Valdez
Sustainability 2022, 14(8), 4792;
Citations: Crossref (97), Scopus (91), Web of Science (82), Google Scholar (125)

This paper addresses one of the most significant challenges of climate change – achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050. The meta-analysis suggests that while difficult, this transition is possible through the concerted application of pathways, lifestyle changes, and global cooperation.

2. “Anxiety and the Ecological Crisis: An Analysis of Eco-Anxiety and Climate Anxiety
Author: Panu Pihkala
Sustainability 2020, 12(19), 7836;
Citations: Crossref (144), Scopus (121), Web of Science (159), Google Scholar (382)

This paper has received substantial media attention, including coverage by The Guardian, BBC, Vice, and CNBC. An interview with Dr. Panu Pihkala, a leading interdisciplinary researcher on the topic, can be found on MDPI’s podcast: Insight Faster, Episode 1.

3. “Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Its Mitigation Strategies: A Review
Authors: Gurdeep Singh Malhi, Manpreet Kaur, and Prashant Kaushik
Sustainability 2021, 13(3), 1318;
Citations: Crossref (207), Scopus (221), Web of Science (186), Google Scholar (355)

This paper reviews literature on climate change, addressing its causes, future projections, impact on agriculture, including plant physiology, growth, productivity, pest infestation, and the economic implications of mitigation strategies.

4. Impacts of Plastic Pollution on Ecosystem Services, Sustainable Development Goals, and Need to Focus on Circular Economy and Policy Interventions
Authors: Rakesh Kumar, Anurag Verma, Arkajyoti Shome, Rama Sinha, Srishti Sinha, Prakash Kumar Jha, Ritesh Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Shubham, Shreyas Das, Prabhakar Sharma, and P. V. Vara Prasad
Sustainability 2021, 13(17), 9963;
Citations: Crossref (134), Scopus (136), Web of Science (113), Google Scholar (184)

This review aims to assess the adverse effects of plastic pollution on ecosystems, link the management of plastic with the SDGs, and propose policy measures using transdisciplinary approaches. Empowering communities to reduce plastic use is crucial. Addressing global plastic pollution is a priority.

Sustainability is an international, cross-disciplinary, open access journal that explores environmental, cultural, economic, and social sustainability of human beings. It provides a forward-looking platform for research on sustainability and sustainable development, and is published semi-monthly online by MDPI. Sustainability is affiliated with The Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) and The International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB).

Read more:

Inside MDPI

President of Ireland Authors Editorial in MDPI Journal Sustainability

It’s a very special occasion when the president of a country takes the initiative to write an editorial for a journal. Michael D. Higgins, President of the Republic of Ireland, has contributed his insights to a forthcoming Special Issue in Sustainability:

This Special Issue, focusing on “making sustainable development happen” at grassroots levels, allows for perspectives from, and on, the major world faiths, exploring how challenges have been conceptualised and addressed, in addition to case studies of faith-based sustainability initiatives in practice.

The experience of faith institutions and communities in translating theological and moral commitments to sustainable development into action is now a topic we must examine with urgency; one on which I am so glad this Special Issue focuses.

As President of Ireland, I very much support this Special Issue of Sustainability. It is my great hope that the contents of the papers contained herein will assist in making sustainable development happen at grassroots levels across the world so that we can cooperate together, people of faith and of none, to ensure a just, inclusive and sustainable future for all on our fragile planet.

Read the completed editorial here:

Special Issue “Faith and Sustainable Development: Exploring Practice, Progress and Challenges among Faith Communities and Institutions”: Foreword by the President of Ireland
Author: Michael D. Higgins
Sustainability 2023, 15(12), 9683;

Coming Together for Science

The World Sustainability Forum 2023

The World Sustainability Forum (WSF) is a biennial MDPI event focused on sustainability. WSF 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the conference series, taking place on 14 September. For the first time, the event will be hosted as a 24-hour conference across three locations – Singapore, Basel in Switzerland, and Toronto in Canada – alongside virtual streaming.

This unique format allows us to span three time zones, providing live coverage of critical sustainability-related topics throughout the day:

  • The Singapore Hub, chaired by Professor Horn Mun Cheah and Associate Professor Renee Tan, will explore “Sustainability for Social and Community Impact”.
  • The Basel Hub, chaired by Prof. Dr. Anet Režek Jambrak and Dr. Lela Mélon, will delve into “Sustainability in the industry, and at university and corporate settings”.
  • The Toronto Hub, led by Dr. Umberto Berardi, will discuss “The Sustainable Built Environment”.

MDPI Sustainability Foundation: Recognizing Excellence in Sustainability Research

The MDPI Sustainability Foundation supports researchers through two sustainability-focused awards:

  1. The World Sustainability Award, amounting to USD 100,000, is given to senior researchers.
  2. The Emerging Sustainability Leader Award, valued at USD 20,000, sponsored by the journal Sustainability, is presented to early-career researchers.

The winners of the Sustainability Foundation will be formally awarded during the WSF2023 on 14 September. Interviews with the award winners and finalists are available below.

2023 World Sustainability Award Winners

  1. Professor Michael R. Templeton
  2. Professor Tom Lyon
  3. Dr Krithi K. Karanth

Interviews with 2023 Emerging Sustainability Leader Award Finalists

  • Dr. Bahareh Kamranzad
  • Dr. Youjin Kim
  • Dr. Julia Lohmann

As a hybrid event, WSF23 provides scholars with the option to attend in person at one of the conference sites or, for a more sustainable approach, virtually. All sessions will be recorded and archived for future access. Registration is open until 3 September 2023, with in-person and virtual tickets available here.

Read more:

Closing Thoughts

“Co-opetition”: Collaboration Plus Healthy Competition – A Visit to Elsevier

I firmly believe in fostering collaboration and at the same time promoting healthy competition within the academic publishing industry. The market offers ample room for publishers and related companies to provide valuable services and products that enrich the academic community. While MDPI is recognized for its efficient and streamlined processes –thanks to our over 6,000 colleagues, in-house tools, and initiatives that support the author journey – our ethos has always involved learning from and collaborating with other organizations.

MDPI’s Interaction with Elsevier

In January 2023, I had a brief conversation with Judy Verses, President of Global Academic and Government Markets at Elsevier, following her participation in a panel discussion at the Academic Publishers Europe event in Berlin. One of the highlights for me was Judy’s insight into the impact of research, particularly her emphasis on the role of collaboration, including policy and showing the impact of research to influence on funding decisions.

“Such collaborations drive forward-looking strategies to elevate our support for the scholarly community”

Judy and I resumed our discussion in August, when I visited Elsevier's office to review current projects, such as our recent agreement with Science Direct and the continued indexing of MDPI journals in Scopus (indexing database owned by Elsevier). We also explored possible opportunities for the future, including a potential collaboration to expand MDPI’s Scilit data infrastructure. This endeavour aims to aggregate and provide access to scholarly metadata encompassing journal articles, conference papers, books, preprints, and more. While these discussions are ongoing, the underlying principle remains that such collaborations drive forward-looking strategies to elevate our services and support for the scholarly community.

It was great that Judy and I acknowledged the merits of 'co-opetition,' a concept based of the belief that fostering cooperation alongside healthy competition can lead to shared advancements for both individual companies and the industry at large.

‘Fully OA’ Organizations Dedicated to Open Access

MDPI proudly aligns with the ‘Fully OA’ group, a collaborative initiative comprising nine organizations dedicated to Open Access. Our monthly meetings, including an OASPA representative, serve as platforms to share non-confidential information, resources, and projects. These gatherings also facilitate discussions on topics relevant to fully OA organizations. Occasionally, joint actions spring from these interactions, such as collaborative blog posts on pertinent subjects and joint statements, such as a recent response to the House Appropriations Committee.

This display of cooperation among competing entities forms a strategic alliance focused on nurturing the best interests of the OA publishing model.

As I wrap up this third edition of the CEO Letter, I encourage you to seize opportunities for collaboration and contribute to advancing our shared academic culture. As the African proverb has it, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

28 August 2023
Meet Us at the 1st European Symposium on Animal Reproduction (ESAR), 21–23 September 2023, Nantes, France

Conference: The 1st European Symposium on Animal Reproduction (ESAR)
Date: 21–23 September 2023
Location: Nantes, France

MDPI will be attending the 1st European Symposium on Animal Reproduction (ESAR) as an exhibitor; we welcome researchers from different backgrounds to visit and share their latest ideas with us.

This conference has been organized by the three European veterinary scientific societies specialized in animal reproduction: ESDAR, EVSSAR and ECAR. ESAR is a multi-disciplinary and international congress that focuses on animal reproduction. Together, we can build up a wider and better scientific program, one with cross-species talks and a wide panel of parallel sessions to satisfy all interests.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • Animals;
  • Veterinary Sciences;
  • Agriculture;
  • Ruminants;
  • Biology;
  • Sustainability;
  • Life;
  • Dairy.

If you are planning to attend this conference, please do not hesitate to contact us online. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

23 August 2023
Meet Us at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Geographical Society of China—Commission on Urban Geography, 15–18 September 2023, Wuhan, China

MDPI is attending the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Geographical Society of China—Commission on Urban Geography. The event will be held at Wuhan University, China, from 15 to 18 September 2023, and it is organized by the Geographical Society of China. This conference will focus on the theme "Innovative Development of Urban Geography for Chinese Modernization"; it will exchange new ideas, new trends, new methods and new practices of urban geography, explore new opportunities, new positioning and new paradigms for the development of urban geography in the context of disciplinary integration, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of urban geography in China.

Representatives of the following MDPI journals will be attending:

  • Land (leading journal);
  • Sustainability;
  • IJGI;
  • Forests;
  • Geomatics;
  • Geographies;
  • Earth.

If you are also attending this conference, please feel free to stop by our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit:

17 August 2023
Meet Us at the 20th Biennial EARLI Conference, 22–26 August 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece

MDPI will be attending the 20th Biennial EARLI Conference (EARLI 2023), which will be held from 22 to 26 August 2023 at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.

