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Animal Ethics: Questioning the Orthodoxy
(Editors: Herwig Grimm, Susana Monsó)
Animal Ethics 30 Sep 2019
Applications of Quantitative Genetics in Livestock Production
(Editor: Michael E. Davis)
Animal Genetics and Genomics 31 Jul 2019
Biotechnology of Reproduction
(Editor: Jose L. Estrada)
Animal Genetics and Genomics 30 Jun 2019
Breeding of Livestock in the Age of Genomics
(Editor: Joel Ira Weller)
Animal Genetics and Genomics 30 Jun 2019 1
Advances in Rearing Strategies for Health and Welfare Improvement in Rabbit
(Editors: Cesare Castellini, Alessandro Dal Bosco)
Animal Nutrition 31 Jul 2019 1
In Vitro Digestibility in Animal Nutritional Studies
(Editor: Pier Giorgio Peiretti)
Animal Nutrition 28 Feb 2020
Insects: Alternative Protein Source for Animal Feed
(Editor: Laura Gasco)
Animal Nutrition 28 Feb 2019 8
Recent Advances in Pig Nutrition
(Editor: Carlo Corino)
Animal Nutrition 30 Nov 2019 1
Trace elements (minerals and vitamins) in non-ruminant livestock nutrition
(Editor: Danyel Bueno Dalto )
Animal Nutrition 30 Nov 2019
Use of Agricultural By-Products in Animal Feeding
(Editor: Mariangela Caroprese)
Animal Nutrition 31 Jul 2019 1
Disease and Immunology of Rabbits
(Editor: Juan Manuel Corpa Arenas)
Animal Physiology 15 Sep 2019
Pig Reproduction
(Editor: Roy Neville Kirkwood)
Animal Reproduction 31 Jul 2019
Reproductive Management of Sheep and Goats
(Editor: Antonio Gonzalez-Bulnes)
Animal Reproduction 30 Dec 2019
Advances in Management of Grazing Dairy Cows for Animal Performance and Product Quality
(Editors: Stefano Bovolenta, Mirco Corazzin)
Animal System and Management 15 Jul 2019 2
Biomechanics of the Exercising Animals
(Editor: Chris W. Rogers)
Animal System and Management 31 Jul 2019
Biotechnology in Animals' Management, Health and Welfare 2019
(Editors: Paolo Baragli, Antonio Lanatà)
Animal System and Management 31 Jan 2020
Impact of Environment and Stressors on Animal Welfare
(Editor: Janeen L. Salak-Johnson)
Animal System and Management 15 Apr 2019 5
Lameness in Livestock
(Editors: George Oikonomou, Helen Higgins, Jennifer Duncan)
Animal System and Management 31 May 2019 1
Livestock Transport
(Editor: Leonardo Nanni Costa)
Animal System and Management 1 Dec 2019
New technologies to improve the sustainability of livestock farming (precision livestock farming)
(Editors: Daniel Berckmans, Marcella Guarino)
Animal System and Management 31 Mar 2019 2
Reducing Enteric Methane Emissions from Ruminants
(Editor: Ed Charmley)
Animal System and Management 30 Sep 2019
60 Years of the Three Rs and Their Impact on Animal Welfare
(Editors: Vera Baumans, Penny Hawkins, Paulin Jirkof)
Animal Welfare 30 Sep 2019
Animal Welfare Assessment Protocol
(Editors: Paul Koene, Patrick H. Zimmerman)
Animal Welfare 15 May 2019
Dairy Cow Welfare
(Editor: Gareth Arnott)
Animal Welfare 30 Sep 2019
Domestic Animal Behavior and Well-Being
(Editors: Matthew Jorgensen, Jesse Andrew Robbins)
Animal Welfare 31 Oct 2019
Horse Welfare
(Editors: Clémence Lesimple, Aleksandra Górecka-Bruzda)
Animal Welfare 31 Oct 2019
Human and Animal Sensitivity: How Stock-People and Consumer Perception Can Affect Animal Welfare
(Editor: Fabio Napolitano)
Animal Welfare 31 Mar 2019 6
Positive Aspects of Animal Welfare
(Editor: Silvana Mattiello)
Animal Welfare 30 Jun 2019
Validation of Stress Indicators for Animal Welfare Monitoring Preslaughter and/or Early Prediction of Meat Quality Variation
