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Advances in the Microbial Analysis of Meat
(Editor: Deog-Hwan Oh)
Meat 15 Oct 2019
Current Advances in Meat Nutritional, Sensory and Physical Quality Improvement
(Editors: Brigitte Picard, Mohammed Gagaoua)
Meat 15 Apr 2019 4
New Aspects of Meat Quality
(Editor: Seon-Tea Joo)
Meat 15 Nov 2019
Processing of Meat Products and Health Concerns
(Editor: Monika Gibis)
Meat 30 Jun 2019 1
Quality and Safety of Meat Products
(Editors: Begoña Panea, Guillermo Ripoll)
Meat 15 Apr 2018 9
Advance in Recovery and Application of Bioactive Compounds from Seafood
(Editors: Charlotte Jacobsen, Susan Løvstad Holdt)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 Oct 2019
Advances in Food and By-Products Processing Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy
(Editors: Nikolaos Kopsahelis, Vasiliki Kachrimanidou)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 Jun 2019
Agricultural and Food Waste: Analysis, Characterization, and Extraction of Bioactive Compounds and Their Possible Utilization
(Editors: Montserrat Duenas-Patón, Ignacio García-Estévez)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 Oct 2019
Application of Cold Plasma Technology in Food Industry
(Editors: Shashi Kishor Pankaj, Chaitanya Sarangpani)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 May 2019 1
Application of High-Pressure Technologies in Food Processing
(Editors: Artur X. Roig-Sagués, Mª Manuela Hernández-Herrero)
Food Engineering and Technology 30 Sep 2019 1
Application of Hurdle Technology for Food Preservation and Safety
(Editor: Alejandro Castillo)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 Sep 2019
Applications of Nanotechnology in Developing Functional Foods
(Editors: Aydin Berenjian, Irfan Turhan)
Food Engineering and Technology 1 Jul 2019 1
Current and Future Prospects for the Use of Pulsed Electric Field in the Food Industry
(Editors: María Jose Esteve, Ana Frigola , Jesus Blesa)
Food Engineering and Technology 31 May 2019
Detection of Residual Pesticide in Foods
(Editor: Roberto Romero-González)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 Jan 2020
Drying Technologies in Food Preservation
(Editors: Adam Figiel, Anna Michalska, Ángel Calín Sánchez, Chong Chien Hwa)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 Mar 2019 2
Impact of Emerging Technologies on Food Products Composition
(Editors: Mohamed Koubaa, Nabil Grimi)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 Mar 2019 3
Innovations in Edible Films and Coatings
(Editors: Markus Schmid, Peter Muranyi)
Food Engineering and Technology 30 Sep 2019 1
Innovative Technologies for Encapsulation in Food Industry
(Editor: Rémi Saurel)
Food Engineering and Technology 1 Jul 2019
Irradiation Applications in Foods
(Editors: Masakazu Furuta, Tamikazu Kume)
Food Engineering and Technology 31 Oct 2019
Legumes as Food Ingredient: Characterization, Processing, and Applications
(Editors: Alfonso Clemente, Jose Carlos Jimenez-Lopez)
Food Engineering and Technology 1 Nov 2019
Membrane Processing Technology in the Food Industry
(Editors: Ulrich Kulozik, Heidebrecht Hans-Jürgen)
Food Engineering and Technology 30 Apr 2019 4
Nonthermal Modification of Food Structure and Functionality
(Editors: Indrawati Oey, Sze Ying Leong)
Food Engineering and Technology 1 May 2019 3
Novel Processing Technology of Dairy Products
