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This section covers contemporary fundamental and applied science on two interlinked themes: (a) food packaging and (b) food preservation. The food packaging theme covers the material science aspect of food packaging, including the characteristics and efficacy of food packaging materials. Trends in novel food packaging including but not limited to intelligent and active packaging, biodegradable and compostable packaging, and the application of nanoscale materials in food packaging will be considered with priority. The physicochemical interaction between packaging material and food, and shelf-life of packaged foods, will also be a focus.

The food preservation theme includes broad scientific and technological advances/innovations in food preservation methods and preservatives, including but not limited to physical (e.g., drying, freezing), chemical, and microbiological preservation. Novel preservation technologies, including but not limited to high pressure, ultrasound, microwave, UV, cold plasma, pulse electric field, irradiation, and the application of natural/novel food preservatives (e.g., polyphenols) will be considered with priority.

Research and review papers on both themes, including experimental and theoretical treatments (mathematical/molecular simulations, modelling), will be welcomed.


  • food packaging;
  • active and intelligent food packaging;
  • advances in food packaging;
  • materials in food packaging;
  • food preservation;
  • advance/novel food preservation science and technology;
  • natural food preservatives;
  • food shelf life

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