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Energies G: Energy and Buildings Demand Management for Buildings and Industrial Facilities
(Collection Editors: Patrick Phelan, J. Rene Villalobos, Ryan J. Milcarek)
30 April 2031 6
Applied Sciences Civil Engineering Seepage Problems in Geotechnical Engineering
(Editors: Ran An, Yixian Wang, Xianwei Zhang, Xinyu Liu)
03 July 2026 0
Energies A: Sustainable Energy Health-Conscious Energy Management Strategy with Monitoring/Diagnosis/Prognosis Modules for Embedded Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
(Editors: Jianwen Meng, Demba Diallo)
03 July 2026 0
Remote Sensing Ocean Remote Sensing Remote Sensing for Marine Environmental Disaster Response
(Editors: Zhixiang Fang, Quanyi Huang, Jaroslaw Tęgowski, Magaly Koch, Yukiharu Hisaki)
31 December 2025 11
Healthcare Nursing Health Care and Services for Elderly Population
(Collection Editor: Hideki Nakano)
31 December 2025 56
Sustainability (none) Advanced Methodologies for Sustainability Assessment: Theory and Practice
(Collection Editor: Fausto Cavallaro)
31 December 2025 43
Future Internet Internet of Things Explainability, Reliability and Trust in Smart Internet of Things Healthcare Systems
(Editor: Daniele Riboni)
31 October 2025 0
Membranes (none) Membranes Research in Tianjin University: Celebrating 130th Anniversary
(Editors: Hong Wu, Zhi Wang)
02 October 2025 0
Genealogy (none) Forced Migration: New Trajectories, Challenges and Best Practices
(Editors: Marciana Popescu, Dana Alonzo)
25 September 2025 0
Microorganisms Environmental Microbiology Marine Microorganisms in A Changing Ocean: From Single Species to Community Responses
(Editors: Joana Barcelos e Ramos, Susana Isabel Chaves Ribeiro)
15 August 2025 0
Lubricants (none) Surface Modification and Strengthening of Metals and Alloys
(Editor: Gang Li)
05 August 2025 0
IJERPH Anthropogenic Circularity Digital Economy, Environmental Protection and Public Health
(Editors: Weixin Yang, Yunpeng Yang, Lingyin Pan)
12 July 2025 8
Animals (none) Organic Livestock Farming: New Trends, Health and Welfare Issues
(Editor: Vasileios Papatsiros)
12 July 2025 0
Energies D1: Advanced Energy Materials 2D Crystals for Zeroing Energy Expenses in the Construction Sector
(Editor: A. E. Del Rio Castillo)
12 July 2025 0
Buildings Construction Management, and Computers & Digitization Ultrafine Particle from Recycle Materials in Building Construction: Experimental and Challenges
(Editor: Ramadhansyah Putra Jaya)
12 July 2025 2
Energies A1: Smart Grids and Microgrids Condition Monitoring of HVDC Power Network Equipment
(Editor: Arshad Arshad)
12 July 2025 1
Cancers Molecular Cancer Biology Molecular Biology, Diagnosis and Management of Endometrial Cancer
(Editors: Georgios Androutsopoulos, Georgios Michail, Thomas Vrekoussis)
12 July 2025 0
Water Water Quality and Contamination Monitoring and Assessment of Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
(Editors: Hui Zhang, Dan Zhong)
12 July 2025 0
Energies B: Energy and Environment Optimal Planning and Operation in RES-Rich Power Systems under Electricity and Carbon Emission Market Environment
(Editors: Fushuan Wen, Xiuli Wang)
12 July 2025 1
Geosciences (none) Advances in Studies of DGSDs and Lateral Spreads
(Editors: Valentino Demurtas, Michele Delchiaro, Anne-Sophie Mreyen, Stefano Devoto, Veronica Pazzi, Mateja Jemec)
12 July 2025 0
Pharmaceuticals Biopharmaceuticals Organ Regeneration by Application of Biomaterials and Stem Cells Technology Tools
(Editor: Saima Imran)
12 July 2025 0
Energies F3: Power Electronics Power Electronics Technologies for Aerospace Applications
(Editors: Vítor Monteiro, Joao L. Afonso)
12 July 2025 0
Electronics Artificial Intelligence The Role of Digital Technologies in Sustainability Accounting and Reporting
(Editors: Anca Antoaneta Vărzaru, Claudiu George Bocean, Madalina Giorgiana Mangra, Dalia Simion)
12 July 2025 8
Diagnostics Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics Artificial Intelligence for Precision Analysis and Decision Making in Medical Imaging
(Editor: Jia Wu)
12 July 2025 1
Applied Sciences Acoustics and Vibrations Recent Advances in Soundscape and Environmental Noise
(Editor: Masayuki Takada)