(Editor: Ekaterini Moschopoulou)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 Oct 2019
Production and Characterisation of Starch and Its Utilisation as Food Ingredient
(Editors: Gillian Eggleston, Marsha Cole)
Food Engineering and Technology 15 Dec 2019
Research on Characterization and Processing of Table Olives
(Editors: Beatriz Gandul-Rojas, Lourdes Gallardo-Guerrero)
Food Engineering and Technology 1 Nov 2019
Selected Papers from International Conference on Raw Material to Processed Foods
(Editors: Serkan Selli, Hasim Kelebek)
Food Engineering and Technology 1 May 2018 5
Ultrasound Technology for the Food Industry
(Editors: Shikha Ojha, Brijesh Tiwari, Colm O'Donnell)
Food Engineering and Technology 28 Aug 2019
Application of Essential Oils in Food Systems Printed Edition available
(Editors: Juana Fernández-López, Manuel Viuda-Martos)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Jan 2018 9
Biochemical and Nutritional Changes during Food Processing and Storage
(Editors: Vibeke Orlien, Tomas Bolumar, Research Scientist)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 31 May 2019
Biogenic Amines on Food Safety
(Editors: Claudia Ruiz-Capillas, Ana Herrero Herranz)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 25 Oct 2018 11
Browning Reactions in Foods. Impact on Nutrition, Safety and Health
(Editors: Maria Dolores del Castillo, Jose Manuel Silvan)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Feb 2019 1
Composition, Stability and Properties Research of Food Emulsions and Foams
(Editors: Thomas A. Vilgis, Trivikram Nallamilli)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Jun 2019
Essential Oils: Recent Advances in Extraction Processes, Fundamental Modeling, Chemical Analysis, and Applications
(Editors: Karim ALLAF, Colette BESOMBES)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Jul 2019 1
Food and Beverage Emulsions: Microstructural and Rheological Research
(Editors: Bettina Wolf, Fotis Spyropoulos)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 May 2019
Food Proteins and Bioactive Peptides Printed Edition available
(Editor: Maria Hayes)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Dec 2017 11
Honey: Chemical Composition, Stability and Authenticity
(Editors: Olga Escuredo, M. Carmen Seijo)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Apr 2019 2
Microbial Exopolysaccharides in Foods: New Aspects of the Interplay between Structure and Function, and Implications on Product Quality
(Editors: Harald Rohm, Doris Jaros)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 31 Dec 2019 1
Microstructure of Food and Food Materials
(Editor: Moshe Rosenberg)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Aug 2019
New Advances in the Research of Antioxidant Food Peptides
(Editors: Lourdes Amigo, Blanca Hernández-Ledesma)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 30 Sep 2019
Phenolics in Fruits and Fruit Products
(Editor: Mirela Kopjar)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Dec 2019
Physical Properties of Foods
(Editor: Benjamin Zeeb)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Jul 2019
The Maillard Reaction: A Balancing Feedback for Food Quality
(Editors: Alberto Fiore, Antonio Dario Troise)
Food Physics and (Bio)Chemistry 15 Sep 2019
Application of Liquid Chromatography in Food Analysis
(Editors: Oscar Núñez, Paolo Lucci)
