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Penalty Function Methods for Constrained Optimization with Genetic Algorithms
Machine Learning-Based Sentiment Analysis for Twitter Accounts
A Comparative Study of Neural Networks and ANFIS for Forecasting Attendance Rate of Soccer Games
Predictive Abilities of Bayesian Regularization and Levenberg–Marquardt Algorithms in Artificial Neural Networks: A Comparative Empirical Study on Social Data
Applying Computer Algebra Systems in Approximating the Trigonometric Functions
A Survey of Recent Trends in Multiobjective Optimal Control—Surrogate Models, Feedback Control and Objective Reduction
Automatic Traffic Density Estimation and Vehicle Classification for Traffic Surveillance Systems Using Neural Networks
Nonlinear Vibration of a Nanobeam on a Pasternak Elastic Foundation Based on Non-Local Euler-Bernoulli Beam Theory
Some Properties of a Function Originating from Geometric Probability for Pairs of Hyperplanes Intersecting with a Convex Body
Nonlinear Multi-Frequency Dynamics of Wind Turbine Components with a Single-Mesh Helical Gear Train
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