10 July 2025 0
Electronics Microwave and Wireless Communications Distributed Machine Learning in Blockchain Assisted 5G Fixed Wireless Access Networks
(Editors: Sourav Banerjee, Uttam Ghosh)
10 July 2025 0
Buildings Construction Management, and Computers & Digitization Sustainable Construction Management and Engineering: Residential Construction with Focus on Life Cycle of Buildings and Costs
(Editors: Eduard Hromada, Bozena Kaderabkova, Klara Cermakova, Lucie Kurekova)
08 July 2025 3
Cells Cell Methods Primary and Continued Cell Cultures
(Editor: Xuefeng Liu)
08 July 2025 1
Geosciences (none) Discerning Between Tectonic and Climatic Forcing in Landscape Evolution
(Editor: Andrea Sembroni)
08 July 2025 0
Water Water Resources Management, Policy and Governance Data Analytics and Edge Computing for Water Security and Management
(Editors: Mohammed Alshehri, Osama Abdulaziz AlFarraj, Hesham Alhumyani)
08 July 2025 0
Sustainability Sustainable Urban and Rural Development Urban and Regional Development Issues and Strategies: The Application of New Generation Information Technology
(Editors: Weiwu Wang, Wanfu Jin, Changdong Ye)
07 July 2025 0
Molecules Bioorganic Chemistry Natural Products with Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory and Immunomodulatory Activities
(Editor: Rongtao Li)
07 July 2025 4
Cells Cells of the Nervous System Neuroinflammation in Developmental Brain Diseases
(Editors: Evelyne Gozal, Jun Cai, Gregory Neal Barnes)
07 July 2025 0
Electrochem (none) Silicon Electrochemistry: Fundamentals and Modern Applications
(Editor: Suzdaltsev Andrey)
07 July 2025 1
IJERPH (none) Hospitals’ Contribution to the Geographies of Social and Economic Innovation
(Editors: Paula Santana, Teresa Sá Marques, Hélder Santos, Rui Gama)
07 July 2025 0
Materials Metals and Alloys Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Structures: Process and Applications
(Editors: Valerio Acanfora, Andrea Sellitto)
07 July 2025 1
IJERPH Environmental Earth Science and Medical Geology Economic Transition, Environmental Risk Prevention and Green Development
(Editor: Hao Cheng)
05 July 2025 3
Applied Sciences Energy Science and Technology Integrated Circuit Design in Post-moore Era
(Editor: Yanfeng Jiang)
05 July 2025 1
Polymers Polymer Applications Applications of Polymers and Their Composites in Biotechnology
(Editor: José Cleiton Sousa dos Santos)
03 July 2025 2
Education Sciences (none) Digital Learning Innovation in Formal and Non-formal Learning Institution: Current Trends and Practices
(Editor: Miftachul Huda)
03 July 2025 0
Molecules Nanochemistry Biomass-Derived Nanomaterials: Sustainable Production and Application
(Editor: Hwei Voon Lee)
03 July 2025 1
Cancers Cancer Therapy Breast Cancer: Tailored Rehabilitation Strategies to Address the Challenge of Survivorship Issues
(Editors: Marco Invernizzi, Lorenzo Lippi)
03 July 2025 2
Polymers Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites Polymer-Based Composite Nanomaterials: Structure, Properties and Applications
(Editors: Olga E. Glukhova, Gang Zhang)
03 July 2025 1
Sustainability Economic and Business Aspects of Sustainability International Trade Governance and Policy and Sustainable Agricultural Economics
(Editors: Sayed Saghaian, Hosein Mohammadi)
03 July 2025 3
Vaccines (none) Vaccinomics: Omics-System Biology Approach in Vaccine Development
(Editors: Vijay Soni, Yogesh Chawla)
01 July 2025 1
Education Sciences (none) Educational Innovation with Information and Communication Technologies
(Editor: May Portuguez Castro)
01 July 2025 0
Sustainability Environmental Sustainability and Applications Sustainable Urban Mobility, Transport Infrastructures and Services
(Editors: Clara Celauro, Daniele Ronsivalle, Marco Migliore, Maria La Gennusa, Alberto Di Matteo)
01 July 2025 0
Microorganisms Virology Testing Strategies for SARS-CoV-2 Variants Surveillance: Epidemiological, Clinical and Future Implications
(Editor: Valeria Micheli)
01 July 2025 0
Pediatric Reports (none) Recent Advances in Congenital Anomalies of the Kidneys and Urinary Tract (CAKUT)
(Editors: Velibor Tasic, Marcin Tkaczyk, Silvio Maringhini)
30 June 2025 3