Food Analytical Methods 31 Dec 2018 6
Authentication and Detection of Honey Adulteration
(Editor: Michael G. Kontominas)
Food Analytical Methods 30 Sep 2019
Food Authentication: Techniques, Trends and Emerging Approaches
(Editor: Raúl González-Domínguez)
Food Analytical Methods 31 Aug 2019
Food Intake Biomarkers
(Editors: Mar Garcia-Aloy, Marynka Ulaszewska)
Food Analytical Methods 30 Jul 2019
Foods Quality Assessed by Chemometrics
(Editors: Christos Soukoulis, Christelle Andre)
Food Analytical Methods 31 Jul 2019 2
Qualitative Analysis of Food Products
(Editor: Theo H. Varzakas)
Food Analytical Methods 30 Nov 2017 7
Rapid Detection Methods for Food Fraud and Food Contaminants
(Editor: Giorgia Purcaro)
Food Analytical Methods 31 Jul 2019
Rapid Methods for Assessing Food Safety and Quality
(Editors: Maria Schirone, Pierina Visciano)
Food Analytical Methods 15 Dec 2019 2
Spectroscopy Application in Food Analysis
(Editor: Daniel Cozzolino)
Food Analytical Methods 31 Dec 2018 3
The Development of Novel Application of Electronic Nose in Food Field
(Editor: Veronica Sberveglieri)
Food Analytical Methods 15 Nov 2019
Wine Composition and Quality Analysis
(Editors: Kerry Wilkinson, Julie Culbert)
Food Analytical Methods 15 Nov 2018 8
Advances in Foodborne Pathogen Analysis
(Editors: Arun K. Bhunia, Bledar Bisha, Andrew G. Gehring, Byron F. Brehm-Stecher)
Food Microbiology 15 Oct 2019
Ecology of Spoilage Associated Microorganisms in Food Products: Origin, Diversity, Behaviour and Spoilage Phenomena
(Editor: Simbarashe Samapundo)
Food Microbiology 1 Feb 2019 1
Microbiology of Fermented Foods and Beverages
(Editor: Theo H. Varzakas)
Food Microbiology 31 Aug 2018 5
Microbiology Research in Meat and Meat Production
(Editors: Beniamino T. Cenci-Goga, Paola Sechi)
Food Microbiology 15 Apr 2019 2
Mycotoxins in Cereal Crops
(Editors: Valeria Terzi, Caterina Morcia)
Food Microbiology 31 Dec 2019
New Frontiers in Wine Microbiology
(Editor: Aspasia Nisiotou)
Food Microbiology 15 Nov 2019
Novel Microbial Control Techniques for Foods
(Editor: Domenico Meloni)
Food Microbiology 1 Oct 2019
Physiology, Metabolism and Potential Applications of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Probiotics and Non-Conventional Yeasts in Food Fields
(Editors: Teresa Zotta, Gianluca Bleve)
Food Microbiology 15 Jan 2020
The Role of Biofilms in the Development and Dissemination of Microbial Resistance within the Food Industry
(Editors: Efstathios Giaouris, Manuel Simões, Florence Dubois-Brissonnet)
Food Microbiology 31 Jan 2019 4
Yeast in Food and Beverages Production
(Editors: Maurizio Ciani, Francesca Comitini, Laura Canonico)
Food Microbiology 31 Aug 2019
Advanced Research in Food Digestion
(Editors: Ana María Andres, Ana Heredia)
Food Nutrition 31 Oct 2019
Analysis and Health Benefits of Wine Polyphenols
(Editors: Raul Ferrer-Gallego, María José Jara-Palacios)
Food Nutrition 1 Aug 2019 1
Bioactive Compounds in Fruit and Vegetables: Extraction, Identification and Healthy Effects
(Editors: Maria do Rosário Bronze, Ana Matias, Teresa Serra)
Food Nutrition 1 Dec 2019
Bioactive Seaweeds for Food Applications
(Editors: María Dolores Torres Pérez, Herminia Domínguez)
Food Nutrition 31 Oct 2019
Cereal Dietary Fiber and Human Health
(Editor: Thava Vasanthan)
Food Nutrition 30 Sep 2019
Food Reformulation and Innovation for Human Health
