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Corrosion Protection of Electrically Conductive Surfaces
Material Properties of Various Cast Aluminum Alloys Made Using a Heated Mold Continuous Casting Technique with and without Ultrasonic Vibration
Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced by Nano-Particles—A Review
The Eh-pH Diagram and Its Advances
Magnesium-Based Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection Coatings (Mg-Rich Primers) for Aluminum Alloys
Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Hardness of Grade 91 Steel
Wetting by Liquid Metals—Application in Materials Processing: The Contribution of the Grenoble Group
Die Defects and Die Corrections in Metal Extrusion
A Short Review on Fracture Mechanisms of Mechanical Components Operated under Industrial Process Conditions: Fractographic Analysis and Selected Prevention Strategies
Effect of Oxidation Temperature on the Oxidation Process of Silicon-Containing Steel
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