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Management of Postoperative Pain
(Editor: Sang-Hwan Do)
Anesthesiology 10 Oct 2018 5
Rehabilitation for Persistent Pain Across the Lifespan
(Editors: Jo Nijs, Kelly Ickmans)
Anesthesiology 15 Jun 2019 2
Acute and Chronic Heart Failure
(Editors: Stephan Von Haehling, Minke H.T. Hartman)
Cardiology 30 Sep 2019
Advances in Interventional Cardiology and Vascular Medicine
(Editors: Aseem Vashist, Steven E. Pfau)
Cardiology 1 Dec 2017 10
Cardiac Rehabilitation
(Editor: Darren Warburton)
Cardiology 30 Jan 2019 10
Cardiovascular and Neurological Emergency
(Editors: Giuseppe Ristagno, Laura Ruggeri)
Cardiology 5 Apr 2019 11
Cerebral Embolic Protection for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement—Present Status and Perspective
(Editors: Jochen Wöhrle, Antonio Miceli)
Cardiology 25 Jul 2019
Clinical Use of Left Ventricular Assist Devices
(Editor: Barry Trachtenberg)
Cardiology 31 Mar 2019
New Technologies for the Treatment of Coronary and Structural Heart Diseases
(Editor: Alberto Polimeni)
Cardiology 30 Jun 2019 4
Novel Biomarkers for Heart Disease
(Editor: Michael Lichtenauer)
Cardiology 30 Nov 2019
Radiation-Induced Heart Diseases
(Editor: Maurizio Galderisi)
Cardiology 31 Dec 2019
Therapies for Myocardial Injury and Infarction
(Editor: Ingo Eitel)
Cardiology 20 Dec 2019
Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Their Extracellular Microvesicles (ExMVs) for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Applications
(Editor: Krzysztof Marycz)
Cell Biology 5 Jun 2019 3
Autophagy in Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
(Editor: Elsa Sanchez-Lopez)
Cell Biology 28 Feb 2019 1
B Cells in Autoimmunity
(Editor: Bonnie N. Dittel)
Cell Biology 31 Aug 2016 5
Biobanking and Regenerative Medicine
(Editor: David T. Harris)
Cell Biology 5 Jan 2019 6
Biological and Clinical Aspects of TGF-beta in Carcinogenesis
(Editor: Andrei Turtoi)
Cell Biology 30 Sep 2016 9
Bone Cell Biology and Transcriptional Regulation
(Editor: Hirohiko Okamura)
Cell Biology 31 Dec 2016 5
Cutting Edge Preclinical Models in Translational Medicine
(Editor: Chiara Attanasio)
Cell Biology 31 Aug 2019
Cytobiology of Human Prostate Cancer Cells and Its Clinical Applications
(Editor: Kenichiro Ishii)
Cell Biology 31 Mar 2019 6
Distinct Roles of Beta-Cell Mass and Function During Diabetes Onset and Remission
(Editor: Yoshifumi Saisho)
Cell Biology 1 May 2019
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
(Editors: David A. Brenner, Tatiana Kisseleva, Jonas Fuxe)
Cell Biology 20 Nov 2015 26
Frontiers in Stem Cell Treatments
(Editor: Frank Barry)
Cell Biology 30 Jun 2013 10
Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy: A New Era
(Editor: Celalettin Ustun)
Cell Biology 31 May 2019 1
Incidence and Burden of the Myelodysplastic Syndromes
(Editor: Roni Tamari)
Cell Biology 30 Jun 2019
iPS Cells for Modelling and Treatment of Human Diseases Printed Edition available
(Editor: Michael J. Edel)
Cell Biology 31 Jul 2014 20
Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells in Immunity and Disease
(Editor: Mehdi Najar)
Cell Biology 30 Oct 2019
Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma: Research Update
(Editor: Noriko Kimura)
Cell Biology 30 Jul 2018 5
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Generating Clinical Grade Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSC) under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to Treat Human Disease
(Editor: Michael J. Edel)