(Editors: Emilie Combet, Antonis Vlassopoulos)
Food Nutrition 30 May 2018 5
Foods of Plant Origin
(Editors: Michael Netzel, Yasmina Sultanbawa)
Food Nutrition 30 Jun 2019 2
Functional and Bioactive Properties of Food Printed Edition available
(Editors: Diego A. Moreno, Nebojsa Ilic)
Food Nutrition 28 Feb 2018 12
Health-Promoting Effects of Traditional Foods
(Editor: Marcello Iriti)
Food Nutrition 15 Sep 2019 1
Milk Alternatives and Non-Dairy Fermented Products
(Editors: Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello, Erica Pontonio)
Food Nutrition 31 Dec 2019
New Insights in (Poly)Phenolic Compounds: From Dietary Sources to Health Evidences
(Editors: Cristina García-Viguera, Raúl Domínguez-Perles, Nieves Baenas Navarro)
Food Nutrition 1 Nov 2019
Novel Foods and Nutritional Function
(Editor: Francisco Javier Señoráns)
Food Nutrition 31 Aug 2019
Nutraceuticals: The New Frontier
(Editor: Antonello Santini)
Food Nutrition 15 Mar 2018 8
Nutritional Value of Innovative Functional Foods
(Editors: Stavros Plessas, Athanasios Mallouchos)
Food Nutrition 13 Sep 2019 1
Olive Oil: Processing, Characterization, and Health Benefits
(Editors: Dimitrios Boskou, Maria Lisa Clodoveo)
Food Nutrition 31 Dec 2018 6
Phytochemicals in Food and Health
(Editors: Dilip Rai, Dorrain Low)
Food Nutrition 15 May 2019 1
Plant Foods and Underutilized Fruits as Source of Functional Food Ingredients: Chemical Composition, Quality Traits, and Biological Properties
(Editors: Dario Donno, Federica Turrini)
Food Nutrition 30 Sep 2018 5
Polyphenols and Foods: Authentication, Analysis and Characterization. Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity
(Editors: Charalampos Proestos, Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis, Vassilia Sinanoglou)
Food Nutrition 31 Dec 2018 4
Polyphenols in Foods and their Function in Disease Prevention
(Editor: Joe Vinson)
Food Nutrition 15 Mar 2019 2
Prebiotics and Synbiotics
(Editor: Yasuhiro Koga)
Food Nutrition 31 Mar 2019 2
Taking Advantage of Nature Towards Health: Extraction and Application of Nutrients and Phytochemicals in Foods
(Editors: Raúl Domínguez-Perles, Cristina García-Viguera, Nieves Baenas Navarro)
Food Nutrition 15 Dec 2019
The Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables
(Editors: Mercedes Del Río Celestino, Rafael Font Villa)
Food Nutrition 31 May 2019 3
Baby Food and its Future Potential
(Editors: Laura Cavallarin, Marzia Giribaldi)
Dairy 30 Apr 2019
Cheese: Technology, Compositional, Physical and Biofunctional Properties
(Editor: Golfo Moatsou)
Dairy 30 Apr 2019 3
Microbial Safety and Quality of Dairy Foods
(Editors: Vincenzina Fusco, Francesca Fanelli, Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez)
Dairy 1 Aug 2019
Processing and Technology of Dairy Products
(Editors: Hilton Deeth, Phil Kelly)
Dairy 30 Apr 2019 3
Recent Research Advances in Milk Lipids
(Editor: Giuseppe Conte)
Dairy 30 May 2019
Advances in Postharvest Technology: Rice Drying
(Editor: Sammy S. Sadaka)
Grain 1 Jan 2020
Advances in Production, Properties and Applications of Sprouted Seeds
(Editors: Cristina Martínez-Villaluenga, Elena Peñas Pozo)
Grain 15 Feb 2020
Current Strategies to Improve the Nutritional and Physical Quality of Baked Goods
(Editors: Mario Martinez Martinez, Manuel Gomez)
Grain 30 Apr 2019 3
Food Legumes: Physicochemical and Nutritional Properties
