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Improving Skin Hydration and Age-related Symptoms by Oral Administration of Wheat Glucosylceramides and Digalactosyl Diglycerides: A Human Clinical Study
Topical Peptide Treatments with Effective Anti-Aging Results
Essential Oils and Their Single Compounds in Cosmetics—A Critical Review
Hair Care Cosmetics: From Traditional Shampoo to Solid Clay and Herbal Shampoo, A Review
Main Benefits and Applicability of Plant Extracts in Skin Care Products
Cosmetic Functional Ingredients from Botanical Sources for Anti-Pollution Skincare Products
Rice Water: A Traditional Ingredient with Anti-Aging Efficacy
Alternative Methods to Animal Testing for the Safety Evaluation of Cosmetic Ingredients: An Overview
Overview of Skin Whitening Agents: Drugs and Cosmetic Products
Meta Analysis of Skin Microbiome: New Link between Skin Microbiota Diversity and Skin Health with Proposal to Use This as a Future Mechanism to Determine Whether Cosmetic Products Damage the Skin
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