Cell Biology 25 Jun 2019 1
Th17 Cell in Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases
(Editor: Shigeru Kotake)
Cell Biology 30 Apr 2017 7
The Rise of Mitochondria in Medicine
(Editor: Loredana Moro)
Cell Biology 10 Oct 2019
Epidemiology and Treatment of Atopic Eczema
(Editors: Sebastien Barbarot, Kim Thomas)
Dermatology 30 Nov 2014 14
Advances in Metabolic Myopathies
(Editors: Massimiliano Filosto, Alessandro Padovani)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 30 Jun 2019 3
Advances in the Diagnosis and Therapy of Pituitary Disorders
(Editor: Sylvia L. Asa)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 30 Sep 2019
Clinical Research on Diabetic Complications
(Editor: Didac Mauricio)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 10 May 2019 3
Disorders of Puberty: The Causes and the Endocrine Medical Treatment
(Editors: Sandro La Vignera, A.E. Calogero)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 30 Nov 2019
Energetic Metabolism Impairment in Brain Dysfunction
(Editors: Annamaria Cimini, Elisabetta Benedetti)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 31 Oct 2019
Neuroendocrine Disturbances after Brain Damage
(Editors: Günter Stalla, Anna Kopczak)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 31 Mar 2015 11
Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
(Editor: Stefano Fiorucci)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 15 May 2019
Nutritional Management and Outcomes in Malnourished Medical Inpatients
(Editors: Zeno Stanga, Philipp Schuetz)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 31 May 2019 2
Obesity, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
(Editor: Paul L. Huang)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 28 Feb 2014 13
Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Health and Disease Printed Edition available
(Editors: Lindsay Brown, Bernhard Rauch, Hemant Poudyal)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 20 Nov 2015 14
Pain in Osteoporosis: From Pathophysiology to a Therapeutic Approach
(Editor: Daniela Merlotti)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 1 Nov 2019
Pathogenetic and Therapeutic Significance of Adipokines in Diabetes
(Editor: Kyoung-Jin Oh)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 30 Jun 2019 1
Testosterone and Men’s Health: From Evidence to Clinical Practice
(Editors: Du Geon Moon, Hyun Jun Park)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 28 Feb 2019 5
The Metabolic Mechanisms of Cardiomyopathy
(Editors: Giuseppe Limongelli, Iacopo Olivotto)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 15 Oct 2019
Therapeutic Strategies for Diabetes in Pregnancy
(Editor: Rachel McGrath)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 10 Apr 2018 6
Type 2 Diabetes: Update on Pathophysiology and Treatment
(Editor: Tomoaki Morioka)
Endocrinology & Metabolism 15 Apr 2019 13
Advanced Analytical Methods in Clinical Diagnosis and Therapy
(Editors: Monica Florescu, Liliana Rogozea)
Epidemiology & Public Health 5 Apr 2019 13
Clinical Medicine for Healthcare and Sustainability
(Editors: Teen­Hang Meen, Yusuke Matsumoto, Kuan-Han Lee)
Epidemiology & Public Health 30 Nov 2019
Emerging Technology Applications to Promote Physical Activity and Health
(Editors: Zan Gao, Jung Eun Lee)
Epidemiology & Public Health 15 Oct 2018 14
Occupational Diseases: From Cure to Prevention
(Editors: Monique HW Frings-Dresen, Henk F Van der Molen)
Epidemiology & Public Health 10 Nov 2018 8
Sarcopenia in Older Adults