The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) is an international scientific association for junior and senior researchers in education. Representing over 2500 members in more than 60 countries, EARLI is the largest educational association in Europe. EARLI offers a wide range of activities to support its members in their academic endeavors. Through the Biennial EARLI Conference, Special Interest Groups and research groups, EARLI aims to encourage researchers to meet and discuss in an international context.

The EARLI conference is held every two years. In 2023, the EARLI 2023 is hosted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia, Greece. Participants are encouraged to present results and ideas on state-of-the-art research in learning and instruction, specifically around the topic “Education as a Hope in Uncertain Times”.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • Education Sciences (leading);
  • Sustainability;
  • Social Sciences;
  • Behavioral Sciences;
  • European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education;
  • Societies.

The MDPI sponsored session will take place on 25 August 2023 from 13:30 to 14:30 in the AUTH_T.EventsRoom. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you might have. Please do not hesitate to reach out ([email protected]) if you plan on attending this conference.

For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

15 August 2023
Meet Us at the 14th National Conference on Biodiversity—1st International Conference on Mediterranean Biodiversity, 13–15 September 2023, Lecce, Italy

MDPI journals will be attending the 14th National Conference on Biodiversity 1st International Conference on Mediterranean Biodiversity as an exhibitor. This meeting will be held in Lecce, Italy from 13 to 15 September 2023.

The 14th National Conference on Biodiversity will be organized by the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies (DiSTeBA) of the University of Salento in collaboration with the Academy of Mediterranean Biodiversity Sciences (ASBM) in order to continue the discussion and dialogue initiated more than 25 years ago, among scientists, institutional and policymakers, on issues related to the mutually complementary domains of the biodiversity: biodiversity at the intraspecific level, at the interspecific level, and at the entire ecosystem level. The aim is to help promote the advancement of knowledge based on the rigor of the scientific method. In particular, the 14th National Biodiversity Conference will be a showcase for studies and research focusing on “Biodiversity, Resilience and Climate Change”.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to start a conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions you may have. For more information about the conference and our booth, please visit

31 July 2023
MDPI’s 2022 Best PhD Thesis Awards in Environmental and Earth Sciences—Winners Announced

MDPI’s Best PhD Thesis Awards are presented to recognize the young scholars who are deemed to have completed the most outstanding PhD thesis in their field of research and to encourage them to continue their outstanding work and make further contributions to their field.

We would like to warmly congratulate the winners of the 2022 Best PhD Thesis Awards and wish them success with their future research endeavors.


  • “Variability of Ocean Dynamics and Associated Mechanisms Over the Tropical Indian Ocean”
    by Sartaj Khan, Harbin Engineering University, China


  • “Nanofluid Impingement Jet Heat Transfer”
    by Javad Mohammadpour, Macquarie University, Australia


  • “Abiotic Sedimentary Dolomite Formation: from Nano- to Macro-Scale”
    by Yihang Fang, Washington University, USA


  • “Effects of Rare Earth Elements on Aquatic Organisms under a Changing Environment”
    by Catia Figueiredo, CIIMAR—Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research, Portugal


  • “Green-Gray Coupled Runoff Control Infrastructure Adaptive Multi-Objective Optimization Method”
    by Zijing Liu, Tsinghua University, China

About MDPI Awards:

In order to reward the academic community, especially young researchers and enhance communication among scientists, MDPI journals regularly offer various awards to researchers in specific fields. These awards, serving as a source of inspiration and recognition, help raise the influence of talented individuals who have been credited with outstanding achievements and are making a significant contribution to the advancement of their fields.

To explore more MDPI awards, please click here.

31 July 2023
MDPI’s 2022 Best Paper Awards in Environmental and Earth Sciences—Winners Announced

The purpose of our Best Paper Awards is to promote and recognize the most impactful contributions published within MDPI journals.

The editors of each journal carefully selected reviews and research papers through a rigorous judging process based on criteria such as the scientific merit, overall impact, and the quality of presentation of the papers published in the journal.

We are honored to present the winners for the year 2022 in environmental and earth sciences, who were selected amongst the extensive competition, and congratulate the authors for their outstanding scientific publications.


Clean Technologies:







Remote Sensing:





About MDPI Awards:

In order to reward the academic community, especially young researchers and enhance communication among scientists, MDPI journals regularly offer various awards to researchers in specific fields. These awards, serving as a source of inspiration and recognition, help raise the influence of talented individuals who have been credited with outstanding achievements and are making a significant contribution to the advancement of their fields.

To explore more MDPI awards, please click here.

31 July 2023
MDPI’s 2022 Young Investigator Awards in Environmental and Earth Sciences—Winners Announced

MDPI’s Young Investigator Awards recognize promising junior researchers, acknowledge their contributions, and enhance communication among scientists. We are proud to present the winners for the year 2022 in environmental and earth sciences. The winners were selected by the journals’ Award Evaluation Committee.

We warmly congratulate the awarded young investigators for their outstanding contributions. MDPI will continue to provide support and recognition to the academic community.


  • Jianhuai Ye, Southern University of Science and Technology, China


  • Saeed Golestan, Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark


  • Michael Bertram, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden


  • Shaunna M. Morrison, Carnegie Institution for Science, USA

Remote Sensing:

  • Danfeng Hong, Qingdao University, China


  • Xiaolei Yuan, Aalto University, Finland


  • Minjian Chen, Nanjing Medical University, China


  • Sergi Garcia-Segura, Arizona State University, USA

About MDPI Awards:

In order to reward the academic community, especially young researchers and enhance communication among scientists, MDPI journals regularly offer various awards to researchers in specific fields. These awards, serving as a source of inspiration and recognition, help raise the influence of talented individuals who have been credited with outstanding achievements and are making a significant contribution to the advancement of their fields.

To explore more MDPI awards, please click here.

31 July 2023
MDPI’s 2022 Travel Awards in Environmental and Earth Sciences—Winners Announced

We are proud to recognize the winners of MDPI’s 2022 Travel Awards in environmental and earth sciences for their outstanding presentations and to present them with the prize.

MDPI journals regularly offer travel awards to encourage junior scientists to present their latest research at academic conferences in specific fields, which helps to increase their influence.

The winners mentioned below were carefully selected by the journal editors based on an outline of their research and the work to be presented at an academic conference.

We would like to warmly congratulate the winners of the 2022 Travel Awards and wish them the greatest success with their future research endeavors.


  • Pavani Misra, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India


  • Runxia Cai, North Carolina State University, USA
  • Lukasz Niedzwiecki, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland


  • Michael Eze, 1Macquarie University, Australia; 2University of Goettingen, Germany
  • Murillo Vetroni Barros, Federal University of Technology—Paraná, Brazil


  • Ana Novo, University of Vigo, Spain


  • Eko Setio Wibowo, Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea


  • Esmaiil Mokarighahroodi, Texas A&M University, USA


  • Roseane F. De Fátima Guimarães, Université de Montréal, Canada
  • Phillips E. Obasohan, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Katarina Baralić, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Xianglong Xu, Monash University, Australia


  • Jianwei Huang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  • Sevim Sezi Karayazi, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands


  • Rocky Talchabhadel, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, USA
  • Leah Renwick, University of Chile, Chile

Remote Sensing:

  • Ana Novo, University of Vigo, Spain
  • Renée Mie Fredensborg Hansen, 1Technical University of Denmark; 2Norwegian University of Science and Technology (in collaboration with The University Centre in Svalbard), Norway


  • Aida Hosseinian, Oulu University, Finland


  • Morteza Nazari-Heris, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Domenico Mazzeo, University of Calabria, Italy
  • Yuan Chen, The University of Sydney, Australia
  • Sonia Khadija Maïté Gueroun, Tecnologia e Inovação (ARDITI), Portugal
  • Konstantina Tsigkou, University of Patras, Greece


  • Sabolc Pap, University of the Highlands and Islands, UK
  • Xuexiu Jia, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
  • Angelos Alamanos, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland

About MDPI Awards:

In order to reward the academic community, especially young researchers and enhance communication among scientists, MDPI journals regularly offer various awards to researchers in specific fields. These awards, serving as a source of inspiration and recognition, help raise the influence of talented individuals who have been credited with outstanding achievements and are making a significant contribution to the advancement of their fields.

To explore more MDPI awards, please click here.

31 July 2023
MDPI’s 2022 Outstanding Reviewer Awards in Environmental and Earth Sciences—Winners Announced

In order to acknowledge our reviewers, who so generously dedicate their time to reviewing papers and demonstrate diligence, professionalism, and timeliness when reviewing manuscripts, MDPI journals regularly offer outstanding reviewer awards to scholars who participate in the peer-review process.

We are proud to recognize the winners for the year 2022 in environmental and earth sciences for their outstanding contributions among the extensive competition by presenting them with an Outstanding Reviewer Award.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners on their achievements. MDPI will continue to provide support and recognition to the academic community.


