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Animal Ethics

Animal Genetics and Genomics 7 Articles

Animal Nutrition 17 Articles

Prof. Dr. Sven Dänicke  

Animal Physiology

Prof. Dr. Michael Hässig  

Animal Reproduction 3 Articles

Dr. Roy Neville Kirkwood  
Current Special Issues (2)

Animal System and Management 8 Articles

Current Special Issues (8)

Animal Welfare 14 Articles

Current Special Issues (9)

Aquatic Animals 2 Articles

Dr. Kenji Saitoh  
Current Special Issues (1)

Cattle 25 Articles

Prof. Dr. Marina Von Keyserlingk  
Current Special Issues (4)

Companion Animals 50 Articles

Dr. Mandy Paterson  
Current Special Issues (8)

Ecology and Conservation

Dr. Bertram Ostendorf  

Equids 28 Articles

Pig 17 Articles

Dr. Gareth Pearce  

Poultry 21 Articles

Prof. Velmurugu Ravindran  
Current Special Issues (2)

Small Ruminant 2 Articles

Dr. Stephen J.G. Hall  

Wildlife 18 Articles

Prof. Darryl Jones  

Zoo Animals

Prof. Xavier Manteca  

Animal in Society and Policy


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