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14 June 2016
2015 Impact Factors Released

We are pleased to report the 2015 Journal Impact Factors in the latest Journal Citation Reports® Science Edition, published by Thomson Reuters in June 2016. Twenty out of 25 journals have seen an increase in their Impact Factor and two journals (Crystals and IJGI) received a first Impact Factor. Coatings was recently added to SCIE and will receive its first Impact Factor in next year’s JCR.

Updated Impact Factors for Journals in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE)

Journal 2015 Impact Factor Details Category Rank
Applied Sciences 1.726 Link 83/163 (Q3) in ‘Chemistry, Multidisciplinary’;
129/271 (Q2) in ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’;
64/145 (Q2) in ‘Physics, Applied’
Atmosphere 1.221 Link 66/84 (Q4) in ‘Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences’
Catalysts 2.964 Link 53/144 (Q2) in ‘Chemistry, Physical’
Energies 2.077 Link 43/88 (Q2) in ‘Energy & Fuels’
Entropy 1.743 Link 25/79 (Q2) in ‘Physics, Multidisciplinary’
Forests 1.583 Link 19/66 (Q2) in ‘Forestry’
Genes 3.242 Link 60/165 (Q2) in ‘Genetics & Heredity’
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) 2.035 Link 101/225 (Q2) in ‘Environmental Sciences’
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) 3.257 Link 110/289 (Q2) in ‘Biochemistry & Molecular Biology’;
51/163 (Q2) in ‘Chemistry, Multidisciplinary’
Marine Drugs 3.345 Link 13/59 (Q1) in ‘Chemistry, Medicinal’
Materials 2.728 Link 63/271 (Q1) in ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’
Metals 1.574 Link 18/73 (Q1) in ‘Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering’;
145/271 (Q3) in ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’
Micromachines 1.295 Link 30/56 (Q3) in ‘Instruments & Instrumentation’
63/83 (Q4) in ‘Nanoscience & Nanotechnology’
Minerals 1.468 Link 9/21 (Q2) in ‘Mining & Mineral Processing;
14/29 (Q2) in ‘Mineralogy’
Molecules 2.465 Link 24/59 (Q2) in ‘Chemistry, Organic’
Nanomaterials 2.690 Link 64/271 (Q1) in ‘Materials Science, Multidisciplinary’;
36/83 (Q2) in ‘Nanoscience & Nanotechnology’
Nutrients 3.759 Link 16/78 (Q1) in ‘Nutrition & Dietetics’
Polymers 2.944 Link 20/85 (Q1) in ‘Polymer Science’
Remote Sensing 3.036 Link 5/28 (Q1) in ‘Remote Sensing’
Sensors 2.033 Link 36/75 (Q2) in ‘Chemistry, Analytical’;
16/27 (Q3) in ‘Electrochemistry’;
12/56 (Q1) in ‘Instruments & Instrumentation’
Sustainability 1.343 Link 146/225 (Q3) in ‘Environmental Sciences’;
22/29 (Q4) in ‘Green & Sustainable Science & Technology’
Symmetry 0.841 Link 31/63 (Q2) in ‘Multidisciplinary Sciences’
Toxins 3.571 Link 16/89 (Q1) in ‘Toxicology’
Viruses 3.042 Link 14/33 (Q2) in ‘Virology’
Water 1.687 Link 33/85 (Q2) in ‘Water Resources’

Journals with First Impact Factors

Journal 2015 Impact Factor Details Category Rank
Crystals 2.075 Link 13/26 (Q2) in ‘Crystallography’
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 0.651 Link 45/49 (Q4) in ‘Geography, Physical’;
26/28 (Q4) in ‘Remote Sensing’.


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