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Enhancement in Thermal Energy and Solute Particles Using Hybrid Nanoparticles by Engaging Activation Energy and Chemical Reaction over a Parabolic Surface via Finite Element Approach
Study on Date–Jimbo–Kashiwara–Miwa Equation with Conformable Derivative Dependent on Time Parameter to Find the Exact Dynamic Wave Solutions
European Vanilla Option Pricing Model of Fractional Order without Singular Kernel
Stability Analysis and Numerical Computation of the Fractional Predator–Prey Model with the Harvesting Rate
Homotopy Perturbation Method for the Fractal Toda Oscillator
Which Derivative?
Fractal Analysis on Pore Structure and Hydration of Magnesium Oxysulfate Cements by First Principle, Thermodynamic and Microstructure-Based Methods
Investigation and Application of Fractal Theory in Cement-Based Materials: A Review
Novel Complex Wave Solutions of the (2+1)-Dimensional Hyperbolic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Influence of Groundwater Depth on Pile–Soil Mechanical Properties and Fractal Characteristics under Cyclic Loading
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Utilizing Fractals for Modeling and 3D Printing of Porous Structures
European Vanilla Option Pricing Model of Fractional Order without Singular Kernel
A Fractional Complex Permittivity Model of Media with Dielectric Relaxation
Fractal Antennas: An Historical Perspective
Lyapunov Characterization of the Fractional Nonlinear Systems with Exogenous Input
Fractal, Scale Free Electromagnetic Resonance of a Single Brain Extracted Microtubule Nanowire, a Single Tubulin Protein and a Single Neuron
Fractional Divergence of Probability Densities
Sets of Fractional Operators and Numerical Estimation of the Order of Convergence of a Family of Fractional Fixed-Point Methods
Fractal Simulation of Flocculation Processes Using a Diffusion-Limited Aggregation Model
The Fractal Nature of an Approximate Prime Counting Function
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