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Section Board for 'Food Microbiology' (39)

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Prof. Dr. Arun K. Bhunia
Section Editor-in-Chief
Department of Food Science, Department of Comparative Pathobiology (Courtesy), Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA
Interests: microbiology; pathogenesis; host–pathogen interaction; nanobiotechnology; food safety
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Dr. Bianca Castiglioni
Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology – Italian National Research Council (CNR), via Einstein snc, 26900 Lodi, Italy
Interests: genomics; transcriptomics; metagenomics and microbiome; next-generation sequencing; animal health; bacterial infections; milk and dairy production
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Prof. Dr. Johanna Björkroth
Department of Food Hygiene and Environmental Health, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Interests: food spoilage; lactic acid bacteria
Dr. Monika Coton

Laboratoire Universitaire de Biodiversité et Ecologie Microbienne UR3882, ESIAB, Université de Brest, Plouzané, France
Interests: food mycology; food microbiology; microbial ecology; food fermentations; secondary metabolites; mycotoxins; LC-MS; filamentous fungi; yeasts; lactic acid bacteria
Prof. Dr. Karl R. Matthews
Department of Food Science, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA
Interests: microbial safety of fresh fruits and vegetables; antimicrobial resistance of foodborne pathogens; microbial safety of food
Prof. Dr. Robert L. Buchanan
Department of Nutrition and Food Science & Center for Food Safety and Security Systems, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Maryland College Park, College Park, MD 07042, USA
Interests: food safety microbiology; food toxicology; predictive microbiology modeling; microbiological risk assessment; mycotoxin; food safety regulations
Prof. Ewen C. D. Todd
Adjunct Professor, Large Animal Clinical Sciences, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
Interests: foodborne disease, food poisoning, hazard analysis critical control points, root cause analysis, foodborne pathogens and toxins, seafood toxins, cross-contamination, problems in food service and food processing, expert witness for court cases involving food contamination
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello
Department of Environmental Biology, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Interests: food microbiology; starter selection; biotechnologies; functional foods; lactic acid bacteria; sourdough
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Prof. Dr. Apostolos Vantarakis
Department of Public Health, University of Patras, Patras, Greece
Interests: epidemiology; infectious diseases; public health; microbiology; molecular biology; virology; waste management; food science; water science
Prof. Dr. Hyun-Gyun Yuk
Department of Food Science and Technology, Korea National University of Transportation, 61 Daehak‐ro Jeungpyeong‐gun, Chungbuk, 27909 Republic of Korea
Interests: bacterial stress response; non-thermal technology; bacterial inactivation; LED irradiation; bacterial detection; Food Safety; Food Microbiology
Prof. Dr. Jorge Barros-Velázquez
Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Science, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Interests: food analysis; food safety; foodborne pathogens; foodomics
Prof. Dr. Eugenio Parente

Scuola di Scienze Agrarie, Forestali, Alimentari ed Ambientali, Università degli Studi della Basilicata, Potenza, Italy
Interests: food microbiology; fermentation microbiology; industrial microbiology; microbial ecology; biometrics; bioinformatics
Prof. Dr. Dong-Woo Lee

Department of Biotechnology, Yonsei University, Seoul 03722, South Korea
Interests: food biotechnology; microbiome; anaerobic microorganisms; directed evolution; enzyme engineering; multiomics
Prof. Dr. Cristina Restuccia
Dipartimento di Agricoltura, Alimentazione e Ambiente (Di3A), University of Catania, Italy
Interests: food microbiology; food fermentation; food yeasts; biocontrol yeasts; natural antimicrobials
Prof. Dr. Jørgen Leisner

Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Interests: lactic acid bacteria; fermented foods; foodborne pathogens; microbial spoilage; food control
Prof. Dr. Djamel Drider
Lille University, Unit of Research BIOECOAGRO INRA 1158, 59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
Interests: cheese; PCR; molecular biology; genetics; microbiology; antimicrobials; food safety; food microbiology; antibacterial activity; probiotics; mycology; salmonella; lactic acid bacteria; bacteriocins; listeria monocytogenes; antimicrobial peptides; foodborne pathogens; listeria
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Elena González-Fandos
Food Technology Department, Universidad de La Rioja, Logroño, Rioja, Spain
Interests: campylobacter; poultry; Listeria; foodborne pathogens
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Dike O. Ukuku
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Eastern Regional Research Center, 600 E. Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor, PA 19038, USA
Interests: food microbiology; foodborne pathogens; biosafety; antimicrobials; listeria monocytogenes; salmonella; innovative food processing interventions
Dr. Chrysoula Tassou
Hellenic Agricultural Organisation-DEMETER Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products Sofokli Venizelou 1, Lycovrissi 14123, Attica, Greece
Interests: food fermentation; olive, meat, dairy, wine fermentation; food safety; probiotics; functional foods; food processing; high pressure; metabolomics
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Giulia Tabanelli
Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Agrofood Research - University of Bologna, via Quinto Bucci 336, 47521 Cesena, Italy
Interests: lactic acid bacteria; fermented foods; biogenic amines; microbial food safety; natural antimicrobials; bacteriocins
Prof. Dr. Patrizia Romano
Food and Environment Sciences, Forestry, School of Agricultural, University of Basilicata, 85100 Potenza, Italy
Interests: food microbiology; fermented beverages; food yeasts; Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces yeasts in fermented food; starter cultures; inoculum modality; dry yeasts; technological parameters of starter cultures; volatile compounds produced by yeasts in fermentation
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Yiannis Kourkoutas
Laboratory of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, Democritus University of Thrace, Alexandroupolis GR-68100, Greece
Interests: food microbiome; functional foods; fermented foods and beverages; natural antimicrobial and anti-oxidant agents; food bioprocesses; agro-industrial and food waste valorization
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Che Ok Jeon
Department of Life Science, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, 06974, Republic of Korea
Interests: fermented food; fermentation microbiology; environmental microbiology; microbial ecology; molecular microbial ecology at environments (fermented foods); metaomics (metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, metabolomics); biodegradation (bioremediation) and biotransformation; microbial physiology and genetics; taxonomy of prokaryotes
Dr. Pasquale Filannino
Department of Soil, Plant and Food Science, University of Bari Aldo Moro, 70126 Bari, Italy
Interests: lactic acid bacteria; yeasts; fermentation; metabolomics; functional foods and beverages; bioactive compounds; phenolics; phytochemicals; novel foods; food technology
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Joaquín Bautista-Gallego
Faculty of Science, University of Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain
Interests: food fermentation; dairy; wine fermentation; food safety; probiotics; functional foods; food processing; lactic acid bacteria; yeast; table olives; biofilm; predictive microbiology
Dr. Francisco Noe Arroyo-Lopez