Sustainability Sustainable Water Management Water-Energy Nexus, Sustainable Development and Low-Carbon Transitions: A New Era of Advancing Technology, Engineering, Management and Governance of Water
(Editors: Jiayu Xu, Meng Peng, Hongzhang Xu)
30 June 2025 1
Biomedicines Drug Discovery Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potencies of Biomolecule
(Editor: Vinit Raj)
11 June 2025 2
IJERPH Mental Health Mental health and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda
(Editors: Carlos Laranjeira, Ana Querido)
11 June 2025 0
Gels Gel Chemistry and Physics Hydrogelated Matrices: Structural, Functional and Applicative Aspects
(Editors: Enrico Gallo, Carlo Diaferia)
11 June 2025 5
Sensors (none) Recent Advances in IoT Big Data Analytics towards Smart Cities
(Editor: Xiangjie Kong)
11 June 2025 0
Energies F5: Artificial Intelligence and Smart Energy Application of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Carbon Capture and Utilisation and Storage
(Editor: Bahamin Bazooyar)
11 June 2025 0
Microorganisms Plant Microbe Interactions Molecular Identification and Phylogeny of Crops Pathogenic Fungi
(Editors: Olga P. Gavrilova, Philipp B. Gannibal, Aleksandra S. Orina)
09 June 2025 0
Diseases Oncology Cancers of the Genitourinary System: Pathophysiology, Modeling, and Treatment
(Editors: Hisham Bahmad, Wassim Abou-Kheir)
09 June 2025 1
Prosthesis (none) Artificial Intelligence in Prosthesis and Rehabilitation: Advancements and Challenges
(Editor: Luca Fiorillo)
09 June 2025 0
Electronics Bioelectronics Computer-Assisted Accurate Knee Joint Ligament Repair
(Editor: Bin Liu)
09 June 2025 0
Polymers Polymer Applications Advanced Polymers and Composites: New Functionalities and Sustainability
(Editor: Alberto Jiménez Suárez)
09 June 2025 7
Applied Sciences Optics and Lasers Metamaterials, Quantum and Nanophotonics in the Third Millenium
(Editors: Eduard Babulak, Dieter Bimberg)
08 June 2025 0
Polymers Polymer Membranes and Films Smart and Advanced Coatings and Membranes for Cementitious Surfaces
(Editors: Rui Galhano dos Santos, Tânia Frade)
06 June 2025 0
Mathematics Network Science AI-Based on Mathematical Modelling for IoMT Devices and Networks
(Editor: Victor Hugo C. De Albuquerque)
06 June 2025 1
Social Sciences (none) Learning Culture for Eco-Friendly Responsibilities: Emerging Trends and Practices
(Editor: Miftachul Huda)
06 June 2025 1
Biomedicines Drug Discovery Peptides and Amino Acids in Drug Development: Here and Now
(Editor: Siva Panda)
06 June 2025 0
IJERPH Health Care Sciences & Services Advances in Perioperative Treatment and Critical Care
(Editor: Jakub Klimkiewicz)
06 June 2025 0
Applied Sciences Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering Wireless Communication Optimization in Optical Imaging and Sensing for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Chain Management
(Editor: Mustafa M. Matalgah)
06 June 2025 1
Brain Sciences (none) The Use of Chemogenetics and Optogenetics on Understanding the Neurobiology of Brain Disorders
(Editors: Sandesh Panthi, Marc Ekker)
06 June 2025 0
Sustainability Energy Sustainability Power Quality Improvement Using Power Converters Powered by V2G Vehicles Charging Stations
(Editor: Dhanamjayulu Chittathuru)
06 June 2025 6
Administrative Sciences (none) Digital Marketing in the Strategic Organisational Transformation toward Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
(Editors: José Duarte Santos, Fernando Almeida, Paulo Botelho Pires, Inês Veiga Pereira)
06 June 2025 2
Designs Mechanical Engineering Design Designing of AIML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Based Architectures and Its Various Applications in the Field of Engineering
(Editors: Tanupriya Choudhury, Sachi Nandan Mohanty, Jung-Sup Um, Bappaditya Koley)
05 June 2025 1
Sustainability Sustainable Management Sustainable Logistics Operations and Management
(Editor: Yu Tian)
05 June 2025 3
Social Sciences Gender Studies Gender Equality in the Workplace: Theory and Practice for Decent Work and a Climate of Inclusion
(Editors: Martina Morando, Silvia Maria Platania)
04 June 2025 2
Behavioral Sciences (none) Bridging Behavioral Sciences and Sports Sciences
(Editors: José Eduardo Teixeira, Luís Branquinho, Ricardo Ferraz)
