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Animals is an international peer-reviewed scientific open access journal that publishes original research articles, reviews, communications, and short notes. Animals is characterized by numerous sections that offer substantial new insight into different subject areas of animal science.

The section of Veterinary Clinical Studies includes a great variety of Veterinary Medicine topics that are of interest for every aspect of the veterinary profession. It is difficult to mention some topics rather than others, but to present them all even briefly would be impossible. A few examples of published topics will follow. All the fields of pathology are present in the Veterinary Clinical Studies section, from the characteristic cell derangements that can culminate in the neoplastic transformation, to the fundamental role which comparative pathology plays in the One-Health concept. The One Health approach is increasing recognition for identifying the onset of multiple diseases in humans and animals. Another example of disciplines welcome for publication is nutrition, which pays special attention to the intestinal ecosystem and microbiome characterization to prevent dysbiosis, pathogen infections, and the risk of zoonosis. Obstetrics is another important field, with special emphasis on the relation between fetal health in utero and chronic diseases later in life. Toxicological investigations are also welcome, provided that the ultimate beneficiary are animals, not humans. Studies might include both in vitro and in vivo models, focused on defining early effects and modes of action, also through innovative analytical techniques. Clinical research, which qualifies primary care veterinarians to practice evidence-based medicine. Epidemiologic studies on emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases are welcome, again provided that the beneficiaries of the studies are animals not humans. Basic scientific studies with a global focus and relevance are also eligible for publication in the Veterinary Clinical Studies section. Some articles are designed to unveil the causal pathways which are not always clear, and others implement the understanding of already known topics.

In conclusion, a vast range of topics of interest for each veterinary specialty are welcome in the section Veterinary Clinical Studies of the prestigious journal Animals.

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