(Editor: David Scott)
Epidemiology & Public Health 30 Oct 2018 11
Telemedicine - Technical Developments and Clinical Practice
(Editors: Yolanda Blanco, Núria Solà-Valls, Rajender Gattu, Richard Lichenstein)
Epidemiology & Public Health 31 Oct 2016 5
The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine
(Editor: J. Luis Espinoza)
Epidemiology & Public Health 15 Jun 2019 8
Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Bowel Disorders
(Editors: Anastasios Koulaouzidis, Wojciech Marlicz)
Gastroenterology & Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Medicine 25 Apr 2019 4
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
(Editor: H. Christian Weber)
Gastroenterology & Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Medicine 30 Sep 2017 8
Ulcerative Colitis: Current and Emerging Treatment Strategies
(Editor: Sandro Ardizzone)
Gastroenterology & Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Medicine 15 Oct 2019
Clinical, Epidemiologic and Translational Studies of Sepsis and Septic Shock
(Editors: Adam Linder, Konrad Reinhart)
Hematology 5 Jun 2019 4
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant for Blood Cancer
(Editors: Jonas Mattsson, Andrea Bacigalupo)
Hematology 30 Jun 2019
Hyponatremia: Advances in Diagnosis and Management
(Editor: Lewis S. Blevins)
Hematology 31 Jul 2014 16
New Trends in Personalized Therapy of Thalassemia
(Editors: Roberto Gambari, Eitan Fibach)
Hematology 30 Jun 2019
Outstanding Advances in Hemophilia Therapies
(Editors: Massimo Morfini, Giovanni Di Minno)
Hematology 31 Jan 2017 11
Biomaterial-Related Infections
(Editors: Natália Martins, Célia F. Rodrigues)
Immunology 5 Nov 2019 3
Current Research on Preventing Eczema, Food Allergy and Sensitisation
(Editors: Adrian Lowe, Debra Palmer)
Immunology 20 Sep 2019
Current Strategies for the Biochemical Diagnosis and Monitoring of Mitochondrial Disease Printed Edition available
(Editor: Iain P. Hargreaves)
Immunology 30 Jun 2017 18
Development and Function of NK Cells and their Importance in Immunotherapy
(Editors: Cinzia Fionda, Helena Stabile)
Immunology 10 Aug 2019
Human Cancer Immunotherapy with Antibodies to the PD-1 and PD-L1 Pathway
(Editor: Marc Schmitz)
Immunology 20 Sep 2019
Immunobiology Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Perspectives in Viral Hepatitis
(Editor: Lionel Piroth)
Immunology 20 Dec 2019
Inflammatory Diseases and Viral Immune Modulating Protein Therapeutics
(Editor: Alexandra Lucas)
Immunology 20 Jul 2019
New Insights into Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: From Immunopathogenesis to Treatment Strategies
(Editor: Carmelo Carmona-Rivera)
Immunology 30 Jul 2019
Potential Pathogenic Mechanisms of Multiple Sclerosis
(Editors: Judith Greer, Pamela McCombe)
Immunology 30 Sep 2018 8
Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy Reappraisal: Strategies, Opportunities and Challenges
(Editor: Rüdiger Müller)
Immunology 31 Mar 2019 2
Sepsis: Immunopathology, Patient Classification and Clinical Management
(Editor: Brendon P. Scicluna)
Immunology 15 Oct 2019
Sickle Cell Anemia: From Genetic Epidemiology to New Therapeutic Strategies
(Editor: Francoise Bernaudin)
Immunology 25 Aug 2019
Targeting Angiogenesis and the Immune System in Cancer: Current Challenges
(Editor: Vito Racanelli)
Immunology 20 Nov 2019
The Role of Oxidant Stress in Disease
(Editor: Francisco Dasí)
Immunology 30 Nov 2016 6
Clinical Advances of Human Papillomaviruses
(Editors: Stephen K. Tyring, Christopher Downing, Jacqueline Guidry)