  • Stanislav Juráň, Global Change Research Institute CAS, Czech Republic
  • Sandro W. Lubis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA


  • Eliza Kalbarczyk, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland


  • Raffaele Carli, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy
  • Marcos Tostado-Véliz, University of Jaén, Spain
  • Andrea Mariscotti, University of Genova, Italy
  • Xuejun Qian, Morgan State University, USA
  • Dominik Zimon, Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland


  • Petr Pyszko, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Narayan Bhusal, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
  • Vasiliki Kamperidou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Muhammad Adnan Akram, Lanzhou University, China


  • Jelena T. Petrović, Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials, Serbia


  • Martina Zucchi, University of Bari, Italy
  • Theodore M. Present, California Institute of Technology, United States


  • Anuli Njoku, Southern Connecticut State University, USA
  • Álvaro Francisco Lopes De Sousa, Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Portugal
  • Carol Nash, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Geovani Lopez-Ortiz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
  • Jorge Velázquez Saornil, Universidad Católica de Ávila, Spain
  • Naser Alsharairi, Menzies Health Institute Qld- Griffith University, Australia
  • Salvador Baena-Morales, University of Alicante, Spain
  • Shirley Wyver, Macquarie University, Australia
  • Akihiko Katayama, Shikoku Gakuin University, Japan
  • Alessandro Sapienza, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC - CNR), Italy
  • Alexandr Ceasovschih, “St. Spiridon” Emergency Hospital, Romania
  • Alina Cernasev, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA
  • Amelia Beata Staszowska, Lublin University of Technology, Poland
  • Andreia Lima, Fernando Pessoa University, Portugal
  • Anna Lipert, Medical University of Lodz, Poland
  • Anson Kai Chun Chau, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  • Bianca Hanganu, “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iasi, Romania
  • Bocong Yuan, Sun Yat-sen University, China
  • Chee-Seng Tan, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia
  • Christine Manlai Kwan,The University of Hong Kong, China
  • Cristina Mendoza-Holgado, University of Extremadura, Spain
  • Denise Dillon, James Cook University, Singapore
  • Hiroyuki Noda, Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
  • Isaac Rampedi, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Jan Domaradzki, Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Poland
  • Joel Nitzkin, JLN, MD Associates, L.L.C., USA
  • Kyung-Hyun Suh, Sahmyook University, Republic of Korea
  • Lorenzo Gianquintieri, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
  • Mariusz Duplaga, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland
  • Matteo Riccò, Unità Operativa di Prevenzione e Sicurezza degli Ambienti di Lavoro, Italy
  • Olga Czerwińska-Ledwig, University of Physical Education in Kraków, Poland
  • Petra Marková, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Piyapong Janmaimool, Kochi University of Technology, Japan
  • Rafał Gerymski, Opole University, Poland
  • Rasa Jankauskiene, Lithuanian Sports University, Lithuania
  • Ruben Lopez-Bueno, University of Zaragoza, Spain
  • Siu Shing Man, City University of Hong Kong, China
  • Tomasz Sobierajski, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Wang-Kin Oscar Chiu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
  • Yang Wu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China


  • Fernando P. Fonseca, Universidade do Minho, Portugal
  • Polina Lemenkova, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Alexandre B. Gonçalves, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Marcin Kulawiak, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
  • Dennis Edler, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany


  • Concetta Cardillo, Center for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy, Italy
  • Elisabetta Maria Venco, University of Pavia, Italy
  • Małgorzata Dudzińska, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland


  • Lubomir Strba, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia


  • Naresh Duvva, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA


  • Aleksandra Jezierska-Thöle, Kazimierz Wielki University, Poland
  • Piotr Borowski, Vistula University, Poland
  • Elżbieta Szaruga, University of Szczecin, Poland
  • Raffaele Carli, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy
  • Joana Costa, University of Szczecin, Portugal
  • Silvia Puiu, University of Craiova, Romania
  • Miguel Afonso Sellitto, School of Unisinos, Brazil
  • Tiago F. A. C. Sigahi, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Abdalwali Lutfi, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
  • Jarosław Uglis, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland
  • Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir, Óbuda University, Hungary
  • Jianwan Ji, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, China
  • Aldona Zawojska, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
  • Jianwei Qian, Hangzhou Normal University, China
  • Ali Saleh Alshebami, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
  • José Belda-Medina, University of Alicante, Spain
  • Ana Dias, University of Aveiro, Portugal
  • Krzysztof Rząsa, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Poland, Poland
  • Andreea-Ionela Puiu, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
  • Krzysztof Skrzypkowski, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
  • Andrés Velástegui-Montoya, Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL), Ecuador
  • Louis S. H. Lee, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Anita Silvana Ilak Peršurić, Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, Croatia
  • Marek Gaworski, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
  • Brett Bligh, Lancaster University, UK
  • Meike Rombach, Lincoln University, New Zealand
  • Catarina Fernandes, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal
  • Ming-Lang Tseng, Asia University, Taiwan
  • Charitha Dias, Qatar University, Qatar
  • Nicoleta Dospinescu, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania
  • Daniel Badulescu, University of Oradea, Romania
  • Roman Trach, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
  • Darko Božanić, University of Defense in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Romina D’Ascanio, Roma Tre University, Italy
  • Donatella Privitera, University of Catania, Italy
  • Sol García-Germán, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
  • Eleonora Santos, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal
  • Valentina Vasile, Romanian Academy, Romania
  • Francis Boadu, Kumasi Technical University, Ghana
  • Yir-Hueih Luh, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


  • Chris Douvris, New York Institute of Technology, USA


  • Meysam Vadiati, University of California, USA
  • Carmine Apollaro, University of Calabria (UniCAL), Italy
  • Giacomo Medici, University of Guelph, Canada
  • Katarzyna Pietrucha-Urbanik, Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland
  • Dobrochna Ginter-Kramarczyk, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
  • Vladimir Dvoretsky, Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, Russia
  • Chengcheng Xia, University of Padova, Italy
  • Aristeidis Kastridis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Majid Niazkar, University of Milan, Italy
  • Yuliia Trach, Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie, Poland

About MDPI Awards:

In order to reward the academic community, especially young researchers, and enhance communication among scientists, MDPI journals regularly offer various awards to researchers in specific fields. These awards serve as a source of inspiration and recognition, and help promote the influence of talented individuals who have been credited with outstanding achievements and who are making a significant contributions to the advancement of their field.

To explore more MDPI awards, please click here.

27 July 2023
MDPI Insights: The CEO’s Letter #2 - Open Peer-Review and IJERPH

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

Open Peer Review Reports

Continuing the topic of openness from my inaugural monthly CEO letter, in these Opening Thoughts, I highlight the growth and importance of open peer-review reports at MDPI. Open peer reports align with the principles of open science, making the publishing process more transparent and facilitating rigorous peer review.

MDPI journals operate an open peer-review option by default, allowing authors to publish review reports and author responses (often referred to as open reports) together with the published paper. Publishing the reviewer reports and author responses together with the article provides greater transparency and trust for readers, as this allows them to track the editorial decision-making process. Open peer-review also encourages reviewers and editors to provide high-quality comments, as these will be made public if the article is accepted for publication.

Start and Growth of Open Peer Review at MDPI

The MDPI journal Life was a pioneer in offering this opportunity to its authors in 2014. The first MDPI article with peer-review reports openly published was a review by the Nobel Laureate Werner Arber, in which the review reports were published as supplementary material. By 2018, open peer-review was available across all MDPI journals. As such, MDPI authors have embraced the open peer-review model, providing a steady increase in the number of MDPI articles. As of 2023, approximately one-third (34.0%) of MDPI articles were published with open review reports.

As at July 2023, the percentage of MDPI articles published with open peer review has increased to 36.2% of the total papers published in 2023 so far, indicating ongoing growth in adoption.

Open peer review continues to play a critical role in the assessment of the peer-review process in Life. For further insights, please see the recent editorial by Dr. Pabulo Henrique Rampelotto, the former Editor-in-Chief of Life, who spearheaded the implementation of the open peer-review process.

Benefits of Open Peer Review

The benefits of open peer review include increased transparency, trust and constructive feedback. To promote open communication further and increase the robustness of the peer-review process, we encourage reviewers to sign their reports so that their name appears on the review report (this process is referred to as open identity). The default option is for reviewers to remain anonymous; however, by signing the reports, reviewers receive direct credit for their contribution to the peer-review process and show their commitment towards open science.

As the leading open access publisher, MDPI remains committed to promoting open peer-review and encourages authors to choose this approach. Our goal is to provide a rigorous and transparent peer-review process that benefits the scientific community, and we believe that open peer-review is a vital step in fostering openness and collaboration in scientific communication.

Impactful Research

MDPI Papers Cited in the News – IJERPH edition

Every month, our corporate marketing team compiles data from Altmetrics to create a list of MDPI papers that have been cited in the news. This list continues to grow as renowned news outlets regularly reference research published by MDPI in their articles.

During 2022, a total of 111,965 MDPI research papers were mentioned in prominent news outlets such as National Geographic, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Guardian, the BBC, CNN, Time, and Harvard Business Review.

Highly Cited Journal Publications

IJERPH, known for publishing impactful research, received the most news mentions among all MDPI journals in 2022, based on Altmetrics data:

  • International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: 3509 mentions
  • Nutrients: 2698 mentions
  • International Journal of Molecular Sciences: 1701 mentions
  • Journal of Clinical Medicine: 1131 mentions
  • Viruses: 1111 mentions

These numbers show the recognition and impact of the articles published in IJERPH. For a more detailed view of the journal’s most cited and viewed papers, you can visit here. In total, IJERPH has garnered over 28,000 mentions in prominent news outlets, and as at July 2023, an impressive count of over 17,000 papers cited 10 times or more. These figures highlight the impactful contribution of IJERPH publications to the scientific community.

Example of Recent Mentions

During May and June 2023, a noteworthy selection of articles from IJERPH was cited in news articles, including:

The Washington Post: “Bringing nature inside can improve your health. Here’s how to do it.”
IJERPH paper:Physiological Benefits of Viewing Nature: A Systematic Review of Indoor Experiments

Harvard Business Review: “How to Take Better Breaks at Work, According to Research
IJERPH paper:Canine-Assisted Therapy Improves Well-Being in Nurses

National Geographic: “Lyme disease is spreading fast—but a vaccine may be on the way
IJERPH paper:Range Expansion of Tick Disease Vectors in North America: Implications for Spread of Tick-Borne Disease

Inside MDPI

MDPI Develops an Artificial Intelligence Tool to Enhance the Peer-Review Process

At MDPI, we believe that rigorous peer-review is the corner-stone of high-quality academic publishing. We are grateful to the scholars who generously dedicate their time to peer-review articles submitted to MDPI journals. Their contributions are invaluable to the advancement of science.

Peer-review is a critical part of the publication process, ensuring that MDPI upholds the highest quality standards for the papers we publish. Every manuscript submitted to our journals undergoes a comprehensive peer-review process conducted by subject-matter experts.

To further enhance our peer-review process, our Data Analytics team has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool designed to support the selection of reviewers. This proprietary tool utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP), a specially designed AI language model, to extract information from the title and abstract of submitted papers. It then searches our database for similar manuscripts and suggests potential reviewers based on this analysis. Integrated with MDPI's submission system (SuSy), the AI tool cross-references the suggested candidates with our reviewer database to verify their invitation status and availability.

The goal of this tool is to provide better targeted peer-review invitations, reducing the number of emails sent for each paper and increasing the efficiency of our editorial staff.

