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Global Health

A section of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (ISSN 1660-4601).

Section Information

The section on global health focuses on public health and the environment from a global perspective with a specific interest in studies from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), emphasizing innovative research aimed at examining the nature and magnitude of global health issues, with an objective of publishing science-driven and prevention investigations. Priority areas of global public health concern include, but are not limited to, reproductive health in the context of socio-economic development, education, nutrition, and life expectancy; mental health; infectious diseases; chronic diseases; climate change and its impact on human health; environmental pollution; health system management and operation; and implementation science. Epidemiological studies and intervention research are welcome, with a global focus and relevance. Global public health is important for preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting physical, mental, and social well-being. This section is also interested in exploring the interplay between global health and health economics, occupational safety and health, digital health, health communications and informatics, public health statistics and risk assessment, anthropogenic circularity, and biosafety.

Key Concepts

  • Global health concepts related to the prevention and control of infectious and non-communicable diseases, teenage reproductive health in low- and middle-income countries, environmental impacts on pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes and early child development, nutrition and contaminants, the burden of diseases from an environmental perspective, chronic diseases, poverty, sanitation and hygiene, food safety and food policy, the promotion of mental well-being, the prevention of mental disorders, strategies to improve the health of vulnerable groups, health inequity and perceptions of health and human rights, particularly in relation to health and population issues in developing countries.
  • Global health economic evaluation/analysis, health insurance/payment systems, cost-effectiveness, health care expenditure, efficiency and distributional aspects of global health including financing of health services, public health policy interventions, health care economic incentives, and health organization and administration.
  • Universal facets of occupational health including occupational risk assessment, management of occupational risks, prevention and control of work-related disease, occupational health surveillance, occupational health promotion, occupational toxicology, epidemiological studies in occupationally exposed participants, emerging technologies, workplace environmental monitoring, occupational biological monitoring, mechanisms of occupational exposure epigenetics, and occupational medicine diagnostics: omic techniques, molecular modelling, and biosafety.
  • International aspects of health-related information and communications technology (ICT) and wireless devices, e-health and mobile health, big data analytics, telemedicine and telehealth, the Internet and social media, medical devices, digital health legislation and ethics, health informatics, electronic health records, mass media, interpersonal communication, campaign messaging, social media, social and behavior change communication, social marketing, circular economy, material flow analysis, urban mining, recycling, waste management, supply chains, industrial ecology, and the technosphere.
  • Aspects of healthcare in low- and middle-income nations. Studies and viewpoints from nations with underdeveloped healthcare systems and medical resources, and prospects for health equity, are among the points of interest. The relationships between developed and emerging economies and their implications for the development of healthcare are also considered.
  • Quantitative/epidemiological analysis and risk modelling of global health concerns, including differences in disease risk by and within a country, geographic region, and climate.

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