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Exploring Civil Drone Accidents and Incidents to Help Prevent Potential Air Disasters
Design and Performance of Modular 3-D Printed Solid-Propellant Rocket Airframes
CFD Study of an Annular-Ducted Fan Lift System for VTOL Aircraft
Hybrid Electric Aircraft Propulsion Case Study for Skydiving Mission
Ornithopter Type Flapping Wings for Autonomous Micro Air Vehicles
Single-Sensor Acoustic Emission Source Localization in Plate-Like Structures Using Deep Learning
The Development of an Ordinary Least Squares Parametric Model to Estimate the Cost Per Flying Hour of ‘Unknown’ Aircraft Types and a Comparative Application
Mitigating the Climate Impact from Aviation: Achievements and Results of the DLR WeCare Project
Hydrodynamic Performance of Aquatic Flapping: Efficiency of Underwater Flight in the Manta
An Overview of Cube-Satellite Propulsion Technologies and Trends

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