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15–17 October 2024 The 3rd International Electronic Conference on Diversity


[IECD 2024] Present your work at the 3rd International Electronic Conference on Diversity

Dear researchers,

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd International Electronic Conference on Diversity (IECD 2024) is back. The conference is organized by the MDPI journal Diversity (ISSN: 1424-2818, Impact Factor: 2.4) and will take place virtually on 15–17 Oct 2024, Central European Summer Time, online.

IECD 2024 invites researchers from academia, as well as diversity practitioners, to contribute original findings, novel ideas, scientific concepts, new technologies and experiences to address diversity in various fields. The conference will focus on fostering discussions related to animal and plant diversity, with a special emphasis on conservation. We encourage submissions that refer to the following topics:

  1. Animal diversity;
  2. Biodiversity conservation;
  3. Marine diversity;
  4. Microbial diversity and culture collections;
  5. Phylogeny and evolution;
  6. Plant diversity.

Important Dates
Deadline for abstract submission: 15th June 2024
Abstract acceptance notification: 15th July 2024
Registration deadline: 10th October 2024

Guide for Authors
To submit your abstract, please click on the following link:
To register for the event, please click on the following link:
Note: We accept abstracts only for this conference. To publish a conference proceedings paper for free and submit a full manuscript to Diversity (ISSN: 1424-2818, Impact Factor: 2.4), please refer to the “Publication Opportunities” part in the “Instructions for Authors” section.

Best Oral Presentation Award and Best Poster Award
Number of Awards Available: 4
There will be four winners selected for these awards. The winners will each receive an award of CHF 200, along with an offer to publish an extended paper, free of charge, in the Special Issue of Diversity.

For any enquiries regarding the event, please contact: [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you at the 3rd International Electronic Conference on Diversity.

Kind regards,

Conference Chair
Professor Michael Wink
Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany

Your IECD 2024 Organizing Team

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (2)

10–12 April 2024 35th European Cetacean Society Conference

Catania, Italy

Welcome to the 35th annual European Cetacean Society Conference that will place in Catania (Sicily Island, Italy) in the Central Mediterranean Sea. This conference is being organized by the Marecamp Association of the University of Catania and the Ciminiere of the Metropolitan City of Catania.

The conference theme is "Marine mammals and human activities: How to achieve the sustainable development of coastal areas".

This is a common concern of many other coastal regions, where the attention of the scientific community, local authorities, and citizens on marine mammals is essential, especially in areas that are not yet protected such as the Gulf of Catania, requiring urgent measures. You can follow this conference using the link below and please also feel free to browse the relevant MDPI Topic “Anthropic Impacts in Marine Coastal Waters: Assessment, Case Studies and Solutions”.

26–29 June 2024 25th International Colloquium on Animal Cytogenetics and Genomics (25th ICACG)

Naples, Italy

The International Colloquium on Animal Cytogenetics and Genomics is an academic and scientific event organized by the local Organizing Committee of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, University Federico II of Naples and the Institute of Animal Production System in Mediterranean Environment (ISPAAM) of the National Research Council (CNR) of Italy, Portici (Naples).

ICACG in numbers:

  • Over 100 academics and researchers from more than 25 countries and 4 continents will attend.
  • This includes 10 internationally reputed keynote speakers.

ICACG is a platform that brings together academics and researchers to share their views, experiences, and latest research results on the Cytogenetics and Genomics of all animal species. ICACG welcomes abstracts advancing novel academic research results on cytogenomics in genetic diagnostics, chromosome abnormalities of livestock and companion animals, advanced in animal genomics and epigenomics, comparative cytogenetics and genomics, the cytogenetics and genomics of non-mammalian vertebrates, the cytogenetics and genomics of invertebrates, and mutagenesis and biomonitoring using cytogenetic and genomic tests.

All the information is available at:

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