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An Acoustic Survey of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris before and after the Fire of 2019
Sound Archaeology: A Study of the Acoustics of Three World Heritage Sites, Spanish Prehistoric Painted Caves, Stonehenge, and Paphos Theatre
Acoustic Black Holes in Structural Design for Vibration and Noise Control
The Present and Future Role of Acoustic Metamaterials for Architectural and Urban Noise Mitigations
Welcome to Acoustics—A New Open Access Journal for the Growing Multidisciplinary Scientific and Engineering Community and Beyond
Self Noise Reduction and Aerodynamics of Airfoils with Porous Trailing Edges
Plate-Type Acoustic Metamaterials: Experimental Evaluation of a Modular Large-Scale Design for Low-Frequency Noise Control
Handclap for Acoustic Measurements: Optimal Application and Limitations
Influence of Sound-Absorbing Material Placement on Room Acoustical Parameters
Are Cry Studies Replicable? An Analysis of Participants, Procedures, and Methods Adopted and Reported in Studies of Infant Cries
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