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Inkjet Printed Fully-Passive Body-Worn Wireless Sensors for Smart and Connected Community (SCC)
Multiple Input Energy Harvesting Systems for Autonomous IoT End-Nodes
A Low-Power CMOS Piezoelectric Transducer Based Energy Harvesting Circuit for Wearable Sensors for Medical Applications
Review of Analog-To-Digital Conversion Characteristics and Design Considerations for the Creation of Power-Efficient Hybrid Data Converters
Ultra-Low Power Consuming Direct Radiation Sensors Based on Floating Gate Structures
DESTINY: A Comprehensive Tool with 3D and Multi-Level Cell Memory Modeling Capability
Design of a Programmable Passive SoC for Biomedical Applications Using RFID ISO 15693/NFC5 Interface
Ultra-Low Power, Process-Tolerant 10T (PT10T) SRAM with Improved Read/Write Ability for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
Designing Control Loops for Linear and Switching Power Supplies: A Tutorial Guide. By Christophe Basso, Artech House, 2012; 593 Pages. Price £99.00, ISBN 978-1-60807-557-7
The Advances, Challenges and Future Possibilities of Millimeter-Wave Chip-to-Chip Interconnections for Multi-Chip Systems
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