In the near future, our Data Analytics team plans to deploy similar AI projects to improve other critical aspects of our services, offering an enhanced experience to our authors and readers.

Click here to learn about MDPI’s review process, including procedures, responsibilities, and benefits.

Read more:

Coming Together for Science

The Future of IJERPH

On 5 July 2023, Prof. Dr. Paul B. Tchounwou, the founding Editor-in-Chief of IJERPH, along with five Section Editors in Chief (Prof. Dr. Germán Vicente-Rodríguez, Prof. Dr. Karl Goodkin, Prof. Dr. William A. Toscano, Prof. Dr. Jimmy T. Efird, and Prof. Dr. William Douglas Evans), gathered in Basel to discuss the future of the journal. The meeting provided an opportunity to address the recent decision by The Web of Science to delist IJERPH due to the journal failing the Content Relevance criterion, and propose best strategies that will ensure high scientific rigor as well as a clear scope and aim of IJERPH, going forward.

While the delisting is disappointing for IJERPH, as well as for our authors, academic editors, and the entire scientific community supporting our journal, we see it as an opportunity to reflect and prepare for the future direction of the journal.

Since its launch in 2004, IJERPH’s vision and mission have evolved to be more complete and comprehensive in engaging scientific communities. In light of this, we will refresh the journal’s aims and scope, ensuring they align with the organic expansion of IJERPH. Additionally, we will restructure the journal sections into broader categories, encouraging collaborative research and transdisciplinary approaches for authors. This is designed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among diverse fields, contributing to a holistic understanding of health promotion and disease prevention. We are confident that these next steps will enhance the scientific strength and societal impact of our journal.

Journal Achievements

In addition to the productive discussions, we took the time to celebrate some of the remarkable achievements of IJERPH, which I highlight below:

  • Founded by Prof. Dr. Paul B. Tchounwou in 2004
  • Indexed in PubMed in 2008
  • Received its first Impact Factor in 2012
  • Published its 5000th paper in 2017
  • Over 60,000 papers published as at June 30, 2023
  • 131,628,173 paper views in 2018–2022
  • Over 28,000 mentions in prominent news outlets
  • 17,000 papers cited 10 times or more as at June 30, 2023
  • No.1 journal in the 2022 Google Scholar Metrics in the category of Public Health
  • Awarded several editions of Young Investigator Awards, Travel Awards, and Outstanding Reviewer Awards since 2018.

These achievements showcase the journal’s significant contributions to the field and its impact on global health. We are proud of the exceptional work accomplished by the IJERPH team and look forward to building upon this success in the years to come.

Closing Thoughts

MDPI’s Impact in Spain

During the past month, I had the opportunity to visit our new office building in Barcelona, where I met with our local colleagues to discuss the ways we serve the scholarly community, particularly in Spain. The multi-functional office plays a vital role in supporting various business needs, including editorial, design, conference management, data analytics, journal relationship management, publishing partnerships, and collaborations with societies.

Spain holds a significant position in MDPI’s global market, ranking as the fourth-largest contributor to the total number of papers published by MDPI as at July 2023, ranking next to Italy, the USA, and China, with Germany completing the top five.

The Numbers

Out of the 1,680,000 total MDPI articles published as at 25 July, almost 80,000 articles are contributed by Spanish authors, representing nearly 40,000 unique authors affiliated with Spanish institutions. Remarkably, over 6,300 of these authors hold editorial board member (EBM) positions within MDPI journals, with 30 of them serving as Editors-in-Chief (EiCs).

Our commitment to working with institutions is very evident in Spain, where we have successfully established over 40 Institutional Open Access Programs (IOAP) with esteemed institutions such as the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University, the University of Navarre, and Complutense University of Madrid.

Over the past five years, we have successfully organized eight in-person conferences in Barcelona, attracting over 1,150 registrations, with two forthcoming events scheduled for 2024. Barcelona's excellent connectivity to international airports makes it easily accessible to participants from around the world. Its welcoming atmosphere provides us with the perfect environment for knowledge-sharing, networking, and contributing to the local economy.

Our growth and presence in Spain are a true testament to the incredible service we provide to the scholarly community and the relationships we foster through responsive and collaborative communication. We look forward to continuing to support Spanish scholars, providing them a valuable and trusted experience with MDPI, the leader in open access publishing.


I close this letter as I did in the first edition, by sharing testimonials from our stakeholders. Here are a few IJERPH testimonials from a Spanish guest editor and an author:

Guest Editor
“I want to thank the kindness, attention and professionalism of the MDPI team throughout the editorial process of the Special Issue. I believe that it is a very professional and quality editorial process.”
- Professor Víctor Arufe-Giráldez, University of A Coruña
Special Issue in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: Physical Activity in Childhood and Adolescence
Special Issue in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: Physical Education: Present and Future
“I want to thank the rigor of the revisions made to the manuscripts to improve their quality, the support to the authors for the editor assignment system they have and the follow-up they carry out, for the speed in answering and in carrying out the entire process of the revision, and for doing all this at an affordable price.”
- Dr. María Paz García-Caro, University of Granada
Article in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: Factors Associated with Suicide Attempts and Suicides in the General Population of Andalusia (Spain)

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

14 July 2023
The 2023 World Sustainability Award—Winners Announced

The MDPI Sustainability Foundation is pleased to announce that the awardees for the 2023 World Sustainability Award have been selected.

This year, we were delighted to have received numerous nominations from individuals committed to advancing sustainability. The nominees’ research was evaluated on several criteria, including its uniqueness, its innovation, and its impact on the three pillars of sustainability.

In recognition of the extraordinary achievements demonstrated by multiple individuals this year, the Selection Committee has decided to share the honor of the award amongst three outstanding recipients:

  • First place goes to Prof. Dr. Michael Templeton from Imperial College London, UK, and he is awarded USD 50,000;





  • Second place goes to Prof. Dr. Thomas P. Lyon from the University of Michigan, USA, and he is awarded USD 30,000;





  • Third place goes to Dr. Krithi K. Karanth, Chief Conservation Scientist and Executive Director, Centre for Wildlife Studies, Bangalore, India, and she is awarded USD 20,000.





The awardees have been invited to present their work on sustainability during the Award Ceremony which will be held on 14 September 2023 during the 10th World Sustainability Forum (WSF2023).

WSF2023 is a 24-hour hybrid event taking place in 3 locations (Singapore, Basel and Toronto). The Ceremony will be held in the Basel Hub in Switzerland. Those of you wishing to attend the Award Ceremony and celebrate this achievement with our awardees can do so by registering for the WSF2023.

We thank all those who submitted a nomination this year and encourage them to submit it again at the next edition. Don't forget to stay connected with us by following the MDPI Sustainability Foundation social media channels and regularly visiting our website for updates on the upcoming edition.

In the meantime, join us in congratulating these three extraordinary researchers for being the 2023 World Sustainability Awardees who are contributing to making the world a better place!

Find more about MDPI’s Sustainability Foundation at, or you can contact us at [email protected].

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13 July 2023
The 2023 Emerging Sustainability Leader Award—Finalists Announced

The MDPI Sustainability Foundation and the journal Sustainability (ISSN: 2071-1050) are pleased to announce that the finalists of the 2023 Emerging Sustainability Leader Award have been selected.

This year, we were delighted to have received numerous nominations from individuals committed to advancing sustainability, offering the Committee Members a lot of choices during the selection process. We are thrilled to present the three finalists:

Dr. Bahareh Kamranzad

  • Dr. Bahareh Kamranzad from the University of Strathclyde, UK, who developed ocean climate simulations in various regions and time scales and defines suitable locations for energy extraction by incorporating novel criteria to account for climate variability;




Dr. Youjin Kim

  • Dr. Youjin Kim from the Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea, who utilizes self-developed methods and software to engage students in renewable energy engineering, fostering interest and understanding of sustainability and global climate issues;




Dr. Julia Lohmann

  • Dr. Julia Lohmann from Augsburg University, Germany, who takes different perspectives on sustainable development in sports and physical education, and contributes to responsible and future-oriented sports and physical activity on an individual and structural level.




The finalists have been invited to give a pitch presentation during the Award Ceremony, where they will receive either the 1st place award or the runner-up titles, accompanied by a corresponding prize of USD 10,000 or USD 5,000 respectively.

The Award Ceremony will be held on 14 September 2023 during the 10th World Sustainability Forum (WSF2023). WSF2023 is a 24-hour hybrid event taking place in 3 locations (Singapore, Basel and Toronto). The Ceremony will be held in the Basel Hub in Switzerland.

If you wish to attend the Award Ceremony and celebrate this achievement with our finalists, you can do so by registering for the WSF2023.

We thank all those who submitted a nomination this year and encourage them to submit it again at the next edition. Don't forget to stay connected with us by following the MDPI Sustainability Foundation social media channels and regularly visiting our website for updates on the upcoming edition.

In the meantime, join us in congratulating these three extraordinary emerging leaders for being selected as finalists and for contributing to making the world a better place!

Find more about MDPI’s Sustainability Foundation at, or you can contact us at [email protected].

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11 July 2023
MDPI’s Newly Launched Journals in June 2023

With the first issue released in June 2023, five new MDPI journals disseminating multi-disciplinary science are due to launch, which will cover the subjects of medicine & pharmacology, biology and physical sciences.

The newly launched journals will be overseen by professional Editorial Board Members and Editors to ensure an accurate and rapid publication, rigorous peer review and broad visibility.

Please feel free to browse and discover more about the new journals below.

