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Recent Progress on PZT Based Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Technologies
Status and Perspectives of Multiferroic Magnetoelectric Composite Materials and Applications
Novel Additive Manufacturing Pneumatic Actuators and Mechanisms for Food Handling Grippers
The UC Softhand: Light Weight Adaptive Bionic Hand with a Compact Twisted String Actuation System
Structural-Parametric Model of Electromagnetoelastic Actuator for Nanomechanics
Self-Sensing Ionic Polymer Actuators: A Review
Generalization of Series Elastic Actuator Configurations and Dynamic Behavior Comparison
Control of a Heavy-Lift Robotic Manipulator with Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
Bioinspired Soft Actuation System Using Shape Memory Alloys
A Two-Degree of Freedom Variable Stiffness Actuator Based on the MACCEPA Concept
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