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This section of Polymer Applications under Polymers is a right channel to publish all types of applications related to polymeric materials and their composites. All kinds of polymers, either conventional engineering polymer or newly developed one, from thermoset and thermoplastic to vitrimer, are included. Any applications, from traditional to advanced, are covered. Submission of manuscripts is not limited to the following hot fields.

• Biomedical applications of polymeric materials
• Polymeric material based flexible and stretchable electronics
• Functional polymers and their composites for sensors and actuators
• Polymer based LED
• Polymeric membranes
• Eco-friendly polymeric materials
• Functional polymeric textiles
• Polymeric self-healing materials
• Functional polymeric surfaces
• Applications of polymeric materials and their composites in energy generation and storage
• 3D/4D printing of polymeric materials and their composites

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Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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