Journal Founding Editor-in-Chief Journal topics (selected)
Prof. Dr. Jun Ma, Peking University, China| Editorial | view inaugural issue growth and development;
diet and nutrients; school health promotion policies and practices; child health and care; adolescent health and wellbeing | view journal scope | submit an article
Prof. Dr. Bernd Rehm, Griffith University, Australia | Editorial | view inaugural issue DNA and gene synthesis; synthetic transcription factors; protein engineering; viral engineering; metabolic engineering | view journal scope | submit an article
Prof. Dr. Varsha Gandhi, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA | Editorial | view inaugural issue lymphatics; cancers associated with lymphocytes and lymphoblasts; lymphatic tissues; lymphoma; lymphoid leukemia | view journal scope | submit an article
Dr. Bradley Turner, University of Melbourne, Australia | Editorial | view inaugural issue multiple sclerosis; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; primary lateral sclerosis; atherosclerosis; systemic sclerosis | view journal scope | submit an article
Prof. Dr. Clemens Burda, Case Western Reserve University, USA | Editorial | view inaugural issue Gamma ray, X-ray, and UV–Vis spectroscopies; NIR/mid-infrared/Raman spectroscopy; microwave and THz spectroscopy; high-resolution gas-phase atomic, molecular, and cluster spectroscopy; MS, NMR, and EPR spectroscopy | view journal scope | submit an article

We wish to thank everyone who has supported the development of open access publishing. You are welcome to submit an application to the New Journal Committee ([email protected]) if you would like to create more new journals.

3 July 2023
MDPI Insights: The CEO’s Letter #1 - Open Access and Impactful Research

Welcome to the MDPI Insights: The CEO's Letter.

In these monthly letters, I will showcase two key aspects of our work at MDPI: our commitment to empowering researchers and our determination to facilitating open scientific exchange.

Opening Thoughts

The Future is Open, and MDPI is Leading the Way

I strongly believe in a future that embraces openness, where open source, open information, and open access (OA) take center stage. This belief that led me to join MDPI in 2020, and I am honored to have recently been appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In this capacity, and operating in close liaison with Dr. Lin and MDPI’s senior management, I shall work to build on Dr. Lin’s achievements of the past quarter-century. In this role, I will focus on communication initiatives to promote MDPI's remarkable work and continue to build our company as a trusted leader in OA publishing. For over two decades, MDPI has been at the forefront of reshaping the academic publishing landscape, with OA surpassing subscription-based publishing in 2020. This trajectory is deeply rooted in our history and reflects our unwavering commitment and vision for an open future.

1 Million Published Articles

2023 began with a remarkable achievement for MDPI, as we became the first OA publisher to reach the milestone of 1 million published articles. This represents 2.7 million unique authors who have trusted us with their work, or about a third of all researchers worldwide. As the world's most cited OA publisher, we are proud in sharing these significant milestones.

Our mission remains unchanged: to make science open and accessible to all. We understand the importance of knowledge access, empowering researchers to stay at the forefront of a rapidly changing world. Our diverse range of journals covers a wide spectrum of disciplines, offering cutting-edge insights, trusted tools, and crucial knowledge to address global challenges.

Liberating Science

As the world’s leading OA publisher, MDPI is actively liberating science. We are committed to eliminating the frustrations researchers and the general public face when accessing information, ensuring it is not locked behind paywalls. We firmly believe that everyone has a right to information, and our commitment to open access publishing drives our work.

In this inaugural edition of Insights: The CEO's Letter, I draw inspiration from the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access. Its stated mission reminds us that true impact is achieved when knowledge is widely and readily available to society:

"Our mission of disseminating knowledge is only half complete if the information is not made widely and readily available to society”

Impactful Research

MDPI Publishes Impactful Research: Recognized by Leading Indexing Databases

MDPI journals are indexed in every single top database in the world.

As of June 2023, we have 214 journals indexed within Web of Science, 223 indexed within Scopus, 87 indexed within PubMed and PMC, and 17 indexed within MEDLINE, and these numbers increase every month. We constantly strive to expand the coverage of our journals within leading multi-disciplinary and scope-specific databases, resulting in an incredibly broad range of journals that are indexed within a variety of databases. MDPI has active relationships with approximately 65 well-known databases around the world, and we continue to expand our portfolio every year so that your work can be found, cited, and referenced with ease.

Continued Growth of MDPI Journals

The 2022 Scopus and Web of Science journal citation metrics were officially released in June, and I am pleased to report that 31 MDPI journals received their first CiteScore, taking the total number of journals with a CiteScore to 216. The number of MDPI journals receiving an Impact Factor (IF) also continues to grow with 111 receiving their first, by being covered in the ESCI, bringing our total number of journals with an IF to 208 of which 41 journals received an IF above 4.0. Looking at 2022 CiteScores in the Scopus database, 80% of MDPI journals have a score that ranks them in Q1 or Q2 in at least one subject category.

Publishing impactful science would not be possible without all of our authors, editors and reviewers. Thank you for your contribution and continued support! Together we share the latest scientific insights faster and ensure that your work is accessible to all.

Read more

Interview with Indexing Manager—Constanze Shelhorn

Inside MDPI Clarivate adds the Preprint Citation Index to the Web of Science

At MDPI, we are dedicated to driving the advancement of science. Through our initiative,, researchers can publish their work and gain valuable feedback from the broader research community, ensuring rapid progress in their respective fields. This is particularly crucial during times of health and climate challenges, where timely dissemination of findings is essential.

Increased Visibility for Preprints

I am pleased to share that Clarivate recognizes the significance of preprints and has taken a crucial step to enhance their visibility. Clarivate has added the Preprint Citation Index to the Web of Science, encompassing preprints published not only on but also on other reputable repositories.

Looking ahead, the future of preprints appears promising, bolstered by the recent indexing announcement from the Web of Science. As a result, preprints will receive increased visibility, serving as a valuable resource for staying informed about the latest research developments.

Read more

What are Preprints?
The Pros and Cons of Preprints
Preprints and COVID-19
Preprints—The Future of Open Access Publishing?

Coming Together for Science

The First International Conference on Antioxidants: Sources, Methods, Health Benefits and Industrial Applications

In this edition of ‘Coming Together for Science,’ I am pleased to highlight the First International Conference on Antioxidants organized by our conference team in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. The conference attracted over 130 attendees, who engaged in 42 talks, and 89 poster presentations spread across several sessions.

Working Together

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Alessandra Napolitano (Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Naples ‘Federico II’, Naples, Italy) and Prof. Dr. Rosa M. Lamuela Raventos (Department of Nutrition, Food Sciences and Gastronomy, University of Barcelona, Spain) as chairs, and supported by the committee members, 10 invited keynote speakers, poster presenters, and all the attendees, this dedicated group of academics came together to discuss the natural sources, methodologies, health benefits, and industrial applications of antioxidants.

Especially noteworthy is the positive feedback received from attendees, with 94% rating the overall organization of the conference as good or excellent. I particularly love the picture above, capturing the gathering of some of the participants. You can browse through more photos in the event gallery located here.

Managing Events With Sciforum

If you are considering hosting your own academic event, I highly recommend checking out Sciforum, MDPI's event management platform. Sciforum simplifies the entire process, making it easy to host your own event by allowing you to focus on what really matters: Science!

Read more

Sciforum: forthcoming events
Spotlight on Antioxidants

Closing Thoughts

Stefan Tochev, Dr. Shu-Kun Lin, Dr. Eric O. Freed, Peter Roth, Wynne Wang, Allison Yang

Viruses and Editorial Quality: Acknowledging the Dedication of our Viruses Journal Team

During a June meeting with Dr. Eric O. Freed, the founding and current Editor-in-Chief of our journal Viruses, I was reminded of the exceptional dedication of our editorial board. Meeting with Eric is a pleasure, as he has a strong commitment and clear vision for the journal. Over the course of two days, we gained a deep understanding of the journal’s expectations and focus on strategic growth, editorial board representation, and engagement.

I am pleased to share that Viruses holds a CiteScore of 7.1 (an increase of 7.57% versus the 2021 metric) and an Impact Factor of 4.7. You can view the journal statistics here. Viruses publishes highly cited papers, and is indexed in renowned databases such as Scopus, SCIE (Web of Science), PubMed, and others, and maintains affiliations with prestigious societies. Moreover, the Viruses team has recently announced an exciting upcoming event titled ‘Viruses 2024 – A World of Viruses,’ scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain, from 14–16 February 2024.


If you notice my enthusiasm regarding our editorial service, it’s because the surveys and testimonials we receive speak volumes about the experiences of our authors, reviewers, and guest editors who collaborate with MDPI. The purpose of these letters is to highlight the exceptional work that we do and the experiences we create for the scholars – thus, let me end with this testimonial from an author:

“It was a great pleasure to publish in Viruses Special Issue [Emerging Viruses in Aquaculture]. The submission process was easy. Guest editors were very helpful and provided all the guidance and support as needed. The handling of the manuscript by the Editorial Team was very fast, efficient, and professional. The reviewer’s comments were insightful, and the publication processes were remarkably rapid.”
Ms. Magdalena Stachnik, Państwowy Instytut Weterynaryjny | PIWet

Article in Viruses: Emerging Viral Pathogens in Sturgeon Aquaculture in Poland: Focus on Herpesviruses and Mimivirus Detection

Stefan Tochev
Chief Executive Officer

30 June 2023
Sustainability Receives an Increased Impact Factor of 3.9

We are pleased to share that Sustainability (ISSN: 2071-1050) has received an increased Impact Factor of 3.9 in the 2022 Journal Citation Reports™ released by Clarivate in June 2023.

Sustainability ranks as follows:

  • Q2 (114 out of 274 journals) in the "Environmental Sciences" category;
  • Q2 (48 out of 127 journals) in the "Environmental Studies" category.

For further statistics, please visit

The support and dedication of all journal editors, reviewers, authors, and readers are essential to our excellent performance. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to and supported our journal.

28 June 2023
2022 Impact Factors for MDPI Journals

The 2022 citation metrics have been released in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), and we’re pleased to announce the following results for MDPI journals:

We are thrilled to announce that 90% of our ranked MDPI journals, specifically 86 out of 96 (captured in the table below), are performing above average in Q1 or Q2. This year, Clarivate has expanded its Impact Factor (IF) awards to include journals in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) and the Arts and Humanities Citation Index (AHCI), providing greater transparency for the full set of journals indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection. As a result, 111 of MDPI journals have received their first IF in 2023, with 37 journals surpassing an IF of 3.0. In total, 208 MDPI journals have been honored with an IF.

Clarivate explains that by "expanding the coverage but holding to highly selective standards, the [Impact Factor] is now a reliable indicator of trustworthiness, as well as a measure of scholarly impact, at the journal level."