Microbiology & Parasitology 30 Sep 2014 10
Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Fetal Diseases and Fetal Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases
(Editor: Michael Skilton)
Microbiology & Parasitology 5 May 2019 2
Helicobacter pylori Infection and Gastritis
(Editor: Sun-Young Lee)
Microbiology & Parasitology 15 May 2019 3
Herpesvirus Infections in the Brain
(Editor: Trine Mogensen)
Microbiology & Parasitology 25 Aug 2019
Pathogenesis and Management of Pancreatitis
(Editor: Robert Sutton)
Microbiology & Parasitology 25 May 2019 1
AML in the Molecular Age: From Biology to Clinical Management Printed Edition available
(Editors: Celalettin Ustun, Lucy A. Godley)
Molecular Medicine 20 Sep 2014 11
Big Data and Precision Medicine Series I: Lung Cancer Early Diagnosis
(Editor: Gasparri Roberto)
Molecular Medicine 31 Dec 2018 4
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Plasticity in Cancer Metastasis: Molecular Reprogramming, Cellular Adaptation, and Clinical Implications
(Editors: Mohit Kumar Jolly, Toni Celia-Terrassa)
Molecular Medicine 1 Apr 2019 2
MicroRNAs: Novel Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for Human Cancers Printed Edition available
(Editors: Takahiro Ochiya, Ryou-u Takahashi)
Molecular Medicine 30 Jun 2015 20
MicroRNAs: Novel Biomarkers for Liver Diseases
(Editor: Rajagopal N. Aravalli)
Molecular Medicine 30 Jun 2015 11
Oxidative Stress in Neurodegenerative Diseases: From Preclinical Studies to Clinical Applications
(Editor: Andrea Tarozzi)
Molecular Medicine 31 Jul 2019 2
Prenatal Genetic Screening and Diagnosis-Part 1
(Editors: Peter Benn, Eugene Pergament)
Molecular Medicine 20 Feb 2014 7
Prenatal Genetic Screening and Diagnosis-Part 2
(Editors: Peter Benn, Eugene Pergament)
Molecular Medicine 20 Feb 2014 26
Trends in Precision Oncology from Data Science
(Editor: Enrico Capobianco)
Molecular Medicine 31 Jan 2019 1
Clinical Symptoms, Diagnostics and Treatments of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD)
(Editors: Biagio Raffaele Di Iorio, Antonio Bellasi, Luca Di Lullo)
Nephrology & Urology 10 Jun 2019 11
Diabetic Nephropathy
(Editors: Juan F. Navarro-González, Desirée Luis)
Nephrology & Urology 31 Mar 2015 19
Diagnostics, Risk Factors, Treatment and Outcomes of Acute Kidney Injury in a New Paradigm
(Editors: Wisit Cheungpasitporn, Charat Thongprayoon, Wisit Kaewput)
Nephrology & Urology 20 Apr 2019 17
Kidney Diseases and Kidney Involvement in Pregnancy: the Crossroad of Obstetrics, Nephrology, Urology and Internal Medicine
(Editors: Giorgina Barbara Piccoli, Rossella Attini, Gianfranca Cabiddu)
Nephrology & Urology 5 Feb 2019 9
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
(Editors: Jean de la Rosette, Stavros Gravas)
Nephrology & Urology 30 Nov 2019
Novel Researches on Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma
(Editors: Evanguelos Xylinas, Idir Ouzaid)
Nephrology & Urology 25 Dec 2019
A Special Class of Messenger Molecules in the Central Nervous System: The Neuropeptides at the Interplay between Function and Dysfunction
(Editors: Davide Cervia, Giovanni Casini)
Neuroscience 31 Jul 2019
Ageing and Neurodegeneration in the Retina and Brain
(Editor: M. Francesca Cordeiro)
Neuroscience 31 Mar 2019
Anorexia Nervosa
(Editors: Stephan Zipfel, Andreas Stengel, Katrin Giel)
Neuroscience 31 Jan 2019 5
Association between Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and Major Diseases: Current Research and Outlook
(Editor: Felix Javier Jiménez Jiménez)
