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Manufacturing Processes and Systems

A section of Materials (ISSN 1996-1944).

Section Information

The section on Manufacturing Processes and Systems in Materials covers a wide range of manufacturing processes, from traditional methods to more advanced technologies. It emphasizes the importance of selecting the appropriate manufacturing process based on the desired material properties, the complexity of the parts design, and economic factors. Understanding, optimizing, monitoring, controlling, modelling, and simulating these different processes and systems is essential for efficient and cost-effective production, ensuring that materials are processed and converted into finished products with the required quality and functionality.


  • manufacturing processes;
  • manufacturing systems;
  • smart manufacturing;
  • additive manufacturing/3D printing;
  • welding;
  • fusion bonding;
  • joining;
  • casting;
  • forming;
  • powder metallurgy;
  • sintering;
  • non-equilibrium processing;
  • microwave processing;
  • polymer processing;
  • composites manufacturing;
  • liquid composite moulding (e.g., resin transfer moulding and resin infusion/vacuum infusion);
  • automated lay-up (e.g., automated fibre placement and automated tape laying);
  • filament winding;
  • prepreg technology;
  • pultrusion;
  • autoclave;
  • film stacking;
  • compression moulding;
  • injection moulding;
  • over-moulding/back-moulding;
  • extrusion and co-extrusion;
  • blow moulding;
  • thermoforming;
  • rotational moulding;
  • foaming;
  • coating;
  • textile reinforcement performing;
  • thixomoulding.

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