Please visit our blog post where we discuss the release of the latest citation metrics with our Indexing Manager, Dr. Constanze Schelhorn, to find out what's different this time around and how to make use of different metrics available.

Journal Impact Factor Rank Quartile Category
Vaccines 7.8 Q1 Immunology
Medicine, Research & Experimental
Antioxidants 7.0 Q1 Food Science & Technology
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Chemistry, Medicinal
Cells 6.0 Q2 Cell Biology
Nutrients 5.9 Q1 Nutrition & Dietetics
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 5.6 Q1 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Q2 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research 5.6 Q2 Business
Biomolecules 5.5 Q1 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Biosensors 5.4 Q1 Chemistry, Analytical
Instruments & Instrumentation
Q2 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Fractal and Fractional 5.4 Q1 Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Applications
Marine Drugs 5.4 Q1 Chemistry, Medicinal
Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Pharmaceutics 5.4 Q1 Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Nanomaterials 5.3 Q1 Physics, Applied
Q2 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Cancers 5.2 Q2 Oncology
Foods 5.2 Q1 Food Science & Technology
Polymers 5.0 Q1 Polymer Science
Remote Sensing 5.0 Q1 Geosciences, Multidisciplinary
Q2 Remote Sensing
Imaging Science & Photographic Technology
Environmental Sciences
Antibiotics 4.8 Q1 Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Q2 Infectious Diseases
Drones 4.8 Q2 Remote Sensing
Journal of Functional Biomaterials 4.8 Q2 Engineering, Biomedical
Materials Science, Biomaterials
Biomedicines 4.7 Q1 Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Q2 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Medicine, Research & Experimental
Journal of Fungi 4.7 Q2 Mycology
Viruses 4.7 Q2 Virology
Bioengineering 4.6 Q2 Engineering, Biomedical
Gels 4.6 Q1 Polymer Science
Molecules 4.6 Q2 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Pharmaceuticals 4.6 Q2 Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Chemistry, Medicinal
Toxics 4.6 Q1 Toxicology
Q2 Environmental Sciences
Biomimetics 4.5 Q1 Engineering, Multidisciplinary
Q2 Materials Science, Biomaterials
Microorganisms 4.5 Q2 Microbiology
Plants 4.5 Q1 Plant Sciences
Biology 4.2 Q2 Biology
Chemosensors 4.2 Q2 Instruments & Instrumentation
Chemistry, Analytical
Membranes 4.2 Q2 Engineering, Chemical
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Chemistry, Physical
Polymer Science
Toxins 4.2 Q1 Toxicology
Q2 Food Science & Technology
Metabolites 4.2 Q2 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Batteries 4.0 Q2 Electrochemistry
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Q3 Energy & Fuels
Catalysts 3.9 Q2 Chemistry, Physical
Journal of Clinical Medicine 3.9 Q2 Medicine, General & Internal
Land 3.9 Q2 Environmental Studies
Sensors 3.9 Q2 Instruments & Instrumentation
Chemistry, Analytical
Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
Sustainability 3.9 Q2 Environmental Sciences (SCIE)
Environmental Studies (SSCI)
Q3 Green & Sustainable Science & Technology (SCIE)
Green & Sustainable Science & Technology (SSCI)
Buildings 3.8 Q2 Construction & Building Technology
Engineering, Civil
Agronomy 3.7 Q1 Agronomy
Q2 Plant Sciences
Fermentation 3.7 Q2 Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology
Pathogens 3.7 Q2 Microbiology
Agriculture 3.6 Q1 Agronomy
Diagnostics 3.6 Q2 Medicine, General & Internal
Genes 3.5 Q2 Genetics & Heredity
Journal of Intelligence 3.5 Q2 Psychology, Multidisciplinary
Lubricants 3.5 Q2 Engineering, Mechanical
Processes 3.5 Q2 Engineering, Chemical
Coatings 3.4 Q2 Materials Science, Coatings & Films
Physics, Applied
Q3 Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 3.4 Q2 Geography, Physical
Q3 Computer Science, Information Systems
Remote Sensing
Materials 3.4 Q2 Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering
Physics, Applied
Physics, Condensed Matter
Q3 Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Chemistry, Physical
Micromachines 3.4 Q2 Instruments & Instrumentation
Physics, Applied
Chemistry, Analytical
Q3 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Water 3.4 Q2 Water Resources
Environmental Sciences
Brain Sciences 3.3 Q3 Neurosciences
Energies 3.2 Q3 Energy & Fuels
Fire 3.2 Q1 Forestry
Q2 Ecology
Life 3.2 Q2 Biology
Current Issues in Molecular Biology 3.1 Q3 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Horticulturae 3.1 Q1 Horticulture
Animals 3.0 Q1 Agriculture, Dairy & Animal Science
Veterinary Sciences
Insects 3.0 Q1 Entomology
Atmosphere 2.9 Q3 Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Electronics 2.9 Q2 Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
Physics, Applied
Q3 Computer Science, Information Systems
Forests 2.9 Q1 Forestry
Inorganics 2.9 Q2 Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 2.9 Q1 Engineering, Marine
Q2 Oceanography
Engineering, Ocean
Metals 2.9 Q2 Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering
Q3 Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease 2.9 Q2 Tropical Medicine
Q3 Infectious Diseases
Universe 2.9 Q2 Astronomy & Astrophysics
Physics, Particles & Fields
Healthcare 2.8 Q2 Health Policy & Services (SSCI)
Q3 Health Care Sciences & Services (SCIE)
Applied Sciences 2.7 Q2 Engineering, Multidisciplinary
Physics, Applied
Q3 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Crystals 2.7 Q2 Crystallography
Q3 Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Entropy 2.7 Q2 Physics, Multidisciplinary
Magnetochemistry 2.7 Q2 Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear
Q3 Chemistry, Physical
Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
Symmetry 2.7 Q2 Multidisciplinary Sciences
Actuators 2.6 Q2 Instruments & Instrumentation
Engineering, Mechanical
Aerospace 2.6 Q1 Engineering, Aerospace
Behavioral Sciences 2.6 Q2 Psychology, Multidisciplinary
Current Oncology 2.6 Q3 Oncology
Machines 2.6 Q2 Engineering, Mechanical
Q3 Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
Medicina 2.6 Q3 Medicine, General & Internal
Separations 2.6 Q3 Chemistry, Analytical
Minerals 2.5 Q2 Mining & Mineral Processing
Geochemistry & Geophysics
Children 2.4 Q2 Pediatrics
Diversity 2.4 Q2 Biodiversity Conservation
Q3 Ecology
Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease 2.4 Q3 Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems
Mathematics 2.4 Q1 Mathematics
Photonics 2.4 Q3 Optics
Veterinary Sciences 2.4 Q1 Veterinary Sciences
Fishes 2.3 Q2 Marine & Freshwater Biology
Axioms 2.0 Q2 Mathematics, Applied
Systems 1.9 Q2 Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Tomography 1.9 Q3 Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging

Note: The Journal of Personalized Medicine's Impact Factor was omitted in the original release and will be assigned separately. Please find the data on the journal webpage in due course.

Source: 2022 Journal Impact Factors, Journal Citation Reports TM (Clarivate, 2023)


13 June 2023
Sustainability Receives an Increased CiteScore of 5.8

We are pleased to inform you that Sustainability (ISSN: 2071-1050) has received an updated CiteScore of 5.8, an increase of 16% compared with the 2021 metric. The 2022 CiteScore™ was released recently, making an assessment of the scientific influence of journals in the 2019 to 2022 period.

Sustainability’s CiteScore ranks as follows:

  • Q1 (101 out of 779) in the "Geography Planning and Development" category; 
  • Q1 (27 out of 163) in the "Environmental Science (miscellaneous)" category.

For more journal statistics, please visit

Excellent performance is inseparable from the support and dedication of all journal editors, reviewers, authors, and readers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed to the journal.

7 June 2023
Meet Us at the XXII EuroFoodChem Congress, 14–16 June 2023, Belgrade, Serbia

XXII EuroFoodChem Congress
Date: 14–16 June 2023
Place: Belgrade, Serbia

MDPI will be attending the XXII EuroFoodChem Congress, which will be held from 14 to 16 June 2023 in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade.

This important international conference in the field of food chemistry is organized by the Food Chemistry Division of EuChemS and the Serbian Chemical Society, with support from the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. It will cover the major scientific themes of food composition, quality, and safety; food sustainability, including byproducts’ valorization; novel foods; food and health, functional foods and ingredients; chemical reactions and interactions of food components; chemical changes in food under processing and storage; food adulteration, authenticity, and traceability; novel methods for food chemistry; and food contaminants. In addition to abstract presentations and lectures by world-renowned speakers, this conference will offer a variety of networking options. EuroFoodChem is an excellent opportunity for initiating or strengthening cooperation and knowledge.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • Foods;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Dairy;
  • Nutraceuticals;
  • Sustainability;
  • CIMB;
  • Beverages;
  • BioChem;
  • Hygiene;
  • AppliedChem.

Please do not hesitate to reach out ([email protected]) if you plan on attending this conference. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you might have.

For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

22 May 2023
Meet Us at the 18th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment, 11–15 June, Venice, Italy

The 18th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment will be held from 11 to 15 June 2023, in Venice, Italy. The conference is organized by the Environmental Chemistry Division of the Società Chimica Italiana and the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice.

Topics include:

  • Analysis and modeling of environmental contaminants;
  • Impacts of climate change on local to global circulation of chemicals;
  • Nano-size particulate materials and microplastics in the environment;
  • Atmospheric pollution;
  • Environmental risk and impact assessment;
  • Emerging contaminants;
  • Water pollution;
  • Innovations in water and wastewater treatment;
  • Biotransformation of organic pollutants.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • Toxics;
  • Atmosphere;
  • Environment;
  • Membranes;
  • Sustainability;
  • Compounds;
  • Heritage;
  • Water;
  • ChemEngineering.

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to start an online conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following link:

18 May 2023
Meet Us at the Goldschmidt 2023 Conference, 9–14 July 2023, Lyon, France

Conference: Goldschmidt 2023

Date: 9–14 July 2023

Location: Lyon, France

MDPI will be attending the Goldschmidt 2023 conference as an exhibitor, and we welcome researchers from different backgrounds to visit and share their latest ideas with us.