02 June 2025 4
Microorganisms Biofilm The Latest Research on Microbial-Associated Biofilm
(Editor: Vinit Raj)
31 May 2025 0
Sustainability (none) Sustainable Management Practices - Key to Innovation
(Editor: Hafeezullah Memon)
05 May 2025 3
Vaccines Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy Tumor Vaccines: Current Processes, Prevailing Challenges and Future Perspectives
(Editors: Xingxing He, Honglin Jin)
01 May 2025 0
Societies (none) School-to-Work Transitions: Developmental and Mental Health Outcomes
(Editor: Anna Parola)
02 April 2025 1
IJERPH (none) School-to-Work Transitions: Developmental and Mental Health Outcomes
(Editor: Anna Parola)
02 April 2025 1
Robotics (none) Selected Papers from MEDER 2024: Advances in Mechanism Design for Robotics
(Editors: Marco Ceccarelli, Erwin Lovasz)
30 March 2025 0
Machines Machine Design and Theory Selected Papers from MEDER 2024: Advances in Mechanism Design for Robotics
(Editors: Marco Ceccarelli, Erwin Lovasz)
30 March 2025 0
Algorithms (none) Recent Advances in Algorithms for Swarm Systems
(Editors: Jesús Ángel Román Gallego, José Escuadra Burrieza, Manuel Martín-Merino, Andres Iglesias)
01 March 2025 0
Applied Sciences Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering Control of Power Systems II
(Editor: Jožef Ritonja)
31 January 2025 0
Applied Sciences Transportation and Future Mobility Intelligent Management and Application of Sustainable Transportation Systems
(Editor: Guoqiang Cai)
12 January 2025 0
Sustainability Economic and Business Aspects of Sustainability New Challenges to Energy Transition and Sustainable Development
(Editors: Yi-Shuai Ren, Zhao Liu, Olaf Weber, Yong Jiang)
01 January 2025 3
Sustainability Environmental Sustainability and Applications Design for Sustainability in the Minerals Sector
(Editors: Kwame Awuah-Offei, Que Sisi)
31 December 2024 5
Sustainability Resources and Sustainable Utilization New Horizons: The Future of Sustainable Islands
(Editors: Lei Yu, Aifeng Tao, Ran Guo, John Telesford, Yuncheng Deng)
31 December 2024 1
IJERPH Public Health Statistics and Risk Assessment Feature Papers in Public Health Statistics and Risk Assessment
(Editor: Jimmy T. Efird)
31 December 2024 49
Colorants (none) Feature Papers in Colorant Chemistry
(Editor: Anthony Harriman)
31 December 2024 0
Animals (none) Use of Regenerative Therapies in Canine Osteoarthritis - Volume II
(Editors: Angela Palumbo Piccionello, Caterina Di Bella)
31 December 2024 0
Cancers Tumor Microenvironment Oral Cancer and the Microbiome
(Editor: Gabriel Nussbaum)
31 December 2024 0
Sensors Communications Secure Communication for Next-Generation Wireless Networks
(Editors: Yue Xiao, Jie Tian)
31 December 2024 0
Crystals Hybrid and Composite Crystalline Materials Feature Papers on "Hybrid and Composite Crystalline Materials" 2023–2024
(Editor: Leonid Kustov)
31 December 2024 5
Diagnostics Medical Imaging and Theranostics Advanced Brain Tumor Imaging
(Editors: Giorgio Treglia, Barbara Muoio)
31 December 2024 0
Cancers (none) State-of-the-Art Treatment on Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy for Urological Cancer
(Editors: Kouji Izumi, Hiroshi Yaegashi)
31 December 2024 0
Entropy Thermodynamics 200 Years Anniversary of “Sadi Carnot, Réflexions Sur La Puissance Motrice Du Feu”; Bachelier: Paris, France, 1824
(Editors: Armin Feldhoff, Christophe Goupil, Pascal Boulet, Marie-Christine Record, Eric Herbert, Gaël Giraud, Mathieu Arnoux)
31 December 2024 0
Molecules Medicinal Chemistry Small-Molecule Inhibitors: Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and Biological Activities
(Editor: Saiyang Zhang)
31 December 2024 2
BioMedInformatics (none) Advances in Structural Bioinformatics and Next-Generation Sequence Analysis for Drug Design
(Editor: Alexandre G. De Brevern)
31 December 2024 0
Animals Veterinary Clinical Studies Unveiling the Anatomy of Animals: From Comparative Studies to Clinical Applications
(Editors: Joanna Klećkowska-Nawrot, Karolina Goździewska-Harłajczuk)
31 December 2024 0
Cancers (none) Rapid Diagnostics for Antimicrobial Resistance in Cancer Patients
(Editor: Evangelyn C. Alocilja)
31 December 2024 0
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