Neuroscience 19 Aug 2019
Autonomic Nervous System: From Bench to Bedside
(Editor: Eleonora Tobaldini)
Neuroscience 31 Jul 2019 1
Brain Networks in Disorders of Consciousness
(Editors: Simone Rossi, Mario Rosanova)
Neuroscience 31 May 2019
Early Diagnosis and Early Intervention for Children with Cerebral Palsy, First Three Years of Life
(Editor: Andrea Guzzetta)
Neuroscience 1 Jul 2019 1
Epileptic Seizures in Critically Ill Patients
(Editor: Stephane Legriel)
Neuroscience 30 Mar 2019
Glial Cells in Central Nervous System (CNS) Pathology and Repair
(Editors: Enrica Boda, Rosa C. Paolicelli)
Neuroscience 31 Oct 2019
Hereditary Neuromuscular Diseases
(Editors: Alessandra Ferlini, Pietro Spitali)
Neuroscience 10 Jan 2019 2
Immunotherapy for Central Nervous System Tumors: Current and Future Directions
(Editor: Gary Kohanbash)
Neuroscience 30 Jun 2019
Injury and Repair in the Nervous System
(Editor: Tetsuro Tamaki)
Neuroscience 31 Dec 2017 5
Mild Cognitive Impairment
(Editors: Hiroyuki Shimada, Hyuntae Park)
Neuroscience 10 Feb 2019 8
Sleep Bruxism—The Controversial Sleep Movement Activity
(Editors: Mieszko Wieckiewicz, Efraim Winocur)
Neuroscience 1 Jun 2019 4
The Alcohol Hangover: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment
(Editors: Joris C Verster, Lizanne Arnoldy)
Neuroscience 1 Aug 2019
The Effects of Exercise on Cognitive Function
(Editor: Paul D. Loprinzi)
Neuroscience 5 Mar 2019 17
The Hypothalamic Neuropeptides' Role in Metabolic Diseases and Immunoregulation
(Editors: Giovanni Messina, Marco Carotenuto)
Neuroscience 1 Nov 2019
Understanding and Treatment of Status Epilepticus
(Editors: Paul M. Vespa, Gretchen M. Brophy)
Neuroscience 29 Feb 2016 6
Advances in Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Therapy
(Editor: Constantin Lapa)
Nuclear Medicine & Radiology 20 Jun 2019 1
Image Guided Interventions and Emerging Technologies
(Editor: Rahmi Oklu)
Nuclear Medicine & Radiology 30 Apr 2018 16
Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcome in Complicated Monochorionic Twins
(Editors: Enrico Lopriore, Asma Khalil, Liesbeth Lewi)
Obstetrics & Gynecology 20 May 2019
Uterus Transplantation
(Editor: Iori Kisu)
Obstetrics & Gynecology 31 Jul 2019 1
Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy of Neuroendocrine Neoplasms
(Editor: Eva Segelov)
Oncology 31 Jul 2019
Advances in Hodgkin Lymphoma
(Editor: Antonio Gutierrez)
Oncology 15 Dec 2019
Current Standards and New Innovative Approaches for Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
(Editor: Li-Tzong Chen)
Oncology 30 Jun 2019 2
Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Past and New Challenges
(Editor: Paolo Strati)
Oncology 31 Jul 2019
Head and Neck Critical Illness: Basic and Clinical Research Implications
(Editor: Hiroyuki Tomita)
Oncology 31 Dec 2018 18
Immunotherapeutic Strategies in Solid Tumor: Current Status and Emerging Trends
(Editor: Devalingam Mahalingam)
Oncology 31 Mar 2019
New Aspects of Cancer Stem Cell Biology: Implications for Innovative Therapies
(Editors: Ugo Cavallaro, Marco Giordano)
Oncology 31 Aug 2019 1
Personalized Therapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: The Role of Biological Agents and Immunotherapy
(Editor: David J. Barnes)
Oncology 10 Dec 2018 10
Prevention and Treatment of Bone Metastases from Breast Cancer
(Editor: Robert Coleman)
Oncology 31 Jul 2013 9
Robotic Surgery
(Editors: Giulia Veronesi, Pierluigi Novellis)
Oncology 25 Oct 2019 2
Targeted Therapies and Immuno-Oncology in Melanoma
