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Languages runs special issues to create collections of papers on specific topics. The aim is to build a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors who are experts in the subject and oversee the editorial process for papers. Papers published in a Special Issue will be collected together on a dedicated page of the journal website. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Atypical Speech, Language and Communication Development
edited by Ana Isabel Codesido-García
submission deadline 31 Jul 2020
Revisiting Language Variation and Change: Looking at Metalinguistic Categories Through a Usage-Based Lens
edited by Esther L. Brown and Javier Rivas
submission deadline 1 Aug 2020
Heritage Languages in Germany
edited by Tanja Kupisch
submission deadline 15 Aug 2020
Exploring Cross-linguistic Effects and Phonetic Interactions in the Context of Bilingualism
edited by Mark Amengual
submission deadline 31 Aug 2020
Multimodal Communication: Current and Future Trends
edited by Martina Irsara
submission deadline 31 Aug 2020
Contemporary Advances in Linguistic Research on Heritage Spanish
edited by Bradley Hoot
submission deadline 31 Aug 2020
Syntactic Variation in Language Contact Situations.The view from an I-Language Perspective
edited by Ángel Gallego, Bruno Camus, Ricardo Etxepare, Iván Ortega-Santos, Diego Pescarini, Francesc Roca and Juan Uriagereka
submission deadline 28 Sep 2020
Exploring Language Development in Children: Acceleration Effects in Multilingual Children
edited by Natascha Müller and Johanna Stahnke
submission deadline 5 Oct 2020
Pidgin and Creole Languages
edited by Mikael Parkvall
submission deadline 1 Nov 2020
The Acquisition of French as a First and Second Language
edited by Martin Howard
submission deadline 1 Nov 2020
Children’s Acquisition of Morpho-Syntax: The Interplay of Input, Complexity and Learner Cognitive Skills
edited by Christina Schelletter and Anja Steinlen
submission deadline 30 Nov 2020
Instructed Heritage Language Acquisition in Diverse Contexts
edited by Melissa Bowles and Julio Torres
submission deadline 30 Nov 2020
New Empirical Approaches to Grammatical Variation and Change
edited by Sina Bosch, Ilaria De Cesare (M.A.), Ulrike Demske and Claudia Felser
submission deadline 30 Nov 2020
Language Attitudes, Vitality and Development
edited by Marco Tamburelli
submission deadline 7 Dec 2020
Multilingualism in Migrant Contexts
edited by Jaine Beswick and Darren Paffey
submission deadline 15 Dec 2020
Indigenous Languages of the Americas
edited by José Camacho and Liliana Sánchez
submission deadline 31 Dec 2020
Phonology-Syntax Interface and Recursivity
edited by Ingo Feldhausen, Caroline Féry and Frank Kügler
submission deadline 31 Dec 2020
Language and Literacy in Bilingual Learners
edited by Gita Martohardjono and Jennifer Chard
submission deadline 5 Feb 2021
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