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Smart Ideas for Smart Cities: Investigating Crowdsourcing for Generating and Selecting Ideas for ICT Innovation in a City Context
Shopping and Word-of-Mouth Intentions on Social Media
Data-Driven Innovation through Open Government Data
The State of the Art in Trust and Reputation Systems: A Framework for Comparison
Special Issue on Innovation through Open Data - A Review of the State-of-the-Art and an Emerging Research Agenda: Guest Editors’ Introduction
Building a Research Model for Mobile Wallet Consumer Adoption: The Case of Mobile Suica in Japan
Effectiveness and Efficiency of RFID technology in Supply Chain Management: Strategic values and Challenges
The Use of Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) in Evaluating Japan's E-government Services
A Comparison of Inter-Organizational Business Models of Mobile App Stores: There is more than Open vs. Closed
Service Oriented Computing in Practice – An Agenda for Research into the Factors Influencing the Organizational Adoption of Service Oriented Architectures
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Applying Transaction Cost Theory and Push-Pull-Mooring Model to Investigate Mobile Payment Switching Behaviors with Well-Established Traditional Financial Infrastructure
Publisher’s Note: Continued Publication of Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research by MDPI
Editorial: Electronic Commerce in the Time of Covid-19 - Perspectives and Challenges
Influence of Platform Characteristics on Purchase Intention in Social Commerce: Mechanism of Psychological Contracts
Indicators of Website Features in the User Experience of E-Tourism Search and Metasearch Engines
Editorial: Segmenting the Future of E-Commerce, One Step at a Time
Examination of the Motivations for Equity-Based Crowdfunding in an Emerging Market
Understanding the Determinants and Specifics of Pre-Commercial Procurement
A Novel Method for Discovering Process Based on the Network Analysis Approach in the Context of Social Commerce Systems
Roles and Capabilities of Enterprise Architecture in Big Data Analytics Technology Adoption and Implementation
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