(Editor: Ryszard Amarowicz)
Grain 30 Jun 2018 6
Grain-based Foods: Processing, Properties, and Heath Attributes Printed Edition available
(Editors: Emanuele Zannini, Raffaella Di Cagno)
Grain 31 Mar 2018 9
Health-Promoting Compounds in Cereal Grains
(Editors: Juha-Matti Pihlava, Veli Hietaniemi)
Grain 30 Aug 2020
Nutritional Value of Grain-Based Foods
(Editor: Marina Carcea)
Grain 1 May 2019 2
Anthocyanins in Foods
(Editors: Taylor C. Wallace, PhD, CFS, FACN, M. Monica Giusti, PhD)
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods 30 Jun 2019
Development of Food Chemistry, Natural Products, and Nutrition Research
(Editors: Antonello Santini, Nicola Cicero)
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods 30 Nov 2019 2
Lipids as Nutraceuticals: A Shift in Paradigm
(Editors: Suzana Ferreira-Dias, Xuebing Xu, Ling-Zhi Cheong)
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods 31 Oct 2019
Microbes as Functional Food: Genomics and Metabolomics Surveys of Bacterial Probiotic Strains
(Editor: Alfonso Benítez-Páez)
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods 15 Jun 2019
Nutraceuticals in Human Health
(Editors: Alessandra Durazzo, Massimo Lucarini, Antonello Santini)
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods 30 Nov 2019
Probiotics and Functional Foods
(Editor: Xanel Vecino)
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods 15 Aug 2019 2
Food Preservation: Challenges and Efforts for the Future
(Editors: Yiannis Kourkoutas, Charalampos Proestos)
Food Quality and Safety 1 May 2019 1
Food Safety and Shelf-Life Extension of Food Products
(Editors: Ignacio Álvarez, Pilar Mañas, Guillermo Cebrián)
Food Quality and Safety 1 Jun 2019
Fresh Produce Safety
(Editors: Malik Altaf Hussain, Ravi Gooneratne)
Food Quality and Safety 30 Apr 2019 4
Microbiological Safety of Foods
(Editors: Vittorio Capozzi, Pasquale Russo)
Food Quality and Safety 15 Jul 2019 3
Quality and Functionality of Plant Foods
(Editors: Elsa Margarida Gonçalves, Marta Abreu, Nuno Bartolomeu Alvarenga)
Food Quality and Safety 31 Oct 2019
Safety, Quality and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables
(Editors: Urszula Tylewicz, Silvia Tappi, Malgorzata Nowacka, Artur Wiktor)
Food Quality and Safety 1 Jun 2019 1
Seafood Safety, Quality and Processing
(Editor: Jessica L. Jones)
Food Quality and Safety 30 Apr 2019 1
Toxicity, Detection and Prevention of Food Contaminants
(Editors: Adela Lopez De Cerain, Amaya Azqueta, Ariane Vettorazzi, Elena González-Peñas)
Food Quality and Safety 31 Mar 2019 1
Analysis of Food Aroma
(Editors: Thierry Thomas-Danguin, Yan Xu)
Sensory and Consumer Sciences 15 Jun 2019 2
Analysis of Sensory Properties in Foods
(Editor: Edgar Chambers IV)
Sensory and Consumer Sciences 31 Dec 2018 9
Consumer Preferences and Acceptance of Food Products
(Editor: Derek V. Byrne)
Sensory and Consumer Sciences 1 Nov 2019
Consumer Psychology and Food Design
(Editors: Nazimah Hamid, Kevin Kantono)
Sensory and Consumer Sciences 31 Jan 2020
Emotion and Its Relationship to Acceptance, Food choice, and Consumption: The New Perspective
(Editors: Witoon Prinyawiwatkul, Adriano Gomes da Cruz)
Sensory and Consumer Sciences 31 Aug 2019
Food Flavor Characterization
(Editors: Raquel Maria Callejon, Maria Lourdes Morales, Cristina Ubeda)
Sensory and Consumer Sciences 30 Nov 2019
How Visuals Affect Food Choice?
