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Immersive Virtual Reality as an Effective Tool for Second Language Vocabulary Learning
Language Control and Code-switching
Narrative Perspectives on Self-Directed Foreign Language Learning in a Computer- and Mobile-Assisted Language Learning Context
Revisiting (Non-)Native Influence in VOT Production: Insights from Advanced L3 Spanish
Improving Motivation to Learn English in Japan with a Self-Study Shadowing Application
Teasing Apart the Effects of Dominance, Transfer, and Processing in Reference Production by German–Italian Bilingual Adolescents
I Text English to Everyone: Links between Second-Language Texting and Academic Proficiency
Code-Mixing and Mixed Verbs in Cantonese-English Bilingual Children: Input and Innovation
Determiner Asymmetry in Mixed Nominal Constructions: The Role of Grammatical Factors in Data from Miami and Nicaragua
“Language Is the Place from Where the World Is Seen”—On the Gender of Trees, Fruit Trees and Edible Fruits in Portuguese and in Other Latin-Derived Languages
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