Goldschmidt is the foremost annual, international conference on geochemistry and related subjects, organized by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society. The conference will take place from 9 to 14 July in Lyon, France, and online. The in-person meeting will be held in the Lyon Congress Center, with all the scientific sessions, poster sessions and a commercial exhibition in the same venue. The meeting brings together more than 4000 researchers from 60 countries to discuss groundbreaking science.

Minerals (ISSN: 2075-163X) is an international open access journal that covers the broad fields of mineralogy, mineral geochemistry and geochronology, economic mineral resources, mineral exploration, innovative mining techniques, and advances in mineral processing. Minerals will participate in this event as an exhibitor together with six other MDPI journals, among which Minerals will have journal representatives at our booth.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are planning to attend this conference, please do not hesitate to start an online conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

12 May 2023
Meet Us at the OceanTech Program 2023, 18–21 May 2023, Zhoushan, China

Conference: OceanTech Program 2023
Date: 18–21 May 2023
Location: Zhejiang University Zhoushan Campus, Zhoushan, China

This conference is organized by Zhejiang University and the Committee of Ocean Technology System (OTS), Chinese Society for Oceanography, biennially. OT is an international grand event initiated by China's marine industry that integrates high-tech conferences, exhibitions, offshore demonstrations, technical exchanges, and training.

The conference covers a wide range of topics, such as marine remote sensing and detection equipment technology, new concept submersible technology, underwater optics and intelligent vision technology, ocean "dual carbon" technology, etc.

MDPI will be attending OceanTech Program 2023 as an exhibitor. We welcome researchers from different backgrounds to visit and share their latest ideas with us.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • JMSE;
  • Sustainability;
  • Water;
  • Drones;
  • Automation;
  • Oceans;
  • Coasts.

If you plan to attend this conference, please feel free to stop by our booth at #C050. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions you may have.

For more information about the conference, please visit the following link:

12 May 2023
Meet Us at the 18th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology (ICWMT18), 20–23 May 2023, Sanya, China

MDPI will be attending the 18th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology (ICWMT18), held in Sanya, China, from 20 to 23 May 2023. The theme of this year’s conference is “Synergizing the Reduction of Pollution and Carbon Emission”. Throughout the conference, prominent researchers and government officials will give keynote speeches on pressing issues of solid waste management. ICWMT18 provides an excellent opportunity for participants from industry and academia to keep up to date with the latest trends in solid waste management.

During this conference, MDPI will welcome researchers from different backgrounds to visit and share their latest views as well as research with us.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending this conference, please stop by our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following link:

9 May 2023
Meet Us at the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2023 (JpGU 2023), 21–26 May 2023, Chiba, Japan

MDPI is attending the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2023 (JpGU 2023). The event will be held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, from 21 to 26 May 2023, and it is organized by the Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU). JpGU is an academic union that encompasses all the Earth and planetary science disciplines and related fields; additionally, it has been organizing annual meetings since 2005. JpGU 2023 will cover a wide range of Earth and planetary sciences, including space and planetary sciences, atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences, human geosciences, solid Earth sciences, and biogeosciences. The JpGU annual meeting provides participants with a good opportunity to become familiar with cutting-edge research and unique approaches to research objects within their own special field and beyond. Representatives of the following MDPI journals will be attending:

  • Land;
  • Remote Sensing;
  • Minerals;
  • Sustainability;
  • Drones;
  • Geographies;
  • Climate;
  • Geomatics;
  • Geosciences;
  • Water;
  • Quaternary;
  • Sensors;
  • Earth.

If you are also attending this conference, please feel free to stop by our booth (#Pub05). Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit:

8 May 2023
Meet Us at the 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE 2023), 05–08 June 2023, Bologna, Italy

MDPI will attend the 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE 2023) as an exhibitor. This meeting will be held in Bologna, Italy, from 5 to 8 June 2023.

EUBCE is the largest biomass conference and exhibition in the world. Each year, EUBCE brings together the greatest minds and latest advancements in biomass, with the aim of accelerating research and market uptake across the globe. During the conference, over 2,000 experts from both academia and industry share and discuss groundbreaking ideas, technologies, applications, and solutions for the sourcing, production, and utility of biomass. The scientific program is coordinated by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Since its 30th edition, the event has been complemented by the Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking, aiming at identifying innovation, stimulating investment, and mobilizing the bio-based industry sector. This is an excellent opportunity to address even more stakeholders globally through the conference.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to start a conversation with us at our booth #36. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have.

For more information about the conference, please visit

11 April 2023
Meet Us at the 2023 Science and Technology Annual Meeting of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, 22–23 April 2023, Nanchang, China

MDPI will be attending the 2023 Science and Technology Annual Meeting of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, which will be held from 22 to 23 April 2023, in Nanchang, China. The theme of the annual meeting is “Develop green and low-carbon, build a beautiful China”.

The annual meeting has arranged for an opening ceremony and specially invited keynote speeches, subsession seminars, high-end forums, special sessions for young scientists, poster exchanges, environmental protection science and technology achievement exhibitions, special events, etc. A total of 1800 delegates are expected to attend. Four academicians and other well-known experts are expected to deliver keynote speeches on climate change, the prevention and control of atmospheric, water, and soil environmental pollution, and environmental management science as well as technology. The invited keynote speeches touch on fields such as achievements in transformation.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending this meeting, please feel free to start a conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference and our booth, please visit

29 March 2023
Meet Us at the 6th International Conference on Natural Fibers, 19–21 June 2023, Funchal, Portugal

Conference: 6th International Conference on Natural Fibers
Date: 19–21 June 2023
Place: Funchal, Portugal

MDPI will be attending the 6th International Conference on Natural Fibers as an exhibitor. This meeting will be held at the VidaMar Resort Hotel, Funchal, Portugal, from 19 to 21 June 2023. The Organizing Committee comprises the University of Minho. The theme of the conference is "Nature Inspired Sustainable Solutions". Through this meeting, we wish to contribute to discussing and exchanging progress in the potential of natural fibers as key materials for smart designs and sustainable solutions in future generations. 

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to start a conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit:


17 March 2023
Meet Us at the Joint Conference on Environmental Chemicals Japan 2023, 30 May–2 June 2023, Tokushima, Japan

Conference: Joint Conference on Environmental Chemicals Japan 2023
Date: 30 May–2 June 2023
Location: Tokushima, Japan

MDPI will be attending the Joint Conference on Environmental Chemicals Japan 2023 as an exhibitor; we welcome researchers from different backgrounds to visit and share their latest ideas with us.

This conference is organized by the Japan Society of Endocrine Disruptors Research, the Japanese Society of Environmental Toxicology, and the Japan Society of Environmental Chemistry. The theme of the conference is “Beyond Disciplines to Solve Environmental Chemical Problems: Developing New Research from Diverse Perspectives”. At the conference, specialists will share and discuss the latest research on and applications of environmental and chemical substances to society.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are planning to attend this conference, please do not hesitate to start an online conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

13 March 2023
MDPI’s Newly Launched Journals in December 2022

As a leading open access publisher, MDPI provides scholars with a high-quality and rich academic exchange platform by continuously expanding into new and exciting research areas.

In December 2022, MDPI launched five new journals, covering multiple subjects such as life sciences, biology, medicine and pharmacology, social sciences and humanities. These new journals are being edited by established scholars across the world.


Founding Editor-in-Chief

Journal Topics (Selected)

Prof. Dr. Fabio Gresta, University of Messina, Italy| Editorial | view inaugural issue

grass/forage/turf production; grassland management; pasture monitoring; grazing and livestock; grass agro-ecosystems| view journal scope | submit an article

Prof. Dr. Christos G. Athanassiou, University of Thessaly, Greece| Editorial | view inaugural issue

pesticides; fungicides; herbicides; fertilizers; soil conditioners| view journal scope | submit an article

Prof. Dr. Stephen H. Safe, Texas A&M University, USA| Editorial | view inaugural issue

receptor structure; receptor function; receptor signaling; receptor expression and regulation; receptor interactions with drugs| view journal scope | submit an article

Dr. Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde, University of Mons-UMONS, Belgium| Editorial | view inaugural issue

drug discovery; medicinal chemistry; preclinical and clinical research; marketed drugs; intellectual property and regulatory affairs| view journal scope | submit an article

Prof. Dr. Heather Kanuka, University of Alberta, Canada| Editorial | view inaugural issue

higher education; tertiary education; policy and practice in higher education; educational leadership in higher education; educational administration and management in higher education| view journal scope | submit an article

If you are interested in creating more open access journals with us to publish cutting-edge research, please send your journal proposal application to [email protected].

7 March 2023
Displaying Co-Authors’ Email Addresses on the Webpage of Published Papers

MDPI is pleased to announce that we now display the co-authors’ email addresses in addition to the corresponding author’s email address on the webpage of published papers, protected by Captcha. For more information about this change, please visit the journal’s instructions for authors page. 

We believe this change will facilitate academic discussions and advance our cause of open science and research. The corresponding authors are responsible for communicating with their co-authors and indicating in our system ( if co-authors would prefer for their email addresses not to be displayed.

22 February 2023
Meet Us at the 2023 AAG Annual Meeting, 23–27 March 2023, Denver, USA

Conference: 2023 AAG Annual Meeting
Date: 23–27 April 2023
Location: Denver, USA

MDPI will be attending the 2023 AAG Annual Meeting as an exhibitor, and we welcome researchers from different backgrounds to visit and share their latest ideas with us.

This conference is organized by the American Association of Geographers (AAG). The theme of the meeting is “Toward More Just Geographies”. At the meeting, specialists will share and discuss the latest in research and applications in geography, sustainability, and GIScience.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

Remote Sensing (ISSN: 2072-4292, IF: 5.349) publishes regular research papers, reviews, technical notes and communications covering all aspects of remote sensing science, from sensor design and validation/calibration to its application in geosciences, environmental sciences, ecology, and civil engineering. The aim is to publish novel/improved methods/approaches and/or algorithms of remote sensing to benefit the community, open to everyone in need of them.