(Editor: Iris Vermeir)
Sensory and Consumer Sciences 31 Dec 2019
Sensory Nudges: The Influences of Environmental Contexts on Consumers’ Sensory Perception, Emotional Responses, and Behaviors toward Food And Beverages
(Editor: Han-Seok Seo)
Sensory and Consumer Sciences 30 Mar 2019 6
The Contribution of Food Oral Processing
(Editors: Susana Fiszman, Amparo Tarrega)
Sensory and Consumer Sciences 1 May 2019 1
Extraction and Application of Functional Ingredients from Food By-Products
(Editors: Andreas Schieber, Fabian Weber)
Food Security and Sustainability 31 Dec 2019
Extraction Strategies to Recover Bioactive Compounds, Incorporation into Food and Health Benefits
(Editors: María del Mar Contreras, Eulogio Castro)
Food Security and Sustainability 1 Oct 2019
Sustainable Utilisation and Management of Food Waste
(Editor: Amit K. Jaiswal)
Food Security and Sustainability 30 Oct 2019
Bioactive Components in Fermented Foods and Food By-Products
(Editors: Vito Verardo, Ana Mª Gomez-Caravaca, Giulia Tabanelli)
Fermented Foods 31 Jul 2019 1
Processing Technology and Quality of Fermented Food and Beverages
(Editor: Rossana Coda)
Fermented Foods 28 Feb 2019 4
Algae: An Emerging Global Food Source
(Editor: Joel L. Cuello)
31 Jan 2019
Anti-Oxidants in Food: The Significance of Characterisation, Identification, Chemical and Biological Assays in Determining the Role of Anti-Oxidants in Food
(Editor: Barry J. Parsons)
15 Feb 2017 5
Application of Proteomics on Food Traceability Research
(Editor: Aldo Di Luccia)
30 Nov 2019
Coarse Food Grain
(Editor: Anthony Fardet)
29 Feb 2016 8
Cocoa and Chocolate: New Aspects on Processing, Functional Properties and Consumption
(Editors: Elena Alañon, Antonio Segura-Carretero)
31 May 2019
Dietary Carotenoids and The Nervous System
(Editor: Billy R. Hammond)
31 Mar 2016 6
Essential Oils
(Editor: Esther Sendra)
31 Mar 2016 8
Fermented Foods and Probiotics
(Editor: Felix Barron)
30 Sep 2015 7
Flavour Volatiles of Foods
(Editor: Angel A. Carbonell-Barrachina)
15 Sep 2016 8
Food Choice, Ingestive Behavior and Sensation
(Editors: John Hayes, Cordelia Running, Ciaran Forde)
15 Jun 2017 5
Food Identity, Authenticity and Fraud: The Full Spectrum
(Editors: Saskia Van Ruth, Daniel Granato)
28 Feb 2017 5
Food Irradiation
(Editor: Monique Lacroix)
30 Sep 2016 6
Food Microbiology and Safety
(Editor: Malik Altaf Hussain)
31 Oct 2013 9
Food Modelling
(Editor: Wijitha Senadeera)
30 Jun 2016 9
Foods and Bioproducts: Novel Insights/ New Knowledge
(Editors: Loulouda Bosnea, Antonia Terpou)
17 Sep 2019
Foods of Animal Origin
(Editor: Estrella Sayas-Barberá)
31 Oct 2017 6
Genetically Modified Food
(Editor: Thomas Bøhn)
15 Aug 2019
Gluten-Free Foods
(Editor: Manuela Mariotti)
30 Apr 2016 9
High Pressure Processing of Foods
(Editor: Carl Schaschke)
31 Mar 2015 9
Microbial, Chemical and Physical Contamination of Food Products
(Editor: Malik Altaf Hussain)
15 Dec 2016 5
Microbiology Safety of Meat Products
(Editor: James S. Dickson)
31 May 2015 6
New Knowledge in Analytical, Technological and Biological Aspects of the Maillard Reaction
(Editor: Cristina Delgado-Andrade)
31 Oct 2016 5
Organic food: what about the nutritional value and food safety?
(Editor: Lucy Van de Vijver)
30 Jun 2015 5
Research and Innovation across Boundaries-Special Issue for the 5th International ISEKI_Food Conference
(Editors: Gerhard Schleining, Susanne Braun)
31 Dec 2018
Seafood Processing and Safety
(Editor: Michael Jahncke)
31 Jan 2016 8
Structure and Flavour of Dairy Products
(Editor: David W. Everett)
31 Oct 2013 7
Thermal Processing of Foods
(Editor: Felix Barron)
28 Feb 2014 6
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