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Società Italiana di Scienze dell’Alimentazione (SISA) - Italian Society of Food Sciences

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The Italian Society of Food Sciences was founded in 1966, and is among the first in Italy that "brings together scholars and/or experts of the various Food Sciences covering various sectors: chemistry and biochemistry, physiology, dietetics, hygiene, clinics, psychology, economics, agronomy, education and dissemination. Its purpose is the study of emerging themes in scientific research, food education and the promotion of correct public information as well as connection and support to the productive area of agri-food".

The society has also been consistently active over the years not only through congress activities but also through the promotion of studies on the territory and the promotion of proper nutrition through various media—from TV to newspapers—thus contributing to the translation of the scientific society’s consensus into accessible language that consumers can use and understand.

Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)

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FEN, since its creation in 1984, has had the objective to study, advance the knowledge and, overall, improve the nutrition of Spaniards, for which it coordinates scientific and industrial organizations in research tasks in the field of nutrition, promoting the communication between science and industry.

Its social purpose is defined in Article 6 of its statutes:

"The Spanish Nutrition Foundation aims to study and improve the nutrition of Spaniards. To do this, it will promote coordination between scientific organizations and the food industries in everything related to nutrition and its promotion. To do this, it will participate in the preparation and permanent dissemination of documents on the different situations of existing problems in the nutritional field. It will contribute to facilitate and ensure the exchange of information and opinions between scientific and industrial circles."

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