(Editor: Luigi Faucitano)
Animal Welfare 30 Sep 2019
Welfare of Wild Vertebrates
(Editor: Sandra Baker)
Animal Welfare 30 Sep 2019
Effects of Pollutants on Fish
(Editors: Francesco Fazio, Stefano Cecchini , Gioele Capillo, Gaetano Cammilleri)
Aquatic Animals 31 Aug 2019
Advances in Dairy Cow Nutrition and Metabolism
(Editor: Sven Dänicke)
Cattle 31 Aug 2019
Calf and Heifer Feeding and management
(Editors: Zhijun Cao, Michael Van Amburgh)
Cattle 31 May 2019
Dairy Cow Mobility and Lameness
(Editor: Jon Huxley)
Cattle 31 May 2015 7
Feeding Cattle for Health Improvement
(Editors: Marta I. Miranda Castañón, Marta López Alonso)
Cattle 31 Dec 2019
Systems Biology Approach to Transition Dairy Cow Health
(Editor: Burim Ametaj)
Cattle 30 Apr 2019
Animal Assisted Therapies and Interventions 2019
(Editor: Joanne Williams)
Companion Animals 31 May 2019
Animal Sheltering
(Editor: Jacquie Rand)
Companion Animals 28 Feb 2018 26
Canine Cognition and Canine–Human Interactions: How Can Research on Wolves and Other Canines Benefit Dogs?
(Editors: Zsófia Virányi, Monique Udell)
Companion Animals 31 Oct 2019
Cognition and Olfaction of Dogs
(Editor: David C. Dorman)
Companion Animals 31 Aug 2019
Dog Behaviour, Physiology and Welfare
(Editors: Angelo Gazzano, Chiara Mariti)
Companion Animals 20 Dec 2019
Health Topics of Current Concern for Companion Animals
(Editor: W. Jean Dodds)
Companion Animals 30 Jun 2019 1
Interactions of Free-Roaming Cats and Wildlife
(Editors: Michael C. Calver, Trish Fleming)
Companion Animals 30 Jun 2019
Investigating the Dynamics, Risks and Control of Stray Animal Populations
(Editor: Lisa Collins)
Companion Animals 31 Jul 2019
The Welfare of Cats and Dogs
(Editors: Candace Croney, James Ha, Shanis Barnard, Hannah Flint)
Companion Animals 2 Aug 2019
Horses and Risk
(Editor: Kirrilly Thompson)
Equids 30 Oct 2015 17
Insights on Donkey, Mule, and Horse Welfare - Causes, Solutions, and Prospects
(Editor: John Madigan)
Equids 28 Feb 2019 5
Performance Horse Welfare: From Good Training to Appropriate Behaviour
(Editors: Barbara Padalino, Sue M. McDonnell)
Equids 20 Dec 2018 6
Environmental Enrichment of Pigs
(Editor: Emma Fàbrega i Romans)
Pig 28 Feb 2019 3
Management of Peri-Parturient and Lactating Sows and Piglets
(Editor: Keelin O'Driscoll)
Pig 31 Jul 2019
Pig Transport 2016
(Editors: John J. McGlone, Anna K. Johnson)
Pig 31 Aug 2016 6
Tail Biting in Pigs―Aetiology, Risk Factors and Solutions
(Editor: Anna E. Valros)
Pig 31 Jul 2019
Feather Pecking in Laying Hens and Its Effects on Welfare
(Editors: Bas Rodenburg, Alexandra Harlander)
Poultry 30 Nov 2019
Poultry Nutrition
(Editor: Vincenzo Tufarelli)
Poultry 31 Dec 2019
Poultry Welfare
(Editors: Christine Nicol, Bas Rodenburg)
Poultry 30 Jun 2016 11
Sustainable Poultry Production Systems
(Editor: Harry J. Blokhuis)
Poultry 28 Feb 2019 4
Behaviour and Management of Urban Wildlife
(Editors: Graeme Coulson, Darryl Jones)
Wildlife 30 Apr 2019 1
Captive Elephant Welfare and Behaviour
(Editors: Naomi Harvey, Lisa Yon)
Wildlife 30 Sep 2019
Chronic Wasting Disease in Wild Cervids
(Editor: Scott C. Williams)
Wildlife 31 Oct 2019
Human Influences on the Behaviour and Welfare of Zoo Animals
(Editor: Paul Hemsworth)
Wildlife 30 Apr 2019
The Application of Camera Trap Technology in Field Research
(Editor: Andrew W. Claridge)
Wildlife 15 Jul 2019