(Editor: Lisa M. Ebert)
Oncology 30 Sep 2019
The Immunology and Biology of Brain Tumors
(Editor: Michael Graner)
Oncology 30 Apr 2019 1
Age-Related Macular Disease
(Editors: Lindsay Farrer, Margaret M. DeAngelis)
Ophthalmology 31 Aug 2014 16
Application of Retinal and Optic Nerve Imaging in Clinical Medicine
(Editor: Rodolfo Mastropasqua)
Ophthalmology 15 Aug 2019
Corneal Transplant Immunology
(Editor: Felix Bock)
Ophthalmology 31 Jul 2019
Diabetic Retinopathy: Biomolecules and Pathophysiology
(Editors: Ruth B. Caldwell, Manuela Bartoli, S. Priya Narayanan, R. William Caldwell)
Ophthalmology 31 May 2019
Dry Eye Syndrome: New Insights on Epidemiology and Management
(Editor: Anat Galor)
Ophthalmology 30 Jun 2019 2
New Immunosuppressive Therapies and Strategies in Chronic Uveitis Treatment
(Editor: Gabriele Simonini)
Ophthalmology 30 Oct 2019
The Role of Imaging and Electrophysiology in Paediatric Ocular Disease
(Editor: Ken Kanwal Nischal)
Ophthalmology 31 Jul 2019
Treatment Principles in Glaucoma
(Editors: Esther M. Hoffmann, Julia Lamparter)
Ophthalmology 15 Mar 2019
Cartilage Repair and Restorative Procedures
(Editors: Giuseppe Filardo, Laura de Girolamo)
Orthopedics 20 Sep 2019
Complications in Total Joint Arthroplasties
(Editors: Enrique Gómez-Barrena, Eduardo García-Rey)
Orthopedics 15 May 2019 4
Effect of Lifestyle Habits on the Clinical Outcome in Trauma/Orthopedic Patients
(Editor: Sabrina Ehnert)
Orthopedics 1 Sep 2019
Orthopaedics: Medicine and Mechanisms
(Editor: Gerald Atkins)
Orthopedics 20 Aug 2019
Positional Cranial Deformation: Etiology, Natural History, Prevention, Treatment and Sequelae
(Editor: Kevin M. Kelly)
Orthopedics 31 Oct 2019
Spinal Deformity
(Editors: Paul Park, David Bumpass)
Orthopedics 10 Mar 2019 1
Current Controversies and Challenges in Allergic Rhinitis Management
(Editors: Carmen Rondón, Joaquim Mullol)
Otolaryngology 20 Aug 2019
Pediatric Rhinosinusitis and Asthma
(Editor: Sara Torretta)
Otolaryngology 31 Jul 2019 2
Periodontitis: From Dysbiotic Microbial Immune Response to Systemic Inflammation
(Editor: Anders Johansson)
Otolaryngology 30 Jun 2019
Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Rhinosinusitis
(Editor: Silviu Albu)
Otolaryngology 30 Sep 2019 1
Advances in Autism Spectrum Disorders
(Editors: Luigi Mazzone, Marco Armando)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 20 Jul 2019 1
Assessment & Treatment of Addictions: New Tools for Old Problems
(Editors: Antoni Gual, Pablo Barrio, Laia Miquel)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 30 Jun 2019 2
Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents
(Editor: Constance M. Moore)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 20 Dec 2013 8
Improving Cognitive Functioning in People with Schizophrenia
(Editors: Iria Grande, Eduard Vieta)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 15 Nov 2019
Innovative Technology Based Interventions for Psychological Treatment of Common Mental Disorders
(Editors: Tara Donker, Annet Kleiboer)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 1 Aug 2019
Novel Research in Gender Incongruence
(Editor: Naoya Masumori)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 15 Apr 2019 1
Novel Research in Sexuality and Mental Health
(Editor: Angel L. Montejo)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 1 Apr 2019 3
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 2016
(Editors: Frances Kay Lambkin, Emma Barrett)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 31 Aug 2016 12