Food Biotechnology Department, Spanish Research Council. Instituto de la Grasa (IG-CSIC), Sevilla 41013, Spain
Interests: table olives; biofilms; metagenomics; probiotics; predictive microbiology; food safety; food quality; lactic acid bacteria; yeasts
Prof. Dr. Albert Bordons
Departament de Bioquímica i Biotecnologia, Facultat d'Enologia, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Campus Sescelades N4, c/ Marcel.lí Domingo, 1, 43007 Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain
Interests: lactic acid bacteria; wine; oenococcus
Dr. Alejandro Castillo
Department of Animal Science, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843, USA
Interests: microbial food safety of fresh and fresh-cut fruits & vegetables and of fresh & processed meats; non-thermal technologies for pathogen control in foods; microbiome of fruits and vegetables; food irradiation; HACCP systems
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Konstantinos Papadimitriou
Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Peloponnese, Antikalamos, Kalamata, Greece
Interests: lactic acid bacteria; probiotics; functional foods; dairy products; meat products; bacterial genetics; genomics; metagenomics; bacteriocins
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Antonello Paparella

Faculty of Bioscience and Technology for Food, Agriculture and Environment, University of Teramo, Teramo, Italy
Interests: Listeria monocytogenes; food microbiology; foodborne diseases; food safety; antimicrobials; food preservation; milk; meat; seafood
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Efstathios Giaouris
Department of Food Science and Nutrition, School of the Environment, University of the Aegean, Ierou Lochou 10 & Makrygianni, Myrina 81400, Lemnos, Greece
Interests: food microbiology; food safety; foodborne pathogenic bacteria; biofilms; novel antimicrobials; disinfection; quorum sensing
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Ioannis S. Boziaris

Department of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment, School of Agricultural Sciences, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece
Interests: food quality; food safety; food-borne bacterial pathogens; bacterial injury; antimicrobials; food microbiota; molecular methods in food microbiology; food spoilage; seafood quality and safety
Dr. Tom Ross
Agricutlure and Food Systems, University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia
Interests: food microbiology; predictive microbiology; food safety
Dr. C.B. Alvin Lee
Institute for Food Safety and Health, Illinois Institute of Technology, Moffett Campus, 6502 South Archer Road, Bedford Park, IL 60501-1957, USA
Interests: food safety; food microbiology; food virology; bacteria and viruses; inoculated pack studies or challenge studies; food processing techniques especially novel non-thermal processing techniques
Dr. Andrew G. Gehring

Molecular Characterization of Foodborne Pathogens, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Wyndmoor, PA, USA
Interests: food safety; rapid methods; biosensors; immunoassays; sample preparation; multiplexed detection and identification of zero tolerance foodborne pathogens
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Raffaella Di Cagno
Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Libera Università di Bolzano, 39100 Bolzano, Italy
Interests: [i] molecular microbiology and biotechnology of vegetable/fruit, sourdough, and cheese lactic acid bacteria; [ii] synthesis of biogenic compounds by lactic acid bacteria; [iii] transcriptomics and phenomics of lactic acid bacteria in response to plant niche environments; [iv] phenolics; phytochemicals
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Prof. Dr. Byron F. Brehm-Stecher
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA
Interests: rapid detection of pathogens; pre-analytical sample preparation; flow cytometry and other methods for single cell analysis; multicomponent antimicrobial systems for use in foods; on food contact surfaces or in environmental applications; leveraging advances in materials science and chemistry for detection or inactivation of pathogens
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Dr. Declan J. Bolton
grade Website
Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin 15, Ireland
Interests: food safety; microbiology; shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli; campylobacter; salmonella
Prof. Dr. Antonio Bevilacqua
Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences (SAFE), University of Foggia, Via Napoli 25, 71100 Foggia, Italy
Interests: food microbiology; foodborne pathogens; food safety; food preservation; probiotics; predictive microbiology
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
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