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8–9 September 2022 5th EPNOE Junior Scientist Meeting 2022

Aveiro, Portugal

The EPNOE Association is pleased to invite you to the 5th EPNOE Junior Scientist Meeting (, which will be held from 8th to 9th of September 2022 at the University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal, and chaired by scientists from Portugal, Spain, and Poland. This is a biannual conference designed for young researchers (i.e., PhD students, Post-Doctoral Researchers, and Junior Assistant Professors at the early stage of their scientific career) to meet and build their personal networks in the polysaccharide field, while also presenting their recent work and brainstorming ideas regarding the direction and future of polysaccharides research. Senior scientists and industrial researchers are invited to share their experience and knowledge to the new generation of scientists.

19–22 September 2022 14th International conference on Polymer-solvent Complexes and Intercalates and 1st conference on Next-Generation of (Macro)-Molecular Self-Assembled Systems (POLYSOLVAT-14)

Strasbourg, France

The topic of this series of international conferences was originally cantered on polymer systems that are obtained through the co-organization of polymer chains or macromolecules with solvent molecules. These systems, which are also designated as polymer-solvent molecular compounds, crystallosolvates, intercalates, etc., typically form through molecular recognition (intercalates) and/or through specific molecular interactions (complexes). The former six conferences were, therefore, entitled Polymer-solvent Complexes and Intercalates. It, however, turned out that more and more other systems, such as supramolecular polymers (self-assembled systems) and proteins complexes, entered the conversation, as the scientists clearly shared common concerns, and in many cases, similar scientific approaches. The broader range of systems presented in this series of conferences was renamed POLYSOLVAT, which conveys the general idea of specific interactions of large molecules with smaller ones. Ever since, POLYSOLVAT has been sponsored by IUPAC as one of its kind.  POLYSOLVAT-14 will focus on the formation mechanisms; the morphology; the molecular structure; and the properties of compounds from synthetic polymers, biopolymers, proteins, and supramolecular polymers. The bulk state, the solutions, and the systems formed at surfaces/interfaces will be considered.

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