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Recent Advances in Seismocardiography
Review of Pedestrian Load Models for Vibration Serviceability Assessment of Floor Structures
A Brief Introduction to Nonlinear Time Series Analysis and Recurrence Plots
The Control of an Active Seat Suspension Using an Optimised Fuzzy Logic Controller, Based on Preview Information from a Full Vehicle Model
Improved Modelling of a Nonlinear Parametrically Excited System with Electromagnetic Excitation
A Comparison between Elastic and Viscoelastic Asymmetric Dynamics of Elastically Supported AFG Beams
A Robust Methodology for the Reconstruction of the Vertical Pedestrian-Induced Load from the Registered Body Motion
A Wideband Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Design by Using Multiple Non-Uniform Bimorphs
Recovery of Differential Equations from Impulse Response Time Series Data for Model Identification and Feature Extraction
Study on Dynamic Interaction of Railway Pantograph–Catenary Including Reattachment Momentum Impact
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