Psychosocial Interaction between Physicians and Patients
(Editors: Ian Olver, Megan Best)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 30 Nov 2016 5
Psychosomatic Medicine
(Editor: Mutsuhiro Nakao)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 20 Mar 2019 4
Relationships between Trauma and Psychosis
(Editor: Lauren M. Ellman)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 30 Jun 2019
Treatment of Bipolar Depression
(Editors: Carmine Tomasetti, Domenico De Berardis)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 28 Feb 2019 2
Virtual Reality in the Assessment, Understanding and Treatment of Mental Health Disorders
(Editors: Giuseppe Riva, Silvia Serino)
Pathergasiology & Psychology 1 Aug 2019
Advances in Antibacterial Drug Discovery and Therapy
(Editor: Dianqing Sun)
Pharmacology 15 Feb 2019 5
Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): From Theory to Practice
(Editors: Nanda Rommelse, Catharina Hartman)
Pharmacology 31 Jul 2019
Current and Emerging Uses of Statins in Clinical Therapeutics
(Editor: Steen Larsen)
Pharmacology 15 Nov 2019
Immuno-Oncology: Identification of Therapeutic Targets, Development of Novel Drugs and Improvement of Treatment Approaches for Cancer
(Editor: Veronica Balatti)
Pharmacology 30 Sep 2019
Warfarin Versus the Non-vitamin K Oral Anticoagulants (NOACs) in Clinical Practice
(Editors: Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie, Nijole Bernaitis)
Pharmacology 30 May 2019 1
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS): Pathophysiological Insights and Lung Imaging
(Editors: Hermann Wrigge, Gaetano Perchiazzi)
Pulmonology 30 Jun 2019
Asthma: Current Perspectives on Phenotypes, Endotypes, and Treatable Traits
(Editor: Nikoletta Rovina)
Pulmonology 31 Jul 2019
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Methodological Challenges for Precision Medicine
(Editor: Lies Lahousse)
Pulmonology 30 Oct 2019
Chronic Respiratory Diseases
(Editor: David J. Barnes)
Pulmonology 31 Aug 2016 13
Cystic and Non-Cystic, Fibrosis Bronchiectasis: Drifting from Molecular to Clinical Practice
(Editors: Adelina Amorim, Margarida Redondo, David Araújo, Natália Martins)
Pulmonology 25 Dec 2019
Diagnosis and Treatment of Pneumonia
(Editor: Antoni Torres)
Pulmonology 31 Dec 2019
Host-Directed Therapies for Tuberculosis
(Editor: Vishwanath Venketaraman)
Pulmonology 30 Apr 2019 1
Liquid Biopsies in Lung Cancer
(Editors: Natália Martins, Gabriela Fernandes, Vanessa Santos)
Pulmonology 31 Dec 2019
Lung Disease on COPD, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Lung Cancer Screening, IPF
(Editor: Nazia Chaudhuri)
Pulmonology 20 Nov 2018 16
Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Exercise Training and Physical Activity Coaching for Chronic Lung Disorders
(Editor: Martijn A. Spruit)
Pulmonology 15 Jul 2019 1
The New Frontier in Pulmonary Fibrosis
(Editor: Andrew J. Bryant)
Pulmonology 31 Aug 2019 1
Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea: State-of-the-Art and Future Directions
(Editors: Polotsky, Vsevolod Y., Mihaela Teodorescu)
Pulmonology 1 Nov 2019
Implant Dentistry—Trends, Challenges and Innovations
(Editor: Miguel de Araújo Nobre)
Stomatology 31 Oct 2019 1
Osseointegrated Oral implants: Mechanisms of Implant Anchorage, Threats and Long-Term Survival Rates
(Editor: Tomas Albrektsson)
Stomatology 20 Jul 2019 6
Developing Novel Therapies to Prevent Atherosclerosis
(Editor: Christina Bursill)
Vascular Medicine 10 Apr 2019 2
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