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Penalty Function Methods for Constrained Optimization with Genetic Algorithms
Fractional Complex Transform for Fractional Differential Equations
Predictive Abilities of Bayesian Regularization and Levenberg–Marquardt Algorithms in Artificial Neural Networks: A Comparative Empirical Study on Social Data
Free Vibration and Bending Analyses of Cantilever Microtubules Based on Nonlocal Continuum Model
Machine Learning-Based Sentiment Analysis for Twitter Accounts
Operating System Selection Using Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS Methods
Automatic Traffic Density Estimation and Vehicle Classification for Traffic Surveillance Systems Using Neural Networks
Free Vibration Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes Based on Shear Deformable Beam Theory by Discrete Singular Convolution Technique
Analytical Solutions of Non-Linear Equations of Power-Law Fluids of Second Grade over an Infinite Porous Plate
Modified Auxiliary Equation Method versus Three Nonlinear Fractional Biological Models in Present Explicit Wave Solutions
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