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Effect of Overnight Fasted Exercise on Weight Loss and Body Composition: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Intermittent Energy Restriction Attenuates the Loss of Fat Free Mass in Resistance Trained Individuals. A Randomized Controlled Trial
High Resistance Training Volume and Low Caloric and Protein Intake Are Associated with Detrimental Alterations in Body Composition of an Amateur Bodybuilder Using Anabolic Steroids: A Case Report
Reliability and Validity of the Hand Reach Star Excursion Balance Test
Implementing Eccentric Resistance Training—Part 1: A Brief Review of Existing Methods
Implementing Eccentric Resistance Training—Part 2: Practical Recommendations
Sarcopenia and Exercise “The State of the Art”
Clinical Implementation of Exercise Guidelines for Cancer Patients: Adaptation of ACSM’s Guidelines to the Italian Model
TMJ Dysfunctions Systemic Implications and Postural Assessments: A Review of Recent Literature
Anatomy and Physiology of Knee Stability
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