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CMOS Low Power Design
(Editors: Aatmesh Shrivastava, Jie Gu)
15 Jul 2018 10
Electronic System-Level HW/SW Co-Design of Power-Aware Embedded Systems
(Editors: Luigi Pomante, Giacomo Valente)
15 May 2019
Emerging Network-on-Chip Architectures for Low Power Embedded Systems
(Editor: Davide Patti)
31 Jan 2017 6
Energy Efficient Sensors and Applications
(Editors: Amine Bermak, Man Kay Law)
31 Jan 2013 5
Industrial Aspects of Low Power Design Recent Trends and Methods
(Editors: Arkadiy Morgenshtein, Israel A. Wagner, Yakov Roizin)
15 Aug 2011 5
Low Power Design Methodologies and Applications
(Editors: Alexander Fish, Kaushik Roy)
15 Jun 2011 5
Low Power Electronics and Bio-Medical Applications
(Editor: Nick Van Helleputte)
15 Feb 2019
Low-Power Electronic Circuits for Monolithic Smart Wireless Sensors
(Editors: Syed Kamrul Islam, Salvatore Pullano, Nicole McFarlane, Ifana Mahbub)
30 Sep 2017 7
Low-Power FPGA Designs for Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Applications
(Editors: Pasquale Corsonello, Michael Hüebner)
15 Mar 2019
Low-power Microcontroller Based Systems
(Editor: Oscar Lopez Lapeña)
15 Mar 2019
Selected Papers from FTFC 2013 Conference
(Editors: Amara Amara, Alex Yakovlev, Olivier Thomas, Costin Anghel)
30 Sep 2013 5
Selected Papers from ICEIC-2019 Conference
(Editors: Jinwook Burm, SoYoung Kim, Kang-Yoon Lee, Jinyoung Hwang)
15 Apr 2019
Selected Papers from IEEE S3S Conference 2013
(Editors: David Bol, Steven A. Vitale)
14 Mar 2014 9
Selected Papers from IEEE S3S Conference 2014
(Editors: David Bol, Steven A. Vitale)
20 Feb 2015 6
Selected Papers from SubVt 2011 Conference
(Editors: David Bol, Steven A. Vitale)
1 Mar 2012 6
Selected Papers from SubVt 2012 Conference
(Editors: David Bol, Steven A. Vitale)
1 Feb 2013 8
Selected Papers from the 24th IEEE International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems - ASYNC 2018
(Editors: Milos Krstic, Ian W. Jones, Andreas Steininger, Matthias Függer)
15 Dec 2018 3
Selected Topics in Low Power Design - From Circuits to Applications
(Editor: Alexander Fish)
15 Nov 2010 13
Time-Based Approaches for Mixed-Mode Signal Processing
(Editor: Fei Yuan)
15 Feb 2019
Ultra-Low Power VLSI Design for Emerging Applications
(Editors: Tony Tae-Hyoung Kim, Jun Zhou, Xin Liu)
31 Aug 2016 5
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