Food Quality and Safety

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This section embraces all aspects of food that lead to positive or negative impacts on its quality and safety. Food characterization, processing, preservation and analysis involving chemical, physical, sensorial, microbiological and toxicological approaches are welcomed, from field studies to market surveys, from local to novel foods and new processing technologies, from basic quality features to enhanced preservation methodologies, and from infant to elderly nutrition. Innovative work showing a considerable influence on quality maintenance or enhancement on hazard prevention in food or feed will be considered. 


  • quality control
  • food safety
  • processing technologies
  • contact materials
  • environmental factors
  • contaminants
  • authenticity
  • traceability
  • additives
  • good manufacturing practices
  • postharvest technologies
  • regulatory affairs
  • minimal processing technologies
  • shelf-life
  • fast measurement tools
  • feed quality
  • food allergens
  • novel foods
  • meat substitutes

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