Sustainability (ISSN: 2071-1050, IF: 3.889) encourages experts to publish their experimental, computational and theoretical research on sustainability. This encompasses topics related to social sciences, natural and applied science and engineering, in order to enable the application and development of sustainability.

If you are planning to attend this conference, please do not hesitate to start an online conversation with us. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following website:

16 February 2023
Increasing Visibility for – Clarivate adds the Preprint Citation Index to the Web of Science

On 9 February 2023, Clarivate, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics, added the Preprint Citation Index to the Web of Science platform, streamlining the research process by allowing researchers to locate and link to preprints alongside other trusted content in the database.

The Preprint Citation Index will act as a bridge to connect cutting-edge preprints with peer-reviewed journal articles published within the Web of Science Core Collection. Alerts can be easily set to monitor new research across several repositories and authors will also be able to include preprints on their Web of Science Research Profile to more accurately display their various research outputs.

As of its launch, the Preprint Citation Index will provide nearly two million preprints from various repositories, including MDPI’s own

MDPI's Preprints Platform –

To advance Open Science and the fast dissemination of research, MDPI offers researchers a free multidisciplinary preprint platform. accepts submissions from all research areas and offers authors high visibility, permanent archiving, article-level Metrics and immediately citable content by assigning a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to all preprints.

During submission to any MDPI journal, authors have the option to share their research as a preprint. After an initial screening, the manuscript is available online in 48 hours or less. Once online, preprints can be downloaded, shared, commented on, and cited, providing authors maximum visibility.

We invite you to join the ranks of the over 100k researchers using and share your research.

For more information, please visit

9 February 2023
Meet Us at the Fourth International Conference on Energy Storage Materials, 13–16 April 2023, Shenzhen, China

Conference: The Fourth International Conference on Energy Storage Materials
Date: 13–16 April 2023

MDPI will be attending the Fourth International Conference on Energy Storage Materials as the exhibitor. With the theme of advanced energy storage materials and energy storage devices, this seminar invites well-known scholars and industry professionals from around the world to discuss the latest research progress and industrial development status and trends in advanced energy storage materials and devices from academic and industrial perspectives in order to promote the application process of energy storage materials and energy storage devices. The conference is held annually.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to start a conversation with us at our booth: #9. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person and answering any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit

22 December 2022
Special Issue Mentor Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative—the MDPI Special Issue Mentor Program.

This program will enable early career researchers (who must hold a Ph.D. in a related field) to experience editing a Special Issue in MDPI journals, under the mentorship of our experienced Editorial Board Members or other experienced scientists. The mentor program will provide an excellent opportunity for early career scientists to gain editorial experience, and to cultivate their ability to edit scientific research.

The mentee’s responsibilities include:

  • Proposing a Special Issue title and assisting the mentor in preparing a summary (around 200–400 words) and 3–10 keywords describing the background, importance, and goal of the Issue;
  • Writing a brief promotion plan for the Special Issue;
  • Preparing a list of scholars who may be interested in the Issue and personally e-mailing invitations on behalf of Guest Editors;
  • Writing an editorial for the online Special Issue together with the mentor.

The mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Conducting a final check before the Special Issue is published online;
  • Performing editorial control of the Special Issue and quality control of the publications, both of which must be carried out in a timely manner;
  • Providing suggestions to younger scholars if they have any doubts or concerns regarding submissions;
  • Organizing video calls with young scholars and the Editorial Office regularly to discuss problems and improvement suggestions for the Special Issue;
  • Making and submitting decisions regarding submissions with the assistance of mentees.

Certificates and awards:
After the Special Issue closes, the Editorial Office will provide official certificates for all the mentors and early career researchers.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your Special Issue proposal to the Editorial Office of a journal you choose, and we will discuss the process (i.e., mentor collaboration, Special Issue topic feasibility analysis, etc.) in further detail. The full list of MDPI journals is as follows:

In addition to the new Special Issue Mentor Program, we will continue to welcome all Special Issue proposals focusing on hot research topics.

14 December 2022
"Thanks a Million!" – One Million Articles Published in MDPI Journals

MDPI has just become the first open access (OA) publisher to reach the milestone of one million articles published. That is one million articles freely available to all, to circulate and build upon! We are proud to share this special moment with the global scientific community.

This landmark has been reached thanks to the immeasurable support of more than 600,000 expert reviewers, 66,000 editorial board members and 6700 hard-working colleagues across MDPI’s global offices.

Within more than 25 years of publishing, our journals received 2.1 million manuscripts and generated 4.6 million peer review reports to get to one million papers published.

1 Million Infographic

Reaching the milestone of one million articles published reinforces our mission to remove any existing barriers and to make scientific research accessible to all. Since its inception, MDPI’s goal has been to create reliable processes to make science open. This is a path towards facilitating the dissemination of novel insights in scientific communities.

Regular feedback from authors and reviewers shows that our service is greatly appreciated and needed. At the same time, the feedback helps us identify areas for further improvement.

As it stands, a significant share of published research findings remain closed access. More than half of the content published with the most well-known legacy publishers stays behind a paywall, and that is not including articles published in hybrid OA journals, or made available months or years after publication.

A new policy announced by the US administration in August 2022 requires that, as of January 2026, all US federally funded research be made freely and immediately available after publication. While the new policy does not mandate articles be published under an open access license, it is aligned with the open access movement in removing all barriers to research. Similarly, some of the most advanced research institutions in the world intend to have all funded research articles published in open access by 2025.

MDPI is proud to be the leading agent of the transition to open access.

"Thanks a Million" to all the contributors!

12 December 2022
Recruiting Editorial Board Members for Sustainability

Sustainability (ISSN: 2071-1050) is an international and cross-disciplinary, scholarly, open access journal of technical, environmental, cultural, economic and social sustainability of human beings, which provides an advanced forum for studies related to sustainability and sustainable development.

Sustainability is recruiting new Editorial Board Members with expertise in research and findings concerning the following 12 Sections:

As an Editorial Board Member, you have the following responsibilities:

  • To make decisions on whether a manuscript can be accepted, or not, based on the reports we collect;
  • To serve as Editor of a Special Issue on a topic related to your research interests when it is convenient for you;
  • To promote Sustainability and increase its visibility at related academic conferences.

If you are an active researcher in one of the aforementioned fields and are passionate about participating in the cutting-edge research of the corresponding field, please do not hesitate to get in touch ([email protected]).

Sustainability Editorial Office

8 December 2022
MDPI Sustainability Foundation: New Look and Nominations for the 2023 Sustainability Awards Now Open

We are pleased to announce that the website of the MDPI Sustainability Foundation has been revamped! For the past couple of months, our UX UI team and front-end developers have been working hard to launch the website in time for the opening of the Sustainability Awards nominations.

The website is not the only thing that has had a remodeling. Indeed, the format of the Emerging Sustainability Leader Award (ESLA) has been updated. ESLA is now a competition open to individual researchers or start-ups founded by researchers under the age of 35. Nominee applications will go through 2 rounds of selection until the final 3 are decided. The finalists will then be invited to give pitch presentations during the Award Ceremony to win either first place (10,000 USD) or runner-up (2 x 5000 USD).

The World Sustainability Award, on the other hand, remains the same: a total prize money of 100,000 USD is up for grabs by senior individual researchers or groups of researchers from the international research community.

Nominations for both the World Sustainability Award and the Emerging Sustainability Leader award are now open! Check out our new website for more information on how to nominate.

7 November 2022
Meet Us at the 2022 BES Annual Meeting, 18–21 December 2022, Edinburgh, UK

MDPI will be attending the 2022 BES Annual Meeting, held in Edinburgh, UK, from 18 to 21 December 2022. Throughout the conference, prominent researchers and government officials will give keynote speeches on pressing issues of ecology. The 2022 BES Annual Meeting provides an excellent opportunity for participants from industry and academia to keep up to date with the latest trends in ecology.

During this conference, MDPI will welcome researchers from different backgrounds to visit and share their latest views and research with us.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you plan on attending this conference, feel free to stop by our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions that you may have.

For more information about the conference, please see the following link:

4 November 2022
Meet Us at the 2022 MTG of JPS Indoor Environment, 1–2 December 2022, Tokyo, Japan

MDPI will be attending the 2022 MTG of JPS Indoor Environment, held in Tokyo, Japan, from 1 to 2 December 2022. The theme of this year’s conference is the preservation of human health and the maintenance of comfortable environments. Throughout the conference, prominent researchers and government officials will give keynote speeches on pressing issues of indoor environment. The 2022 MTG of JPS Indoor Environment provides an excellent opportunity for participants from industry and academia to keep up to date with the latest trends in indoor environmental problems.

During this conference, MDPI will welcome researchers from different backgrounds to visit and share their latest views and research with us.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

If you plan on attending this conference, feel free to stop by our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions that you may have.

For more information about the conference, please see the following link:

27 October 2022
Meet Us at the 2022 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo, Asia-Pacific (ITEC-AP 2022), 28–31 October 2022, Haining, China

MDPI will be attending the 2022 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo, Asia-Pacific (ITEC-AP 2022) in Haining, China, which will take place from 28 to 31 October 2022. The ITEC-AP 2022 is organized by Zhejiang University, and aims to provide a forum for sharing knowledge, experience, and ideas in electrical technologies for transportation. Technical sessions, tutorials, exhibitors, and industry activities are planned.

The following MDPI journals will be represented:

  • Electronics;
  • Machines;
  • Actuators;
  • Future Transportation;
  • Electricity;
  • Smart Cities;
  • Sustainability;
  • Vehicles.

If you are attending this conference, please feel free to stop by our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions that you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit the following link:

21 October 2022
Meet Us at the 17th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology (ICWMT17), 19–22 November 2022, Sanya, China

MDPI will be attending the 17th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology (ICWMT17), held in Sanya, China, from 19 to 22 November 2022. The theme of this year’s conference is “Synergizing the Reduction of Pollution and Carbon Emission”. Throughout the conference, prominent researchers and government officials will give keynote speeches on pressing issues of solid waste management. ICWMT17 provides an excellent opportunity for participants from industry and academia to keep up to date with the latest trends in solid waste management.

During this conference, MDPI will welco