Wildlife-human interactions in urban landscapes
(Editor: Darryl Jones)
Wildlife 31 Mar 2016 5
Animal Assisted Therapy
(Editors: Karen Thodberg, Bente Berget)
31 Dec 2016 5
Animal Communication
(Editor: Lesley J. Rogers, B.Sc.(Hons), D.Phil., D.Sc., FAA)
1 Jul 2018 6
Animal Emotion
(Editor: Oliver Burman)
31 May 2018 8
Animal Ethics
(Editor: James Yeates)
31 Jan 2018 8
Animal Management Following Natural Disasters
(Editor: Leslie Irvine)
30 Sep 2013 8
Animal Management in the 21st Century
(Editor: Wendy Y Brown)
31 Jan 2018 15
Animal Stress and Pain Assessment
(Editor: Lee Niel)
30 Jun 2015 5
Applied Ethology and Welfare of Animals
(Editor: Rachel A. Grant)
30 Sep 2016 11
Biological Anomalies Prior to Earthquakes
(Editors: Friedemann Freund, Rachel A. Grant, Viktor Stolc)
31 Dec 2014 12
Climate Change and Livestock Management
(Editor: Frank Mitloehner)
31 Jan 2012 13
Combination of Western and Chinese Medicine in Veterinary Science
(Editors: Christine M. Egger, Bonnie D. Wright)
31 May 2012 5
Conservation of Endangered Animals and Protection of Their Habitats
(Editor: John L. Koprowski)
1 Sep 2013 5
Ethical and Social Dimensions of Animal Experimentation
(Editors: Pru Hobson-West, Kate Millar)
30 Nov 2014 7
Ethical and Welfare Dimensions of the Management of Unwanted Wildlife
(Editors: Kate Littin, Trudy Sharp, Ngaio Beausoleil)
31 Jul 2015 7
Farm Animal Transport
(Editor: Claire A. Weeks)
30 Sep 2018 14
Fundamentals of Clinical Animal Behaviour
(Editors: Daniel Mills, Jaume Fatjó)
31 Aug 2019
Human–Animal Relationships and Reservoir Host Status for Zoonoses
(Editor: Nicole Gottdenker)
30 Jun 2019
Humane Killing and Euthanasia of Animals on Farms
(Editors: Tina M Widowski, Patricia V. Turner)
28 Feb 2018 14
Management and Welfare of Shelter Animals
(Editor: Pauleen Bennett)
28 Feb 2015 10
Minding Animals: Emerging Issues Concerning Our Relationships with Other Animals
(Editor: Marc Bekoff)
31 Mar 2011 13
Monogastric Animal Nutrition and Metabolism
(Editor: Geert Janssens)
29 Feb 2012 7
Mutual Recognition of Emotions in the Human-Animal Relationship
(Editors: Emanuela Prato-Previde, Paola Maria Valsecchi)
30 Sep 2019 1
Nutritional and Metabolic Health of Dairy Cow
(Editor: Àlex Bach)
30 Apr 2015 5
Pain Management in Animals
(Editors: Patricia V. Turner, Daniel Pang)
15 Sep 2019
Palatability of Pet Food
(Editor: Edgar Chambers IV)
30 Nov 2014 5
Pig Transport
(Editors: John J. McGlone, Anna K. Johnson)
31 May 2014 14
Proceedings of 7th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at Farm and Group Level
(Editors: Paul Koene, Frank Tuyttens, Inonge Reimert)
15 Dec 2017 14
Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Behavioural Biology
(Editors: Oliver Burman, Emily Bethell)
31 Mar 2019
Quantification and Mitigation Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock Production Systems
(Editors: Mizeck Chagunda, Peter Løvendahl)
30 Jun 2019 4
Sustainable Animal Production
(Editor: Alan Fredeen)
15 Mar 2014 7
The Future of Antibiotics in Farm Animal Production Systems
(Editor: Richard Laven)
30 Jun 2019 3
The Future of Farm Animal Welfare
(Editor: Marian Stamp Dawkins)
28 Feb 2013 14
Urban Wildlife Management
(Editor: Darryl Jones)
31 Oct 2013 10
Zoo Animal Welfare
(Editor: Xavier Manteca)
30 May 2018 10
Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals
(Editor: Philip H. Kass)
30 Sep 2014 7
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