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Sections - Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability and Applications 3422 Articles

Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Torretta  

Social Ecology and Sustainability 639 Articles

Economic and Business Aspects of Sustainability 5610 Articles

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Ioppolo  

Sustainable Engineering and Science 1931 Articles

Energy Sustainability 2707 Articles

Sustainable Urban and Rural Development 2674 Articles

Prof. Dr. Tan Yigitcanlar  

Sustainable Agriculture 2230 Articles

Sustainable Education and Approaches 2005 Articles

Tourism, Culture, and Heritage 1533 Articles

Sustainable Chemical Engineering and Technology 224 Articles

Dr. Derek J. McPhee  

Sustainable Transportation 2196 Articles

Dr. Lei Zhang  

Geography and Sustainability 927 Articles

Psychology of Sustainability and Sustainable Development 651 Articles

Prof. Dr. Annamaria Di Fabio  

Resources and Sustainable Utilization 701 Articles

Air, Climate Change and Sustainability 431 Articles

Sustainability, Biodiversity and Conservation 276 Articles

Prof. Dr. Iain J. Gordon  

Sustainable Food 389 Articles

Health, Well-Being and Sustainability 666 Articles

Hazards and Sustainability 409 Articles

Sustainable Materials 548 Articles

Sustainable Management 1312 Articles

Green Building 101 Articles

Soil Conservation and Sustainability 50 Articles

Sustainable Forestry 53 Articles

Waste and Recycling 131 Articles

Prof. Dr. Paolo S. Calabrò  

Sustainable Oceans 23 Articles

Prof. Dr. Chen-Tung Arthur Chen  

Sustainable Water Management 136 Articles

Prof. Dr. Steve W. Lyon  

Pollution Prevention, Mitigation and Sustainability 53 Articles

Bioeconomy of Sustainability 23 Articles

Prof. Dr. Idiano D’Adamo  


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