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Editorial: Applied Mechanics
Springback Prediction in Sheet Metal Forming, Based on Finite Element Analysis and Artificial Neural Network Approach
Flow-Based Anatomy of Bobbin Friction-Stirred Weld; AA6082-T6 Aluminium Plate and Analogue Plasticine Model
Impact of Pile Punching on Adjacent Piles: Insights from a 3D Coupled SPH-FEM Analysis
Friction and Dynamics of Verge and Foliot: How the Invention of the Pendulum Made Clocks Much More Accurate
Softened Truss Model for Reinforced Concrete Beams under Torsion Combined with Axial Force
Spherical Cavity Expansion Approach for the Study of Rigid-Penetrator’s Impact Problems
Prediction of Load-Bearing Capacity of Composite Parts with Low-Velocity Impact Damage: Identification of Intra- and Inter-Ply Constitutive Models
The Limitations on the Use of the IMO CSS Code in Project Cargo—Case Study: Grillage Design for the Sea Transport of Gas Slug Catchers
Damage Evaluation of Free-Free Beam Based on Vibration Testing
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